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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 29 April 2010

Further lessons from Hulu Selangor

I want to expand on some of the points raised in the last article. Hulu Selangor showed us many things. It was basically an UMNO affair. The Indian chap who has since become an MP was carried by UMNO. MIC effectively disowned him. He could have suffered the fate of Mugilan. Can you imagine, the MIC president in an attempt to stop Mugilan from being chosen as candidate, decided to expel him. The poor chap is not a member of any political party. He is a political persona non grata.
Why did Samy Velu and his gang of political gangsters do that? It was an expression of utter defiance to UMNO who had dared interfere in HIS fiefdom. It was also to serve as explicit signals to other MIC chaps, that, though no longer a minister, he, Samy Velu is still Sivaji.
What happened after that? Samy still couldn't get Palani in and was willing to accept or was forced to accept Kamalanathan as a sort of 2nd best solution. If he can't have Palani, UMNO can't have Mugilan. Samy wasn't about to concede in terms of brinkmanship and so on the eve of nominating the candidate, held an emergency meeting and probably presented an idea to even pull out of the BN.
We wish the threat had been carried out and that would give the PM the perfect excuse to rationalize the strange appointments of MIC MPs to government position. I mean, how can we explain a party which has only 3 seats in Parliament, which secured a mere 180,000 votes in the 2008 GE out of 7.9 votes be given 3 government appointments? And possibly, Palanivel who is allowed a reprieve to lick his wounded pride will also be given a government post. I can only speculate the decision to do so must be the delirious effect of rasem and tairu induced meal.
MCA under the leadership of CSL failed to mobilize Chinese support. The number of Chinese supporting BN during this by election was smaller than the number who voted in the 2008 General Election. That means, MCA is politically impotent. To cover up its own mistakes, it blamed Perkasa for spooking the Chinese into embracing DAP. The MCA has 15 seats in Parliament and in the 2008 GE took home 840,000 votes.
It is the 2nd biggest partner in the BN coalition but in the recent Hulu Selangor election its dangerously taking the route of a spent force. Maybe it is- having gone through internecine wars within its own turf. It has a senior ministerial position whose holder to office lost the presidency of MCA recently. The current MCA president is outside the cabinet. Being a leader of his party, he should be given a cabinet position.
The near impotency of MCA in the Hulu Selangor election has proven to us, that it is possible for UMNO/BN to bypass the MCA leadership and engage Chinese voters directly. Please note- I am not talking about sidelining the Chinese voters and community yes- I am saying we mustn't be unduly burdened with pleasing the MCA leadership.
We learnt this about the Chinese in Hulu Selangor. They are just being pragmatists, pursuing what they want actually. Knowing what they want benefits us because we can play their game. We know, the Chinese, as a whole, in their capacity as political actors have perfected the saying hunting with the hounds and running with hare, into an art form.
From the MCA they put pressure on the government to get as many concessions and benefits they want- citizenship, business opportunities, assurance about the future and so forth. But come elections, the vote for DAP- something they also want as insurance. So what they want- assurance and insurance, they get both by playing the art of running with hare and hunting with the hounds.
I am beginning to think- whichever way they move, in the end of the day they gain. They gain in the sense they can get to do as they want. MCA will pressure the BN to get as many benefits as possible for the Chinese community. They want that. Schools, roads, licenses, etc. When it comes to elections, they chose DAP. They get what they also want - to thump the nose of UMNO and BN and vote for a party they know is more disciplined than MCA and will be resolute with Chinese demands.
Here is an opportunity for the PM to play a new and different ball game. We can engage Malaysian Indians and Chinese directly without having to be buffered by their belligerent leadership. The PM doesn't have to be everything to everyone any longer. He can for instance review cabinet appointments for MIC and MCA leaders.


Richard Cranium 29 April 2010 at 09:12  

We middle income earners work like dogs to make ends meet.

It is expensive to drive to work, but public transport is patchy and intolerable.

Roads in the urban areas are also horrible, let alone rural areas.

We feel unsafe in our own homes. We hire and pay guards to patrol and guard our neighbourhoods.

The cost of living is atrocious, even higher than in Singapore. *Don't convert currencies, la, you idiots*

Water quality is laughable, and we need to do the government's job by installing and servicing filters.

Health care and medicine costs are up, and our parents are getting older.

