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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 10 March 2014

A Nation that has lost its Soul.

The villainy you teach me, I will execute, and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction.
Merchant of Venice.

I hope Najib and his merry men remember our solemn pledge above. The persecution of Anwar Ibrahim is a villainy that Najib teaches us. We will execute the same villainy but will be better at it.
After the latest episode involving Anwar, our agenda when we take Putrajaya through perfectly legal and democratic means, is clear. Our agenda includes, reform of the judiciary, reforming the PDRM, empowering SPRM, restructuring the civil service. We will do all these and much more in more refined manner. We will extract the same justice on our persecutors.
The people of Kajang need only ask- was it justice for one person that the government seeks? To answer yes is unconscionable. This time next year, people will be asking saiful who? This person is just a pawn on UMNO’s political chessboard.
The resources the government brought to bear to do Anwar in, suggests that it’s no longer justice that it seeks- but persecution and political execution. In that process, the country has lost its soul; the Malays in particular has lost their moral compass.
For 16 long years, the government spent money and resources to an extraordinary amount to seek the end of Anwar. Anwar Ibrahim was regarded as public enemy number one. He is more dangerous than terrorists. The only other person to share this ignominy at one point in time is the present Minister of Youth. He has since been rehabilitated and now has become the one of the government’s chief apologist. In particular Najib’s.
How have the Malay lost their soul and moral compass? For 16 years they have put up with the government’s daily bombardment of calculated demonising and humiliation of Anwar and his family. The government owned TV stations allocate unexplainable longer time on deviant sexual behaviours, on Anwar’s sexual preference, on Anwar’s sexual trysts; Anwar is a faggot, Anwar violates young boys, Anwar made it out with wives and so on so forth. Would the government spend inordinately huge amount of resources and material on an accused if the accused didn’t have the name Anwar Ibrahim?
Precisely because the accused is Anwar, makes the government wants its pound of flesh and blood too.
Yong children watched TV and listened to news about explicit government exposures and revelations. Muslim children were taught to accept that humiliating a person publicly; subjecting the family members to mental cruelty is a normal Muslim conduct. The susceptible Malays grow up into unrecognizable Malays who are no longer sublime and refine. Big government has taken over the moral education of our young.
We will just be feeding off the un-naturalised innocence of the younger generation when we turn the other cheek on UMNO when we come into power. By which time, whatever cruelty we mete out to our former transgressions and abusers will be taken as natural.


seorang rakyat,  10 March 2014 at 13:29  

May to equality, freedom and justice we return, to universally accepted concept of democracy. Either we call it changing of regime or changing of government is immaterial, for we seek better life in our beloved nation.
Most of us are sick of our political folly that happens today, as if we have nothing other than politics that is deeply engrossed in our minds and souls. Politics of hate dividing our nation, from which distrust succeeds. 57 years of independence means nothing, it's virtually taking us backward in terms of social and racial integration. Everybody talks about being one malaysia, regardless of race, creed, color or gender but the reality suggests otherwise.
Therefore I totally agree with you, Dato', 16 of lost years has been spent to get rid of DS Anwar by his political nemesis but at the same time dragging malaysians into this political circus, not to mention millions or billions of the government resources spent for this cause. Not that I'm a fan of DS Anwar, but the externalities really are taxing me and others.

seorang rakyat

Anonymous,  10 March 2014 at 13:56  

I would say the title should read "The Malays have lost their souls".

A God fearing people will show mercy and compassion for the oppressed. Mind you, these are people who claim to belong to the only true religion but they behave like Satan.
The Malays could and should punish UMNO for the vilification and demonisation of Anwar and his family. No other family has gone through so much humiliation.
Yet the Malays look the other way and continue to support UMNO.
Have they no fear of retribution in the hereafter? Don't they fear God? Do they believe in God?
The nation will be punished for institutionalized sin of oppression.
Who are they? Muslims - the leadership, the judges, Utusan and TV3 editors, the UMNO, Perkasa,Isma members.

bruno 10 March 2014 at 15:28  

Dato,the only way Umno can do what it is doing and get away with it is because it had the tongkat,crutches and wheelchairs group in its grasps.And as long as the non Umno Malays are busy always fighting among themselves,Umno is safe in 'kangaroo land'.

