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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 28 August 2014

Ours is a Representative Democracy

Perhaps we have forgotten this fact. The so called royalists ought to remember this also before clumsily invoking threats on people who speak of the monarchy. And please do not insert a racist element into the issue- speaking of the monarchy should not be read as an affront by non-Malays against Malays.
What if another Malay were to speak of the monarchy in terms not agreeable to UMNO? The another Malay is no less a Malay than the UMNO person. He is not less loyal to the monarchy than the UMNO Malay.
No one is asking for the abolition of the monarchy. But this does not mean that the institution should be beyond reproach. We all pledge allegiance and loyalty to the idea of constitutional monarchy.
In that sense, we are all royalists.
Malays must remember this- the constitutional monarchy is here to protect them, not the other way around. When special provisions were given to the various kings in regards to the appointment of MBs and chief ministers, they were inserted to protect against one particular mischief. In the early days of the Malayan federation, it was feared that non Malays would one day overwhelm Malays in numbers. So in order to ensure the chief executive in states where there is Malay king is Malay, provisions were written into the state laws that the MB must be a Malay and a Muslim.
Wan Azizah or Azmin are Malays and Muslims. By that, they qualify to be appointed as MB. Although I am not a lawyer, this objective must be read into an interpretation of the state constitutions or if there are similar wordings, in the federal constitution. 
What is that? I think, room is to be accorded to the monarch in determining whether the person to be appointed is Malay and a Muslim- not discretion over the identity of the person.
We have forgotten one fact- that ours is a representative democracy. Representative democracy is protected and affirmed by our constitution. In effect, it must mean that the overriding objective of our constitution is to protect the rights of representative democracy. That means, no king, president or anyone could undermine representative democracy.
So before the UMNO people pompously claimed that they would do anything to protect the institution of the monarchy, let me remind them, that the thing we must protect is representative democracy. That should take precedence. But UMNO being a feudal party stands opposite to the interests of the rakyat. UMNO stands on the side of the oligarchs.
Each democratically elected rep in the dewan represents one voice of the people. 30 out of 56 supported wan Azizah, granny or no granny( Najib is a grandpa, Muhyidin is a grandpa, the old ladies in Wanita UMNO made ministers all have grandchildren) is  a bigger number than those who support Khalid. On paper, Khalid has 26 supporters including 12 from the enemy camp. He has on paper, 13 dithering supporters from PAS.  
We don’t know what has afflicted PAS.
Perhaps PAS should consider getting out of Pakatan and team up with UMNO. If it thinks the way forward to govern Malaysia is by having political union with UMNO , we must not stop them.
If PAS believes that it can pursue its Islamist agenda better outside PR- it should not waste time. It should not run with hare and hunt with the dogs.
PAS might be better off declaring it wants to get out of Pakatan and state that it wishes to implement its Islamist agenda in the state that it now controls- Kelantan. Then it can make Kelantan a showcase on the beauty of implementing hudud and all other Islamist agenda. That way, by being a showcase and an example of Islamic management- the idea of an Islamic state can be slowly spread throughout Malaysia.
If PAS still prefer to work with Pakatan, all other Pakatan parties can support the PAS agenda. In return, PAS should help the Pakatan parties capture federal power. That should be a win-win situation for all.


Greenbug 28 August 2014 at 02:26  

The entire Selangor crisis continues is simply because of the PAS insincere moves and ever-changing strategies... it has in many ways destroyed the fragile trust from its two other partners in PR as well as the confidence of the voters in Selangor and in Malaysia. Friends and families have decided - if ever there is a situation where there is no choice in a constituency between BN vs PAS, we will spoil the votes...

Anonymous,  28 August 2014 at 06:13  

The entire Selangor crisis came about because Greenbug's PKR bosses got caught out for stealing and plotting further plunder of state coffers.

Will the devil Azmin bully his way through or the Anwar dynasty bluster on with eveready puppet at the helm? Obvious that the PKR implosion is overdue.

PAS is going through an ideology shakedown. The awkward and conflicting statements show no political finesse. What comes out is anyone's guess.

For DAP to goad PAS like this points to sheer desperation - the foundation that was carefully built is cracking up under your feet. Loose lips sink ships, Dato.

