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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 30 April 2010

UMNO’s Long and Winding Road


I was reading an article in Malaysian Insider with the title of Long Road Ahead of UMNO. Immediately after the Hulu Selangor election, I posted an article UMNO and Nike. Not a few people wrote in saying I am a traitor to UMNO for disputing the victory. Now, this article came up with quotations from UMNO luminaries make me want to say- said that, written that.
UMNO people have a choice. They can accept my criticisms or they can just ignore them. Howsoever they chose, they must rebut my criticisms with cogent reasoning. I shall be happy to acknowledge the shortcomings and defects of my own reasoning.
My point of contention is that UMNO cannot sustain itself by the approach it took in Hulu Selangor. PM Najib came into the fray with a fire fighting mentality instead of preventive fire strategy. In that emergency situation, all political scruples are abandoned. Everything was done in the name of political expediency- we come to solve problems. Hence we spent a lot of money to secure a 1700 majority. We pay here. We pay there. We spoil the atmosphere.
Look closely at the results. We lost Chinese trust. The Chinese don't trust MCA any longer and therefore I wrote 2 articles about the role and relevancy of MCA. Because they know an MCA being led by a president who allows his dick does the thinking for him, isn't going to bring dignity to the Chinese. Chew Mei Fun couldn't stomach the prospects of MCA being led by "Dick' Chua. My thinking is that, we can do better by building direct trust with the Chinese community. I answer one commentator who challenged UMNO to do it alone. Hello, I am talking about the impotent MCA leadership not the Chinese community.
Look also at the shift in voting preference among the young. They support Anwar Ibrahim and PKR more than they do UMNO. You think UMNO can solve the p[problem of its future by paying its way through? So UMNO depends on the support from the graying population who has given us but a contingent support. Their support stays provided the balance of the money owed to them is paid. Will Azeez Rempit who is going to develop the Sungai Buaya Felda land be able to come up with the money? If the money comes from the government- we are back to square one- UMNO needs more money to secure allegiance.
It appears to me, that when I wrote that UMNO cannot sustain its longevity by paying its way though has irked many UMNO people and bloggers who may not even be UMNO members. I am speaking from the perspective of an UMNO member, a former ADUN and now an itinerant critic of my party. I have chosen the road less travelled i.e. by speaking about what I perceived is wrong with UMNO.
Wining the people over by spending money is one of them. UMNO simply can't sustain itself by this way. You will need more and more to win allegiance. You reduce your supporters and voters to payable supplicants. Your support base then is made up of mercenary voters. The essential character of mercenaries is that they vote according to the money. In order to retain their loyalty, the benefactor must continue paying.
History has shown that even great nations that have relied on mercenary services have ended in destruction. The mighty Roman Empire which in the days leading to its ultimate oblivion entrusted whole defences of the empire to mercenaries, in the end, capitulated because the defence of the empire was abandoned by adherents to Roman ideals. The adherents to ideals and principles were replaced by payable supporters whose loyalty, remained as long as the paymaster was capable of paying.
Allegiance and loyalty purchased are short-lived. This dependence on paid mercenaries became one contributing factor eating at the foundations of the Roman Empire. When money becomes the substitute of substance, the sustainability of greatness, the permanence of allegiance and loyalty are eroded. When ideals and principles become corrupted, the 'soul' that nourishes the physical fades away. UMNO becomes in the end a spent force and should it face a more resolute and determined adversary, it will have only blank bullets to fight with.
What does the party become then? It becomes essentially a big ATM dispensing 'cash' to mercenary voters.
What happens to the ideals that supported the formation of UMNO then? Such as the mission and vision contained in Article 3 of its constitution? They diminish in value and over time are trivialized as nothing more than just some articulation of ideals of some historical value only. In terms of current relevancy, they serve nothing because all UMNO apparatchiks think; all they need to do is Just DU-IT!
What makes the difference in a political party? The answer which readily comes to mind- is that it is leadership that makes the difference. UMNO then provides leadership to Malays. The basis of that leadership? Its commitment and resolute articulation of its goals, vision. It operates on ideals and values that elicit a sense of shared commitment between the party and the people it leads.
It's a long and winding road.


