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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 28 September 2015

Apa DAP Mau?

My friend Dato Sri Ti Lian Ker, a former ADUN for Teruntum Kuantan, asked the rhetorical question, what does the DAP want?Apa DAP mau?

He is now MCA’s head of religious harmony or something- which I think is like putting a thoroughbred horse to pull a milk cart.  That is unfortunate but that’s Liow Tiong Lai’s idea of using talent.

Before that, he has appeared on Bernama TV and has recently written about the same thing. His uncharacteristic demonization and vilification of the DAP was given a wide berth.

But because I think Ti Lian Ker is a talented person, his thoughts and article deserves a reasoned riposte.

He says he supports Zaid Ibrahim’s taunt that DAP does not understand Malays. I regard Lian Ker’s support of Zaid’s taunt similar to placing a fish trap in between a gap. Acknowledged, but needing no immediate response.We dont want to be the unfortunate fish.

Zaid’s misgivings can be a subject of another article. 
Now, by stating what DAP stands for as I do now, is by no means insisting that DAP is a party free from blemishes. It has it own shortcomings and weaknesses.
An image problem is one of them. It will continue to be vilified as a racist and chauvinist party. That image is partly internally generated but mostly the result of years of propaganda and overextended indoctrination by the ruling government to look out after its pet poodle.
And I personally suspect its idea of Malaysian Malaysia isn't understood fully by its grassroots supporters. 
Case in point: if DAP implores the Malay grassroots to accept and trust DAP Chinese leaders, they must also do the same by asking the Chinese grassroots to accept and trust deserving Malay leaders. Trust and acceptance require reciprocity.  There is still much schooling to be done on on its grassroots members and supporters.  
But I cant castigate MCA and at the same time, list the bad points on DAP. Like Karpal Singh said a long time ago, you cant be two extremes simultaneously. I am not writing a dos and donts essay. 

What DAP wants is not to be faulted for the wrongs others caused.

DAP is not responsible for MCA’s shortcomings and deficiencies, DAP is not responsible for MCA not being able to behave like how MCA should. 
How should MCA be? A truthful Chinese based party. Which is to behave like a reasonable Chinese allowed to be Chinese.

DAP is not responsible for MCA behaving like a country cousin.

DAP is not responsible for the diminution of trust experienced by the UMNO led government.  Certainly DAP should not be held accountable for a majority entity like UMNO representing its constituents like a minority. The language of UMNO, a majority, is that on a besieged minority. Its retorts and responses are those attributable to a confused creature.

What Ti Lian Ker has done is to virtually write off MCA, the party referred whimsically by the public, as the 7-eleven party. The MCA has 7 MPs and 11 ADUNs.

If he, an MCA leader says that 90% of the Chinese community supports DAP, then this means MCA and gerakan are both comatose now, and will be dead by the GE14.

I will also understand that he has to say what he said on behalf of himself and also on behalf of MCA.

The question Ti Lian Ker asked, is already wrong. He should have asked not apa DAP mau, but what DAP gives. This is the root cause of Ti Lian ker’s and others confusion. The DAP gives, not take.

I will try to answer that.

DAP gives hope for the creation of a good government based on the principle of rule of law. Which in practice simply means, DAP gives hope for a government that does not rule impulsively and does not run rough shod over its people. 
As for the Chinese, DAP gives hope for some form of comforting relief of their underlying fears.

The hope comes in a tangible form. In the form of a team of leaders comprising of different Malaysian races, determined, disciplined, able and dedicated to a political cause.

What do the Chinese today want?  Having mixed with them and doing some close observation, what they value most is fair dealing and fair treatment from a good government. 
Good Government. Fair Treatment. 

They accept this is a country dominated by Malays and Malays owning first right of claim because of their cultural and historical attachments to this land; they are willing to concede that.

They don’t need to be PM or DPM, but they want guarantees from a just and fair government to be able to make a living, accumulation of wealth protected by law, their children getting and able to get sound education, can exercise freedom of choice, given sufficient space to practise their culture, language. To be able to live and die peacefully.

