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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 21 March 2014

Explaining the Unchallenged Intrusion into our Air Space.

Here are some comments from a person with obvious in-depth knowledge of fighter jets, response from air force and interpretation of data from radar. I am reproducing this person’s comments here because I feel, they are very believable. I have mentioned about this unchallenged intrusion by our air force in parliament as well as having written about it. I have no problems to say I stand corrected. But as to the things that I mentioned about mission capable assets which we have,  inside parliament, I am willing to stand by those comments made. And I do hope that that if any object moves in in a ballistic trajectory, or a flat fast powered arc, or much closer to the surface, the reading and reporting are made in real time so that our fighter jets are duly scrambled.
I thank this person for enlightening us on this matter.

 Please read my comment before believing 100% a report from 'Indian Military'.

0107 hours - ACARS OK (Malaysian Airspace - Msia control)
0119 hours - ACARS OK (Vietnam Airspace - Vietnam control)
0122 hours - ACARS KO (Vietnam Airspace - Vietnam control)
0240 hours - ACARS KO (MAS was informed by the Vietnam control MH370 is missing)
*Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS)

-Between 0122 and 0240 MH370 appears as a blip on many ASEAN Air Force radar (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore n others). Air Force/Defense radar coverage is very wide because jet fighters travel at supersonic speed. The MiG-29 can travel at speeds of up to 2,400km/h at high altitudes. TUDM's MiG-29 can jet from Perlis to Johor in less than 15 minutes.

-The officers in charge of military radar (RTAF, TNI–AU, TUDM, RSAF etc) determined the commercial plane MH370 as a non-threat.
"Most military radar isn't concerned with commercial air traffic on standard routes flying at 30,000+ feet. The skies are full of jetliners. Most just appear as a contact on a tracking scope, watched briefly as they trundle along in a straight line across the sky, and are then ignored. Military people are concerned with threats. Threats typically move in a ballistic trajectory, or a flat fast powered arc, or much closer to the surface. Military radar records might be helpful in figuring out what happened, but unless Flight 370 was behaving like a threat while passing through somebody’s radar envelope, it’s unlikely that anybody would notice or bother to identify it. Also military people charged with defending their airspace don’t like showing people from other countries their radar systems, and for damned GOOD reasons, so it’s going to take some time to get those records. It’s going to be a while before a complete search those recordings can be done" CWO US Navy (R) Jim Wright.

-Nobody informed the respective ASEAN Air Force/Defense to look out for a particular missing plane between 0122 and 0240 that's 1 hour and 18 minutes. Boeing 777 cruise speed is 905km/h

-MH370 turned back from IGARI waypoint to VAMPI waypoint through Segenting Kra in Thailand and never re-entered Malaysian airspace. MH370 needs less than 45 minutes to get from IGARI waypoint to VAMPI waypoint.

-The Gov of Malaysia took time before announcing MH370 turned back because analysing raw data from various ASEAN and other undisclosed country military radar is a tough and time consuming task. Almost 6 days after MH370 loss of contact, London-based satellite firm Inmarsat confirmed on March 14 that "routine, automated signals were registered on the Inmarsat network from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. With corroborating evidence from Inmarsat the Government of Malaysia made the official announcement that MH370 turned back.


the mean machine,  21 March 2014 at 02:30  

The gomen is used to manipulate events happening in the country.They have the majority and the institutions behind them and can do whatever they like.

But in major events like the missing Flt MH370,they under estimated the foreign press and the foreign families whose family members are on the plane.And not to forget the governments of countries these foreign passengers are from.

When under foreign pressure our gomen officials knees turned weak like old weaklings,panicked and came out with nonsensical statements and made a laughing stock of our well beloved respected country.

Anonymous,  21 March 2014 at 04:32  

Umnob BN gomen got The Supreme King of Bomoh to help out.

Anonymous,  21 March 2014 at 04:59  

Our government is a laughing stock to the whole world. How shameful. They deserved to be criticized.

the three amigos,  21 March 2014 at 06:44  

What has happen to the two multi billion ringgit Scorpenes.Haven't heard of them in a long time.Are they being used in the search of the missing jetliner.Or are the two subs sitting at the navy's museum.

