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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 1 September 2015

The March of the Yellow Shirted and Shallow Minded People

The organisers of Bersih 4 event say 500,000 people participated in the March for Democracy. The exact number is no longer important as everyone could see it was a sea of humanity.
It causes fear in Our Dear Leader Kim Il Najib. 500,000 marchers are dismissed as shallow minded people. The brash and uncouth daughter of the unpolished DPM described the 500, 000 marchers as stupid people. They must be so in her mind as only stupid people can carry out stupid protests.
We salute the right-thinking Malaysians who took part in Bersih 4. Bersih 4 was truly an historic event. Many Malaysians came. All races are represented in the March towards more democracy.
In an earlier article, I gave an exaggerated number simply to emphasize the ridiculous number of 20,000 given by the PM. Yet none disputed and assailed the PM. He lied about the number like he lied comfortably about the systematic villainy he unleashed on the people of Malaysia.
You the wretched of the  earth, the paraplegic, the crutch users, those on wheel chairs and the hundreds of thousands of able bodied Malaysians, but possessed of sound mind, have shown true grit. All are united in the resolve to dismiss Najib and his entire cabinet of arrogant incompetents.
Our country has been severely damaged by this man and his ministers that the only fair and just recompense to us, is his eviction from office.
Bersih took place just as we are about to celebrate Merdeka. But has anyone noticed the mood around? The Malaysian Flags are noticeably less displayed.
Are our citizens behaving unpatriotic?
People are not behaving unpatriotic. They are just not in the mood to celebrate merdeka under a climate of economic calamity, under the rule of the tyrannical status quo, under the threats of bully boys using the legitimate coercive forces, under the yoke of continued and systematic villainy.
And people want to defy and rebel against Najib tun Razak who has proven to be the most detested and despised of all Malaysian PMs.
Even Dr Mahathir who has been described as super pharaoh in the past was well received.
Why is it that attendance at UMNO sponsored events is always inflated 20 times over while attendance at not for government events is always reduced to 20%?  Because the government of the day does not dare face the truth.
We must not forget the other Bersih Rallies in 70 cities around the world. They raised awareness around the word. The whole world sees Najib Tun Razak as who he really is. He is the Cash is King Man. Have cash will buy loyalty.  
And so his loyal sycophants and brown nosing underlings condemned the biggest gathering of pro more democracy in Malaysia. Some ministers pooh-poohed the gathering. Petty traders complained although I saw business at the Pasar Seni was brisk. Those selling drinks made a lot of business. Those selling t shirts also made a roaring business. The petty traders outside of the Bersih March orbit of course cannot enjoy the business spill overs. But a seller of t shirts in Ampang sold more than 70,000 t shirts at RM20 each
Najib has trivialised the March by Malaysians. He says these people are shallow minded. That is the grossest understatement.
Shallow minded people will ignore the falling Ringgit. Our traditional exports have become terribly inexpensive. We have to sell more just to get the usual revenue.
Our intermediate economy is becoming uncompetitive. We are importers of industrial inputs used in production of exports. The expensive imports caused exports to become less competitive against exporters producing own inputs.
The cost of foodstuffs of which 70% is imported impose terrible pain on people. Shallow minded people will dismiss this.
Shallow minded people will forgive Najib for the 1MDB cash embezzlement scam. Shallow minded people will not mind the serpentine explanation given by 1MDB people. Shallow minded people will also not mind the dumb, dumber and dumbest explanation about the RM2.6 billion donation Najib got.
Shallow minded people will not mind the corruption by Najib and his ministers. Shallow minded people will tolerate bullying and subject themselves happily under the yoke of systematic wickedness.
He did not mind when these shallow minded people voted for him. He did not care when these bangangs, these disconsolate poor or papa kedana, these bangsats, nincompoops voted for him.
These shallow minded people have banded to express the collective resolve by Malaysians to see Najib dismissed as PM.


