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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 21 July 2014

Burying our Dead- working With or Againts Putin?

Maybe it is too much of watching Cao Cao and Zhuge Liang. I am constantly looking for some alternative explanations to what seems so obvious. In the downing and brutal shooting down of MH17, the world is quick to point its finger to Putin, the Russians and the separatist rebels. But on many occasions things are not what they appear to be.
The Netherlands who lost most of the passengers on MH17 seems to be more circumspect and is refraining from rushing in to accuse Putin and Russia. The Dutch PM is heavily criticised for his slowness and circumspection in condemning Putin and Russia.  Why is this so?
The popular story line is this. It appears that the Russians are behind all this. It appears that the separatist rebels who are fighting to keep Ukraine as an integral part of USSR are the people responsible for shooting down MH17. The American controlled world media wasted no time cultivating the what  appears to be version. And the world appears to believe it.
But what if, the real culprits were the Ukrainians themselves who actually shot down the plane but worked with America in blaming the Russians and Putin?  They did that on purpose . That will provide them the justification to continue attacking and causing mischief to Putin and Russia. And serve American interests in Europe.
Initially I thought this is the correct line of approach. Let us therefore demand the presence of the Russian ambassador and tell him firmly of our indignation and protest against Putin and Russia.
But probably the better approach is to call in the Russian ambassador and work with him on how best we can work with Moscow and Putin in bringing the bodies of the Malaysian who perished home. Bring them home through Russian controlled territory.
Najib may make a big deal about wanting to bring the bodies of Malaysia back home and have them given a proper burial and rites in Malaysia. Under normal situation that would be comforting and the right thing to do. Bring them before Hari Raya? Why make it impossible for yourself.We dont want our dear PM lose more sleep. He did not sleep for two days- our dear PM.
We have to clear many things such as negotiating with the warring factions and walking on a political and diplomatic tightrope and all that. Then we probably have to get doctors do the forensic DNA testing so that we can identify our dead. Can that be done within a week?
Circumstances are not normal- the area where the plane went down is in a disputed and war zone. Malaysia and Najib can continue making un-impactful noises of what they want to do. But we must come to terms with real politik in the geopolitical game.
It’s better for Najib to work cultivating Putin’s goodwill in trying to bring back the remains.  Otherwise together with the other nations, we have to make an international closure, bury our dead where they perished. And this requires working with Putin and Moscow to let the so called rebels bury the dead. Then get our religious people over there and conduct the proper burial rites. We can bring Christian and other priests and Muslim ustazs over there.
I understand in Islam, the dead are often buried where they died. Our prophet and many of his companions were buried at places where they died.Saad ibn Waqas was buried in China.
The term separatist rebels is given by the west under directive from America of course. America wants the present regime that is ruling Ukraine to remain as its proxy state. The so called separatists are fighting to evict the mafia government funded and supported by America. Putin can’t have an Ukrainian state serving as a dagger pointing to its heart or to use a more current comparison have a BUK SA-11 pointing towards its vital parts. 

The journalist from The Daily Telegraph could almost be heard triumphantly saying..Yet there is no difficulty in identifying those responsible for this outrage. People on the payroll of the Russian Intelligence. You can almost feel the writer was talking like a CIA operative.
He puts it squarely on the Russians. … The Russians he said know everything about the attack, down to the serial number of the missile and the names and breakfast rations of the people who ordered the attack. The Russians also know exactly what links there are (if any) between the people who fired the missile and their own GRU command structures.
To sound fair, the writer quickly balances his skewness by saying that the…….Americans will know a lot of this, too. Washington is doubtless poring through myriad satellite images and thousands of conversations in Russian military slang to establish in minute detail what happened when the missile was fired and who ordered it.
And then, he went on… likewise, the Ukrainians know plenty – they do not have the GRU’s resources, but they are highly motivated to follow what the “rebels” and “separatists” are doing.
But the Russians he finally came around… is that the Russians – who know the most about it – are refusing to hand over to the world everything they know. Nor are they throwing their weight behind a rapid international effort to help the victims’ families by sealing and investigating the crash area in a normal way. Instead of a principled, helpful and sensitive response from Moscow, we see a macabre spectacle of diplomatic bluster and evasion while the crash site is despoiled and manipulated. Murky alterations to the Wikipedia MH17 site are traced to Russian official buildings. Bodies are piled in unguarded railway refrigerator wagons. International officials are threatened at gunpoint by belligerent fanatics loyal to Moscow. Russia stands accused for not using all its influence to push the rebels out of the way so that normal international procedures can take place.
That is the story he and the western world wants us to believe. But like I said, what if, the Ukranians were the ones who did it? And put the blame on Russia and Putin?


bumi-non-malay 21 July 2014 at 09:24  

In an era when Moral Compass is blurred...NO ONE CONDONE THIS Senseless Act....But we would not be having this Discussion if the PATH of this disaster was avoided. Tapi Nasi dah jadi bubur!!

