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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 15 April 2010

A Tale of Two Cities.

Here's a touching story told by my niece. She lives in Taman Tun Dr Ismail and goes to school at SMK TTDI. She is a 4th former.
She tells the story of a very clever form 4 boy. This boy hails from Sungai Penchala. He comes from the underbelly of Sungai Penchala- far away from the palaces of one Pahamin Rejab and a son of a former PM, high on the hills and other mansions belonging to the 30 percenters a.k.a. the beneficiaries of the NEP.
Today, the whole class to which the boy belongs was hauled up for punishment for some disciplinary breaches. Before punishment was meted, the boy asked permission from the form teacher to see his younger brother who is in form two.
Why? Asked the teacher.
So that I can pass him this RM1 to buy food at the canteen.
The younger brother came over to the class and the following conversation took place.
Adik- take this RM1 and buy food at the canteen.
But this isn't enough- I didn't eat at the canteen yesterday.
Ok, take my RM 1 too, and the younger brother took the RM1 from the older sibling.
But abang, you have not eaten either.
The older boy answered: its ok adik, I will drink lots of tap water so I won't feel hungry.
The teacher who overheard the conversation was so moved that she gave the boys RM 5 to share.
This will last us for a week cikgu. Thank you very much.
It's a tale of two cities, this country of ours. A few hours car ride away at the command center at Bukit Sentosa in Hulu Selangor, everything was set for the announcement of the BN candidate.

I was traveling from Hulu Bernam towards Kuala Lumpur when I called a journalist friend. I asked how; tell me how did the people come to cheer Muhyidin on?

Well they came in their Porsche Cayennes, Hummers, Beemers and Mercs.

Ah…I thought so, I said.

Who will win this by election?

UMNO will win this election for MIC and BN if this were a contest for:-

Establishing who has the most numbers of hummers, Cayennes, beemers and Mercs. UMNO/BN will definitely win.

If every one of these goons are huddled in a hall and were to be asked who will win- they will cheer on in unison, UMNO/BN will win.

A win by Pakatan is unthinkable for that would mean life as they know it- 24/7 of merrymaking, shopping sprees, making more money through the time tested regime of political patronage and cronyism will end. How can they ever allow this lifestyle to end?

So they came in the paraphernalia of the Nouveau riche, to lend support and assure themselves, BN has a candidate who will continue supporting the system which in turn sustains the decadence for which UMNO and BN has been responsible for. They came in their finest show-offish armory- hummers, beemers, Porcshe Cayennes, Mercs.

So who cares about a form Four boy who scored 7As and 1B in last year's PMR if he has eaten or not? The boy is known to scavenge for food leftovers at the canteen and has become the butt of peer jokes in the school.

Compare and contrast this deprivation with the excesses and pomposity with which UMNO and BN supporters debauch themselves at Hulu Selangor today. 

So, Mr.Education Minister, Mr. Malay first and Malaysian second, here is a Malay boy and a Malaysian- will you tell your people to look out for him? 
And those MP's from Pakatan mentioned by one commentator, dont just sit on your asses and foist everything on the BN government.


Anonymous,  15 April 2010 at 23:30  

Sorry !nothing will change as the rot started long time ago ! Yup! you were right ! debauchary at its finest !We are actually still in feudal times technically .

kuldeep 15 April 2010 at 23:30  

Dato...pure brilliance.

You are giving us all the real insights..

The poor boy must aspire to join UMNO and by hook or crook and lots of ball licking get high enough in the hierarchy..

Double degrees and Phd can only get u a WAJA and heavily mortgaged DS Storey in Bangi.

Ur brilliant..cuts thru the gobbledygook and show us the true direction,

Unknown 15 April 2010 at 23:32  

Moving and Excellent piece.
Please translate in BM and circulate in Hulu Selangor.
Best Wishes

Anonymous,  15 April 2010 at 23:38  

Well written.Sadly thats the reality.Its like walking with a tiny stone inside your shoes.You are aware of it.You feel the discomfort but you still trudge on. why?Do something lah dato.Action please!
You are bloody well right too about the hummer, porsche or merc owner only concerned about how he/she is gonna purchase the next hummer,porsche or merc.
They dont give a damn about the rest.You can write the most touching story, or even a cerita yang boleh buAt kita menitik ayer mata for that matter.THEY DONT CARE!

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 00:34  

..and Ibrahim Ali and his gang dan yang sewaktu dengan nya will put the blame the non-malays for the poor boys going hungry.

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 00:45  

And then, what? Have these pembesar come in proton saga? For the first time I find you naive or is it naively idealistic.
Dah ada cayenne, humvee, bmw, pakailah kot.
Saya takde hal klu sedara mara yg dah "make it" balik kg pakai kereta besar. Kita yg takde ni boleh tumpang merasa. Tumpang bangga.
Tapi klu mereka dah berlagak sangat, tak mau makan bersila cara kita di kampung misal nya, itu dah tentu menyampah.
Them flashy cars I too love and covet, and if the owners do not forget their duty to the lesser beings like the children of your story, I say live and let live.
As a voter in a kampung, I'd put more premium on their budi pekerti, adab, even if they did arrive in big cars.

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 01:07  

Salam Bro………..