Anonymous,  1 September 2015 at 12:21  

I am a BN supporter and I think I will be a BN supporter till the day I die. BUT I want Najib to get lost. He is the worst leader the country ever had. Even worse than Anwar who can lie with a straight face. He is a thief and I hope we can boo him and his family out of the country. Let them live as fugitives like Thaksin.

Unknown 1 September 2015 at 12:51  

So we are shallow-minded and "bangsats", but patriotism was very well the displayed, unlike those self-styled driving around with the Patriot number plates sycophants.
Racial makeup became contentious during and after the rally. But aren't all the participants Malaysians?
But UMNO BARU had to play the race card in desperation. UMNO BARU just has to split, divide and sow that seed of racial distrust!
Many Chinese participants acknowledged Malay participation.
Maybe UMNO BARU statisticians only looked at a biased small sample out of their 20,000 estimate?
We should all remain Malaysians and ultimately send the entire lying Cabinet to be rested at the DYMM YDP Agong's pleasure in the Bamboo River Inn.
Good luck to the Opposition at the GE14!!!
Let's get Malaysia going again!

Anonymous,  1 September 2015 at 20:57  

Do not hope for GE14, because they will cheat & bribe desperately.

I hope that the no-confidence vote is being put together in a systematic and disciplined manner.

Article 40 of the FC is instructive:

It gives the YDPA the DISCRETION to choose a PM and to REFUSE to dissolve Parliament.

That is very key, indeed.

Hence, get your numbers and paperwork in order (yes, it must be via SDs because something kurang Mulia will block all efforts in the chamber.)

Be very sure of numbers, and that the Bugis Billions will not buy back support.

If Dr M is willing to help, if UMNO leaders of the past will help, then it can still go through, even if PAS play fast and loose.

I hope that the no-confidence vote is being put together in a systematic and disciplined manner.

Rather than a doomed and futile effort, it must be executed with flawless precision.

Good luck.

Anonymous,  1 September 2015 at 21:35  

I read Zam's writing about BERSIH 4 being a slap for the Malays by the Chinese. It really, truly hurts because no one know how many of which races would be turning up till that day. I'm sure you know the Chinese are people who value their time, we prefer to make money rather then go onto the streets. But the current economic situation is so very worrying and our PM and his 'subjects' can actually twist a wrongdoing into a 'What's wrong with YOU??' instead of apologising, stepping down, rectifying it. We are Malaysians, therefore these sticky-handed leaders are not required to hara-kiri or hang themselves but please, don't belittle the rakyats and please, do not place the blame on the Chinese. I hope our Malay fellow rakyats do really understand, it's not the Chinese slapping you, it's just us trying to do our part for this homeland. We couldn't care less who the cabinet ministers are so long as they are intelligent good leaders with integrity, is it too much to ask? We Chinese too, have nowhere to go, not everyone wants to migrate or go to China.

Anonymous,  1 September 2015 at 22:23  

between najib and dap obviously dap is worse. dap is waiting to plunder this country left right and centre. it is using every available stupid malay for its ends. najib wont be around long. but hand over this country to dap and the malays are finished forever. sorry dap. we know whats up your sleeves.

Anonymous,  2 September 2015 at 02:41  

"Alternatively, he added, the 47 BN MPs in Borneo should come together and ensure that at least 15 of them are part of the 30 BN MPs the Opposition wants to support the no confidence motion in Parliament. “It would be more feasible, for obvious reasons, for Upko and PBRS in Sabah and PRS and SPDP in Sarawak to take the lead to ensure that 15 Borneo MPs form part of the 30 BN MPs required by the Opposition for the no confidence motion.”

“The 10 Opposition MPs in BN can be expected to vote with the other Opposition MPs in the peninsula on the motion.”

Like I say, I hope this no-confidence vote is being done with precision.

The thing least likely to work is for any Opposition MP to raise it actually in Parliament.

