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Monday, 3 March 2014

The Kajang vs Khalid Move

This is how I am reading the Kajang move. It’s a personal opinion not necessarily shared by DAP. I am writing as a political observer.The Kajang move is supported by the people. Khalid's move is supported by UMNO.
About the Kajang move, I have explained one of many theories behind it. I want to thank Anwar Ibrahim for educating Malaysians about enhancing democratic methods. The kajang move whether justified by the right to recall or any other theories, sends a message to the government that it does not have an irrevocable right to remain in power. The people through periodic elections can recall their support.
Within their own camp, the right to recall when exercised provides the leadership of a particular party or a coalition of parties, with a correcting mechanism to carry out change. This can be relied on to carry out changes in the leadership, to change policies and so forth.
If a rational explanation is not convincing, we have an irrational and emotive answer. This kajang move is necessary to fortify PR’s hold on Selangor. This is done to forestall any defections from PR that may lead UMNO and BN regaining control over Selangor. With the regain, BN can lay its greedy hands on the RM3 billion cash reserve and the assets in the state of Selangor. With consolidation of political power, Selangor being the richest state can serve as the dagger pointing to the heart of Putrajaya, now for the time being, the abode of thieves and plunderers of our country. As a result we must make Anwar win this election. Simple.
Anwar is morally unfit to become MB and eventually PM. Who speaks that way? I have said it an earlier article- UMNO’s own morality is a cesspool. It doesn’t have the moral authority to tear down Anwar when its own house is in disrepute. 
Is it reasonable for us to imagine that Anwar wants to take over Selangor to use it as a bargaining chip to enter into the embrace of Kim Il Najib and become deputy PM? Why should a person who were once already a DPM and in fact stood in as PM when Mahathir went on an extended cruise on Ananda Krishnan’s luxury yacht, wants to become second in command serving under invertebrate Najib? It’s clear that whoever advances such a theory is paid by Najib to ensure Najib is fenced securely. That theory is as feasible as a camel passing through the eye of a needle.
Notice how recently the UMNO cyber troopers are changing tactics- from attacking and besmirching Khalid they have now resorted to softly endorsing Khalid. Suddenly Khalid has become UMNO’s darling. One favourite line is Khalid has done so well for Selangor; this Kajang move is an attempt to get rid of Khalid.
Let’s not be sentimental about this; if Khalid is really the problem for PKR and hence PR, getting rid of him is just part of the business. Same with Azmin- if he is the problem, getting rid of him is all business. Nothing personal. We are not in the game on UMNO’s terms.
We must read the ember lights. In recent months, Khalid has made some political blunders. When the whole country is facing economic difficulties, he raised lawmakers’ salaries to an insensitive level; his decision to expel Azmin from PKNS was a poorly judged one. His success at reducing an outstanding loan with a bank owned by BN should raise suspicions as to the ease by which he got the relief; we can’t rely on a single poor general to defend Selangor. If troops are not well fed and contented, dissension can escalate and capitalised upon by the enemy.
Suddenly Khalid is UMNO’s angel.
We should be suspicious indeed when Khalid is suddenly regarded as an angel by UMNO. All this time, Khalid was condemned in the meanest of terms ranging from being a bungling stutterer, a bone-head and a philanderer having secret liaisons with people from Faekah and Elizabeth Wong. Since when has economic achievements and sound management been attractive points with UMNO? Never. They are interested in having power and abusing them to their advantage. And as to Khalid’s management prowess as a manager, that is an overrated quality. When UMNO is finished with using him, they will dig up his less than sterling achievements when managing PNB and Guthrie.
The fact that UMNO is softly endorsing Khalid should be raising our suspicions that Khalid can possibly be a Trojan horse. Or he can be the borrowed knife to kill another. 
Khalid is simply the stubborn mule. He believes that he can be the MB without having the required hierarchical credentials. He has zero political skills. You can’t stay in an important position without having the party credentials. If Khalid is too thick to understand the political game, the only way he can be educated to act accordingly is through this Kajang move. That would be a respectable way to exit with a face saving gesture.
Only now he has got the message- that he needs to have a position such as PKR’s deputy president to stay on as MB. He hasn’t read the anomaly- he is a committee member, while Azmin who is not even made an exco is the Selangor PKR chief. I would be surprised if Anwar is not supporting Azmin. Anwar cannot condone anarchy.
Khalid should be more intelligent in this matter. The restraint by which Azmin’s camp is conducting itself on Khalid should be read as a concession of respect given to Khalid. Its Khalid’s camp that is showing hostility and riotousness. They have been less guarded when treating Azmin’s camp. Azmin’s camp is mature while Khalid’s camp is reckless.
Hasn’t Khalid achieved so much for Selangor? Such as RM3 billion cash reserves and other social welfare assistance to the poor and the aged? These are indeed commendable achievements which are not trivialised. But they can also be achieved by other than Khalid. More importantly these achievements are of no significance to UMNO but suddenly they are held in high esteem.
The other often used line of argument: If what Khalid has achieved thus far is good, that should be enough to showcase Selangor as an example on how a state is managed right?
Well, not quite right. Achievements must be functional. They don’t exist in vacuo. We are not scoring high marks in an exam paper here. We are dealing with real politik. We want an achiever that is functional. The achievements must serve a purpose. The purpose is nothing short of securing and consolidating political power. UMNO likes what Khalid is doing because his achievements are good on paper but do not translate into power at the state. UMNO is after that power. Power to do good can be also be used to do evil things.
If the troops are not empowered, the empire crumbles. They can succumb to UMNO’s financial enticements.
We must not lose focus on the overriding objective of expelling the wolves of Putrajaya. We must not forget the Alpha wolf is in Putrajaya. We must keep UMNO people way from the treasury and sources of income. These are in real danger. All wealth creating resources, reserves, projects are in danger if UMNO people are around.
Those who are uneasy about the Kajang move, please ponder this. What if all the 15 PAS ADuns were to cross over after being promised the important posts. BN and PAS will control 27 of the 56 seats in Selangor. Since they all like Khalid, they invite him and a few of Khalid’s friends to come over too. Khalid retains his MBship without a power base. Later he will be kicked out all the same.
Or imagine that 7 from PKR and 7 from PAS cross over creating a PR deficit of 26 seats. Same thing- UMNO will milk the discontented and hard-pressed to join and form a coalition government. Once they become government, they have control over the RM3 billion cash reserves and other assets; they will start buying the others. In the end, PR loses Selangor.
When that happens, all the good and the achievements that Khalid did will just be some quaint topic over some food and drinks in some speak easy. These people will ooh and aah over plates of pink salmon and probably some intoxicants.
Then they will rue the consequences of their misplaced sentimentalism. Why didn’t Anwar do something? Because when he wanted to do something, we object because to call a by election is a betrayal to the people. It’s a waste of public money, even when we know the proposed budget for the election is half the amount the government spends on Najib’s official residence. We objected because it offends our sensibilities. If we allow our misplaced sentimentalism to get in the way, we will live to regret for not supporting Anwar in Kajang.


