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Saturday 5 July 2014

On Soup Kitchens and MCA Aping the DAP.

UMNO leaders have no compassion for the poor. MCA is a monkey of a party. Monkey does what monkey sees. 
The singular characteristic of UMNO leaders which is more pronounced than anything else is their arrogance and holding in perfect contempt the rights of others. Perhaps this stems from being in power for so long which generates a feeling of invincibility and infallibility. Hence Adenan Manzur, the name was changed later to Tengku Adnan Mansur (which proves that bloodline can be acquired) announces punitive measures to get rid of soup kitchens.  
He has issued a directive that no soup kitchens can operate within 2km limits of Lot 10. He is afraid; the sight of vagabonds, homeless and beggars will offend the sensibilities of patrons and denizens in the citadels of luxury and opulence in the Golden Triangle.
The only sin of the soup kitchen organisers is to provide hot food to the country’s destitute and poor in the city. The measures ought to be commended but BN holds such efforts in contempt because, it embarrasses them that the world will know there are many poor people in Malaysia. Feeding the poor is not a glamorous act like presenting demands at the immigration department to secure the release of a teenager remanded by the authority.
In this country, only UMNO has rights that supersede all else. If UMNO were the party to initiate the soup kitchens, such acts would be hailed as exemplary, caring and commendable. Praises would be heaped and the TV stations will be running congratulatory salutations and tributes to no end. But because, UMNO cannot claim ownership over such a humanitarian act, it pronounces the acts by others as contemptible and can lead to embarrassment of the government. More so, if the soup kitchens are initiated by opposition parties.
We have a sound welfare system that provides shelter and nourishment to the very poor. That is what is claimed by the government. The claim now seems to be odds with what is really happening on the ground. The fact that soup kitchens have operated and have received good response is an indictment on the efficiency of our own welfare system. It can suggest that there are too many poor people who are loose on the streets; it can mean that out welfare infrastructure is deficient to cope with the large number of the poor; it can mean that work to feed and clothe them has not be done properly.
I have been to welfare homes in Raub for example- and will not be quick to disapprove work done by the welfare department. I think this part of the welfare department’s portfolio is sorely underfunded. On the care and treatment to residents at welfare homes, I can only empathise with the people doing their job. I want to say thank you to them.  It is demanding to work with the homeless, the aged and the marginalised people.
At the same time, efforts carried out by other people should not be held in contempt and should be regarded as complementary. We are all moved by a common desire to alleviate sufferings of others. The acts of kindness by others do not diminish at all the efforts carried out by our welfare departments.
The announcement by Adenan Manzur deserves to be held in utter contempt by the pubic especially by the volunteers of the soup kitchens. These volunteers who are citizens of this country are moved by the plight of the poor, the vagabonds, the drifters; they are not motivated by pursuits of popularity and glamour. These are the unsung heroes of our society who deserve support and encouragement and definitely not threats of punitive measures. The efforts of these people, mostly unknown to the rest of us, should be celebrated as the act of conscience on behalf of the many of us who do not have the inclination or the courage to do what these volunteers do.
A world defined by UMNO values.
The world of Malaysia is defined as how UMNO wills it. UMNO of course has conferred on itself almost god-like and therefore unimpeachable qualities. If the world is racist, abusive, crude and coarse, that world is not of UMNO making. It is the world crafted by others.
The DAP for example is being singled out as the main culprit. The recent outbursts of the former minister Zam or Zainudin Mydin, is typical thinking of UMNO leadership. The standard reference of all contemptuous conduct and behaviour is that of the DAP.  If others challenged the official and therefore the only politically correct view as defined by UMNO, the violator has caught the DAP disease. After all, the DAP is anti-Malay, anti-Islam, anti- Malay rulers and is a godless communist party.  
MCA, its pet poodle is aping DAP by uttering what MCA did. And what did MCA do that has irked others? It has only questioned the narrative of events surrounding the pig’s head thrown as Rayer’s house. All civic and right thinking Malaysian citizens ought to condemn this heinous act and whomsoever condones, justifies and excuses such dastardly act, deserves to be condemned too.
The DAP has been right at the front in condemning Zahid’s inane narrative of the act in question. Zahid Hamidi, despite earning a doctoral degree has never been known for intellectual finesse.
Equating the recent acquired conduct of MCA with the consistent commitment of DAP in the struggle for political decency is an insult to the DAP. Between MCA and DAP, is a wide divide as large as that between the sky and earth. No political party can be markedly different as that between DAP and MCA.
DAP speaks for the marginalised, the abused, the wronged, the common people. Its leaders exemplify the character of the people it represents by being down to earth and unassuming, committed and serious in their role as the voice of the voiceless, the poor, the disenfranchised, and the wretched.
MCA speaks on behalf of special interests- that of the Chinese Hongs and the Chinaman who thinks Chinese culture is represented by a sumptuous feast featuring Empress Dowager’s Dim Sum exotic morsels.
While pouring out scorn and contempt towards MCA and even declaring MCA can go to hell, I find Zam’s concluding comments perplexing and enigmatic; while using DAP as a barometer measuring all that is contemptuous and vile, Zam has suggested that it’s better for UMNO to cultivate DAP. Now, why should pure and pristine and unimpeachable UMNO would ever want to cultivate DAP? That can only mean that DAP’s unshakeable belief in democratic principles and its commitment to a fair and just society has earned the respect even from its enemies.