National primary schools stink to high heaven. We send kids to vernacular schools and we get tapped in fund-raisings to build this, and buy that. Because the government don't really provide full subsidy. Go check out national schools in Malay-dominant areas. No full subsidy, my foot.

We can't even own a home without being hocked up to our eyeballs, etc.

We are being indirectly taxed at every opportunity : tolls, service taxes, road taxes, sales taxes, and soon, increased fines, national health insurance, and GST.

Mosques and suraus are built and run with public money. While others are run with well-wishers money.

And we pay income taxes as well.

And what do we get?

a. Military procurements and commissions that defy logic,

b. PKFZ,

c. Paying Felda HS with public money (?),

d. Annual affair of wastage highlighted in the AG's report,

e. Timber concessions to the select few,

f. Esteemed monkeys in the parliament.

Yay, what a wonderful country!

Anonymous,  29 April 2010 at 10:07  

Wistful thinking and with PM wishy- washy kinda of mindset, it can be disastrous adventure.
Anyway, this weekend retreat UMNO can surely delve into the issue and the person who can see thing clearly is only you Dato', probably it is worth to bring the issue and discuss with open mind. May be, or else it will remain a person dream.
Don't know!!! but people are waiting for reform, the writing is on the wall, it is now or never. UMNO leaderships must decide and see the overarching plan for the future generation of UMNO an the nation that we love.
Does it take anything more to move forward?!! People, performance and the country at all time and we will be on the right track!!! Good luck Dato'

Quiet Despair,  29 April 2010 at 10:13  

That useless Palanivel will be a Senator. He will be sworn in on Monday.
So Samy Vellu got his way. So much for us talking about Umno's victory in HS.
No wonder Samy Vellu said arrogantly on eve of nomination day: "Palanivel ada kerja besar. Dia akan berbincang dengan DS Najib untuk menjadi Senator."
Whoa, that gives the impression Najib is lower than Samy.
From what I heard from my MIC pals, Palanivel is targetting a Ministerial post. It seems he wants to be like Shahrizat who lost to Nurul Izzah but was given a ministerial post.
Where is the fairness in this, DS Najib? Orang Melayu yang bekerja kuat dan yang langsung tak bekerja dapat jadi Senator.
If Palanivel was the incumbent MP and sacrificed his seat, it is understandable that he's rewarded.
But he lost. He faded into oblivion. Suddenly they used the choice of Kamal being candidate as
bargaining power.
Umno should have taken the HS seat. Could even win a handsome majority. It's an unfair trade- off. MIC got an MP and senator all in one shot.
Now we are waiting for Aya Samy to resign.
MIC with three MPs get a minister and Deputy Ministers.
What about other deserving Umno leaders?
To those who think Umno is racist, just look at this one example.

Anonymous,  29 April 2010 at 10:39  

I concur with Richard Cranium

The crux of the matter

What does UMNO do?

Vote or us & will give you money!

Ringgit is great!

Anakbukitgantang 29 April 2010 at 10:57  

Miss Cranium says

Dear Richard,

We the Malays concede the sure win seat for our brothers...what do we get?

1- Monkeys in Parliament come from DAP and PAS zoo

2- DAP,PAS and PKR voters were cheated for sending monkeys and dumb men to DUN Perak, Penang Cheif Minister, Parliament

3- We moslems pay our tith and the LGE/LKS/Khaled Ibrahim wanted to take these tith money meant for moslems to non moslem-un der Islam Syariah law-it is meant to help our poor brothers

4-Our grave and tanah wakaf Aamanah/DONATED FOR Islamic purposes are being sold/robbbed under day light in Kelantan, Selangor and Penang

5-Our land under YBK is being robbed and made a collateral for some TALAM hutangs

6-Our grave yards in Section 19 Shah Alam is being robbed by some Indians to make way for their temple

I cry when this country goes to anarchy because of some people who only think of their tribe interest!

Anonymous,  29 April 2010 at 11:39  

Richard is dead right.

Schools, licenses........

As citizens and tax payers are we not entitled to all these. Do we have to beg for these????

Anonymous,  29 April 2010 at 12:07  

Hi Dato...

Richard Cranium made a few valid points. Its frustrating ha Richard. Well, welcome to reality.

Lets fast forward, and change the government to Pakatan led coalition.

