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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 15 September 2009

10-points strategy for UMNO.

The 'key strategic policies for future UMNO success', are...

1. Forget the past. Many people persist in the belief that the past will be the future. It won't. The past offers valuable guidance - but strategy derives far more benefit from full and proper understanding of the present. The present is different. The voters are a thinking public. They want to be engaged with reason, respect. They are interested in things that affect their lives. Their priorities are different. They value things like integrity, efficiency, intelligence, credibility. These are the parameters of the New Nationalism. Its love for the idea of Malaysia free from bad governance, free from political arrogance, free from prejudices, a commitment to the rule of law, democracy and so forth. They measure the government by these parameters. The government must recognise these and adapt. If it doesn't adapt, it will become extinct. In the past, these were not priorities. Expectations were lower.

2. Think global. No domestic political market is big enough to support large strategic ambitions - now that boundaries are becoming meaningless, are well advised to look beyond their own shores to bigger markets. The boundaries defined by absolutes such as all things Malay only , all things Chinese. All things Indian and all that, are not sufficient to allow UMNO to exist under the New Nationalism. UMNO's philosophy must be inclusive and can no longer confine itself with purely Malay centric issues.

3. UMNO must recognise that internal change must be drastic. Dr Mahathir says, surgery must be invasive to snip any malignant tumour. UMNO needs transformation, not reformation. Transformation means internal changes. They go deeper than reformasi- which is just reconstituted forms. That's what you would seek in crisis: act radically now, and there won't be a crisis. UMNO must carry out radical reforms. If it changes its constitution, don't do half hearted measures. You want 60,000 delegates to elect their leaders? Do it in a stadium then. If demonstrations can be allowed in stadiums, UMNO Assembly can too. Demand high standards of leaders starting from branch levels. It's discomforting to have a school jagas as the UMNO ketua Cawangans. Why can't we demand higher standards? Do we define UMNO by measures of mediocrity?

4. UMNO must operate its political business based on knowledge and information, not things. UMNO's struggles and achievements should not be defined only in terms of hardware- how many schools, mosques built, how many bridges, how long are the roads etc. PAS didn't build as much as UMNO, yet its support remain constant. Because it leverages on the software. Learn from those in the IT business. Hardware gets outdated in a jiffy. The business endures if you leverage on 2 things- people and intellectual capital. Wake up please, UMNO requires intelligent people to carry its ideals. For too long, UMNO has staked its future on the hail fellow well met types. Good in the past, not for the future.

5. UMNO must be an information-based organisation. You need to be ahead on issues and articulate them across a wide spectrum of audience. Presently, UMNO people don't do this. They think it sufficient to communicate with UMNO members. They ignore the wider public. What are UMNO ideals? What does UMNO fight for? Information on these are not passed on. As a result, people see UMNO as a club for thieves and philanderers. Every single UMNO leader at all levels must be articulate enough to inform the public.

6. But it's important for UMNO to retain and nurture its core competencies. Concentrate on core competencies in its businesses. This is an important element in the writings of management consultants like Gary Hamel and Prahalad. We must ask ourselves: What are we really good at. Ignore those sniggers. Having established that, make sure you're not just good, but the very best at the activities that really drive our business.

7. Reduce organisational levels. We are almost OK. A responsive and nimble organisation should have only three layers: top management, executive management, and all the self-managers below, aided by expertise managers. Can we justify any further layers? If not, axe them. We have the MKT, the Perhubungan Negeri, the Ketua Bahagian, Ketua Cawangan. Perhaps we remove the Perhubungan Negeri. Why do we need them? That would mean voices direct from the base reach the top leadership faster and directly. We don't want sanitised and edited information.

8. This is important. The statement 'empower your employees' translates into empower your Ketua Cawangans because they form the majority of UMNO members at leadership level. The Ketua Cawangans have many times pointed to their superiors, the value created by devolving authority to individuals and teams which have the resources to take decisions and responsibility at the frontline. It's plainly the only sensible way to manage Ketua Cawangans and also by far the best way for them to manage others.

9. Another important step is to provide continuous, lifelong self-improvement programmes. It cannot be gainsaid that the better educated you and your people are - not just in necessary expertise, but in thinking, reading and learning skills - the better our business will be managed. At present, UMNO members' quality is laughable.

