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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 19 September 2015

The Red Guards March for Malay Redemption.

pm for the red guards.
When PM Najib warned people not to shred the dignity of Malays, he is behaving unbelievably like a partisan co-conspirator. He is PM for the whole country. 
Is he at war with his own citizens?  He is behaving like a tribal leader.
Who are the dragons out to shred Malay dignity? The 29 million others who refused to participate in the imbecilic march of The Red Guards?  The people who rejected his deceit and lies and thievery? 

malay dignity torn to pieces.
Malay dignity has been torn to pieces by his own misconduct and carefreeness.  He does not care about Malaysia. He cares only of his political survival. This man will not stop at anything to stay in power even though he is widely despised.
He carries out policy on the run and he revels in the captain scores style of leadership. Cabinet members did not know of the monkeyshines behind 1MDB. Party members did not know of the rm2.6 billion donation.
He is the captain of course. He demands loyalty.
the art of behaving irresponsibly. running with the hare, hunting with the dogs.
Here is our PM not behaving responsibly to the country as a whole, but siding with his Red Guards fighting against the people as a whole. Despite his calm demeanour, Najib is an emotional wreck inside.
This single reaction by Najib shows he is totally incapable of providing a responsible leadership for the country. If he gives open support to the anarchism of the red guards, this country will go to the dogs under him.
He does not provide political leadership which the country needs nor is he capable of providing political confidence which the world at large needs.  Both Malaysia, our country and he are becoming pariahs.
red guards dignity march a show of patriotism?
In his introduction to the book Jejak Jejak di Pantai Zaman, a book on the seminal ideas of Ciku Zaaba, Professor Ungku Aziz wrote: patriotism can only be understood if we study the history, society and culture of a particular race. See Page vii.
How do we then understand the love for one’s country from the Dignity March 169 otherwise one I labelled simply as the March of The Red Guards? They had no sense of history, understanding of society nor much awareness of the Malaysian culture.

UMNO policies made Malays poor and lose out.
If they understand history, they will know the present lot in which they find themselves now is the result of policies carried out by their own Malay government. 
Zaaba wrote about this since 1923. He was referring to the Malay dark ages when they were ruled by repressive rulers. In modern times, the repressive rulers have been replaced by UMNO.
people no longer believe in lies.
Society is now no longer unsophisticated dullards easily given to verbal sophistry from trouble makers. They know the march of Najib’s Red Guards was to show support for him- nothing to do with the dignity of Malays. The dismal show of support is now worrying Najib if he is easily taken in by the lie that there are 1 million others supporting him.

Chinese Red Guards defended Mao , Malaysia Red Guards defend Najib.
In China, the red guards created massive mayhem and pogrom defending Mao Tze Tung. It was master-minded by Madam Jiang Qing. It had nothing to do with the love of China. The movement worked to defend Mao.
The Red Guard episode did not however lessen the Great Helmsman’s stature as the founder of the Chinese Republic.
Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of PM Najib. What has he done which any other person endowed with the resources and power from the State, cannot accomplish?
The Dignity March by Najib’s own Red Guards had nothing to do with the dignity of the Malays, it was all about defending Najib. It’s for the I love PM agenda.
PM Najib, the UMNO president, the party of Malay racists and supremacists and chauvinists exposed his untrustworthy and duplicitous character by warning imagined enemies not to shred Malay dignity.  
Malay dignity has long been compromised and abused under UMNO rule.
why can najib and the organisers of the red guards able to say incendiary statements?
Such as racism is all right if it is Islamic? It is ok to say China Babi. Then it will be ok if people say Melayu Lembu and India kambing. Malays eat lembu and Indians eat kambing. If we listen to a form 5 drop out, we are finished.

the big lie.
PM Najib and those of his ilk can do whatever they wish as long as they hold Malay mind captive by one single narrative. That Malays are in danger from the threat of the Chinese.That is the Big Lie.
As long as this narrative is kept alive by people like Jamal Yunos, Noh Omar and other ill-bred UMNO leaders, PM Najib and UMNO keep their political lives.
Our agenda is to demolish this narrative. There is no Chinese Freddy Krueger hiding in the cupboards of Malays living in the rural or urban areas. There are no Elm streets in Malay lives. 
people were duped. 
PLKN buses were lined up near the Maxwell School. People came as far as Penang and the northern areas.  When asked why they came, they answered they were brought to see Pasar Tani. Asked where they slept, they said in buses.
How can Pm Najib lie to these old folks?

the real reason behind loss of Malay dignity.
Malay dignity is shredded when they lost out in the race for progress. The earned less than other races because UMNO policies did that to them. The rest of the 90% population continue to share 60% of Malay wealth while the top 10% take away 40% of Malay wealth?
How is that possible? That is possible because UMNO continues to nurture another Big Lie that Malays are naturally entitled to things.

In my opinion, the present dignity of the Malays is grounded on two things; (1) economic and (2) poverty issues. the government has not addressed these issues intelligently and honestly. This issue will be discussed in other articles.
Malay dignity has nothing to do with Najib or UMNO. Nothing whatsoever to do with imagined threats to the Malays, his race, his religion and his kings. No other race is taking that away from the Malays. 
the loss of dignity can only be the result of our own doing, now made worse for as long as we allow Najib to be leader of Malaysia. 

the real threats to malay dignity.
The one person threatening them ( race, religion and Kings)  is Najib tun Razak and the organisation endangering them is UMNO.
Just look at his slimy attitude. He gave endorsement and maybe even financing to the Dignity March. The marchers behaved menacingly and in threatening posturing. Najib then comes out in public stating and declaring pompously, he will not compromise on racial issues.
He can tell that to children on the playground. The marchers played the role of bad cops, then in comes Najib, in the role of the good cop.
We have a prime minister who insults the intelligence of Malaysians and who has little respect for the common people. The people can be haramjadah, papa kedana, bangang and bangsat.
How is the love for this country advanced if the Dignity March was orchestrated to defend misconduct, the abuse of the rule of law, corruption, embezzlement and thievery? 
Malaysia will be a pariah, a situation brought about because of the pariah-ing of Najib Razak and his moronic supporters.
The Dignity March was all about defending the interests of one particular person, and the interests of the privileged few. Nothing to do with love of this country.


Anonymous,  19 September 2015 at 10:36  

While the country is burning, the King is sound asleep. Malaysia is now like a banana republic.

Anonymous,  19 September 2015 at 11:46  

Malaysians are indeed blessed to have Najib as PM. He is the only who is selfish enough to bring down UMNO. Are people blind that they cannot see that Najib has no love for UMNO? As for Jamal, he should go to Germany and shout on the streets "Germ.n Pigs" to test his low IQ theory that it is ok to use such words since Germans eat pork.

It is good that we have 1MDB scandal as we get to know the stupidity of our UMNO leaders.

Anonymous,  19 September 2015 at 16:18  

Dato, I say thank God for people like you who doesn't swallow hook, line and sinker from the corrupt leaders from Umno. I hope many Malays will read your articles and free their mind from a dubious leader like Najib and his bunch of lackeys. If you ask the enlightened, NEP as it turned out is the biggest threat to Malay unity and progress. It actually becomes their nemesis and turned them into dependents on government handouts to survive while their leaders suck it up all. The Malays should ask themselves why Singapore Malays can compete on a level playing field like everyone else so why not Malaysian Malays? Have a well-deserved rest Dato and come back reinvigorated and draw more blood. As the Korean say, "fighting"!

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