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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 12 March 2014

MH370 and our Crisis Management.

When I wrote articles about the missing MH370, some people got very upset. It seems for some quarters, only UMNO approved bloggers can write about the case of the missing plane. Unless they are pilots they enjoy a slight advantage over people like me in technical matters; otherwise don’t pretend you are more qualified to provide answers. We shall keep on questioning. Right now, the overall judgement is that the way Malaysian authorities are conducting themselves in Crisis Management is very dismal.
Others are accused of politicising the issue. The image of the PM’s wife crying or shedding tears was taken as definitive image that here, only the PM and the wife care about the missing persons. They can save their tears- we want the PM to personally handle this crisis and commit real assets to the SAR mission.  Assets which we bought with billions of taxpayers’ money.
What about the relatives and friends who cry each day and are still anguishing on the inability of the Malaysian authorities to provide straight and non-conflicting answers? We don’t want the PM to cry- we want him to appear before the public and tell us the truth. We want him to commit all mission capable resources to conduct SAR activities. Yes the whole world is incredulously looking at how Malaysia manages this crisis and looking at the assets Malaysia commits to the SAR mission.
Right now, we are told Malaysia is employing
1.   1 unit of CN-235 transport aircraft
2.   1 unit of B200t King Air (transport aircraft)
3.   4 units of Hercules Transport aircraft
4.   2 units of Bombardier plane
5.   2 units of Augusta helicopters
6.   4 units of Eurocopter Long Range tactical transport helicopters
7.   6 units of RMN vessels.
8.   1778 Deep Sea Fishing Boats Class c and c2.
9.   Don’t forget, one VVIP Bomoh to UMNO

We don’t want to judge the quality of commitment by this government. The people of Malaysia right now want to know, what of the assets the government has been spending billions on? The OPVs built by Amin Shah? Any of the 6 littoral combat ships completed? Our submarines? Do we have any formidable class frigate, any submarine rescue ship with divers? We bought two but didn’t we buy a submarine rescue ship?
The Malaysian authorities, the minister of transport, the DCA, Police, MAS are not helping out either. People are just angry over the confusing statements coming out from people who are supposed to provide a calming effect. We are confused on issues such as discrepancies about passengers, offloaded baggage and concealed information about its last known position.
One the day I was driving from Raub i heard the air force general mentioning about a brief indication that the plane turned back. But he didn’t elaborate when asked by a Caucasian journalist whether he was basing his statement from readings on radar. Later a mainstream newspaper concluded that military radar captured the turn back and suggested the plane could be in the straits of Malacca.
This morning, the minister in the PM’s department Shahidan Kassim mentioned that boats belonging the Maritime Enforcement agency of Malaysia with its fleet of aging ships and vessels did not extend their search into the main range. Of course they didn’t bozo-because the main range is on land and ships travel on water. To makes matter worse, the air force general denied mentioning military radar tracked the plane when it turned back.
We don’t want to repeat the many discrepancies and inaccuracies coming from Malaysian authorities. How can the people not search for more information over the internet when information coming from the authorities are meager and stingy? Have the government and all the relevant agencies told us everything they know?
Can we be soothed and calmed when the DCA offered a cryptic answer by saying There are some things that I can tell you and some things that I can't."  what’s stopping him to tell all? can we interpret this as saying I don’t know what’s happening.
Right now, 239 lives are at stake until they can be found. The relatives of these people have the right to know and they are being insulted and greatly offended by the bits and pieces of conflicting information coming from the government. This is a huge global issue and it’s being handled as if it were domestic politics. For Najib, it seems like business as usual. And if he thinks that pictures of the wife shedding tears was enough to appease the agony he is wrong.
Najib’s government is behaving like exactly the opposite of his claim that the age of government knows best is over. Indeed, Najib’s administration is sending the message that people should let the government tell them what they need to know, when they need to know it. Tell us the truth please. 


Anonymous,  12 March 2014 at 16:33  

Latest from Malaysia Insider today:

Vietnam today disclosed it noticed Flight MH370 had turned back to the west on Saturday and informed Malaysian authorities the same day but received no response.

The revelations came as the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet swung northwest towards the Andaman Sea on Wednesday, far from its intended flight path.

"We informed Malaysia on the day we lost contact with the flight that we noticed the flight turned back west but Malaysia did not respond," Vietnam deputy minister of transport Pham Quy Tieu was quoted as saying by AFP today.

"We've asked Malaysian authorities twice, but so far they have not replied to us," Tieu said, when asked about a media report that the plane had been detected over the Strait of Malacca.