Yeah Bro, who care’s about that form 4 boy plight, suffering, sacrifice just name whatever it can be…..who care’s what the ground has to say, forward any opinion at all, as the grounds and roots are always stinking and muddy compared to those hummers, cayennes and brabus with all that aromatic not known to the ground and roots. Who on earth in this my country have the sincere care if not the hummers, cayennes and brabus care for their hummers, cayennes and brabus. To the ground their life is spinning hard but looking at this hummers, cayenne’s and brabus the ground life eyes spin in amazing as we are the temporary aborigines every time a by-election is to be held. Yeah, who care’s only the aborigine’s care

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 01:12  


These goons are parasites!

They don't care about the poor. Now you know why my friends and I will never vote for UMNO.

UMNO/BN tipu orang Melayu!

You are an UMNO you own a Beemer/cayenne, Merc?
So, forget it , get out of UMNO. How could you be supporting a cruel government that neglect our poor brothers and sisters.


merahputeh,  16 April 2010 at 01:37  

very touching story doubt.

"So who cares about a form Four boy who scored 7As and 1B in last year's PMR if has eaten or not? The boy is known to scavenge for food leftovers at the canteen and has become the butt of peer jokes in the school"

lets do some check and balance of facts...

: office is about 2.5km away from Sg penchala

*neibouring ADUN:
ADUN Damansara Utama: Dr. Cheah Wing Yin
party: DAP
office is about 10mins away from Sg Penchala.

take into account that PKR and DAP works together, i see no reason why the cry of the boy shouldn't be heard by ANY of them.

i dont see why ppl should vote for PKR or DAP either.this story of the boy from SG PENCHALA, is just less than 15mins away from the community centers.

Ariff Sabri 16 April 2010 at 03:57  

anon 00:45

since you have put it that way, allow me to respond emotionally:-

you donkey! u miss the point. when i pointed out the vehicles they come in to cheer Muhyidin on, what was the effect on the rakyat? th erakyat see these UMNO goons shameleslly exhibit their arrogance and pomposity. are u an UMNO member you dolt? if you are then 2008 should have been a reality check on the arrogance and pomposity, the two most importnat reasons contributing to massive losses by UMNO. so go on- parade your arrogance and see whether UMNO is liked or despised.
so apply that substance between your ears sikit ok.. and i dont mean your nose.
i have said i will respond emotionally.

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 07:46  

The display of wealth by UMNO supporters at GE or by election is always nauseating. How could they ever establish rapport with the grassroots? Most of them are recipients of directly negotiated tenders at inflated price.
Pak Zed

walla 16 April 2010 at 07:54  

It's not just a Malay boy in TTDI.

Opposite the TTDI's community centre, there is an old Malay couple selling great nasi lemak by the bus stop in the morning. As usual, the crowd will build up before eight every morning. People buy many packs. Add sotong, rendang, ayam, kerang and so on.

One morning, a middle-aged Malay man stood there waiting in the queue. When it came to his turn, he paused for a few seconds and you can read the dilemma going through his mind. He was calculating how much he had in his pocket. After a few seconds, lima bungkus, biasa.

For the majority of Malays, including those in Umno, who quietly say their prayers every day, do their work with earnest and honest effort, respecting adat and building harmony, and live their lives without hurting others or spewing nonsense, their lives, as much their nasi lemak breakfast, have been just - biasa.

That's a sprinkling of peanuts, anchovies, a small piece of egg and some cucumbers, add-on a spoon of sambal. No meat.

But is this second example, as the first, reflective of the condition of just one community? Some years ago when one of those financial crises had ravaged the local economy too, there was a young Chinese man at a coffee-shop. He ordered one slice of bread and a glass of plain water for his breakfast. You could see how he chewed on that piece of bread. The emotions changed color with each bite. Despair, followed by frustration, then fatalism turned to anger turned to resolve turned to determination.

Then you go to an office and at the counter you see the frailest looking young Indian girl. She's almost bare bones. It could not be genetic. No one could be so bone-thin; you can't miss the sadness in her eyes.

Poverty, difficulties and despair are not the province of just one race. And Umno's ministers who are supposed to be federal in their mindset don't realize that the pains of the rakyat have crossed the borders of race. Or maybe they do but choose to ignore it because their party remains race-based.

What is a government but a service-provider to solve peoples' problems? If it doesn't solve the problems, that's already bad. If it also creates the problems, that's even worse. And if it selectively solves by race, that's damning.

Someone spoke about the Najib factor for Hulu Selangor. What about the Muhyiddin factor? The 1Malaysia of Najib is immediately repelled by the Malay1 by Muhyiddin. People are asking for them to declare their assets. When he was MB of Johor, he did some things. The rakyat know.

Sometimes you wonder if Umno leaders think by talking in front of people and peppering their speeches with chutzpah they can dilute the things they had done coming up.

For that, ask the Malay boy without his satu ringgit or the Malay man with his nasi lemak biasa.

I am walla.

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 08:03  

they have not change, let us teach them lessons that will remeind them for life, for what they did to the trust we gave them and plundered our asset for their personal gains. let change them

walla 16 April 2010 at 08:20  

And since there's no breakfast today, allow me:

There can't be that many women in Mindef. So how many one ringgit can we take off from that RM27 million expended on women shoes for Mindef that can pay the breakfasts of the poor Malay kids of Sg Penchala? Or from the RM77 million a year expended so that this country can put on cosmetics while her people drink muddy tap water, supplied courtesy of RM55 million a year Rozali, Umno stalwart, MCC chief and owner of the most splendid adjoined twin bungalow in TTDI?