Anonymous,  21 March 2014 at 09:00  

Just a diversion...get the bedah siasat on our DCA as did they conduct a proper audit on MAS maintenence procedure....what really happen to our military radar...was it switch off or it is not serviceabel...get the bedah siasat as the company ZETRO should provide the answer...the ZETRO is the maintenence contractor...the military radar can even picked birds like eagle flying by putting any metal fixed to the burung...cincin pun ok....tell hishamuddin and Najib don't bullshit rollroyse engine is that Boeing is super duper machines...asyik nak menuduh orang sahaja... now the credibility of MAS is down the drain and Malaysians pilot are not dishonest...that is what the two cousins have been doing...

Anonymous,  21 March 2014 at 09:03  

Datuk should demand the BEDAH SIASAT DCA, MAS maintainence, RMAF Radar system and its maintenence and off course the Boeing and ROLLROYS Engine..the best time to get things right...bring it to Parliament...

Anonymous,  21 March 2014 at 12:43  


MAS should have been the one to inform the public where the plane went in those critical moments.

The have a system called 'Flight Following' where the aircraft is tracked on the computer screen in real time. I am not certain how it work, but I think it is a satellite based system coupled with ADS-B system installed on all their B777,B747and A380 aircrafts. This is how they track the aircraft on long oceanic flights.

The job to monitor the aircraft is delegated to the flight dispatcher. His job is prepare the flight plan,prepare the fuel required, file the flight plan with the various Air Traffic Control, collect all relevant informations for the route such as weather report, airway closures, all suitable alternate along the route and destination and NOTAMs.
*NOTAMs=Notice To AirMen.
These information are presented to the pilots during preflight briefing so that they can make informed decisions.

Once the aircraft is airborne, he is to be at his desk to monitor the progress of the flight and the fuel consumption.

Unfortunately for MAS, the discipline of their staff is much to be desired. At that time of the morning, some will look for a corner or the surau to go to sleep. Others will go for long teh tarik sessions and all will come back before shift change over. As such nobody will looking at their computer screens.

The flight dispatcher will be the first to notice if the aircraft make unplanned course change as the airways and routings are clearly marked.

Further the ADS-B (Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast) is independent of transponder and ACARS. The system cannot be turned off from the cockpit. It takes someone with superior technical knowledge to disable it from the electronic bay which is under the cabin. Even then it takes time to locate the equipment.

Anonymous,  21 March 2014 at 13:29  

What about this report from Yahoo:

A British satellite company said today that it had indications that the missing Malaysia Airlines plane may have crashed into the Indian Ocean as early as two days after the plane's disappearance.

The search for the jetliner did not move into the Indian Ocean until more than a week after the plane vanished in the middle of the night from Malaysian airspace on March 7.

"This is very troubling, just thinking of the time wasted and what was ever on the water moving farther away," said ABC News consultant Tom Haueter, a former National Transportation Safety Board investigator.

Inmarsat, the maker of satellites, told ABC News that they had an "initial idea" on March 9 and by March 10 were "fairly certain" that the search parties should look in the south Indian Ocean for the vanished plane.

Inmarsat shared their data with a partner company the following day, on March 11, and with Malaysian investigators on March 12. It was not until three days later, on March 15, that Malaysian authorities acknowledged that satellite data suggested the plane was not in the Strait of Malacca or the South China Sea and began redirecting search efforts to the Indian Ocean.

Asked whether the company was concerned Malaysia took so long to act on their information, Inmarsat spokesman Chris McLaughlin told the BBC that theirs was just one small piece of data in the Malaysian investigation.

"No, it's not our place to be concerned," McLaughlin said. "Our position was we shared data and an idea that could be tested against other data with the correct authorities on the Tuesday. We can't possibly know what other data was in the investigation or what routes the Malaysian government were following."

On the delays, tell that to the Chinese authorities and people who had to rely on delays, lack of information, incorrect information, etc. etc.

Greenbug 22 March 2014 at 03:39  

RMAF / TUDM is fast in taking action against its own senior officer Mejar (U) Ahmad Zaidi for voicing his concern about the indelible ink used in GE13.

Like the PDRM, TUDM has become a political apparatus of the ruling BN/UMNO party when both should be defending the skies of Malaysia and fighting crimes, respectively.

Thus, we can see that even these two uniformed institutions are damaged by the BN/UMNO government...

Anonymous,  23 March 2014 at 17:53  

Lambat bertindak bcoz sibuk dgn PRK Kajang. And also inside that plane no Tan SRI or Tiang Sri ....only 1 Datin saja yg ada kat dlm tu.....kapal selam now at Dataran Melaka. Entrance fees RM5. ...n subsidi by stupid government@ BN.

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