Vietnam scaled back its efforts today to locate flight MH370, which was carrying 239 passengers and crew, on the South China Sea where the jet last made contact on a journey between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing.

On Saturday, Malaysia was already informed MH370 had turned back?
This was not disclosed during the many many press conferences held from Sunday untilow.
Too late to reveal? Something to hide? Shameful!!

Anonymous,  12 March 2014 at 19:41  

So many discrepancies and inaccuracies coming from Malaysian authorities!!!!!!!!

Every one is concern about Flight MH370, Najib has the interest promoting RM1 chicken!

How do passengers' view it when they saw the news that Najib promoting RM1 chicken!!!!!!!

Anonymous,  12 March 2014 at 21:04  

Garbage in garbage out...that is what we have running the nation now. Look at DG DCA, watch the RMAF chief and see the CDF talking cock...have fun Rakyat Malaysia we have incompetency running the organization in 1Malaysai. who think it is safe to travel in the Malaysian Air space must be a clown after following this tragedy.

Anonymous,  12 March 2014 at 21:34  

Datuk Sak

Here are some very apt words:

Complacent - no high level committee chaired by the Acting Transport Minister was formed until much time had passed

Incompetent - first they search the South China Sea, then they "widen" the search area, making the Vietnamese angry

Evasive - avoiding direct and honest answers, saying one thing on day one and then another on day two

Arrogant - making threats against
those who engage in social media chatter about MH370

Ignorant - e.g. the statement that the foreign press are "bullying" the DCA chief (!)
There is freedom of the press in many foreign countries, unlike Malaysia where the govt-owned press spews mainly propaganda or even manufactures outright slander and lies.

Najib's Malaise-sia is really Boleh !

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  12 March 2014 at 22:21  

They can’t demand how the world, the families and loved ones of the passengers and crew onboard flight MH 370 should voice or should not say, or bloggers should not write about the tragedy as it involves priceless human lives. No citizens of any nation will spare their leadership from grueling grillings and interrogations for any catastrophe so all the spoon feeding, arrogance, snobbery, finger - pointing, innuendo and script- churning will not be able to take the heat of the tragedy.

It is best to take solid hard skepticism, lambasting and cannon balled questions directly from the savvy Rakyat bloggers, better still invite the really exceptional ones and pay them to come onboard to set redundant personnel ( many overweight ) and things on fire to press the button the way they are expected to move and how the aggrieved families and loved ones should be handled tactfully.

The press people should not be aggressive, this is the time where the highest respect for privacy, mature tact and empathy must be demonstrated.

ok the guy who reported his passport was “ stolen ” two years ago, at the time the flight MH 370 mysteriously vanished, co- incidentally, he was also in Phuket, while the two “ terrorists ” had boarded the plane with stolen passports, one upon checking in, was reported as saying he had arrived from Phuket. Kind of sci - fiction telepathic connection to “authenticate” things. Where did that rumors come from ? Who could be the parties involved ? What could be the reasons for each party ? Such damaging innuendos, conflicting info only aggravate the hurts, grief, anger and confuses the families and the loved ones of the passengers and crew on MH 370 even more.

This, in actual fact defocuses, deviates and flaws information from being disseminated accurately, responsibly, truthfully, swiftly and periodically on a daily basis by only one group of experts from all the crucial agencies. What and who do we have now, at issuing frequent press statements, adding more bizarreness and confusion ? From this tragic episode, worldwide news are zeroing into the leadership’s worst aspects of handling emergency crisis and management.

In another claim, two female South African tourists again from Phuket ( supported by pic of them smiling with the said co - pilot ) reportedly said they were invited into the cockpit on a flight in 2011 by the same co-pilot on flight MH 370. With this, his track record is being excruciatingly scrutinized further.

Again, too many of the western and Asian tourists in Thailand are there strictly for sight - seeing, bargain shopping and cheap great Thai food. If the allegation is proven wrong, the moves made to the two women, based on false pretexts and assumption were self – destructing.

If at all, the aircraft had diverted too far away into a country or two or a remote island from its actual route…. but again could vital datas not be detected ? Mysteriously baffling.

Anonymous,  12 March 2014 at 22:56  

Salam Dato.Mana itu kapal selam Najib?Dah rosak ke atau dah masuk muzium?

Dengar kata MH370 dah dijumpai diAndaman sea?Memang betullah pesawat itu berpatah balik.Teorinya pesawat itu dah kena hijack.Inilah Malaysiaku gara-gara si Najib yang lembik dan berpura-pura pandai tapi bertaraf kangkung..