Pak Zawi 16 April 2010 at 08:26  

The point is, how will the government ensure that the wealth won't go to the select few and they are spread over a larger section of the populace? It is obscene to note the wealth of a few individuals knowing full well that they didn't earn it but obtained them by sleazy moves when they were in the position of power bestowed by the rakyat when they become a PM or MB.

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 08:45  


How can we help this boy.
He is our child.

Voice of the Oppressed, Suppressed 16 April 2010 at 09:05  

How true!
One has to go to the estates and kampongs to see how some of our fellow Malaysians (or should they be called Indians and Malays)live.

Take a peek into their living quarters. See what they eat. See how their children run around half naked.

See how the Malay folks live on the green leaves/plants that they pick from along the drains. Taste the dishes they make from banana shoots and tapioca leaves. See the condition of their one-room houses.

Now go to the local UMNO divisional AGM and look at those expensive cars that are parked indiscriminately along the road. Look at their attire - the RM 400 batik shirts!
Look at their smugness and arrogance and stiff lips.

Yet these same rich people, like Ibrahim Ali, shout from rooftops how they plan to defend the Malay maruah, "bangsa, ugama dan negara'.
And they demand that the Malays be grateful to UMNO for what it had done for them.
They demand for their votes!!!!!!

To vote Opposition is "to bite the hands that feed them."

The truth is, the filthy rich UMNO leaders DO NOT know the real plight of the poor kampong Malays.

Now, isn't this scandalous?

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 09:49  

Salam Dato Sak,

This Moo Moo will always be a fine example of past & present minister in UMNO beginning in the 80's

Semua Arrogant tak bertempat!

Bodoh Sombong!

I'm starting to think is it because their roots from Johor?

I've got a few friends from Muar & Batu Pahat - neither of them berlagak macam this UMNO Ultra

i.e. Moo Moo & HisapMudin.

Irony - both was & and shared the same portfolio - Education Minister!!!


-Ikan Tongkol-

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 09:53  

yeh and what would you do??

dont blame others if when you know about it you dont act to it..

please datuk go to his place bring all the media and highlight it to them..just to show them their inefficient.. and please datuk "if" you decided to go please drive kancil aje k..

talk is cheap..but if you have "THE HEART" do it.. and show it to us the commoner..

awan,  16 April 2010 at 09:55  

apa yg dato sak cuba tonjolkn dalam cerita ni??

ada tujuan dato utk 'tease' pelajar miskin tadi?
ada ia bertujuan utk menunjukkan SMTTDI sepatutnya utk golongan elitis dan bukan utk rakyat tak kira yg kaya atau miskin?

tak paham kenapa perlu kaitkan kereta besar atau kecil di hulu selangor...

adakah dato menyarankn agar para pemimpin politik tak kira bn/pr supaya menjadi hipokrit...yakni kalau ada prk di kawasan kampung...gunalah kereta kecik2 sahaja...tapi bila berpolitik di kwasan bandar bawak kereta besar pun takpe?

vinnan,  16 April 2010 at 09:55  


Since you want to blame the non-UMNO AdUNS then come to Johor the bastion of UMNO and let me show you some of these poor Malay kids like the one Datuk has described whose cause UMNO and PERKASA claim to champion.

UMNO controls almost all Malaysian banks except for two and even these two non-Malay banks have sizable government holdings. The UMNOputras and the PERKASAputras control these banks. Do you understand how RM2 can borrow millions now?

The education ministry controls all the SMKs and the food programs meant to help the poor in these schools. If there is no food program to help the boy at his school IT MEANS THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE STUDENTS COME FROM WELL TO DO FAMILIES WHO DO NOT QUALIFY FOR FOOD PROGRAMS. In other words the UMNOputras and PERKASAputrs do not give a shit about the poor Malays unless it serves THEIR political and economic self-interest.

As for Anon 16 April 2010 00:45 you just do not get the Datuk's point.

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 09:58  

Dato Zak,

As long as Malaysia (our beloved country) practices political divide and hatred, there will never be no serious effort to champion people plight. Of course the beneficiaries of this situation are those in the "right ship" and obviously they would like to remain that way to protect their turf.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is lord - Machiavelli

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 10:01  

Alfi 00:45

Well ... is it really necessary to come down and pride yourself with all those luxury necessity!?

I mean REALLY? whats wrong with proton or car pooling for instance?

Aloo Alfi wah respect lar lu punya far-sighted extremely Brilliant!

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, and people in denial
asking why UMNO most of the time shooting his own foot.

Bangga my arse tak duduk bersila baru nak start menyampah, apa punya comment daaa.

-Ikan Tongkol-

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 10:01  

Dato Sak,

Can you arrange a fund-raising for this boy? I start the ball rolling with RM500

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 10:27  

The story is emotional but I don't understand how the boy did not receive free school lunches. The system to help these poor people is there but the people entrusted to do the job is incompetent or maybe just plain lazy. The main reason BN will lose is because of these people. People responsible to deliver services but are too corrupt or lazy to move a finger.

