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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 31 July 2014

A Case of The Nose not Pointed, The Cheeks are Pushed Outwards.

We can view this thing about Khalid Ibrahim and PAS’s conduct as being one of the nose not pointed, the cheeks being pushed forward. ( hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong sorng).
Let me begin by saying that PAS is a valued partner within the PR fraternity. Its leadership, by and large consist of leaders with keen integrity and truthful people. We value PAS for its commitment to principles, the discipline of its members, the integrity and sincerity of its leaders. The conduct of its leaders and most of its members is exemplary. We can count on PAS a loyal comrade. If we leave them behind to guard our fort and city, we can be sure they don’t turn around, seize the city and drive us out. 
Having said that, I am not going overboard to confer upon PAS members superhuman qualities more that they deserved. They eat, sleep, go to the toilets just as we do;  we dont know what is in their hearts.  THey may have thick faces and blackened hearts. Its only through action and conduct do we judge them.  For example, PAS's DR Zuhdi may appear as pious as other PAS leader, but lately his action has revealed a darker side.  The typical PAS member can also lie, not tell the truth, conspire like any other.

They can also go back on their words.  Dont believe me? 
When Semangat 46 helped PAS  win Kelantan, PAS promised the post of Deputy MB to Semangat. After elections, PAS went on to appoint a deputy MB from their side thus reneging on a promise. When Semangat 46 complained, almost like an afterthought and damage control action, PAS created a Deputy MB 2 post. Well, deputy MB and Deputy MB2 is not the same thing, is it?  
So please keep this holier than thou image to yourselves.
And know this too. Members and leaders of religious based movements also display these finer characteristics.  For that matter, members and leaders of religious fraternity not Islamic can also be described in the manner I just did. Within the circle of Islamic movements, their leaders and members too have the same characteristics.  What separates PAS from dakwah groups or Islamic fraternity and collegiate groups, is that PAS is a political party. The means, it aspires to capture power.
This means one must have some political skill-sets. So, all these qualities must be leavened with political acumen and political wisdom. Unless PAS no longer wants to be a member of the PR Family, it must not think it is a party of Islamic missionaries. It must choose to be part of a bigger entity that can replace the corrupt BN government or it can opt to become a regional party controlling a single state such as Kelantan. You want to be a village champion or you want national presence where you can cultivate wider allegiance to your cause? 
Among political comrade-in-arms, there must be tacit and implicit trust.  We accept any decisions made by PAS regarding its members. When Husam was dropped from PAS's political mainstream, the other members of PR did not fret. because they trusted in PAS's judgement. Also because it is PAS's business. 
Trust requires reciprocity. If we trust in PAS's decision and judgment, PAS must also do likewise toward its friends.
So if the conservatives in PAS continue to bully its partners with their misplaced and conceited over-estimation of their importance PAS will suffer these things:-
PAS will be reduced to a regional based party, shouting and wailing from the fringes. Eventually they will be viewed as religious fanatics on the fringe of political mainstream.
It will lose the support of middle thinking Malays, the less pious than PAS people who would otherwise look at PAS as a means of political and moral salvation. Lose that and PAS becomes just a minor political player.
It will alienate the Chinese whose support and acceptance and tolerance of PAS thus far, has contributed to PAS gaining national presence.
The horror of horrors will occur if PAS decides to go to bed with UMNO and that would signal that PAS is really a party without principles. It will be seen as a hypocritical party that uses religion to bully others. 
It will create tension and discord among friends and partners in Pakatan Rakyat. 
Now this issue with Khalid Ibrahim.
Why is Khalid Ibrahim hawking around like a political prostitute soliciting for support from indirect sources to continue as MB of Selangor?  If we were to believe what Pakatan is saying, the issue was resolved as early as March 2014. The position of MB isn’t for Khalid to keep. Like all other government posts, it is not directly elected by voters. Its tenure depends on the confidence of the political party from which he comes from. In this case PKR. If the confidence is no longer there, and the existence proven by winning a party position, the honourable step to take is to tender resignation.