Greenbug 13 March 2014 at 00:17  

Dato Sak, remember what the MP for Lembah Pantai YB Nurul Izzah Anwar (PKR) and for PJ Utara YB Tony Pua said last year about the radar system being defective? And the supplier is none other than the daughter of the ambassador to the USA i.e. Jamaludin Raba Raba Jarjis? Can we ask somebody amongst you to re-visit this case and get to the bottom of it?

Anonymous,  13 March 2014 at 01:35  

the government will soon propose in the next budget the following:-

RM5 billion for new radar tracking system
RM10 billion to enhance airport security with state of the art technologies
RM20 billion to boost immigration training
RM50 billion to train govt servants in crisis management
RM100 billion to sent ministers to study public relations in nepal
rm500 billion to build control towers all over malaysia
rm1 trillion to upgrade our submarines for search and resuce including buying more submarines

the mean machine,  13 March 2014 at 09:58  

Rampant money politics on both sides of the divides,make sure that the corrupted,ignorant and stupid are selected to represent their respective parties in the elections.Therefore some of those that won their respective elections and belong to the ruling party in power are appointed to positions of power.

And when corrupted,ignorant and stupid people are appointed to positions of power,when castrastophes of such magnitudes as the missing jet liner happens,fu*kups by such fools are bound to happen.

Anonymous,  13 March 2014 at 11:32  


You said it all in your article. This MAS missing plane incident has revealed everything that are wrong with this BN government, right down from being totally incompetent to being non transparent.

Najib and his government can no longer treat the international community as if the community is as dumb as he thinks we Malaysians are.

While the who world looks on at Malaysia's bumbling attempts at denials one after the other, Najib plays the fiddle at the market with his RM1 chicken.

Anonymous,  13 March 2014 at 11:58  

Why haven't you mentioned about the UMNO's Bomoh?

Now we know why Islam is under siege?
If people can be confused when Christians use Allah, won't they be confused by UMNO using Bomoh and his bamboo telescope to detect the place stuck in the sky with those elves.
The UMNO Muftis, Perkasa, Isma, Perkida and defenders of religion are conspicuously absent.

Anonymous,  13 March 2014 at 23:30  

What a useless & stupid BN government we have now. They deserved to be condemned by the international people.

Greenbug 14 March 2014 at 01:57  

Its beginning to look like Najib is no more in command of the troops, Dato...

If you look at how the Home Minister, the IGP and even the Air Force Chief making their own statements to the international media refuting each other - you can see that the DCA Chief and Transport Minister are no more in control.

And the PM is elsewhere launching affordable homes and bargain-hunting for cheap chicken to hoodwink the Malaysian consumers..

We can see from the MH270 debacle, no one is in-charge and no single person is calling the shot and the PM is kept safely away. I believe he is no more calling the shots. I believe there is another puppet-master pulling the strings...

Anonymous,  14 March 2014 at 06:08  

Salam Dato'

Begitulah cara BN bekerja... Mengeluarkan sesuatu statement rasmi tanpa sebarang pengesahan yang tepat.. DCA lain, Imegresen lain, MAS lain....

Kita di perhatikan dan kita di tertawakan..

Raja bomoh buat lawak... depan wartawan sedunia...

Sidang akhbar.. bertunda-tunda dari jam 12 tgh ke 3 ptg ke 5.00 ptg dan akhirnya 5.30 ptg.. tak pernah menepati masa..

Di dalam kabinet Najib tak seorang pun yang mempunyai kredibiliti utk menjawab satu soalan yang dengan infiormasi yang tepat..banyak berdolak dalik..depan wartawan asing .. akhirnya membuka pekung sendiri..

Doa untuk MH 370.


Anonymous,  14 March 2014 at 09:14  


I seriously think all these are Anwar Ibrahim's fault.

Go ask the pro-UMNO bloggers. I am sure they have the insider information about this.

Unknown 14 March 2014 at 13:01  

Salam Dato

Doa dan harapan untuk MH370.

Saya tak nak komen tentang pengurusan media oleh pihak kerajaan. Lagipun itu bukan bidang saya. Tetapi saya ingin berkongsi dgn pembaca blog Dato berkaitan mencari dan menyelamat (SAR).

Apa kredibiliti saya? Cukup kalau saya katakan komuniti pengurusan ruang udara di Malaysia tahu siapa saya.