Warga Batang Kali,  16 April 2010 at 10:34  

Apa kurangnya Anwar, Zaid, Azmin Ali dan lain-lain. Sama juga. Tak de bezanya kerana mereka semua ex-Umno.
Zaid lagilah. Loyar terkaya, semuanya ter, ter dan kaki tunggang whisky.
Tak fairlah hentam BN sebegini.
Itu dinamakan kemajuan. Sebagai orang Melayu, kita patut bangga bangsa kita berjaya dan dah banyak duit macam Cina.
Kita ambil contoh saya, okay. Saya kontrektor kelas F pakai Vios, bini pakai Honda Civic. Anak-anak saya di IPTA semua pakai kereta Kancil dan Kelisa sebab senang nak berulang-alik dari Shah Alam dan KL.
Kita orang Minang, jadi kita berjimat duit untuk membeli kemewahan seperti rumah dan kereta.
Ipar duai saya ada yang potong rumput, buat landscaping, pembina rumah. Ada yang pakai Storm, SUV, Toyota Unser etc.
So if we can also buy luxury cars, so can people in BN.
You tak bangga ke anak bangsa kita pakai Beemer ke Hummer ke Merc ke?
Dan you sebagai seorang Datuk dan bekas Adun tentu pakar BMW 7 series atau Merc dan isteri mesti SUV.
Kalau saya baca daripada blog tulisan isteri, dia bangga dengan title Datin dan di sana sini menyebut suami tersayang sebagai Datuk begini, Datuk begitu.
Dari cerita isteri, memang lifestyle Datuk sekeluarga hebat.
Saya envy, bukan jealous. Saya nak jadi macam anda sekeluarga. Of courselah I takkan dapat Datukship.
Anak-anak Datuk selepas SPM dihantar ke KYUEM dan kemudian ke England.
Sayapun ada anak di KYUEM tapi atas scholarship.
Itupun sebab BN memerintah, kita dapat merasa sama.
Saya kecewa Umno tak dapat kerusi Hulu Selangor. Mula saya nak taruk undi rosak, tapi sebab Kamal dan bukan Palanivel, saya sekeluarga akan mengundi si Kamal.
Hanya term pertama kita undi Palanivel, lepas tu tak dah. Harap Kamal tidak meniru cara Palanivel sudahlah.


Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 11:31  

You sound eaxctly like Anwar! While you were the Politician in Pahang, what was your contribution?Did u look at your Kawasan? How many poor people there did you help? You are just another frustrated ex politician who was not selected to contest. Now you going around parroting your master Anwar and KJ! Poorah!!


Ariff Sabri 16 April 2010 at 11:43  

balless Getek,

FU. if you care to investigate- done more than all previous aduns combined! to help out the poor. what do you fucking know?

warga batang kali.

bagus lah kalu saudara telah berjaya pakai ini dan itu. bererti saudara lebih berjaya daripada saya. semasa saya adun, saya pakai kereta yang saya beli sendiri sebelum jadi adun dan pakai kereta serupa sepanjang tempoh. untuk sana sini, saya bawa pickup truck untuk bawak beg sekolah, basikal, makanan, pakaian untuk orang kampung. anak saya ke KYUEM duit sendiri. pergi Engladn pun duit sendii sebab saya tau pelajaran lah yg lebih penting.
ramai klas F jadi kaya dengan projek dari kerajaan- PLB lah, projek ransangan lah dsb nya. yg pertama mereka lakukan seprti saudara- beli kerata mewah dan berbini dua. kemudian tekan kerajaan untuk dapat pojek lagi.
jadi kalau saudara tidak faham maksud saya menceritakan perihal pimpinan UMNO berkreta mewah ke Hulu Selangor, dukacita saya mengatakan- ia mengesahkan persepsi saya terhadap kontraktor klas F yang kaduk naik junjung. demikian ada nya.

Sting Garden mari,  16 April 2010 at 11:45  

Budak Sg Pencala yang you sebut tu bukan anak pendatang Indon ke? Ramai anak pendatang Indon sekolah di Damansara Utama dan Taman Tun.
Itu sudah kira baik dari anak gelandangan di negara asal mereka. Sini dapat sekolah percuma.
Sg Pencalapun dah jadi perkampungan Indon. Ada Mi Bakso. Ada pasar malam yang semuanya barangan Indon.
Pergi sana macam rasa bukan di negara sendiri.

Wenger J Khairy 16 April 2010 at 11:56  

Dear Dato',

Could you provide a bank account so that we can make some contributions to this child's plight.

merahputeh,  16 April 2010 at 11:56  

the fact remains..
i dont see change.
we go against BN last GE because we want change.i am not sure about the others, but at least me.
no point going on talking on UMNO chaps,we know why we dislike them. the piece is written about a boy who is surrounded by PR 2nd thought still remain.. this boy if from PKR area, he's still like that, that makes PKR is no better either and it is very sad.maybe it's about time political parties in malaysia really walk their talk, especially PKR.