People of reason can work out these things.

Let’s not dwell in the past because if I read Ti Lian Ker, he wished DAP is trapped in a time warp. The parties trapped in a business as usual setting are UMNO and BN parties.  DAP has moved beyond that.

He must have wished DAP remains belligerent and chauvinists and racist as others defined. DAP defines itself- not MCA or the other BN parties.

Well, DAP has adapted and in a Darwinian-esque way, accepts that if we don’t adapt we perish.

If we can reconstruct, DAP has never been against the spirit of NEP- the less fortunate deserved help. A sound social safety net will have to be in place to help the less fortunate, the sick, old and infirmed. There is no question about that.

The Malays because of colonialist design or because of some cultural reasons slacked behind, deserved some push. Once the idea of requiring handicap is accepted, the implementation must be seen just and fair and not taken as a wholesale license to bumiputra-nise anything in the way. That overzealousness has caused a lot of unhappiness not only among all races in Malaysia but also within the Malay community too.
I have my own interpretation of bumiputera- the bumis get left behind, the puteras- the elite, the selected few, the 5 percenter get ahead - far ahead. 

As I have said, in my opinion, the essence of NEP was not to create all Malays into millionaires. Let’s say it frankly. The dullards, the layabouts, loafers cannot expect to take the same positions as the industrious, the better educated, those who worked and studied harder and those who performed better.  If we do that, we have institutionalised disincentives.

The NEP encapsulates a challenge to restructure society so that everyone is placed in a social setting according to the work they put in, the efforts they make. It’s a merit based system. The low starters will be given the forms of push-ons and once they acquire the skills and talents, will have to compete on equal terms.

It wasn’t a scheme to award a sense of entitlement.

Let me further answer his big picture question by stating what DAP does is what the MCA failed to give to the Malaysian Chinese. Which is to be a truthful Chinese instead of Uncle Tom Chinese. Let me also say state that what the DAP `wants as regards the Chinese, is what UMNO does not allow the Chinese to be. Which is to be Chinese.

What are these? To be able to boldly, directly and sincerely what being Chinese in Malaysia means. MCA on the other hand behaves like a mendicant to UMNO, bowl in hand begging UMNO to allow the Chinese to be Chinese.  Hence the Chinese at large sees MCA, the party of  Mr Ti Lian Ker as an uncle tom Chinese party.

DAP does not want- it gives. It gives leadership to the Chinese. That means it is it ready to conduct itself boldly, directly and frankly. DAP offers the public and to the Chinese of course, leadership comprising of a team of individuals at the national and  state levels who are courageous to put out their necks, determined and willing to give fruition to  these hopes.

To be honest, what does it mean to be Chinese, I think only my Chinese comrades in DAP can better say it than I.
As a Malay looking from outside I think being Malaysian Chinese can be defined in terms of what they want. What they want most, is to be given fair treatment. That is basically what I think the Chinese want- just fair treatment. Moreover being practical, they must accept that they cant get all what they want.

Culturally to be able to preserve as much as possible their identity. Language through its vernacular schools, culture though their everyday practice and further refined also though schools and cultural organisations. Politically it means given fair treatment and legitimate representation. Individually as citizens enjoying fair dealings as the other Malaysian citizens.

The existence of vernacular schools is a complex issue which cannot be treated casually in this article. Perhaps sometime in the future I will be able to contribute some articles on this.

As to his examples of Ong Kian Meng and Ronnie Liew willing to wear baju Melayu, friendship with PAS, DAP’s position on Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin, these are political tidbits deserving only passing comments.

But when Ti Lian ker asked ‘Why are 90% Chinese for DAP if they are not speaking politically racist language or false promises which they cannot deliver?’ that is something else.

Here is a leader of a purely Chinese based party actually accusing the Chinese of being inherently racists. I have answered above, why the Chinese like and prefer DAP over MCA. 
Its a choice of being truthful or being an Uncle Tom. 


