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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 10 July 2014

Muhyidin Tells us his Bedtime Stories.

TS Muhyidin has told us his bedtime story. Instead of lulling us to sleep, he has forced us to stay awake. He tells us about the future of Malays, the threats to their religion and culture. Muhyidin went on to say because of the growing ethnic and religious tensions, a lot of assumptions were made about them. He then went on to allude to the possibility of a recurrence of a May 13 incident. For those too young to remember, May 13 refers to that few weeks in 1969, when a killing spree took place between Malays and non-Malays.
Maybe Muhydin is caught in that dream world where the images of a racial pogrom play out in his semi-conscious state that usually engulfs a person before dozing off.  His unguarded assessment is also an unconscious admission that UMNO can only win elections by playing up racial and religious issues. Hence the question of what is going to happen to Malays translates into what is going to happen to UMNO. Henceforth whatever projections UMNO leaders give out, can only be interpreted as a desperate attempt at staying relevant. For without racial and religious issues and the sanctity of Malay culture and customs, UMNO is totally irrelevant.
Muhyidin knows UMNO has to create a siege mentality that all these things dear to the Malays, their position, their religion, their culture and history and customs are imperiled.   
The overriding question is, why is that so? Why has the situation been allowed to get out of hand allowing the DPM to speak in such a foreboding way?
The government of Muhyidin and Najib has full control over the legitimate coercive instruments of the state; the police, the army and has the prosecuting powers. So why are elements and groups allowed to freely and wantonly abuse the peace? Why has the government kept quite?
This can suggest that the government is complicit in worsening the situation. It can suggest non-feasance on the part of the government. It has a duty to act and conduct itself properly, yet it has declined to do so allowing hate groups to spread their message of siege mentality around.We have leaders, but there is absence of leadership.
Those responsible for spreading the message of hate and incitement ought to be hauled to the courts of justice. We must never allow anyone to speak of another May 13.
May 13 must never be allowed to be an excuse on the part of the government to hide a long list of misdeeds and wrongs. It must never distract the people from the incompetent handling of the economy, the rising cost of living, rampant corruption that has infested every level of governance and power centres, economic injustice, and government inaction over groups that incite mass unrest and spreading falsehoods.
It is funny to hear Najib spoke of the loss of Brazil in the football match against Germany as being caused by the lack of leadership. Has he been deaf or what?- that is exactly what people speak about Malaysia all these years since he took over as PM- there is no leadership in Malaysia. He hasn’t provided one which is the reason why hate groups have been given a wide berth to spread the message of fear. A responsible government will never allow that and because the situation has deteriorated to such a level excusing the DPM to speak of a recurrence of May 13 can only suggest the absence of leadership on Najib’s part.
The government owns the legitimate coercive instruments such as the police, the military and prosecuting powers. Why aren’t  these instruments been applied? A decisive leadership would have nipped these in the bud, arresting those irresponsible elements who espouse on almost a daily basis, statements that incite people to do violence. Why hasn’t the government gone after groups such as ISMA and Perkasa and other groups that expound religious and racial tensions? Regrettably groups that represent the majority in this country appear to be the ones causing tensions. Could it be the reason why the government is holding back its coercive powers?
If TS Muhyidin is troubled before going to sleep, perhaps we should send him a bottle of antihistamines. He needs the sleep to rest.


the three amigos,  10 July 2014 at 06:23  

Muhyidin is a big time samseng from Johore.It is an open secret that he shake down businessmen when he was MB.It is all on record for everybody to see.A samseng will always remain a samseng.Just look at his ugly samseng face.To him racial and street gang clashes are the same.People get slashed,chopped and killed.How can a samseng became a deputy PM.No wonder Umno is full of samsengs.

bruno,  10 July 2014 at 07:24  

Dato,Muhyidin is well known for his stupidity for shooting off his big mouth before using his brains,that is if he has any.Instead of taking the country forward,stupid Umno leaders like him are taking the country backwards.

Like in Teluk Intan he has to flex his muscles to help Mah win by two hundred over votes.He is good at making threats.Why not when his Umno got many gangsters and mat rempits.Not to forget the men in uniform whom owe their allegiance to Umno.

As education minister he has bought Malaysia's educational standards down towards third world standards.Even MU professors and school teachers from Temerloh are not safe from his ministry.They are either sacked or transferred to another rural district.

What these Umno leaders want are for racial clashes to be a reality for them to be able to rally the Malays and consolidate their power base.

The opposition must never entertain these bigots.Just ignore them and let these ketuahnan Melayu guys like Muhyidin,Zahid,Abrahim Ali and their gang of bigots scream their lungs off.Let them be the only ones screaming about race and religions.When they wake up from this ketuahnan Melayu trance and find that they themselves are the only ones dancing like crazy fools they will hibernate to Timbaktu.Just ignore these bigots like they never existed and eventually they will evaporate into thin air.

