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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 5 September 2015

Dr Mahathir is not the Problem Najib is; wrongdoing is the problem, race isnt.

Paul low says Najib is well advised on corruption. It is He who advises Najib.

Based on his see-sawing track record, Najib is well advised to be prudent of PL’s advice.  And prudence in general, is far from Najib’s mental constitution.

The rakyat are tired with the continued lies of making out corruption being a matter of perception; perception is a reflection of what is actually going on. With Najib, it isn’t a matter of mere perception any longer. 
People BELIEVED that Najib is actually guilty of misconduct while holding the public office of PM.

He must be recalled from office for putting the whole country in harm’s way.The list of his injurious management of the country is well chronicled.

The overarching perception now is that Najib has committed monstrous misconduct while holding public office. This ‘fact’ is not improved and made less painful, by referring to the misconduct during Mahathir’s time. During the time of Mahathir, Najib has already carried out misconduct.

Tengku Abdul Aziz, the fallen one, divorced from DAP because of hurt pride, made the patronising statement that under najib there is more openness. He forgets the fact that the idea of openness was started by draconian Mahathir when he brought in the internet industry into Malaysia.   
Cyberjaya-nisation wasn’t even thought about by Najib. He was thinking of other nocturnal activities if Tunku Aziz must know. The man isn't capable of thinking through complex things. He buys his way though.

Tunku Aziz appears to be the last great hope by the UMNO ruling elite to become its prize fighter. Unless Utusan Malaysia can truly interpret and translate what tunku Aziz says- we can consider Tunku Aziz a mere itchy irritant, easily relieved by a bamboo back scratcher.

Paul low is the stand in minister. Tengku Aziz is UMNO’s media darling. He speaks far much better English than the current DPM who finds speaking English tiresome.

Paul low has offered us very convoluted arguments. We listen drop-jawed at his attempts to cover up for Najib. He is so transparently sycophantic.

We can only urge people like Paul low and other hearing and vision impaired sycophants to kipidap!(vernacularized keep it up expression popularised by the red-bereted- military apparelled Mat Rani Kulup).

Kipidap! Say it loud. Say it proud!

The antics of these cover the faults at all cost minions will eventually lead to their deserved rejection.  Our satisfying redemption is, it will cause the downfall of Najib.

I urge the real patriotic UMNO MPs and other BN MPs who place the interest of the country ahead of the interest of Najib to join the opposition members to oust Najib. If he remains he continues to be a menace to this country.

We can work together. The umno progressives can work with us and play the new politics of adaptation and cooperation.

The whole country and its resources will be a huge piggy bank and ATM machine for Najib and some of his ministers. When these people meet or dine at expensive places, the talk is always centred on how to carve out this country of ours into money earning personalised spheres of power. 
Ok- you take the infrastructure contracts, I take the human trafficking business otherwise known by its sterilised name- immigration. You there, take care of the agricultural inputs. You there- prepare to amend the MACC act to control the huge fund.

Kita tengok muka sekor sekor- adakah mereka pentingkan negara atau pentingkan poket sendiri, beg-tangan isteri, Birkin Hermes mistress dan kantong anak2?

The Malay robber and plunderer is forgiven because he is one of us.

This morning I had a conversation with a village head in Pekan. He says jokingly that it’s fated that Najib become PM. It’s also fated that he will be the first to be kicked out unceremoniously.

But to lighten the pain he carries- he says, it’s a pity he’s a Malay. We must all stand united behind Najib.

It is unfortunate that I had to tell him Najib is not the only Malay among the 16 million Malays. If he is kicked out, the skies will remain as bright, the sky won’t fall down. He leaves- there is only one less Malay from the 16 million.

I had the unpleasant task of repeating the line that I often used in my ceramahs. The danger of excusing a scoundrel merely because he is Malay means we will excuse Malays of any wrong doings. Hence if Najib comes into our house, sleeps with our wives and daughters, we have to excuse him because he is Malay?
Have we Malays forsaken our values system? 

That is why when I read of statements issued by people like Tengku Aziz that say conditions under Najib are better than Mahathir, I and the millions of Malays find that incredible.  The mention of Mahathir takes the pain away from us?

