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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 12 April 2010

Is Palanivel politically illiterate?


"He has been MP here for 18 years and was also a deputy minister in the Rural Development Ministry but he has done nothing for the voters here," a high-ranking local Umno leader told The Malaysian Insider.

According to the Umno leader, Palanivel had no "touch on the ground" and that voters have grown tired of the MIC deputy president's often empty promises.

"They are never fulfilled. I know this because I helped him campaign for three terms," added the local Umno leader.

He also said contrary to popular belief, Palanivel is not even accepted among the local Indian community.


Perhaps, Palanivel doesn't read the writings on the wall. Maybe he refuses to. He is after all, the MIC's deputy president. He should be chosen as candidate as befits his party position. Thus, he is seen campaigning as though he is the candidate in Hulu Selangor. He has given out donations to Malaysian Chinese folks in Hulu Selangor. Whose money is that? Is he bribing people?

He has even pleaded to be given another chance. If people are not happy, they can kick him out in the next GE. He has even stated the next GE will be in 2012. Palanivel is a clairvoyant swami.

But here is a more intriguing and beguiling information:-

Surveys by BN and government agencies reveal the Hulu Selangor MIC Youth chief is popular among the Umno members and supporters, who voted in all three BN candidates for the state seats in Election 2008 but were 198 votes short to elect the four-term MP Palanivel then.

Ironically Mugilan was Palanivel's campaign manager then. Another name being tossed is MIC information chief and Putera MIC coordinator P. Kamalanathan, but MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu has not confirmed if he had submitted any name apart from Palanivel.

I am intrigued to read of the government and government agency surveys. I hope you are too. Who is doing all these surveys? If they are done by government agencies can they be believed? Pak Lah didn't believe or probably didn't even read the intelligence reports during the last 2008 GE. Everybody was saying it wasn't time to hold general elections, but Pak Lah looked as though he was basing his decision by looking at the moon and stars.

Palanivel is also not reading the surveys which are probably intelligence reports judiciously leaked to the hungry media to form a general public opinion. I for one will not vote for an illiterate candidate which Palanivel is morphing into.

Palanivel is not a good choice and that if he is chosen BN will lose. That is the only consideration really- choosing someone who has a higher chance of winning. And since Palanivel is associated with a possible loss he will not be chosen. Unless he is thick skulled and utterly dense, he knows he will not be chosen despite pleading to be given another chance.

So why is he pushing his cheeks outwards to reinforce his already sharp nose? In BN- who cares about being given another chance?

He is simply applying pressure to the BN who has probably made ups its mind on who the candidate is. It won't be Palanivel. But it's odd and also contrary to Asian culture for one to carry one's own basket. The person who should be applying pressure and making wild statements should be Samy Vely. Now Samy Velu has met the PM and he knows what's going on. He knows Palanivel's name isn't the only one. The PM will not be pushed into selecting someone who will likely contribute to a loss.

It also shows that MIC is not solid as Samy Vely wants it to look like. If Palanivel is not chosen, people will read this as a sign as Samy's eroding and free-falling relevance to MIC. Palanivel is seizing the moment to establish his own credentials as MIC leader by pushing for his own candidacy. And that will certainly irritate Samy Velu who may very well agree with the PM that indeed BN's chances of winning this election are better without Palanivel as candidate.


Darth Wenger,  12 April 2010 at 09:49  

Dear Dato'
So in the event the Deputy President is sidelined over a young un who used to be his "budak" - imagine what it says about the MIC. Both the No1 and the No2 will have 0 "street cred" -would it mean them rolling over for the likes of the MoHR Minister? But if that were to happen the MoHR Minister wont last a minute sooner before Subra's boys start to make a coup de tat.

On the HS election result, we are all waiting for your rounds to get an accurate prediction. I believe its 10 for 10 based on your rounds right?

Anonymous,  12 April 2010 at 12:07  

Dear Boss,
I am not a good blogger neither am I a good political commentator. The candidate put up by BN is " tidak berbaloi" i.e wasting money, wasting time and wasting BN's life . But , I could see this as another chance for MIC to prove their worth. If they won - it is good for BN and MIC, but not good for the rakyat but if they lose, it is to say goodbye to Palanivel and Samy Vellu polital career, and perhaps BN credibility too ..and to all us, it will be very very costly affair. And as Muslim - I will not 'pangkah' BN if they put a non Muslim candidate

Pak Zawi 12 April 2010 at 12:39  

By not endorsing Palanivel, PM has already indicated he wanted a better man. As you said it Palanivel is fighting for his own survival and trying to remain relevant. What a state for BN to be in just to keep the coalition intact.