Anonymous,  30 April 2010 at 19:06  

P94 memang BN?umno nasib baik. PRU13 belum tentu.. Sekarang ni pu pemimpim umno dah tak nak berjuang untuk melayu. Melayu Hulu Selangor dan Sek Ugama tak dapat apa benda pun walaupun dah beri undi pada BN. Yang tak sokong beri 3juta. Semua benda yang ada dari Kementerian Melayu /hak Melayu semua dah lebur. Elok sokong yang tak cakap perjuangan MELAYU

Red Alfa 30 April 2010 at 19:29  

Salam Dato'

Taking it from your concluding remarks.. the leader sees it's a long and winding road to the right destination and if that's the only road, he says ... Follow me!

Would we follow he who wants the short cuts to everywhere and it's nowhere?

Anonymous,  30 April 2010 at 19:31  

Hi Dato',

Well said. Change must be systematic and sustainable. I believe the chinese and even the younger and urban malays would reconsider their political allegiances if it was so.

Throwing money for votes is actually insulting and causes more damage in the long run.


Anonymous,  30 April 2010 at 20:28  

You speak the truth.You are telling them how they can improve, make the necessary changes and progress in the years to come.
But sadly, some people dont like to listen to the truth and heed our advice, its like the solat jumaat scenario, when the khutbah/sermon is being read you can find many sleeping or falling asleep. why? Isnt the khatib telling us to to do good and say good? i wonder.

Ramli Mohd Yunus 30 April 2010 at 20:40  


These leaders only want to hear good news..give them and let them sink and we prepare lifeboats for them!

I rest my case!

walla 30 April 2010 at 21:36  

B: 'Which reminds me. The appelates court just threw out that rm218 million claim against Umno.

Now i would think that even if there was no written contract, if the goods have been taken and used, then they must be paid. What do you think?'

A: 'I agree. And that's why i too think Umno hasn't changed. It is making the same crummy mistakes it has been making all along which have caused the rakyat, even its members, to be so loathed when hearing its name.

You can't bludgeon your way through just because you think you personify the power of the Malays. In the first place, they are on their knees in deep shit. In the second place, they don't owe you a coin of loyalty. In the third place they just see you as an embarrassment of the noble creature that He had made out.'

B: 'Hmmm and what were we saying to be gentler on the party?'

A: 'Oops. I too have exceeded myself. We better wean ourselves from talking too much about politics, Sir. It's so fatiguing sometimes.'

B: 'You know, Sofea, when i look at the blogger's photo of himself in his younger days, i am reminded of myself; i too cut a dashing figure with considerable cerebral content to boot.

What i want to say is that if Umno is really earnest to rebuild itself from image to substance, then it should rework its human resource right away. There isn't much time left. Leaving it to windbags to bulldoze is hardly a way to run politics or country.

Umno should find a place for the blogger in Putrajaya. He still has some years ahead. Those grey cells and insights are needed. And of course, the analytical style. Which i must admit is rather unique in our Malay circles.'

A: 'Meanwhile, shall i sing to you a piece by the Beatles of Liverpool?'

B: 'I can't wait. Your voice is so utterly divine and soothing in these trying times.

It has been a long and winding day too. The damn roads are all jammed up on friday evenings. Which minister should we lambast next? Not the MCA one. He may be minister of transport but almost all the important functions like issuing licenses have been taken from him.

And that's another thing which Umno seems to be blind to. Is our Umno a fair-weather friend to its own Barisan partners?'

A: 'There you go again, Sir. Not that you don't have good cause. I can agree the MCA has stood by Umno in its times of need.

Like the last time of S46 and the deregistration of the party. The MCA has also done many good projects for its community, don't you agree? I note their success.'

B: 'Please sing now, Sofea. I am sick of politics.'

