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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Lessons in Politics from Islam- Part 2

Before I continue, let all Malaysians know what a bloody hypocrite Najib is. You can be sure he staged the whole thing. And had the gall and behaved sanctimonious to say he is shocked to see the gathering took place peacefully. 
I am told of phone calls in the dead of the night to some high level UMNO leaders inquiring whether everything is in order for the march of the red guards. Madam Jiang Qing was also on the line checking on Najib's boys.She played an active role on behalf of the politically ailing Mao to Najib's.
Najib was constantly making phone cals to Anuar Musa,  Noh Omar, Ahmad Maslan about the Himpunan Maruah Melayu.  
He must be shocked not more than 50,000 came. and that includes the city's homeless and papa kedana( one of his favourite term).

Then why the demand to see report on the petaling Steet incident? Then why fire water cannons? And you can be sure this time, if he says 20,000 gathered, people will believe him. 
Its not a typo error even if  people like Anuar Musa or anybody else say, 200,000 came. I am using the number Najib used to count the Bersih  Marchers on 29-30th August. 

That gathering included the vagabonds and  the city's homeless and destitute herded by promoters of the Himpunan with the promise of money, t-shirts and food just to walk around Padang Merbok. Just to show the number.

Najib must be extremely worried to see the level of support he has. If there were 20,000 indeed, then 20,000 bring shame to the Malays. That would mean, the Malays support Najib’s misconduct and machinations fitting what Machiavelli said.

It only goes to say some fools are willing to excuse Najib for the wrongs he did. These 20,000 will excuse the Ikan Bakar Sekinchan owner if he comes into any of the 20,000 houses and sleeps with the wives and daughters. He is after all a Malay and one of us. Hidup Melayu!

This is the kind of Malays Najib relies to regain lost dignity and perhaps lost virginity.

He is definitely behind the march of the red shirts. He uses the march to divert attention from his own misconduct.
On a lighter note, will Bandaraya send some bills for the filth and rubbish donated by the red guards? 

Let’s discuss some better issues requiring some application of the grey matter we have between our ears.

Many successful nations go through a series of development stages. The first generation focused on building hardware- to use a modern term. They built schools, roads, hospitals, and other physical social amenities. The second generation concentrate on building the software. Cultivating talent, wiring up the mental conditions for success, imbibing the correct values, moulding society for growth and development. It develops the culture of development and modernization.

The 3rd generation builds on the first and second. Continuously improving on the work of the first, acquiring technologies, applying new methods in building infrastructure.  It builds on the second by also improving, emphasizing on quality and maintaining quality to ensure sustained growth.

How do you do that?

My own inclination is you have to put in place high quality leadership. Not the Najib low class and low quality leadership.

Not only an intelligent leadership, but one that is keen and committed and disciplined. Leaders must be visionary and must be supported by the physical empowering infrastructures- an efficient and intelligent civil service, an independent judiciary and an intense legislature.

The successful society is also supported by high quality legitimate coercive forces in the form of the policing and military institutions. A high quality police force and the military. No low quality IGP and buffoon Chief of Army.

In ancient times, we speak of leaders having abundant intelligence and physical endowment. Translated in modern day terminology, good leaders come with high degree of intelligence and empowering physical institutions.

Now everyone will remember the comical response of Najib and his minders in explaining the wealth he has. They said and Najib agreed that he came by great wealth because he inherited it. His brothers quickly doused the fire by saying, the father Tun razak was far from rich.

When Tun Razak died, he left RM500, 000. The money was given to the second brother Johari razak. That was all he had. He left no property. Toh Puan Rahah did not want to go back to Pekan. The government awarded the family a property in jalan Eaton.

It is clear he got wealthy trough unexplained means.

But the point is this. Being wealthy is not a condition to becoming a leader. The high quality leader must have intelligence and support of physical empowering institutions which I mentioned above.

The Quran provided instructions on this.

When Saul got appointed as king, members from his tribe petitioned the other leaders protesting on why Saul, a poor lad was appointed a leader over them.

Saul wasn’t wealthy. He did not inherit any wealth from the family as Najib insisted he(Najib) did. Nor did he acquire any wealth by way of inexplicable means.

God tells that He has gifted Saul with intelligence and strong bodily prowess. In modern day, it means having intelligence, vision, articulate and supported by physical empowering institutions.

See Quran 2:247.

The verse tells the story of Saul who was appointed king over the tribes of Israel. Saul belonged to the tribe bani Benjamin, the smallest tribe among the Israelites.

The others protested as they condemned Saul as being not gifted/talented as they and not even rich. But God says, Saul was gifted with intelligence and strong bodily prowess.