Unless Khalid Ibrahim suddenly thinks he is a direct member of an organisation known as Pakatan Rakyat, then he has the option of going around soliciting for support.
So what is it for PAS? - The conservatives in the party ought not to overestimate their importance. Let us remind them, unless they exist as part of a bigger entity that includes the less pious than them, they are an isolated bunch. This assessment can of course be cavalierly dismissed by brinkmanship talk by the conservatives, but such arrogance will only result in PAS as whole being confined to a village party. Pas people can always say- so what?, but such haughty talk displays a sorry lack of political acumen and detachment from political reality. If PAS is in business not to get political power, then it should declare itself as a missionary group.
The exit of Khalid Ibrahim should be simple case of conducting oneself with honour and dignity. Khalid has shown he does not have both.
Khalid Ibrahim has lost in the PKR elections. He has lost the confidence of his party. He ought to conduct himself in a dignified manner and withdraw from the position of MB. Instead he goes wailing and barking to all and sundry narrating how he has been aggrieved. Khalid may have the corporate smarts which are really debatable,  but politically he has shown artlessness. He has got no class. Having fought and lost in his party elections, it is now not open for Khalid to bring his case before the people. His party should not be forced to wash dirty linen in public. Khalid should not overestimate himself excessively.
This isn’t a case that ought to be brought before the voters at all. We can’t expect the pasar malam supporters, the hawkers to understand the reasoning behind Khalid’s recall. Khalid should be sensible enough to spare PKR from ridicule and should desist providing an opportunity for it to be attacked by opponents. Consider what Khalid has done as providing ammunition to UMNO, Perkasa and other UMNO friendly groups. In other words, once he cannot get his way, Khalid is willing to embrace the enemy and the same time destroy his benefactor. 
The position of MB is not directly elected by the voters. His party has nominated Khalid for the post of MB and the other parties in PR at that time agreed to this nomination. As a result he became the MB. Now that the mandate from his party has been withdrawn, he does not enjoy the confidence. That confidence has been recalled- Khalid has no business to escalate and widen the issue by appealing to the voters. This is not right. Having lost the confidence, the correct thing to do, is to honourably discharge himself.
Did Mat Said, the pugilistic former MB of Terengganu made out a dare to his party colleagues to move a motion of no-confidence? In this case, the politically amateurish Khalid Ibrahim appears to challenge his party colleagues to move a motion of no confidence. What does this suggest? This suggests Khalid has no respect and inkling about political protocols. This means he does not care about what happens to his political benefactor as long as his personal interests are preserved. Why should we keep this type of person in the party?
PKR should expel Khalid in this case and see what he does. He can join UMNO for that matter.
So why does he go hawking around for support from other parties? Why should pas even support Khalid Ibrahim when this is a decision taken by Khalids’ party? This is not a difficult thing to understand.
No one from PKR needs to answer what sins and fault has Khalid committed. It is sufficient for anyone, from Haji Hadi and Tuan Guru Nik Aziz to have trust in the judgment taken by PKR people. That is the basis for a working relationship. In this respect, UMNO has proven to be better; when Mat Said was dropped as MB, did he go around hawking for support from the other BN parties? Because the other parties understand the unspoken rule of coalition politics- that if you no longer enjoy support from your own party, it is not open to the other parties to question the reasoning behind Khalid’s recall. Coalition partners place implicit trust in the judgement of the party concern.
This isn’t about PAS. This is about PKR. It is not open for any PAS leader to question the judgment of PKR on Khalid. It is also not open for Khalid to conduct himself like a political prostitute to solicit support from the other partners in PR. PAS should not entertain him in the first place and ought to have explained to him that since he no longer enjoys the confidence of his own party, PAS cannot interfere with that decision, even though it may have its reservations and sympathies. 
That ought to be basis of trust among partners.


