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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 20 September 2015

Malay Dignity has been stolen.

How is it possible for our PM, who has been in politics since 1976 and has been PM since 2009, even say that Malay dignity has been injured? What did he do to promote Malay dignity during his gilded tenure as minister to PM?

When did he become conscious of loss in Malay pride?

Surely not when he entered into a business relationship with Jho Low? Chinese businessmen feted him. He enjoyed their company in more ways than one. He gave a Chinese golfing buddy of over 20 years a huge contract building a LRT system. RM11 over billion.

Chinese businessmen contributed and donated money for UMNO’s political funds. The majority of Class A contractors farmed out their contracts to Chinese businessmen and took away commissions.

In these times, not a squeak about the loss of Malay dignity.

Malay dignity is lost when they are deceived by their own leaders.

Our PM became conscious of Malay pride when he could not answer how RM2.6billion ended in his personal account. He became conscious of Malay pride when he could not explain the movement of RM46 billion investments by 1mdb. He becomes conscious of Malay dignity when he is widely despised by the people of Malaysia. He becomes conscious when he is accused of misconduct in public office, when he is accused of abuse of power, when he is accused of governing arbitrarily.

Who has been responsible for it? Dignity is grounded on individual initiative, personal freedom and responsibility, translated into actions that earn respect. Malays can’t demand respect. They must earn it.

It is no one’s fault if the Malays have lost their dignity. They have allowed themselves to be manipulated by the government in power.

Malay dignity has been injured when Najib conspired with Jho Low in siphoning money from 1MDB to Good Star. Malay dignity has been injured further when Najib through his actions, showed that Malays can easily succumbed to making money the illegal way. Such as purchasing IPPs at inflated price and then getting some donations from these IPPs. That showed the Malays, represented by our PM are not beneath stealing.

Malay self-worth and dignity are further eroded when our PM shamed us by being the subject of police reports all over the world. Our dignity as Malays is injured when our PM has not sued Wall Street Journal until today, shuffling his feet and finding excuses not to challenge WSJ. That shows the Malays, as represented by Najib are cowardly.

The question is, do we want PM Najib to represent us Malays?

The person ultimately responsible for the erosion of Malay self-pride and self-respect and dignity is Najib himself. Now he’s hiding behind the name of race, religion and Malay Kings?

How to defend Najib? He is nowhere near Lee Hsien Loong. And certainly, the thuggish Zahid cannot be compared to Uncle Tharman Shanmugaratnam.  Malays are led by incompetent leaders.

This is the problem with UMNO Malays. They walk around with the sense of entitlement. They must have this and that, as of right. Now, as I have always believed, a right is something you earned, worked for and fight for. Then you are entitled to fight for its conservation.

Otherwise, strictly on religious grounds, the whole Malay race is living on usury or riba. The simple definition of usury or riba is, it is unearned income. Hence living on unearned right is usurious!

The problem which is never explained by UMNO is why has the industry of Malays not been rewarded by just returns? The equally simple answer is, because UMNO have only carried out policies that benefited the top 5% of the Malays.

Again I repeat, UMNO have carried out policies that benefited the elite them. Now this elite is fiercely defending Najib.

Then UMNO explained away the unhappiness with the manufactured reason as to why the rest 95% did not get their dues- they have been robbed by others notably the Chinese. They did not explained, the rest of the Malays were robbed and continued to be robbed by the Malay political elite.

The condition wherein the Malays find themselves presently is not the 100% result of market forces. Market forces do result in water finding its own level as expressed in social arrangement and stratification, but these forces are also largely determined by government policies. The politics of the ruling class shaped the market forces as a result, caused the social stratification of the Malays.

The red shirt marchers better start thinking on this issue. Is their lot caused by others or by the policies of Najib’s government?

I was told for example, at the Dignity March of 169, Ibrahim Ali brought up the subject of Malay Reserve Land. How is DAP responsible for the diminution of Malay Reserve land?  2 minutes into his speech, this cerebrally challenged windbag contradicted himself. But by then, the emotionally worked up crowd didn’t give a damn.

The people responsible for the loss of Malay Reserve land are the UMNO governments. They allowed Malay Reserve land to be sold, developed, and alienated without demanding the equivalent value of land to be Malay Reserved.

I am surprised that the top leadership of the present UMNO gave their clandestine support for UMNO’s March for Dignity. It wasn’t Malay dignity they were fighting for. It was Najib’s UMNO and Najib’s own survival.

The stark reality is that UMNO has lost its own dignity because of Najib’s misconduct and abuse of power.

Malay dignity suffers a monstrosity of a loss when the UMNO Malay government they supported let them down.


FD 20 September 2015 at 01:32  

A very fine and clear explanation. But sadly even if their egos are bruised, they will never admit their wrong doings but will continue to blame others for their situation

bryan 20 September 2015 at 02:45  

All the talk about Malay dignity being challenged-just mulling , but what about the Chinese dignity then -or even Chinese DAP's dignity if they want to label it that ? b Afterall being branded with the soo undignified "babi"and "pendatang" certainly doesn't augur well for the chinese community's sense of dignity either.
So Ironic,the Red shirts are ostensibly defending own community's dignity by insulting and putting down the dignity of another community as if doing so will restore their claimed lost dignity but actually they seem to be the very ones that actually dragged down the very dignity they want restored--with their of course very undignified actions..

Anonymous,  20 September 2015 at 09:29  

Salam Dato,

I myself as a Malay can say that this Baju Merah people have no dignity at all. Yes, no dignity at all.