10. Enlarge our talent pool and manage talent. Attracting, motivating and retaining the best people you can find is fundamental. Remember, however, they are only as good as their environment, their development and their powers. One in, we nurture them, don't stifle their development. People are tired of seeing the same tired faces. UMNO must begin its transformation into a nimble and responsive organisation peopled by intelligent resources. Again, I say, the age of the hail fellow well met type is over. You don't want UMNO leaders spending time at warung kopis all the time do you? The dangdut dilettantes? UMNO is a political party- not an excuse to party all night.


Anonymous,  15 September 2009 at 09:35  

how to make money?who is going to pay for the operations cost?the entertainment?the iftars?the moreh?the kopi o?

ini proposal tak bolih makan lah

Anonymous,  15 September 2009 at 10:07  


What u have proposed is noble! A true blue die-hard Umno-man. But will umno takes it?

The key summary of yr point SHOULD be, I think, rule #3. Be brave & act drastic in transformation!

But... but..can the CURRENT umno setup does what is needed? It won't! & Dato, deep down in yr heart, u know too.

1) current umno is too engrossed in her past glories. Almost all the current leaders/leaders-in-waiting r been indoctrinated with the ultimate relevancy of the umno to M'sia (mind u, not for M'sia). Thus most of them see only what-umno-can-do-for-me-while-I-carry-the-flag. Forward looking? That's for the next Saks to think about when I pass-on!

2) Due to (1) above, #2 is purely Utopian thinking. Remember the umno pasts? They r been built on ketuanan Melayu (whether one admit or not). It's in her pasts & been continue till now because (1) demands its continue operation for those to be able to claim power within umno. Thus thinking global (glokal??) is not possible within the current umno strategic ambitions.

3) With very few exceptions like U, umno is indeed the measures of mediocrity. A simple test is that what has umno brought to M’sia after the 40+ yrs of NEP? Mediocrity to the nth power in almost all expects of M’sian lives! That why, Dato, u r been squeezed out from yr service despite yr love of umno!

4) & 5) Within the current muhaha gangs within the umno information setup, umno is TOTALLY opposite to ‘UMNO must operate its political business based on knowledge and information, not things.’ Things done by Saks & Wengers alike r not welcome, instead r put down through low lever mediocre & ad hominem arguments! The current UMNO will continue staked its future on the hail fellow well met types.

U r a formidable opponent – for the fun of twisting the gray matters, in a true fight for the betterment of M’sia. What a pity that umno let u way-laid just because u don’t sync with their cocoonistic thinkings!


Anonymous,  15 September 2009 at 11:31  

Hi Dato',
I like the "hail fellow well met types" quip. Its all known as the 'what-up-yo' type.

If possible I would like to summarize your points in 1 word
1. Forget the past.
2. Think global.
3. Drastic change
4. 'Soft' infra vs. Hard infra
5. Information based organization
6. Stay true
7. Streamline
8. Empower employees
9. Self improvement
10.Enlarge talent pool

First almost all of these points have been adopted by PAS, to transform the party. It took I think a good part of 10 years, with the impetus happening after 1999 GE, when PAS first found itself in a position of power.

Unfortunately, when I summarize the points, it becomes quite clear that even to achieve 20% of these objectives will be a near impossibility when there is so much resistance at all levels of the decision making process to do so.

By resistance I am not making a moral judgement. Its just there.

For me, UMNO succeeds if the Government does its job, and does it well. The bulk of the voters are not UMNO members, and dont give 2 hoots about whether UMNO has changed or not. The bulk are citizens who see how the Government is performing. The Opposition is using political jujitsu - i.e. UMNOs strength which its total control over the Govt. to whack UMNO. Govt. performs well, UMNO gets elected, Govt. sucks UMNO gets voted out.

That is my perception. Even if you look at the Democratic Party in the USA, they have their cliques, their backroom shady deals and the like, their cases of scratch my back.

For me, UMNO can only survive if the question of leadership is answered. I had written at length on the various types of leadership. I feel we need a JOIN-SELL leadership rightnow, and to kick it off with putting some form to 1Malaysia that will not repulse one section of the voters against the other.

The next has to do with the micro decision making process. To some extent,a large civil service makes things inefficient. And I caution against this fixation on KPI setting, as the data is noisy, and everything is correlated after the fact (i.e. after the electorate votes you out, then one comes to the conclusion that 'ooh this was what the KPI was saying.' The consultant may even be so kind to explain it postdictively. )

Pre-empt, Pro-active decision is the only way to play the game. TDM was the expert at that, but right now the complexities are even greater.

