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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Ayurvedic massage to expel MIC’s poison.

You expect this kind of thing to happen. From a party composed of members who think nothing of throwing chairs and projectiles and one even carrying a coffin to its assembly, this 'kichi mayung' thing is bound to happen. An overzealous MIC member, fed by urgings and maybe signals from top MIC leadership garlanded Tun Dr Mahathir's portrait with slippers.

This is a reflection of the mercurial temperament of MIC leaders. Each year, when Tun Dr Mahathir was PM, we feasted on the highest form of sycophantic adulation- Samy Vellu will hand feed some delicious Indian morsel into Tun M's mouth. Each year, the MIC leader will do that without fail. But then, no one need be surprised of such antics from a person capable of baring his hairy chest and asking another MIC member to fight with him.

Last week, in a blatant attempt to shift blame, Samy Vely stated that the MIC was broken because voters rejected BN. People he said, were not angry at him but at BN. The solution is simple then. If MIC's fortune is injured by being part of BN, then it should take the most honorable step to leave BN.

Then Samy Vellu and other MIC hotheads can test the veracity of Samy Vellu's claim. That MIC can fare better had it not been part of BN. Samy Vellu must take the step to disassociate MIC from a damaged brand. We would like to see, which constituency MIC members can make it on their own.

The BN can suspend MIC to also test Samy's claim. The BN has the responsibility not to impose its weakness on such an esteemed party representing an important group in Malaysia. Those who no longer have faith in BN's political philosophy should take the step of leaving it.

We have no reason to doubt the truth of Samy Vellu's claim. That MIC can best represent Malaysian Indian's interest even without being part of BN.

PM Najib can take this opportunity by dropping all the MIC members of cabinet and ministers not in cabinet from his team. Drop the MIC minister and the two deputy ministers. BN is only hampering its (MIC's) effectiveness to perform for the Malaysian Indians. BN and UMNO don't have to take insult from Samy Vellu and MIC. Ask them to leave the government temporarily sahaja to allow them to regain the confidence of Malaysian Indians. Surely, MIC's members of parliament and ADUNs can contribute without having the power of official positions.

This is a most practical way to help Samy Vellu and MIC to concentrate on effectively representing the Malaysian Indians. Why be part of a team that only slows you down and had caused irreparable damage to MIC. Why allow such shame be imposed on you by a discredited BN?

As a responsible senior partner, UMNO must assist MIC to overcome its misery.

But then, suppose the Malaysian Indians say, this is Samy Vellu. He does not represent the sobriety of an ethnic group proud of their thousand years cultural heritage and the great Indian civilization. That Samy Vellu's brand of leadership which permits an incident such as this and other embarrassing episodes is but a grievous anomaly which does not reflect any aspect of Indian cultural heritage. Then as people proud of its thousand years civilization, the Malaysian Indians and MIC must do the next best thing- throw Samy Vellu out.


Aiyyaa Nostladamus Kaa,  16 September 2009 at 08:31  

heiyaa samy velu, sikalang apa macyam? lu atak manyak anak kasi lia olang juai silipar tatak laku mau kasi gantong olang punya leher kaaa? kasi gantong lu leher larrrr. apasat mau gantong sana tun punya timpat? lu mbolo kaaa? lu gilaa kaaa?

juai silipar tatak laku lu anak belanak sana balik estet laaaa. sana lulok tiam tiam bikin todi.

itu bn kasi lu susah arrrr .. lu pigi tamil naidu larrrr ... bela lumbu kaaa juai susu kaaa. apa lu suka lu bikin laaaa.

Anonymous,  16 September 2009 at 08:40  

Samy's comment about BN was equivalent to Lim Keng Yaik's comment of Gerakan being a "beggar party". Yet we still see Gerakan and MIC steadfastly sticking to BN. The reasons were obvious.

sunwayopal 16 September 2009 at 10:33  

Throw Semi Value out ?

Boss, didnt MIC just last week as a whole, say "Thks Najib and Mad Hatter, thank you very much for your advice but sorry, we very much prefer to keep Semi"

Overall, I would say an excellent development. Haha, make sure come PRU 13, u UMNO Malays remember these incident and vote the MIC MP or state candidate !!!!!!

Bagus sekali, from a Pakatan point of view that is !

Greenbottle 16 September 2009 at 12:11  

i don't know whether this is worse than that time when kubang pasu delegates humiliated dr M . for a measly couple of hundred ringgits these people were willing to vote out and prevented mahathir from attending the umno convention ...remember that time?. i didn't say it. dr m said it himself.

his own division humiliated him so!!! no wonder the indians were brave enough to do this. if umno people themselves could do such thing, may be their reasoning is what the heck... it's's sooooo BN...

Donplaypuks® 16 September 2009 at 13:24  

M'sian Indians had signalled sometime ago they don't give a f..k about MIC or Samy Velu any more!

How many elected MP's do they have today in Parliament and reps in the State Govt's?

It's BN's and Samy's problem. Boot MIC out, sack them, do whatever you like. The whole corrupt lot can go.

M'sian Indians plain don't give a hoot anymore or f.....g care what happens to MIC or Samy!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  16 September 2009 at 14:15  

never mind Dato..Fernandez will take over MIC for you.

After all he will be leading the charge to spend billions (presumably OPM of cos) on our "image branding " 1 Malaysia F1.MIC is cheaper to run.

I think we should nip into Fernandez backyard (music industry) and work with JayZ,Kanye on a 1Malaysia rap group..then I will pay a few hundred million to regroup Led Zeppelin with a Malaysian inducted as new member to play marimba..and rename group as 1Malaysia Led Zep.
And I wanna revive Dallas..shoot some scenes in M'sia and all local crew (wow)..i can rebrand as 1Malaysia2Dallas.