bruno,  3 March 2014 at 11:40  

Dato,I have been trying very hard to figure out about this so called 'Kajang Move,and up till today I just cannot figure out or understand the motives behind it.It just makes no sense.

What is being the MB so important for Anwar.If Khalid was so useless,Umno/BN would not have been so badly mauled by PR the last GE.

When Umno/BN was at their knees begging to be kick out of Putrajaya in GE 13,instead of working as a team to do them a favor,Anwar's people were more interested to quarrel and fight over seats with PAS and DAP.They were also trying to squeeze out the small workers party PSM of only a few seats.

Instead of having a real champion three year old racehorse running in the Kentucky Derby,they scratched the potential Kentucky Derby champ to run in an allowance race for the prize money of 60k,instead of the potentials of tens of millions in a real champion.Must be smart real genius of rocket science.

If the PKR,the taikor of PR cannot keep their number two from creating problems and disunity among their own party's MB,what makes us think that he can be kept under control if he is still excluded from the MB'ship,that is Anwar becomes the MB.And if Anwar becomes the MB and later relinquished the MB'ship in favor for his blue eyed boy,will DAP and PAS except the blue eyed boy.If not then the whole mess will start all over again.

I think that it is better for all of us to wait until after the Kajang by elections is over,and watch how the real circus clowns behave.Then,maybe we will be in a better position to judge what their real motives are.