1. Richard, you still have to work like a dog.

2. Roads will still be the way they are now.How Pakatan gona change that? Build new road and impose the tax on us? They most probably do that and give the contracts to Richard.Smile Richard, u have a big contract in your hand.

3. We still feel unsafe in our own homes. I live in Selangor btw.

4. The cost of living will still be high. With new road and changing the water pipes which btw will be carry out by Richard company too.

5. If Richard dont wana do the job, water quality will remain the same.

6. Hmmm how ah Richard, its either you stop your parents from growing old or move to Cuba. Im surprise you dont pick Singapore as an example, and guys dont be stupid, dont convert the currencies la idiot.

7. Richard must be a product of National Primary Schools. You made your point Richrad, I give you that. It need to be modify, not revamp. And Richard, for your info, thats what you get, if you want the best. In life, you have to pay to get better than the rest. Like going to the concert, you dont pay rm20 to get a front row seat.

8. I guess you were insinuating about the 5% discount that the Bumi got. Even with that discount, majority still couldnt afford it and end up with Richard's cousin buying it. With Pakatan, I guess like Kedah, we might end up with 30% disount, good for the Malay.Sorry Richard, your cousin had to wait.

10.To compensate contracts given to Richard and family, taxes will still go up.

11. Not only mosques, church, temple will come from govt money. More taxes.

12. Still has to pay taxes under Pakatan.

13. Under pakatan led, Anwar Ibrahim will abolish all commission thing. Right Richard?
PKFZ? Hmmm it will be under a different name. Giving freehold land to Richard's cousins; like what happen in Perak,timber concessions to Richard's distant relatives, shall I put Kelantan as an example, esteem maonkey? You got me there. Couldnt agree more with you on this one Richard.

Another point I ahd to agree with you, it is a wonderful country.

Cheers Richard.

Anonymous,  29 April 2010 at 12:14  

Richard Cranium,

Agreed. How to drum to the heads of the people so that they understand and vote for change? You cannot expect UMNO to change. Believe me, UMNO will never change. Reason? They are all in there to make money not like those in UMNO of the old. Even those without any positions will lobby for contracts and projects. They are all rent-seekers. many are blood suckers.

There are so many UMNO people out there that do not have any permanent jobs albeit with good education but just watch their lifestyle. Where does the money come from? Which UMNO leaders would want to forego all these benefits? Sadly the rural UMNO Malays can be bought with RM500 or RM1000. Why? Because they are poor. RM500 means a lot to them. So it is therefore to the best interest of UMNO to keep the Malays poor and misinformed so that they can be easily bought over. Sorry, this is the truth.

How many rural UMNO Malays knows exactly what is PKFZ, Scorpene deal etc. What about the many awards of contracts to cronies to enrich a certain group of elite Malays?

Many things are hidden from them. Even commercial deals like IPP and toll concessions are classified as OSA which I find ridiculous. So many things are hidden from the people. Only smart, intelligent, educated and well read citizens know what is going on.

Just look at the lifestyle of these super special UMNO leaders. What house they stay in? What cars they drive? How many cars they have? Where do they go for holidays? What class they travel in? How many properties they own abroad? Where do they dine? Where do their children study? All these they can afford on their MP allowances and minister's pay?

1+1 = 2. It is common sense.

Yay....what a wonderful country.

Red Alfa 29 April 2010 at 12:30  

Salam Dato'

Your posting addressed 2 issues but to some of us will remain to be cause for more cynicsm?

Yes, the road appears clear for UMNO to kaotim DIRECT with the Chinese and Indians. No more with certain MCA and MIC personalities! The new reality opens fresh opportunities. Now abound as UMNO brokers will be negotiating with the new players. As before everyone would get his proper KAOTIMs, and the issues will be no more? Expect even more pork barrel politics and don't the brokers and new players will love that!

And the other? Seems like PM and his leadership will be feeling very much in charge and as more with very much business as usual UMNO will be forgetting why the need to renew and transform? Yes, why indeed!

The Pontiff,  29 April 2010 at 12:42  

Good one boss.

PM thru BN can engage the chinese and indian without the help of their ineffective MCA/MIC leaders respectively.

This is because the chinese and indian WILL NOT VOTE for the MCA and MIC candidates come any byelections or general elections anyway (from the past trends of byelections including hulu selangor).

It is time for the chinese to stop running with hares and hunting with hounds.

