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Monday, 26 April 2010

Hulu Selangor- Congratulations to UMNO!

It does not matter what the majority is. It is 1725 votes too many for PKR. UMNO won this election in HUlu Selangor for BN. I say that again- UMNO won this election. So my congratulations are for UMNO.
The fact that Malay voters can support an MIC candidate reaffirms my belief that on the whole, Malays are for moderation. If Ibrahim Ali and his followers have some grey matter- they will make a note of this. Any brand of extremism is disagreeable.
I received many e mails from friends pointing out, this time, for the first time, my predictions were wrong. I said, this won't be the first time. I am not going to lose sleep over my off-the –mark predictions. My heart says, I want BN to win and wrote some emotional stuff over this matter. Indeed I appealed to the heart of heart of the Malays to vote for UMNO. Even then, there were commentators who accused me of supporting a cheating party and accordingly by reverse reasoning, accused me of also being a cheat.
This election reaffirms the commitment of Malays to a resurgent and rebranded UMNO.
The first order of business for BN, UMNO, and Kamalanathan is to demand that Samy Velu retire from politics. That was his promise right? That he is willing to call it a day, if the MIC candidate wins. Now that Kamalanathan has won, Samy must oblige with his vow. The victory of Kamalanathan confirms that Samy Velu's style of politics, bordering on political gangsterism has been rejected.
I am not interested in writing requiems, epitaphs or obituary for PKR- their resolved will be hardened after this. There isn't any musical stuff to celebrate a party that isn't dead by any long shot and there isn't any tombstone for a party that refuses to die. We can expect them to be more aggressive from now on. From now on, we can expect any by elections and general elections will be dirty as they can be.
I have written in my previous essays that the determining factor in this election will be the Malay voters. This observation has turned out to be true. I have said that Chinese remained politically defiant. This has also turned out true. PM Najib had to offer a lot of money to induce the Chinese to vote for BN candidate.RM35 million for a Chinese school in return for a measly number of votes? Our jubilation over this victory, must be tempered with a closer look at the cost of this 1725 victory.
Has Kamalanathan's victory in any way elevated the relevance of MIC as was quickly pointed out by many MIC second tier leaders? We are not going to be fooled by their bravado- if anything this election, fought and won hard by UMNO confirms the insignificance of MIC and therefore serves as a severe warning to an over demanding but paper tiger partner in BN.


d'enricher 26 April 2010 at 08:19  


For us to really see result, can a malay win in a non malay area? It has been proven many time that BN component party, MCA, MIC & Gerakan especially winning in areas with Malay majority.

Even Pakatan for that matter or is it vice versa?

Your take should be interesting.

Really ... you think Samy will let go of his Presidency.

A Tunship maybe inorder...


Anonymous,  26 April 2010 at 08:57  


If anything, this election has Managed to Project Najib & Co's Style of Leadership which is... THE END JUSTIFY THE MEANS.

This Style is Inherited from Tun Dr Mahathir and Tacitly ncouraged by him during this Byelection.

This election also exposed the Calibre of Muhyideen as DPM and Campaign leader...

If All and Sundry from UMNO has to fight Tooth and Nail to just manage getting 1700 extra votes... One wonders how they will cope with a General Election where all efforts are going to be widely dispersed throughout the Nation!!
One thing for sure... Te Other side will spare no quarters at being equally dirty and knowing the characters in UMNO there's a lot of Dirty Linen in the Closets...

Joe Black

Anonymous,  26 April 2010 at 09:27  

Well the indians did'nt disappoint !Come next ,when they face the real tests of inustice like police killings,body snatching and their usual marginalisation crap then we see what this Khmal can do!
It's so typical of them this ungrateful lot!Cannot see the woods from the trees!
Next time when they plead and cry we remember ULU selangor!

Anonymous,  26 April 2010 at 09:34  

MIC is not relevant. Malaysian Indians can trust UMNO more than Samy's MIC. Kamalanathan's victory made possible by UMNO proves that

MACC 26 April 2010 at 09:40  

So UMNO won the buy election and it is the Malays who voted UMNO back, right? UMNO committed corruption by buying votes, doesn't that also mean Malays support corruption?

Richard Cranium 26 April 2010 at 09:50  

Perhaps this is a case of winning a battle, losing the war?

Muaz Omar said 26 April 2010 at 09:54  

"APRIL 26 — For the past eight days, Prime Minister Datuk Seri
Happy Datuk? See how UMNO won - corrupt politics, buy election....

