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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Hulu Selangor-Impressions from the frontlines


For the last two days I have been in Hulu Selangor. If you were to approach HS by way of Tanjung Malim, you will arrive at the village of Kalumpang. This is a Malay populated area within HS. The influence of PAS is unmistakably clear here. You come across the he banner bearing the serene face of Nik Aziz. The message on the banner is simple- berdoalah untuk kemenangan Dato Zaid.
That is really, at the end of the day, what Zaid can count on to win- lots of prayers.
I have been writing a few articles on this election in HS. The first few articles were mostly on the factors which I thought can contribute to BN's defeat. These include for example, the choice of candidate, the strategy of hurling personal insults and the inherited sins of the past.
The last two articles, I wrote of the only approach that can appeal to Malay voters. I believed the Malay voters play of determining role in this election- not the Indians or the Chinese. The only way is to appeal to the Malay emotions.
What does UMNO represent to the Malays? We in UMNO know and those against UMNO know- that there are so many defects and shortcomings to the UMNO first formed in 1946 and then reformed by Dr Mahathir. If Zaid finds it virtuous to own up, it is more pertinently virtuous for UMNO to acknowledge its shortcomings. It is mature and confident enough to allow it to be tried in the court of fair play.
What UMNO really represents the end, is a reservoir of emotional solace to the Malays from which Malays can derive emotional sustenance. That they know there will always be behind them, a political party from which they can solicit comfort. Expressed as it were in terms of protection, in terms of affirmative action, in terms of having the structures of government controlled by Malays.
Even if these were abused, the existence of UMNO will provide to Malays, a reservoir of comfort. Even if they have not been applied justly or rightfully, the forms of protection all of which constitute emotional comfort exist in
, or in posse- able to be drawn upon when needed. This assurance and a continuing belief that UMNO is there, provide the solace to Malays. Perhaps this was the missing link so inarticulately expressed by the neuro-surgeon who stammered nervously during his celebrated renunciation of his faith in PKR.
UMNO represents a reservoir of emotional comfort that exists in posse that can easily be converted into in esse.
It's almost impossible for me to talk about BN bringing development to HS. The reality and I hope this is acknowledged by BN and UMNO, that in Selangor, it is the Opposition. Here, it is the PKR government that can offer development.
This emotional link up is a powerful tool I think that UMNO and BN can relate to the people in Hulu Selangor. It's also the same tool that can address the hopes and fears of the non Malays in Hulu Selangor.
UMNO/BN can't underestimate the capabilities of the state government in addressing the immediate needs of the voters in Hulu Selangor. The DPM and other UMNO bigwigs may make a lot of noise about the crossovers of PKR legislators over to BN- those are only for psychological boosters but these people don't vote in Hulu Selangor.
While we celebrate these crossovers, UMNO/BN must also be mindful of the number of UMNO ketua cawangans meeting Zaid Ibrahim almost daily asking Zaid to solve their land problems. In return they pledged support for their Malay brethren.
This, election, will be too close to call. The BN can just come out with a win. It shall be a win that leaves a bitter after taste- a matter of which I shall write about latter.


Ir. Hanafi Ali 24 April 2010 at 07:50  

What is this Dato? A write-up of skepticism? You're not really sure of who will win, are you? PKR a few days back say they will win with a 5,000 majority. RPK said PKR will (surely) win but is not sure by how much.

Here you, to me a respectable analyst, conjure that it "is too close a call"?

Come on Dato. Say it like it is.

Pictures in the mainstream media all show "hearty" welcome for PM. Coming from MSM, I tend to doubt the veracity of such pictures.

