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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 11 March 2014

We still cannot tell what happened to MH370. Let us offer our prayers

People think this is a joke. Asking untutored and diversionary questions when lives are involved. There were more than 200 people on-board MH370.  I take issue with the way the authorities talked to the press and how the press people, spotted-face and all, asked ill-prepared questions.
In the earlier article, I related about a question posed by a western journalist to the air force general, about the possible turnaround of the plane. He didn’t answer clearly whether this action was caught on radar. Or he couldn’t give a conclusive answer because the plane went off radar detection instantaneously as it appeared. An isolated bleep as it were, on the radar could not allow him to offer definitive answers.
On this part, he was giving the answer as he only could. So his inability to give a more rigorous answer on this part was excusable. But as to the question on assets mobilised, he was evasive.  He couldn’t reveal that we don’t have mission capable assets could he? Or embarrassingly we don’t have any assets for the purpose in mind.
If the plane did turn around after the pilot realised something was amiss, it’s strange that our radar did not pick it up. It was as though, if the pilot did decide to turn back, he could not send a distress signal because all the system in the cockpit blacked out. It’s as though, there was a sudden catastrophic electronic, electrical malfunction. All systems in the cockpit suddenly blacked out cutting off communications completely. The plane as a result of the law of motion would still be moving ahead.
The people from Boeing and the people from MAS agreed that this type of plane is one of the most reliable. In the end, we have to talk and ask questions from people who have actually flown this type of plane- the pilots.
Now according to some senior pilots, catastrophic technical malfunctions on the system in the cockpit have been known to occur rendering the pilot and his co-pilot utterly incapacitate. If this is true, MAS should recall the experts from Boeing to explain so that MAS can offer details to the public. We must do this to eradicate completely any notion of human error on the part of the pilots.
A possible scenario could be like this as explained by some senior pilots because they have experienced so. After take-off and cruising at an altitude of 35,000 feet, all system in the cockpit suddenly went off. The cockpit was rendered totally dark causing the pilots complete loss in bearing. Outside it was also pitch black because at that height the pilots could not see anything. It was 2 in the morning. They couldn’t know their present location, their speed, their altitude etc. the pilots could at that time tried to turn back but could not send out any distress call because all systems in the cockpit has crashed. They were flying blind at that time. The passengers at the back did not know of anything that was occurring in the cockpit.
As grim and sad as it may be, our efforts must now be channelled to locate possible wreckage. Our decision to muster 1778 deep-sea fishing vessels means that we are now looking for anything floating around.
It’s not quite correct to admit the possibility of the plane being hijacked by some terrorists because by now, the plane would have landed somewhere and demands being made. At that altitude, the plane could not disappear from radar even if the pilots were forced to cut off the system completely because; Boeing has designed the system as such that the pilots could not override the system. Not, unless all systems in the cockpit did actually suffer a catastrophic malfunction.
If it did turn around, the plane may have gone to the other side of the ocean – the west coast. Off Penang, Langkawi, the straits of Malacca. If the plane did that, then the air force general’s statement that some assets were mobilised to the west coast does have some logic.
The fact that we are looking for signs of leaked fuselage and other floating wreckage means we don’t have sophisticated equipment to scour the ocean floor. That could only be possible if physical entry onto the ocean floor is made. As to why no wreckage is found, we have to know that the South China Sea is 3km deep. The technology that we have probably can detect up to 600-700 metres deep.
This is a tragic period for all of us. Let us offer our prayers according to our respective faiths for all those on board. To all who have experienced the loss of loved ones, either timely or not, do understand how it feels to bear and endure the loss.


Anonymous,  11 March 2014 at 08:57  


Ada saksi-saksi di kawasan pinggir pantai Kelantan dan di perairan kelantan mendakwa melihat sebuah pesawat terbang rendah ke arah perairan antarabangsa diwaktu MH370 dikatakan terbang ke arah yang sama.Rasanya boleh ke pihak berkuasa mengesahkan dakwaan ini dengan rekod penerbangan yang ada?