They think they are the only people here in Malaysia who wants attention. Crybabies lah (and they often tell the world that they are independent and self sufficient wakakaka)

Anonymous,  29 April 2010 at 12:56  


what benefits for the Chinese are you talking about ?? aren't the 'Chinese' also Malaysian ??

did the 'Chinese' demand for 30% quota or any other privileges ??

Anonymous,  29 April 2010 at 14:51  

Hulu Selangor by-election re-visited.

The day of the demise of race based political parties has begun.

UMNO alone can't win the next general election.

MCA is irrelevant.

MIC is a paper tiger without real power.

PBB & PBDS will soon face the wrath of 'rakyat' of Sarawak.

PBS & UPKO will face similar fate as their counterparts in Sarawak.

I dream of the day when two party system is a reality and all politicians are colour blind.

Long live, Anak Bangsa Malaysia !

Anonymous,  29 April 2010 at 15:34  

Dato - the day UMNO can be fair to everyone, we will not need MCA MIC or DAP(specifically referring to race based political parties) . The day UMNO can prove to us that they know how to govern a country, you can have my vote as a Malaysian Chinese. Someone commented that they don't make chinese like they use to. Wrong!! Actually the govenment is not what it was years ago. The Chinese are just reacting to that.

Anonymous,  29 April 2010 at 16:49  

Bro Sak, it is heard MCA never gave what the chinese ppl want.If it did, it only did it for it's own selfish reasons.

Anonymous,  29 April 2010 at 19:52  

This is UMNO arrogance. Ok then let's UMNO engage directly with the Chinese and Indians. Before that ask MCA and MIC to quit Barisan.

What makes you think the Chinese are stupid to engage with racist UMNO with Perkasa by its side.

Let's see what your Ketuanan Melayu can do.
See what happens to this country's economy.

Quiet Despair,  29 April 2010 at 22:28  

Richard Cranium

I am living in Selangor. I can't wait for a change of government in the next election. Back to what we once were.
Just so we dont't forget. Almost all Keadilan leadiers are all Umno rejects. So dont expect any better from them. If you think Umno is no good, they are worse. That I can assure you.
Oh I forgot. DAP can swallow them in one mouthful.

Anonymous,  30 April 2010 at 01:21  

Hi Dato,

You said the Chinese wants this or that and when voting comes it was not Perkasa's fault that they abandon BN en mass.

You under estimate the Chinese and expect us to tolerate the daily caustic remarks by Perkasa hitting particularly at Chinese. You can be assured that no race in the world would tolerate such remarks with official sanctions. It is only natural that Chinese not only in HS will go PKR way but the whole of the country.

You guys simply does not know the kind of damage Perkasa is bring to the country in terms of future progress of the country. These guys prefer us all to confront each other!

Gosh we have to be grateful like kids ... Just look at his face I puke man.

Richard Cranium 30 April 2010 at 08:25  

Quiet Despair

How does what you wrote help us, as a nation, move forward?

All you are parroting is the party line about taking the state / country / race back! And you want to go back to the good ol' days of Umno Menteri Besars raiding the state's coffers to line their own pockets?

Where have you been the last few years? Are you so brain-washed that you don't see the facts that your MBs have been treating Selangor like their own fiefdom?

At least, with Pakatan, we'll know they'll HAVE to do a good job otherwise your Umno media will skewer them.

But so far what have we got?

Trying to bring Khalid Ibrahim (not that I like him that much anyway, but that's a different story) for spending on qurban?

*sheesh* gimme a break.

Richard Cranium 30 April 2010 at 08:35  

And oh yeah, permit me to recount a story.

A good friend died from cancer some years ago. No need for me to tell you how traumatic that can be for him, and for his family.

His initial prognosis from chemotherapy was good. The doctors were pleased. But it took a toll on him.

Some family members could not bear to see him suffering from the chemo.

They then unilaterally stopped the treatments and put him on High Dose Vitamin C and all the other quack medicines that well-wishers seem to want to offer.

Guess what? My friend passed away some months after.

While there was no guarantee that the chemo would have extended his life for a few more years, I thought the family made a mistake.

Yes, everybody has perfect hind-sight. If we don't have foresight, at least we should learn from our hindsight, don't you think so?

After all this long-winded, grandfather story, what's the bottom line?

Malaysia is like this friend of mine. We are not prepared for the patient to suffer a little so that he can be better, and we prescribe a host of other quack medicines to try to "help", with grave consequences.