Anonymous,  24 April 2010 at 08:48  

You are right and I have been too my Kampong in Hulu Selangor almost everyday since the campaigning day, the banner of BN that are overwhelming and the cross over choreographed by some UMNO outsiders in Hulu Selangor does not have any impacts as just as the behavior of the neuro-surgeon who quit at the wrong time and more of humiliating himself as a professional which is disgusting to many people from both political divides in Hulu Selangor and hopefully this guy can sleep well for betraying people who trusted him.
Neither did I try to convince my friends or my families around the Kampong for whom they must vote but my prayer and only hope that they must go for change and be brave to voice their feeling through their voting rights and the only thing I told them is that "don't you ever trust anybody and only put your trust in GOD" Insya'ALLAH the Hulu Selangor voters will be guided.
The stake is still 50-50, if they love the money and believe UMNO will change in due course, then BN will take the seat or otherwise Zaid Ibrahim will be in Parliament, hopefully TDM will not continue to weep and regret that he was wasting his old age time in Hulu Selangor and What a pitiful figure of this old man-kesian dia tok.
Selamat mengundi orang kampong ku!!! I sure will pray for you my kampong folks!!!

bat8 24 April 2010 at 09:01  


1. Kehilangan Dato rupanya. For past two days, terasa sangat kehilangan dato. I sentiasa log in atleast 10 times a day to check for ur update or new article. Akhirnya kerinduan terubat jua.

2. Dalam posting ini saya merasakan Dato cuba memujuk hati dato bahawa UMNO((Baru) masih ada yang elok, walaupun rasionalnya hati begitu pedih melihat realiti. Saya bersimpati dengan dato, memahami perasaan dato.

3. Saya tersenyum membaca " UMNO first formed in 1946 and then reformed by TDM...."

I beg to differ and yet l memahami pujukan hati dato. But sadly its not true, realitydan fakta berlainan sekali dato'.

3. Reformation adalah pembaharuan yang dibuat kepada sesuatu yang sediada. Fakta yang ada, UMNO lama dibiarkan mati walaupun akta yang mematikan membolehkan ianya dihidupkan kembali. TDM memilih untuk mematikan terus UMNO lama.

Sebaliknya beliau lebih suka menubuhkan sebuah wadah baru, UMNO(Baru) atas sebab-sebab kepentingan politik peribadi.

4. what reform are you taking about dato? Reform dibuat kepada yang sediaada,mesti ada continuity. Mematikan yang asal, kemusian buat yang baru...bukan reform dato!


Wenger J Khairy 24 April 2010 at 09:26  

Hi Dato,
PR will win this one. My reason is backward induction.
If I am wrong - I am talking crap then and perhaps my self imposed silence on blogging will continue.

Any how why I say PR will win. And the majority will be more than 1,000 votes.


Strategic blunders.

No 1) Choosing a compromise candidate will invite all the other competing politicos to sabotage him. Hence the attacks from inside will be 3 fold (i.e. 2 from MIC and 1 from UMNO).

No 2) Reading the PM's "body language". PM is desperate. It shows clearly when he had to take so much time, even to the extent of callin TDM to campaign. This is the biggest sign because the people subconsciously will denigrate his position. After all he is supposed to be the PM, looking after 30 million odd people and an area of 336 000 sq. km. Coming thrice to solve matters that should have been solved by some junior MB / Minister shows that the prev/curr Govt. is incompetent. Thats the system dynamics angle.

So the PM made a blunder when he called this election a referendum on his leadership. This he said on Wednesday i.e. just hours after he touched down from US/Japan. BN had just gone 3-1 up (football terms) after Dr. Halilli's resignation coupled with the manufactured reports on PAS-PKR skirmishes and the Zaid drinks issue.

Actually PM Najib has weak political zen when it comes to actually calling an event. He makes the mistake of being over eager and not appreciating the "system dynamics" of the situation.

No 3) Nik Aziz factor. The Nik Aziz factor is a boost to the Pakatan war machine. Its like calling on Cantona to step up from the subs bench when your 3-1 down, and he goes and scores a goal with his first touch so its now 3-2 with 15 mins to go, and the expectation grows.

Even Zaid has already camouflaged himself very well, preferring the skull cap of humility as opposed to the songkok of entitlement.

