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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Some lessons from Hulu Selangor

Are development elements- roads, outstanding money owed, bridges, expressways contingent upon having by elections? They shouldn't be. These form part of being a government. A government in power does all these as part of governing. You carry out development in the name of progress.
But when they come as part of a political bargaining process, that's inherently wrong. It reduces the government to a party in a pork-barreling transaction. You do this for us, we give this to you. You vote for us, we give you money. Development and to use a more generic term- benefits to the rakyat, then becomes the outcome of endless pork-barreling exercise. Can a government function this way? The answer must be in the negative.
You cannot sustain governance in this manner. You need permanent elements- rule of law, principles, values , shared vision etc.
If UMNO decries money politics in its political conduct and political business, the same principle should be held true in governmental transactions.
When I wrote UMNO just Du-IT, this was what I had in mind. So, I am not going to answer all those comments saying if we don't have money, how can we function? That isn't the issue I am raising. Or at the end of the day, the one who benefits are the rakyat. Of course we need money to carry out the normal functions of everyday life. The people campaigning in Hulu Selangor, spending time away from families and loved ones need to money for expenses. That is understandable and we don't argue on that.
If the Pakatan Rakyat government does the same thing- dishing out election goodies, it is not our concern. We have set out to be NOT them. This was the pledge given by our PM. That was why he has embarked on some radical change process- new economic model, transformation of government, 1 Malaysia etc.
So what can we campaign on? I have stated the fasal 3 of the UMNO constitution. That's what we should campaign on. I have stated in my earlier essays on HUlu Selangor- we campaign on leadership issues- on the programs the PM wants to carry out. I have also written on the need to reach deep into the Malay emotional reservoir. Tell them the story of UMNO and what UMNO represents. UMNO provides that the emotional safety net. Knowing it's there, provides for emotional solace.
I have stated that Malays in Hulu Selangor were the crucial and determining group contributing to the outcome. This has been borne out correct. PKR failed to get beyond 50% and as a result, failed to win. The gains they got from Chinese voters (more than 66%) were not sufficient to offset the weakened inroad into the Malay psyche.
Let's move on to a few lessons we can get fom Hulu Selangor.
Malays will continue to be the backbone of UMNO's political relevance and legitimacy. It cannot abandon its Fasal 3 elements of its constitution. As long as UMNO stays relevant to Malays, heed their voices, attend to their needs, and strike up an emotional kinship with them, UMNO remains strong. UMNO's position as the premier voice of the average Malay becomes stronger of we avoid the excesses of the powerful. I have written about this in one of the earlier essays- image projection and all that.
Let's talk about MCA. 
In HUlu Selangor, MCA was irrelevant. That's the way it was. It failed to garner Chinese votes. Chinese would rather listen to the PKR and align with DAP. Its insignificance cannot be attributed to the existence of Perkasa. On this point, I agree with Ibrahim Ali. Chinese antipathy towards MCA may be the result of the tainted image of its leadership and could also be caused by the Chinese public's revulsion at the protracted political blood-letting and in-fighting among the MCA leadership. The MCA is viewed as consisting of people more interested in keeping positions rather than doing what it should do- articulating and fighting for Malaysian Chinese interests.
Here is a sobering thought. What happened in Hulu Selangor showed than BN actually does not need the MCA leadership. BN can do better by going direct to the Chinese community. I hope the MCA leadership realizes this. If they don't buck up, the leader of UMNO can go direct to the Chinese community though their guilds, associations, NGOs, chambers of commerce, persatuan this and that. Earning their trust is more important and earning trust isn't the monopoly of the MCA leadership.
We know the Chinese. They are pragmatic and interest- oriented. They can accept the RM3 million for Chinese school and other financial windfall- but they will still vote for DAP. MCA can do the barking, they get what they want, yet they can still support not the MCA. What does this behavior tell you? It tells us, the Malaysian Chinese can strike deals with anyone as long as their interests are taken care of. UMNO can do this without the MCA leadership.
This possibility of direct interface was proven when BN did it with the MIC. At Hulu Selangor the role of MIC as a party and leader of the Indian community was at best ambivalent. Samy velu wasn't confident kamalanathan could win. MIC acted half-hearted. The BN and UMNO leadership brought their message direct to the Indians and managed to get Indian voters over to their side.
To put it crudely, Malaysian Indians can be a better team player than the MCA leadership.
PM Najib can craft out some new dynamics from the lessons at HUlu Selangor in the context of intra-party relationships. The other BN partners can overstate their contextual importance. They cant show anything of significance to BN and UMNO.


Anonymous,  28 April 2010 at 09:35  

"You vote for us, we give you money. "
Its like prostitution. I give you money, you give me sex.

UMNO cannot win trust with money alone. Its temporary. Not real ideals that win votes, its money.
Such a party cannot last long.