Lets be clear about Mahathir. Mahathir isn’t the issue now- the issue now is the misconduct of Najib during his term of office. If a new government comes into power, Mahathir will get his deserved comeuppance. Right now, it is Najib which is our concern.

The declaration that under Najib things are better flies in the face of experience- actual life goings on. Business are deploring that during the heyday of Mahathir’s overdriven capitalism, everyone can at least earn and make a living; under Najib, everyone lives in misery.

Exonerate the Malays and Blame the Chinese.

The Chinese robber and plunder is forgiven because he can be used as an excuse to justify the plundering ways of the Malays.

Why let the Chinese alone wipe out everything. We are Malays and Bumiputeras- we have first right to plunder. That is the true meaning of Malay supremacy anyway.

As though people don’t know why Najib could not turn up at the international conference on corruption. He himself is accused for a string of corruption. Possible CBTs- our PDRM should have the complete list; embezzlement, money laundering and so on.

And please, don’t insult our value system anymore. We do have a moral compass. Even the most degenerate knows what is wrong and right. The hardened gangster minded person speaks sceptically of Najib’s daylight lies and storyline about the billions, about the private accounts.

It’s time for all Malaysians to dig deep in the reservoir of values system and reject Najib for his misconduct.


Anonymous,  5 September 2015 at 18:51  

Wow dato sak. Tepat sekali. I watched the conference on livestream, dan saya merasa teramat malu bila TA sebut begitu. I'm sure had the cameras focused on the delegates and audience, their faces would show disbelief.
I wonder if the old man aziz realised that he was actually telling the world, msia is always under the rule of bad men. Only the man now is not as bad as that one before. (Them are thieves, them are big thieves!)

Dato, sya baca blogs, both english and malay. Anti, pro semua saya baca. Ramai yg melayu cakap begini: Tapi zaman Tun kami tak di bebankan.
I can add one more: During Tun's time takde racial tension. I'm in my early 50s now, and i look back on the Mahathir years with fondness. (You all may not agree tapi takpe).It was a good time, we were optimistic, the money was good, we were proud to be Malaysian. Why even my non-malay friends listen to Malay pop/rock. I still remember the enjoyble Slam concert we went to.

I'm meandering. Better stop here.
Thanks for the space.

Anonymous,  5 September 2015 at 19:21  

You will need Mahathir in order to get rid of Najib.

Hence it's time to be practical.

The Opposition supporters have a tendency to want to have their cake and eat it, too.

So I think Zaid Ibrahim makes the most sense at this point.

Najib will fall in GE14?


The massively corrupt tend to corrupt elections massively.

Only Mahathir can persuade Umno MPs to back a no-confidence vote.

Work with him.

Anonymous,  5 September 2015 at 20:14  

"Have we Malays forsaken our values system?' Ariff

Do Malays have a value system??? If they have one, then Najib would have been thrown into the Bugis sea long ago.
Just look at the behaviour of Tunku Aziz, The IGP, The Bank Negara Governor, The MACC,The Election Commission, Rahman, Salleh Ismail, Adenan, Nazri, Sharir and of course Najib and the first lady.
These Malay leaders are cheating the Malay community left, right and centre.

When these Malays embrace a Malay leader who has blood on his hands, cash in his banks and a khalwat to boot, what Malay values can you speak about.
They even love the Malay leader who is an international shame, condemned by participants at the IACC. They have no shame.
Malay vales?

Anonymous,  5 September 2015 at 20:29  

Tunku Aziz is the prime living example of how a sycophant behaves, no need to look up the meaning in the dictionary.
He loves the limelight, so to do justice to ourselves, just ignore him, he will quietly and quickly fade away because he has no staying power, it's just clutching at someone else's coattails.

Anonymous,  5 September 2015 at 20:38  

I thought the Malays would prefer to be known as Muslims first,well at least according to the Merdeka Survey.Unless the village head from Pekan is reading a different Quran,I have never come across any teaching in the Quran that state that Muslims/Malays should support their leaders when they are committing gross corruptions/oppression in the land.Indeed the Quran states that oppression is worse than murder and he knows very well the sentence for murder.Surely the punishment for oppressions cannot be less than that for murder.

