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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 20 July 2014

The Coming Emergency Parliamentary Session.

When PM Najib announced on TV that he is calling for an emergency session of parliament, I wanted to say bravo. He has acted decisively as he should. Otherwise, like I said previously, we have an insouciant PM.
Then I began to see a bigger picture. This time around, how come Najib isn’t shy to call up parliament? In the MH370 case, the opposition had to press strenuously for a special parliamentary briefing without success. Hishamudin promised to hold one for opposition MPs which he never did. And we can’t expect much more from the ow..ow minister since he has been replaced by Liow the must be minister MCA leader.
So how come in this instance, Najib is quick off the springboards? By questioning his decisive response we are in no way trivialising the intensity of emotions that sprung around the downing of MH17. The whole nation is in mourning; we lost 44 Malaysians on board including 2 infants I believed. Our thoughts and sympathies are with the victims’ surviving families. We feel the anguish and the sense of unspeakable loss.
But why the different treatment between MH17 and MH370? Because this time, the blameable cause of the heinous crime is known. The plane was shot down. It must be done by anyone of the parties in the war zone- the Russians, the Ukraine government and the separatist rebels supported and financed by Russia. The blameable party is not the Malaysian government. So Najib is quick off the starting blocks compared to MH370.
Two, Najib wants to leverage on the world spotlight. The world’s major leaders are all united in the condemnation of this unconscionable act. Najib must be seen to be doing something which can be read as befitting of a leader claiming world stature. What better way that to present to the world, Malaysia’s parliament is solidly behind the otherwise invertebrate PM.
Malaysians are kinder to their PM. Elsewhere in western democracies, the people deal with the matter as a matter of factly. If you are incompetent or reckless, expect the criticisms to be direct and less circumspect. You lembik means you are lembik, you are dullard, you will be called one directly.
The most powerful man in the world today, Barack Obama devoted less than a minute referring to the downing of MH17. He was widely rebuked via twitter. President Barack Obama provoked fury in the U.S. on Thursday by casually devoting less than a minute to the deaths of 298 people aboard a Malaysian airliner, a casual mention by the US president describing the catastrophe as 'it looks like it may be a terrible tragedy.
In our country, how? We are actually fed up of the business as usual approach of the PM and his cabinet members. It’s pointless to debate whether the plane took precautions- that is academic already. The plane was shot down by criminals and terrorists using a BUK Missile SA- 11 . Most probably by separatist rebels patronized by Russia. The immediate step would have been for the Foreign Misniter to haul the Russian Ambassador in and tell him firmly that we hold Russia to be responsible for this heinous crime in which 298 lives perished.
Apparently all the PM and the bewildered transport minister( we should have told him to stay on in China, don’t come back let Hishamudin handle this matter) could come up with are the usual blasé clichés,  we will leave no stones unturned and asking for swift justice to be taken. Asking who la tuan?
If so then despatch Anifah Aman or a person more capable to the UN assembly and call for an emergency session to denounce this heinous crime and to demand international bodies to capture the perpetrators and bring them to justice.
America with all its sophisticated spying equipment know who were the perpetrators. We must strongly request USA to share information with us. The Ukrainian government must also share responsibility over this crime. It must be asked to provide all necessary facilities and assistance to us. It is still not exonerated from this crime.
There is growing conviction among many, that the culprits and perpetrators are separatist rebels who are backed by Russia. If Putin remains isolated and detached, this will hurt Russian image abroad. That is why we are surprised Anifah Aman has not called in the Russian ambassador. Or call him to the emergency parliament session so that he can witness directly the anguish of the whole nation.


Anonymous,  20 July 2014 at 15:46  

The russian barbarians to be treated with kid gloves?

Anonymous,  20 July 2014 at 17:41  

Dato, you have hit the target spot on.
Why are we dithering? We are living in an incredible scenario where our value system has been corrupted. When things happen, even affairs as tragic as this, we are headless. We call down the Sedition Act, ISA and what other have you laws irresponsibly on upright citizens.
Our education system has become laughable. What about the civil service? What about the legal and judicial system? What about the politicians we elected into office?
We see corruption, bribery, powerful influence, murder, coverups, etc. etc. accepted as part of our lives. When upright citizens speak out what happens? When fanatics and extremists cause chaos, what happens?
WE have to protect our Federal Constitution and the security of our country and our borders and the inalienable rights accorded to all Malaysians for us to become a respectful and dignified nation and citizens.

umar,  20 July 2014 at 18:17  

It is possible that the Ukrine military shot the moving plane down in the separatist held area to blame the rebels who are pro-Russia. So that the entire world would blame Russia as the culprit ! It could be a strategy to demonise the enemy.

Suddenly , I hear Najib and Muhaydin calling for the truth and justice !The culprits to be brought to justice etc...
Let's settle what happened in Malaysia. Who killed Altantuya ?
WHy ? Who ordered the killing ? Why the killers covered their faces ? Why were they let free ?
Justice done and delivered ?
Recently one of them was caught with anotherman's wife for khalwat. No further action. If it is any Mamat, he would be charged in Mahkamah Syariah the very next day !

Anonymous,  20 July 2014 at 18:54  

Stop buying Russian goods

Anonymous,  20 July 2014 at 22:01  

Where are the Penang Umno Mamaks in all this?