So my call, team Pakatan to equalize by the end of today, and Anwar & Co to score a goal deep in injury time.


Unknown 24 April 2010 at 11:14  


At the end of the Day, its FAITH that should be the only guide for the HS Residents...FAITH for whichever race it may be...Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu.

If they are all guided by FAITH and NOT JUST MONEY, they will know who to vote...

That is Why Nik Aziz is there..To Strengthened the FAITH of the Malay Muslims lest they stray along the Money Path...

Donplaypuks® 24 April 2010 at 11:23  


What do you think about Najib's $50,000 payout to Felda settlers. Is it fair game or money politics for the EC to take action?

Also, no one voted for the PM's wife, nor is she in Govt. Unlike the wives of previous PM's, she's all over the place not to mention being involved in TV censorship resulting in the resignation of NTV7's programme producer Josh Hong!!

Why should taxpayers be lumbered with her huge self promotion expenses?

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

walla 24 April 2010 at 11:27  

H: 'I sense BN is going to win this one, S.'

S: 'Then i must remind you what the duke of wellington had said while looking at the casualties on both sides after one battle. He said that worse than a battle lost is a battle won. The biggest loss in war is the loss of conscience, H.'

H: 'Nevertheless, Umno presents steady solace to the Malays.'

S: 'Solace to the Malays? How many percent of them? Look at the GE12 results. Apart from millions others, how many Umno Malays themselves didn't vote for BN? Isn't that telling that the solace in mind is actually a grimace in heart?

Furthermore, who are those other Malays who are happy in Umno? The contractors awaiting tender results? The warung patrons living on commissions from taxi permits while the poor drivers slog in disgrace for asking a bit more than what the meter says because they cannot make ends meet after paying those commissions? Or how about those young Mara graduates selling burgers on the pavement because the economic pie has been shrunk by years of filtration, leakage, siphonage and national theft?

H: 'I know that. But i also know that big results come from accumulated small winnings. BN will rise again with the Najib factor.'

S: 'You're talking about the funnel tactic, H. First, it magnifies the local condition in the constituency and shrinks the national disgrace into the background. Then it uses the carrot and stick to whack the voters to one corner, the one BN controls so that the only thing in their minds come polling day is to weigh who can deliver them better from the pain that they are receiving. Do you for one minute think this is a genuine solution in the long-term interest of the voters or one that only a jack sparrow will be happy to deploy to save his own skin?

Let me ask you, who has more money to play money politics? Why was Isa punished, Rustam demoted and Khairy censured? Because of money politics. Yet money is being used again right now to buy votes. Wasn't it also used to buy politicians to cross-over? So, i ask you. Has Umno conveniently forgotten what it must do first - change itself?'

H: 'But Mahathir said all's fair in elections, S.'

S: 'What else did he not say, H? Did he also say that his billionaire sons have already donated a sizable part of their newly minted wealth to the poor of the Malays he is so seemingly concerned about each time he castigates the Chinese in order to frighten the Malays to close ranks behind his subjects, latest of which the Perkasans?

Did he say he has already sold his argentinian property to donate to the poor Malays because he cannot prevail upon MAS to fly again direct to Buenos Aires since it is a money-losing route?

Did he say he has written a strong letter to censure some people for the jaw-dropping mansions they live in through means they would not have obtained as clean politicians of Umno and BN?'

walla 24 April 2010 at 11:28  


S: 'Sigh, what about transparent?'

H: 'Again, a small example. The two BN-friendlies who have just been exonerated by the Perak sessions court. Ok, perhaps the prosecution really couldn't muster the damning evidence. But think-lah, S. If they have already confessed they were given flesh experiences, do you think they were also not given monetary experiences? And if they were given monetary experiences, does freeing them exonerate them not just from the guilt of corruption but also the guilt of causing an entire state to fall against the wishes of its voters into the hands of a party which also seems to have the ability to award timber concessions to certain personages? Why don't they just close the courts and cancel elections and just do what they want to do to preserve Umno as the sanctimonious solace that saves Malays?'