A: 'The long and winding road....that leads to your door....will never disappear....'

B: 'sigh, cos i don't have a wooden heart.'

walla 30 April 2010 at 21:36  

A: 'The blogger is right to note Umno's road is long and winding. The question is whether it will finally lead to the rakyats' door, Sir.'

B: 'If they keep on campaigning by duit, they will open the wrong door, Sofea.

They can't sustain that type of blitzkrieg. The more they give, the bigger the next inducement needed.

The word will get around that Umno has deep pockets. There's nothing so addictive as "free" goodies.

In fact there's a term for that process. It's called "bribery".

How can real victories be won by bribes using the rakyats money by the very authority entrusted with it which also runs an anti-corruption campaign nationwide?

See how stumped is their thinking process? It will all end as a farce. They make-believe about loyalty. Their supporters feed them back their misguided illusions. It becomes a vicious cycle.

The rakyat who did not get will rankle at those who do. Society divides deeper. Meanwhile Barisan runs another unity campaign. See?

They should instead use their head to get their foot in the door ('

A: 'Hehe, i am trying to imagine that, Tun. I guess it will work since their heads are big enough for their egos to prevent doors from slamming on their faces.'

B: 'In retrospect, Sofea, i don't think we want to be remembered for always taking potshots at Umno. We were never like this before, and i know you still have some longing for Umno. The older version, i mean. The one of, ahem, my vintage.'

A: 'Yes, Sir, we have been rather harsh on Umno. I can admit this because if you note what is happening in this blog, the blogger has been taking hits from his own fellow party members. They said he's a traitor. I think he's a hero.'

B: 'Just like TRH who wears a remarkable resemblance to Yoda, Sakmongkol is also a jedi knight suffused with universal midiclorins or the bright side of the force.

Those who criticise what he writes are the same zealots who have sundered Umno before the eyes of the rakyat in the last general election.

Zealous, pretentiously protective of the Malay agenda, dismissive of other Malaysians, filled with overweening self-pride and a deluded sense of self-importance, lumbering around like parochial petty-fogging political commissars, their arrogance and knavish behaviours are only exceeded by the size of their bulbous noses. Which of course blocks their view of the real world. But hides their expensive tastes and conspicuous absence of having done anything productive. Save for messing up both harmony and economy.

But i forget myself. We are not supposed to make the blogger feel unease in his own home. Our combined apologies. We have exercised bad form.'

A: 'Umno can still progress forward. They just need to centralize their core.

Right now, it is occupied by zealots. That is so formulaic for their self-destruction.

They need to be models of moderation again. Until overtaken by the dark side of the force, they were once that. Now it is all us-duit-hak-kuasa.'

Anonymous,  30 April 2010 at 21:36  

There are only two sources that supply the monies to UMNO meant for buying votes:
1. Corruption in big time,
2. Abuse of resources belonging to the country.
In both scenarios, the nation and people (especially the Malays at large) suffer eventually.Other Asian countries are progressing rapidly in all aspects, socio-political and economical, but
are we going the Zimbabwe way?

Anonymous,  30 April 2010 at 21:38  

It is UMNO culture. UMNO members/leaders aspiring for positions pay money to get votes in their party election. It is the same culture that is being used in the national by-election i.e pay money to get votes for their party. You should know better Dato. How to change? Either change the president to Ku Li (no others in UMNO can bring change) or vote them out.

Anonymous,  30 April 2010 at 22:01  

This method is only sustainable as long as the leaders in UMNO could make obscene commission from negotiated contracts and procurements at exorbitant rate. Could the war chest be replenished this way all the time? I doubt it. The many fiascoes are coming into the open and is haunting the leaders of UMNO till they meet their maker.
What happens when the war chest dries up?
Pak Tua

Devotional Thoughts 30 April 2010 at 22:10  


You are very good at putting up words like " Just Duit" , " Dick Chua".Here I need to remind you that although your thoughts are commendable but all goes down to soil bucket bcos its full of pride and arrogant. Dick Chua will tell you.Art thou holier than others ?