Warga Batang Kali,  16 April 2010 at 12:09  

Kenapalah Datuk tuduh saya kontraktor kelas F yang kaduk naik junjung. Saya tak kenalpun mana-mana Adun.
Saya cari projek kecik yang kerja kotor untuk menyara keluarga. Saya orang biasa saja yang ikat perut untuk membeli kereta selesa sikit dan rumah agak sederhana.
Saya bawa cerita kereta itu sebab sedangkan saya orang biasa ada kereta, takkan Datuk tak ada kereta mewah.
Sedihnya lah saya disalah fahamkan oleh Datuk. Tidak sama sekali saya menuduh anda apa-apa. In fact seperti yang saya cakap, saya bangga dengan lifestyle keluarga anda.
Dalam tulisan saya kata anda menghantar anak ke Egland dengan duit sendiri. Syabas. Sayapun kalau ada duit sendiri pun nak hantar semua anak belajar luar negeri.
Tapi you tahu tak ada anak orang kaya yang sama nakkan biasiswa JPA sungguhopun mampu menghantar anak belajar overseas.
Ada yang menghantar anak ke Community Kolej sebab tak hendak belanja besar utuk pelajaran anak. Tsk, tsk.
Tapi saya juga kenal anak orang kaya yang hantar anak ke Oxford dengan belanja sendiri sungguhpun layak dapat scholarship. Syabas.
Untuk pengetahuan Datuk, saya sangat bangga kalau melihat bangsa kita berjaya.
Kalau kita tidak, at least ada orang kita yang maju jaya.
P.S. Datuk tak cakappun pakai kereta apa dan isteri pakai kereta apa?
Maaflah orang kampung seperti saya suka tengok kereta orang.

Wenger J Khairy 16 April 2010 at 12:18  

Dear Dato',
I would also like to comment on the story.

We have to be honest to admit that as much as I would find the morality of the situation repugnant i.e. riches and poverty being side by side, there needs to be a clear understanding of the situation.

And common sense dictates that in all countries, including the US and the UK, there are those who go hungry. But where we can help is by donation - because in theory, if there are enough "haves" to sort out the problem of the "have nots". The reason has to do with the M2 component in our country i.e. RM 1 trillion. And I believe just 2% re-allocation via public donation to those in need means a movement of RM 20 billion, which can support easily 1 million people in Malaysia to sort out their problems. So in theory, the problem is solvable.

Ok now on the economy. I still believe we elect the Government we deserve. If people still talk about
my right vs your right, or preferentially deals with one person on the basis of race, and I stress, this discussion cuts across all races then we will elect politicians who play the race card. These would include those in UMNO and DAP ( DAP plays the race card through its coded language concept, at least UMNO is explicit). The other politcal parties have more or less obscure political affiliations, the only one I would count as having anything resembling something noble would be PRM.

And being involved in politics is an extremely risky proposition which deserves a risk adjusted reward. Do you think that the DAP partizan who if they seize power in Selangor would not demand a fair compensation for all those years in the doldrums? Hence we should question what inducements have changed hands that allowed the many massage parlours/bars that are to spring up in Selangor? UMNO's patronage is via Government and GLC procurement.

In conclusion, if the mentality of the people is as per the present way, then if you think about it logically we will get what we deserve. We will get UMNO and we will get the DAP. And UMNO and DAP will exist to serve each others base.

Maybe it can be changed, may be it can't. I for one see that in the history of mankind, mankind will not change unless compelled to do so. For the Germans and the Japanese it took a near total destruction of their country post World War II.

I think the present system will collapse once the public debt burden crashes the Ringgit. But if its true that there is the world's largest oil well off the shores in Sarawak, the system will continue.
Till then the economy is structured to preserve the status quo.

Ariff Sabri 16 April 2010 at 12:23  

warga batang kali,

untuk maklumat tuan, semasa saya jadi adun, saya pakai kereta x trail. dan pakai nissan frontier. tak de beemer. takde mercs. takde hummer. takde Cayenne.
saya on record menyatakan bahawa saya bangga melihat kejayaan orang Melayu yang naik dengan usaha sendiri terutama tidak memerlukan berbinkan onn, razak,mahathir, dll.
sama ada sdra mau percaya atau tidak- saya tidak pernah mintak kawasan balak percuma. selama saya bertugas dibawah DS Najib dalam UMNO bahagian Pekan, sila periksa sama ada saya pernah mintak projek dari menteri. tidak ada sebab itu saya berani cakap apa apa hal sekali pun.
serupa seperti sdra, arwah bapak saya hanya kerani dgn kerajaan. pelajaran adalah jalan keluar untuk naik keatas dalam hidup. saya amat bergembira sdra menyatakan ada anak di KYUEM. bererti sdra juga tahu nilai pelajaran. percayalah, inilah sahaja yang mendepankan kita dalam perlumbaan hidup. yang kaya tapi kekayaan tersebut tidak dapat di sokong oleh pendidikan akan kecundang akhirnya.
dengan menghantar anak ke KYUEM, sdra telah membuat pilihan bahawa mutu seseorang itu penting. lanjutan dari itu, sdra mesti konsisten dalam pilihan ini dengan
mendesak dan menuntut kualiti yang tinggi dari pimpinan bangsa kita demi masa depan negara. kualiti ahli parlimen yang ada sekarang, khususnya dari UMNO sama standard dengan ahli JKKK.
saya mau UMN/BN menang dalam prk ini, tapi kita mesti menang atas prinsip murni.

A proud Melayu,  16 April 2010 at 12:23  

This happens among the Chinese and the Indians too.
Especially among MIC. The wealth between the Brahmins in MIC and the lower class Indians are humongous.
Look at Samy and Palanivel and look at Kamal.
But they are too proud to admit that. If not No BM to blame. Nothing more exciting than a Malay hitting other Malays.
For sure there are cheer-leaders with a resounding aye chorus.
They are just waiting to pounce on the Malays.
When we criticse their race, they will be shouting foul.
Start citing the 1Malaysia crap.
No one is spared. Unduly sensitive. Even our PM and DPM is not spared.
I longed for the days of Tun M.

kuldeep 16 April 2010 at 12:36  


Perception is> all Dato,politicians ,UMNO big bosses or those close to them are "very2 rich"..and the source of the wealth is ????.