Unknown 29 September 2015 at 01:43  

Salam Dato, well says and a true friends for understanding all Malays,Chinese,Indians and all Bumis of Malaysia.Many Thanks for writing facts of Malaysian today in asking

Anonymous,  29 September 2015 at 05:02  

This malay bugger overselling DAP....

Ti Wanker,  29 September 2015 at 07:00  

This Ti Wanker can go wank himself infront of Liow Tong Lie!!

The day China's Ambassador took that stroll at Petaling Street is the day MCA is cremated.

Anonymous,  29 September 2015 at 07:01  

"Its a choice of being truthful or being an Uncle Tom."

Yes. Indeed.

Ti Wan Ker sounds like Awang Selamat on a bad day, and he's a terrible liar to boot ("terrible" meaning "amateurish".)

Witness these contortions to make DAP "responsible" for the whole envoy flap:

Note that nowhere in this does Wan Ker actually cite any attributable source to say that a DAP leader made such a claim. The reason is - no-one did.

Rather sneaky, this Wan Ker.

If MCA wants to be hero, then why doesn't your President have the teloq to walk into Najis's room and tell him not to play the hudud card with PAS? Why not tell him that he should haul up red shirt organisers? Chua was right.

The answer is very simple:

The master does not listen to the castrated lapdog's whining. Umno can ignore MCA. Even a junior Umno Youth macai can scold MCA and tell them to leave BN! Padan muka.

MCA needs to be in BN purely so that tycoons like Genting can do their Ali-Baba arrangements with Umno. (Even WSJ exposed that Genting paid millions into Umno election funds. Genting did not dare to deny it.)

So Ti just needs to keep licking Umno's hands, until they throw you some scraps on the floor.

That's all MCA is good for.

Of no use to the Chinese, who are the middle letter in the name MCA; so that leaves the Malays and Indians to vote for you.

Why would they?

Anonymous,  29 September 2015 at 07:33  

Dato Sak,this is GEORGE CHOO





TI LIAN KER dan TIONG LAI ADALAH KAKI BODEK .Mereka ini ada didalam kerajaaan bukan

untuk berkhidmat untuk rakyat tapi untuk CARI WANG dan KEPENTINGAN PERIBADI.


Itulah sebab utama U MENANG kat RAUB. HO KHAI MUN orang kuat MCA Bentong dan PAHANG

tapi U kalahkan dia.

MCA dan GERAKAN hanya menang dengan undi MELAYU .

Samada mereka berada didalam kerajaan atau tidak ,tak penting.



Anonymous,  29 September 2015 at 09:03  

Dear Dato,

Please come to penang and check with the malay here what has dap done, malays who stay out of penang do not know. Hope you will look into my comment, thank you.

Anonymous,  29 September 2015 at 09:19  

The right question to ask is "What MCA mau"? From their actions and silence on issues concerning their community and the country, they only want ministerial positions - the country can sink for all they care.

For the sake of their ministerial positions, they are ever willing to be called eunuchs, concubines, abused wives, running dogs, traitors, assholes etc. Privately, they would agree they are all of these - "ain't we rascals"!

When UMNO blow smoke onto their faces, they will ask "what brand is your cigar". This is how low they are willing to go.

Their leaders know that MCA is going to be "bungkused" in GE14. So they aim to make tons of hay while the sun shines.

Knowing that they are ministerholics, they will jump ship if they happened to sniff out any available ministers positions elsewhere.

Anonymous,  29 September 2015 at 10:13  

Anon 29 September 2015 at 05:02

Are you Q.D. in disguise?

If you are, you have regressed. If you are not, then you have just confirmed that UMNO has recruited another moron into its company, and not a very polished one at that. And this proves what is now commonly perceived that a collective defence is being put up to defend just one UMNO taiko - that you are a just a plain UMNO street fighter, not anywhere near any ordinary UMNO Division head, leave alone Saifuddin Abdullah.