From: Big Willy.

Anonymous,  30 April 2010 at 22:18  

Well said.. Dato

These guys are throwing money as they pleased and in any convenient situation they like.

Hey.. whose money are those? Where is the financial planning on how to use our tax payers' money? These guys are just digging into the future of the country and spend as though it is their grand fathers' money.

In a real country (not banana kind), all money are planned budgeted and effectively spent. Here what you see? Simply on the spur of the moment announce giving to this fellow or that like there is a bottomless pit.

No money.. GST! Bad for the Malays really. Many of them who normally does not pay any taxes must now pay as they buy.

Just compare how DAP manage Penang. Do they splash endless cash without planning like Santa Claus? Yet we have clowns complaining why LGE is heading that state. Really no brain.

BCTan266 30 April 2010 at 23:45  

Dato Sak,

Politics aside...good to see that you are also a fan of CCR.

"Someone told me long ago...there's a calm before the storm..."

Something political there also if you want it that way. Heheh!

Free Agent,  1 May 2010 at 00:38  

I hope the PM & important people in UMNO would take note of your thoughts. Tolong translate ke BM dato', kot2 mereka tak paham.
Saya harap saya salah tapi rasa macam umno duduk di hujung tanduk.
Do it! not DU-IT!

Anonymous,  1 May 2010 at 00:45  

There is no more conscience in the current politcal scenario, every thing boils to money and moneyed. Throwing out money with proper governance is a waste of tax payers money. In the end the rakyat would be losing for the sake of political expediency and hold on to power to corrupt. History has taught us this.

If Najib feels strong that his IMalaysia concept is appealing to the masses he does not to do this. He did because he feels insecured and he has to pay to show the for short term gain.

Anonymous,  1 May 2010 at 09:10  

I don't think you will disagree with me that money has been the 'motivating factor' in UMNO for quite some time now, say 20 years.

It is money that determines who wins in party elections.

Money, contracts, positions, promotions etc that are used to 'buy' support.
I have seen countless UMNO members who have no ideals nor visions. All that matters is money.

Money is in UMNO's blood stream!

Remove money and UMNO is dead.

Anonymous,  1 May 2010 at 09:15  

Dato if you think that Umno leaders will listen to you, you are sadly mistaken. They will not change because change means that they have to forgo dipping their hands into our kitty. Hulu Selangor have shown how low Najib is willing to go just to stay in power. All the craps about Ketuanan Melayu is rubbish. Don't don't even bother if the country sink or swim. Rather it's all about the Umnoputras and how much they can squeeze from the rakyat. If everyone thinks like you, Malaysia would be a great country by now. Instead we are wallowing in a cesspool of BN making.

arty farty

bat8 1 May 2010 at 12:28  


1. saya selalu menekankan tentang sejarah UMNO dan UMNO(Baru). Juga selalu mengatakan UMNO dan UMNO(Baru) adalah 2 entiti yang berbeza. UMNO(Baru) adalah parti baru yang ditubuhkan oleh TDM setelah mematikan UMNO lama untuk memastikan jawatan beliau tidak boleh dicabar oleh mana-mana pihak.

Dengan menubuhkan UMNO(Baru), TDM dapat memastikan bakal-bakal pencabarnya seperti Kuli berada diluar parti barunya,thus, menyelamatkan dirinya dari dicabar.

2. Dari peringkat awal lagi UMNO(Baru) menggunakan atau menabur wang untuk membeli sokongan orang melayu.Masa itu ramai orang melayu skeptikal dengan UMNO(Baru).

3. Sepanjang sejarah UMNO(Baru), duit juga diguna untuk membeli sokongan ahli-ahli. Politik wang yang dimulakan oleh TDM semasa menjadi presiden UMNO lama menjadi budaya dalam UMNO(baru).

4. Sepanjang pengamatan saya kepada sejarah UMNO(baru), wang, manipulasi adalah watak UMNO(baru) dari dulu sampailah sekarang.

