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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

PAS Risks Implosion because of Khalid Ibrahim

Seems to me, Anwar Ibrahim has his hands full with Khalid Ibrahim’s obstinacy. Khalid has shown defiance to PKR. Thus far PKR has been treating him with political circumspect and more or less respectfully in view of his stature as MB.
It is Khalid’ conduct that is forcing the hands of PKR to wash its dirty laundry in public. There appears to be no one in PKR who can counsel Khalid on the proper political conduct. That is an impossible task given the nature of Khalid’s own constitution- what can others do, if Khalid thinks he is numero uno even eclipsing Anwar Ibrahim?
It is already an embarrassment to PKR when Khalid decided to seek guidance from PAS. This simply shows that Khalid hasn’t got anyone in the leadership of PKR to whom he can share his sad story. Khalid is isolated. PAS has failed to direct itself to read the situation.
He has to take political refuge with a party composed of men of God. By doing that, isn’t Khalid sending signals to all and sundry that PKR is a party that is not morally fit to pass judgment on him?  He stabs the party already. Khalid typifies the Malay description of the arrogant idiot/bodoh sombong- too clever to be followed, too stupid to be taught.
This should have been a simple internal case of PKR. PAS is bearing the negative consequences because it violates a very basic rule that governs relationship among friends- trust. If PAS cannot trust its partners, it should leave Pakatan.Either PAS does not trust PKR or Hadi does not trust Anwar Ibrahim.
PAS ought to have given trust to PKR believing that PKR is doing what is best for PR’s political agenda. As a result after its meeting this 10th of August, PAS could see itself divided into two camps.
Now, why should PAS risks implosion because of Khalid Ibrahim? PAS is not politically adroit. Its leaders do not have the political skill-sets.
PAS is trapped in some political moves not of their doing. Being the busy body, it has trapped itself because of some petty thinking on the part of its leaders. As a political leader, Haji Hadi has only shown himself to be less able.  He has allowed himself to be misdirected in this issue- believing that that the removal of Khalid has not been endorsed by formal meetings. I am told that no less that 15 meetings were held supporting the removal of Khalid as MB. Khalid feigned ignorance simply because he hasn’t attended many of the meetings held by PKR’s political bureau.
Haji Hadi misinformed Tok  Guri Nik Aziz on the process that took place to remove Khalid Ibrahim.
This is not a trivial matter- the removal of a sitting MB who is a member of a particular political party cannot be executed at the spur of the movement. It must have been subjected to some serious and intense deliberations on the part of PKR. PAS ought to have imputed some form of process and steps that must have been taken by PKR leading to its eventual announcement that Khalid is to be replaced. Khalid’s replacement is not the result of some people’s wet dreams.
Let’s be clear here. We are not talking about the leading luminaries of PAS in their religious capacities. We are talking about their political dexterity.
Suppose now UMNO moves a motion in the Selangor state assembly in support of Khalid Ibrahim staying on as MB. How will PAS vote? Will they vote along with UMNO therefore revealing that all the time, PAS covets working with UMNO? If they do, they will lose credibility among their loyal supporters.
How will PAS vote if such a motion were to be moved? If I were UMNO I will do this move just to kill off PAS. Remember UMNO’s agenda is to install itself as the sole voice of the Malays. PAS is their competitor in areas.
PKR has an option. Expel Khalid from PKR. Then he becomes an independent. Let’s see what he does. Since Khalid does not command any majority in the Selangor Assembly, he will be forced to resign. The fact that PKR has not sacked Khalid, should be taken by Khalid if he has any sense of propriety, that PKR is exercising political temperance.
Will he align himself with UMNO and then persuade PAS to go along? UMNO would love that. Once again, PAS is trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea. Once again PAS shows lack of political dexterity.
Khalid Ibrahim will not wilfully join UMNO. The man has no political ambitions. If he does join UMNO, that will only confirm the suspicions that he is a closet UMNO man. He will lose legitimacy and credibility and whatever sense of loyalty that he has accumulated this far, will disappear.
Khalid Ibrahim can of course go before the Sultan to ask for dissolution of the assembly. This means he has no love for the party that nominated him to become MB. He is willing to destroy everything.
If Selangor holds a snap election, does PAS think they can win back all 15 seats? If they work together with UMNO, will UMNO concede 15 seats? UMNO will want to contest in the very areas that PAS won.
UMNO will then realise, that in Selangor, PAS made inroads only because they were part of PR. Once the alliance is broken, PAS will be the most vulnerable.  UMNO will work overtime to ensure PAS wins no more than 5 seats. When that happens, UMNO emerges to claim, it is the sole voice for the Malays.
Khalid Ibrahim will be a main contributor to the resurgence of UMNO in Selangor.Hidup Khalid, Hidup UMNO.


Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 07:24  

The problem is not Khalid..He is a principled man with no baggage attached to him. He can soundly fall asleep without worry of the so called internal politicking or worry SPRM is closing on him.

Like a grand chess master, he played his moves well. He build bridges with PAS and also UMNO and he got the support from the istana and he got full support from the rakyat. Saifuddiin latest move has already been checkmated by him.What next?

Sungai Buloh is coming for the dear leader and there is not much option left for PKR.Interesting times.

Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 08:18  

Some impurities, lacks of skills in application of principles and bad influences infiltrate into the party as greediness of a few stole heart with lack of verification took oppotunity to misdirect the principles the party holds.

Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 09:20  

The only reason why PAS would want to get involve here is because they want the MB position in Selangor. They will give up Khalid if Pakatan agrees to an MB from PAS.

PAS is not being stupid here. They are playing their partners.

Unknown 5 August 2014 at 09:39  

That what i loves about sakmongkol ak47...getting brutal everyday..thank you

Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 09:51  

Very intellectual analysis, Dato.

His children must be really ashamed of Khalid as their father.
This Khalid has no maruah.
As for PAS, I doubt the moderates will stand up against Hadi and the clerics. They will sink with the party.
Hadi forgets he is a politicians.

Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 12:15  

Yang you from DAPig dok bising bising pulak apasal ni.On your bike off

KoSong Cafe 5 August 2014 at 13:11  

Even when Khalid was a PKR candidate in Ijok, he ended his campaign speech with '... undilah..Barisan Nasional.' It would seem like a Freudian slip now.

Pok Li,  5 August 2014 at 13:25  

Behind a successful man is a woman. So they say. Which means behind the downfall of a man is also a woman. Whilst Khalid has shown to us that he is a recalcitrant, I believe his downfall has been due to the ill-advice he's been getting from his equally recalcitrant lady adviser Faekah. She seems to be acting as if Selangor belongs to Khalid and her. Both of them are bodoh sombong. SAK, I'm waiting for you to respond to Faekah's recent attacks on you.

If PAS does not trust PKR or Hadi does not trust Anwar, that has to be made known openly with justification. Afterall, that is the basic quality an Islamic organisation should practise, instead of being gunting dalam lipatan which tantamount to being munafik.

Its time for the progressives in PAS to take over the helm of the party if PAS want to go far. The conservatives must be realistic enough to realise that to govern a state or country, ability has to be beyond their knowlege on fiqh and preaching halal/haram. They must be able to understand economics and how to make things happen. Hadi must accept the fact that under his leadership, Terengganu and Kedah could only become one-term government.

Selangor PAS should not syok sendiri thinking that they won the 15 state seats purely because of their strength. I agree that on their own, PAS will not win more than 5 seats. they will be back to where they used to be prior to 2008.

PAS should be focusing on the states that they are strong ie Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah and Perlis and show us their ability to govern based on whatever concept that they are championing. Losing Terengganu and Kedah after one term just go to show that the rakyat are not convinced with PAS' ability.

My worry is even Kelantan could fall back to UMNO/BN come GE14. The state government post TG Nik Aziz seems to be weak with nothing concrete coming from them thus far.

Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 13:31  

"Interesting times."