Unknown 5 September 2015 at 21:25  

Let's pray TDM to have a long life so that he can see the downfall of Najib. Just when will MACC call up the culprit for taking statement regarding the RM2.6 bil so called donation?

Ramon 5 September 2015 at 21:34  

It's like a dog running towards his master. Cuddling, wagging it's tail, locking here and there. If the master were to be naked the dog will even lick his balls and ass. I think this is what tunku Aziz is doing currently

Anonymous,  5 September 2015 at 21:37  


Kita sudah di perbodohkan
TA cakap Ingerris Fasih
Tidak bermakna dia cakap betul

BUGIS WARRIORS HAVE LOOTING IN THE BLOOD, he is doing what naturally comes to him.

We need an Alexander, the person who understands that until and unless you involve the full population, the country will never reach it full potential.

Look at some of the European Nations:

SWEDEN - Population - 7 million - GDP 430 Billion Euro -
Netherlands - Population - 16.8 million - GDP 650 Billion Euro
Belgium - Populations - 11.2 million - GDP 402 Billion Euro
Denmark - Population - 5.6 million - GDP 256 Billion Euro

Malaysia - Population - 30 million - GDP -550 Billion RM or GDP 125 Billion Euro

Can you imagine where Malaysia could be if we were to put our economy right. We have all the right ingredients:
Multicultural Society
Good English Skills (now I am not sure anymore)
Chinese - develop business with China
Indians - Develop Business with India
Indonesian - Develop Business with Indonesia
Melayu - Make Batik and Kahwin 4

Why we cannot grow our economy to that the level of Netherlands

Netherlands has one third the population and 5 times the GDP.

That only means kita di perbodohkan

Nak Melayukan everything hinge our GDP is so bad.

Mana ada business Melayu yang bernilai Ber bilion ringgit - semua nak bekerja dengan support Kerajaan sahaja.

If this goes on, we will surely regress and finally the country will be a subset of Bangladesh.

IT saddens me.

Anonymous,  5 September 2015 at 22:09  

A Muslim who support people who steals, lies and carries out unjust acts is equally sinful.

Anonymous,  5 September 2015 at 22:50

"Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad will get his comeuppance"?

That's not going to happen.

Umno's desperation will see them jailing anyone and everyone, quite soon.

Mahathir for now is untouchable, unless Najib wants to start a Malay civil war that he will not be able to control and will lose.

So idle threats about a "a new federal government" are useless, because a new federal government will never happen in the current climate.

Let's not be naive and stupid here.

Anonymous,  6 September 2015 at 11:51  

Sometime I wonder if KPN stands for Ketua Polis Negara or Ketua Polis Najib...

Sumpitan Emas,  6 September 2015 at 14:49  

I can’t resist reposting below what appeared in Din Merican’s of 3rd September:

First, to Pak Kassim, I shall be there at the shop for your latest book as soon as it is made available.

Second, I make no apologies for reposting the thread below, with some minor corrections, when space and thoughts (for this, our country, now blighted in so many ways by men we thought would continue to wield the shield and not the sword) should be given to others waiting in the quee.

Tunku Aziz – circa 2009:

Straight from the horse’s mouth — from “SOMEONE HAD TO SAY IT…” by Tunku Aziz (March 2011- 339.52209595):

“…Underneath all the glint, gleam and glitter of aluminium, stainless steel and plate glass lies a sad tale of greed and corruption, involving the political and bureaucratic elites who govern and administer this land… ¶ Some years ago, Transparency International estimated, somewhat conservatively many thought, that Malaysian public infrastructure projects costs 30% more than they should…¶ …close to three decades of the Mahathir and Abdullah stewardship of this nation, our ratings judged by every social, economic and political indicator, in one survey after another, have continued to take a tumble with regular monotony, with little or no prospect of improvement any time soon…” (p10-11)

“…(Abdullah) Badawi knew that given the culture of political corruption in his United Malay National Organisation, what could the poor man have done?… I hope history will not be too harsh when evaluating his premiership because he did try after all. He will certainly be remembered as a decent human being which I suppose is more than can be said of many of us…” (p19-20)