A loose coalition indeed is PR. Best everyone be de-registered and start afresh.

Anonymous,  28 August 2014 at 07:07  


Can you start what I call "The Malay Institute of Modern Thinking" to modernize the Malay mind so that it is in tandem with time ? Your good self is a good example of the new Malay mind.

Malays are too sentimental and too afraid of the changing times. Umno just want the Malays to be the unquestioning blind Hang Tuah.

Anonymous,  28 August 2014 at 07:17  

All said, the biggest enemies of Pakatan are found within Pakatan itself, which in this case, Hadi and a few collaborators without which this ugly scenario would never have been played out.

kampong lad 28 August 2014 at 07:45  

semua orang tau DAH LAMA DAH dalam politik mana ada kawan atau lawan yg kekal, yg ada hanya permanent interest. selagi wakil rakyat tidak diharamkan menjadi katak - mengkhianati mandat pengundi (one of the root causes), rakyat akan terus tanggung beban. kebanyakan wakil rakyat berkelakuan seperti maharaja apabila mendapat kuasa memerintah yg diamanah oleh rakyat.

Anonymous,  28 August 2014 at 07:52  

Daripada menyokong PAS baik sokong UMNO

Anonymous,  28 August 2014 at 08:18  

Good day, Dato'.

Just an observation - people who start their arguments with the words "Don't question ...[x]" generally do not have the answers or are afraid of the questioning in the first place!

Anonymous,  28 August 2014 at 08:23  

It should be increasingly obvious to all thinking Malaysians that the worst enemies of the Malays as a community are the Malays. The real tragedy is they do not realize that. And so, the steady but inevitable decline is underway. As a community in perpetual internal conflict seeing demons everywhere but within, it is unable to detect decline. Only disaster will make it sit up. But then, it will be too late. TT

Anonymous,  28 August 2014 at 08:45  

Well said Anon @ 06:13

Sak is actively helping to sink Pakatan with his jaguh kampung mentality of openly challenging PAS to leave Pakatan.

Anon @ 07:07, I like your analogy about UMNO and Hang Tuah. The irony is that Hang Tuah is purportedly Chinese. So to take your analogy further, in modern Malaysia, we have the gutless descendants of Hang Tuah in the form of MCA.

Anonymous,  28 August 2014 at 08:48  

Would like to know if it was the Tok Guru Kelantan who said PAS will not join forces with UMNO during his lifetime, or words to this effect. True?
The yes/no/yes/no/perhaps/maybe..circus routine....PAS where are you? Lost your way under Haid? Let others take over.

Anonymous,  28 August 2014 at 08:56  

The ugly scenario is a result of that self-serving Kajang Move. Was PAS or DAP consulted of it?

Anonymous,  28 August 2014 at 09:44  

As I see it:

Hadi is the President of Pas. He and his 'ulamak' faction doesn't like and despise Anwar Ibrahim. They doesn't mind consorting with their arch enemy Umno but not Anwar Ibrahim. Wan Azizah as the candidate for MB is not the issue. Anwar is the issue with Hadi and his gang.

Hadi also needs the non-malay votes for Pas to survive. If they join Umno, they can say good-bye to the non-malay votes. Hence their reluctance to leave PR where they could get the non malay votes even though they despise Anwar.

The above quagmire are clearly demonstrated by Pas flip flop decision and their open defiance and distaste to Anwar's public pronouncement on the MB issue.

So the MB candidate issue is not about Wan Azizah. It is the personality and ego clash between Hadi and his 'ulamaks' with Anwar.

Anwar should realize by now that even if PR wins the majority seat in a GE, he can't get to be PM as long as Hadi and the ulamak faction are in control of Pas.

Anonymous,  28 August 2014 at 09:51  

(The following comment is meant for this section, Datuk Sak. Not for your earlier article)

Non-Muslims should still vote for PAS political candidates at the next GE or Selangor state elections. But only for the moderates
and the principled. Reject the closet ethnic nationalists and
ISIS/ISIL/IS extremists.
It looks like PAS needs a “leadership change” at the top.

