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Tuesday 25 March 2014

The House Moves a Motion expressing Profound Sadness and Grief on MH370

From Parliament House.

The PM has come into the Dewan Rakyat to move a motion to register the house’s profound sadness and grief over the tragedy that has befallen MH370. The motion extends its sadness and sympathies to the families of the crew, staff, friends and colleagues of those on board of the tragic flight. The PM also moved a motion thanking all those involved in the SAR for their commitment and dedication to help everyone in the hour of need.
And of course he didn’t miss the opportunity to take a swipe at the opposition for talking about this issue during the recent Kajang election.
Lim Kit Siang is now replying to the motion. We all share the grief and profound sadness over the affair. Be that as it may, our sorrow and grief ought not to excuse us over our weaknesses in handling the most delicate matter. It would have helped if the authorities such as MAS has been forthright and transparent in its public pronouncements.
For example, why wasn’t MAS forthcoming over the case of lithium batteries which was stated as mangosteens in the cargo manifest? Not that it may be the cause of a catastrophe in the plane but failure of disclosure has caused MAS to be seen as deceitful.
But the PM is silent on the unwarranted negative incursions into the lives of the Captain and his co-pilot. They and the crew whose characters have been subjected to almost hostile scrutiny also need to be salvaged. The memory and honour of the pilot and co-pilot must be restored.
It seems that every inch of captain Zaharie’s life is now investigated. The police has taken his simulator, disassembled it and put it up again in Bukit Aman. His family members are subject to questioning by the police and recently even by the FBI. I hope that’s not our own Federal Bomoh Investigation.
Will the government now issue a public apology to his family for playing along with attempts to cast aspersions to his character? The authorities must now return the flight simulator to its original place. Don’t treat this matter in a cavalier manner now that this episode has come to a closure.
The plane has certainly crashed into the ocean; but attempts to link the crash to what are clearly fabricated narratives about his suicidal tendencies, his fanaticism etc. show the government wants to create a black sheep. Clearly this is a diabolical attempt to cover our own weaknesses especially that of MAS.
With the nature of the Indian Ocean, it make take years to actually find the plane. I am afraid the indefinite time will only whet the appetite of the media as well as those interested to remain unaccountable for as long as possible to countenance as well as give a wide space for a diversionary narrative about Captain Zaharie.
Now, this fabricated narrative only serves to raise suspicions that MAS and the government are trying to weigh the blame on Captain Zaharie as well as his co-pilot so as to lighten the burden of future financial claims. To lay fault against him when he is not around to defend himself is unconscionable.

I call on the government to take steps immediately to restore the honour of the pilot, co-pilot and crew so that we honour their selfless dedication. Let them not vanish in vain and exist in villainy. We owe it to them.


Anonymous,  25 March 2014 at 14:01  

This is all Anwar's fault!!!

That's what the rumours in the internet are going to town with.

No prize for guessing the people who is likely to be behind this. Really sick people!!!

Anonymous,  25 March 2014 at 15:00  

Dato, it is very obvious our useless BN government is trying to cover up something that will put a nail to their coffin. That is also why now these shameless fools are trying to find a scapegoat now. Thanks for expoding these hypocrites Dato. Our country definitely need more MP's like you.

hari,  25 March 2014 at 15:06  

how can a government with no honours restore it on others....

The poor Captain will take the blame for MAS's and all the Government agencies inefficiencies...

Anonymous,  25 March 2014 at 15:15  

Here is another perspective which seems more credible:

Part 1
The Pilots Tried to Save MH370
By Clive Irving 11 hours ago The Daily Beast

Have the Malaysians finally stopped trashing the pilots?

After 16 days of trying to give their own spin to the few facts available about the pilots of Flight MH370, the authorities in Kuala Lumpur have changed the narrative in a significant way.

First came the statement by officials Sunday that the Boeing 777’s change of course was programmed into its computers after, and not before, the last voice message from the cockpit was received. Now a later development, first reported by CNN, indicates that after the course change the airplane descended to 12,000 feet.

The sourcing of these statements remains obscure, but the fact that they were made public suggests an acknowledgement that the timeline no longer supports the implied complicity of the pilots in some kind of criminal act. On the contrary, a picture is emerging of the pilots not only struggling to save the 777 but going through precisely the steps they should in an emergency….

First, change to a heading that would take them to the nearest available runway in Vietnam and Malaysia able to handle the airplane;

Second, precipitate fall in altitude from the cruise height of 36,000 feet that would be consistent with the pilots responding to the effects of either a loss of cabin pressure or the consequences of smoke or toxic fumes in the cabin—in those circumstances it would be essential to get down to below 10,000 feet. In the case of cabin pressure, it would be done to stabilize the cabin atmosphere and in the case of smoke, it would be urgent to get on the ground as fast as possible.