bruno,  5 July 2014 at 09:47  

Dato,the reason that Umno leaders have no compassion is because they are parasites feeding on the people's misery.All they know is to loot the country's cookie jar till it is empty.Then they will go on a raping rampage for whatever it is worth,like that stupid diplomat in Wellington.This Tengku Adnan Mansur is a real moron not worth mentioning and wasting our breath.

To compare this Tengku Adnan and the Mca to the monkey is an insult to the monkey's
intelligence,because these people have no brains.If they have any brains they wouldn't be indulging in mass corruption,because they will be able to make big money real time using their brains.

What the Mca leaders like chicken Liow wants are ministerial positions.They can afford to suck Umno's balls because the rewards are financially enormous being appointed ministers.What the PR or rather the PKR can do is to pick better leaders,so that come GE14,the people can throw these leeches into the bonfire.

KH Lee 5 July 2014 at 09:51  

Datuk, a cow's head, not a pig's head, was thrown in front of Rayer's house.

the gaffe guy who know's,  5 July 2014 at 09:56  

DAP got leaders with brains and worth their salt.Umno got stupid leaders like Tengku Adnan rubbing more salt into their wounds.Go figure.

bumi-non-malay 5 July 2014 at 11:10  

When Disaster-Issues-Corruption strikes UMNO-Barang Naik - DBKL -ISIS - Boko Haram SINK HOLE Corruption......

.....CREATE a STRONG, unreasonable that POOR, brain washed and stupid Rakyat Mind can stay focus on minor issues while the SINK Hole Corruption issues being covered up Quickly...

This is UMNO inept and incompetence and I am Praying hard and hoping hard that there will be Relentless Rain and Downpour in the Pudu Jail/Jalan Hang Tuah area so that more soil will be washed away rendering area from lot 10 to Berjaya timesquare dangerous and unstable......and MRT line collapse and bring KL to CHAOS..... That is for voting BN in teluk Intan...Now the Allah Punishment to rakyat Malaysia.... That contractor is Linked to UMNO ISIS Boko Haram ...Adnan Mansor.....Allah Ada mata....

People of KL need to take to the Streets and send UMNO-ISIS-Boko Haram DBKL packing.... SACK Adnan the rat from Pahang forest deal with $$$$$$$$$$$...