“… On present showing, his (Najib) moral and ethical legitimacy to lead the nation is in serious doubt, and he must, for the sake of putting these malicious allegations to rest, once and for all, begin the process of suing those who have blackened his name and threatened his elevation to the office of prime minister of Malaysia. ¶ This is the only way of clearing his name before the world. Nothing less than a full and open recourse to the justice system will suffice. The people of this country must not be shortchanged by having someone who has yet to clear his name in a court of law foisted on them. ¶ They deserve better and Najib the new prime minister will then deservedly enjoy inestimable legitimacy and prestige in the eyes of the people of this country and the wider world…” (p23)

Sumpitan Emas,  6 September 2015 at 14:49  

“Whenever I think of my friend Karpal Singh, I am reminded of my great headmaster, the late Dr. Frank J. Rawcliffe, who taught us the importance of being consistent, even if meant sometimes upsetting some people…While Karpal clearly recognises that there are, in politics, no permanent friends or foes, he believes devoutly in the importance of ‘permanent principles.’ Unprincipled politics as we have seen in Malaysia can very quickly degenerate into unmitigated disasters… ¶ There has recently been a great deal of talk about social contract or compact in the context of the special rights of the Malays. I am not aware that any
such contract exists, but I know that there is in universal terms an unwritten social compact between the government and the governed, and between the ruler and the ruled. In effect, what this stipulates is that it is the duty of the government or the ruler to ensure that the will of the people must be allowed full rein under the constitution to exercise their right…” (p25-27)

“… Such is the measure of Zaid (Ibrahim) the man, who now finds himself maliciously attacked on all sides by the besieged UMNO/BN cabal, because he had the moral and intellectual courage to suggest to His Majesty the Agong that a person such as Najib, whose personal reputation is in complete tatters, should be told in the nicest possible way where to get off the gravy train…” (p31)

Tunku Aziz may have lost the fire in his belly to fight corruption because of age, but being too verbose now, at this age, and with so much past verbiage from the same belly, there is manifest danger that he is inviting self-ridicule.

I rest my case.



Anonymous,  6 September 2015 at 15:14  

Dato' I love and laugh loud when you said the current DPM who finds speaking English tiresome.

What a joke Dato' keep on writing and I promise laughing again.

Anonymous,  6 September 2015 at 17:49  

Sememjak akhir-akhir semakin teruk kredibiliti Najib di mata duina.

Bagi saya, ada tujuan untuk mengadakan Himpunan Maruah Melayu itu kalau benarnya, maka ini menunjukkan semakin bodohnya puak penyokong Najib ini di mata dunia.

Bersih 4.0 walaupun nampak macam orang Cina lebih banyak, kita mesti ingat bahawa objektif sebenar menuntut pengunduran Najib adalah masalah nasional. Ini masalah atau krisis keyakinan terhdap Najib begitu serius dengan melambak-lambaknya masalah ekonomi, GST, rasuah, kos hidup yang mencengkam semua rakyat, bukannya orang Cina semata-mata. Adakah orang Cina sahaja sakit kena GST? Hairan ada orang Melayu sokong GST dalam TV... macam nampak bodoh!

Kebanyakan rakyat mahu Najib undur demi menyelamatkan Malaysia, bumi bertuah kita. Apa yang Cinanya? Apa yang komunisnya?

Bagi seluruh rakyat Malaysia, janganlah kita dibodohkan lagi istilah-istilah Cina Komunis, Cina Bintang itu ini dsb. Kalau istilah komunis itu memang jahat sangat, buat apa Malaysia mengadakan hubungan dengan negara China Komunis. Apa yang panda dari negara komunis itu buat dekat Malaysia? Siap beranak lagi.

Adakah lagi saki-baki komunis dalam hutan Malaysia pada abad ke21 ini?

Adakah Cina di seluruh Malaysia ini sifat komunis? Yang budak belajar medical kat negara Russia itu bukankah Russia negara komunis?

Ketika kita hendak menghapus salah tadbir urus negara yang kian menghancur di momokkan lagi cerita basi komunis pulak.

Adakah negara kita Malaysia sekarang masalah komuniskah...... atau masalah sistem ala diktator Najib?

.... atau masalah UMNO itu sendiri????

Adakah sebegitu bodoh kita membuat andaian banyaknya kaum Cina dalam Bersih 4 itu adalah hendak mencapai cita-cita negara komunis Malaysia?