If Ukraine were smart, they can give clearance for NATO forces of 90,000 to land and secure the wreckage site in 2 days...after all its still in Ukraine....& Ukraine can take back the territory occupied by Russia Backed rebels... Win-Win Ukraine...

If Russia were smart they could also Galvanise 90,000 troops and deploy and secure the site like they did in crimea, take territory and then allow international investigator go there.... Win-Win Russia...

But we ALSO need to ask who are those smart alec of MONEY MAKING Corporate Financial Wizards in UMNO MAS leaders who decided that was the BEST & SAFEST Flight path to take.....while Other Millions airlines avoided that path....IC , Phone# address...

Just because UMNO Najib Call emergency Parliament meeting...means something BIG drama/GRAND/Majestic/showing lame leadership...Rosmah pun panggil Putin...!@#$%!....all a Sandiwara until a Foreign Media ASK...WHO Decided on this PATH.... again blame the MAS PILOT like MH370??....not so easy this us the Books on decision making process and any links to UMNO & FUEL SAVING cronies $$$$$ pocket EVEN if it means a RISK with disaster!!! @#$%^&*!... Now MAS reputation like Malaysia under UMNO MAS .... the Path and Manner UMNO in cahoots with xxxxg is Risky and Disaster bound...Look at the UMNO-Sulu terrorist in Sabah!! Running the show in certain areas...Either GET rid of UMNO-terrorist or GET out of Sabah-Sarawak!!...Stop the bincang with the Terrorist in Sabah!!

Remember planes of ALL country are meant to take the SAFEST...SAFEST & Best Path to protect their Customers....Government are to provide Safest and Best opportunity to improve their citizen. Malaysia UMNO-Barang Naik in cahoots with S...A - Sulu-ISIS terrorist thinks more money in their pockets AS LONG AS RISK IS NOT Theirs.....!@#$%!

Anonymous,  21 July 2014 at 11:32  

Najib is confused...apart from saying the obvious he has nothing and no information....where is the Military INTELL and Malaysian Secret service....only knows to fitnah the opposition and tell good story to Najib...shame on on you Malaysian are a real clown......tahap longkang je ...

Anonymous,  21 July 2014 at 12:07  

hello comrade,

why you writing today not lambasting Najib and Dumno?

haiya nanti boss lim marah sama lu lo!! nanti lu tarak dapat lu punya elaun monthly lo! bodo punya orang lu!!!

Anonymous,  21 July 2014 at 13:20  

There you go, Sak
You're indulging in the same kind of conspiracy theories that we have been told to avoid!

Give it a rest lah!

But I think the UN should adopt a reso that force the conflict parties to declare the "Largest Crime Scene" of limits except for international investigators protected by UN troops. I know the horses may have bolted, but at least we get to protect whatever evidence that's left.

Anonymous,  21 July 2014 at 14:14  

It's all wayang kulit in Malaysia. Make loud noises and promises. What happened to protocol and procedure? The first step is to summon the Russian ambassador and get an accounting of the tragic incident. Have Malaysian leaders lost it?

Anonymous,  21 July 2014 at 19:00  

Malaysia cannot pressure Russia because Malaysia bought jet fighters from them and need their technical expertise.

Malaysia cannot pressure US because they are taking their time looking at options that will favour them and their interest in Ukrain.

the mean machine,  21 July 2014 at 20:51  

Why not bring in Raja Bomoh? He might be able to give us some consoling answers before the fact.

Anonymous,  21 July 2014 at 21:59  

My heart weeps when I heard our PM has not slept for 2 days because of this problem.

That means our dear leader has been sleeping soundly while Malaysia dies bit by bit everyday under his stewardship.

A.Z 21 July 2014 at 22:39  


Certainty comes with knowledge and America being in possession on the most advanced surveillance technology in the world should be able to pinpoint the exact location and where or when the missile(s) were fired.

Working with Putin might help us get the bodies but it will not help us find the culprit especially if they are implicated.

What if it's the work of the bumbling idiots rebel fighter (Criminals in fact)? God forbid a silly mistake due to mix of too many vodka and access to heavy fire power courtesy of Putin?

In any case, I say the PM is too scripted and too careful that the world thinks we are not "ANGRY" to the max at this heinous crime!

We ought to be more forceful.

Btw, what is in the way of our team access to the site? BBC, CNN, OCSE, and for God's sake independent journalist and bloggers has been there since the day after the Jet's downing

Anonymous,  21 July 2014 at 22:50  

I have my own certainties about how the plane was downed.

However, in light of the Ukrainian offensive on separatist controlled Donetsk - something the Ukrainian representative at the Security Council denied, perhaps because of different audiences being present - and in light of more pressing matters to focus on, I think my own certainties about how it happened are no longer relevant.