Berapakah ketinggian pesawat MH370 sebelum hilang dari radar?

Apa pandangan dan komen Datuk kalau ada yang melihat insiden ini dari sudut "False Flag"?

Anonymous,  11 March 2014 at 09:42  

The ones that are asking stupid questions and blaming the Government for this tragedy are none other than OPPOSITION meatheads!!!! Why dont you say so and call a spade a spade? So convenient isnt it to just keep quiet about it. That shows who you really are!!

Anonymous,  11 March 2014 at 10:27  

The Government try to cover up something to the world.


1) Plane disappear at 1.30am and no one able to tell us what action need to taken after the disappearance?

Its seem that the control tower is sleeping with the job?

Anonymous,  11 March 2014 at 10:32  

Who think this is a joke? the stupid comments from Anwars supporters are the ones making inhuman comments. So why dont you lambast them? Afraid of your Tokong paymaster?

walla 11 March 2014 at 11:15  

Sak has pulled focus on something extremely important - our national inability in crisis management.

It is important not just because how fast one responds is more often than not critical to saving lives but also because good crisis management creates a record that can move hindsight to foresight with view to averting future occurrences.

The tragedy before us today is one of many that show the people in power who could have done something about preparedness didn't, and if we don't push them harder and hold them accountable, won't again.

This tragedy is like Lahad Datu, the floods in the east coast, the national outage that attracted Umno's cronies and IPP vultures, the ampang town council-condo collapse, and the umno-syabas sole concessionaire of the water shortage infamy. Extended, it becomes the crooked bridge maincon, the AES supplier, the Proton saga, the 1MDB champagne black box, the Subang radar JJ contractor, the submarine, naval vessel, army tank, the arizona F4 fighters, education hardware and airport information systems deals. All under the umbrella of a corruption-catalyzed financial politico-system that has run this country's finances ruinously into the ground while supported by a craven media wearing false smiles of confidence when all facts have already slammed the faces of the long-suffering rakyat.

It's the entire house of cards which the present political administration has built over the last forty years under the tutelage of a succession of lanuns who bought and officiated themselves into positions of squander and plunder, and at their best could only display empty-headed cluelessness when caught out, with sheer laziness, stupidity, bigotry, greed and arrogance as their badges of dishonor.

In this single tragedy, all those bad qualities of stupidity and shallowness have come out.

Unless serious focus is concentrated on real-world situations and challenges, and people who are entrusted to do their damn jobs wake up to reality and admit they are over their heads but for some crap-shoot politicized racial bullshit, we are going to coast into oblivion on a diet of cabin-served nasi lemak.

It's no point holding one press conference after another bedecked with buffoons in uniforms and just saying juvenile things like the names of the four are with someone as if having names exert some power over what has already happened; it's no point saying the two are asian or they are like black.

When our reputation is already in international tatters for being a transit hub for terrorists and trafficking of humans and we have escalated to be a nutcase nation with regards personal faith, human rights and judicial indiscretion, what does it take to wake up to how porous our borders and entry/exit gates are that would have sounded the loudest alarm to be extra-cautious who gets onto a plane or train or boat filled with people just wanting to go home? You want an answer? Ask the firaun aka black mamba aka dr mamak and his fawning entourage of racial jackasses.

Somehow one gets pained they are over their heads even in operational preparedness which would have required all pertaining information to be verified and locked in within half an hour at most of first alarm whereupon scenario planning that would already have been made despite blind faith in state-of-the-art marketing messages could have yielded an immediate response plan made of three components - fast rollout of a primed network of S&R, uniform single-source communication protocol, and sharpened surveillance of other flights in cabin and on ground.

walla 11 March 2014 at 11:16  


But with each snafu, these things didn't come out. Instead, you get increasingly alarmed headless chickens were running around that had somehow escaped Najib's pristine dragnet of rm1 se-ekor. That tells you as much the Umno administration is a veritable nutcase. To international consternation and calumny, an entire airplane filled with people have gone missing with his people adding more grief and disbelief to the families of the passengers and yet he is seen smiling while holding a scrawny chicken and trying to protect his shafted (shafee-ed?) image as mof. Insanity incarnate. Mf is a more appropriate shortform.