UMNO needs more thinkers (like Saifuddin Abdullah) and sincere leaders not foul-mouthed near illiterates like you.

Go find a place, in these hazy days, to breathe some fresh air

Navi 29 September 2015 at 10:32  


Many of the comments do need to be omitted as they are full of venom from people who have lost their ability to think critically. The adage, 'yours is not to reason why, but to do and die' seems to cling on to them. As long as anything is anti-DAP, these guys will have orgasm but anything anti UMNO reading anti BN is treason to them. But pretty often I think it is more the money in it rather than love for their party that makes them run amuk.

Tiger 29 September 2015 at 11:07  

For years, my family has supported MCA generously.
Until now, only my father remains a member like he has been for the past 57 years.
We do not desert MCA not because of anything, but because MCA remains a lapdog and it's voice is drowned out by even insignificant members of UMNO.
We support DAP for the one simple reason that DAP is fighting for the right reasons and objectives.
That is it, plain and simple.

Anonymous,  29 September 2015 at 11:17  

Jamal is a racist malay whose attitude and tantrum shamed and embarrassed the malays. I never heard Ti Lian Ker condemning Jamal and his red shirt hooligans. And neither did he condemn Najib for supporting the racist Red Shirt.

What I read is Ti Lian Ker condemning the MCA Youth Pasir Gudang for withdrawing support for Najib and condemning DAP who according to him misquoted the China Ambassador's statement. Najib is the most corrupt and disdainful PM in Msia's history & Ti Lian Ker is adamant to be Najib's arse licker.

Anonymous,  29 September 2015 at 12:07  

Tuan pula mau apa? Hentam orang je setiap hari.

Wan Zamzuri Wan Hasenan 29 September 2015 at 12:15  

For nearly 60 years The Current Government is being lead by UMNO and components including MCA, MIC and others has policies " very fair dealing and treatment" that produce the below figure, in which billionaire and milionnaires support the Malaysian Society accross multi racial communities:

My beloved Malaysia oppresses her Chinese?
How, if so, does anyone explain so many very rich Chinese in this country under the rule of this "racist" Umno?

The non-Chinese rich are in red, red being the so-called racist colour:

1, Robert Kuok, 91, $11.3B, diversified
2, Ananda Krishnan, 77, $9.7B, telecom
3, Quek Leng Chan, 74, $5.6B, banking & real estate
4, Lim Kok Thay, 64, $5.5B, casinos
5, Teh Hong Piow, 85, $5.4B, banking
6, Lee Shin Cheng, 76, $4.6B, palm oil & real estate
7, Yeoh Tiong Lay, 85, $3B, construction & real estate
8, Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary, 63, $2.9B, diversified
9, Goh Peng Ooi, 60, $1.6B, software
10, Lee Oi Hian & Lee Hau Hian, -, $1.5B, palm oil/chemicals/real estate
11, Tiong Hiew King, 80, $1.4B, timber/media
12, Surin Upatkoon (aka K.K Lau), 66, $1.3B, telecoms/lotteries/insurance
13, Danny Tan Chee Sing, 60, $1.3B, real estate
14, Vincent Tan, 63, $1.2B, diversified
15, Lau Cho Kun, 80, $1.1B, palm oil/real estate
16, Tan Heng Chew, 68, $1B, motor vehicles
17, G. Gnanalingam, 71, $985M, ports
18, Kuan Kam Hon, 67, $980M, synthetic gloves
19, Jeffrey Cheah, 70, $950M, real estate
20, Azman Hashim, 76, $865M, banking
21, Shahril & Shahriman Shamsuddin, -, $860M, oil & gas
22, Yaw Teck Seng & Yaw Chee Ming, -, $820M, forestry
23, Desmond Lim Siew Choon, 54, $780M, real estate
24, Chen Lip Keong, 68, $750M, casinos
25, Syed Azman Ibrahim, 55, $740M, transport/motor vehicles
26, Mokhzani Mahathir, 54, $700M, oil & gas services
27, Lim Kang Hoo, 61, $650M, real estate
28, Ahmayuddin bin Ahmad, 59, $600M, ports
29, Chia Song Kun, 65, $560M, food production
30, Ninian Mogan Lourdenadin, 61, $550M, real estate/retail
31, Kamarudin Meranun, 54, $540M, airlines
32, Ngau Boon Keat, 67, $535M, oil & gas
33, Anthony Fernandes, 51, $530M, airlines
34, Lim Kuang Sia, 63, $510M, rubber gloves
35, Ong Leong Huat, 71, $435M, finance/real estate
36, Chong Chook Yew, 92, $380M, real estate
37, Ling Chiong Ho, 64, $350M, palm oil/ships
38, Lim Han Weng, 63, $340M, oil & gas
39, Loh Kian Chong, 39, $325M, motor vehicles/palm oil
40, Leong Hoy Kum, 58, $320M, real estate
41, Lim Wee Chai, 57, $315M, rubber gloves
42, Gooi Seong Lim, 65, $310M, property/construction
43, Kua Sian Kooi, 63, $305M, insurance
44, Khoo Kay Peng, 76, $300M, retail/hotels
45, Khoo Cheng Hai, 74, $285M, real estate
46, Lim Teck Meng, 78, $280M, Manufacturing
47, Ng Chin Heng, 66, $275M, real estate
48, Tan Chin Nam, 89, $270M, real estate
49, Abdul Hamed Sepawi, 66, $255M, timber
50. Kong Chong Soon, 74, $240M, real estate