Taking a "strong" stance on Russia like you mentioned in your previous article is very unlikely to get us what we want.

In the first place, the Crimean Peninsula is of Ultra-Critical importance to Russia's long term interests, perhaps even its survival, and a land route of sufficient depth and width to it is what keeps the Crimean region viable.

Going anywhere near anything that jeopardises this will see the Russians draw a line and have them write off all the consequences of the MH17 downing as a sunk cost the moment it happened.

Malaysia is not Russia's enemy and has no intention to be. The demands our government has issued are reasonable, but would have been more viable if the correct responses with regards to the air crash had been taken on the ground in Ukraine from the first day, vis a vis the Russian, separatist, Ukrainian and European actions.

Right now what we can evaluate is how much Russia values good and friendly relations with a very small country like ours like we have had for some time, and certainly, vice versa for the Russians on the same matter. The attitude of Malaysians towards Russia is not bad and it does not follow the increasing pitch and stridency from America, the UK and Australia.

My recommendation is to work with awareness of our mutual red lines and not to make problems bigger than they already are.

Anonymous,  22 July 2014 at 13:31  

I never thought it was the separatist. The have been firing at the Ukrainian military aircraft.To get the world to pressure Russia put a stop to this the Ukrainian shot the MH 17.
This idea was copied from the Zionist/US. Those Zionist scum has been fooling the world with these tricks it for years.World war 1, World War11, 911. I am sure they were involved in MH 370 with the US.

I was in the West Bank recently.Obama the great budy of Najib was there. He was sporting the Jewish cap"ketayap".The Over zealous Zionist cash the car that was ferrying that Obama hypocrite.

Anonymous,  22 July 2014 at 17:10  

Latest succesful deal of reclaiming back the black boxes and bodies for forensic identification between PM Najib and the separatists in Eastern Ukraine- PM Najib earns all round praises from all and sundry.

How Najib did it whether by hook or crook, I'll say he deserves credit this time. It always take a crook to see eye-to-eye with another crook- no surprise here.

I have this funny hunch that MH17's downing is not coincidental and had been planned at least days before. The pepetrators had weighed all the repercussions against the political advantages garnered from this wicked scheme and deemed Malaysia as a soft target taking into consideration Malaysia's 'Jaguh Kampung' leaders and Malaysia's option for reprisals are close to zero. Afterall, losing MH370 is like 'kacang putih' to them so losing MH17 will not worsen things a lot.

Malaysia is presently caught in web of intrigue. The suspects in order of priority should be the Ukraine government that would gained the most from this mishap followed by the separatists and Russia. Like MH370, we'll never be able to find out the real culprits and the issues will fade away with the tincture of time.

amin,  22 July 2014 at 18:35  

Yes SAK, never trusts the American leaders, it's alright to have American friends from the masses. Sadam worked for the American and finally he was killed by them and not only that Iraq totally destroyed. Lets talk about conspiracies. Let's start with Gaza. Israelis as we all know work hand in hand with US. Netanyahu has openly said to Clinton in one of her visits to Tel Aviv that Israelis attack schools, hospitals etc and kill as many civilian as possible, to the maximum knowing well that the Americans won't say anything.
Bolivia, Russia,India and China met a day earlier MH17 was shot. What did they agree upon. Yes these nations agreed that they build a new World Bank and introduce new dollar currencies.
Would US allow this to happen. NO.
Israeli and US conspired to bring this MH17 down in Ukraine and blaming it on the Russians. But, they forgot what rationale has Russia to have to bring down 298 passenger aircraft.
It's more logical that the US/Israeli conspirators ''used'' Ukraine. Now, US will have long time fuel there and keep Putin busy and not concentrate on economic affairs.
No.1 Liars are Israelis followed by the American leaders.

Anonymous,  23 July 2014 at 09:41  

I can't help but thinking that $$$$ has been the media of negotiation between our beloved PM and the rebels. Much like we nego with our neighbouring pirates. Money talks as they say. But then I could be wrong.

SHR MZB Dato' Sak.

Anonymous,  23 July 2014 at 13:33  

It was the work of USA. Shooting down a civilian aircraft is nothing new to USA. It cannot allow Putin to reassemble the fore Soviet Union. But a strong Russia is needed to check on USA.
Heard that Malaysia is handing over the Black Box to UK. Can you trust UK. David Cameron is a US lap dog.

Anonymous,  24 July 2014 at 13:39  

The Sultan’s powers and the Menteri Besar
Part 2/2


Published: 24 July 2014
- See more at:

Is this stated in the State Constitution?
No, but it is a convention. In our Federal Constitution based on the Westminster model, (which is replicated in State Constitutions), we follow practices and usages to make the constitution work. These are called conventions and must be followed. Conventions regulate the manner in which government is to be conducted; in this case, how discretionary powers are to be exercised.