Not a peep from them, considering a foreign nation shot down one of our assets. There is no more direct provocation to the kedaulatan than this.

So I take it that they are only good for defending special rights when it comes to poking the often powerless Nons in the eye.

Why didn't they come out and march to the Russian embassy and trample on their flag?

When it comes to a big super-power, kecut. Jaguh kampung semua.

Anonymous,  20 July 2014 at 22:23  

Umar 18:17
they went after a defenceless old man Kassim Ahmad like a leech and won't let go even though everyone knows they have no case! They need their pint of blood.

umar,  21 July 2014 at 03:41  

mana hilang nya PERKASA , ISMA dan NGO Islam tulin yang dapat banyak peruntukan kerajaan ? Hebat mereka nak cari DNA dalam buntut Saiful Bukari ! Hari ini mana suara melayu melayu ni yang kononnya pejuang islam ? Sampaikan Askar Israel bunuh siang dan malam warga Palastin ? Padahal melayu ni hebat bawa kepala babi dan berani campak dekat pintu rumah orang . Mengapa tak berani kutuk America atau Russia ? Melayu kat sana pula tak berani keluar : maksud saya , di Sabah. Orang2 dari Philipine yang melebihi di sekitar Sandakan.BORNEO DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION ( BDC )seangkatan dengan UDA buat project perumahan sekitar Sandakan, tetapi orang asing yang menduduki hampir semua unit2 ini.

Hebatnya melayu main buntut depan rumah Ambiga tetapi tak berani nak buat apa-apa bila ramai orang Sunda, Sulu , Batak dan Banjar dah jadi warga negeri Sabah. Mereka tak ada kerja. Hanya lepak sekitar pasar dan Masjid sekitar Sandakan.Mana suara Naina Marican dan seangkatan ?

Bila MH 370 hilang tidak ada suara melayu yang minta diadakan sidang parlimen ? katanya dulu di laut China Selatan, kemudian laut sebelah Andaman Islands. kemudian diselat Melaka dan akhirnya di Lautan Hindi di sebelah Australia...So dimana hilangnya MH 370 ? Mana suara NGO melayu ? Apakah semua NGO Melayu dah jadi pak turut kerajaan dan tidak berdaya berfikiran sendiri ?

Janganlah malukan bangsa melayu dengan tindak-tanduk NGO MELAYU ni yang tiada peendirian tegas kecuali anak hentam bangsa china dalam semua hal. Betul kah ada buah mangustin 80ton dalam MH 370?

umar,  21 July 2014 at 04:01  

Najib kata nak bawa mayat ke Malaysia.
Islam teaches us to bury the dead where they died. The prophet is buried on the very spot he died.
A companion of the prophet, Ayob Al Ansari is buried in Istanbul in Turkey when he was heading towards there from Medina. Sahabah Saad Ibn Abi Wakas is buried in China when he travelled there to do the work of spreading Islam.You dont have to carry the dead to their birth place. Islam teaches you so that the world knows you died in the process of doing God's work far away from home.IT goes the same whether you died in war or travelling.

bumi-non-malay 21 July 2014 at 06:07  

Better use this session and ASK Question as to WHO in UMNO MAS was the person responsible in deciding this MAS Flight Path to take.....

Q2. The rational and reasons when so many other airlines avoided this path....Never mind those who took the same path of MH17.

I want name IC, place of residence....

There was a 2 other flight path avoiding those region in conflict available...yet MAS UMNO Leaders choose the WORST save Fuel ..kononya and is this the same mentality they use to help improve malays, poor Sabah-Sarawakians natives in Malaysia??

NOW we start questioning the Process and procedure and purpose of UMNO-MAS money making process/management. Like Felda, Tanah melayu Johor sold to CHINA developers for $5 Billion and no malay rakyat johor got any "durian untuh".......Jangan bagi UMNO Uruskan Malaysia Satu hari lagi...... corak Sultan-UMNO mentadbir Malaysia PENUH RISIKO Macam Arah MAS terbang jalan penuh risiko yang bawa maut ini....selepas 60 tahun apa kata Orang Melayu? Dah bawa MAUT apa ALASAN Lagi nak diberi??? Kita Kondem negara dan bangsa lain? kerana agama lain guna Allah? Macam mana pula mereka yang mati kat Sabah baru2 ini....Terrorist UMNO-sulu-abu sayaf yang buat macam terrorist Russia-kat ukraine....??? Kat Sabah itu terrorist yang di sokong UMNO tapi tak boleh Kontrol...Macam kat Russia/Ukraine.... Kesimpulan >>>> Jangan guna masa Krisis nak cuba naikan IMAGE kecelakaan UMNO.... MUNAFIQ Islam!!... Kurburkan UMNO!!..Tak Payah romantik kepada tipu helah UMNO!! Emergency Meeting buat apa...apa boleh dicapai melainkan CAKAP KOSONG!!

Sesiapa setuju dengan arahan MH17 terbang jalan penuh risiko itu...terus sokong UMNO-Barang Naik Hina Allah....Tak ada ubat lagi untuk 41% Rakyat yang Allah mereka adalah UMNO-Barang Naik!!... 59% rakyat Malaysia akan teruskan Agenda Kuburkan UMNO-BN atau Hijrah Ke Sabah-Sarawak - Pecat Malaya!!...

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