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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 18 August 2014

From District to State to Nation.

My friends are saying, if we listen to Dr Mahathir, the Selangor political saga is all because of Anwar. Anwar wants to become PM. Selangor is his stepping stone. By controlling Selangor he can buy UMNO and others to cross over and join Pakatan.
If Anwar does that, it is nothing new. Buying his way out of most political predicaments is second nature to people like Najib himself. Monetary gratification is a most effective way to soften the most hardened of political opponents. Selangor should be used as a strategic vantage point if the objective is to capture Purtajaya from the more evil clutches of BN politicians. 
So what is wrong with Anwar wanting to become PM and using Selangor in a more strategic way?
Some other friends are saying- it’s true, the problem in Selangor is caused by Anwar. But the problems in Malaysia are all due to Dr Mahathir. Dr Mahathir can be faulted for almost everything bad in Malaysia while he is credited with many things that are right for Malaysia.
So, we should not be overly concerned with what Dr Mahathir says. He has an undying hatred for Anwar. The two will continue to battle until one dies. We ought to see any statements about Anwar from Dr Mahathir as personal assessments with little political significance.
Anwar Ibrahim has the right to want to become the PM of Malaysia. If more people accept him, there is nothing anyone can do. Not even Dr Mahathir. 
Since the Khalid Ibrahim issue broke out, Anwar Ibrahim has been relatively quiet. Perhaps he has been issuing directives behind closed doors. Otherwise, his treatment of Khalid has been tangential- producing a subdued article about what is a leader without followers. Not quite a fire and brimstone article.
Otherwise, Anwar hasn’t criticised Khalid aggressively as did the others in PKR. Perhaps Anwar’s approach is a reflection of what Khalid has achieved in the more positive side.
Why is it wrong for Anwar to harbour the ambition to become PM? If he thinks he has the capacity to become the next PM and he has the support of Pakatan and the rakyat, Anwar ought to be voted in to become PM. I have said it many times, if Najib can become PM, anyone else can. You can look at the statement from any perspectives you like.
If I can single out Anwar’s most important achievement, it is that he has bonded 3 different major political parties to share a common platform. Not even Tengku Razaleigh when he broke away from UMNO to form Semangat 46 could achieve what Anwar did.
With a shared platform, Anwar has managed to offer the rakyat an alternative to BN, itself made of up of several different political parties. So why should Anwar be seen a lesser man and therefore not fit to become PM?
Malaysians owe him an eternal debt of gratitude for forging a common platform. The common platform is by no means absolute- it is rather a continuing work in progress as the different political parties strive to understand each other better. The recent Selangor saga showed clearly, the bond that exists between PAS- DAP and PKR must be strengthened with mutual respect, understanding and trust.
The only chink in Anwar’s armour is his alleged sexual misconduct, so depraved as the BN paints it out to be, that Anwar is morally unfit to become PM. His alleged recent most victim, Saiful Bukhari is suing Anwar for RM50 million. That makes Saiful the owner of the most expensive behind in Malaysia!
Now that morally depraved, is something you cannot conclusively proved. Since 1998, Anwar has been in and out of courts and even jailed for a number of years. The duration of his association with the courts, which makes Anwar the ‘other’ friend of the court, is now seen by the rakyat as being no ordinary prosecution but a persecution.
How can a man be persecuted for that long a time? Anwar’s endurance has even earned and gained admiration for that can only reflect a resolute and unshakeable spirit of the man. Any other man would have wilted a long time ago.
Indeed, rather than indicate a morally depraved being, Anwar’s endurance to withstand the longest persecution in Malaysian history has shown that Anwar has the moral fortitude.
Surely such a man is more than qualified to become the PM of Malaysia. How I personally feel about the man, is not significant at all. For that matter, to anyone else.  Can and will he gain the trust of the rakyat is more important and far greater significant.


Anonymous,  18 August 2014 at 08:35  

This is the most accurate description of Anwar and his ability.
Personal dislike should not cloud a man true ability.
Yes, he is PM material, million times better than the glob-trotting, good-for-nothing Najib.

Anonymous,  18 August 2014 at 08:50  

I agree with you Sir, any other person dah lama cabut and give up kena tenyeh dengan UMNO....and enjoy life while you can....

Anonymous,  18 August 2014 at 09:12  

It is clear that Dr. M and especially Najib is very scared of Anwar.

This is the reason why Anwar's unwilling watering hole is in the Courts as they want to put him behind bars, hook or by crook.

It is true that anyone can become PM in Malaysia.