Most ppl will not begrudge some one who works and earn their money.

(As an aside>>did YTL,Lim Goh Tong,Gamuda Lin,Chua Hock Chin,Ananda,Vincent..earn their money without govt's extra ordinary assistance?)

So,Dato are you a rich man with a string of fancy cars and huge bungalows?Do u have a huge stash of money in local and foreign banks?Do u hv huge chunks of shares in PLCs?

Well if u hv..good luck to u.If you don't then the general perception is wrong.Maybe..the rich who abused the system is only a minority?

Maybe,there;s lots of principled Dato within UMNO..then it augurs well for future,

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 13:02  

I've seen it and heard the story and the truth many times. I am very sad many years ago and the only way to teach these UMNO led BN is by going under ground to hit them but pray to ALLAH always for his guidance.
Gua caya sama lu la Dato' and like it or not let's go to HULU Selangor for the rakyat!!!!
Sedih la Dato', ni yang buat semangat nak balik kampong berkempen ni. Thank you for awaking me from my sleep. GOD bless you sir.

Warga Batang Kali,  16 April 2010 at 13:15  

Thanks. Sekarang kontrektor Kelas F nak cuba cakap English, okay? Sorrylah if broken Eglish. Dah rusty sebab lama tak guna.
I think what you want and what I want is the same thing. So are the Umno leaders who want if for their race.
But somewhere along the way, things screwed up. The noble intentions are gone astray. Anyway life is not perfect. After all its an unfair an indeed cruel world.
But please dont tar the F class contractors as beneficiaries of partonage projects. Most of my kind are in the same boat. Dont know anyone. No political connections whatsoever.
About education, yes I value it highly. My boy at KYUEM is from Kolej Yayasan Saad which is as you know is Halim Saad's.
An example of a Malay who gives back. KYUEM is was once an extension college for KYS kids. But now its owned by UEM and open to all Matriculation students.
My boy is a UEM scholar.
I have no wealth to be proud of. But I am proud that all my three kids receive scholarships to study in US, UK and Ireland.
All of them are straight As student. And their scholarships are from conglomerates not JPA.
I stressed this because non-Malays thought Malays only qualify to get JPA and Mara scolarships.
On your tenure as ADUN, I know so well on how principled you are. But sometimes if you are too principled, some don't like it. I know because my wife is from Lepih (Lipis). One of the kemanakans of King Ghaz who died with no excess wealth.

Mydeen Aboo Backer 16 April 2010 at 13:20  

SiPM (M) agrees, pure brilliance. yes, the chasm between the "beneficiaries" of the NEP and the rakyat is wide. and it clearly underscores it, as it will over the next few weeks, comparing the Porsches, Beamers, Hummers and Mercs of the BN against the bicycles and motorsikal of the residents of Hulu Selangor.

Who'd be a better candidate though, Zaid or Kamalanathan ? -

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 13:56  

Where is Ibrahim Ali, the champion of ketuanan ? This is one Malay who need you.

Where is Muhiyddin, the Education Minister ? What is he doing to see school kids like these are help ? Where is the School Food Program for poor kids ? Solve these problems first before talking about whether to teach Maths & Science in Malay.

Please direct all your complaints to them instead of DAP ini or PKR itu.

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 14:00  

Hallo Batang yang tak boleh pakai,

Kalau u tgk blog datin you mesti tau itu datin banyak simple...ade ker dia cuti sini sana...tgk umah dia mewah ker? dia tak pandai lah nak berlagak..saya dah jumpa dia banyak kali...kereta pun lain kali, kasik bini isap Batang betul2 sebleum you tuduh saya punya kawan Datin perkara2 tak benar...ok?

org bodo pun tgk blog Datin sudah tau dia action ker tarak tgk berapa banyak dia punya kawan semua dari sebelum dia jadik datin...lantak la dia mau bangga suami dia...semua bini bangga sama punya bini tarak pandai bangga sama manyak rasa pelik la itu datin sayang dan bangga sama suami...

Melayu camtu lah..message utama dia tak nampak..dia masih mau dengki benda2 petty.

kawan datin

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 14:07  

The stark fact remains that schools are under the control of the Education Ministry and not the state government.

So how come most comments are directed at DAP & PKR when the one in charge is the DPM ? Does it mean that BN can be in charge but the opposition has to clean up their mess ?

BN does not even want to help the Malays in Kelantan with the oil royalty so don't preach to us about ketuanan Melayu. So Perkasa's fight is only for UMNO Malays ?

walla 16 April 2010 at 14:07  

I can confirm what Sak just wrote. He drives an old x-trail, dresses simply and drinks water at coffee shop. His children are polite, quiet and obviously intelligent achievers. His wife, Mamasita, dresses simply, wears no makeup but still looks young and smiles all the time. Since i know hard times, i know their difficulties. And i think the gomen is stupid beyond belief not to give him a proper job in Putrajaya. He can do much for national transformation and changing all those neanderthal mindsets. Umno is an idiot organization when it comes to human resources.

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 14:24  

Dato Zak. I feel so sad and mad reading this. What the bloody hell is this govt doing?

I hope as you go to Ulu Selangor, you do the right thing. Think of the form 4 boy. Think of his future. It is partly in your hand.