S: 'I give up. Lastly, what about clean?'

H: 'Alright, i am going to say something puzzling. But those who know what i am going to say will realize it is earthshaking for Umno. It's just one small out of many examples.'

S: 'My heart palpitates. What is it?'

H: 'I am sure the dpm has his people reading on this as we speak. They should just mention two words to the man when they can find a quiet moment with him. But when they mention those two words to him, they should look him straight in the face, especially the eyes. See if there's a twitch, look out for the body language, just be observant.'

S: 'Ohh, what two words are those?'

H: 'Domingo Placedo'

S: 'Isn't that the name of a show sometime back that was played live in some classy joint in Singapore when he was MB of Johor?'

H: 'You of course know i am not talking about the show or the number of times he went to that place. Let's leave it at that and see if Umno has conscience to reform, transform, what have you.

Otherwise, everything it does, from hand-kissing to doling out goodies to talking about inclusivesness and 1 this, 2 that, is just hypocritical hypocrisy by hypocrites, no?'

walla 24 April 2010 at 11:28  


H: 'Who are those people, S?'

S: 'We know Toyo was one for a start. How about the mansions of the Setiausaha Perhubungan of Umno Sabah, the Ketua UMNO Bahagian Sepanggar, the Ketua of UMNO Silam, the Ketua Pemuda of Umno Sabah, even one Ramli Marabahan, as a small sample just from one state alone? I mean the list is long and we shouldn't dull the keen minds here on such a fine weekend.'

H: 'I'm glad you've forgotten his own mansion and that of one of his sons.'

S: 'No i didn't, H. Out of respect for his stature as a former national statesman, which is certainly more than his stature as a mastermind of racism.'

H: 'But surely you can't begrudge hard-working politicians some of life's fine things, S.'

S: 'Glad you said that, H, because the rakyat can then ask Putrajaya for money to upgrade the living quarters of Nik Aziz and Hadi.'

H: 'Sigh, we have to get out of all this.'

S: 'You mean my telling you the truth or our having this difficult conversation?'

H: 'I just want the Hulu Selangor people to get what they deserve. A good representative to solve their woes.'

S: 'So too all the peoples of all the constituencies in the country, H. The reason why there is so much angst today is because checks-and-balances were sacrificed. Let me ask you back, if tomorrow the hand-kisser wins and delivers some goodies to the voters, what do you think happens in the background? Putrajaya will take the cost of those goodies from some other constituency. Vested in federal is the power of distribution. That is all. It extracts a gain for itself in the end by making the rakyat lose somewhere else.'

H: 'Do you have anything better?'

S: 'A clean, effcient and transparent government that doesn't scheme against any of the rakyat at all times in its lifespan.'

H: 'But Umno is moving towards that, isn't it?'

S: 'Really? Let's take efficient first. All those years the people have been suffering waiting for the Home Ministry to process their applications. Why didn't the previous ministers do anything? Land titles? Why the flipflops against the rakyat? That's just two out of thousands of things they could have been done. They just sat on their fat asses until the pressure accumulates in the funnel so that they can stride in on their horses like some medieval knights to deliver the big-guns effect. Create the problems, let them fester, then deliver a piece of cheese here, a morsel of meat there just to awe and win the eternal gratitude of blinkered fixed-depositing voters. Is that the solace you're comforted by, S? Let me make it definitive - an efficient government will proactive do all the right things that must be done without the rakyat having to suffer first in order to be like slaves asking for some succour. Otherwise what do we really have? Hand-kissing patronage, S. When someone kisses the hand of his boss, it is as if the power of the boss will transmit through the nerves of the hand into the mouth of the kisser who will then become more powerful before the eyes of his potential voters. If that is indeed so, why not ask the neurosurgeon whether licking the boots of the boss won't deliver an even bigger kick in power transmission? But i forget myself. Neurosurgeons only specialize on the brain. In that case maybe they can explain their own election record and also why it had taken them so long to come out like men to explain with precise details exactly why they chose to cross-over. You know, our PM speaks about precision. No more-or-less. So, let's get precise.'

kuldeep 24 April 2010 at 12:00  

Very simply Zaid is the better candidate.