5. Oleh sebab itu saya tidak pernah keliru dengan setiap tindakan UMNO(baru) dari dulu hinggalah sekarang sebagaimana setengah-setengah pembahas disini.


sniper,  1 May 2010 at 16:30  


Result P94 Hulu Selangor adalah fakta statistik yang amat jelas tentang gambaran yang pengundi nyatakan kepada kesemua parti politik baik BN mahupun PR.

1. 90% pengundi tegar BN dan PR akan tetap dengan parti mereka.

2. pengundi atas pagar yang berkeluarga / banyak commitment akan melihat siapa yang boleh di harapkan membantu mereka secara direct dan bukannya setakat polisi

3. pengundi atas pagar golongan muda / bujang lebih terikut dengan pengaruh sekeliling seperti famili, saudara atau rakan sekampung / sekerja yang lebih tua. keseronokan hidup muda menjadi prioriti mereka. Dato pun pernah muda juga kan.

4. pengundi cina di kala ini lebihkan kepentingan diri dan bangsa mereka lebih dahulu dari negara. Siapa yang boleh jaga suara mereka di dalam DUN dan Parlimen.

Tapi maereka masih boleh menerima corak pemerintahan Mahathir -
Ingat PRU 1990 ? selepas operasi lalang ? dan juga 1999 - di kala anwar berdemo jalanan.

Di kala mereka merasa kehidupan seharian mereka terancam, maka BN akan menjadi pilihan.

5. pengundi tua melayu dan india lebih pentingkan stabiliti dalam kehidupan harian mereka di samping sedikit pembaikan atau tambahan kemudahan kepada kampung atau taman mereka.

kesimpulan saya. selepas 52 tahun, UMNO dan BN berasa terlampau selesa hingga lalai menjalankan tugas. AJK sibuk mengaut projek. Ini fakta.

Ini diburukkan lagi di zaman 2004 - 2008 sewaktu Pak Lah dan KJ memerintah secara bodoh.


Tidak ada salahnya UMNO/BN memulakan perjuangan dengan buku baru seperti mulanya umno pada tahun 1946. sesiapa yang tidak setuju @ ikhlas, maka silakan mereka meninggalkan Umno/BN.

Boleh kah ini Dato lakukan ?

Anonymous,  1 May 2010 at 16:40  


As most people see it, it is in the interest of the public for neither BN or PR to have a monopoly of power. Even if PR were to form govt, we need BN to be a strong opposition.

PR is representing reform. If they do not deliver after 1 term in power at the federal level, they will be out.

Winner is the rakyat. This is fundamentally what the Chinese are doing. Getting the best of both worlds. Getting PR to keep BN on its toes. Do you think we would be seeing these handouts if BN had retained its grip on power nationally?

As an Indian, I urge the Indians and the Malays to learn from the Chinese. There is no shame is biting the hand that fed u. After all the food fed to you was yours after all.

Anonymous,  1 May 2010 at 17:39  

BN means Bank Negara, do you all still do not get it. UMNO is BN and do I have to say more.

Anonymous,  1 May 2010 at 22:52  

Good honest piece and direct .But please realise umno would'nt be in this shitty stage had it not because of TDM. The truth is that he spoilt those warlords way back and kept his bloody eyes shut as long he was PM .Its like a cancerous growth and it grows and grows . For umno to change for the better there is no cure at this stage even for such disease.Duit is here to stay for eternity....

Anonymous,  2 May 2010 at 09:49  


As much as we respect your noble ideals for UMNO, you have to accept the fact that it is pounding on deaf ears.

Ask Rosmah if you are not sure...

Can the human spirit be bought with Money? Probably for the Malays....After all the Symbiotic relationship between the Chinese and Malays as the giver and taker has persisted over several generations.

You are trying to break this Cycle and unfortunately it can only be done with the young. Are you saying that DS Najib is trying to Coach the Young to continue with this Tradition? Is this the only way forward for UMNO?

You might disagree but not the rest...

Joe Black

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