Joe Black,  31 July 2014 at 09:16  


There is this misconception (which you may be guilty as well) that PAS members are Pious than others or are percieved to be. I have known active PAS members in kelantan who are devout smugglers and thieves. Others practise double standards in Piety worse than the kafirs. So lets not kid ourselves of this misconception.

As for khalid...Everyone knows he has a HUGE Chopping Cudgel over his head in the form of million dollar debt due for payment an whose handle is being held by UMNO stalwards (more likely Najib himself). The meeting with Najib is more like a meeting to discuss the Gua Tolong Lu Lu tolong Gua Chatter. So what can we expect to happen? His life depends on him holding on to the MB Post!

Perhaps Anwar should just call it a day and forget about Putrajaya. PAS will be PAS and will never swerve from their Taliban nature. Let them go on their own and let's see if the non malays and moderate Malaysa who voted for PAS in the last election will do so in the next general elections in Selangor. Let the truth prevail and malaysian decide whether they want to go the way of hell currently in the middle eastern countries or of peace and prosperity.

Anonymous,  31 July 2014 at 09:52  

Khalid prided in himself that he was instrumental in bringing Guthrie to Malaysian in what was famously called the 'dawn raid' on the London Stock Exchange.

But I always thought that the late Tun Ismail, who was chairman of PNB then who was the brains behind this.

Khalid's visit to Nik Aziz to garner support is shameful and embarrassing. He treated the position of MB just like the post of MD of Guthrie, that you can't dismissed an MD unless with due cause and lawful excuse.

Anonymous,  31 July 2014 at 11:05  

Khalid's supporters claim tha it was under his leadership that Selangor won big.
True and not true. Before GE 13, Khalid made a strong stand on the water issue in Selangor, on land, projects and other areas; all in line with the PRs stand. We voted him in. All these changed after the last GE. Suddenly Khalid seems to be bending backwards to accomodate the wants and pleasures of UMNO (BN) rather than stay with the cause of PR. One reason to want Khalid out now.

Khalid is obsessed with the power that he holds; power that the backing of His Highness , the Sultan, and now the unneccesarry backing provided by PAS has given him. But Khalid has forgotten the hand that fed him. He now snaps back at those who placed him there initially. There is a song in Tamil that means something like this,' however much we feed a snake with milk and eggs, it will still bite us.' Have we placed a cobra in the Menteri Besar's seat. Isn't he to toe the line of the party and its aspiration.

RM 3 billion in reserve. For what may I ask? Why hasn't money been spend to upgrade the facilities in Selangor. What we see are maintenance work going on - not great work really, just as mediocre as it was during the time of BN rule. I understand that most of the reserve are from sales of assets and collection of bad debts. Is it really finances managed well? I am in the dark. and most disappointing is that election promises have not been kept. Except for some handouts from the first term as MB, Khalid has not really introduced anything new for the rakyat. RM billion savings! for whom if not the rekyat.

If for any reason PR won Selangor the last GE, it was mainly the disgust and hatred for BN (UMNO) rather than love for Khalid. This same would apply to Anwar and Azmin.

Anonymous,  31 July 2014 at 11:23  

Wow, Dato'

If the people (especially the ulamas) form PAS and Tan Sri Khalid is still confused about their self importance after this article, I don't know what else will awaken them. Crystal clear comments!

Anonymous,  31 July 2014 at 13:12  

I cannot agree more to your comments on PAS and Khalid.

Somehow to me Hadi Awang is is not really genuine.I have been harbouring this thought ever since I encountered him at a US Student Winter Gathering in Georgia in 1992.

The only thing PKR should do is to sack Khalid.

Anonymous,  31 July 2014 at 13:13  

1. Dr zuhdi just giving an opinion. Just like guan eng, kit siang and late karpal singh giving opinion on hudud..
2.corrupt bn?. Pr is the same Khalid do not refuse to step down because he refuse the 50million bribe for a project.
Conclusion. Any party take over the the same. All political party are currupt. .

bumi-non-malay 31 July 2014 at 13:18  

Pasal Khalid MB ni Mudah saja nak diselesaikan..... Bagilah dia sedikit ruang untuk bersara dengan Maruah/Dignity.

Sebab dia pandai buat MOU dengan UMNO-BN.... rakyat Selangor Masih tak tahu mana tu MOU dan APA dia MOU tu.. BERAPA BILLION $$$$ dikebas UMNO-BN-Boko Haram-ISIS dalam MOU itu....

Maka secara Iklas.... PAS, DAP dan PKR pun Harus BUAT MOU Bagi Khalid ni dengan MOU GANTI GOBENOR Penang bila Gabenor sekarang di tendang Keluar dari Penang...... Tak akan Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad racist munafiq Islam pulak yang disenaraikan Ganti Gabenor Penang.... Kita mahu Khalid - Ex MB Selangor sebagai Gabenor Penang.

Kena Tahu ahli Koropat nak title...BAGILAH dia MOU untuk Jadi Gabenor Penang.

Lepas tu kita pun boleh bagi ruang PAS/PKR/DAP buat dan cakap apa2 mereka suka...ini Demokrasi. kalau tak Ubah corak ideologi sesak, lain kali kita Hantar CALON Bersih ke Kawasan Pembelot dalam pilihanraya akan datang dan Sarakan mereka....

Jangan kita lupa UMNO -(BN) Barang Naikkan dan DERA Rakyat Malaysia.... Jangan ingat masalah MB, Lubang Kat Pudu, Perang Kat Sabah, masallah ALLAH, Masalah Curi harta tanah melayu $5 Billion untuk satu keluarga kemudian jual kepada negara Cina semua boleh ISIkan Perut yang Kosong dan miskin itu! Krisis ekonomi akan melanda Malaysia tidak lama lagi.....Allah hanya tahu!!