Let us recall the original picture carefully assembled by a series of statements by the Malaysian authorities:

It began with assertions that the two systems the airplane depended on to maintain its contact with the ground—the transponder that received and transmitted its position and the system called ACARS that sent bursts of data every 30 minutes about its vital functions—had been switched off.

Suggesting that there was something sinister about disabling the ACARS made no sense. It was not a surveillance device that could betray intrusion or malpractice on the flight deck. Disabling the transponder, on the other hand, would be consistent with deliberately wanting to render the 777 untraceable, but it would not have made it invisible to the radar coverage of the area, civilian and military.

Something more than semantics was involved in the way the Malaysians set up this picture—“switched off” unambiguously implies direct action, “disabled”—another term used—is more of a weasel word that can leave you wondering whether the action was accidental or by design.

Then came stories about the 777 taking a bizarre and erratic course—beginning with a sudden ascent to 45,000 feet and then a rapid descent—no matter that because the 777 was still heavy with fuel it would have struggled to reach even 38,000 feet and that at 45,000 feet, well outside its safe flight envelope, it would have been uncontrollable. All of this was part of planting the idea that such a bizarre trajectory was designed to evade radar—as if the 777 had suddenly gained the agility of a fighter rather than an airliner weighing 330 tons. Even a rapid descent has been painted, absurdly, as a “low and quiet” run under the radar.

see next post due to space constraints.

Anonymous,  25 March 2014 at 15:15  

continued in part 2 due to space constraints:

Then there were the more personal inferences. The captain, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, was an active supporter of the Malaysian political opposition. True. So you make a convincing political statement on behalf of more liberal causes by disappearing an airplane full of people? Sinister, right?

The captain had a home-built flight simulator. True. Home simulators vary from being basically a video game to replay great air battles of World War II to far more sophisticated equipment able to give a fairly realistic test of flying skills (the simulators used for airline pilot training and refresher courses are far more formidable and include motion and aural emergencies). Captain Shah, like other dedicated professionals, was known as a guy who liked to promote the skills of his craft.

The Malaysians staged very public raids on Captain Shah’s home and took away the simulator, sustaining their narrative that something damning had been hidden. Then it turned out that some items had been deleted from the hard drive and the Federal Bureau of Investigation had been called in to investigate. Even fishier was the implication. Reaching a risible height of paranoia, one commentator actually suggested that, given the 777’s erratic course, Captain Shah—with more than 18,000 hours flying airliners—had been practicing left turns on his simulator.

What has come of all of this? Zilch.

Related from The Daily Beast

Anonymous,  25 March 2014 at 15:28  

Now that our Malaysian govt has 'accepted' that MH370 went down somewhere in the Indian Ocean, and that the next crucial step is the recovery process of the victims, plane, black box, etc.

It was mentioned that the relatives would be flown to Australia for this next stage. This does not make sense especially for the relatives.

What would this mean, is a massive logistics nightmare not only for MAS but also for the Australian Govt to provide shelter, facilities, food, financial support and all that entails. Is there any reason for the relatives to be based in Australia when the recovery is expected to take a very very long time, at this time it is doubtful if there can even be a successful recovery? Indeed the most logical approach is for MAS to give the relatives passage back to their originating countries , eg. China, US, etc. and wait in their homes for more results. Otherwise, these relatives should be based in Malaysia as the country is responsible for the official investigation/reports, etc. Putting them in Australia will detract from carrying out the recovery.

Anonymous,  25 March 2014 at 15:55  

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott today declared that the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was now moving into a recovery and investigation stage, and said the country was handing investigation back to Malaysia.

"Based on the accumulation of evidence, late last night, Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia declared that the plane must be declared lost in the southern Indian Ocean," Abbott (pic) was quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald, speaking at the Australian parliament this afternoon.

Let us see how our Malaysian Govt handles the recovery and investigation process now that the Australian govt is telling us, back to you mate!!

Whatever, it will not be fair to make a scapegoat out of the CEO of MAS Ahmad Jauhari. He is trying his best, surrounded by all the political 'impediments'.
Indeed, if fingers need to be pointed, look at how our military radar missed out (was it 3 times) on the sighting of the turnaround MH370, look at how our Malaysian Govt decision to focus first on the Malacca Straits when the statallite data was given to them earlier with compelling evidence on the Indian Ocean. Imagine if the search had been carried out earlier in the Indian Ocean,some of the debris (from MH370?) would have already been scooped out of the water and analysed. As it is, the Australian govt has suspended further search until the current weather conditions improves. See how one action impacts another. Such a tragedy.
Clearly, the Malaysian Govt is the place where the buck has to stop.