Navi 16 April 2010 at 14:37  


How many of the readers seem to miss the point. Your article is spot on and applies not only to the UMNOputras but aslo the Samies, Kohs and Chuas from MIC, MCA and Gerakan for sure.
I am also surprised at the number who have volunteered to assist and set up funds for'the student' of TTDI. He needs assistance allright.
But there are thousands of students and children all over Malaysia, who need assistnce. Why can't these people see for themselves the poor and do the needful rather than seeking bank account nos. to contribute. Just walk into any estate, kampongs or the rumah murahs in the towns and you will find many in dire needs. Go seek them out and help them in any way they could if they really care.

As for those who blame the Pakatan YBs, look at yourselves first before you point fingers. If the BN Ybs had done their job the last 50 years, situations as described need not arise.

To you Dato', I salute. You have been most consistent in your words and deeds. Please keep on writing. I never miss your articles even if I may not agree on everything you write.

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 14:54  

Dear Sakmongkol AK47

I think you are a very unhappy man. Probably because you are not among the "goons. You know I used to like your writting, full of ideas and pure thinking.

But now I think it is just an easay from a very frustrated man. You have been babling about this issue and the UMNO goons (which I think you were an esteemed member as well).

I do not know you, havent met you, so it would not be fair for me to judge you, but I hope and pray you can find peace within you, so that your writting an inspire me and your "fans", as it was before.


Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 16:21  


Just like to share a story of a young aspiring Malay entreprenuer, Ahmad Shahir aka Ah Loi.

Besides working full time, he runs two businesses and taking night courses at OUM.

At 23 he has already gone through the pains of betrayal by his friend yet he is so forgiving.

As far as I know, he's not a beneficiary of the NEP.

I pray that he will succeed one day.

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 18:02  

Warga batang kali , awak memang bodohlah,jenis Melayu yg bodoh !!

apa dengan cerita you ada kereta ini , bini kereta itu , anak belajar sana sini ....

lain kali baca betul2 apa yg SAK tulis sebelum buat komen !!

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 19:59  

It has been 2 years since 2008 election. A lot of promises for change but I personally don't think UMNO will change. It is rotten to the core. Just status-quo. Only way is to kick UMNO/BN out. What other choice do we have?

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 21:21  

Salam Dato Sak,

Tsk, Tsk ... A lot of Otak Lembu and Judgmental lot lately in AK47 commentary box ...

1. Comparing Cars, wealth etc
2. Assuming, Accused etc
3. Racial Fanning
4. Plagiarism of "better" English
5. Showing off who has better style of comments, e.g. Smartmouth

And the list goes on endless ...

Although I like Walla ending Comment - "UMNO is an idiot organization when it comes to human resources"

For you Melayu out there yang Lembab, Buta Hati termasuk Mata - Erti Maksud Walla - "UMNO adalah Organisasi Bodoh apabila berurusan dengan pengurusan Sumber Manusia"

Ouch! but Soooo true!


Sigh .. I dream of a better Education for Malaysians ...

When all this Moronic thinking & Judgemental will end!?

Sudah dan Cukup² la being judgemental - perbanyakkan Muhasabah diri masing² dan back to basics.

Is it due to the Hot Weather - everyone is all hyped up!?


-Ikan Tongkol-

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 21:43  

Sdra Batang Kali,

Hakikatnya ramai kaum Cina berjaya atas usaha sendiri. Mereka rajin dan sanggup bergolok bergadai untuk hantar anak belajar ke IPTS and luar negara. Orang Melayu harapkan biasiswa dan kontrak kerajaan. Itu pun banyak yang di-subkan. Bila dapat duit sikit beli kereta mewah, tambah bini, joli dsb. Tak pandai nak sustain and create more wealth without govt's assistance. Ini realiti. Takkan kerajaan nak bagi tongkat sampai akhir zaman. Sampai bilapun tak maju. Ubahlah minda sikit.

Anonymous,  16 April 2010 at 22:55  

ini cerita saya Dato' dulu pergi sekolah tak bawa wang cuma bekal dari rumah. Saya belajar tak la berapa bagus but above orang melayu yang lain syukur dapat masuk universiti (kerana NEP) dan dapat biasiswa (kerana NEP) sekarang kerja pun agak ok ,anak anak saya dapat duit belanja secukupnya . Saya tak dpat pakai kereta besar tetapi saya bersyukur kerana NEP sikit sebanyak tolong saya mungkin kalau bukan kerana NEP mungkin anak saya sama macam cerita Dato .

V,  16 April 2010 at 23:54  

Salam Dato Sak,

There is this RMT scheme for poor children at school (Rancangan Makanan Tambahan). However it is only for children whose parents earn RM500 a month or less and only for Malaysians. According to my sis who is a teacher, food at the canteen is subsidized by the Govt. Kenyang tidaklah, setakat alas perut aje...

Anonymous,  17 April 2010 at 02:36  


Tahniah atas perkahwinan anak yang disayangi.Minta maaf sangat tidak dapat menghadiri majlis di Kuantan kerana jadual kerja luar negara.Maklumlah kerja sendiri mana ada cuti.