That is what I feel, and one techology is System Dyanmics. Powerful, insightful and it will tell you exactly what to do in order to change an outcome (as most things are highly nonlinear, youd need a computer to help one with it).

Sorry, if I disagree with your point, I still hold you in the highest respect.

Frank,  15 September 2009 at 12:04  

Dato Sak

You are asking the impossible from UMNO.

For 50 years they had the opportunity to change, they didn't.

After March 2008, they could have changed instead they blamed Pak Lah and took him out.

In recent by-elections they still went back to race issues and lost.

Zaid Ibrahim tried to do from the inside, they decided to knock him down.

They say, if a person cannot sing at 5, he can't sing at 50.

The problem with UMNO and its component parties ie MCA and MIC is because they are race-based parties.

The information revolution has enabled the rakyat to expose the skeletons in the cupboard and became wiser. These parties did the thought-control through the mainstream media.

Besides North Korea, Myanmar and China, Malaysia is the other country in which the govt via the political parties controlled the media. Even previously military govts of Thailand and Indonesia now have a freer press than Malaysia.

While the citizens of the rest of the world are being enlightened, UMNO and its cohorts in Govt are trying trying to suppress.

Dato Sak, you are fighting a losing battle. The world has moved on and Malaysians especially the Malays have moved on from the race politics of UMNO, MCA and MIC.

MCA and MIC will never recover from March 2008 election. They destiny is too much tied to UMNO and because of that reason itself the Chinese and Indian constituencies will not give them the nod as they had been given as recently as 5 years ago. Those days are gone.

The catch-22 for MCA and MIC and UMNO is this: The more UMNO wants MCA and MIC to be close to them, the more the Chinese and Indians will revolt against the idea. If MCA and MIC stand up to UMNO, BN-coalition will collapse.

It is another way of saying, the race based politics of UMNO, MCA and MIC are finished. The sooner they realise the better it is.

The middle ground is now captured by PKR with PAS and DAP leaning towards the center given they have realised that they cannot win power on their own or with only Malay votes by PAS or Chinese and Indian votes by PKR.

I think the dice has been cast after March 2008.

Sad but true.


yb,  15 September 2009 at 14:09  

You have a problem. Now, the rakyat has become smarter than the political leaders.

You cannot hide because we can read your every move. Especially the foolish ones.

Eh, isn't that all of them?

Unknown 15 September 2009 at 14:30  

Excellent !

At least the denial syndrome within UMNO is thinning and the need to justify and excuses are now thrown into the wastebins.

PRU13 is not a long way. When , where & who is going to implement the change ?

As it is knowledge without practise is akin to form without substance.

TheWhisperer 15 September 2009 at 17:58  

Bravo, Datuk!

You have just hit the right chord.

Just get rid of the warlords first.

They are detrimental to all your stated points.

walla 15 September 2009 at 20:28  

A: 'Another brilliant post which sheds immediate light at the end of the long tunnel, don't you agree, B?'

B: 'Light? The headlights of the latest shinkanzen bullet train, i presume?'

A: 'This is serious matter, B. What do you think of these ten points?'

B: 'Something's missing from them.'

A: (one eyebrow rises): 'Oh? Pray say what.'

B: (sighs): 'A, we are not at 221B Bakers Street, London, so no victorian language, please. Now, if you will let me hold your hand and take a pulse...'

A: (looks aghasted): 'B, i am still alive. Why can't you behave yourself? This is the Month, you know.'

B: (sighs again): 'I know that, A. I need to hold onto something because i am tottering from weakness from hunger. Doesn't help if i keel over while trying to answer your question, does it?'

A: 'Oh dear. Please do your best. Persevere! There is higher meaning.'

B: 'I agree. Ok, let me tell you what's missing. Whether you agree with me or not i leave to your more exalted reasoning powers.'

A: 'Flattery will get you nowhere, B. Just lay it out.'

B: 'The first thing missing is laughter.'

A: 'Oi, this is no laughing matter, B. Those points are serious.'

B (eyes roll up): 'No, A, i mean laughter as in laughter. We have all gotten too serious. People should all start laughing more. And i don't mean at just bulbous noses. For instance, you start with just one mattress. Now it has proliferated to thousands. Can't you see what's happening to all of us?'