One murder,two MAS planes down, plenty of leakages and outright thefts.

Also sad times.

Emer 5 August 2014 at 13:35  

Selepas lebih 6 tahun bersama dalam perikatan longgar Pakatan Rakyat, pemimpin PAS dan PKR telah memperlihatkan kepada umum keupayaan sebenar mereka. Budaya penyalahgunaan kuasa dan hak bersuara, sindrom penafian dan bermuka-muka, salah menyalahi dan membuka aib, tinggi diri dan bodoh sombong, berqabilah dan perkauman kian berleluasa. Perlakuan mereka tidak jauh beda dengan pemimpin BN yang mereka cemuh dan musuhi saban hari. Guru kencing berdiri murid kencing berlari. Mereka lah punca jemaah tidak berdisiplin. Inilah petanda kelemahan pucuk pimpinan. Ketua-ketua yang ada sibuk mempertahankan matlamat peribadi dari matlamat jemaah. Tidak kira apa jua latar belakang, sebahagian mereka ini sudah lupa mereka diamanahkan ke jawatan kerana janji-janji mereka terdahulu, dan bukanlah kelebihan yang ada pada mereka. Sedih melihatkan bagaimana parti yang ditubuhkan atas dasar dan matlamat yang suci dan didokong oleh mereka-merek yang jujur iqlas dalam perjuangan telah dikhianati oleh mereka-mereka yang tidak sadar di untung. Lebih menyedihkan, ketua-ketua pemimpin yang lemah lagi sombong tersebut hanya mengimpikan habuan besar. Jika pemimpin DAP juga bermain rentak yang sama, maka rakyat Malaysia tidak lagi punyai pilihan alternatif kepada BN. Lantas kita perlukan 'Kuasa Ketiga'.

Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 13:52  

To: Anonymous5 August 2014 12:15

How your parents bring you up???

Put your arguments not stupid name calling!

Datuk is a blogger for years! Don't you know that??? He can write any topic he likes!!!!!

By the way....he was voted as MP by majority of Malays in Raub!!!

Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 14:18  

Si Tongkol dan Tuan nya, Lim sedang menggeletar sekarang.... Apa lagi Si Tongkol penulis upahan murahan mula lah jalankan arahan Tuan nya agar Khalid di buang dengan menulis benda merapu dan tak masuk akal. Padan muka!!!

Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 16:35  

Umno filthy sewer like this one are proud of charging their own kind with trumped out charges of sodomy twice in 10 years ( and by the way only two cases since independence and on one man, you decide genuine or not?) will say and do any thing in the way of the Satan . Best they are buried in the sewers of Pantai.

Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 16:38  

If PAS has principles and common sense, they would not have supported Khalid in this issue.

How can PAS, a so-called Islamic party support an unjust act by a man who treats the MB position as his personal property and defying his own party's instructions?

Basically, PAS is a political novice who know nothing about the meaning of "politics". It is therefore not surprising that their decision making and actions are basically anti-politics in nature. Take for example their hudud proposal which kills off their hard earned and newly acquired non-Muslim support.

The hudud and this MB issue has put themselves into UMNO's chopping block.

Lastly, they are not only a political novice but they are also blind and a big fool. How can an Islamic party work with a haram party like UMNO? Don't they know it is sinful to do so?

Cannot think and do not want to think.

Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 16:50  

Excellent read for PAS and if pas leaders don't think this is the case, pas is confirmed to have to have decided to sleep with umno Inspite of what all they and Nik Aziz have been saying of umno the Syiatan. Pas has decided even to cheat their own members and the millions of non Malays/ non Muslims who voted for pas MPs and ADUNs throughout the country, failing which pas would have been or maybe not too)

Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 17:37  

Memang perangai Khalid xde nk dengar ckp org lain dr masa kerja lagi...

Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 18:30  

Sad to say, when power goes to the head...self delusions are at work ! Started off as a principled man, the ending is bringing ridicule to himself, colleagues and party. That happens when one has almost absolute power. We are living in a democracy. When you have lost the trust and support, it's time to leave. President Nixon resigned. Accept this and resign the MB post. If you think you have the rakyat support, you can give up your constituency and contest as an independent. You are hurting yourself first, and secondly to the party that gave you your 6yrs+ as MB. Isnt't that enough?

Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 18:35  

Khalid listened too much to his aides and (ill)legal advisors who have so much stakes in him continuing as MB; peope like Hadi's son-in-law, Raja Idris/Petra and Faekah.

Hadi on the other hand is politically naïve. He puts the whole Pas corganizaation in political jeorpardy just because of Khalid. To him Khalid is more relevant and important to him than Pas. Hadi just can't see that Pas had made inroads in the GE12 and 13 because of non-malay support. Pas's slogan should be changed to ' Khalid for All'.

Khalid would have gained the respect of most people if he had willingly agrees to resign given his commendable track record during his 1st term as MB. I'm sure PKR would have find a suitable post in Selangor to tap his corporate experience.

Changing MB is a normal political exercise done by most party's in power. It is to give other leaders the chance to helm the State.

Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 18:41  

Dato, you are correct as always.
It is PAS that will implode, and not PKR or DAP.
So if PAS heeds the political naivety of its hardliners, they will have immediately lost the goodwill and trust which the party had to painstakingly build up. Commonsense should prevail. When you marry a wife and decide to divorce her, can your neighbour object and say that you have no right to divorce her, and will the neighbour take this woman as wife?

Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 19:21  

Chop, hang on a minute. If we recall was PKR who stabbed TSKI in the back first with the Kajang Move that was sugar coated by Rafizi (crying prettily) as stepping stone to Putra Jaya, blah, blah.
Now....everyone including DSAI, Makcik Wan Azizah and Rafizi himself admitting publicly that the Kajang Move MAIN PURPOSE is to remove has been lying all this while????
Why not before the Kajang move, DSAI and TSKI resolve this behind closed doors...reach an agreement and execute the Kajang Move.... then only what this Sak is saying now makes sense.

bruno 5 August 2014 at 19:44  

If a snap election is call,PR as a whole will pay a heavy price.Of course Umno will gain some seats.But the main benefaries

bruno 5 August 2014 at 19:49  

My mistake.Hit the wrong button.

If a snap election is held,of course Umno will gain some seats.PR as a whole will be the main loser.The one's to gain the most will be the Mca and Gerakan.It will be redemption for the grand old parties.

Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 20:22  

Just read this article in today's online issue of The Star, very true, I am attaching only excerpts, pls read The Star for the full article written by Wan Saiful Wan Jan, who is chief executive of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs ( The views expressed here are entirely the writer’s own.

" In our Westminster system, the party nominates as MB a person whom it believes commands the greatest confidence from the state legislative assembly members. When the party loses confidence in you, then it is time for you to step down gracefully.

It is most unfortunate that Khalid is now behaving like a two-year-old child whose mother threatens to take away a toy that does not belong to him anyway. He refuses to give it up, acting as if the post is his to keep.

And some of his aides are behaving in an unacceptable manner, too. They are openly attacking the very people who put Khalid there. There is a good Malay proverb for this challenging attitude – hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong sorong.

Khalid and his team seem to have forgotten that he was put in that position by virtue of him being a member of PKR. It is really sad to see him hanging on to the post based on the alleged support of other parties. His reaction to this whole saga is, simply put, childish.

The situation is further complicated by the statement of PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang in support of Khalid. It can be argued that Hadi was merely reiterating the previous decision of his party. But his timing and the way he phrased his statement raised so many questions and criticisms against PAS.

Hadi’s statement even caused people to question whether or not PAS is committed to the Pakatan Rakyat coalition. To me his timing and insensitivity towards the sentiment on the ground only shows how he is not fit to be the PAS president anymore.

Let me be clear. Hadi is a great scholar. His Islamic credentials are recognised globally and I would follow his religious advice any time. But being a respected scholar is not the same as being a good politician.