Anonymous,  31 July 2014 at 13:22  


1. PKR should just sack this Khalid.

2. PAS should be expelled from Pakatan.

Anonymous,  31 July 2014 at 13:31  

Anwar is too weak. He should just sack Khalid.

If PAS wants to remain in PK they should get rid of Hadi.The VIP treatment ordered by Najib when he was hospitalised in Istanbul must have got into his head.

kampong lad 31 July 2014 at 13:43  

the way i look at the ‘kemelut mb selangor’ is simple and straight forward. just go back to the decision making process. sekiranya pas, pkr & dap bersetuju melantik tski (on personal capacity) walaupun beliau dari pkr, pas ada hak membangkang. tapi, sekiranya pas & dap bersetuju calon mb dari pkr, (pkr yg buat keputusan) tski kena letak jawatan & anwar ibrahim must go as well

IdrisMdIsa,  31 July 2014 at 14:09  

The whole problem here is, all you politicians have been infected with rottenness from all sides, inside out. The Khalid saga must not be seen from the narrow, simplistic, political protocol perspective. And it must not be equated with the Md Said episode in Terengganu where it was a pre-arranged thing. Md Said's time was up. There was no issue of Md Said soliciting support to retain him. But he actually did, only that he was pre-empted by Najib.

In the case of Khalid, it seems that PKR is the most rotten of the PR trio in Selangor. In terms of "purity", Khalid is foremost [in relative terms]. The Kajang Move was nothing but a plundering scheme hatched by Anwar, acted out by Rafizi. What is Wan Azizah capable of in terms of running the state? Nothing! She will be a mere puppet of Anwar. If RPK's stories are anything to go by, Khalid must be retained at all costs. Despite his weaknesses,, we can be assured that the Selangor coffer will not be plundered. Who in PKR is a worthy successor to Khalid? None. No one else in PKR Selngor has the sincerity and integrity to assume that coveted post.

The MB post of Selangor is not an exclusive PKR domain because the state does not belong to it. It is ruled by the PR coalition and PKR is not the majority party in Selangor DUN. PAS's support for Khalid is not misplaced. Being politically naieve is not a ground to remove Khalid. In fact, politicians, you are one of them, should be the last persons to hold executive posts because Malaysia's politicians are among the most primitive in the whole world. They could see nothing beyond politics.

Anonymous,  31 July 2014 at 14:50  

Khalid has bee end dna

1. a huge ego

2. he is at higher level than his party

What a shameless politician. One bad publicity to PR

Anonymous,  31 July 2014 at 14:58  

This is the best commentary on the MB issue. Clearly the best without mincing words.
As for PAS,it devalued itself the day Hadi asked what mistake he has committed. He talked as though he was picking a candidate to enter heaven.
This should be a political decision not religious.
If the PAS president himself could not respect a partner's decision what partnership are we talking about. I won't trust PAS anymore.

Anonymous,  31 July 2014 at 15:38  

If not for Pakatan, PAS would not have three MBs after GE12. PAS was reluctant to replace its MB in Kedah and thus lost Kedah in the last GE. PKR and DAP did not interfere although certain laws passed in the state were so obvious in chasing away votes from certain groups. The real loser was PAS. It wants to be part of a team but unwilling to be a team player.

PAS will very likely lose Kelantan in GE14 for the simple reason that TG Nik Aziz is no more the MB.

Anonymous,  31 July 2014 at 16:13  

Khalid ibrahim who? You are right on the spot ....he is a political prostitute....just kick him out....mamat bodoh sombong and ungrateful idiot....

Unknown 31 July 2014 at 16:48  

Your analysis is spot-on. It's immaterial how well he may done as MB (though even that is a big question mark). What matters is that Khalid has lost the confidence of his party and with that goes the mandate to be MB. 'Prostituting' himself around to hang on to power - appears kind of harsh a phrase to use, but I'm afraid there's no better word to describe Khalid's actions. So, those who come rallying around him are I suppose you know what. If indeed it's true that Nik Aziz also backs Khalid, then I'll have to say it's a serious lapse of judgment.