From Back to the drawing board:

"Najib Razak has led a campaign that showcased everything rotten about Umno and BN.

The vilification and assassination on the personal lifestyle of Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, candidate of PKR and Pakatan Rakyat was absolutely disgusting but it brought mixed results based on the Malays' voting pattern."

Wenger J Khairy 26 April 2010 at 09:58  

I am sick to the stomach that Tun Dr Mahathir is back in the picture.

Its the worst possible news. Zaid said something stupid about this election being about TDM. His son said it was about TDM. TDM then denied it only to confirm it later. And UMNO won because of TDM.

what a soap opera.

I believe a lot of small children will get uneasy if they see TDM. They will probably get nightmares once they realized that TDM has effectively sold their futures for his present gain. Next time PM Najib, think of the children.

Anonymous,  26 April 2010 at 10:04  

it is not support for a resurgent UMNO,

it is just rejection of paklah and acceptance of Najib - the lead given by dear Tun Dr Mahathir, who also turun padang to campaign

the heartland trusted him when he endorsed Najib

Anonymous,  26 April 2010 at 10:19  


Contrary to your analysis which has a slanted vista on anything Ibrahim Ali, this victory only seek to prove that Perkasa, albeit tagging that "extreme malay" aura, is after all for One-Malaysia. The fact that they came down to help a non-malay campaign in a predominantly malay area, suggest that Perkasa's views are not only matured and accommodative, but also far-reaching and far-sighted. The Malays' well beings, both as the original Tuan-Tanahs and major population segment of this country, must be safeguarded religiously seem to be Perkasa's main theme, but this election shows that they are doing it not via bulldozing the parochial-ethnic sentiments, but also via a more liberal accommodative strategy.

Dato' --- people change with time and circumstances. Could it be that, whatever you had against Ibrahim Ali before, has slowly but assuredly metamorphosed into something better, maturer and more profitable both for this nation and its peoples, the malays in particular?

One Malaysia do not have to be construed as "Everybody shall have equal chances" which no doubt camouflage the intent of the strong in trying to subjugate the weak, much like the PAP and DAP's "Malaysian Malaysia" mask, but rather, Perkasa's support is more like "What can the government do to help in order to ensure that everybody shall have equal chances of getting this wealth?".

In this very same note, I hope Najib did not give a blank check in that promisory note to the chinese voters. For scores of years, the more dissentful amongst this segment of population has been milking opportunities while at the same time stealthily voting the opposition. 80% of the chinese vote in Hulu Selangor had gone to the opposition. I dont see why Najib should even bother to fulfill his promises, which really should have been read "if the chinese majority votes for BN then we would spend RM35M for their schools..." instead of "if the BN wins, we would spend RM35M on chinese schools...". In short, BN's win in Hulu Selangor was NOT due to the Chinese. It was largely due to the Malays and Indians whose wishes to see OneMalaysia were more of a practical rather than theoretical nature.

It is time the government stop rewarding disloyal citizens with more and more wealth and luxuries.

d'enricher asks a subtle but important question: If a malay would be to contest in a non-malay constituency, would he have equal chances like the one afforded to Kamal in Hulu Selangor? The answer to that is an obvious no. Unless, of course that malay is DAP or Pakatan.

If I were Najib I would, to paraphrase Nietzsche, divide my subordinates into two classes: tools and enemies.

Marking Bagpie

Quiet Despair,  26 April 2010 at 10:39  

You admitted your off-the-mark prediction. It's okay. It's a good mistake which translated into what your heart really desires - Umno victory.
Yep, its really Umno's win with the strong backing of the Malays in Hulu Selangor.
I am realy happy that what I want to believe Umno will win with 1,500to 2000 votes indeed came through.
The victory is the sweetest for Najib who got his policies well-endorsed after only one year in office.
It's really heartening to see his vigour in describing this win as a launching pad to wrest Selangor back.
The winner is also the Chinese who got the goodies and run. That is so expected.
Once again they proved that they will never vote a BN canidate, what more an Indian one.
Pantang datuk nenek mereka mengundi calon bukan DAP macam juga pantang datuk nenek saya tak mengundi BN.
It's always the Malays who will vote for candidates of other races.
I can't help asking what if? What if it is an Umno candidate? Will the majority be bigger? I think so because the spoilt votes shout so.
But the beauty of Umno or the Malays are they easily close ranks and accept what the leadership wants. They really value setiakwan.
They may be disgruntled and angry but in an instant they start oiling their machinery for Kamal.
This is what the MIC and MCA must learn from.
Samy Vellu and Palanivel I think until now cannot accept Kamal is the chosen one.
Palanivel even said Kamalanathan now is entirely Umno's responsibility, before disappearing for not being chosen.
I think Samy Vellu was shocked that Kamal won. I think he did not believe Kamal will win or else he will not make the dare to quit as MIC president.
He was conspicouly absent for the victory speech last night.
We want you to make good your promise ayah. Please do not make just one more empty threat.
Like Sak said Umno should no longer bow to paper tiger leaders.
It's time for the young doctors, lawyers and professionals take over the mantle in MIC.