It will not be allowed.

Firestone 2 September 2015 at 02:44  

Dato Sak, AZOPT is an eye-drop for glaucoma and this eye-drop is not dispensed by government clinics / dispensaries. It was RM74 last year per bottle which is just an inch tall and has a diameter slightly the size of a 20 sen coin... it is normally used up in 2 months.

This year in August the retail price per bottle was RM94.60 including GST and the appreciation of the USD....

Many old folks living on pensions with glaucoma will suffer this hit in price increase...

Anonymous,  2 September 2015 at 07:46  

Really, 1 September 2015 at 22:23? Or you are looking through the same bigoted spectacles that has allowed umno to plunder the national by the billions already and yet vote them back into power to plunder billions more in their so-called 'struggle' for the Malays. And as a result, by virtue of being the ones leading the country, drag everyone else into the mud. After 58 years, the rural Malays are still struggling and you still think it's ok? Do wise up and have a mind of your own, see the reality as it is, not with prejudice.

Anonymous,  2 September 2015 at 09:19  

@anon 1 September 2015 at 22:23
You haven't read the facts and figures coming out the DAP run Penang government, or just can't understand them. Even boy Scouts understand them. Try harder and you will succeed.

Get real not unreal, stick your head out of the sand and smell the fresh air of Selangor and Penang.

Anonymous,  2 September 2015 at 09:44  

1 September 2015 at 21:35:
I suggest you continue to read the racist Zam and Utusan since you prefer to read fairy tales and twisted gory stuff and leave SAKMONGKOL AK47 to the rest of us. Pray tell us which states under the BN is performing better than an opposition state like Penang or Selangor? And don't forget the BN has more than 50 years to achieve what an opposition state did in less than two terms.

walla 2 September 2015 at 11:26  

By way of comment on firestone's post, govt clinics dispense Timolol maleate 0.5% which according to reviews such as ( effective as a carbonic anhydrase blocker to reduce glaucomic pressure. It retails at rm7.20, and is administered one drop a day, followed by Latandrops 0.005% w/v one drop a night (

Anonymous,  2 September 2015 at 14:22  

By the way,Anon @ 1 September 2015 at 22:23, Selangor had 2 Malay MBs since PR took over. Perak would have had Nizar if BN had not played dirty with PR's shameful turncoats. Perak was taken over by whatzisname who rode in an ordinary bus overhauled for a lot of money with our Mr Sticky-fingers PM. My friends in Perak cursed that day and today Perak still standing. Standing still that is. I am a Selangorian who have been through inept BN MBs, one who even had the cruelty to present brooms to staff. Are those your icons? Then pity you.....

Anonymous,  2 September 2015 at 14:47  

umno is bad. but dap will be worse if it gets putrajaya.

Anonymous,  2 September 2015 at 20:22  

Anon @ 2 September 2015 at 14:47 - DAP, if ever in Putrajaya, will be in PR. ANYWZY, Malay majority sill ensure they won't. umno isn't bad, they are proven the scum at the bottom of the pool already. Wake up silly..

Anonymous,  2 September 2015 at 20:46  

umno is bad. but dap will be worse if it gets putrajaya.

But Uncle Apek Tua Lim will not come up with 6 conflicting explanations if he ever gets 2.6 billion in his account.

Only umno has enough stupid people to pull that off.

Anonymous,  2 September 2015 at 22:12  

Say all you want, all i want to see is dap burn to the ground along with its goons pkr and ghb err... g18 err... pasma errr... or whatever. Then only go to war with BN.

Anonymous,  2 September 2015 at 23:27  

Thanks for running this site to permit views and dialogue.
Let's have concrete and positive comments about what CAN be done to rebalance our world, our country.
Fist-fighting can take place elsewhere. Agree?