Anonymous,  31 July 2014 at 16:50  

This is a clear write-up. Now things had been put into the proper perspective. Yes, the party PKR put him in this MB post and not the rakyat. The rakyat voted for the party. Anwar is the one who brought him in, but Khalid never consult his party leaders about decisions he made. He made all the decisions alone without consulting his party which is not very good. He is not a team player at all. Since he lost the confidence of his party members, the only honourable thing for him to do is to give up that post. Why is that post so important to him? I don't understand. He is not poor.

Sammy 31 July 2014 at 17:36  

Why do we need our cash reserves to be spent/ To spend it on what? Party elections, someone's itchy fingers? The real reason to replace Khalid is just greediness and the wanting to dip into rakyat's coffers, something the previous govt liked to do and now some of those wolves are hiding behind the present party.

So tell us dato, why do we need to replace a clean hand with a dirty hand?

Anonymous,  31 July 2014 at 17:40  


My suggestion, bungkus Pakatan Rakyat. It now turns out that PR is the same as BN. Comprised of greedy, unprincipled people. This is so sickening and nauseating.

Next election, I would vote for any independent candidate, even if they put a cat as a candidate.

Anonymous,  31 July 2014 at 19:21  

This article provided clear explanation why Khalid should resign.

the mean machine,  31 July 2014 at 19:52  

Whatever the reasons for bringing down Khalid as MB,whether it is political or to have access to the three billion ringgit reserves at the state coffers,could have been handled in a more professional way.

If PKR keeps on shooting themselves in the foot,then they shouldn't deserve to be in government.Whether it is state or federal.The PKR leaders are the laughing stock of the Malaysian political arena.It is time they grow up or get the f*ck out before they bring the whole PR coalition down.

Anonymous,  31 July 2014 at 20:04  

But why must it be Mrs Anwar Ibrahim?

Anonymous,  31 July 2014 at 20:33  

Excellent article and you hit the bulls eye. The so-called Islamic party is not so Islamic after all. Can't differentiate between what is right and wrong. It seems that are willing to go to bed with a party that is haram to the core.

Anonymous,  31 July 2014 at 22:00  

Anon 31 July 2014 13:13,

What is this RM50 million bribe that Khalid refused? Can you elaborate ahhhh. You are reading the high tale from RPK whose brother Raja Idris has much stake in the MB issue just like Hadi's son-in-law.

If Khalid was offered a RM50million bribe then the first thing he should do is to report to the MACC. Offering a bribe is a corruption offence and the offender is liable to be imprisoned for a term of not more than 20yrs plus a fine of 5 times than the value of the sum offered or received which is RM250million. If Khalid had lodged a report with the Macc it would go a long way to establish his credibility and the truth of this RM50mill bribe 'tale'.

I think you are talking nonsense based on Raja Petra's tale.

Sam Yap,  31 July 2014 at 22:59  

Remember this, "PAS FOR ALL" during GE13?
Hehehe! Its bullshit after all.

Anonymous,  31 July 2014 at 23:10  

What's wrong for a party president to hold MB position?

Tinta Hitam,  31 July 2014 at 23:21  

Life at the top is sweet..Somehow we forgot where our roots is..That what happened to Khalid Ibrahim..What abt PAS? You must remember they are powerful partner in cannot compare it with Mat Said from trengganu.In Trengganu UMNO is the sole power.MIC and MCA had no power over there..

But in Selangor PR component parties more or less are equal in strenght..Thas why they were blackmailing each others.You see I personally dont understand why Ustaz Hadi made the decision favoring Khalid ibrahim.When Kajang Move was formulated,UMNO was in a state of panic.Thats mean DSAI was correct in his strategy.He pay a heavy price when Appeal Court overturned the High Court decisions by convicting DSAI in Liwat case...I dont understand somehow PAS leadership couldnt see it..They feel that DSAI want to control all Aselangor wealth for his personal interest.They gave lame excuses that nothing wrong with TSKI.They neve learned PAS downfall in Kedah..So when DSAI never backoff ,they throw tantrums by threatening to joint venture with UMNO..

MAYBE I should evaluate back my support to PAS

Anonymous,  1 August 2014 at 00:32  

A well thought out and written article, Dato.
I gave my support to removing Khalid is his lately actions ever since the announcement of Kajang move. He has become BN-friendly and his old UMNO traits begin to surface.

Anonymous,  1 August 2014 at 01:57  

"If Khalid was offered a RM50million bribe then the first thing he should do is to report to the MACC."

Report to the MACC for what???

They are the number one coverer-up of corruption in Malaysia, lah!

bruno 1 August 2014 at 06:51  

You guys have got it all wrong.The fifty million offered is for Anwar and not for Khalid.