walla 26 April 2010 at 11:29  


The Orang Asli's? They will still be fighting in the forest against the onslaught of soil erosion when Cahya Mata and the chieftains of Umno Sabah build another monolith in order to pay for grander mansions than the ten to thirty million palaces you can find them soothing themselves in today while the rakyat burn in their tin sheds in the rural settlements and new villages all over the country.'

A: 'You're too pessimistic, Tun. The Malay middle core in Umno will rise and carve a better future for all together with the pendatangs.'

B: 'Haha. Slip of the tongue, perhaps? Do you know what is the biggest underlying problem of this country, the thing that keeps coming back, the thing that suffuses everything?

It's the psychological problem in the psyche of the Malays. On the one hand they lack confidence about themselves. On the other hand, they affect a silo-minded bravura to try and erase that intrinsic fear.

It's a tension within which can explain how they can practice double standards without batting an eye. They know it's there and yet their fear has seeped so much into their bone marrow they think it is alright to see everything using the lens of only one race - their own - even if those who know better will tell you that the notions of their roots and thus who is really not a pendatang in this country needs more honest elaboration. And to belabor a point, that's gagasan for you, Sofea.

Their double standards in everything are finishing off this country. From selective distribution to outright corruption of state funds, election processes and judiciary integrity. The felda settler gets five to fifty thousand and goes down on his knees to thank the benefactor but the benefactor gets fifty million of the rakyats' money tax-free so to whom does he go down on his knees to thank for his financial salvation? Him, or Umno?

Everything's kaput, Sofea. Ultimately, it will be the coup de'grace administered by one's own hands against one's own apple of one's own eye.

And they hold the federal seats supposedly to support all equally and fairly. How-lah? Three million for a school is a big deal and three billion for monoracial colleges are not-kah?

I don't even want to argue all this in a state sessions court of law. The result will be an insult to the principles of jurisprudence.

Remember what the world bank admonishes about the NEM? Structural reforms, or finito, baby.'

A: 'Our walla is saying she wants to stop now. She wants to stop commenting in political blogs and just move on. We should join her. It's no point. This country's future will depend on whether the grassroots can see through the dirtiness and real cost of money politics.'

B: 'It's starting to look like a good idea, Sofea. We should just stop, bid the blogger farewell and move on. As you say, what's the point anymore? The rakyat will get the government they deserve. And indeed, let me say it now - they deserve the men of the sheriff of Nottingham. They want them, the carnival and glory and animal farm. But you, Maid Marion, must settle down.

Everything that needs to be said has been said. The same themes, reasons, factors and root causes have been identified and debated again and again. Yet the rakyat continue to want to be led like bulls with rings on their noses to the slaughterhouses. Indeed, as walla had said once.. a country ultimately finds its own levels. And looking at what this country can do and where it's heading, we are finished. Those who say otherwise are either dreamers or as the cause of the situation, schemers. Let's not waste time remembering who they are. She said she has found a single shred of argument that rationally supports the machinations of Umno anywhere in the entire blogosphere. Not one.'

A: 'There are only a few good men and women left, Tun. Shall we move on then?'

walla 26 April 2010 at 11:29  


B: 'You play chess-kah, Sofea? Well, go on.'

A: 'After GE11, White was exultant. Its pieces had crushed the last walls of defense of Black. But after GE12, White suddenly found Black's pieces had overrun White's territory all the way to the last row. Black's pawns were all converting to queens, castles, knights and bishops which then proceeded to knock White's pieces off the board like ninepins. White panicked, and withdrew to re-strategise.

It came out with a new plan. Blast the Black King and capture en passant Black's frontlines. These White has done. But still it was not enough. Only three wins against more than double by Black.