OK, now, I gotta go to work and earn the pittance to pay for the home that I'm hocked up to my eyeballs, and for my children's education that stinks to high heaven.

You gotta love this country, man.

Quiet Despair,  30 April 2010 at 09:47  

Richard Cranium

Back to the old days did not include that Toyol guy. I am praying he will be lock up for ever.
I mean back to peaceful no crime PJ, water flowing always and no power outage.
And for goodness sake, the politicians must stop bickering.

walla 30 April 2010 at 10:33  

M: 'There are two schools of thought here. One, the Chinese were spooked by Perkasa. Two, they played the balancing game. What do you think?'

C: 'Let me answer you indirectly. You set a law and take the money. Then you appear at my doorstep and say if i vote for you, you will give me a small part of that money. If you were me, how would you respond?'

I: 'Let me intrude. In my case, that would not apply because i have no money for M to take in the first place. Hahaha. So if he doesn't take any money from me, he can't give to me and i can't vote for him. But i did.'

M: 'No you didn't, I. You voted for your own kind. And as for you, C, you have a point there. I would feel abused, aggrieved, cheated and insulted. In that order, too. Hehe.'

C: 'There you go. So let me ask you back. If as a human being you know what is just and unjust, how can you as a political party not know the same thing? Are you suggesting that once you wear a membership tag, ethics can be left behind at the floormat that says 'welcome'?'

M: 'It's all for the better good of something bigger, C.'

I: 'Wait a minute there, M. Better good, you say? What about me? After half a century of shared nation-building and mutual sacrifice, i now have the distinction of belonging to a marginalized minority. How is that a better good? Do you think i have no dignity that i must vote for my own kind, as you say, in order to be assured of some voice that in my heart of hearts i already know is useless in the first place? Otherwise why is my own kind still suffering with all the so-called fine representatives around?'

M: 'You're not suffering, I.'

I: 'Not suffering? When a young single mother killed herself after seeing the corpse of her brother who died in a hail of bullets from activities that he was forced by circumstance to do in order to support her family?'

M: 'If you're saying circumstance is a good enough reason to do illegal things, then what will happen to society when law and order breaks down?'

I: 'So let me ask you back. If his whole group of six were gunned down with their final resting place in a public mortuary, and it was said only one gun and one knife were found, can you believe that all six had rushed forward holding the same gun and knife together and at the same time that would justify their complete annihilation in an act of applicable affirmative action?'

M: 'I wasn't there so i can't comment, I. Besides, we are talking about bigger issues now, aren't we?'

C: 'That can't be right, M. What's government but to serve the people? And how do you serve people if their dignity has been assaulted?'

M: 'Dignity? What about me? Don't i deserve dignity too? I have over a million whose souls have been sold to syabu because they were so frustrated they could not a decent living in their own country. I have thousands who are finding they have no relevance in the economy. I have jobless sitting in the room on empty stomachs listening to songs day after day? Now can you understand why Perkasa has come about? It is trying to create dignity for me.'

C: 'Come on, M. If you want to be naive, that's your privilege. No one in his or her right mind will believe one minute that Perkasa wasn't formed to defuse the pressure on you as you face a new set of liberalization moves by Umno that gives the impression that affirmative actions will be diluted from now on. It's Umno's way to create an alternative internal channel to redirect your angsts and anxieties in the face of 1M and NEM.'

walla 30 April 2010 at 10:33  


I: 'That i see too but don't you think it's all another sandiwara even you M have grown weary about? How else can we explain why so many Malays including Umno members didn't vote for Barisan, to wit they voted for Pakatan instead?'

M: 'Can't you understand my dilemma? I have to make sure the country is stable. I have to grow the economy. I have to foster harmony. How can i do it if you only count pains and not appreciate gains?'

C: 'You can if you start by not talking about "i", M. Look, people, this country was never formed by one of us. It was formed by all of us. We are integrated one to the others. We were a team. Why the fallout today after almost fifty three years of living next to each other? What happened? Tell me what happened.'

M: 'I admit we made mistakes. We were so propelled by the need to help ourselves come up that once we got onto the back of the Malay tiger, we couldn't get off without being chewed.'