If all those things had been done upfront, it might have caused personal embarrassment if the alarm had been false but rather that be the case than waste precious life-critical time hand-wringing how to save personal image. That's the first thing to overcome.

If they had been done, the first press statement could have been meatier because all the germane information would have been on hand.

It could have gone like this: 'the plane left at x hour and disappeared from blip at y hour. The flight has been regular and the pilot is seasoned so he would have taken the usual route in a certain flight pattern that would have been the case since the blip disappeared at normal cruise altitude on a weather-clear night.

As i speak, our extended network of S&R has been activated. We have contacted our counterparts at the highest level in the flight path countries concerned but they have said their radar detected nothing.

We have also contacted other airlines on possibly on-sight parallel flight routes and they have come back to say they heard nothing.

With prior permission from other airspaces, we have despatched a flight of six mikoyans and F-15 from our east coast base and they should be reaching the last location before communication broke off. They should be arriving over the waters off v at z hours.

Our two submarines are also enroute to those waters which are q in depth. Working at m knots, they will phase-array trace two trough paths and fan out in semicircle fashion from last straight drop location known.

Since todate we have neither satellite location nor onboard signal, we are working by process of elimination. This means over the next 12 hours our dragnet of searchers is going to widen.

Our China and Asean counterparts have responded and they will assist pronto.

Hold on... this is the latest communique... Two foreigners had embarked on stolen passports. Significantly, they have transit tickets. We are nevertheless confident our security scanning has not been lagging. While we cannot discount an in-cabin catastrophe at this juncture, we are also not discounting an in-cockpit system failure especially of altimeter readings.

Rare though this has been in aviation history, we are leaving nothing to chance and our people are in hotline with experts from the plane manufacturer and international aviation security forces to explore what could have happened that can sharpen our search and rescue operation.

Be assured we are sparing no effort, resources and funds to find the plane and rescue all passengers and crew.

Stay in communication with the hotline and ground crew here and in the countries concerned. We will inform all distressed family members immediately the moment we have more developments.'

Anonymous,  11 March 2014 at 16:09  

Penggunaan bomoh dalam mencari kapal terbang yang hilang memberi gambaran bahawa Malaysia masih mempunyai pemikiran dan amalan negara ketiga.

Unknown 11 March 2014 at 16:46  

SAlam, ekehleh has a chilling take on a conspiracy theory,if true then the show of helping to look by USA and its allies will be indelible in many minds.
alternatively how much credit can one give the the two Kleantan nelayan who saw a low flying plane out to sea. Or another who said it went into the sea off Kelantan.
I sincerely doubt like the Msian Give did, the Chinese Martyrs' Brigade claim now with what conspiracy Theory by alFaedah on Ekehleh.
Truly baffling and very trying time after Day4.

Anonymous,  11 March 2014 at 17:22  

Dear Datuk,

Just would like to share what other people (foreigner) views on some facts about the lost Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Here was the link:

So, having read these views, any comments?

Anonymous,  11 March 2014 at 17:38  

Sak, remember a few months back, there was a comment in your blog lambasting against a huge ad for the post of aircraft maintainance staff in the Star - SPM holders, Only bumiputra need apply to which i lambasted,catastrophes do not recognise racial line. All this racial bullshit by dr maha bigot.

Anonymous,  11 March 2014 at 17:40  

Your statement "we have to know that the South China Sea is 3km deep" is misleading. Depth of the the South China Sea at current search area is approximately 100 metre. See

Anonymous,  11 March 2014 at 17:44  

I still cannot fathom the numerous press conferences supposedly to inform but turned out to be even more misleading, chaired by this chief, that chief, this and that politician, this and that hotshot... and now the latest 'laugh', are the two imposters asian or non-asian, were there any missing passengers - yes according to the DCA head, no according to the police head honcho....
Kepala pusing, more confusing and mysterious. How many of our 'assets' were deployed? We can list what other countries are sending, yet cannot do a decent job of our own assets?
Our Malaysian teams appearing before the cameras here and there, have they forgotton the relatives are suffering, and all this 'posturing' going on.
Walla, even you know how to issue proper press statements!! But to correct you, I think none of the two Malaysian submarines were sent out, only military and non-military airplanes and vessels.