I wonder if there is a swop whereby Kamal is PR's candidate and vice versa..will PR bring up the drinking,gambling,anti hudud etc issues?

Zaid is a man who rode the NEP but leveraged that opportunity to greater success.He is an example of the capacity and skills building that is the desired outcome by the proponents of affirmative action.

Kamal also came up the hard way..and whereas his sound bites sounds good..but thats all there is..soundbites.

If Zaid fails at HS it will indeed reflect on the maturity of our political system.

Anonymous,  24 April 2010 at 12:24  

My main worry about this BN-MIC guy is that he is a PR man. If he is with Pakatan that is smll problem as UMNO can always try to buy him. If he is in "Public Relations" that is a biger worry. Didn't someone say that if advertising was pimple on the arse of captalism, then PR was the pus in that pimple?

But then that too may be OK because MIC has not done anything good for the Indians ever. So that is no dangerous to UMNO and Perkasa.

As for me, I will just stay at home and nurse my toddy (whisky with hot water -- not the type you get frm a coconut tree).

Anonymous,  24 April 2010 at 14:28  


The final score is BN-PR : 4-5

PR won by 2000 majority vote.

Anonymous,  24 April 2010 at 15:16  


We hope all of us are not Apprehensive as to the Outcome of the HS election....

Whatever the Outcome will be Governed by the Buddha's epitomy of SUCHNESS...

All of the Volitions exuded by All Parties during the election has shaped their Karma and they will bear its consequences...

Still, Zaid may be meeting his Kamma at the conclusion of this election whilst the Najib - Muhyideen Team have yet to journey towards the consequences of their deeds...

All of Nik Aziz's Goodwill cannot save them from their destinies...

Joe Black

Anonymous,  24 April 2010 at 15:26  

In your heart I can feel that you are losing hope of BN winning this by-election. Too many blunders were made by BN/UMNO along the way that perpetuates this situation. It will be extremely embarassing for BN/UMNO if this election is lost despite all the goodies doled out to the constituency.
Now everyone will be dreaming to have a by-election in their place so that the same goodies and instant development will come to their place.
It is very difficult to sell a party that is losing their credibilty by the day. Buying over people to crossover using monies robbed from the poor rakyat is an unforgivable sin.
We don't blame you if you feel disheartened by BN/UMNO's performance in HS. Que sera, sera.
Distant observer

Anonymous,  24 April 2010 at 16:04  

walla,your "hand kisser" tell me something about you.if he wins,why can't he do his job ?in fact he could be better than zaid ,who knows?. i think you have a lot of prejudice towards a certain race.just like the kampung buah pala issue,you sided with the developers and the state government in the name of progress not with the villagers.your analysis to me ,seems to be looking at the top and upper middle not the bottom of things(most of the times)

so,i am sorry ,i don't buy your words regarding hulu selangor.that's my opinion .thank you

Anonymous,  24 April 2010 at 16:44  

omigosh. RM50K incentive? Blatant abuse of government funds, ain't it?

How can you Umno people tell us that Umno is on the road to reformation? Come on, folks, wake up. You're being taken for a ride.

Ahmad Syafiq 24 April 2010 at 16:59  

Wallau Wenger J Khairy. What a comment man. But then again, I still think BN is gonna win by 5,000 - 7,000 majority anyway, despite the fact that I am a PR supporter.