Andaikan kaum CIna tidak banyak dalan Bersih 4, hanya kaum Melayu... apakah lagi alasan Najib/UMNO terhadap Bersih 4.0???

Adakah nanti orang Melayu dalam Bersih 4 atau 5 nanti di gelar "se ekor-se ekor" atau "bangsat" atau "haramjadah"???

Siapa yang bangsat sebenarnya, sehingga hilang wang berbilion-bilion??? Siapa yang bangsat sebenarnya sehingga orang-orang kuat UMNO pun "di lucutkan"jawatannya atau ... di pecat sebenarnya???

Hanya fikiran dan otak yang "Bersih" akan memahami keadaan politik sekarang.

walla 6 September 2015 at 21:34  

U: What's your interest these days?

B: Units?

U: Hello, that's my interest. Shouldn't yours be something like billions?

B: Actually, it's slot machines if you really want to know.

U: (one eyebrow rises half an inch) Really? Why so?

B: In particular, slot machines with side levers. You know, what people euphemistically call one-armed bandits.

U: I'm intrigued. One would have thought you would take exception to gambling.

B: Oh i don't gamble. It is what the one-armed bandit signifies that is of our national interest, don't you think so?

U: Pray, i mean, please, explain.

B: Can you tell me which country today is led by a one-armed bandit?

U:(loosens collar). Err, why do you ask?

B: Tut tut, why are you squirming? Ok, let's not name the country but let me give you a hint. That country is playing host to over a thousand delegates from over 130 countries who had arrived to debate the thorny matter of corruption.
And the host didn't turn up to welcome them. Was it because he was host-ile?

U: (squirms uncomfortably). Don't you think anyone wouldn't if he had thought the reception would be hostile?

B: Now why would people coming from afar be hostile to the host. Unless...?

U: (takes off glasses, vigorously cleans them with lapel of tie). Well, we'll never know, won't we?

B: Oh but we do. Give it a moment's thought. Perhaps he had something to hide?

Could it be one of his hands was caught in the cookie jar and couldn't be extricated?

You see, it must have been a rather large cookie jar but with a small mouth. Something that could contain, say, two point six billion ringgit in local currency?

Maybe that's why he didn't turn up. Do forbid how he would have looked on world cameras if he had appeared on stage with one arm behind his back and dragging something that would have had to be draped in a batiked rug.

That's why we can still have one-armed bandits in this moderate something-something state. Kapish?

U: Look, let's cut the chase. We all know where that money came from and what all of it was for. If a sovereign fund can be used for social services, it can be used as corporate social responsibility to maintain status quo for national peace by buying votes in general elections, and... (stops suddenly, hits forehead, bites tongue..)

B: There you go. Are you saying the organization which had said the money didn't come from the sovereign fund had lied? Or are you saying those dunggu's who had insisted it came from an arab donor had fabricated excuses because too much blood had drained from their skulls their nights before? Or are you saying our future so-and-so cannot even know it would be in practice inconceivable such a large sum would have been written on a cheque that he said he had seen?

Are you also saying the superb reasons later given were false, namely the money was a donation first to fund Umno in the last general elections, then to fund the fight against global terrorism?

Well, which was it? Elections or terrorism? Come to think of it, what's the difference anyway?

In the end, it is the local rakyat-rakyat who have been terrorised, are being terrorised and will continue to be terrorised after the general elections where they were promised the bintang and the bulan.


walla 6 September 2015 at 21:34  


U: (gulps half a bottle of isotonic liquid). But it was really a donation to fight terrorism. Because we are good with C4, and ... (shakes head again, cringes, mutters "what's the matter with me?")

B: (shakes head in unalloyed sympathy) You need some medication? I have a bag full of them. Although i carry them around for the poor and needy in the jungles, i can spare some for you.

In any case, there are three things running sequentially here. First, that international event would have been a public relations coup if the host had turned up and in his welcoming speech explained clearly to everyone, local and global, how and wherewithal the money had been procured and used, just to prove the point that we have really been busy transforming ourselves, that we are a new age model for the blue ocean future of global peace, harmony and fill-in-the-rest-yourselves.