Anonymous,  28 April 2010 at 10:28  

Since UMNO can goes alone in any election, it is best MCA and MIC leave BN than to be looked like fools in it.

I bet they will win back their community's support when they are out of BN.

Red Alfa 28 April 2010 at 10:55  

Salam Dato'

On lessons learned at Hulu Selangor, you are right it was all pork barel politics. While that will win it a few more by-elections, the political culture will destroy any hope and intention to transform UMNO.

To your call for PM and "renewed" leadership to instead campaign on reverting to more selfless struggles many more would believe that it would be much too much having "to walk the talk" for almost all of the UMNO leadership.

Richard Cranium 28 April 2010 at 12:36  

Nobody understands quid pro quo better than the Chinese. It is ingrained into its culture, especially in the giving of gifts.

The mistake Umno made was thinking the Rm3 million was such a gracious gift when in fact, it should have been just an obligatory payment to right a wrong that was overdue.

Nothing offends a Chinese recipient more than when he is made to feel like a beggar.

As much as the Chinese need to understand the Malay mind, the Malays also need to do vice-versa.

As for the Indians, no one understands them. Yes, this should not be mentioned in polite circles. :)

Anonymous,  28 April 2010 at 12:46  

You guys better wake up and smell the coffee la. This pork barrel politics is being practiced by everyone in politics. You name it, USA, UK, Europe, Asia etc etc. It is nothing new and as long as you have money, power and sex it will continue till doomsday. So just stop yakking about it cos if you are in it you will also do it or duit whatever corny name you wanna call it!

Anonymous,  28 April 2010 at 12:47  

Dato AK47

Your analysis of the Chinese and MCA if of the mark. But your UMNO & DUIT was spot on in terms of what DSN needs to do to revert to the old UMNO of his father and his contemporaries like Tunku, Tun Ismail etc.

If underhand tactics were employed during the HS By-elections to redeem face and strengthen DSN's position in UMNO, then DSN has achieved it. But where does he go from here?

The voters today are more smarter & sophisticated. Come GE13 DSN cannot employ the tactics employed in HS. He can only remain in power if he can prove before the GE13 that he has changed UMNO/BN or at least prove convincingly that the process of change has started for the better. To do this he needs to start some blood letting in UMNO/BN. But it might be easier if DSN throws the spotlight on PERKASA and charges Ibrahim Ali for sedition and inciting racial disharmony. At the same time he puts Utusan to be more impartial. He can also start to revamp the GLCs, the MACC, the judiciary and the Govt bureacracy to be more impartial! Does this seem a tall order? maybe it does but how else can you win GE13?

We cannot go back to the times of TDM. DSN has a lot to undo!!

Quiet Despair,  28 April 2010 at 12:57  

MCA and MIC are both irrelevant. Macam suami tua atau isteri tua. Kena juga simpan. Nanti susah pulak kita.
Give them Viagra? They may get heart-attack.


To give the devil his due, CSL and team did try hard to woo the Chinese voters. But it's tough given their mind-set not to vote BN.
This is happening since aeons ago among Chinese villagers. Since Biggs started the new village settlement.
No go. I can liken them to Israel agreeing to Palestinian peace process.
The ones that we can still attract are the middle-of-the road Chinese. The species that our parents and grand-parents are friends with.
The ones like our neighbourhood grcoers, mechanics and others who are not closeted with their won kind.
The young Chinese? Just like our youths, they are full of idealism, liberalism, demanding the rights for this and that.
They don't make Chinese like the good old days.
We can only make them BN converters if we get DAP to join BN. That's like asking for the moon.
Given the scenario, it's wrong for CSL to pin the blame on Ibrahim Ali. Chinese too have Dong Zong to match Ibrahim.
But we are all gunning down on Tok Hem only.


Get rid of Samy Vellu and his cronies. Stop his combative politics ala gangsterism. Samy Vellu maked enemies of all except Palanivel. Remember his fight with Pandithan, Subra and near sacking of Mugilan.
Najib must not entertain his emotional blacmail. Cannot get Palanivel to contest, threaten to boycott elections, to quit BN.
Now his silence is screaming. Busy playing backdoor for palanivel's future?
Cant he think what wil happen if Umno boycott the elections for failing to get the HS seat which is rigtfully theirs.

Najib must stop pandering to this nonsense.
Stop citing this quota and that quoa of seats or cabinet post for semangat setiakawan. Setiakawan, setiakawan juga but we go to elections to win. Not to please people.
Please Datuk Seri, don't appoint vanquished ministers as senators as shortcut to be in the cabinet. Choose the winning MPS and corporate people to be in the cabinet.
It does not make sense if you have on;y 3 MPs and all became minister and deputy ministers.
Malays can be accepting but what about the others?

Anonymous,  28 April 2010 at 15:53  


The minds of the voters in Ulu Selangor.