Anonymous,  24 April 2010 at 17:15  

If Kamal wins, then Samy can claim to be accepted as life-president.
So some MIC leaders may just want to lose to topple Samy.
UMNO can ask for the seat should MIC loses and maybe some UMNO leaders will just do that.
Myhiddin may want BN to lose so that he can stake his claim for the PM's post.
Najib says a win is a referendum on his leadership. Muhyiddin will scoff at that.
To hell with BN, I pray the evil one will lose and the PK given a divine win.

Masam Manis,  24 April 2010 at 17:39  


The way this election being run as if there is no tomorrow and no more election to run.

Whether they realized or not, BN government actions in this election are being observe and judge more than the opposition by spectrum of societies in Malaysia. Unfortunately, there is no official poll conducted but if such survey being conducted would we be surprise that it may not be favourable to BN government.

BN could win this HS election..... but let us reminded ourselves with this Malay folklore/proverb:-
Jangan "Menang sorak kampong tergadai"

walla 24 April 2010 at 18:30  

anon 16.04

Thank you for keeping track of me. Race was furthest from my mind. All the while it has been about chasing good governance. A property which might have saved the Buah Pala villagers from their plight in the first place, if you want to ponder a bit further about it yourself.

Strangely you seem to ignore the other fact someone of the same certain race had also agreed with me on that score in that thread about the villagers.

And lest another race thinks i am also slighting them, i must add here and now that i think kissing someone's hands should only be customary for one's parents and family elders. What has any politician really done to deserve such respect, and will their honesty, fairness and efficiency be elevated one inch from doing so?

Let's honestly ask ourselves one thing - if we can travel back in time and take with us a photograph of us kissing the hands of our politicians and then show it to those of our past during the time of the british, what would be their reaction there and then be as they stood to attention behind their 'white tuans'? Would they ask 'how come my descendants are now prostrating even more before some of us? when did we become some more equal than others? isn't respect better shown by silent appreciation than outward fawning?'

Now since i don't think you could have missed that as well, i find it quaint you can pick something out as racial when there was none. I cannot help it if the handkisser happened to be from a race you are partial about. I am not responsible for his genes. If his genes had been of any another race, no less will be my comments. They will be the same.

Stay focused on governance. Tell me which race doesn't value good governance.

Meanwhile this comes back:

walla 24 April 2010 at 18:48  

anon 16.04

to continue a little bit more...

you wrote: 'if he wins,why can't he do his job ?in fact he could be better than zaid ,who knows?.'

indeed, perhaps even better than Palanivel, who held a position higher than PR officer? If Pala didn't or couldn't for so long, what could Kama do? But let's say Kama will. How? Only by largess from Umno. So if Umno will be giving support to Kama, why didn't Umno give support to Pala to solve the problems that the HS people are facing which are now drawing the attention of both camps?

secondly, you mentioned: 'your analysis to me ,seems to be looking at the top and upper middle not the bottom of things(most of the times)'

I am motivated by all layers - top, middle and bottom. My sentiments are always for the bottom layer first but i realize the solution has to come by transforming the other layers first - because that's the fastest way to get things moving for the better. Also, because most of the problems started because the top and some of the middle layers got corrupted by the dark side of the force.

This country needs good policies and actions to bring better benefits to the people at the base. Some of the people at the base also need to change their mindset. They can't because those at the top have been nurturing closed minds in order to control them, presumably for stability but actually for their own personal agendas. Otherwise how does one explain all those ill-gotten gains? It's all about good governance, isn't it?

Now i am going back to reading my comic .. page 117 of 332..of Logicomix.


Greenbottle 24 April 2010 at 18:52  

here's my prediction. tomorrow indians will vote indian but umno malays are so fucking retarded that they will also vote indian.

BN to win by around 2500 votes. because indians will vote overwelhmingly their own race. the fucking umno malays will also vote kamalnatahan...

so it's all about race after all...indians will laugh all the way to the parliament tomorrow.

but i dearly hope my prediction is wrong!

Donplaypuks® 24 April 2010 at 19:59  

As Wenger KJ will testify, my predictions for the last 3 by-elections were spot on.