Phua Kai Lit

FMZam 28 August 2014 at 10:52  

The two prominent Malays in DAP - you and Aspan. The MB crisis must have taken tolls on Aspan that he started to differ in his opinions of late, in stark contrast of your firm standing for your party. Now reading both you and his blog I can feel Aspan is swaying while you are the last Malay man standing.

Mazlan,  28 August 2014 at 11:06  

I think you are being a bit unfair on PAS regarding what's happening in Selangor.
The issue that PAS is objecting to is that they were not properly consulted on the whole stupid Kajang move. They were quite happy with TS Khalid as MB and frankly speaking even DAP leaders like Tony Pua were praising TS Khalid as a good and honest MB. Even a week ago Anwar called Khalid 'honest but stubborn'.
If TS Khalid was to be replaced - at least have a plan to find someone acceptable to ALL parties within Pakatan.
You also forget that PAS has been fighting UMNO since 1948 and were the first to assist and support Anwar in 1998.
Pakatan also is a grouping of 'equal partners' and their views should be given equal weight as the other 2 parties.
Also PAS has not had a history of ADUNs or YBs switching sides - unlike PKR and DAP members.

Anonymous,  28 August 2014 at 11:20  

Kampung Party will not learn from the mistake made on Kedah/Terenganu/damansara/titiwangsa and JB constition during the 2013 election.

This party can not survive beyond kelantan and trying to play with fire in urban state.

Dare to object your partner and please leave the PAKATAN for good.

My family have tick PAS for the previous election because you are DAP partner and got no choice.

If you are not under PAKATAN, I can ensure your 13 seats will reduce to 2 seats and let DAP and PKR fight against you.

nick 28 August 2014 at 11:35  

Page 1/2

Dalam pemerhatian saya, isu2 tentang perlantikan MB dan bidang kuasa Sultan dapat diselesaikan sekiranya kita balik semula kepada asas iaitu sistem kerajaan yang dipakai oleh Malaysia iaitu sistem demokrasi berparlimen yang bertunjangkan "Raja Berperlembagaan". Jika kita faham sebenarnya tentang maksud "Raja Berperlembagaan" maka amat mudahlah kita memahami bidang kuasa Sultan and juga batasan2 yang memagari dan memandu tindak tanduk Sultan dan pihak Istana.

Faktanya dalam kerajaan Malaysia yang menggunakan sistem Raja Berperlembagaan, pihak sultan dan raja HANYA mempunyai kuasa yang bersifat "SIMBOLIK DAN ISTIADAT" SAHAJA! NOKTAH. THE END. Tiada ruang yang menunjukan bahawa Sultan mempunyai kuasa memilih, mengarah mahupun memperkenankan apatahlagi memecat. Sultan dan Raja hanya berkuasa melantik dalam ruang lingkup kuasa istiadat dan simbolik sahaja. Maka, jika urusan perlantikan oleh Sultan hanyalah bersifat isitadat maka sudah tentulah sultan tidak berkuasa untuk memilih apatah lagi memecat. Kuasa sultan hanyalah sebagai adat sahaja, bukan eksekutif! Kedudukan sulatan adalah simbolik kepada kesukaan orang melayu memiliki raja dan Sultan, itu sahaja! Nothing more and nothing less. Kalau nak lebih kena tukar perlembaggaan. Very simple logic and nothing complicated.

Dan jika kita sudah mengerti bahawa Raja Berperlembaggan tidak mempunyai hak untuk memilih mahupun meminta senarai calon maka kita sedarlah bahawa apa yang dilakukan oleh PKR dan DAP adalah berlunaskan kepada undang2 tubuh kerajaaan serta perlembagaan Selangor. Tiada isu derhaka ataupun kurang ajar mahupun biadap. Lurus and mengikut undang2 yang sah, maka dimanakah salahnya?

Salahnya adalah pihak pimpinan PAS yang menyerahkan kepada budi bicara Sultan untuk memilih. Ini adalah sesuatu yang tiada dalam perlembagaan dan adalah perbuatan yang salah dan batil. Ianya menyamai perbuatan mencemar undang2 dan perlembagaan ynag dilakukan oleh UMNO sewaktu mereka merampas dan merompak kedudukan kerajaan negeri Perak pada penggal yang dahulu. Sultan Perak yang tiada kuasa eksekutif telah dipujuk supaya memecat menteri besar yang sah dan secara haram melantik seorang menteri besar yang baru yang diputuskan secara peribadi dan (diluar bidang kuasa) oleh Sultan Perak sebagai memperolehi majority (tanpa melalui undi tidak percaya didalam dewan undangan negeri Perak).