Dato, pengurusan SAR di Malaysia adalah mengikut piawaian yg termaktub dalam IAMSAR Vol IV yg dikeluarkan oleh Majlis Keselamatan Negara, selaku badan tertinggi yang mengkoordinasi isu bencana di Malaysia. IAMSAR ini bermaksud International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue. Manual Vol IV ini adalah berkaitan pengurusan SAR negara dan ianya adalah bagi melengkapkan manual IAMSAR Vol l, Vol II dan Vol lll yang dikeluarkan oleh International Maritime Organisation dan International Civil Aviation Organisation.

Menurut IAMSAR Vol IV, operasi SAR bagi aeronautical di Malaysia akan diketuai oleh Jabatan Penerbangan Awam (DCA) Malaysia dan bagi operasi SAR maritim, ianya akan diketuai oleh APMM. Ini adalah mengikut undang-undang Malaysia iaitu Akta Penerbangan Awam 1969 dan Akta APMM 2004.

Selaras dengan piawaian ini, apabila sesuatu operasi SAR digerakan, aset-aset daripada lain-lain agensi kerajaan dan juga swasta jika ada, akan digerakan dibawah arahan mana-mana agensi yg diseburkan ini. Dalam kes MH370, pembahagian tugas adalah dibawah kelolaan DCA Malaysia melalui pusat operasi yg dinama kan Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) di Pusat Kawalan Lalulintas Udara di Subang.

Jika ada negara lain yg ingin menyertai operasi SAR ini, point of contact bagi mereka adalah RCC ini. Dan kawasan penugasan mereka adalah diselaraskan melalui RCC ini. Semua prosidur dan maklumat pentadbiran SAR ini dinyatakan dalam IAMSAR Vol IV tersebut.

Secara amnya, bagi petugas-petugas operasi SAR, tanggungjawab mereka sebenarnya adalah sistematik dan teratur untuk dilaksanakan. Mereka hanya memerlukan satu titik permulaan sahaja untuk melaksanakan tugas mereka yang mana ini adalah tanggungjawab RCC untuk menentukannya.

Oleh itu, jika ada tuduhan-tuduhan liar bahawa operasi SAR yg diketuai Malaysia kucar-kacir, itu adalah sesuatu yg agak lancang. Petugas-petugas SAR di Malaysia samada awam atau tentera bersama-sama menjalani eksesais SAR secara full scale di peringkat antarabangsa adalah tidak kurang 2 kali setahun iaitu yg dianjurkan oleh pihak tentera dan juga oleh pihak bukan tentera.

Namun begitu, kelemahan semasa sidang akhbar bukan boleh diandaikan bahawa operasi SAR itu sendiri adalah lemah. Bagi petugas SAR, mereka biasa dengan kecelaruan maklumat. Setiap maklumat akan dianggap sebagai berguna walau lemah sekalipun kredibiliti maklumat tersebut.

Bagi tentera pula, mereka amat berhati-hati dalam memberi maklumat kepada awam jika maklumat itu berpunca dari sumber mereka. Bagi petugas SAR, mereka tidak akan mempersoalkan sesuatu maklumat seperti seorang peguam atau wartawan. Seperti yang telah dikatakan, sebarang petunjuk adalah lebih utama bagi petugas SAR berbanding kredibiliti maklumat itu sendiri.

Oleh itu, janganlah kita merendah-rendahkan secara am operasi SAR ini seperti mana selalu kita lakukan dalam bicara politik. Jika petugas-petugas ini tidak melaksanakan tugas mereka dengan dedikasi disebabkan cacian kita, adakah kita yg duduk dihadapan PC ini bersedia menggantikan mereka???

Anonymous,  14 March 2014 at 15:58  

Mohammad Daud Sulaiman,
Anggota2 SAR mungkin handal? Malang kamu dipimpin oleh tangan kotor yg sering menegakan jari tengah ke atas

Greenbug 16 March 2014 at 02:13  

I think this MH370 debacle in a way has allowed Malaysia to be exposed to the international scrutiny of how screwed-up this country is being administered by a man whose reputation is so tarnished as to include alleged murder, alleged womanising, alleged extra-marital affairs and alleged corruption... I believe that behind every cloud is a silver lining....

Greenbug 17 March 2014 at 01:54  

DCA Director-General told the international media "on top of Sumatera"

Journalist: What do you on top of Sumatera, over Sumatera?

DCA D-G: No, no, I said on top of Sumatera... here somewhere near Andaman Sea... (referring to a map)

Journalist: Oh you mean north of Sumatera...

DCA D-G: yes, on top of Sumatera...

The whole room laughed...

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