A: 'What thousand, B?'

B: 'The thousands of mattresses that the EC will have to provide the policing force each time we have a by-election.'

A: 'Oh! ahah. Hahahaha...'

B: 'See, don't you feel better now? We should laugh more, engage in more mirth. Learn to laugh and joke about ourselves. It's good for the lungs, you know. Lighten up, A.'

A: 'Ah, what i would do for a small ciggie now.'

B: (eyes roll in disbelief): 'Hah! craving calling tottering black.'

A: 'Well, if it is laughter you want, send for Isa.'

B: 'It won't work. Haven't you heard that familiarity may breed contempt?'

A: 'Then send for his son.'

B: 'Are we having some convention of the sopranos here? Look, A, the underlying tectonic force is that something has shifted permanently. It took some time to surface but now that it is on the surface, everyone can see it and it will not go away. In fact, it has become mainstream.'

A: 'What is that, B?'

B: 'The shift in the rakyats' idea of what to do with the entity called government. Just as the government scratches its head what to do with the rakyat, the rakyat are scratching their heads what to do with the government. With all this scratching of heads, we will all soon go bald. Remind me to invest in the next hair tonic.

Now, where was i? You see in the past the government was supported. Now it is barely tolerated. Now those ten points are about how the government can transform itself to serve the rakyat. But the rakyat no longer care. Because they are saying these are simple altruisms expected of ANY government-running party, and if this party has not been practising them all those years before when the rakyat had given their support, how will the rakyat know that the same government-running party won't revert to form if and after they get the same support the next time there is an election?

It's like giving out scholarships. The government knew all along the best had been sacrificed through no fault of their own. Yet it continued to humiliate and disappoint them until it had to come out and admit that it was doing in their futures, and the future of this country. The fact that the government made the admission this time round after the last election results confirms to the rakyat that the government has been practising what is the most popular phrase today - double-standards. And it has also been found wanting in the truth department. Now what say you?'

A: 'Your Honor, can i take visit the ladies now?'

walla 15 September 2009 at 20:29  

B: 'Let me continue first. This doublestandard thing has other ramifications. It has become so insidiously entrenched that no Umno minister has ever, and i repeat ever, shown that he or she while holding a federal post, exercised his or her power as a federal minister for all the rakyat over and above his preference for voters from his party or race. And you know why? It's because the structure and objectives of Umno and the arrangement within BN are wrong for a country which has over the years seen the rakyat themselves transcend the dynamics of race and religion. The rakyat have become better human beings than the Umno people who talk loudest and do meanest.

You can see how facetious that arrangement has been. Just look at the current tiff between MIC and a former PM who many have also believed had something to do with the MCA's TKS ascent. It's not healthy to run politics by race or by holding onto to some secret. It's out of date which means it's irrelevant. And since all the while Umno has been the proxy power above all, that means Umno is now seen to be irrelevant. Right?'

A: 'But Umno shares out the ministerial posts, B.'

B: 'Oh please, A. To do what? To exhort people to wear face masks? To run lights on lorries? To appear on tv making a token sum to a school whose floor had been eaten away by termites, killing an underpaid overworked teacher neglected by a three-billion-a-year ministry on grounds of nationalism forsaken? Seeing an entire community reduced to be profiled as the usual suspects for the next DNA-typing of the deceased while in custody of an organization where reasons for extension of contracts leave much to imagination? Living in livid conditions in squatters erased from the maps while the best macadamised roads are tarred to less congested places for the very purpose of garnering votes in the biggest, costliest and longest running white elephant campaign? Why not just use the white elephant as the new logo for the next transformation?'

A: 'Hey, B. Where's that laughter and mirth you were talking?'

B: 'Sorry about that. I am old, hungry and testy. Shall i continue, or stop?'

A: 'Since started, finish it. Let me rejoin. Ok, Umno makes mistakes. Which government hasn't?'

B: 'Yeah, like making a mistake and hoping the rakyat won't find out. Then when found out, using every tool and means to deflect attention, change topic, reduce focus and explain matters in the most incomplete manner possible. Do you know what's the perception right this moment? It's that even when sentenced, the sentences won't be served because the system itself is contaminated.

Look, A, i am not just talking on behalf of the second half of this country. Even the first half, our malays, are not served. The government is served. Not the rakyat. Let me ask you a question. How long do you think the table will have to be?'

