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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 12 September 2015

Bersih 4 was a Treasonous Rebellion by non-Malays againts an UMNO-Malay led Government.

That is the narrative Najib and UMNO wants told and retold by the chattering crowd. It is not true. 
How does he do it? By controlling public vocabulary. A peaceful protest becomes a treasonous rebellion. The march by Malaysians becomes a racial protest. The march by the moral 500,000 was a march of the shallow minded. 
The clincher? Malays are threatened and are under siege.
Malay pride is hurt.

Beware of the control over public vocabulary. No one’s pride is hurt. The Malay durian farmer I met in Kampong Tamalian in Raub, did not have his pride hurt; he just wanted to know whether the agricultural department will send fertiliser or whether there is subsidy being given. He is wondering why the FAMA officer has never been in his village and others.

Nor was he bothered about the hurt caused to Malays, his Kings and his religion. He knows these are only fanciful thinking among the political tricksters and charlatans.

All he wanted is that corrupt people get their punishment, those involved in murder go to jail, those who stole money must be made to return them, and the liars stop making pious statements.

These were the voices that were spoken of at the Bersih 4 Rally.

The Bersih Rally was not intended to hurt anyone’s pride. Its intention was to make the public aware of Najib and his government’s duplicity and misconduct.

It wants to make people aware Najib cheated to win in the elections. Najib has told some people (always of course with the retracted claw in foot request for confidentiality) that he spent more than RM3 billion to win the GE13. 
A former finance minister told me, more than RM3 billion was spent. Najib bought himself power.

After spending the money on whatever, the BN Goliath won only 47% of the popular votes. BN won on technical points. The moral victory belonged to us, the opposition.

The fraudulent narrative is dangerous. Made worse because Malays prefer to live in mental servitude. They listened, follow and submit to the story told by self-appointed guardians of the Malay soul.

The public and citizens must be aware of the control over public vocabulary which the UMNO led government exercises. Our PM lied when he said the age of big government is over. You will remember when he became PM in 2009, he said the age of government knows best is over.

Instead his government has become even more intrusive and big-brotherly. His government is forcing all of us to accept its deceit, manipulation and duplicity.

So the Malay public especially, is told by the main character of the Himpunan Maruah Melayu, that Malay pride has been severely injured. 
DAP is once again used as the bogeyman. It is responsible for monstrously masterminding the protest of Bersih 4.

We might as well accept the storyline that Bersih 4 is a treasonous rebellion against the UMNO Malay led government. By the non-Malays of course. Who else? 
I hope non Maay readers reading this article remember not to vote UMNO and BN candidates in the next election. 

How is Malay pride injured? It is injured because the number of non-Malays was bigger than the number of Malays at the Bersih 4 event. That is taken as a protest by non-Malays against a Malay UMNO led government.

Then some over exuberant participants stepped on the posters of Najib and Hj hadi. That was taken as insulting the Malay and the symbol of Islamic politics.

The bersih rally wore yellow t shirts. Also another wrong. That was taken as disrespecting Malay rulers as the yellow colour is deemed royal colours.

So there you are- Malay pride is hurt and the Malays insulted because the non-Malays were more than Malays at the event, Hadi’s and Najib’s picture was stepped on, and the yellow t shirts shouldn’t be yellow in the first place.

500,000 people converged on the capital. They vented out their disillusionment, disappointment and anger at Najjb Tun Razak. It was purely a voluntary event. Those with the time and means came from all over the country.

There is a simple explanation as to why Malays were less in number. They had the time. They just didn’t want to spend their meagre means on the event. The government has stolen from them.

Malays all over the country share the anger, frustrations at Najib and his government.  They are shocked to hear the PM said, lucky we have GST to compensate for falling revenue.

Hello, brother- the idea behind GST was to redistribute wealth not fund the ordinary operations of government. That is financed by normal taxation. Najib has abused GST.

People are angry at many things. Corruption. 1MDB, cost of living, government incompetence. They are also angry at the lack of parliamentary reforms. They complained bitterly about dirty elections.

The majority of the participants were non Malays. Hence Malays felt insulted because they were not accorded the customary 30% equity.

The symbol of Malay pride is the bogus Bugis warrior Najib Tun Razak. His poster was stomped by some people at the event. That act represents a clear insult on Malay pride. That is the story being told repeatedly at the chattering mamak stalls.

Allow me to explain when is Malay pride hurt.

Malay pride is hurt when their representative caused 1MDB to potentially lose billions of money. Malay pride is hurt when its representative caused and authorised more than USD1 billion to be transferred into an account owed by the natural nemesis of UMNO Malays- a Chinese. 
Malay pride ought to be hurt most when donations went into the personal account of the UMNO president. UMNO the party is so untrustworthy. 
Malay pride is hurt when the Malay PM is the subject of police reports all over the world. Is a criminal on the run managing the country? 
Why is Malay pride not injured by that? 


Anonymous,  12 September 2015 at 09:34  

Dato, syabas on your article!