UMAR,  12 April 2010 at 13:00  

The Indians generally have lost confidence in MIC at the present moment. That is due to the arrangance of almost all MIC leaders including Samy,Palani, Subra. Why must the BN still willing to offer the seat to MIC is a mystery or is it a unwritten agreement among BN ?
Even if the candidate is from UMNO, there is no absolute victory.
Afterall UMNO does not have to win elections. They have short cuts like enticing oppositions MPs to crossover.At the end of the day, it is still UMNO that weilds power. No wondeer all the other component parties trigger happy to comply.

Anonymous,  12 April 2010 at 14:19  

Is Palanivel politically illiterate? I dont think so. No man can be so dumb, especially being in politics for so long. It is just that he is deparate. He knows that he is about to be junked. He is fighting a losing rear guard action. He know it. We know it.

Anak jati Sg Choh,  12 April 2010 at 16:18  

Siapa Palanivel?
Tak kenalpun. Kelibat tak pernah tengok, muka tak pernah jumpa. Baru tahu namanya.
Saya kenal cuma Mat Taib.
Saya berumur 70 tahun dan untuk Parlimen selama tiga penggal, saya pangkah undi rosak.
Untuk Dun, saya undi adun BN.
Itulah sebab tahun 2008, majoriti undi rosak 7 kali melebehi undi aruah Dr Zainal.
Pantang datuk nenek aku undi Palanivel.

K.S.Kong, KKB,  12 April 2010 at 16:27  

Betuk lu cakap, ini Palanivel politik buta punya olang.
Manyak main wayang. Macam taik ayam lor,berak sini sikit, berak sana sikit.
Sape kasi dia lesen untuk kempen, saya mau tau. Ada Tuan Alah kasi dia mau lawan kita tempat.
Tige term MP tatak bikin kelea. cikalang mau kempen.
Semalam dia lalu saya kedai. Dari jauh saya sudah ludah dia muka. Dia tak belani mali saya kedai.
Kalu dia itu mali, kasi wang ah, saya kasi campak dia muka.
Apa dia ingat kita bodoh ka? Itu dulu Lee Kim Sai, Michael Chen, Muhamad Taib manyak baik. Rajin keleja.
Ini palanivel, busuk punya orang. Chek podahlah anae.

G. Jegadeson,  12 April 2010 at 16:47  

Ada orang cakap, oraag india saja mahu undi Palanivel. Itu tak betul.
Sayapun tak mau undi dia.
Saya Rasah duduk, itu tol tanah lebih 20 tahun duduk. Itu Dr Zainal yang kasi saya rumah PPRT.
Palanivel tak tolong sendiri bangsa. Dia mau tolong Samy saja.
Sayapun sudah berenti jadi MIC member. Itu parti dua orang saja ada kuasa. Vellu dan Palanivel.
Orang lain tak ada tempat.
Itu Palanivel mau menang sebab mau itu minister seat dan MIC presiden bukan? Mau guna kita orang bukan?
Sorry la, kita bukan bodoh.
Sudah kalah, apa lagi mau.
Angkat itu pencen banyak-banyak, duduk diam-diam itu rumah sama bini. Boleh kasi bini sari ribu-ribu dan kasi anak belajar di Chennai or Englandla.
Saya banyak marah sama itu paper Star ini hari. Itu kawan Palanivel tulis Palanivel sangat popular dan orang banyak sayang.
Siapa dia mahu tipu, tell me.
Itu Najib bukan bodola. Dia tak mahu Palanivel.
Kalu tidak itu hari dia datang kita tempat, dia mesti sudah announce nama Palanivel.

Unknown 12 April 2010 at 18:08  


True to your cause, you have not heeded the call by the PM DS Najib not to dispute the UMNO President's Choice of candidate for Hulu Selangor...

Since he has tacitly chosen MIC to represent BN in HS, Interesting to see how the PM and his Deputy will respond to yours and other's comments regarding fielding which MIC Candidate......

Does it matter which MIC Candidate?

Looks like its going to be a toss of the Coin rather than anything else since the candidate is still from MIC!!

Also interesting that other UMNO Bloggers has kept well away from the Topic!

Donplaypuks® 12 April 2010 at 18:47  

I think it's not a question of his literacy; he's illiterate politically and otherwise anyway!!