Anonymous,  3 March 2014 at 14:59  

I don't agree that Khalid must have the party credentials to be mb. Well, how did he become the mb in the first place when he had no credentials then either?
I believe pakatan wants to get rid of him mainly because of the large cash reserves! It's always about money.

bumi-non-malay 3 March 2014 at 16:10  

I wonder how much Raja Petra is paid to try to maintain the dignity of Royalty Sham in this Allah issues + their mythical status and Selangor - Kajang issues......?

I have to admit the Allah, Teresa Kok Video....the Hina Raja Melayu Rubbish, Hina all taking the back burner...but the Water MOU, environment, suddenly Kajang back into agenda... Suddenly so many UMNO-BN minister want to help scoop water from longkang for your consumption & gardening.... Its like action station in Selangor UMNO-BN.....

Thinking outside square... $1Billion can do a lot for Katak in Pakatan......How about using it on UMNO-BN Katak.....take them in and then Kick them out.....when Pakatan running Government.....

You see....$1Billion can make Sabah Sarawak Sack Malaya.....and without the Fix deposit UMNO-BN Mampus......

Sabah-Sarawak is back on the agenda again when Billions $$$$$.... Bank UMNO-BN sudah Kosong.....tak boleh Kontrol Katak2 sendiri...ha ha ha.. Semua $$$$ UMNO dah diguna kerana BARANG NAIK!!!....hanya bank Pakatan ada $$$$$ Kali ini Mampus UMNO....Gunalah ISA....Kita akan UKRAINE KAN Malaysia Serta Merta!!... BBB - Bangun Bantah Bangkit!!!

Perhaps compromise for Anwar in Kajang is Sack someone in PKR???

Everyday UMNO-BN racist haram Media SPIN faster than a Gasing..... Interesting days long as those stupid Allah issues, Pekida/3 Line/Perkasa rant tak laku.... UMNO-BN MAMPUS!!

Anonymous,  3 March 2014 at 17:35  

No lah the PAS MP's and PKR minions MP's in Selangor will never cross over mahhh. After all the 'anugerah Tuhan' and Tokong are Twp Great Leaders who ever live!! Relaks lah bro....apa takut?? Continue your writing your fairy tales lorr....

Anonymous,  3 March 2014 at 17:54  

Rpk is a total washout. Before he was critical of umno and the govt, now whatever he says is critical of pakatan. He uses sarcasm and psychology and pulls wool over other's eyes, and the latter go ga-ga over his writing. It's obvious he tries very hard to point out the faults of pakatan, but it's okay when the govt fumbles and mumbles.
Just compare his writings before and now. I wonder why people still read his spins.

Anonymous,  3 March 2014 at 19:30  

Mr. Sak, and on the subject of Khalid, the recent Selangor “MOU” (or any contract for that matter) can and should be challenged, especially if there is doubt to the legitimacy of the contract.

As a case study: In 2006, the Prime Minister of Ecuador, Rafael Correa reacted to the huge public debt that the country had, with a series of actions supposed to protect the rights of the people of Ecuador. Notably, he organized a committee to analyze the public debt. Despite the obstacles and the reactions to this, the committee was able to complete the analysis of the debt, and to find that it was ILLEGAL on the basis that the loans taken were used for projects that benefited only a “few”, the governments signed the contracts without informing the people, and the bankers were aware of this. In the end, Ecuador was able to save about $7 billion by ‘cancelling’ the debt.

Pok Li,  3 March 2014 at 20:10  

Be very very careful when suddenly opposition lawmakers become darlings to UMNO/BN. Remember Hassan Ali, Ustaz Nasha, Tunku Aziz?

Anonymous,  3 March 2014 at 20:23  

These UMNO thieves & robbers really have no shame of themselves. They should be condemned with no mercy.

Anonymous,  3 March 2014 at 21:01  

Ni cerita apa ni?

Anonymous,  3 March 2014 at 21:29  


If what you are saying is that there is a number of PKR or PR state assembly people who will defect to BN because they are not happy with Khalid, then I would say, let them go to BN IMMEDIATELY!

That means these so-called 'champions of the people' are prepared to sell their soul to the devil and are presently not fit to represent the rakyat anymore.