Tell and TV generate more impact then F1

Dato..can we fix appt with PM to present our ideas?Sure winners...only need Rm2 billion seed money.

Anonymous,  16 September 2009 at 15:03  

It cost a billion to run an F1 team..

Not everyone is as visionary as PM and gang...many unemployed,hungry people with big housing and car loans hanging on their neck...and unable to get jobs are not so visionary.They have to worry how to prepare dinner for family with the last 10 ringgit in their pocket? all issues (this slipper thing as well)..there MUST be extra emphasis on communications..the tougher the subject,the more effort to explain.Respect the Rakyat..tell the truth cos nowadays info is so much easier to get.

So,if Proton,Petronas,Khazanah is putting up 90% of costs/guarantees..tell the rakyat so.Don't gloss about involvement of those corporate figures >>we know that they are great businessman..theu love Other People Money or they like deals like I scratch u but continue AP?Discount lah LCCT Sir..

Yes..tell the rakyat even if the truth gets one a garland of slipper.
TDM is a real leader.

Anonymous,  16 September 2009 at 15:19  

Guess you have not been able to add anything new to what has already been written during this "open season" on the MIC. So, tell me something.Will UMNO, take action against Dr M for having intefered in the afairs of the MIC with his coments and show of support for a specific candidates/s? Do you not consider it "biadadb" going by UMNO's own standards to have smeone of the stature and influence of Dr M to do what he did.MIC members have a right to be angry..well maybe not to the point of wanting to garland his picture with slippers. But in the heat of the moment, some of us lesser mortals, can get carried away. Then again, its fine if some of us, do and say things to hurt Indians in this country and there is no condemnation from the likes of you in the past.So, what do you think? Should the geat Dr M, be hauled up before the UMNO disciplinary committee for having infetered in the affairs of a BN component party?

Oorimai Kural

s.s.seelan 16 September 2009 at 22:25  

Dear Sir,

Let me first get a few formalities out of my chest. I hate Dr M.. for permitting unmitigated corruption to fester and become a way of life... for tearing down the judiciary.... for making the Royalty to kow tow to him by removing their immunity... for making the Police Force a power unto themselves... for misusing the govt's purse in the billions to bail out his cronies ( remember Tajudin n Mas?)... for silencing our inalienable right to express ourselves boldly and without fear or favour by whipping us ever so often with the ISA et al. Gosh.. I feel good now! But this list is by no means exhaustive!

In so far as this controversy goes, let as not attempt to give a prognosis of the ailment without ascertaining its cause. The 20 miilion rgt Q is: WHY DID DR M POKE HIS FREAKING NOSE INTO THE AFFAIRS OF THE MIC? Is this the oft-repeated Malaysian way? Is this the BN's way... meddling into your coalition partners affairs? More so when the party elections are looming? Hey, if you choose to play with fire, you can either cook yourself a dinner ( my apologies to the wonderful Siti Hasmah )or get your fingers burnt... its elementary Watson.

If you feel compelled to meddle in other peoples' affairs, please be man enough to face their wrath when they retaliate. Be man enough to give them an appropriate riposte... and don't run to Najib or Muhidin everytime your feathers get a little ruffled by your own idiocy! And for God's sake dont give a racial spin to it.

By the way, when Dr M left UMNO, was it not Musa Hitam who opined something to the effect that a cancerous cyst was finally excised from UMNO? What about Nazri... I am told that this guy, despite his academic qualifications and social upbringing,is nothing but a verbal canon ball( but I am digressing). Didnt this guy say something to the effect that Dr M can go to hell?

Now all you wise people out there: what action did you all propose against these two prominent Malysians for acting so unMalaysian against a supposedly great Malaysian?

Hey guys... again dont get me wrong! I am not encouraging that its ok to garland Dr M with slippers. I will tell you straightaway without blinking an eyelid and without second thoughts that that was rather uncouth or biadap, as our Malay brethren would say.

The point I am really trying to get at is this : isnt there someone in UMNO who has got the testicular fortitude or the scrotal gumption to tell this grand old man to just mind the grandchildren ( and his own business) and leave the running of the govt to Najib.

As it is, Najib already has his hands full with 1Malaysia, KJ, Mongolia, Baginda, Scorpion etc and he certainly can do without babysitting Dr M.

In case you guys are wondering that Semi-value paid me to write this piece, let me assure you that I hate this guy just as much for squandering the life and fate of the Indians in this country for over 20 years and today he has the audacity to say that the rakyat are not angry with the MIC but with BN. Aiyo Samy.

Navi 17 September 2009 at 09:46  

The man to be blamed for this crude remarks by a delegate should be the MIC leader who has proclaimed that he is irreplaceable; Samy Velu himself. It was he, who to hide his shortcomings, he, whose complete failure to uplift the Indian community despite the millions allotted through MIC, he, who siphoned off millions meant for the community for his own greed, he, who pushed the blame for his failure on Tun, that encouraged the delegates to voice out at Tun, resulting in one of them pouring venom. Samy has conveniently suspended the delegate. He has absolved himself of all liability and responsibility and is trying to project himself as a loyalist of Tun.
On the other-hand did Tun deserve some of those criticism?

Anonymous,  19 September 2009 at 01:55  

I think most Indians agree with what Tun has expressed so boldly ie. Samy should resign. The only 3 groups of people that are not agreeing or being silent are:
1. those who has a lot to lose if Semi is no longer Prez ie. Sothinathan or what not
2. Indians who are already in Hindraf. PPP, PKR etc.
3. Indians who are too chicken to admit they agree with Tun.

Either way, I think ppl like Samy is typical of politicians who can readily dish it out but can't take it. Rather than just to "wallop" ppl, why don't you just resign. You've overstayed your tenure neways.

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