Enjoy The Jam in KL for 3 Months....2 weeks to Fix...good Luck!!!!...because Malaysian are Romantics to inept and incompetence UMNO-ISIS-Sulu-Boko Haram Barang Naik terrorist government!!

Waktamnoko 5 July 2014 at 11:38  

Dato. The problem is most of the comments of DAP supporters in blogs like Malaysiakini, Malaysia Chronicle, etc, etc, were just like what Zam has said. Too many Malay and Islam bashing. Shouldn't Zam too has the right to respond to this type of postings?

Anonymous,  5 July 2014 at 15:42  

At this point of time, the only party that , stands for justice, truth and democracy. A party with patriotic and dedicated leaders who love this country and its peoples. This would be the party for any 1Malaysian would want to align himself with.
And that party, my friend, is the DAP!!

the gugu guy,  5 July 2014 at 17:38  

Too many Malay or Islam bashing? Most probably Umno and Umnoputras bashing lah.Hehe.

Anonymous,  5 July 2014 at 19:20  

Nan skull is as thick as his lips
Thats his bigegst attribute i guess

Donplaypuks® 5 July 2014 at 19:52  

"If UMNO were the party to initiate the soup kitchens, such acts would be hailed as exemplary, caring and commendable."

Bro, it was published yesterday that Birkin Bags Grossmajib operates the biggest soup kitchen in Bukit Bintang under some charity, no doubt funded by generous dollops of "donations" from Deepak's $3 billion contracts for Bumiputras awarded by Bijan and Fed Govt of Thieves.

So the fake Tengku, who last week was named in a $60 million breach of promise law suit, and hoped to distract the people from this court case, has put his "royal" foot in his mouth, again. Remember 'it's a shrine, not a temple' about the 100 year-old temple? He's rushed in where angels fear to tread. Man overboard soon? Hope so!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

the mean machine,  5 July 2014 at 19:57  

People will remain homeless and jobless just because of soup kitchens? Come on,grow up baby Adnan,grow up.Call yourself a minister of what?

Anonymous,  6 July 2014 at 02:50  

With these kind of clowns being the government of our country,we do not need any circus.

Anonymous,  6 July 2014 at 09:38  

I think it is more out of fear than anything. One can't have soup kitchens and homeless walking around the golden triangle because they reflect very badly on the BN government and how they run the country. Ku Nan the Barbarian is doing only what Umno does best, spitting on the downtrodden and treating them like dirt.

Anonymous,  6 July 2014 at 16:23  

Datuk Sak

I think the sight of homeless people and soup kitchens in relatively affluent Kuala Lumpur creates "cognitive dissonance" (such as feelings of discomfort and even guilt) in the kleptocratic UMNO Baru-BN leaders i.e. those who have any semblance of conscience left.

So some of them attempt to relieve these feelings by trying to physically remove the homeless people and the soup kitchens from their sight. Out of sight, out of mind.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  6 July 2014 at 17:29  

Dato, when I first read about this heartless fake Tengku's decision, words could not describe the anger I felt.

This Tengku Adnan fella is a Muslim, I thought. Did not the religion teach its faithful to be kind to the less fortunate?

Mind you! Isn't this the month of Ramadan where Muslims are supposed to go one step further to better themselves and their fellow human?

My anger is at this fake Tengku and more so at the millions of moderate Muslims in Malaysia. If you are real Muslims why are you not doing anything to stop this fake Tengku?

Anonymous,  6 July 2014 at 17:30  

What makes you think DAP would do things differently?

Anonymous,  7 July 2014 at 09:32  


DAP would do many things differently - those which would add to greater semblance of fairness and equity. There would be things DAP would not do differently if they mean giving continuity to things done now which affirm positive democratic practices like providing for institutional welfare services to the old and the poor, maintaining law and order, etc.

Got it?

Anonymous,  7 July 2014 at 09:49  

Jangan tumpang marah. Bukan kaum Melayu atau Islam ditujukan - hanya segelintir di dalam UMNO je.

Selamat berpuasa.

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