KoSong Cafe 10 July 2014 at 08:06  

May 13 happened 45 years ago. But the way DPM Tun Ismail controlled the situation was admirable. He was firm and everybody believed every statement he made on national television. After curfew was imposed, subsequent announcement of partial lifting of the curfew was most welcomed, and the final removal of curfew was rejoiced.

With the benefit of hindsight, our govt should have gained experience in preventing such a recurrence, but only with firm leadership. Instead of dealing firmly with extremists, our present leadership chose to keep quiet or even condone actions by extremists. This gives us the impression that May 13 could be used as a last resort way of handling problems in Malaysia. Whether it was a hint, reminder or threat, Muhyiddin's statement is unbecoming of his position and his lack of firm action against extremists certainly does not reflect fairness nor strong and firm leadership.

bumi-non-malay 10 July 2014 at 08:45  

When Sink Hole corruption happens....May 13.....

When UMNO Cracks.... May 13

When Economy Collapsing ... May 13

When Malaysia lose badly in Soccer, sepak takraw, world cup Hockey, Thomas Cup ...May 13..

When Sulu Terrorist attacks and kills Sabahans - May 13

When Barang Naik and people living in Hunger & anger ... May 13...

When UMNO malays Keliru BY ALLAH (i.e no blessing from Allah)....May 13

When UMNO & Cahoots Jual TANAH MELAYU - malay reserve Land to Profit FAMILY UMNO and people Finds out .... May 13... ha ha ha ha.... Allah Ada Mata!!

We will bring the change that UMNO and their Cahoots deserve....Bring it ON...May ..June..July...August...September...November ...December 13...anytime!!

As the late Karpal says....don't play play with the constitution........

We will even GET YOU EVEN in your Dreams Muhiddin Yassin, Nazib, Hissamudin, Hamidi...and all thier UMNO cahoots ILKS.... making Malaysia hungry, poor and Angry!!...

the mean machine,  10 July 2014 at 09:58  

For a DPM to keep on mentioning and reminding the people about May 13 is a stupidity of the lowest morals.First of all we cannot understand how our ministers and MP's talk rubbish without first realising that they are making fools of themselves.

Najib has to figure out if Muhyidin is an asset to his administration.If not use the broom and sweep him out.Why must Najib appoint this no brain fella in the first place.Because Mahathir ask him so?

Must Umno have MP's like Bung Mohktar who make fun and stupid obscene jokes of women.Like making fun of a lady MP whose skirt is about two inches above the knees,when his mistress turned second wife wears miniskirts 12-14 inches above the knees.Or running off and getting married on the sly and have the balls to denied it.At the same time have the khalwat police turning a blind eye because he is buaya Bung?

Must Umno have ministers like Zahid?Do they have no other choices of better quality candidates of better calibre?

Anonymous,  10 July 2014 at 10:51  

Muhyidin cannot have what he wants.So he acts like a spoiled brat and started wailing like a baby about May 13.Give the baby a candy.Maybe it will quiet him down a little.

Anonymous,  10 July 2014 at 16:22  

Datuk Sak

A progressive government would proclaim May 13 to be a
"Day of Unity and Tolerance".

On this day, the schools and the mass media would discuss and broadcast messages of goodwill, tolerance and why Malaysia is blessed for being a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural nation.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  10 July 2014 at 17:15  

Najib is cursed to have people like Muhyidin,Zahid,Abrahim Ali,Ridzuan Tee,Zulkifli Noordin and Perkasa,Isma you name it you got it in his corner.

Mahathir is laughing out loud with I told you so.Hehehe.

Anonymous,  10 July 2014 at 18:50  

hihihi Datuk now you see Rosmah is also telling her bedtime stories....what's cooking Dato'...

Anonymous,  10 July 2014 at 19:01  

The big foolish Bung again screwed up.First he kissed Hitler's ass and then apologised.What a fu#kup ape he is.

Anonymous,  10 July 2014 at 20:06  

The Umno/BN is taking the country down the roads of no return.Malaysians are still in a daze or rather prefer to pretend to be half asleep like a new born baby.By not getting involved to doing the right thing is like being an accomplice in crime.Please do not wail like the spoilt brat crybaby Muhyidin when the country goes into bankruptcy.

Anonymous,  10 July 2014 at 20:29  

UMNO leaders are idiots. Don't they know that they will be accountable in the Hereafter for their actions in creating racial and religious problems when they should be curbing them? Anyway, we should not expect too much from people in the haram party.

Anonymous,  10 July 2014 at 21:33  

Kampongman's cat died and he blamed Muhyidin and Umno.

Anonymous,  10 July 2014 at 23:26  

For your information,I think that the man is sick.Have him go for a mental check up,that is the least Malaysian taxpayers can do for a mentally disturbed man.

the three amigos,  11 July 2014 at 02:16  

Anon 10 July 2014 23:26

A mentally disturbed man?I would rather refer this moron to be a mentally retarded man.Hehe.

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