Some Malaysians are perpetuating the idea that the Malays and Umno are pursuing a racist agenda. Nothing is further from the truth.

Anonymous,  29 September 2015 at 13:26  

Dato' Sak,
As a Chinese, I feel tragically sad that you know the psyche of the Chinese, especially their aspirations, hopes and fear, BETTER than any present day "leaders" of Malaysian Chinese Ass. .Seriously, if you cannot give any hope,how can you ever dream to lead the Chinese community?

Anonymous,  29 September 2015 at 15:48  

Looks like Ti plays a bamboo game, bend with the wind whichever way the MCA goes, this way, that way and finally no way. He is not intellectual, just sounding intelligent that's all. MCA's loss.

Anonymous,  29 September 2015 at 18:09  

Wan Zamzuri Wan Hasenan,

You forgot to put Najib's name in the list. He got RM2.6 billion from a so-called Middle east person, RM42 million from the pension Fund and another RM1 billion from the Scorpene and Sukhoi purchases. That is what we know. He must have stashed more RMbillion elsewhere from other shady deals.

I think you must read Sak's article umpteenth times, then I think you will understand what he is talking here. Your comment will of course be relevant when he writes about Umno's racist agenda.

Anonymous,  29 September 2015 at 20:31  

Wan Zamzuri - you have shown some names in the rich list, but I can’t reconcile how being rich in the list equates to UMNO not pursuing a racist agenda. Remember I say UMNO only. I could also explain that these chinese chaps may have cable to UMNO or that they are useful as in Jho Low kind of useful (Najib finds him useful), heard from Dato Sak, George Kent is getting a huge contract with Ibrahim perkasa as one of the Directors, or maybe, just maybe these chinese chaps are industrious or is it a crime to be industrious in Malaysia? Maybe you should expound further. As far as I am concern it doesn’t matter to me who is in that list. I could care less if they are from Martian.

I could say though UMNO is racist by the following:

1. Hishamuddin(Menteri Kabinet UMNO) wanting to bathe the keris he was waving with chinese blood. He apologised later. Its Ok in Malaysia to do that. You do then say sorry and can do it again when it suits you.

2. BTN – maybe you can educate all of us what they propagate in BTN. Of course courtesy of UMNO with proper budget. I heard its racist.