So White did the next thing. It set fire to the stage and diverted attention of the viewers. With their attention diverted, it lit a cigar and blew smoke into Black's eyes. Blinded, Black was momentarily disoriented.

At that moment, White switched pieces on the board. Replaced some of Black's pieces with its own. When vision cleared, Black found that it was suddenly in a losing position. While still trying to read the board again, Black reached for his glass of water not realizing that in the melee, White had replaced it with ninety proof vodka.

Naturally, Black became too tipsy after taking a sip to ask how come White has vodka in the first place. And that's how White checkmated Black.'

B: 'Haha, Sofea. Very good. But be careful. Otherwise some bright sparks will say you are not wanita Umno but actually a gerombolan incarnate.'

A: 'I can live with that, Tun. It only confirms they have some otak but only some. Otherwise how to explain their flame-baiting and character assassinations when instead they should be exercising their brains to argue rationally each case like in a court of law?'

B: 'What law, Sofea? In this country, there is law-kah? Where's the law when people can be paid to harass voters or truckloads of phantomites can appear to change the results presumably under the watchful eyes of the Election Commission whose chief could even swagger on a tv forum about the so-called independence of his body?'

A: 'What's going to happen next, Tun?'

B: 'As was said by someone before, worse than losing a battle is winning it. In this case, the next thing that will happen will be total banishment of conscience.

Umno members can pray ten times a day. It won't matter. Do-it duit will kautim everything. They will repeat their Hulu Selangor success formula at every election right up to GE13.

And to do it in GE13, they will target their two-third majority in Parliament, redelineate the constituencies to buy up fence-sitting voters and then whack the Opposition in one final blow on the big day.

After that, they will make sure that Black will never play again in any tournament. They may even use quick-dry white paint. And that'll be the end of democracy and this country.

Why? the rightists in the Malay community will rule by the 4R's of race, religion, rights and rulers. The middle-core in the same community will be cowered to a corner and ask to shut up or be branded as traitors.

And if they have not by then left in bigger droves, the Chinese will keep to themselves even more, and with that the NEM will polarize along racial lines while 1Malaysia will be a relic of another BN sloganism.

The Indians will flow with the tide and bend with the winds but they will find that all the money has already been spent by Umno on vote-buying so that there will be nothing left for them even under the NEM's magnificent ideal of a social net.

walla 26 April 2010 at 11:29  

A: 'Well, Tun, it looks like you were right. BN won.'

B: 'But did they win fairly, Sofea? The other tun hinted it was alright not to win fairly.'

A: 'He was just being his character. He treats politics like a game. With that, the rakyat like pawns. And the future of this nation like his own backyard.

Anyway, BN won and the win is a fillip especially for Umno to regain its past glory.'

B: 'Glory, Sofea? The Malays voted for money, the Chinese voted for principles and the Indians voted for race.'

A: 'But at least in voting for an Indian, the Malays didn't vote for race.'

B: 'No, Sofea. They didn't have a choice. Their candidate had to be from the MIC. I am almost tempted to ask what if their candidate had been Halili.

Sofea, it's all about two things. One, to regain momentum right up to GE13. Two, to creep up to that magic two-third majority in parliament. And the way Umno has been going about both is to try and decapitate the heads of Pakatan to stop the momentum of the Opposition, and to buy over their branch leaders to wither their ranks.

As we can see, they are succeeding on both counts. The politics of Malaysia today is the politics of do-it. That's spelt du-it. But where's the morals, ethics, Godliness, maruah? Replaced by hypocrisy-kah?'

A: 'Why you bother, Tun? So long as BN delivers goodies to the rakyat, all's fair and square.'

B: 'Goodies? You call promising three point five million to a Chinese school as already too much money to be spent on those belligerents? Aren't they the ones paying the taxes which you have surreptitiously used to buy the votes that are now giving you the victory that you relish? And isn't it your federal responsibility to uphold the Constitution to provide for the natural growth of their education? Suddenly it is alright to ignore national responsibility for the expediency of political ecstasy kah? Just as suddenly you have this urgent need to give money to the Felda settlers. What was Umno or MIC not doing all those years before the MP died?

Do you see what has happened, Sofea? The mind has justified its own unsupportable desires at all costs. Money politics is suddenly ok again. Giving goodies that should have been routine government work is suddenly a blessed action again. It's alright again to treat the rakyat like slaves to be thrown a morsel or two before feeding them to the lions of globalization where Umno has already besepakat with the mat sallehs ahead of other malaysians.