A person who is lazy, likes to travel, scared to debate, hate to attend Parliament sittings and goes missing most of the time can "relatively" do a good job as long as he dares to open his mouth on important issues.

leekh,  18 August 2014 at 09:38  

Yes Dato. If we are looking for a "hero", he is the real deal. Perhaps Nelson Mendela's imprisonment was longer. But the type of humiliation and inhuman contempt dished out in a society like Malaysia really make me sick. And for him to come through all these still sane and calm is the true sign that this man more than the rest combined deserve the stewardship of the country.
I see in him, the courage, strength and the skill of a leader to build a true Malaysian nation.

Anonymous,  18 August 2014 at 10:22  

the persecution of mandela had the same effects on its people, the tipping point will come when the rakyat have had enough

bumi-non-malay 18 August 2014 at 10:33  

Semua orang rupanya suka bandingkan corak kezaliman Anwar dan Tun Dr Munafiq...mari kita tinjau dari segi KEKEJAMAN-Kezaliman...

Anwar belum panggil IGP Bantai dan dera Khalid Ibrahim dalam ISA sampai mata dan tulang belakang rosak dan ambil DNA dia untuk perbuatan Zalim in future.

Anwar belum buat fitnah sampai kena ambil Katil dari rumah Khalid Ibrahim untuk check Sodomy..dan ......(tak payah ulaskan lagi apa yang perlu dihantat ke UH untuk siasat DNA siapa punya...saiful ke, anjing atau lembu atau Altantuya)

Anwar ada Kelas & Stilah.......tak bermakna dia sentiasa betul ...tapi Jauh lebih Bermaruah dari Tindakan UMNO-BN dan Tun Munafiq!! Lawan tetap Lawan!!

Raja Petra tu dah belot dan maafkan dia sebab dia ada penyakit BiPolar....macam Tun Munafiq...dah Lupa Jalan yang benar...

Tiba2...budak yang Like Isreal tu boleh disiasat cepat.....Negeri APA?? Rupanya Semua yang Anti Islam, Anti Sultan, Agong datang dari Negeri Pakatan.......Dah bangun, bangkit belum TERHADAP....Agenda SULIT UMNO-Bangsat Negara(BN) ni??? Negeri yang ditadbir UMNO-BN Malaysia...semua aman, Makmur, Barang TURUN, Harga Petrol $0.20 sen.....Kangkung $0.01 sen... Beras $0.20 sen 1 kilo...Gula $0.10 1 kilo....Harap semua yang suka Kos Rendah...Hijrah ke Negeri yang UMNO Tadbir..lepas tu Baru tahu TIPU Helah UMNO-BN!!

Curi Al Kitab- Atas suruhan siapa kat Selangor...Semua Bisu!! Khalid Paling Diam...Raja Petra buat tak tahu...orang upahan UMNO-BN buat terror Kalimah Allah!!

tapi sebenarnya ada banyak Jenayah kat Malaysia...2 Doktor dari Britain ditikam MAti Kat Sarawak... Kat Sabah ada DARURAT-Curfew...Kat Johor.dan semua negeri UMNO Barang Naik....Kos Hidup Tinggi...rakyat marah.....

lawan tetap lawan AGENDA ZALIM & SULIT UMNO -BN - ISIL, ISIS, BOKO HARAM!!..Sekarang umno-BANGSAT NEGARA(BN)..NAK NAIKAN TARAF lagi...sama dengan Islam, Sultan,..... sesiapa yang tak ikut arahan UMNO jadi Firuan adalah HASUTAN!!.... Sokong Isreal - Hasut...Sokong UMNO-BN dan Ideologi -ISIL, ISIS, Boko Haram-Terrorist Sulu Sabah.... VERY GOOD and OK 1 Malaysia!!...@#$%^&*!

Anonymous,  18 August 2014 at 11:02  

Hahaaa...."Saiful the owner of the most expensive behind in Malaysia."

Saiful said he was forced into doing itu. Even the prosecution doesn't believe the charge was under s.377B and not 377c where a person if forced upon him. The prosecution said, it was consensual sex.

So if consensual sex, how come RM50million. It should be RM50 only or less.

Anyway...Umno has patent right on Saiful's behind. They hadve exclusive right to its use to scandalize dan defame Anwar.

Anonymous,  18 August 2014 at 11:42  

This article brightens my day. Its not about how Dato Sak or I feel about Anuar. It is about the man who is, at this juncture could rally support of various factions to overthrow the corrupt government. Masalahnya ada orang yang hilang focos dan menyimpan kebencian yang tak terpadam terhadap sosok yang bernama Anuar Ibrahim.

Ini adalah komen saya yang tidak tersiar atau belum disiar dalam blog Aspan Alias mengenai PAS yang sudah jadi "ikan mati" Saya rasa ianya ada sedikit kaitan dengan artikel di atas.