Anonymous,  1 August 2014 at 07:36  

All these morons are now spreading that RM50 million accusation. That accusation was first made by that half breed coward scum who ran away to his mothers land from being prosecuted.

Anonymous,  1 August 2014 at 10:41  

Once pas screws up in selangor due to a MB who has lost the confidance of his own party,He MUST BE SACKED, COME WHAT MAY.
If Selangor assembly is dissolved, so what ? go to the polls and vote out all incompetant assemblly men/woman.
If pas plays nasty and not a team player so be it.
PR less pas can still win if the whole real situation is explained to the voters.
Im ready to vote.

Anonymous,  1 August 2014 at 11:34  

Umno was in the state of panic..... dream on my friend... dream on....

Anonymous,  1 August 2014 at 13:19  

Just sack khalid from pkr and be done. No need drama

Anonymous,  1 August 2014 at 16:09  


Kami dah support brader anwar dari 98 lagi.inikali brader ni failed bigtime lah. orang sibuk dengan isu nasional kapalterbang meletup, isu internasional gaza kena sembelih dia duk sibuk nak tukar MB.tak abih abih agenda dia.rakyat nampak geng brader& PR narrow minded, terus kanlah cerita tukar MB korang.
Kami the silent 98 supporter dah bosan.sape lagi besar?rakyat atau parti?we will see brader

Anonymous,  2 August 2014 at 20:11  

PKR less PAS can still win? Say what? You must be one of anwar's favorite butt sodomee. Awak ingat PAS kokak sangat ke? Try la and see whether parti rasis DAP dam parti anak beranak Anwar boleh menang? Jangan cakap saje macam orang bangang!!

Anonymous,  3 August 2014 at 14:53  

Excellent assessment but then as AK says, Khalid Has either honesty nor integrity, he is in fact a Political Prostitute! Having solved his loan issue with Bank Islam ( bank taking a hair cut) with umno power brokers , ie daim and company( imagine daim still rules BI)? Even Utusan supports Khalid, imagine that! And to think Hadi and Nik don't know that? That's more than enough to tell us that the ulama do prefer to sleep with umno , najib has promised many things through the likes of Hadi and Nazarruddin and Hassan Ali, etc. it's just that had n his ulama friends in pas will see such a big split within pas that the professionals will make hadis pas a mosquito party that can be swatted away by anyone. Hadi pas will not exist anymore. So don't worry, PR will not sPlit but the danger is the ulama group in pas CC will be the umno informants . Umno will know all PR and PAS decisions as and when these decisions are made. Period.

Anonymous,  3 August 2014 at 15:10  

I agreeIn general though there are bound to be exceptions like Tok guru eg we can't place him in that category of course. Tok guru is being manipulated by ulama group, so called holy men that you infer in your comments. Work with the pas professional cum progressive group. The Malays need them and I am 100% certain DSAI is greatly needed to replace umno as a solid workable coalition, failing which I can assure all that PR is as good as dead. There are no ntelletuals within pas or PKR to provide that working knowledge and capability. Remember DSAI survived mahavillan mahatir onslaught while Musa Hitam and TRH turned their tails in and even today as umno member refused to stand up to the deceit played out by umno n najib

Anonymous,  3 August 2014 at 15:17  

You are totally wrong, a weakling just giving up. DSAI suffered as a result of mahavillan mahatir control of cabinet govt machnary, polis, judiciary and mahatir failed to find DSAI guilty of corruption. Musa n TRH could not survive because they were corrupt, but not DSAI. DSAI and family suffered injustice so badly that non of us including you can't stand to bear , yet he is still fighting and all you could say is give up? Think . Overthrowing a despotic feudal elite group holding power is not that easily done, go check history, usually leads to a public rebellion even in this age . But Malaysians are a contended lot, forget easily and forgive the murderers and thieves who rule this country. They allow coalition which is trying to change things to go down without giving any contd support, buckle under pressure like Musa and TRH?

Anonymous,  3 August 2014 at 15:19  

This fellow an umno implant of course !

Anonymous,  3 August 2014 at 15:22  

Agree 100%. Without DSAI PR is nothing . DSAI And family suffered

Anonymous,  3 August 2014 at 15:26  

Really, this umno implant know only umno can deal with rm50 m and all that , not Rafizi or DSAI. The latter are tupid to request that to keep Khalid as mb Asia it can be hidden. Umno has many sources eg rozaly of sysbas to throw round to Khalid and umno has been found guilty of resolving Khalid bad debt to BI.

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