The people of Malaysia do not need such cancerous scums in Pakatan Rakyat. It's better to purge these rubbish into the cesspool now instead of waiting for this to blow up again closer to the GE.

If Azmin is the problem, get rid of him now.

Anonymous,  4 March 2014 at 00:14  

Still dont understand how anwar will make any difference as the mb? If you are so sure so many pr aduns will leave for money what makes u think anwar, as the mb can do to stop them? What you are saying is simply an insult to the intelligence of the elected aduns. Heck the 1st person who fell into this category was the incumbent lee chin cheh . Maybe you are a too big fan of anwar and see that he can do no wrong. Also by coming in like this he is also telling his pkr aduns that they can be asked to fcuk off as and when anwar feels like it.. what does that say about them too? Come on sak, you are a clever man.. dont know you really can not see that this kajang move is simply due to internal bickering, or that you dont want to see it.. never seen your articles make so little sense ... and im ah avid reader of your blog.. although i have never commented before.. have to put my 2 cents in this time.

Anonymous,  4 March 2014 at 08:59  

The 1PM is good only at political intrigue and Perak-style coups.

This is why the people of Kajang (and progressive Malaysians) should give maximum support to DSAI in the upcoming election. We don’t want another Perak-style coup in Selangor do we ?

The 1PM will go down in Malaysian history as the worst Finance Minister ever.
“Hoodwink the people first. Absolute lack of performance later”

Phua Kai Lit

Ramesh 4 March 2014 at 13:32  

For once YB, you're wrong in admonishing Khalid. Khalid is the embodiment of the reform PR is talking about. While Azmin represents the very UMNO qualities that we are trying to get rid off! Khalid has done what the rakyat wants, not what some selfish politicians demands of him. PR should learn from the mistake committed by the late Azizan in Kedah. And now in Kelantan, the new MB is so divisive that UMNO may have a chance of recapturing that state. PR should focus on strengthening this areas and not killing the very goose that lays the golden eggs. That's Khalid.

Anonymous,  4 March 2014 at 18:36  

Imagine if 14 were to crossover say at a cost of 10 million each, that would amount to 140 millions. Now that's peanuts compared to the 3000 millions that Selangor has. So your contention is absolutely credible. And Umno is certainly drooling like a baby. Is Mr Scrooge Khalid keeping the money for Umno when he doesn't want to spend it? I said it before that Khalid is way over-rated. With all the money flowing in, any fool can run the state provided he doesn't keep the money for himself like Umno do. He wasn't that great as a CEO before he begin his political career was he?

Anonymous,  5 March 2014 at 09:26  

magine if 14 were to crossover say at a cost of 10 million each, that would amount to 140 millions. Now that's peanuts compared to the 3000 millions that Selangor has. So your contention is absolutely credible. And Umno is certainly drooling like a baby. Is Mr Scrooge Khalid keeping the money for Umno when he doesn't want to spend it? I said it before that Khalid is way over-rated. With all the money flowing in, any fool can run the state provided he doesn't keep the money for himself like Umno do. He wasn't that great as a CEO before he begin his political career was he?
What type of explanation this guy trying to say?

Are you telling us a leader spending like nobody business is a good leader? Like what BN has accumulated 550 billion debts is consider a good governing? And those with fund reserve and taking good care of people (free water, University subsidize...etc) are a bad leader?

What a joke man.

syedhs 6 March 2014 at 18:35  

I can write quite long post here.. but some have already done good jobs here.. but here is the summary: DSAI and Rafizi - do not insult our intelligence lah.. it is too much.

Emer 7 March 2014 at 02:45  

I wrote few time to Khalid's government about holes on road & trash bin. He took years to ensure Pandan Indah folks finally have a better tarred road. Yet he was so proud keeping our monies & claimed credit for the work done by PR as a whole. PAS, PKR or DAP are no different than UMNO, it's all about power. But in this case, I have to give credit to the one who used to handpicked him & gave him position, now realised he has picked yet another greedy ex UMNO breed into a rakyat's office & he is now trying his best to do necessarily. It's not about DSAI, TSKI or RR, it's about our government that we chose that can be changed!

Anonymous,  8 March 2014 at 09:29  


Den svenska domstolen kommer att vara precis !