Dear Pak Aspan,

Ikan mati? Hello kawan…PAS dah lama hidup. Dah lalui pelbagai zaman jatuh bangun, kena tipu, pemimpin masuk jil, kena sembur air kimia dan sebagainya. Beberapa tahun kebelakangan ini PAS semakin kukuh apabila orang bukan Islam sudah mula berjinak-jinak dengan PAS. DS Nizar tak akan menang di Bukit Gantang tanpa sokongan orang China di Kuala Sepetang. Serban sebakul Tantawi di Temerloh itu juga juga tak mungkin menang tanpa fenomina rakyat bencikan UMNO/BN. PAS HANYA AKAN JADI IKAN MATI DAN HANYUT DI BAWA ARUS JIKA KELUAR DARI PR. Hal ini Tantawi, Din Ayam dan mereka yang sewaktu dengan kaki pengampu Tuan Presideng kena ingat!
Isunya di sini bukanlah PAS jadi ikan mati atau ikan hidup. Isunya disini alah KEBENCIAN TUAN TERHADAP SOSOK TUBUH INSAN YANG BERNAMA ANUAR IBRAHIM TERUS MARAK MENYA TIDAK TERBENDUNG LAGI. Entah apa yang dilakukan oleh DSAI terhadap kamu sehingga menimbulkan kebencian yang terlalu tebal. Don’t tell me he tried to sodomise you too!
Saya pun secara pribadi tidaklah beberapa suka pada DSAI. Dosanya pada saya tak ada tapi saya meluat perangainya masa di zaman kegemilangan beliau dalam UMNO macam sudah lupa daratan…terlalu megah dalam segala hal…cara berpolitik, cara berpakaian custom-made suits, Italian jackets dsb …kadangkala pula balun PAS yang pernah disanjung sebelum masuk UMNO. Tetapi hakikatnya setakat ini hanya DSAI yang “commands greatest support among people who want to dethrone BN” . Ini hakikat. Kalau Pak Aspan tak puas hati boleh buat undian antara penyokong DSAI jadi PM dengan orang yang sependapat dengan Aspan Alias bahawa DSAI is a hopeless person and cannot be trusted. Pasti Anuar menang dan Aspan Alias tewas besar dalam pengundian itu. MASALAHNYA, Tuan akan berkata pula tak semesti majority itu betul dan minority itu salah. The fact is that Anuar is still the person who is accepted by the majority. Kalau bagi Hj Hadi nanti habis diperlingkup oleh Din Ayam macam Khairy lakukan pada Pak Lah. Tak kan nak bagi Lim Kit Siang jadi PM kut……..Kalau ikut kehendak saya saya mahu Saluddin Ayub atau Husam Musa atau Rafizi jadi PM. Tak pun Dato SAKMONGKOL. Tapi kena la ikut turn.
You have lost your focus since DAP has sidelined you during the previous GE. Indeed it was unfortunate that you were left out…I still regret it till now.
Sejak itu Tuan Aspan berhenti menulis tentang kebejatan dan kejahatan UMNO/BN, sebaliknya mula menghentam Pakatan Rakyat. Pastinya mula-mula DAP kena taji bertubi-tubi kemudian melarat kepada pemimpin-pemimpin PKR dan sekarang PAS pula kena bahangnya.
PAS bagus jika menunjukkan sikap menyanggah PKR atau DAP dalam isu-isu tertentu. Jika sokong PAS jadi ikan mati. Saya rasa yang mati adalah jiwa Pak Aspan. Saya harap Tuan tidak akan hilang focus lagi. Atau lebih balik pulanglah kepangkuan UMNO dan peluklah parti itu hingga ki liang lahat jika Pak Aspan rasa orang lain semuanya tidak berguna pada pandangan Pak Aspan. Asalkan jangan tunjukkan kebenciaan yang terlampau ke atas seseorang sehingga jadi emotional dan hilang arah..

The Jigit: www.the

Sir Wenger Khairy,  18 August 2014 at 12:49  

Hi Dato,

I think the blowback against Hadi and the Ultra's stance of breaking PR and jumping in bed with UMNO galvanised the anti UG faction in PAS.

So credit to people like yourself, LKS, Malaysia Insider who argued so eloquently that a PAS that must never succubm to the UMNO's seduction.

And it has so prevailed. Hadi and his gang have been soundly defeated, humiliated and rejected.