3. Red Shirt threatening riots with the hulubalang Jamal being an UMNO Sungai Besar leader and chief instigator and sh** stirrer at Petaling St riot plan. Apparently now he wants to stir sh** in Kajang. Now he says the Chinese, Indian and Melayu agree to this. Kelakar mamat ni.

4. The kepala lembu incident no less with that bigot Hishamuddin (full menteri) nodding his head while saying - don’t blame the cow head protestors? All this cause by state govt wanting to relocate the Hindu temple in Shah Alam. Gajah sama gajah lawan semut di hentam dan dipijak. UMNO don’t care about other races’ sensitivities. To hell with it. I consider this racial some may not.

5. Zahid – racist and gangster.

6. This one is good, Anuar Musa – “I am racist Islamically.”

7. or maybe I am just plain wrong, totally wrong and that all the racist points above are being perpetuated for nothing more than power and $$$$$$$$$$$.

Please in the future don’t bring in the inconsequent MCA into any discussion . They are just not relevant. They are just clowns that come together to form Malaysian Clown Association. JC

Anonymous,  29 September 2015 at 21:19  

Anon 29 Sep 18:09:

Well said although you have not added other matters such as: civil service recruitment and racial composition, scholarship awards for tertiary education locally and overseas, university placements, etc, etc.

The millionaires listed, both Malays and non-Malays, worked very hard to be what they are today with the exception of one or two.

walla 29 September 2015 at 23:25  

- For as long as memory serves, our Malay paradigm has always centered on our 3R's of race, religion and royalty while the rest of the world has moved on with the other 3R's of 'reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic.

Who has made real progress, who has certainly retrogressed?

- Looking at the above list, it seems our Malay version of 3R's has not worked. Maybe everyone should focus instead on the world's 3R's; then people will conclude for themselves before they come up with such a list that they are already being racialistic the moment they do so to support their contention, to wit 'if not for our Umno Malay government, there won't be so many of you Chinese in the list'. In other words, 'we Malays allowed you Chinese to prosper'. Or, 'we could very well have exercised our right to stymie your progress'.

Don't all these just imply there are Malays around who still think this country belongs foremost to them defined by race only?

- In the first place, those Chinese are either naturalized or born-here citizens no different as citizens from other citizens once the notion of race is removed;

- In the second place, there are two reasons they are up there; one good by dint of their own industry, perseverance and talent; the other bad by dint of some alibaba partnering that advantaged them over others even of their own stock;

- Therefore the issues are as follows:

one, the qualities of industry, perseverance and talent are not the sole province of the Chinese; our Malays - and there are examples - also share those qualities.

Where, if one may be so bold to ask, has there ever been a continuous national articulation of these qualities of economic success free from race connotations that targets specifically the inner personal misgivings and inadequacies of our Malays as human beings per se so that they in turn don't have to continually now and again harbor some juvenile sinophobic sentiments that cannot be mounted on even one shred of critical thinking, rational argument, or real fact which in turn causes reactions by the others which in turn are grabbed to say our Malays are 'under threat or not respected or cheated or downtrodden'? Do the fewer Chinese have such big feet to down-trod our many Malays?

two, the other quality of alibaba partnership is all about political expediency that erodes national integrity, rule-of-law governance, and the social fabric of our multiracial and plural society already coming to six decades of coexistence made uneasy by official racial sabotage.

If an honest government doesn't condone such partnership which means rules of law are enforced, would any sane businessman, a Chinese one for that matter, want to incur more costs let alone charges cultivating such partnerships?