The leader is not appointed on the basis that he claims he is gifted nor is he appointed because he is rich.

So Najib’s romanticised rendering on how he became selected to stand in place of his father which implies that he has talent, is irrelevant to us.

Then I have to come back to the ideas in David C McClelland’s The Achieving Society.

Successful societies had leaders with achieved norms- which means we select a leader on what they can achieve. Backward societies had leaders who came forward with ascriptive norms- meaning they became leaders because they happened to have the right lineage.


flyer168 17 September 2015 at 07:32  

"Lessons in Politics from Islam- Part 2"


Yes indeed.

Also to share this...

On Twitter, Malays condemn #Merah169 protester over ‘Cina babi’ insult (VIDEO) -

Bolehland's 52nd Malaysia Day Celebrations -


This in comparison...

Must watch - In Red shirt as well...50 years on -

Could we ever "Dream" of this in Bolehland...???

Comparing a "Thoroughbred Pedigreed Racehorse" with a "Kaldai"...

Also to share this...

Lee Kuan Yew's 1965 speech in Malaysian parliament that shocked the then Malaysia's ministers.. -

His Assessment, Predictions, DETERMINATION, SINCERITY & HONESTY then, is what propelled Singapore 50 years on today...!!!

You be the judge.

Anonymous,  17 September 2015 at 07:45  

We need a Nelson Mandela to heal our
sick, de facto "Rainbow Nation".

To overcome the AWB (Afrikaner Resistance Movement)
and Buthelezi types.

Will DSAI turn out to be our Nelson Mandela?
Or will some other person?

Phua Kai Lit

Sumpitan Emas,  17 September 2015 at 09:23  

@ flyer168:

Many thanks for the excellent links. Casual reading is a luxury Dato can ill afford, so such links - concise expositions by articulate and fluent leaders, past and present vis a vis the vulgar side of our collective political life - give him (and all those who follow his blog) excellent instant access to the political, cultural, social and economic landscapes which define our public space. But, this is not to suggest that he has not been susreading because his writings are replete with gems from the corpus of works he has absorbed till now.

Thank you for the many links you have provided here and elsewhere for some time now.

I won't stop judging, not before a semblance of dignity is retored to every citizen - this country is not to be held to ransom by the powers that be who can, in a sudden enlightened moment, after 58 years of independence, realize that a certain group of people need to restore its "maruah", and working behind the scene act on this presumed loss.

flyer 168, help me to make decent, rational judgements.

Anonymous,  17 September 2015 at 12:03  

Najib has got less intelligence compared to his brother, Nazir. Only thing najib got rosmah, an ambitious and cunning lady with some intelligence in the mould of Imelda marcos. That is where the trouble started. The Razak fmly like most Malaysians knows Rosmah is pulling the string..and Najib is being led by the nose and in the process muddied the good name of Tun Razak and fmly.

Looking at the present scenario, an innocent bystander who doesn't know the family's history, would never believe that Najib is the son of Tun Razak. They are worlds apart. Hishamuddin shld keep his distance lest the good name of Tun Hussien will also be muddied.

Sumpitan Emas,  17 September 2015 at 14:13  

You wrote in Part One, 15th Sept, “We won’t steal his thunder especially when told in a melodramatic and romanticised fashion. Malaysians deserve a romantic story.” Agreed, but do allow me to add a little, in a poetical manner, to the grand romance of what it takes to have a firm grip on good, moral leadership, i.e. leadership without fear of losing one’s sense of direction and consequently quickly falling into self-entrapment. A little dated, but still preciously relevant:

“Ruling the country is not difficult, it is just like herding horses. If a horse gives you trouble, take it out of the herd.” (A boy wrangler makes it all seem easy to the Yellow Emperor, c. 3000 BC): pg 18

“Honor your father and mother. Be noble in your work. Be loyal and honest to your friends. Never, and nowhere, can these laws be broken.” (Confucius, Spring and Autumn Period): pg 78

“Beauty both false and genuine beguiles man’s heart alike,
But since the counterfeit appeals less than the true,
A fox posing as a woman will do a man but little harm,
Only for a day or so can she deceive his eyes,
But a woman bewitching like a fox, will do indeed great harm,
For days and months on end, she’ll keep man’s heart entranced.” (Bo Juyi, Tang Dynasty): pg 225

The above from, “The Little Book of CHINESE Proverbs” Compiled by Jonathan Clements ISBN 0 75252 769 X 1999.