The Truth 25 March 2014 at 16:59  

Once upon a time I was told that Chris sent in the senseless, rowdy and rude batch of guards in what he claimed to be an illegal CLEANUP gathering.

I was informed also that he was "supervising" from a tower in front of the illegal CLEANUP gathering which was on an independent field with his binoculars.

The chief uniformed personnel had to take the orders from Chris but the truth was Chris got panic just by watching the rowdy crowd from the binoculars! The rest is history but the moral of the story remains that Chris is easily excited when it comes to make fast decision in a crisis.

Then came the story about the rothchild patent scam. Chris was misinformed that his own commercial vehicle was transporting a highly dangerous item which may cause extensive damage to a metro city upon arrival.

Chris had to make fast decision before the vehicle cross the border. Chris got panic again and issued an order to test his own fire cracker in the middle of the night. The loud noises from the fire cracker irked some people but the official reports made by them were "magically" removed by Chris.

Eventually, Chris quickly arranged for an armada of lorries to collect the white box. It took them couple of days to retrieve the white box.

Meanwhile, damage control experts were brought in to counter the result of Chris extremely fast decision for using his own fire cracker on his own vehicle.

Thus, diversion stories that does not tally up were cooked up while the snooping good samaritans were lead to another deep room. The satelite business were engaged to do their marketing and also to establish their future biddings.

Anonymous,  25 March 2014 at 18:21  

This moronic & useless BN government should receive their retribution soon. Corruption,murder,framing,lying,cheating etc. It's almost uncountable the lists of their sins.

Anonymous,  25 March 2014 at 19:15  

YB, you are right. poor captain Zaharie and the co pilot are the fall guys and they can't even defend themselves.
However, the Almighty knows and those who try to blacken their names will eventually have to answer for it when they meet their Maker.

Anonymous,  25 March 2014 at 21:36  

Not even a rap across the knuckles for the complacent, incompetent Transport Minister and the military top brass !

Such is the nature of the
bodoh sombong UMNO Baru-BN regime.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  25 March 2014 at 22:54  

Slime balls on overdrive.

When the black box is found and the data are out, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah and his co-pilot will come out smelling good as heroes, and Boeing, Airbus and the aviation world will pay a fitting tribute to him by adding new safety features to transponders so that they will NEVER ever fail come what may.

Syabas to both Hishamuddin and CEO of MAS Ahmad Jauhari for making the best out of a very difficult situation given that no definitive information was made available to them on any given day in the past two weeks. How much was retained and how much allowed to reach these two men, God knows.

May all those who departed R.I.P.

The Maker loves you all.


Anonymous,  26 March 2014 at 09:37  

Dato', I disgaree with you with regards to MAS or the govt witholding information, e.g., the lithium batteries.
By disclosing it to the public, how will it help the then Search and Rescue operations?
We the publlic should know facts and not speculations.

To Pakatan leaders, use this to showcase your statesman-like qualities. We don't want to see immaturity or else we'll go back to BN.

Anonymous,  26 March 2014 at 16:15  

Sak,you are truly a nice chap,a very decent person. I hope the authorities will honor this plea for decency to the crew especially to the captain when the dusts settled.

Anonymous,  26 March 2014 at 17:52  

Something is really not right....!!! I am not concern about speculations. I am more concerned on why our military radar was not able to detect and track down MH370 in real time. I have some military air navigation and traffic control background so I would be so gullible that as to the information given by a General that after 4 days only he could "response" to the radar data recording. MY FOOT!!!!. Military surveillance radar surveillance is done 24/7 round the clock real time. Did he mean fo say we ha e radar and only used it like CCTV camera video recording. If that is the case the whole lot should be fired as they are useless and a Threat to our national security. By now our enemy by tge droves would send their war planes to incur into Malaysia. Confound it!!! Our military radar can and should have or had detected MH370 during its turning poing or otherwise till near to Andaman Islands. I smell a cover up or someone is squeezing their balls to cook up this silly story. If this is the case all the relevant ministers and including the Jibby is reaponsible and should resign. In other countries harsher punishmeng prevails as it tantamounts to treason and they would be shot!!!!!
Whole lot of crap and bullshit!!!! I swear it was not and will never be truth so help them God!!! If these people are hiding the truth then blood and demise of all 239 people on board MH370 is in their hands and conscience. May Allah let out theTruth and nothing but the Truth so help us Oh Mighgy Allah!!!! Aaamiiiiiiin...

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