Anonymous,  18 August 2014 at 13:06  

Ikut undang-undang, Khalid perlu undur sekarang, kata pensyarah

Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim dikehendaki di bawah undang-undang meletak jawatan ekoran pengumuman PAS hari ini menyokong Presiden PKR, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, dan timbalannya Mohamed Azmin Ali, sebagai calon pengganti menteri besar (MB) Selangor, menurut seorang pensyarah undang-undang hari ini.

Profesor Gurdial Singh Nijar dari Fakulti Undang-Undang Universiti Malaya berkata sekiranya Khalid enggan mengundur diri, jawatan MB dan jawatan ahli majlis mesyuarat kerajaan negeri (exco) dianggap dikosongkan, tanpa perlu Sultan Selangor menyingkirkan mereka dari kedudukan tersebut.

Gurdial merujuk penghakiman Mahkamah Persekutuan dalam kes Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin dan Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, di mana diputuskan: "Apabila menteri besar dimaklumkan dia hilang kepercayaan majoriti anggota dewan undangan, dia dikehendaki dengan cara yang mulia meletakkan jawatan beliau dan jawatan majlis eksekutif.

"Jika menteri besar enggan atau tidak meletak jawatan beliau dan majlis eksekutif, hakikatnya ialah majlis eksekutif dibubarkan (yang juga termasuk menteri besar) disebabkan oleh menteri besar hilang kepercayaan majoriti ahli Dewan Undangan," kata Gurdial.

"Oleh itu ia tidak perlu untuk Sultan... menyingkirkan Nizar (menteri besar Perak waktu itu) dan ahli majlis eksekutif. Sultan hendaklah melantik seseorang yang mempunyai keyakinan majoriti ahli Dewan Undangan."

Tambah Gurdial, berdasarkan kes sebelum ini, yang tinggal kini hanya untuk Sultan melantik "seseorang" sebagai MB.

"Ini juga bermakna semua tindakan MB sejak beliau dimaklumkan kehilangan sokongan majoriti mungkin tidak sah," kata Gurdial.

Timbalan Presiden PAS Mohamad Sabu terdahulu semalam mengumumkan PAS bersetuju sama ada Presiden PKR Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail atau timbalannya Mohamed Azmin Ali mengambil alih kepimpinan negeri Selangor sebagai menteri besar.

Beliau juga berkata PAS memutuskan untuk terus berada dalam Pakatan Rakyat.

Katanya, nama Khalid tidak lagi berbangkit kerana sudah dipecat partinya (PKR).

"Beliau kena pecat, kita tahaluf dengan parti bukan individu." -TMI

Anonymous,  18 August 2014 at 13:59  

"I have said it many times, if Najib can become PM, anyone else can."

I agree. In fact, "anyone else OR ANYTHING can." Even a computer app or a toy robot from Toys R Us.

Unknown 18 August 2014 at 14:26  


Anonymous,  18 August 2014 at 14:48  

if the late Karpal Singh were still with us today, he would agree wholeheartedly with you. He had declared again and again Anwar deserves to be PM of Malaysia if Pakatan wins the GE.

Anonymous,  18 August 2014 at 15:29  

PAS state excos in Selangor, the struggle is over. Let the dust settle and avoid muddying the waters. Don't throw in extraneous comments such as that supposed to have been said by the state exco member Sallehen Mukhyi that Khalid need not resign yet ???
Keep mouths quiet, let your leaders speak for you.

Babu-Melbourne,  18 August 2014 at 19:08  

Syabas Mate!Another well written piece.

Anonymous,  18 August 2014 at 21:26  

You say it well Dato. If anything you have to give the man a lot of credit for having the ability to within the assault both physically and mentally fro Mahathir and now Najib. One can't help but compare him with Nelson Mandala. He may have his warts and all but is there a man standing out there who can say he's better than Anwar? Mahathir? Najib? No Sir! The truth is that there is no one who can rescue the country from being plundered and our race relationship at its worst in our history. The best man for the job is still Anwar.

bruno 18 August 2014 at 21:28  

Let us not be so happy that PAS is still in the PR coalition.They had no intentions of leaving the coalition in the first place.They were just playing politics,the game that Anwar loves to play.And what better ways when they have their strange bedfellows sweating it out.

The way to look at this MB fiasco is how PKR and PR comes out of this saga.Will it come out stronger or weaker.How will the rakyat view this latest political wayang.Will they take it positively or negatively? Remember,a lot of ferocious allegations,dirty linen,tampons,underwear,kitchen sinks and toilets have been thrown at bedfellows into the public courts of opinions,without any thoughts of future consequences.