As in the case of the Malaysian parents in Stockholm, Sweden, i thought they were facing some form of financial constraint living in a developed nation, but the dad is a Tourism Malaysia director. Perhaps they were trying to teach their two older children how to manage money well like most parents do, by not purchasing expensive jeans and stuff. A lot of kids would have been understanding and mature to respond to their parents’ repeated reasoning to realize that they are just trying to inculcate a very crucial life skill for their own success.

Also back in our childhood, we did not have the pressure to wear expensive clothes as nearly everyone in the kampong had little money and led a simple life, but we kids sure had very enriching life experiences of having so awesome creativity to create and play many fun games using whatever natural resources found.

When it comes to studying religion and performing prayers, we just do it for our own good and definitely because we love our parents and not want to hurt their feelings in anyway or being “ biadab” ( as in the Malay culture ) towards them.
Boys being boys are risk takers in the event some would enter the military, the air force, the nav, etc with the right training. In our childhood, we enjoyed doing fun adventures such as climbing trees, swimming in the rivers, cycling race, soccer, etc. Girls would have their share of fun and adventures, and one or two would be welcome to join in their older brothers and friends’ camaraderie.

If there was an occasion where one or two boys who were really naughty and daring to curi rambutan or fruits that belonged to others’ orchards, they would definitely get one or two strokes of the “ rotan ” on their buttocks ( like in the case of a recalcitrant adult, in modern society, receiving the “ rotan ” after being found guilty for committing a crime that hurts a member(s) of the society ).
As in the case of stealing, the mom or dad would also scold their “ naughty ”child to instill discipline in them to prevent the high risk habit from becoming harmful and recalcitrant.

The Malay neighbors then, being a close- knitted society would also expect parents ( as in all communities in Malaysia ) to take responsibility in handling corrective, disciplinary concerns of their own kids promptly for the benefit of the child and the society.

One thing for sure, the Malay society then would also advise the child gently not to do the act again and say, “ Kesian, nanti ibubapa dapat malu, tak baik.. “ in that line of thoughts. As in the case parents of all communities. And soon, all is forgotten and forgiven and the child regains his freedom to play with his friends.

Anonymous,  8 March 2014 at 09:30  


When the four kids arrived in Malaysia from Sweden, Najib and his wife failed to detect the body language displayed by the eldest boy, aged 11 ( ? ) who demonstrated such anger in the press photos that the world owes him everything and he obviously does not want to return to Malaysia. The same attitude was displayed again when he appeared for the subsequent press meetings with his other siblings.

A just Swedish trial which involves mature empathy and the highest consideration towards the parents that there is a tendency for children and teens to exaggerate things and they could also shift blame others when they have done something wrong. As in the case of hitting, it is an offence, but in this case, many areas need deep consideration.

Undeniably, both the parents require intensive counseling and therapy to better manage things and to re- adjust to the expectations of doing things in a developed nation as in Sweden as well as to heal from the tragic episode.

When much younger, my closest young relatives in the US would complain that their dad and mom gave them time - out to sit on their “throne” – a specially purchased toilet bowl or being grounded for big misbehavior - obnoxiousness in school or at home. Few rules which tackle non accepted behaviors are set and enforced consistently and justly.

And the couple’s children also need intensive counseling and therapy for emotional healing and positive behavior expectation. Society and parents in any nations would want kids to be respectful and compliant to good advice and the teaching and good values of their parents.

Sweden will prove that it is supportive of the parents and their family’s well-being, their togetherness hence the right corrective support will be provided. Imprisonment in this case, will least impact both parties positively, as well as setting a precedent of a holistic trial, taking into consideration as such support will help the Malaysian couple care for their other child, who forgets easily (? ) better.

I honestly think being parents, they have the best intentions for their kids as all good parents do.

Moving away from the topic, try staying calm and not getting angry on a long - haul flight with kids shouting and going berserk along the aisle ( some passengers might secretly harbor the desire to catch hold of the monsters and lock them in the plane toilet ). And their parents, especially the mom is immune, yelling at the child to stop yet nothing happens; perhaps feeling helpless of not knowing what to do as the cute little monster has overruled them and get away with murder.

But when kids are good on the plane, don’t we just want them to have our huge bag of popcorn or snacks ?

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