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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 29 September 2009

If it catches mice, does it matter what colour is the cat?

can it catch mice?

On Sunday I wrote this article. It's becoming clear that UMNO is finding it difficult to balance its long term and short term interests. It's between signaling the beginning of a transforming process in UMNO. It heralds the infusion of a value system that upholds elements such integrity, honesty and all that. The short term and immediate interest is wining this battle.

It's balancing the competing interests of a long drawn process vitally important to UMNO to regain the people's trust and the necessity of an immediate win.

Right now, winning the battle is more important. Let's say, UMNO increases its chances of losing by selecting other than Isa Samad. It loses this battle, but the wisdom of the detached crowd says, it can win the larger war. What larger war? The next war may be the culmination of all losing battles.

This is puzzling. How can it win the war when it loses continuously? It takes the victory in several battles to win the war. My own personal opinion is, UMNO must take care of its immediate interests first. It's the series of immediate interest settled and won, that will contribute to the winning of the whole war.

The selection of a pristine candidate that results in a loss will only entrench the de-moralizing effects. The troops need a battle to re- energize them. The generals must deliver a win in this battle.

Suppose UMNO increases its chances of winning by endorsing Isa. A win by Isa is not going to derail the fundamental direction which UMNO is taking right now, which is transforming itself. UMNO leaders should ask this question- can a loss here, an UMNO strong hold, be anything other than disastrous.

Your troops will abandon you. The leaders will be seen as capitulating in the face of mushy and softy ideals which are suitable of being crafted in a more sedate environment. At the battle front, decisive and robust action is needed. Suppose UMNO wins by fielding Isa which the opposition within and outside have been devouring in a feeding frenzy. What will that victory  do? It will put UMNO as a party in charge. How so? Because even after receiving all the worse and the low blows it can still win, it's on the mend.

What about Isa Samad? Disregard the colour of the cat. As long as it can catch mice, that's all that matters now.


sunwayopal,  29 September 2009 at 09:42  

I wonder whats the implications if it chooses Isa and thus gives up the moral high ground and then proceeds to lose!!!


Ariff Sabri 29 September 2009 at 09:48  

ah so mr gopal,
very quick off the mark- like an agile cat. what if after choosing Isa, it wins?
morality in politics? now thats an oxymoron.

Anonymous,  29 September 2009 at 11:06  

Please don't talk about morality.
If PKR stands so highly for morality, Eli Wong should have the decency to step down long ago.

And please don't forget that our PKR leader did get sentenced for some immorality hiccup.

We do not have 'prophets' for our leaders.
BN and opposition alike are all human..not perfect at all.They all have their interests to guard while carrying out their fight for the rakyat.

So enough drooling and salivating on moral issues!!

Red Alfa 29 September 2009 at 12:15  

Dear Dato'

Faced with the Hobson's Choice MCA did what it thought it must to ensure BN win. Did they ever imagined as of now anything they decide/do to survive would be of relevance to the Chinese?

And we are sure that winning BP at any cost as UMNO must would not give a similar breaking point to the Malays?

Manature 29 September 2009 at 12:44  

Good to see Sakmongkol now behaving like a typical UMNO .....

sunwayopal,  29 September 2009 at 12:44  

Eh guys dont get me wrong.

I am all for Isa Samad as your candidate.

To me, selection of Isa almost guarantees Pakatan a no loss scenario.

We win and it will b even worse for u guys, like I said earlier , we can take the moral high ground plus rub BeeEnd's faces into the ground.

We lose, we can still say so what, we not like BeeEnd select dirty politicians!.

To me, I've always wanted UMNO to pick Isa Samad rather than some 'safe' choice. The upside is so much higher and the downside so much more limited.


Anonymous,  29 September 2009 at 12:54  

Datuk Sak. You got it man. There is no morality in politics. That is why politicians are immoral people. That is why Isa is immoral. That is why UMNO is immoral.

Anonymous,  29 September 2009 at 13:25  


You are sending mixed signals this last 2 weeks. The cat does not have skeletons in the cupboard. If Isa is selected & wins, DSN will have more problems on his hands and reform would not even be considered as horse trading for positions will take precedence. Then UMNO will still be the same. What next ? It's a catch 22 situation unless the cycle is broken and it would require someone very special to break the tradition or mould. I don't see DSN fitting that bill, judging from his decisions made so far.

As someone mentioned, it's been a long time after the last election. There is no visible change and it is still business as usual. It's a whole new world. You can either go with the flow or be dragged screaming into the new world order.

hoqni 29 September 2009 at 15:05  

Hi all,

1st up - Are Mr. Sunwayopal and Anonymous politicians?

2nd point - I read an interesting observation of Singapore lacking leaders : URL is

That is why, the Permatang Pauh fella is still in it. Eli Wong, Ronnie Liu, Lim Guan Eng, Mat Taib.