To lead a dynamic party like PAS today requires someone who can combine both. Hadi does not have that strength and his mistake in this particular case has caused not just division in Pakatan Rakyat but also a major rift within PAS.

If PAS is serious about remaining as a mainstream party, it needs to find a good politician to build on the strong platform that Hadi has built up to date. But if it allows Hadi to remain, his ineptitude will further weaken the party in the years to come.

While all that is taking place, Khalid must step down gracefully. Barisan Nasional parties should not place their support on someone like Khalid who has clearly shown that he has no respect for party discipline.

BN, and especially Umno, needs to ask themselves, do they really want to set a precedent where someone appointed by the party can simply ignore the instructions from headquarters when dealing with such an important post? "

Pls read the full article in online Star issue of today:
> Wan Saiful Wan Jan is chief executive of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs ( The views expressed here are entirely the writer’s own.

anakSelangor,  5 August 2014 at 20:48  

I want to see TS Khalid cleared of all allegations tomorrow.

I also want to see his legal team's retaliatory fire power on PKR.

I want Anwar in jail. For S1 or S2 or promising an UMNO mate a water deal 225 Billion over the acutal price and attempting to railroad the deal by ousting TS Khalid who blocked his tracks.

I am waiting for more PKR to shoot themselves in the foot.

I want the Malaysian Bar to investigate and act on PKR lawyers who are being paid double rates.

I want the story about Ronnie and Theresa's involvement in Danny's recent acquisition made public.

I want to see the PKR boys involved in the illegal sand-mining ops be charged and put on trial.

I want to see the so-called independent news-portals who collude with PKR to spread innuendos to confuse Selangorians reprimanded and brought to task.

It's a wonder HRH Sultan of Selangor is not amused.

Well, neither are enlightened Selangorians and there is not need for snap elections.

The farce that is the PKR election is a great joke considering Indonesia and India went to the polls and have elected their new heads.

If you hold a PKR membership card, better cut it up lah. Malu!

Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 21:21  

The problem is the person who is replacing khalid is a puppet. Everybody's know that . Even azizah said she doesn't mind.
Why annuar is so power crazy?
Why everyone must agree to his opinion and instruction.?
Why everything must have advantage to his family?
That's the reason why selangorian want to know.

Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 22:11  

I have decided to leave PAS for best opts. Im bringing along three of my eligible for votes children to join DAP. Proven that PAS LEADERS have not gotten political skill-sets. Proven that PAS is all the while lacks of political dexterity at times we need most of their support.
It does not make me less Islam. I can still promote best of Islam anywhere else than PAS or UMNO. Best of you Sakmongkol....

Anonymous,  5 August 2014 at 23:28  

Kamu muslim ke?

Anonymous,  6 August 2014 at 08:34  

Anon 20.22
My opinion of Khalid is not simply being childish and destructive to whoever gets in his way. He thinks he is a human GOD ? Does anyone from PAS, PKR, DAP want to be like him?
Look at what happened to Kedah, PAS lost the state becos they didnt want to challenge their former deceased Kedah MB who was acting like a despot. And their partners PKR and DAP out of respect to PAS did not interfere.
PAS has lost Kedah, are they prepared to say goodbye to Selangor becos they want to intefere with PKR's right to select the MB? No need for anymore debates or arguments, you
dont have the support of your party, you leave !! This is politics, not religion.

Anonymous,  6 August 2014 at 09:58  

Unfortunately I like to ask him, Zionist have been terrorising Gaza n Plastines agreed by major powers, does he (sakmangkol) to this brutalities?. So does PAS..being Islamic party PAS can not berSakmangkol" with the ursurpers move without valid reasons islamatically .

Anonymous,  7 August 2014 at 05:57  

A balance and fair analysis of the current Selangor crisis.

Anonymous,  8 August 2014 at 07:01  

De most logical & appropriate in depth spot on articles comes from ak47 ! Keep up de Very Good Work Dato ! .
Now youuu buzz offff lor ! Rasa Pedas ke ? Kah Kah Kah !