I: 'You're wrong there. It's not that you couldn't. It's that you conveniently used the situation for your own powerhold advantage. You give the people ten ringgit and ask them to support you, saying you can change for the better. In the process of giving them that ten ringgit, you divert one million ringgit to those you personally favour because you think honour amongst thieves is stronger than valour amongst honest people. Only fools who think alike can believe that, M. You were a proud tribe become a cozy club become now a profligate syndicate. I challenge you to tell me where i am wrong here.'

M: 'Surely if you believe we are a team, then you cannot idly stand by and watch me go hungry again.'

C: 'Let me cut the chase. It's all about building the economic pie. We know any affirmative action that is partial to one will not work for long because it just shifts the problem from one group to another. So to make it work, two things must happen. One is enablement of the dispossessed. That's education and motivation. It's also opportunity. Two, the means to do that must grow. In other words, the market must prosper first otherwise you will have to depend on the government which has to take the money from somewhere, so far all these years primarily from one group and also from the ground.'

M: 'You mentioned opportunity. It is not equal at the moment. It is not equal in the private sector. That's why it is not equal in the public sector. Can't you see why the cards have stacked the way they are?'

I: 'And fallen down today, M.'

C: 'What is now apparent is that we must avoid tit-for-tat.

walla 30 April 2010 at 10:34  


Look the Chinese voted on principles. They should be saluted for their consistency. They were not playing the Malays out unless you want to say so but that's your privilege and i hope you know the direction of where you're heading with that. They voted for what is good for the future of this country. Come to think of it, who else has in the last fifty two years, M?'

M: 'But Umno can stand for the Chinese better than the MCA, and the alternative of the DAP is a racist party.'

C: 'Then why are Malays joining the DAP, M? Why are there Malay office-bearers in DAP branches, M? I know it's one of your less worthy nightmares. The democratization of politics in this country. But isn't it ultimately what you want, isn't it something you pray for the common good of all citizens, isn't it something you think about - the human race - when you kneel on a mat that although it doesn't say "welcome", it is anointed by His Blessing for ALL?'

I: 'And that's why Perkasa and the diehards of Umno in Penang and Selangor don't have a case for themselves. They're anachronisms of a past enlightened and moderate Malays have unshackled and will not go back to. They're wearing the cloak of fascism in a country that had fought the apartheids of South Africa. They will ultimately aggravate the situation of the deprived Malays to a larger extent. Umno should stop playing such a cheap tactic. The rakyat know. They are not going to run to Umno or Barisan because of Perkasa. The Chinese of HS didn't. Why should Other Malaysians anywhere else? Isn't it all hypocrisy, humm? So now, what is Umno to do with its new bawling baby, Perkasa?'

C: 'Umno has shown it has not reformed, M. At the first opportunity, it has shown again its arrogance, insensitivity and greed. It has used the peoples' things against them in order to serve its own agenda. You cannot win acceptance by buying your way out using money that is not yours. There is no federal budget that says "Umno/Barisan Public Relations Vote". The people are going to chalk that up for GE13. You may win an Ijok today. What about Putrajaya tomorrow? And you want to say it's all a referendum of your leadership? What quality of leadership is that? Subterranean?"

walla 30 April 2010 at 10:34  


C: 'Put your hand on your heart and tell me you believe that, M. You mean as federal government you cannot give development funds to opposition-run constituencies?

Look at the money note. Is there anything printed on it that says there is a condition attested to its distribution? Does it say its value is maximized only if distributed by Umno? Aren't there also Malays in Hulu Selangor. Does poverty subscribe to political parties? Does Umno want people who pay money to the government as taxes to beg for its use for them from Umno? Is that right or wrong? Tell me, i am curious.'

M: 'It's all for stability of the future.'

I: 'Then do the right thing all the time, M. And to do the biggest right thing, the economy, all sons must cooperate. The family must come together again. Those who have taken what they have not earned must be set examples that there's no free lunch in this world, in this life, even in the afterlife. You want blessings? Earn it.'

M: 'That's why i say Umno can go it alone. Shed the two logs, the MCA and MIC, and go alone to canvas for Chinese and Indian support.'

I: 'Of course that will finish off the thing called Barisan which long ago was called the Alliance which if we remember clearly was a good family. Now? what has Barisan become? Any honest answer?'

C: 'M, Umno must do all the right things all the time to all the people. No exceptions. Now, don't come and tell me the word "right" should be selectively defined, depending on whose ears it should fall upon. Read my lips. The rakyat - Malays, Chinese, Indians and Orang Asli's - have seen through the bullshit. They know. They know everything.'

