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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 13 July 2014

The PM and Bung Mokhtar- two peas in a pod.

The UMNO Supreme council met up a few days back. Everyone in their finest baju Melayu.  Each time it meets up, I am wondering how do the other UMNO leaders size up their own paramount leader- Kim Il Najib? Do they in private lament- what a dumb ass our president is?
The man has obviously become silly; many of them will now realise that Najib is not very much different from Bung Mokhtar Radin- that crude and loud leader from some place called Kinabitangan in Sabah.
He must have left his brain somewhere when he concluded that Brazil lost to Germany on the semi-finals because they were leaderless. That is exactly what people are saying about Malaysia, which under Najib, appears to be leaderless. The general consensus on the ground now, is that Najib is worse than Pak Lah. Najib must not confuse popularity as indicative of leadership qualities.
Long ago I have written that if Najib can become PM of Malaysia- then anyone can. That observation was not done out of spite entirely. While he may have that imperial air about him which people can mistake as indicative of a leadership attribute, the truth is, he has no substance. He is no thinker in the calibre of his father. His idea of development and progress is to provide immediate temporary relief and the gratitude expressed by recipients and the elation seen on the faces,  taken as approval of what he does. He then declares success.  Hurrah!
Najib’s approach to development and progress of Malays for example is that of a person with a fire-fighting mentality. His preference is for short and quick fixes rather than tackling the underlying causes of a problem. He does not see for example, the poverty  and backwardness of the Malays as say caused by social structures within that society. Removal and replacement of these social constructs is necessary for liberating the Malays from meek to robust individuals. Nobody progress without challenging the existing assumptions and conventions.
That is why I say, anyone endowed with money , resources and power can do the job that Najib does. So I repeat, if Najib can become PM, anyone can. Accordingly I can answer the question posed to me repeatedly- whom do you see among the present UMNO leaders can take over Najib? My answer is if Najib can become PM, then anyone out there in the supreme council can. Even Bung Moktkhtar Radin.
Even anyone from Pekan. In Pekan, there is a village idiot named Mat Tompel. I don’t know whether he is still alive or not but I have often said, you give Mat Tompel the resources,  even he can serve the Pekan people better.
The Chinese has this saying- that all good things come in pairs. The saying must have been crafted over thousands of years’ observation by Chinese philosophers of human traits and nature and social events. The modern Chinese philosopher however, will never come out with that observation if he has come across Najib and Bung Mokhtar Radin. He would have offered all bad things come in pairs as a saying instead.
Najib and Bung Mokhtar are two peas in a pod. The former thinks by giving leadership lessons from a football match, he has entrenched himself as a perceptive and contemplative leader. The later by a statement which exposed deficient schooling must have thought spontaneity is a leadership virtue. Well, to both, we say, leadership is not a trumpet call to self-importance.


the gaffe guy who know's,  13 July 2014 at 12:15  

Dato,under Najib race and religion have become daily bread and butter politics for the very much weaken Umno/BN politicians and their crony NGO's.These bigots are trying to steer the country to another racial clash.It has now reach boiling point and like a ticking time can go off at anytime.

Bung Mokhtar as usual is a political clown amusing his small clientel of bigots.This stupid man with his worshipping of Hitler and letting the world know that his sexy and mini skirted wife loves wearing green bras.Next,he will be telling the whole world that he is gobbling viagra or tongkat ali by the bottles to be able to get his tiny dick up for his trophy wife.

Umno politicians are like PKR politicians.They talk and act using the brains from their feet instead of from their heads.Even school children knows that these politicians are so stupid that even their family dogs and cats are much smarter than them.What more can we say to these dudes except to give them the middle finger.

Anonymous,  13 July 2014 at 12:34  

Shallow Hall and his adopted brother. And we are being kind.

Anonymous,  13 July 2014 at 18:56  

I think Najib is a very lazy PM as he rarely attends Parliament sessions and is hardly visible in public.

He only wants the PM position that comes with the ATM machine but not the work and responsibility the position entails.

He doesn't seem to have the drive to do anything and it is therefore not surprising that the country is now on autopilot.

His mind is not on the country at all but the enjoyment and glamour that he can get from his travels.

Yes, "Now Anybody Can Be PM"

bruno,  13 July 2014 at 20:58  

Dato,Najib is just like Obama.No action,talk only(Nato).Najib has the most ministers in his cabinet,in fact an over bloated kitchen cabinets of empty barrels.Najib have proposed many projects only to have abandoned them at half way houses due to his half hearted Nato attitude,or his appointment of useless brainless rejects as ministers and deputy ministers.

To be a minister or deputy minister one has to be qualified to hold the position.Respect has to be earn.Same like ministerial posts.One has to earn and not to be given a position because he or she is a lapdog,ass licker or crony.

Just look at Umno ministers and MP's.How they talk and act tells us many things about them.They played religions and races against each other.They threatened racial clashes.They talk about women's mestrual cycles in parliament.They tell the whole world what colors of underwears and bras their wives or mistresses like to wear.

In the end what the people got is what they voted for.A deserving herd of brainless bigots,sexists and a long lists of ....

Malaysians have to get serious if they want to live in a peaceful,harmonious and properous country.People like Bung Mokhtar who likes to degrade women have no place in society,lest to say in parliament.

And what about the ministers in charge of education and security.Our education standards have fallen into a sink hole.Even our once prestigious MU,the envy of our neighbours have become a sub-standard university,not even among the top 100 in our region.Rag tag poorly armed senior citizens of a neighbouring country have invaded our shores and cause many fatal casualties.

It is time Malaysians get really really serious about whom they elect to represent them.It is also time that politicians who get rejected at the polls,who get appointed to senatorships cannot be absorbed into the cabinet through the back door.Our present PM and future PM's must get it that politicians rejected at the polls have no place in the cabinet.

the mean machine,  14 July 2014 at 06:32  

Two of our worst education ministers in the history of Malaysian education.

1)Anwar Ibrahim:He is a student leader and trouble maker and was brought into Umno by Mahathir.Why Mahathir brought Anwar into Umno.He was getting to be a pain in the ass for the doctor with his screaming and demonstrations.During Anwar's tenure Malaysia's education was starting to going down hill.How can a student and political activist be qualified to be an education minister.A crony or carpet bagger maybe?

2)Muhyiddin:What does this samseng or shakedown king knows about education.Silat master maybe.Now the standard of education has fallen behind India,Thailand,Indonesia and maybe behind Vietnam and Myanmar too.

tmf 14 July 2014 at 10:36  

Good things come in pairs,
Disaster does not strike alone.

Anonymous,  14 July 2014 at 15:07  

"The UMNO Supreme council met up a few days back. Everyone in their finest baju Melayu. Each time it meets up, I am wondering how do the other UMNO leaders size up their own paramount leader- Kim Il Najib? Do they in private lament- what a dumb ass our president is?"

Dato ... doesn't this remind you of the story about "the Emperor's new clothes"?

Sam Yap,  14 July 2014 at 21:08  

Frankly both are stuck in their evolution, both are hominids,

Bung is a neanderthal

Najib is an Australopithecus

We are governed by hominids with pea brains.

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