So what is there to stop Isa Samad?

Ree,  29 September 2009 at 16:01  

Dato Sak,

I was in a Seremban open house last weekenda nd people there were saying "Cukuplah 22 tahun, bagi peluang orang lain". Seremban is not PD I know, but close. I wonder: Is UMNO Bahagian really in touch with the voters feelings?

Surely even without Isa Samad, BN still has a fair chance of winning? A victory with a fresh and untainted face will be better for Najib's reform agenda.

Or is it that if Isa is not chosen, the fear is he and his supporters will backstab and undermine BN machinery? To such an extent BN loses? If yes, then something is obviously still wrong with UMNO and voters should not be faulted for voting opposition.

Red Alfa 29 September 2009 at 16:09  

Anon 11.06

Lack of morality and loose morals are tolerated and are part and parcel of politics?

Bet who between the Selangor Ex-MB and Eli Wong will get to be re-nominated and re-elected by their respective parties and constituencies?

Why between PKR Advisor and the Ex-Health Minister one is gaining trust and credibility to be the future Leader but not the other?

Notwithstanding the MSM, Malaysian public can be discerning and will act accordingly at the polls.

Be very afraid. The people is now expecting a higher standard of accountability in Malaysian politics!

Fairplay,  29 September 2009 at 16:49  

Isn't this an UMNO stronghold? THIS is the time for UMNO to redeem itself and move forward. Get a new,good,clean candidate. He should win being an UMNO stronghold and at the same time this can show the country UMNO really means to change. Why allow blackmailing and strong-armed tactics by Isa's supporters to succeed? If they truly love their party, this is the time to prove it. Once you allow yourself to be blackmailed, there'll be no end to it!

Unknown 29 September 2009 at 17:00  

Dear Datok Sak,

You have written a couple of articles on Bagan Pinang and Isa Samad: first calling for his nomination, then in the face of flak, from within and without, you suggested his son, Najib Isa; then you did and about turn and said that you were just fishing and taking ground temperature.

Now you have gone back to "grey" cat Isa Samad with the argument that as long as it catches mice, so be it. With this you have abandoned all the principles and moral high ground that you have so keenly written about and settled for "UMNOlogic" of rationalising corruption, nepotism and national kleptomaniac.

Like I said: we can take you out of UMNO, but we sure cannot take UMNO out of you.

Greenbottle 29 September 2009 at 17:08  

you're flip flopping dato sakmongkol...

colorless 29 September 2009 at 17:32  

Eli Wong was similar to one being caught bathing on camera by a pervert. Therefore, Eli Wong was totally different to the porn star betraying his wife. He will never be a saint after confessing. It's best to leave the limelight.

Yap 29 September 2009 at 18:10  

If Isa wins will he pose any problems to the present MB.?? Will the other Aduns favour Isa more than the present MB???

sunwayopal,  29 September 2009 at 19:29  

Of course Isa will pose problems to the current MB.

Mohd Hassan must b peeing his pants now!!!



Anonymous,  29 September 2009 at 22:47  

Within the context of local PD politics,ISA is the only choice.

On a national level;which by the way is pure rhetoric there should have been the courage and support for change.And choice of ISA means that there is still lack of resolve by thats bad news for those hoping for change.

Within Negri 9 UMNO politics it signals the beginning of the end for the current MB/KJ powerbase.

For us commenting on Dato Sak blogs,it just means that we were treated to the very soul searching rantings by a lot of the real thinkers of UMNO as mirrored by Dato Sak.

And PAS gonna take the seat by 650 votes majority.UMNO forgot that time is never in a limbo.Flavor of the month in 99/04 is surpassed by increasing "health" awareness .

Sorry to say that the strategist got lost in the roundabouts and fail to see the overpass viaduct to escape the jam.

Anonymous,  29 September 2009 at 23:04  


Agree with your analysis; in war we need to win some battle in order to enhance our troop morale otherwise if we keep on continous losing streak, our troops will abandon us.
If standard of morality is the key issues , I think PKR had worst track records.

I think in Kelantan, the tide is turning towards Barisan and by fulfilling Manek Urai election promises; BN does look good. The poor performance of PAS in Kelantan and Nik Aziz's erratic behavior, I think capturing Kelantan does look promising.

Anonymous,  29 September 2009 at 23:18  


It doesn't take a cat with a rocket scientist ability to catch a rat.

And another point is even a cat like guo burne able to defeat and denying a more experienced and skillful cat in a hunting trip on the same rat!

How is that become possible?

Without the booby trap set by the cat's master (PR), there is no way the PR's cat could catch any rat especially when the competition is high.

And once the rat is trapped, even a mew predator like guo burne or eli or khalid could easily crawled to the rat (which already been victimised beforehand) and to start pawing at the tail!

Easy rat (money), huh?


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