Perbuatan Pimpinan Pas yang membelakangkan undang2 tubuh kerajaan dan perlembagaan Selangor telah secara tidak langsung menghalalkan tindak tanduk UMNO sewaktu insiden di Perak dan jika kita lihat dalam ruang lingkup hukum agama bermakna pimpinan Pas telah menghalalkan sesuatu yang haram dan mengharamkan sesuatu yang halal.

continued to page 2

nick 28 August 2014 at 11:37  


Melihat kebelakang, saya dapat melihat hikmahnya PR gagal merampas Putrajaya dalam GE yang lepas. Daalam keadaan PAS yang dipimpin oleh golongan2 yang jahil serta tidak berkemampuan untuk menjadi arif tentang perlembagaan negara serta undang2 tubuh negeri2, Kerajaan Malaysia yang kuasai oleh PR hanya akan dilihat oleh rakyat Malaysia sebagai tiada banyak beza dengan kerajaan yang dikuasai oleh UMNO dan BN.
Dengan pimpinan PAS yang bermentaliti dan pegangan prinsip yang tidak jauh bezanya dengan UMNO, dapatkah kita mengharap satu kerajaan yang lebih bagus, lebih efficient dan lebih telus? Tidak mungkin! Dan apa yang lebih buruk, isu pimpinan PAS ini menimbulkan persoalan yang lebih berat lagi. Apa persoalannya? Jika pimpinan PAS tidak berupaya untuk menjadi arif dan faham sepenuhnya dengan perlembagaan negara Malaysia serta negeri2nya, bolehkah mereka ini diyakini menjadi arif dan berpengetahuan sepenuhnya tentang hukum2 islam untuk mereka menggunapakai dan melaksanakannya secara adil dan telus?

Sedangkan perlembagaan Malaysia dan negeri2 pun mereka tidak mampu untuk menguasai dan menjadi arif..searif-arifnya, bolehkah mereka menjadi "master" kepada hukum2 Allah yang secara jelasnya menolak sebarang keutamaan kepada bangsa, kerabat mahupun keturunan? Suatu tanda soal yang amat besar disitu dan melihatkan ramai pimpinan PAS yang masih lagi pekat darah mereka dengan ideologi ketuanan melayu, jawapannya adalah jelas!


nick 28 August 2014 at 11:44  

Phua kai lit,

Your suggestion have great merit and should be adopted by all right thinking Malaysian. We should only elect those, whose words matches their action. In a barrel of apples there are always a few that are the bad ones. It's our job to choose the good over the bad. How ever in a barrel with the dacing symbol only a few are good so it's acceptable that we kick out the whole barrel!


IbnAbdHalim 28 August 2014 at 12:54  

I agree 100% with you Dato'.

OneMalaysian,  28 August 2014 at 12:55  

Dear Sakmongkol

That was a very timely article. A parliamentary democracy (such as Malaysia, Selangor) can co-exist with an institutional monarchy, provided everyone clearly understands the respective roles between parliament or state legislature and the palace. There should be no difficulty at all because there are laws that define the boundaries of each. However, the Selangor MB fiasco suggests that a lot of confusion exists. “Tradition” appears to have nudged aside rules and laws. If this continues we will unwittingly go down a slippery slope.

The DAP and PKR seem to understand the situation well. Not so PAS, it seems. Perhaps ulamaks find it hard to understand the concepts of parliamentary democracy and institutional monarchy. It appears they even find it hard to understand coalition politics. This is not all bad because it allows the people to discover at an early stage that this PR coalition is still very much a work-in-progress, and within it there is an unstable component. Either this component changes in the right way or it will have to be expelled to strengthen PR. Many people saw this coming, sooner or later, and it appears it is sooner. Looking on the bright side, PAS showing its true colours now is better than say a few months before GE14.

bumi-non-malay 28 August 2014 at 13:17  

Segala apa yang Bertentangan dengan UMNO-Bangsat Negara-Barang Naik(BN) ADALAH HASUTAN....