1) Remember the “take it out” expression by an UMNO polymath? Note that it is NOT the Red Emperor we are talking about.
2) The Sicilian mafia too has a variation to this golden rule, “Honour thy father.”
3) Little Red Riding Hood as an adult having earlier outfoxed the crafty vixen.

Anonymous,  17 September 2015 at 20:56  

In other words, he's a lame duck. It's all showmanship and little substance. He probably fancies himself like a Mafia chieftain but without the testicles to go with the job. He's sick man of Asia and he's inflicting his virus on the rest of us, never mind Umno.

Anonymous,  17 September 2015 at 21:01  

another name for Najib, ascriptive norm. He should like that since he aspires to be one of those elite educated members (did he manage to get a degree?).

If one compares Bersih 4 to the red t-shirts rally, there is nothing to compare because the red rally was really a ZERO. Zero in terms of participation (according to the police 35,000), zero in terms of stated objectives (dunno what the rally was called for), zero in terms of organization, zero in terms of discipline, just plenty of dunggus whacking themselves and the police to show that part of the RM3 million has been put to good use.

Anonymous,  17 September 2015 at 23:57  

..Najib was constantly making phone cals to Anuar Musa, Noh Omar, Ahmad Maslan about the Himpunan Maruah Melayu... It only goes to say some fools are willing to excuse Najib for the wrongs he did. These 20,000 will excuse the Ikan Bakar Sekinchan owner if he comes into any of the 20,000 houses and sleeps with the wives and daughters. He is after all a Malay and one of us. Hidup Melayu!..

It make sense that Najib has got the do-not-disturb sign on as he redeemed back on his favorite hobby, temporarily grounded from the time of golf outing with Obama after the Kelantan banjir and then the 1MDB bombshell. After all the new jet needs all the breaking-in, what with all the high tech interior renovation.

Where to? Apart the official stuff we can only guess the fillers. It can be some more gedik dancing in Kazakhtan at the in-laws or another renderzvous in sunny Italy in the rented Tatoosha on a much neded pow-wow with Jho Low and PetroSaudi Arabs or regroup in the US to checkout latest on the combined Riza's and Jho Low's portfolio or further consulting in the US on WSJ's suit.

So expect the tight combo of Ikan Bakar and Noh as the doomed Selangor savior to continue cover line while the boss is enjoying the earth moving under my feet, hehehe.

flyer168 18 September 2015 at 00:35  

flyer 168, help me to make decent, rational judgements.

Sumpitan Emas,

Thank you very much for your kind words & articulate comments.

It is my pleasure as one who witnessed the Malaysian Politics in Singapore & Malaysia since the early 50s to share our "hidden" biased history.


Anonymous,  18 September 2015 at 10:06  

One thing is very clear. All the current nations woes, both politically and economically are the cause of one man i.e. Najib. In his quest to remain in power at all cost, the suffering of the nation and the Rakyat does not matter one bit.

However, one man alone will not do much damage to the country. Unfortunately, his many unprincipled supporters (we know who they are) are the main culprits to our nations woes. They support what is wrong and hound those who do what is right... for the sake of money and position.

Anyway, such treacherous attitude does not happen overnight. It was slowly festered through the years into a political system that is based solely on greed for money and power. It is now a cake full of worms. To them, caring for the people and the country are all bullshit for the people to hear.

It has now come to a point where unprincipled people are willing to justify stealing, telling lies and doing evil things as something right. They do not even mind people seeing them running naked on the streets with money stuck into their mouths, ears, nose and ass and of most importantly wearing a hat with a title on it. They have no shame.


May Allah save our nation from ruin and replace them with people who do good and are just.

Anonymous,  18 September 2015 at 15:02  

Read this in SteadyAku47 blog posted on Sept 15, The truth and nothing but the truth is still out there.

Anonymous,  18 September 2015 at 17:08  

With 3,000,000 members(real or imagine), 35,000 of red-shirt present(sponsored,prepaid or real) should be worrisome to PM Najib..........

The 18 September 2015 at 17:24  

/// Anonymous, 18 September 2015 at 10:06
One thing is very clear. All the current nations woes, both politically and economically are the cause of one man i.e. Najib. ///

Yes. But all credit should not go to Najib alone. The stage for the current woes, both politically and economically, were set more than 20 years ago by one Mahathir Mohamad. Short of a coup, it is almost impossible to dislodge Najib because he controls all the levers of power. We have to thank Mahathir for emasculating the sultans, castrating the judiciary and neutering the MACC and police. For good measures, throw in money politics to bribe all the UMNO division heads and members.

The real culprit is Mahathir. Najib only take the shenanigans to a higher level.

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