Anonymous,  8 August 2014 at 07:09  

Yep come on guys & gals ! Harp on this GOLDEN BULLETS to sink be end come GE14.

Mohd radzi,  8 August 2014 at 09:31  

Please understand that without Annuar there is no Pakatan Rakyat. You accuse him of being power crazy and openly practising neopotism. Dont forget that his wife and daughter are highly capable individuals. The opposition became a force that BN fears because of the Annuar factor. I think if you remove Annuar we have to tolerate BN rule for the next 50 years and beyond. At least we have hope for change if PR remains strong with Annuar to lead for a better future for all Malaysians. Just give that possibility a fair chance.

Mohd radzi,  8 August 2014 at 09:33  

Thank you

amin,  11 August 2014 at 07:36  

My comments are against this anonymous pig who has no balls to call another a pig by passing thins comments, Anonymous said, "Yang you from DAPig dok bising bising pulak apasal ni.On your bike off

5 August 2014 12:1

This guy who commented Sakmangkol should be ashamed of himself.

johan,  11 August 2014 at 08:08  

Today, I have more or less decided that me and all my siblings who are voters and supporters of PAS are on the verge of packing our bags to get out of this so called Islamist base party. They seem to be, all the time belittling leaders of other political parties that are against them and their believes. But at the same time, they are seen making connections with the same party whose leaders they are demonizing all the time. They use all kinds of labels and try to smear those leaders while at the same time behind the scenes, they are negotiating deals for themselves and their proxies.
What a shame to identify myself as a supporter of this Islamists party to my non Muslim friends whom we had begged of their support in the 2008 and 2013 elections. After winning the seats they are now occupying they conveniently forget that without the help of their non Muslim friends their task would have been impossible. One such leader is HASAN TANTAWI, who images himself as a great Muslim cleric, although his behavior and the luxury he shows defeats his projected image. I together with my family members and friends canvassed support from non Malay voters to oust Dato Sallehuddin from UMNO. But, now we realize that it was a mistake. Never judge a book by it's cover.

Frankly. I would prefer people like Dato Asri who are true Muslims and less politicians. Muslim leaders who pro image themselves as Muslims but chicken out when making principled political stands do not deserve to be supported.
Another such leader is the president himself. He has let us all down. He has not shown a good example of a true Muslim leader. Tuan Gurun Nik Aziz is the only Islamic leader in PAS that I can trust but since age is catching up on him, he sincerely gave up his post to someone else without second thoughts. But that leader also let me down when he chopped off good leaders like Husam and all in Husam's line. Is this an Islamic act. No. once again, PAS has proved after TGNA,PAS has no credible leaders at it's helms after TGNA as far as Ulamas are concerned. If the [professionals in PAS want a future they should resign en-block or form another party to prolong it's Muslim agenda. The agenda must be principled to NEGARA KEBAJIKAN before anything else. Hadi's negara Kebajikan during the PRU 13 looks like was just a slogan. How can Islamist leaders/ulamas lie.
I would call upon those who comment on people like me for leaving PAS as not Muslims to stop and think twice about this so called Islamist party.

Anonymous,  11 August 2014 at 22:27  

The public do not see what Anwar see on TSKI. PAS also does not being told what are the problems with TSKI.
The public see TSKI is good person who managed Selangor properly and public do not know internal problem.
Suddenly public see Anwar want to remove TSKI from Selangor MB and the public can simply say Anwar is power crazy.
As Sultan give his bless for TSKI to continue as MB, then which party can TSKI join other than DAP and PAS?
PKR already sacked TSKI, then as public I would recommend TSKI to join PAS as he is Muslim and he also can join DAP as DAP is not only for Non-Muslim.
PAS dan DAP can simply forgive TSKI wrong move of attacking DAP or PAS.
As public, I don't want to see PR break. Anwar factor is still good factor to carry on but Anwar no longer has political future. PKR probably weak without Anwar, PAS probably weak without TGNA and DAP probably weak without LGE and LKS.
Let's get together again to fight corruption while we still have our top awesome leader and strength.

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