Anonymous,  3 September 2015 at 09:03  

Anon 2 September 2015 at 22:12

'burn to the ground...'? No way because they will continue to give you and your frightened friends more nightmares so that more worms come out from the ground. The most famous deworming agent Tun Mahathir, at 90, is work at half throttle.

Full throttle, habis cerita!

Anonymous,  3 September 2015 at 21:50  

Those that are still on the fence on N/UMNO should wake up and make up their mind right now. Those that are already in N's camp are the cari makan type, we can't hope for anything other than them consolidating their positions. These fence sitters should realise by now how easy it is to destroy a country. Resources are finite and this can not continue.
This morning I read the news on the refugees streaming into Europe and it really is heartbreaking . The little boy who drowned with his brother on the way to a better life in Europe. That picture on the beach with the police cradling the drowned boy really sums it up. This could be our children. The Arab countries are just folding their arms and watch. They would call each other brothers but their inaction speaks loudly. They are more interested in fighting and would have time to kill each other instead of helping. I am really expecting too much. They can’t even agree on the oil prices between themselves which in this case has directly affected our revenue.
In Europe, you have the Tories/Brits worrying whether admitting the refugees will set themselves up to terrorism later on or at least become a hotbed for radicalisation in local mosques. The EU nations are fighting over who should take on the mounting refugees. Would Malaysia come to this? I don’t know although I am reserving my judgement now, since there are scores of Arabs/Pakistanis in Malaysia. You now have the gangster wanting to admit 1.5m(imagine letting in 1.5m people) workers from Bangladesh and where does all this haphazard planning/plaster sticking lead us. Possibly the rich would get richer and the poor poorer and everyone else in the middle can eff off.
We all, except for the BN bunch, know what we need. Right now we are like MAS before hiring the mat salleh, ailing and not knowing our direction. We can forget about the current crop of BN ministers. Think about it, all this time N has managed to hold on to power and has done it with only a bunch of incompetent ministers/clowns. Yes we can all thank the UMNO chaps for that. Me I am just worried that Malaysia has gone past the point of no return without realising it. JC

Firestone 4 September 2015 at 01:25  

Thanks Walla for the info on TIMOLOL and LATANDROPS... I will refer this to the doctor who prescribed AZOPT to me and check if this compatible coz its only costing about 10%... Terima Kasih

Anonymous,  4 September 2015 at 13:54  

Everything is academic, unless something is done.

He cannot be shamed into stepping down. He has no shame. Economy dying? He doesn’t care. Reputation of Malaysia dying? He doesn’t care.

Soon, even the space for Malaysians to dissent online will be closed tight. That will happen in 2-3 months from now.

So we can rant all we want, but the country still dies.

Just focus. The penjilat lanun now suddenly say, that Malaysia cannot have a no-confidence vote in Parliament.

The law says otherwise.

So Tun has some work to do when he gets back.

That work will involve repairing some past relationships. And getting a rather reluctant replacement PM to also suffer just 2 more years of national service. And yes, the Oppo will need to come in, as will East Malaysia.

The change CANNOT come from within Umno. By 2018, any challengers will be buried anyway. So forget about that. The change CANNOT come from within Umno.

But Umno can be part of the change.

Time is running out, so not point ranting.

In a few months, we will not even be able to rant.

The time is for less talk, more action.

Unknown 5 September 2015 at 01:30  

Your "mind" is not your own?
58 years and still struggling? You have to think that something is really wrong somewhere. With all that financial resources over the years and the clout that heavy-hands everyone, and still claiming unfinished struggling? When will the "struggle" actually end? I'm already getting old, and the same story will likely be told over and over until my children themselves become old?
Just who are really doing the struggling? Certainly no one in UMNO BARU is!
The ones that have been struggling these past 58 years are the rural Malays, the 'New' Village Chinese and the Indians scratching a livelihood in the rubber estates!
No one in UMNO BARU is doing any struggling, fact!

Unknown 5 September 2015 at 01:32  

Point is which suits the patient's condition better?

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