The Malays remember the UMNO of the past.

The Indians worry about the cares of today.

And the Chinese thinks about the future of the next generation.

Anonymous,  28 April 2010 at 21:11  

you are spot on about the chinese in general.They lament about the state of corruption in the country and yet they are still involved in it.They are in a state of denial
When the giving stops the asking stops too.simple as have a choice not to give.Yet they play the blame
You have to read the art of war to engage them.kalau tidak u are done for.They are very crafty.Tu sebab they can survive anywhere.
Tell that to your brothers in UMNO.

Anonymous,  28 April 2010 at 22:19 the french lawyer in malaysiakini video on scorpene commission to see where the money goes.

God bless Malaysia.

Anonymous,  28 April 2010 at 22:39  


Your analysis of the Chinese is not correct. MCA had been irrelevant in their minds for a long time.

All these gifts in time of need doled out to them are insults to them, as they are made out to be third class citizens at all other times.

The Chinese are so used to be self-reliant that it really does not matter anymore to them what comes may. They would work hard like hell, save like hell, send their kids to the best schools and universities that their hard-earned money can afford, and then once their children graduate, tell them to stay put overseas and find jobs there to avoid the heartaches that they had endoured back home in the so-called 1Malaysia.

No, they would not vote BN to declare to the world that they are pariahs.

PANJI HITAM 61 28 April 2010 at 23:34  

Tabik Dato, another masterpiece.

You were clear-cut about the Chinese ... they are very kiasu just like the Singaporeans. Perfect examples would be LKY and Chin Peng. Why else would LKY be very (or trying to be) close to KJ during PL reign and now close to Rosmah.
Birds of the same feather flock together.

Dato, I am very glad that you agree with Ibrahim Ali on the Chinese.
It is time we meet and try to reform UMNO back to lama. PERKASA is a precursor to that UMNO lama. Do revisit how UMNO lama opposed the Malayan Union and recall how history repeats itself.

Time to converge, Panji Panji hitam !!!

Anonymous,  29 April 2010 at 00:30  

I watch it and the French lawyer said (at the end of the video):

"In fact, of course, even though DCN paid we all know that in fact the 114 million euros were added to the bill of the submarines. Therefore Malaysian taxpayers are the one paying. You might know it much better than I do but I do not know how many hospitals, schools, motorways and so on that you can buy in Malaysia with 114m euros."

Does UMNO leaders and members care? How to make these people understand? If this is not corruption, it has to be stealing. How to support UMNO/BN under the circumstances? How to be a developed nation if corruption is so rampant in the corridors of power? Can some die hard UMNO/BN supporters answer me?

flyer168 29 April 2010 at 04:02  


I would like to share this with you...Does it sound familiar....?

Sunday, October 25, 2009
Justice must be seen to be done
By Gerald J. Latouche (magistrate UK)

“Justice should be seen to be done” is not a term in law which should be taken lightly.

What it means is quite simply is that, the public needs to see justice done or they will feel that the system is failing them. The whole validity of the justice system is based on the public’s consent to justice served.

Gerald Latouche is a magistrate in the United Kingdom. He was born in Dominica and attended the St Mary's Academy.

R -v- Sussex Justices, Ex parte McCarthy ([1924] [1923] All ER Rep 233) is a leading case famous for its precedence in establishing the principle that the mere appearance of bias is sufficient to overturn a judicial decision.

For those who have forgotten the meaning of bias it still means: prejudice, partiality, inclination, leaning, bent, disposition, propensity, tendency, predilection, unfairness, proclivity, preconceived notion, foregone conclusion, favoritism, predisposition, preconception, susceptibility. I could go on but simply put, it is to affect unduly or unfairly.

The often cited aphorism of Lord Hewart from the McCarthy case, that “… it is not merely of some importance but is of fundamental importance, that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done,” is a paramount principle of the Rule of Law.

And at this moment, at the dawn of our 31st Independence Anniversary, requires some serious consideration by all citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Lord Chief Justice Hewart, in this expression, encapsulates a principle that had been long known and often expressed and brought into common parlance the expression...

"Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done."

Implicit in this aphorism is the public’s consent of justice served: the public’s satisfaction, the public’s approval, the public’s agreement that justice has been delivered – a sense of fairness, honesty, equality, equity and consistency before the law - that the law is just and that justice has been done.

Those persons responsible for representing, upholding, shaping, serving and dispensing justice in Dominica must ensure that the public consents – this is not to say that the public must agree with every decision of the courts or that the courts’ decision must be pleasing to the public – it simply means that the public sees that justice is done and equality and fairness before the law prevail.

Such is our responsibility; that we must be neither complacent nor arrogant in that duty. For this reason more than any we must be consistent! All must sing from the same hymn sheet.