Elections in this country have been contaminated and the ones doing the contamination are the ones with the bigger moneybags and mouths. Do these people who have admitted they don't know best realize what's going to happen next to the whole country?

A: 'Tun, i see it all evolving as a chess game.'

Richard Cranium 26 April 2010 at 12:20  

Quiet Despair

Where have you been, sir? The last GE, the Chinese voted in droves for PAS and PKR, as well as for DAP.

As I've said before to you, do your nation a favour. Read more widely, especially opposing opinions.

Don't just take everything you see and hear in the mainstream media and warong kopi as the sole truth.

But you are right in that, in every culture, there will be bigots.

Anonymous,  26 April 2010 at 13:18  

"The fact that Malay voters can support an MIC candidate reaffirms my belief that on the whole, Malays are for moderation. If Ibrahim Ali and his followers have some grey matter- they will make a note of this. Any brand of extremism is disagreeable."

but dato, according to ibrahim ali, kamalanathan is more malay than zaid..

James Q,  26 April 2010 at 13:39  

Values have changed. The signals are so clear: CORRUPTION is IN. Drinking alcohol - NO! Gambling - NO! Rasuah - It's OK.

Ariff Sabri 26 April 2010 at 13:41  

anon 13:18

but sir, thats expected from someone who could only respond- dont talk shit, dont talk shit. i repeat- dont talk shit!
just like someone who mistook Idris Jala to be a Muslim, what's there to say about some people seeing Kamal-anathan being more Malay?

Anonymous,  26 April 2010 at 14:19  


Congratulation for the BN victory and your passionate appeal was not in vain.

But at what cost, I wonder ?

And can BN spends 167 millions for each Parliamentary seat in the next GE ? BN will need a war chest of 37 billions.

PR may have lost this battle but the war is not over yet.

Finally, the public perception is that this is an unfair fight with BN hitting below the belt.

Gong Tua Tai,  26 April 2010 at 14:29  

Ibrahim Ali isn't that extremist after all if he can still regard Kamalanathan to be more Malay than Malay. So who's shiting?

Donplaypuks® 26 April 2010 at 15:03  

Well, I was wrong on the HS result as well and am thoroughly shattered and disappointed for the moment.

However, UMNO and Najib can't be complacent. Not after $167 million of pork barrel politics, last minute change of voter stations, illegal gerrymandering, but a majority of only under 2,000!!

And Whatever happened to the 6,000 KPI majority predicted by half-wit DPM Muhy?

As for Dr.M's speech attacking Zaid about owning race horses and horse racing, I would like to pose a question to him:

If Dr.M owns a stable of 30 horses whose annual maintenance cost = 30 x $1,500 per horse per month x 12 months = $540,000, how is he financing it on his Govt pension? And why is he investing a lot of time and money in Argentina?

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Quiet Despair,  26 April 2010 at 15:56  

Richard Cranium my dear.
As usual you read me wrong. As I stated many times in my postings here, Chinese will not vote BN candidates.
I did say Chinese did vote for PAS and PKR. I know my non-Malay friends did.
And of course you know better because PKR and PAS are in cohorts with DAP.
Afore this, Chinese will not touch PAS with a ten-foot pole.
I read everything Mr Cranium including trash.
I am so much aware you guys revered Zaid. I read a comment from one blog hailing him as Daulat Zaid.
And I dont know whether you realised that with the entry of PKR, elections are no longer a serious affair.
Brawlings and fist-fights are the order of the day when PKR is contesting.
It does not happen when DAP or PAS are contesting.
They are stretching the street democracy introduced by Anwar Ibrahim a bit too far.
Is this the person you want as Prime Miister?
I dont think so. I think you guys want Kit Siang or LGE as PM.

Anonymous,  26 April 2010 at 16:58  

Bro Sak, there you are
In this very same note, I hope Najib did not give a blank check in that promisory note to the chinese voters. For scores of years, the more dissentful amongst this segment of population has been milking opportunities while at the same time stealthily voting the opposition."

Obviously, there are ppl who support the idea of "buy election"
In addition, the money spent belongs to BN or the people ?
The answer is the tax payers money.
In the first place, RM35 million or RM50K should not be offered during an election period only.
It 's the people's money, it should be for the people.

What more can I say ?
If BN supporters can have such a explains a lot.

And.....someone mentioned BN has reformed?

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