1. As a Muslim, they did not abide by the rules of Quran itself that said there is no difference between Arabs and Non-Arabs. The point is - No racist is allowed by Almighty God, Who have created various types of human races such as Malay, Whites, Blacks,..... and even Chinese whom Baju Merah always scream like hell from Tanjung Rambutan.

2. These group of Malay bigots, did not even care or even know about the person name Najib who had done so many things that don't reflect "Malay dignity".

3. These group of Malay bigots looks like the zombies screaming/crying with parang and they are the one who show attitude of chauvinist ... not DAP. I'm not a DAP member, but I think DAP leadership show more Quranic style of thinking rather than UMNO/PAS that almost deviate from Quranic principles hence full of racist remarks, their mouth full of "bodoh/bahlol,kafir/bangsat/haramjadah" that I think worst than the animal corpse full of "ulat". I like to hear DAP leadership style of speech with full of rational thinking, easy to understand, straightforward and strict on principles. How about MCA???? What Baju Merah say? Is MCA Chinese or Americans?

4. If Baju Merah talk about Malay dignity, do dare speak to Najib about vernacular school? Do they dare to instruct all big corporate such as Celcom, Airasia, MAS, Banks, Astro etc.... to change all their activities from English speaking/writing to only Bahasa Melayu? Do thay dare to instruct Najib to return back the Panda to communist China?

5. Sorry to say .... these Baju Merah are fools of themselves. Yes "kencing by Najib" as what serikandi from Langkawi (bumi Mahsuri) had said.

Anonymous,  20 September 2015 at 09:43  


Most of all, dignity is lost and gone when a brainless, morally depraved crowd had gone to town to claim ownership of corruption, and challenge to fight those who condemn these evil corrupt acts that at the end of the day would cause systemic damage to the Malay society.

The social status of the race is hijacked by a group headed by street urchins and small-time thugs that are fed by crumbs from the left over of the ill-gotten gains of grand corruption that is now world famous, reported all over the earth, condemned by global organizations including one from the United Nations.

Are Malays not ashamed by these?

delara 20 September 2015 at 10:45  

Dato Sak, it's exactly what my thought is and I believe the thought of the majority of sane, rational, just Malays on the subject of the 'red shirts rally' and their apparent agenda. But how to get the uneducated and uninformed malays to see this point of view when even my very own colleague who's an educated and I think a liberal Muslim also think that those Chinese that are so entrenched and have been indoctrinated in DAP principles and views are encroaching on Malay rights. I said the same things you mentioned here and I asked him who's actually stealing and taking from the malays? Suffice to say he could not give a satisfactory retort.

Anonymous,  20 September 2015 at 11:11  

Najib use Malay support to steal from the Malays, Chinese and Indians. The worst thing is supporting stealing and unjust acts are sins to be accounted for in the Hereafter.

Dear brothers, it is time to wake up.

Belin,  20 September 2015 at 12:36  

The dignity of the Malay have been trampled on when the chinese opposed the implementation of hudud. Despite the fact that the Malays agreed to allow them the freedom to practice their religion that comes with all the morbid rituals that comes with it. (a sight of horor to behold for the monotheistic Muslims community .
And to compare Najib to Lee Hsein Loong as if he is an outstanding statesman is outrageous. Lee Hsein Loong is just as corrupt as Najib. Please study the fact first. The Lee clans are no angels.

Anonymous,  20 September 2015 at 13:02  

Bryan Wong,

As much as I hate the Red Shirt rally for all the wrong reason/s, I also hated the fact that during the Yellow Shirts event faces of any individual/s for that matter be stepped upon! So lets talk dignity with an even mind.

To AK47, rightly said and justified despite wrongly perceived (for sure by the Bugis Camp). Mind you Najib professed he is a BOOGIES not a MALAY and had never been a proud malay, not before, not now nor later!

Anonymous,  20 September 2015 at 15:51  

"The Lee clans are no angels" ... says you 12.36. Najib's mother TP Rahah has relentless asked his son to step down (Inside info) but he refused. This is the work of that Fat Lady of Malaysia lah (flom) ever pushing her husband to stay on. More so with 35k (?) moronic Malays that has nothing better today than defending the thieving couple. Both are shameless human beings that I would equate to Robert and Grace Mugabe but at least the latter did not dissipate USD700 million into their coffers ! Malu, malu, malu.

Anonymous,  21 September 2015 at 07:05  

I'm a Chinese and replying to this Hudud issue. I do not oppose hudud out of disrespect for Islam but I have my reservations about the implementation. Implementation is by mere mortals who can make mistakes as we can see from the history of people who have been wrongly convicted. Would the people who put them there have the guts to admit their mistake and take them out? If God has given a person limbs, who are humans to take away the limbs of others as punishment? If it was done mistakenly, how do we make it up for a ruined life? Does the believer of hudud dare to punish a person in power or just the poor who have to steal food for survival? Why hasn't Umno done it, they have been in power and have done so many things that are rotten after all. I have many Malay friends and I'm sorry, really, I cannot find the courage to support something that can affect their lives adversely if they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. If the Malays really had wanted to implement hudud, don't ask us for support, it's your religion not ours. You may find our rituals morbid, we also find killing cows morbid as well as cutting limbs off people. Please don't use Hudud issue to demonize us. Ask if all your fellow Muslim agree to it in the first place. Have a nice day.

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