Begitlah cara untuk Kontrol minda Malaysia yang TAKUT SOAL....APA SALAH Kalau Sultan Minta Nama orang Bangsa Cina, INDIA, Kadazan, Iban, Orang Asli jadi Menteri Besar..... Mengapa perlu RACIS??....Kalau tak erti Lepas RACIS adalah GENOCIDE....pergi Tanya Hitler dan ISIS-ISIL!!

Mari Kita Kuburkan RACISME... dan jangan sembuyi dibelakang agama Islam bila melakukan PERBUATAN RACIS/T!!...Lain kali Soal dan kata UMNO-BN Racis adalah HASUTAN ...sedition #$%^&*! Bangsat Negara..... Betul!!..Sekarang Najib nak Jauhkan diri dari ISIS-ISIL(dulu Sokong)....dah terlambat...Ekonomi Malaysia akan rasa Pahit tak lama lagi!!

Anonymous,  28 August 2014 at 14:33  

As I see it:

Hadi is the President of Pas. He and his 'ulamak' believe the justice will come, eventually. When Anwar Ibrahim was sacked, they defended him because they believe one is innocent unless proven guilty. The history repeats for Khalid Ibrahim and they are consistently backing him because he is not proven guilty, yet.

On a side note, Wan Azizah as the candidate for MB is an issue. First and foremost, she is a lady and to hold the big post like MB is like Queen of Sheba, even prophet Sulaiman (Solomon) is the better King. Wan Azizah is not a local Selangorian, too. That is why PAS proposed Azmin regardless the issue he had with Khalid.

May Allah help us all.

Anonymous,  28 August 2014 at 18:19  

All these so called royalist keep shouting and threatening when the opposition or non-Malay say or do something, all perfectly legal and normal, that is in their interest and make them stronger.

BUT if the royals themselves steal all the business from the so called royalist - they are up in arms like hell freezes over. Who the hell believe the royalist are no more about principle other than money and power for their selfish interest?

Anonymous,  28 August 2014 at 18:49  

As I don't see it:

1. Why the Hadi and the ulamak controlled Pas still want to be in PR when they can't stand the sight of Anwar;

2. Why can't they be courageous enough to openly say; we don't agree with the Kajang move and the removal of Khalid as MB;

3. Why can't they openly say; enough is enough. We can't work with Anwar who is acting like de facto leader of PR and as such,either Anwar and PKR leaves PR or we are leaving PR.

I don't see why Pas can't take these courageous stand.

Anonymous,  28 August 2014 at 19:28  

Aspan has been swaying since long ago, I think even before the last general elections.
There are very few Malays with the intelligence, conviction, steadfastness and foresight as Arif.
They sway very easily.
Most Malays are weak up there!! Just look at Tunku Aziz, Hadi, Kuli, Zulkifli Nordin, Ibrahim Ali, Hasan Ali, Sabree and a host of others from Semangat 46 and Parti Keadilan.
It's very hard to place your trust on a Malay Politician. Those trustworthy and respected ones are in the DAP.

Anonymous,  29 August 2014 at 11:33  

Dato, the Star seems to give an extremely lopsided view of the MB crisis, using provocative headlines such as "defiant" over the number of names to submit, and now to add salt to the wound, it quotes palace sources ss saying this and that, as though these sources are speaking for the ruler, and trying to sway the public.
When PM Najib became the youngest MB of Pahang and of any state for that matter, did anyone criticise his capability, he was still green behind his ears. You can go on and on about this MB or that MB. What is most important is that the MB provides the leadership and leads the state govt, and has a well trained team to work with. Team work, team spirit was sadly lacking in KI's tenure as MB. Everyone will agree the govt cannot be run as a one-man show, and can you say he was a better MB compared to Wan Azizah.
The Pakatan team has plenty of talent to draw from, even without KI. Again, no one is indispensable. By virtue of the majority support given to Wan Azizah, I am confident the ruler will recognize this and do what is required by law.

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