A (puzzled look): 'Table? what table?'

B: 'The table to line down all those files that have been deep-frozen on instructions to the ACA and MACC. Take a year. Say, from 1978 to now.’

A: 'Why that year?'

B: ''

A: 'Look, B. I know what you're getting at. The majority of the malays have also been had. That's the entrenched and growing perception and i would admit that's difficult to reverse.'

walla 15 September 2009 at 20:30  

B: 'How can it be reversed when those damn mansions are still standing from Shah Alam to Tropicana to Country Heights to Perth and Canada? Let me ask you another simple question, no, make that two simple questions.

One, would you use charitable funds to go study canal management in, of all places, Disneyland Florida?

Two, would you coming from the same party expect your party hunks to also explain how it is that the first bumiputeri's of this country, namely the Penans, can get raped, neglected for years, and live in poverty while the children of the same leaders of your party are photographed cavorting overseas just as the rotan is about to be layered on a mother of two in what is another episode of doublestandards?

Let me practise the same KPI of lying and make that three questions. If you can't answer those questions, would you be texting the japanese timber importers based in HongKong for an answer on how one can issue concessions to the rich while neglecting the most fundamental purpose of a government, any government - to serve all, and not to be served?

Let me lie again. Make it four. It starts like this: And in a repeat of the scholarships revelation, would you be able to explain why the sudden interest to plough money into Sabah and Sarawak when all these years they were as cold-storaged as those files?'

A: 'Look, B, i can understand your paternal instincts. As a woman, i would rankle too but...'

B: 'Sophia, time has become trouble and gender is no longer the issue. Everyone thinks it stinks. There are no if's and but's anymore.

All these are just the political issues. We haven't even touched the economic issues. Let me throw a question on those at you. Given so much said to have been disbursed out of the two stimulus packages, to the tune of over 60 billion ringgit one understands, wouldn't you think it strange there has been no visible major activity anywhere in the country, like more construction cranes, more lorries carrying the next truckload of stolen sand, more people standing akimbo awaiting jobs to be disbursed?'

A: 'Maybe it's all spent on a few big projects, B.'

walla 15 September 2009 at 20:30  

B: 'A, just two days ago something warmed my heart and broke it at the same time.'

A: 'I know women have done that to you, B, but please continue...'

B:' I went to a small Chinese wholesale shop to buy some cheap peanuts. The dear lady told me how sad it was that our malays have to buy from her too. She said it was sad to see them not having enough money to celebrate their Raya. Can't you see what those splittists in Umno have refused to see? But i trip over myself. When money changes hand easily in this and that assembly or warung, people tend to ignore the real world out here that we see everyday and then when caught out, they point their grubby fingers on others like that Chinese wholesaler.'

A: 'Someone wrote that it's divide and rule. Maybe the next strategy would be to create new mid-path parties and lure the opposition to join them, thus splitting their votes.'

B: 'For what? To continue the perpetuation of ketuanan Umno? Sophia, please. Business history has shown that almost all the big corporations on the NYSE had wound up by the second half of the last century. So let there be no love lost for old sentiments. If irrelevant, sell out, then start again. New everything, from root to top.

Let me try to explain why money politics, for instance, will remain entrenched unless something is done right down to the grassroots.

When a minister or bigwig makes a visit to see the next place, a fairly lavish kenduri would be laid out to welcome him. He partakes and then just as he is about to leave, the village head will present a bill to his sidekick. Now if he is to keep in constant touch with his electorate, you may need the US printing press to keep up with the inflation costs of things and the rising expectations of the clueless lot. Where to find the money? Money politics, of course.

That's why the grassroots also need to be transformed. Let me ask you. Who has the guts to be doing that? Just as no one had any real guts to talk about real justice for that woman whose immigration records were mysteriously erased, nor about decapitations in video color worldwide, there will be none whatsoever from Umno, Incorporated. Look at the current set-up. Look at the next crop of potential leaders from the youth and puteri wings. Do you see gasing spinners or wau flyers?'

A: 'So, it remains for me to ask you, what about those ten points?'

B: 'They are a good start from a remarkable mind of the first pedigree. That's all i want to say.'

Anonymous,  15 September 2009 at 22:26  

Najib's initiatives as CEO of Malaysia is in total disconnect to the desires of the rakyat.