So, I'll stick my neck out and predict a PKR and Zaid win at HS albeit by a small margin.

The one thing that really convinced me Kamal bin Nathan does not have the credentials for a good politician or PR man is when his only answer to all those probing questions was "I'll tell you after the elections"??!! Like we want to know after he's lost it? So, in essence he's saying he has no convictions, policies or strategies to serve the Rakyat.

But of course, that's par for the course for a teflon faced compromise candidate who has no real backing from within his own party (MIC).

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Donplaypuks® 24 April 2010 at 20:24  


Here's a snippet from Mkini that may help voters at HS:

"Maika share sale an election gimmick? Donplaypuks 24/04/10. 1:55pm.

I refer to the Malaysakini report New firm takes over Maika Holdings.

The salient facts about G Gnanalingam's recent offer to buy out all Maika shareholders are as follows:

1. Maika's paid up share capital - RM125 million.

2. Gnanalingam's offer price - RM106 million or RM0.85 per share.

3. Oriental Capital Assurance Bhd's (Ocab) paid up share capital is RM100 million and as at Dec 31, 2008 it's audited NTA was about RM103 million.

4. Maika's investment in Ocab's share capital is 74.165% or 74,174,640 shares, ie, Maika is Ocab's holding company as it has both more than 51% equity shares and control in Ocab. Maika's CEO Vell Paari a/l Samy Velu also sits on the board of directors of Ocab.

5. Prior to Gnanalingam's buyout proposal, there were two other offers to Maika as follows:

a. RM129 million or $1.75 per share by Salcon

b. RM149 million or $ 2.01 per share by Usaha Tegas, the holding company of tycoon Ananda Krishnan.

The Salcon offer was frozen by a court order taken out by Nesa Cooperative, Maika's single largest shareholder who had objected on the grounds that Maika's 74% investment in Ocab had not been independently valued.

Nesa had recommended the investment in Ocab be sold by open tender. Nesa also revealed there were two other parties interested in acquiring Ocab's shares, one from Europe and another from Australia.

As to the RM149 million offer by Usaha Tegas, apparently Maika rejected this offer as it could not accept certain pre-conditions insisted upon by Usaha Tegas. What these pre-conditions were have not been revealed by Maika's directors.

In the light of the above, I demand the board of directors of Maika explain:

1. Why do they think Gnanalingam's offer of RM106 million is suddenly acceptable to them when they unequivocally know there are local market players in the insurance business and foreign parties who are willing to pay more?

2. Why are they unwilling to offer the Maika or Ocab shares for sale by open tender with a reserve price of say, RM150 million, given the Usaga Tegas offer? If as Gnanalingam says, Maika's debts are RM30 million, the net minimum proceeds of RM120 million would be a fair and handsome reward to Maika's shareholders who for some 20 years have received no dividends while there was a period when their CEO was paid a remuneration of RM15,000 per month.

As to Gnanalingam being quoted as saying he's doing 'national service', he contradicts it by saying he will need six months to find another financier which suggests he is looking at flipping the Maika/Ocab shares for a quick gain. So much for national service.

Financiers may do charity work and make sizeable donations from their profits and gains, but their natural predatory instincts mean they will always squeeze out the juicy bits of the best deals for themselves.

It seems clear to me, and for the matter any sane person, that the Maika/Ocab shares are worth a hell of a lot more than Gnanalingam's RM106 million offer.

The RM64,000 question is why Samy Vellu, Vel Paari and the Maika board of directors appear to be not interested in maximising returns to their long-suffering shareholders which include themselves by supporting the lowest offer?

Is there a deal behind the deal?"