With Anwar soon out of active politics,now is the right time to revamp the PKR machinery.As long as the Malays in PKR are at each others throat,the rural Malays will be safe in Umno's hands.The non Umno Malays will be to busy fighting among themselves to bother about converting the rural Malays into more educated Malays.

Have the PKR Malay politicians ever think how are they going to march into Putrajaya if they cannot even win a single kampung parliamentary seat.Has it ever make one to think that maybe PKR has more clowns than a circus?

Anonymous,  10 March 2014 at 16:12  

Datuk Sak

These reflect accurately the
morals (or lack of it) of the
current leaders of UMNO Baru-BN.

They bring shame and ridicule to our country in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  10 March 2014 at 16:14  

Let us pray God to unleashed His wrath & retributions soon on Najib & his underlings especially UMNO & Perkasa. They have sinned too much & deserved no mercy at all.

Anonymous,  10 March 2014 at 18:52  

far too many ordinary Malays are souled out to mahathir kerala's prolonged persecutions on Anwar and his family until the G3, not brutal (?) and abusing the whole machinery of the nation and its Rakyat far beyond sixteen years.

Yet there are certain individuals who are harping that they do not mind a certain kind of sexual orientation in a national leader in Malaysia, ( !? ) at this juncture of time, when the nation - Malaysia and its Rakyat are heading towards a no future with all the unresolved big issues from the inability to detect the two impersonators with stolen passports on the tragic Flight MH370 to Project IC, wang zakat vanishing, etc ?

Good thing the Malay professor in Singapore was only counseled as should be ( it demonstrated their magnanimousness of maturity of respect, justice and true professionalism ) and not fired or made to " resign " as in developed nations regardless of ones' remarkable intellectual brilliance, years of passionate services in their respective careers and exemplary character because of the uproar that does not represent the majority, who also have their rights and they have made timeless immense contributions to humanity. Brains with good character are a true asset anywhere.

As such mahathir & cohorts have been using the orientation issue - a furtile stage to continue injecting fear and threats to cripple the minds and souls of the Malays.

Too many ordinary good Malays would shy from supporting Anwar, or show a vehement uproar against the repeated maligned prosecution and prefer being dondang sayang - ed or khutbah - ed by UMNO Baru's ulamak, and adhering to the said manipulations of the cohorts' wide networks instead or self read the true teaching in its completeness.

Yet, these very same Malays refuse to take heed of the good teachings, the advice, support and allign themselves to the uproar of the good Muslims who consistently demonstrate detesting injustice, corruption, plundering, stealing and depleting the nation's coffers, stealing of ancestral land, extensive poverty, arrogance, mafiaism, bigotry, capitalism etc.

There are also Malays including some Malaysians who read limitedly ( because quality books are damn expensive or the former - fearing to be intoxicated by good western brains ) do not dare to think deep, takut berdosa, hence they are easily bluffed, manipulated whereby a vote for PK means a vote for kejahaman.

Either way, kebankrapan negara, will only leave Rakyat Malaysia nationless whatmore any chance of anything worthwhile to spark and generate hopes for the present and the coming generations.

Anonymous,  10 March 2014 at 21:14  

I would say the title should read "UMNO Malays who matter have lost their souls".

Anonymous,  11 March 2014 at 01:30  

Our dumb minister stated that it is very difficult to monitor lost passport. I guess the minister did not know you can narrow the search of lost passport by gender, nationaility, age, etc. Learn from President Harry Truman! Where is the accountablity? The bug stops here. We are at fault for letting stolen passport to be used regardless if they are the cause of the plane lost! He needs to resign for tgis stupid statement.

By the way, we monitor passenger based on skin color. Last year, we were suspicious of a darker skin Malaysian with Chinese name. In the end, the darker skin Malaysian has a legal Chinese name. Also, I know Chinese with Spanish name from Bolivia. We must not stereotype a person based on his skin color.

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