The public must not be witness to the magistrates at war amongst themselves – the prison at war with the courts – the Public Prosecution at war with defendants – the police switching cases - the legal system in total public disarray – and the justice system being brought into disrepute!

These matters are being played out on talk shows, newspapers, websites and any other available media, but one wonders how many meetings if any are held between the parties to resolve the issues. How many directives if any are sent down from the Ministry of Justice or the responsible Government Department, to resolve these issues?

The public perception of unscrupulous, corrupt, and dishonourable practices within any branch of the Justice System; the police, the courts, the magistrates, justice departments … can only serve to undermine and corrupt the conventional public’s view of justice being seen to be done.

I fear that we are on the verge of such a tragedy in the Commonwealth of Dominica."Unquote.


flyer168 29 April 2010 at 05:23  

Presently UMNOputras = Ketuanan Ideology = Ketuananism = Zionism, Communism, antisemitism, etc...

There are more majority Balanced thinking, Intellectual, Professional, etc Practicing Muslim Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, etc in this nation & even Jews, etc worldwide vs UMNOputra's Ketuanan - ism....

It is not OUR Constitution, Party, Institutions, Governments, Nation, etc....

Rather it is the "Leaders, Mini Napoleons, etc" with their "Unprincipled Idealogy, Policy, Systems, Implementation, etc that Abused, Eroded & Destroyed OUR "Original" Constitution, Party, Institutions, Government, Nation, etc.

Just look at South Africa, prior to, at its Independence & initial Administration under Nelson Mandela, then vs Mbeke & South Africa now under the present President....ofcourse not forgetting Mugabe & Zimbabwe!

We have all just witnessed the very expensive rate per vote, using our Tax $$$ at the HS Buy-Election....

With more Buy-Elections to come at that Rate per vote...this nation will be "Bankrupt" in no time!

Malaysia badly needs “Role Model” established Leaders & Politicians of HONOUR with Calibre, Maturity & Tolerance without Fear or Favour & NOT Political OPPORTUNISTS on both sides of the Political divide ...

Further this nation Desperately needs Intelligent, Time Proven Pragmatic Successful modelled, Financial, Economic, Politiical & Social “SOLUTIONS” NOW!

Repeated High Level Political Rhetorics do not put "Bread on Voter's family table", when citizens do not even have "Basic Rights & Amenities" in the Rural Community.

As they say, "Feed the hungry Man first, maybe...., they might Listen to you - but definitely not repeating the High Level Political Rhetorics which are totally alien to them.

By the same token, UMNO/BN are "Trapped" in their own "Ketuanan Political Game" with our Tax $$$, but still not achieving any "Sincere Long Term Credibility" & with no signs of any Political Will" to do so for the majority of Malaysia's citizens (Malays, non Malays, Ibans, etc)

Do the UMNO/BN & PR Leaders have the Political Will to match those "Honourable, Criterias & Accountability" at home & Internationally?

To "Rebuild" the Creditability & Standing of the Government & this Nation both at home & Internationally.

Even on Common Basic Platforms like the National Education Policies/Implementation for our future generations, our Judiciary issues, Human Rights issues, etc., etc.

It all comes back to ATTITUDE (Accepting/Correcting Mistakes Made, Learn to better oneself on Best Time Proven Principles, Practices, be Humble) & the POLITICAL WILL (to be "Honourable, Sincere & Honest" in discharging one's oath of Office with Integrity & Accountability to the Nation & its Citizens).

It would be an Impossible Task to compare or bring UMNO back to its Glorious "Original Honourable, Respected, Dedicated & Accountable Organisation with Tengku & his 1st Cabinet members of Distinction & Integrity from pre 1957 until 1969 when the Ketuanan issue started...

Its Leaders from then on Abused, Corrupted & Destroyed the Original Constitution to what it is today...

Talk is Cheap but one must also Walk one's Talk.

It is easy with that false sense of Euphoria to be "That Unashamed Walking ATM Machine" dispensing the "Rayaat's Blood, Sweat & Tears Tax Money" & promising the World for such little "Real Meaningful gains" to the voters in general, the Constituency & the well being of the nation...

Treating the citizens like "Beggars" when it is their "Rightful Dues" which was Denied, Abused & Diverted elsewhere!

A True Leader MUST be Magnanimous, Fair, Humble & exhibit "Best Practice" Attributes and not otherwise....

Sad Indeed...


Anonymous,  30 April 2010 at 13:03  

Hello, in the Scopene case, are the Chinese involved ? Some of you are talking like the two frogs from Perak. You put women in front of me, of course I take advantage lah.

Yes, blame the young Chinese. Remember who deprived them of a place in local university when they can jolly well more than qualify for a place overseas but lack the money. You reap what you sow.

It is all the other peoples fault. Malays have such pristine virtues and the Chinese corrupted them.

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