It is very telling that UMNO and the UMNO-Malay led govt is so envious of DAP and so desirous of the qualities of the leadership and governance of this oppo party that any which way they turn, they must try to bring down DAP to their level of low standards (call it standards if one wishes to give them some measure of face).
DAP does not need to promote itself now, UMNO and its cronies are doing it for them and by throwing up the stark differences between the two, they unwittingly help to grow DAP.
If they say DAP is black, we know it is white, if they say DAP is insincere, we know it is sincere.

By the same measure Bersih has grown in stature and respectability. All the brickbats they throw at Bersih have rebounded and turned into "shit" in their own faces. How not to, when these dunggus in the govt have tin kosong up there where grey matter is supposed to be. This red rally is one latest prime example.

Anonymous,  12 September 2015 at 09:46  


The core objective of Bersih 4 was to demonstrate against one(1) Malay leader infamously known throughout planet earth to be involved in grand corruption. How this action can hurt the Malay pride is beyond a normal thinking person's mind, unless,

(I) the single Malay leader represent the whole Malay race,
(2) that grand corruption is part of the DNA of the Malay race,

Therefore going against corruption is akin to be against the Malays. Hence, it calls for a massive Red Shirt demon to counter those who oppose corruption so as to restore the dignity of the Malays.

What a warped mind this Red Shirt persona has.

dukuhead 12 September 2015 at 09:54  

some people are urging the authorities to ban the red shirt rally as there are posters inciting violence. but really if we deny them their freedom to assemble in the same manner as the government had denied us our freedom, well then we aren't any better than them. So let the red shirts have their counter-rally. if they can muster a crowd of 100,000 even, i'd be much surprised.

Anonymous,  12 September 2015 at 09:58  

All the Malay readers,


1) You are being cheated by your own people
2) The land belongs to all of us, but you are cheated to think that it belongs to you
3) We are all citizens of Malaysia, but we are cheated by UMNO to believe we are second class citizens
4) The Govt if filled by all Malays - from Minister to clerk to gardener, yet you are cheated to believe that your power is under threat
5) The Govt helps Malays in business, in Amanah Bumiputera funds but cheats all the Malays by stealing billions from the country
6) Malays, you are a race that is easily gullible that you deserved to be cheated.

Melayu semua, bangun, jangan jadi bangsa yang menzalim atau di zalimi. Jadilah bangsa yang di sanjung. Melayu tak ada sejarah selama ini, Hang Tuah etc semua orang cina, kegemilangan Sultan Melaka berasal dari Hindu India,,,, patutlah bila Melayu dapat kuasa tak tau macam mana nak handle itu kuasa. Ingat nak songlap saja. You cannnot kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

1KangKongLand 12 September 2015 at 12:10  

Can't imaging what will happen if a non Malay go round the world lodging police reports against the Bugis pirate?

Anonymous,  12 September 2015 at 13:44  

A no-confidence vote becomes a coup. A Bersih gathering becomes a racial spin. A grand theft becomes a donation. Bullying of opposition lawmakers and intellectuals becomes the best democracy in the world. These are the nonsensical spin by Najib and his gang.

Next, we have a lot of unprincipled people who will do anything (incl comical and shameful things) for money and position.

In the end and true to form, they will always use the ever effective racial card to get support.

Lastly, PAS (a so-called Islamic party), judging from their behaviour is not Islamic after all. How can PAS ever willing to work for a party who steals, do lots of unjust things and tell tons of lies?

Anonymous,  12 September 2015 at 13:59  

Moron don't have pride. Just abusing their power to clean their dirty face from shame.

Anonymous,  12 September 2015 at 18:22  

The Labour Party in UK got rid of Clause 4 in their constitution : communal ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange. But in many Third World Countries leaders are hanging on to economic system to remain in power for ever. For a viable system the government must create an environment in which the individual can be the best he wants to be. At the same time do not forget the bottom half. They must be helped to stand on their feet and contribute to the development of the state. The Eastern European System and the Socialist system have failed to deliver and like what the Labour Party had don during the era of Mr. Blair Third World Countries must move away from such a system to promote sustainable development.

Unknown 12 September 2015 at 20:58  

Come october..budget day..parliment re open.myb or myb of no confident or budget failed to get majority vote..wat happen then..
Who is finance minister
Who n wat is zahid..
Who n wat is hisyam...
Before that..... all transfered....
Latest no 2 longest served in special branch ..he who knows every movement of vips..he who knew almost everything ..all in the diaries ..the best inteligence unit in 1 changed earlier
Every senior in strategic agencies r new guys..xcept bnm
16sept..massive rally in lowyat n petaling street bznz centres..
He is his mem
With all the new guys holding power..
Too many issues..1mdb..2.6b...latest aljazera vid....
How to maintain his n her p===r...any guess..clues....tun razak was once there.nauzubillah...sory..language bad but sounds the same..ok lah kan..janji faham.

Anonymous,  13 September 2015 at 19:29  

i really would like to know how can you cheat in the elections? to me the process is very tight and transparent from the voting to the counting. before or after i dont want to know. you are a member of parliament. please enlighten me.

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