M: 'But Hulu Selangor has come back to the federal government.'

I: 'At a price of a hundred million, it was whispered.'

C: 'So, what next? Buy up all the constituencies? How different is that from the mafiation of governance, M?'

M' 'But to grow the pie, we must glue the people first behind us, C.'

C: 'Perhaps because you think the people are behind you, they won't see what you are doing in front, eh? Try again, M.

walla 30 April 2010 at 10:34  


Let me give you a scenario. A family once sat down to dinner. The father gave one son more than the others. The others saw that but accepted it because he was brother. Then that son took it for granted the favoritism should not be weaned off because it's so easy. He then becomes too lazy. Soon enough the sons start to have their own families. Now the father has become a grandfather. He continues to feed the grandchildren of his favorite son more than the others. What do you think will happen? The nucleus unit by which our Almighty measures dispensation of His Blessings has become distorted. It soon disintegrates. Now from GE12 we find the remarkable thing happening. It was stopped by the young and the old. The young amongst all three of us questioned why there should be favoritism. They could empathize and sympathize with their brethren not of the same kind, to use your own word. They couldn't see any difference. In fact, they admired qualities in each other and learned to be great friends. The old saw the family unit disintegrating. They voted to save it under new management. Without the sideswipes, it hasn't done too badly.

Do you understand what i am saying? The affirmative policy was hijacked. That's bad. What is worse is that the economic pie shrunk. And it shrunk because the affirmative policy laid the foundation for its shrinking. Furthermore, the family of the favoured son grew faster than the others. That means the per capita dispensations will shrink which means the targets will never be achieved which means it will continue ad nauseum which means the bottom is glued to the tiger which is getting hungrier by the minute because the land has not been tilled enough for too long to provide alternative cat food. That's the danger of making selective promise and dispensations to a particular member of the family and giving special solace as if the others are only cows to be milked until their hides can be tanned and sold as leather.

Of course, the others had to react to take care of themselves. Wouldn't you too? And for that, they are now lambasted, called guests in their own homes, and made to appear avaricious and uncaring, with all sorts of funny reasons drawn from history to geography. Who started it?'

M: 'I read you but the problem still exists and must be solved.'

C: 'Just like the way you are solving the medium of instruction in schools? It's bad enough the rurals have been forced to go one way but to impose it on the urbans who want to go another way is derelict of duty to the future of this country.

You see, M, the method has been wrong from day one. You want to solve something. Solve the big thing first. Then draw all your creative juices to solve the smaller things after. The biggest thing today is growing the market. Then money will be available to help all.'

I: 'Maybe that's why we have 1M and social net together with NEM, C.'

C: 'But if Hulu Selangor is taken as a microcosm of Malaysia, what Umno has done hardly generates any confidence that anything it says can be believed by rational people.

Look, the sheriff of Nottingham said HS is the referendum on his leadership. Ok, that sounds brave. Then he and his machinery proceeded to do everything that shows only one thing. But we don't expect the IGP people to do anything about that.'

M: 'Alright, i will say it out for you. That one thing looked like blackmail, wasn't it? Vote for us, and we will develop you. But under Pakatan there wasn't much development. So the goodies were development items, not vote-fishing hooks.'

Sammy 30 April 2010 at 14:10  

MCA is soooo brainless as they only use one organ to need to elaborate here! They could have dug into their war chest and present the paltry RM3.0M to the school instead of waiting for the PM to do so before the election...problem with this party is that its helmed by old men and run by even older men who do thier thinking with their d**ks...

They are afraid of change or new ways to modernise or move forward..pity!

Anonymous,  30 April 2010 at 15:30  

Quite Despair,
now you know how it feels when meritocracy does not come into play.....
"May The Best Person Win" is so lacking in the Malaysia working system.
Don't worry a lot of us can relate to how you feel...

Why do you think so many of us advocate that " meritocracy " is the way forward, not due to connections or race...

Peter 30 April 2010 at 17:38  

I am Chinese and what I want is good governace and transparency and especially a revamped judiciary to regain the respect of the public and the foreign investors. The things you mention are important but secondary,

Anonymous,  1 May 2010 at 18:51  

Quite despair,

Latest news read....Ezam for senatorship.

What say you ?

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