Lab is for training mice and we did not elect a mouse as a wakil rakyat nor employ them as civil servants.
Openhouse evokes the image that the rakyat are and have been outsiders.
1Malaysia F1 as marketing tool for Malaysia does not create employment nor scholarships.

To win a boxing match you need to float like a bee,sting like a butterfly.

Anonymous,  15 September 2009 at 23:44  

walla, u damn cun but a bit too longwinded-lah.

Donplaypuks® 16 September 2009 at 00:15  

Let's reduce it to 1 - REFORM for the better or die!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human race

Kala Jengking,  16 September 2009 at 00:30  


A lengthy one but well said. But I think it is business as usual for UMNO!


Couldn't agree more with you. The days when UMNO leaders knows best is still not over! But will they listen? Our country will soon be a failed the same league with Myanmar!

Anonymous,  16 September 2009 at 01:21  

Dangdut ... reminded me of some EXCO i knew in Melaka.If only im that bad to chaught their picture and MMS to Si ALI.

Dato keepn on posting and Ill keep on hammering UMNO's guys I know.There are many like you honestly that I met but of course as some mentioned here,they are being silenced.I have a taiko friend who got really mad being turned down from one UMNO guy in the south who beside declined ,cursed him for trying to deposit RM300,000.00 last UMNO GE.
There are few good men in your team.But as I say , few.Not that I high faith in PR too after one incident being 'asked' from in Selayang council changed my mindset drastically to think new one are angel.None.It gave me immediate life experience that every creed,race etc has their crooks.It will be great if a side keep on poiting only the other side.
Beside your KPI to the ministers, I think you forgot something too.Where is the KPI for the KSU/Director Generals? I have heard jokes in goverment halls, 'Minister comes and go , we are here till we rots'Weird thing it does not sound funny to me.Because it translated to less punishment based if they do not perform , anyway it is the ministers KPI alone , why should they care?gaji masih jalan.PTD tak boleh kena buang.Whats the point of KPI for the ministers if the real person who is doing the real work do not care?Many do not understand that most of the times the the goverment officers giving ministers bad reputation,sometimes even behind their back.I noticed that public in general do not realised that ministers are not the real person who able to make decision as they stilll rely data and advise from those officials.I did had the same perception until I bumped into that situation as someone who need favors representing my peoples area plea.
IS UMNO willing to 'chop' this people off ? Expose more malpractice done by them ? You can see many in MOSTI . I can bet with you the ministers have no idea the game done in there.Understood that civil servant are so called BN vote pawn? Do you really think so ?You are living in dream.I overhead goverment servant selling direct sales stuff peppered with talk about how life is better to be rule by new government.
The most weird experience I had was at JPN office recently will waiting for my number.A mentally ill youth with his parents came to lodge and claim for a replacement IC.Came their turn,they pulled up that youth to the counter,seeing it was not and easy task I offered my help to the desk.About to leave I overheard that there is charges due the lost IC,the parent was fuming as for handicap person it is suppose to be waived by a standby officer,or director easily.Guess what,semua main golf.AT 2.45PM. The immediate reaction was , saya tak mau undi BN lagi , sebab semua officer BN takde.
You got my point ? How can you win if your machinery are not on your side too ? To think it the other way .. are government servant sabotaging you guys ? What BN are going to do about this too ?

Jamal JB

Anonymous,  16 September 2009 at 05:07  

I have a strange feeling that you are from another planet!!Honestly, are you an Alien??

Just can't understand why you are wasting time playing guitar to a stable of cattle??

Anonymous,  16 September 2009 at 05:57  


You are hellbent on saving UMNO that's very noble but who is going to save the rakyat from the corrupted police, judiciary, macc, mcmc, massive corruption...simply said..the tyranny of UMNO?

Suci Dalam Debu 16 September 2009 at 11:36  


I have a proposal.

Let Singapore run this country on a contract basis.

10% to Singapore
10% to UMNOputras
80% to the rakyat.

Malaysia will definitely reach Developed Nation status before 2020.

Anonymous,  16 September 2009 at 15:41  


they have been running the country for some time..remember Pantai,BII,AirAsia,Scenic Bridge,Iskandar.Yes,life is less complex when money is the only guiding principle and can over ride basic good human values.Thus if desire is that 2020 target as a financial measure, its not tough to meet.Question is parity and sustainability.

By the way..BN just lost PRU13 with announcement of 1Malaysia F1.

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