But more than anything else they all (MIC/PPP/Gerakan leaders) suffer from pachyderma cutis i.e. elephant thick skinitis!!

Of course, it's inherited from Samy Velu who promised to quit if and when the PEOPLE showed him the door, but he's still muttering about "unfinished work!!" and refusing to f..k off!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  12 April 2010 at 19:15  

Yep right. MIC candidate. But not Palanivel please.
There's Mugilan, there's Ramanathan. Why did Samy Vellu submit only one name.
But on hindsight it's good also if Vel contest.
Let's fix him good and proper. He will lose.
That will end his political career in MIC and also his ambition to be a Minister again.
Heard he's good in consumerism.
Let him be Fomca President.
Who knows maybe that is Umno's intention.
Umno I think is also tired of old Tok Samy and old Vel. People want fresh faces.

Anonymous,  12 April 2010 at 19:41  

Salam Dato Sak,

Punters out there identified potential candidates as :

1. Palanivel
2. Kamalanathan
3. Mat Taib (Dark Horse)
4. Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ afterall won via Contest of Rasuah)

Rumours has it Mr. PM got "Ilham" during washington and insisted it has to be MIC candidates

However, Hulu Selangor people are shall we say Semi-Urbanites although it is crucial Mr. PM handpicked the "calon" nevertheless
I reckon BN would win this landslide - unless PKR via Zaid Ibrahim is the front runner and we will see make or break for PKR too.

Not too forget - Mr. PM didn't even bother to reconsider meeting up with ChuaSoiLek after the Infamous win of the recent MCA what makes us think Mr. PM would even consider this Hulu Selangor by election!?

Time is ticking fast for Mr.PM

-Ikan Tongkol-

kuldeep 12 April 2010 at 20:33  

samy vellu is the right person to be the candidate for BN...fullstop

its as plain as day..

G. Jegadeson,  12 April 2010 at 21:09  

I banyak happy kita DPM cakap calon BN ialah orang tempatan.
Ini arti Palanivel tak dapat lawan.
Tapi itu Ramanathan atau Mugilan akan dapat.
Saya sudah sembahyang di kuil tadi bila dengan ini berita.

Nordin Taru,  12 April 2010 at 21:21  

Anon 19.15
Idea tu bagus sekali.
Saya setuju. Biar kita malukan AyoyoSamy dan Planivel.
Lepas itu sayonara kepada dia orang.


What nonsense are you saying.
Your Tok Samy is gone, gone, gone.

ikan tongkol
Hang cakap apa. PM dah decide sebelum pergi Washington.
Jangnlah nak mengenakan KJ kalaupun tak suka dia.
Juga Chua Soi Lek. Apa salah dia. Dia datang bantu kempen walaupun MCA tak bertanding.
Sekiranya MCA bertandig, harapan lebih baik daripada MIC bertanding.
Mengenai Zaid, dia akan kalah. Kalau Dr Halili baru boleh menang.
Dr Halili orang kami iaitu orang Minang.
Kami tahu cita-rasa orang kampung kami.

umar,  13 April 2010 at 03:41  

This Samy Vellu pariah thinks he is bigger than Lord Muruga. So does every other MIC leader. they are untouchable, unquestionable...
Even Hindu Gods fear them.Samy Vellu wants to elevate his son as Mahathir did. Infact Samy learned every lesson on politics from Mahathir on how to belittle your adversaries, how to kill your rivals; the way he killed Subra and Patma. Same method as Mahathir killed Musa, Razaligh and Anwar.
Long Live Samy and Mahathir. Malaysia owes them a lot.Don't you see the elegant silence of UMNO on this issue. Samy vellu knows how to silence UMNO !They never cared of what the grass roots think of them.

Anonymous,  13 April 2010 at 16:12  

Nordin Taru 21:21

Hang lagi cakap hapa? hang mabuk masakan dendeng balado ka?

Maaf, oden ingat ekau tuh pikir citarasa perut sendiri takde orang lantik ekau jadi suara orang kampung.

Betul & Sahih - Datuk Seri Najib dah decide sebelum pergi DC lagi, tapi maklum lah UMNO suka U-turn & Flip Flop tang ni.

CSL pon takde salah memang semua takde Salah termasuk - KJ yang makan Rasuah tapi akhirnya tak berjaya menjadi Menteri Kabinet bukan?

Jangan buta mata & hati Saudara Nordin.
Terima Kasih.

-Ikan Tongkol-

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