This is the dilemma of Malays even they make money of their own.Any preference of big cars will be labelled NEP boys due to some idiots who made money the ... not so legal mean.That is why I keep on buying houses in states that I have business done deal to avoid 'ire eyes' measuring what I can afford.
Sometimes I envy my chinese pals that can just drive and wear as they wish even they are involved in gov jobs.Honestly this is the problem created by your 80's generations. To do business , you must impress prospect clients ( voters? ) with what cars you own plus the golf skills talk too ( extremely boring ) .
Being mixed , ability to converse in Mandarin does works as an advantage in life for me but I pity my smart Malay friends struggling in the open even they are qualified enough(and even in Malay GLC). Some did better in Australia compared when they are here doing the same work.

About that poor kid .. I was so excited when Wenger did his BSR .. BLOGGER CARE something website.Fun to see the money pouring.Nice to see politics took a back seat over a child bad situation.but seems after that it just cool off.Sad.

On PR vs BN issue on who to be blame for allowing that boy to starve , rather than pointing fingers , where is the poor kids data on each schools website ? names etc ? PIBG tak buat kerja ? If you exposed these datas dont you think both 'warring army ' wont try to exploit the predicament by helping/organize charity/fund etc to helps the needy better. PR and BN must be placed in a environment like coke and Pepsi . Make them compete till they sweats.Serving us.And when they run out of resources , they will be point when they have to work together to serve us.I dream of this day. You think what you see in Parliament telecast,MPs from opposite sides shouting and cursing at each others are the real them? Crap. I was at their cafeteria laughing together,sometimes overheard sharing talk about projects.Pasal duit,PAS,UMNO,DAP,PKR apa apa lagi , Melayu,Cina,india,kadazan,Iban etc semua duduk kat corner secluded sikit bincang.1Malaysia betul kalau pasal duit. Enough with this hypocrisy both sides.

WORK FOR US . We dont care how many inches rims on your cars,cohiba ke benda,handicap of you golf game ( Game Orang Lemah Fikiran - main gentleman game tapi masih ludah sana sini ) , lorenzo , IWC .... Just Work For Us

Jamal JB

Anonymous,  17 April 2010 at 04:37  

Salam Dato'SAK,

Sedih Cerita remaja tingkatan 4 itu. Tapi ada jiwa luhur dan besar sanggup berkorban untuk adek nya. Guru nya pula ada sifat ikhsan.

2. Nak buat macam mana mereka ada kereta mewah dan pasti ada pemandu nya ,untuk senag pergerakan. Kalau pakai kancil ke ,myvi ke orang kata hipokrit pula. Kereta Nissan X-trail itu kira kereta mewah jepun, harga ratusan ribu.

3. Kerisauan tentang remaja cerdik itu satu hal. Tapi yang di hadapan kita sekarang ini berlambak ( ribuan) siswazah menganggur atau kerja underpaid, gaji bawah RM 1000. Siswazah itu ramai melayu pula., dalam bidang sains dan kejuruteraan. Ini tak merisaukan ke dan tak beri kesan kepada politik ke?.Cuba dato' buat tinjauan!.Dari satu segi kerajaan kata perlu ramai saintis dan jurutera.Kalau CGPA bawah 2.7 alamat ternggaga lah dia. Nak berkhidmat dengan kerajaan perlu cgpa 3.00 keatas, nak bekerja dengan swasta mesti tahu BI dan keputusan pula mesti bagus ,cgpa 3 keatas. Nak berniaga macam masalah. Aleh-aleh jadi penoreh getah. Saya dah berjumpa satu ketika dulu , lulusan universiti USA dalam bidang aeronautical Engineering berkerja di kedai VCD,DVD dan kaset di sebuah pekan kecil di negeri Dato,. Juga lulusan UPM dalam bidang Agriculture menjadi penoreh getah, juga di negeri dato' ,dah pernah keluar surat kabar. Lagi membimbangkan kalau lulusan biotek, chemistry dan Chemical engineering menyalah guna knowledge mereka itu, lagi haru.

4. Apakah ini salah pimpinan atau kek ekonomi tak besar. Dulu kita pernah dengar cerita lulusan kejuruteraan sivil di indon menjadi pemamdu teksi sapu dan pemegang master degree di kota madras menjadi penjual nangka di pasar pagi. Nampak nya fenomena ini sudah berjangkit di negara ini. Itu lah kehidupan, rezeki ada dimana-mana kalau sanggup berusaha. Senang tidak hidup boleh.

5. Apakah networking main peranan penting?.

6. Itu lah dia. Pemimpin pergi dan datang,4-5 tahun sekali berjumpa lah kita.


Anonymous,  17 April 2010 at 06:20  

Dear Dato,
It is sad to hear such a tale regarding a Malay boy. The RM billion wasted by Dr M & UMNO is enough to provide free school meals for all schools; like what they do in Europe.
This should PR target if they ever get to govern.
Fee school meals & free school books instead of Petronas Tower or PROTON. Down with UMNO!


Anonymous,  17 April 2010 at 21:09  

This is the 2nd story I heard within the last 24 hours. The previous one was told by a teacher in Merbok, Kedah who had just been transferred from Sg Long, Kajang! So, I guess the imbalances in Malaysia is very apparent!
I will not point fingers but I think the government (any govt) needs to find a mechanism to rectify the gap. Being sarcastic will not solve the problem!! On the hindsight, did anyone realise that those parcels of land in Sungai Pencala and Bukit Lanjan were initially own Malays who got greedy by selling their plots for peanuts!

SFGEMS 18 April 2010 at 14:03  

This Tale of Two Cities made me cry.

Immediately, I think of the people in my own area. Poor people who work hard and who have become friendly faces now.

Thank you for sharing that story.

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