A collective heave of relief would then have instantly washed over the land from here to Timbuktu. Yet for the same tardiness locally, it was not done internationally. Why?

Two, if it was a donation to rig the last general elections, then the results of that event are automatically invalidated. In other words, the gomen we are having here today has no right to say they can do any damn thing they want on the unbelievably twisted excuse there is clear and present danger of being toppled. How can something illegal be toppled? How can anyone topple something illegal that shouldn't even have assumed legality in the first place? If you have an iq equal to or greater than 3.85, please answer.

Three, in much the same way the judiciary system was universally found wanting and open to utmost suspicion with regards its integrity in the murder trial of the late and tragic Mongolian lady, all the federal institutions that apply to investigation and appropriation of truth and justice have been compromised in regards the present something-something case. Even the central oh-oh body.

U: We'll never know. Hahaha. Look, let's just forget it, play ball, move on-lah.

You think our kangkung-eating hoi-polloi simpletons in the villages and towns care a hoot what is going on?

Well, for your information, they don't because they can't. Their nutrition intake is so weak they don't have a developed memory system. Their educational level is so low you can measure the number of years they have had schooling what more learning how to think critically by the number of teeth they have left in their cracked-lipped mouths.

Basically, they can only see Br1M as lifesaver which we will of course increase in a campaign engineered to coincide with our usual modus operandi of tarring those mata sepet's who are of course born here to be tarred and blamed as bogeymen although we take their money to pay out the Br1M. What else are they good for except to be used as ATMs for our rent collection as payment for giving them accommodation on this land? By the way, that's why we fund the likes of Ibali of Perkasa, Zaik of Isma, and the papagomo's and ali tinju's.

B: Accommodation for those cinapeks? Don't you mean right of passage? If you continue in that vein, they will vacate. Then from who will you collect your tax revenues? From the one with the cookie jar? Oh please, he hasn't even explained where the interest has been reflected when that sum and others were placed in the banks. Isn't it the same as cowgate? Take rakyat project money and spend it and the interest earned on this and that? Like Mona who bought jewellery?

U: Look, we want the whole country to ourselves only. Ok i admit we are lanun's. So what? Who cares? You? What good will that do? Because we know you can't do anything for what is right and just, good and fair, we can thump our noses at the likes of you. It's our world. Live with it, join with us to plunder and squander, or get out. Take your pick, old man. You ain't got many years left.

B: That would be a mercy, wouldn't it?

misty 7 September 2015 at 18:00  

Dato, please, please do something about these Pekan die-hards. We believe you have the ammunition to change those people. Please Dato

Anonymous,  8 September 2015 at 00:00  

anon 20:14

you are wrong. only a few umno dumb idiots are with najib. the rest of the 16m malays are waiting to throw him out.

Sumpitan Emas,  8 September 2015 at 01:30  

Ini terjemahan saya, benang ke-12 dan ke-13 pada 6hb September, sebaik yang saya dapat hasilkan dalam suasana cemas dan tidak menentu:

“Saya tidak dapat menahan diri daripada menerbit semula apa yang tersiar di dalam blog Din Merican, tanggal 3 September…

Tunku Aziz – kira-kira 2009

Lantas daripada lidah yang sama, dari “SOMEONE HAD TO SAY IT…” oleh Tunku Aziz (Mac 2011- ISBN 978-967-5942-04-4 – kulit lembut): “

“Di bawah kecerahan dan kilauan aluminium, keluli tahan karat dan kaca plat tersirat kisah pilu haloba dan korupsi elit politik dan birokrat yang memerintah dan mentadbir bumi kita… ¶ Beberapa tahun dahulu, Transparency International menganggarkan — ini pun dianggap konservatib oleh ramai orang — bahawa projek infra-struktur awam Malaysia menelan belanja lebih 30% dari yang sepatutnya…¶ … lebih kurang tiga dekad di bawah pengawasan Mahathir dan Abdullah, rating/kadar pencapaian negara kita ditaksir oleh setiap piawaian social, ekonomi dan politik, survey demi survey, telah merudum begitu kerap dan membosankan hinggakan kemungkinan perbaikan akan berlaku dalam masa terdekat tipis, atau tiada langsung.” (m/s 10-11)