Anonymous,  11 March 2014 at 18:50  

I suspect that the sudden lack of communication, lack of detectable debris, and sudden loss of radar signature suggest a rapid plunge below radar height. It is with a heavy heart that I entertain the notion that the plane may now be at the bottom of the sea.

To my layman's knowledge, the seas in the area of the Gulf of Thailand are not very deep. However, without surface indicators of where the crash may be, and without sub-surface imaging and detection such as a sonobuoy "net", this leaves us with a search area some several square thousand kilometres across, if not more due to flight path deviation.

There is still the faint hope that survivors may still be clinging to life rafts if the plane made a successful crash landing on water. However that brings up the question of what assets have been mobilised to cover which search area and in what density? This is something that I suspect our government will keep from us even as the truth of it becomes known to governments and people all over the world.

Anonymous,  12 March 2014 at 06:13  

my initial strong assumption and fear was our next door neighbor would not help us in this national tragedy. New Zealand, Australia, China, Singapore, America, Vietnam and five other countries alike good friends responded at once, ( like as a nation and individuals, we have always responded to others in natural disasters with compassion and speed ) which have up till today, in total dispatched 34 aircrafts, 40 ships to plough through the search and rescue efforts involving the highest incredible degree of expertise, fighting against time.

Because of the many big ambiguous blame shifting backed up by incredibly unbelievable “ forensic clues ”, “ reports ” even judgments, engineered in the past, even Samy Vellu conveniently blamed it on the act of God for the Bukit Antarabangsa tragedy, it has become recalcitrantly imbedded.

Not this time, against this backdrop, everyone, families, countries including Boeing, the manufacturer, legal teams will scrutinize and dissect, each and every “theory” from every angle most vigorously and a long tedious while and great finance, etc.

Was there a natural force at work e.g. bad weather, a thunderstorm ? leaving only to a lot of big questions.

What is mandatory is a total revamp, cutting out all the bshit.

Anonymous,  12 March 2014 at 09:35  

I was just reading some comments from one of the media websites, basically it says that only after four days, the military now comes out to say that the plane was detected near Pulau Perak, in the Straits of Malacca, at 2.40am?

Now the police has just revealed that they received several reports from Kelantan on Sunday, they wanted time to check/verify position, and then shared the information with the DCA only yesterday? Is this correct?
What gives?? Every dept trying to get some glory out of this? People's lives are at stake. Share the information immediately with the authorities, continue to investigate if necessary, share your updated findings with the DCA. No wonder the DCA chief is helpless, no wonder the public and the relatives are receving all kinds of misleading information!
This fact should have been disclosed to the authorities handling the investigation on the very first day such reports are made. So much valuable time was lost, and the relatives are grieving!
Earlier, the Home Ministry said that the false passport holders looked Asian, and then the DCA chief said he looks like footballer Mario Balotelli, an Italian citizen of African descent.

Then, the man in the released photos looked nothing like an Asian or African. Next the DCA said five people did not board the ill-fated plane and their luggage was removed. Then the IGP said no such thing occurred. The world is looking at how stupidly Malaysia handles the incident. Helpless, headless, can we have one Malaysian team?

Wilson,  12 March 2014 at 11:12  

Dear Dato,

I couldn't agrre more. May I add to a host of unansewred questions by posting this link which lists down 6 important facts!

Rgds - Will.

Anonymous,  12 March 2014 at 19:55  

Opposition. journalists are not allowed to the pc. Pity hisham to have to face foreign news agencies that are not owned by umno. They dont kow tow..

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