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  24 April 2010 at 20:33  

Salam Dato Sak,

Its been a while,

My money is on ZI but then again I'm a moslem later on became issue I suppose not to gamble on a horse called ZI

Secondly, Kamalanathan is favourite to win but of course by majority 5,000 - I presume this wont be impossible as DSN & TDM has hit the ground and so called distribute "wealth" to the masses

Interestingly also, DSR also came down and strongly reaching out the masses by appealing - " Don't be Duped by Last Minute Lies" Wow since I don't see past Tun Jean & Tun Siti Hasmah help and reaching out to rakyat during erection i mean election.

Lastly, UMNO BN will keep on buying shopping spree like theres no tomorrow - but will this work well with the rest of the UMNO Warlords up there? will this boost higher income economy? Cheap Frogs and incosistent Frogs are many, but too overlooked certain things which are less "precise" and
short sighted are more critical.

Let the votes and gerrymandering begins.

-Ikan Tongkol-

shamshul anuar,  24 April 2010 at 21:10  

Dear Sakmongkol,

General election in 2008 was held during the tenure of a weak PM so to speak.

A lot of things had taken places within the 2 year space. Saiful's allegation on Anwar brought a new perspective to political areana. Previously people tend to perceive Anwar'ss dismissal as a way for Dr mahathir to keep his premiership.

But anwar's refusal to swear changed the perception. Anwar had failed miserably using the standard used by
uslims worldwide. No Muslims who are slandered would refuse to take up the challenge by swearing)unless there is something fishy going on.

Swearing in a time tested tradition to find the ultimate truth. It is rarely done as ussually the elders would advise against asking for divine punishment .

Why Anwar refused to swear? The truth is that somethimg happened between him and Saiful.

As for PAS, its influence wanes considerably after agreeing to be DAP's slave. After decades of condemning UMNO to hell for political alliance with MCA and MIC, PAS is at lost in explaining the need to be an ally of the enemy of its own race-DAP.

Anonymous implied that if people love money, they will vote for BN. THe truth is that vast majority of Malays hate Anwar. Initially Anwqar had considerable supporters among Malay community. But his antics show his true colour.

sniper,  24 April 2010 at 23:09  


you seems like a US or british soldier send to Iraq.

Eventough you are at the battlefield, but yet you don't understand what you're fighting for

Mix with the local and then you know what you should do whether to save your party or just yourself.

Anonymous,  25 April 2010 at 10:24  

I had some respects for you but today it's all vanished. You have shown yourself to be one of the gerombolan. Gerombolan dulu kini dan selamanya.kah kah kah

Bambo,  25 April 2010 at 10:31  

Greenbottle (24 April 2010 18:52) said: "... tomorrow indians will vote indian but umno malays are so fucking retarded that they will also vote indian ... indians will vote overwelhmingly their own race. the fucking umno malays will also vote kamalnatahan... so it's all about race after all...indians will laugh all the way to the parliament tomorrow."

Yeah little twit, what about the fucking retarded DAP and PKR Chinese? Since you are soooo biggg on race, who do you think these fucking retarded DAP/PKR Chinese will vote for? Who? Or would these fucking retarded DAP/PKR Chinese just stay home and continue with their mahjong games ...?

Greenbottle 25 April 2010 at 12:06're an idiot!
i'm talking about RACIAL Based parties...Chinese DAP PKR or even PAS people don't vote based on race... geddit?

Bambo,  25 April 2010 at 22:57  

Greenbottle said: "...Chinese DAP PKR or even PAS people don't vote based on race... geddit?"

Wow Greenie, you're not just a bona fide retard, you're a fucking ignorant retard.

You have the audacity to say the fucking Chinese DAP/PKR retards and the skullcap zombies of PAS don't vote based on race? Ha ha ha ... what asteroid have you been ridin' man? Or did you left half your cranial matter in your favourite Patpong joint?

FYI idiot, the fucking Chinese DAP/PKR retards are the most racist SOBs around and hell bent on forging an imaginary mini China right here in Malaysia.

As the HS by-election results show, thank god the Indians have come to their senses and abandoned the fucking Chinese DAP/PKR racist retards and their Melayu barua frontmen.

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