“…(Abdullah) Badawi menyedari bahwa budaya korupsi di dalam UMNO, apa beliau boleh buat? … Saya berharap sejarah tidak akan meremehkan jasanya tatkala menilai kepimpinannya kerana terbukti dia telah cuba sedaya upaya. Dia tetap akan kita ingat sebagai seorang manusia yang sopan dan mulia; takkan ramai antara kita boleh digelar sedemikian.” (m/s 19-20)

“… buat masa ini, kesahan moral dan etika beliau (Najib) untuk memimpin negara amat diragui, dan beliau harus agar segala tuduhan jahat terhadap dirinya dipadamkan sama sekali, dengan memulakan proses mendakwa mereka yang telah mencemari namanya dan mengancam beliau dari diangkat ke teraju pimpinan sebagai perdana menteri Malaysia. ¶ Hanya dengan cara ini beliau dapat membersihkan namanya di khalayak ramai. Nescaya jalan keluar hanya melalui system perundangan. Rakyat Negara tidak boleh ditipu lagi oleh seorang yang masih belum membersihkan namanya di sebuah makhamah, yang letaknya di tengah-tengah mereka. ¶ Mereka ini berhak menerima sesuatu yang baik dan Najib sebagai perdana menteri baru akan wajar diterima kesahan dan darjat yang tidak terhingga oleh rakyat negara ini dan dunia sejagat.” (m/s 23)

Sumpitan Emas,  8 September 2015 at 01:31  


“Tiap kali saya mengenang kawan saya Karpal Singh, saya ingat tokoh guru besar saya, mendiang Dr. Frank J. Rawcliffe, yang telah mengajar kami betapa pentingnya selalu konsisten dan tekal, meski pun sekali-sekala menyakitkan sesetengah orang… Sedangkan Karpal menyedari bahawa dalam politik, tidak terdapat kawan atau lawan yang berkekalan, beliau benar-benar percaya akan pentingnya ‘prinsip-prinsip yang kekal’. Politik tidak berprinsip seperti yang kita mengamati di Malaysia dengan cukup lekas membawa kecelakaan-kecelakaan mutlak… ¶ Kebelakangan ini terdapat banyak perbincangan tentang kontrek social atau aku janji dalam konteks hak-hak istimewa orang Melayu. Saya tidak sedar akan kontrek sedemikian rupa wujud, sebaliknya saya tahu bahawa dalam konteks sejagat tersedia suatu aku janji social tidak bertulis antara pihak pemerintah dan pihak yang diperintah, dan antara raja atau ketua negara dengan warganya. Sekaligus, yang ditetapkan adalah tanggungjawab pihak kerajaan ataupun raja untuk memastikan rakyat dibenarkan menyambut daulat dengan sepenuhnya seperti yang termaktub di dalam perlembagaan…” (m/s 25 – 27)

“Begitulah hebatnya Zaid (Ibrahim), yang kini dibelasah dari semua penjuru oleh puak UMNO/BN, kerana dialah mempunyai kekuatan moral dan intelektual dan dengan berani mengesyorkan kepada Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang Dipertuan Agong yakni manusia seperti Najib, yang mana reputasinya hancur lebur, perlu dinasihati semanis-manis yang boleh, stesyen mana dia patut turun dari keretapi yang penuh barangan kemas…” (m/s 31)

Mungkin api dari isi perut Tunku Aziz untuk memerangi korupsi dah lenyap sebab umur dah meningkat, namun beliau masih menulis berjela-jela buat masa ini sebagai warga emas super, dan berbalik kepada hasil karya lama yang juga berjela-jela dari perut yang sama, tidakkah ini membawa risiko akan memalukan diri sendiri kerana percanggahan pendapat dulu dan sekarang.




walla 8 September 2015 at 09:52

Sumpitan Emas,  8 September 2015 at 14:11  

Walla, many thanks for the links. Warmest regards.

Anonymous,  19 September 2015 at 20:54

This is a decoy I hope?

Pandikar won't let it through.

The SD route is the only way but YDPA needs to realise (a) it's legal (b) he should NOT call a snap election. Let Najib resign.

Then you have to worry about the A-G trying to do something sneaky.

And Komedi & pet.

I hope it's being planned very, very, very carefully.

Najib is a desperate man.

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