That type of partnership spawns corruption. Open tenders become negotiated tenders, and negotiated tenders become direct parachute offers. Despite citizen charters and KPIs, under-table money and project kickbacks become standard operating procedures to extract taxpayers monies in order to fund personal campaigns to buy votes of the uneducated masses kept happy only for the hour of handouts, failing which distracted to be frivolously rattled to a pitch by the same 3R's that are the ticket of the political opportunists only one unit of IQ above them.

walla 29 September 2015 at 23:25  


Money politics embeds corruption which becomes entrenched by the protocol of enforced party loyalty else eviction and stoppage of all conferred projects. The only difference from the Mafia and the Yakuza? One gets a bullet, the other a chopped finger. Ours? Put to pasture but quietly rewarded with a Desaru project here, a Felda chairmanship there. Only the Rustam's and Noh's have to pony-ride with the Jamal's for other dangerous, some would say seditious, mischief, with view to political elevation and comebacks.

Lest one forgets, money politics is where that money went that was said to be from a middle-eastern donor, incidentally now retired from all view. So it remains to ask - why is the Umno government so rattled by the exposure?

The answer is simple and stepped - if that money was refluxed from 1MDB, then it is money stolen from the rakyat; if it was used to buy GE13 votes, then the GE13 results are invalidated; if the GE13 results are invalidated, then the present incumbent government has been illegally returned. In other words, it should have toppled itself by now if real democracy is practiced. Since that wasn't, the diktat of dictatorship for your necessary action in GE14?

It should not be lost on all that the other issues are of equal magnitude in gravity, namely diversion of state funds into personal accounts, lies and deflections therefrom, abuse of power against investigating institutions, money laundering on a wolfish grand scale, and in the usual tradition of BN parties, non-accounted partial siphoning of party funds for inexplanable coming into conspicuous consumption unbacked by gazetted payscales.

All that against the background of ringgit tanking, retailers griping, treasury emptying, bonds breaking, reserves evaporating, investors fleeing, global standing pariahed... the real LIST goes on.

While your money is used again to cover up the cover-up's, the future of our human capital is made even more uncertain. An education system that is fault-intolerant at best and international-lingua-shaped to favor one race (English for Malays, Malay for non-Malays) while university admissions see only 10 percent into science and technical courses of whom only two males for every five females so that in the near future we will have such a high number of arts graduates this country that the younger generation will never have enough local manpower to progress in ANY field that matters in a world that will be more so technologically converged for economic supremacy.

And jokers still want to project racial supremacy by recycling yet another attack on vernacular schools.

It's more than just GST. It's also BST.

Bodoh, sombong dan tamak.

Anonymous,  29 September 2015 at 23:51  

bravo... i didnt expect a Malay leader to speak so well of the feeling and thought of the Chinese . i give you my salute. this is the first time i have ever commented on any article.

Sumpitan Emas,  30 September 2015 at 09:09  

Wan Zamzuri Wan Hasenan,

You should read Anon 20:31 at least three times and Walla's ten times, and Walla hasn't even expanded on "negotiated tenders". May be he didn't see the need to explain any further because the other even more toxic variation, the "direct parachute offers" now obtains in our economic, financial and mercantile life.

Negotiated tender!

"What animal is that?," asked a friend in an international conference many years back.

No, nothing amiss if we allow that bankrupt, gambling genius from Sabah Datuk Osu Sukam to explain that this fast-track strategy in developmental mechanics was, presumably still is, far superior to the normal open tender system which he claimed was a waste of time. (I extend my thanks to Tunku Aziz for this revelation, viz Fighting Corruption: My Mission; 2005; pg 132)

A contradiction in terms which only UMNO Baru could invent and put into practice in its determined path to the "ringgit tanking ... global standing pariahed."

I salute both of you and also Dato Sak.

Anonymous,  30 September 2015 at 12:34  

Sir, you simply should not go on a sabbatical. You are the type of leader that the country needs in these trying times. Your voice represents hope which is a precious commodity now.
By the way, have you touched on the 'mat rempits' and why it exists? It is a shame to see human capital wasted and which the Malay society should address.

Anonymous,  18 October 2015 at 20:33  

Can't argue with you there, Dato. One can't help but notice that MCA is always nitpicking DAP on selected and narrow issues and whipped them to death and then get walloped by good debaters such as your good self.

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