Although conventions are not enforced by courts, the existence and content of a convention may form part of a judge’s reasoning in coming to a decision, as confirmed by leading constitutional law authorities. As an example, see Turpin and Tomkins in their book, British Government and the Constitution: 7th edition (2011), page 198.

How can the MB be "proved" to no longer command the confidence of the majority of the legislative assembly?
One, is by a vote in the assembly on a resolution to declare that fact. Alternatively, the loss of confidence of the MB may be communicated to the Sultan by any other means – by letter, by oral communication or a combination.

The important thing is that the Sultan must be satisfied that the majority no longer support the incumbent MB.

What if the incumbent MB refuses to resign or approach the Sultan when it is clear that he has lost the confidence of the majority of members of the assembly?
The State Constitution provides that in such a situation, he must tender his resignation. If he refuses, this may constitute an exceptional circumstance, justifying the Sultan to declare that the MB no longer commands the majority of the assembly and declare his position as vacated.

What happens then?
The Sultan can then proceed to appoint as MB a member of the legislative assembly who in his judgment is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the assembly.

If the dominant party names a candidate, then he has no option but to appoint that person. The candidate must, of course, fulfil the other qualifications set out in the Constitution – namely he is of the Malay race and professes the Muslim religion, and is not a citizen by registration or naturalisation.

The Sultan may in his discretion dispense with "any provisions in the Constitution restricting his choice of a MB if in the sultan’s opinion it is necessary to do so". This mainly relates to these "qualifications" for appointing a MB.

The golden rule is that, in such a clear situation as this, it is for the elected representatives to decide who is most likely to command the assembly’s confidence; the sovereign should not take a role in that process. This accords with the principles of a functioning democracy; and ensures that the monarchy’s role as a neutral arbiter is preserved. – July 24, 2014.

* Gurdial Singh Nijar is Professor at Law Faculty, University of Malaya.

Anonymous,  27 July 2014 at 10:15  

Only those in power, the tools have the ability to contaminate evidence. The very fact that those who had the powers to all rescue efforts to begin immediately must mean for something. The Russians and the Pro Russian rebels in Eastern Ukraine have failed to do that and they now have to explain why. The ball is now at the feet of the international Community.

Suci Dalam Debu 27 July 2014 at 22:10  

Dato Sak,

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to you & family.

Anonymous,  28 July 2014 at 18:29  

I'm a bit slow but I think a reliable picture is emerging of the Ukrainians and the Anglo-American alliances using the MH 17 crash wholly for propaganda purposes rather than the humanitarian and high-falutin ideals they've been trumpeting for weeks.

We can see this in the contrast between the Dutch proposal of sending unarmed officers versus the Australian proposal of sending armed police to the crash site to supposedly protect their crash investigators.

As long as the separatists have to guard the crash site, this ties up manpower and assets that could better be deployed elsewhere.

This is a win-win situation for the Ukrainians and their sponsors: they get to tie up substantial rebel forces in an area to the rear without the use of their army and other assets. They get to monitor movement in the area via operatives masquerading as journalists.

The conspiracy theories about who is "really" behind the MH 17 crash are not as important as more prosaic matters like these.

The Ukrainians, Australians, British and Americans will try to prolong the crisis by making unreasonable demands. All of it is really just for show because their primary concern is for the Ukrainian general offensive against the separatists to continue unhindered and unabated, and the Russian counter-response, which includes the possibility of a full scale invasion to collapse the Ukrainian lines of battle.

Anonymous,  30 July 2014 at 16:16  

Russia has nothing to gain from the shooting of Flight MH17. America and Ukraine has more to gain. It wont surprise me if it's a consipracy by the Israeli Secret Servixce/CIA to bring down the plane for a number of reasons. For Israel it could serve as a detraction to what they are doing in Gaza. There is clearly an act of GENOCIDE in Gaza and the ARABS are not saying anything. Of course Egypt under CC won't say a word.
US keeps on repeating Israel has a right of defense.? Really? A right of defense to shoot and kill women,children,babies,the blind,deaf and crippled. Bomb homes of civilian,hospitals, schools and places of worship.
US has to get even with RUSSIA. Remember the big meeting of BRIC. The suggestions were to form a new World Bank, a new world currency. As soon as the meeting is over, the next day MH17 is downed.
Can we trust these US leaders who are openly supporting Israel despite the genocides and war crimes they are committing. Remember the issue of weapons of mass destruction that were supposedly kept by Sadam. Today the whole of Middle East is burning. Isn't this the work of USA. World cannot trust the US leaders. They are all under the influence of Zionist Jews. Their government, Finances and Media is under Zionist control. NEVER TRUS AN AMERICAN LEADER.
See for yourselves video clip of an hjonest JEW, son of an ex Israeli General;
and also

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