Anonymous,  18 August 2014 at 21:53  

A bigger imbroglio than the Selangor MB circus has just been announced. Dr M vs Najib. Let the show begin. If I were Najib gathering forces, I would look to Pakatan for support, so go easy on Anwar. Pakatan are better trustworthy fellas. Sometimes it is better to go with the devil you know. You can never trust those Umno bedfellows, everyone's fighting for the prize and no honour even among thieves.

Fairuz Lee,  18 August 2014 at 22:02  

Very well said!!!! Anwar is who he is and not as what Mahathir wants him to be. Mahathir has been a "devil" and yet many are worshipping like he is the "GOD". Pak Lah was not well prepared to handle Mahathir during his primership thinking that the 20004 election mandate gave him enough of clearance to silent Mahathir but that complacency was his undoing.
Whatever Anwar has done before, the rakyat believes that his incarceration had changed him to understand humility and that apart from his own loyal Malay race supporting him, the non Malays through the Malaysian concept are there with him in a concerted effort to affect a change that augurs well for everyone to call it their country and strife for a better life. There is no such thing as "Ketuan" which has been coined up by Mahatir to hoodwink the Malays and enriched themselves, the elite group only i.e. the cronies.

Anonymous,  19 August 2014 at 08:25  

Dear Anonymous 21:53

It would be:

Dr M versus Najib-FLOM.
The FLOM should not be

Phua Kai Lit

Sam Yap,  19 August 2014 at 11:35  

Ok, a nice article arguing the case for Anwar's ambition to be PM. I am sure there are hundreds if not thousands of young citizens who harbour such an ambition too. Nothing wrong with that.

But what is going wrong is that goal is now further away than at GE13. The latest blunder by PAS in the saga of the recalcitrant Selangor MB, will prove costly. Too little and it took too long for PAS to put things right. Reality on the ground, from the humble kopitiam to 5 stars hotel cafe lounges the talk is PAS is not reliable and worse yet, is PAS is not trustworthy despite the religious credentials. The ordinary folks including the urban Malays think the so called ulamas are after all full of BS. Its unlikely we will see the same support for PAS pre GE13 in urban constituencies.

The Putrajaya dream is further than at GE13, unless PAS perform some extraordinary political feat to the benefit of the rakyat. Otherwise suspicion will always follow them. Yes, in politics, perception is so important. Right now the perception of PAS is negative, viewed with suspicion and thought of as a backwater closet racist party.

Anonymous,  19 August 2014 at 13:55  

PAS can redeem itself, throw its support wholeheartedly for Wan Azizah as the MB.
A rejection by the Selangor palace to the nomination of Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as the next Menteri Besar of Selangor would be akin to "setting the present constitution aside”, constitutional expert Abdul Aziz Bari told Malaysiakini today.

The ruler's choice is obvious, legally and constitutionally Wan Azizah. This will show everyone the sultan is above politics and has no favourites.
KI quoted the sultan and his office on almost every occasion to shore up his support. He must stop this and go quickly.

Anonymous,  19 August 2014 at 14:02  

Dr M is still scared of Anwar, but Dr M's time is past.
Najib can work and live with Anwar and ought to extend feelers to him and this is the right time for Najib. He's got to look after his enemies inside UMNO, they are the ones that can bring him down.
Peace, reconciliation with Anwar and Pakatan will give the PM the international stature he sadly needs, and calm the opposition waves.

Anonymous,  19 August 2014 at 16:55  

PAS has lost much support (after the Whatsapp expose) and is now the weakest link in Pakatan. It can only regain support if PAS is lead by Mat Sabu, Husam, Nizar, Khalid Samad, Dr Zulkefly. They are the ones that can rebuild the bridges to the non-Malay voters.

Kim Quek,  19 August 2014 at 17:56  

Almost 2 decades of incessant vilification of Anwar by the Malaysian mass media, which is almost completely under the thumb of BN, has dimmed Anwar’s image among many Malays, particularly the womenfolk, as reflected in opinion polls. Hence, those who know the truth must throw the light from time to time to enlighten those who are deceived and kept in the dark about the true stature of the man, particularly the rural folks.
In this respect, this excellent article by Sakmongkol AK47’s has not only done justice to Anwar and the movement he leads, but also a valuable service to the nation.

Anonymous,  20 August 2014 at 11:11  

Yes until today the man still cannot show his omega watch.

Anonymous,  20 August 2014 at 13:22  

In this case bar council are very quiet. Do want to say anything. May be because pkr, dap and pas are their affiliate. The 3 party can do what everthey wish. No body will aks.
That is politics. They are HIPOCRITE.

Anonymous,  20 August 2014 at 15:41  

If someone of Najibs quality an be a PM of Malaysia, any other moron can.
Najib is daily boasting and basking on how great a silent negotiator he is to secure the remains of MH 17 victims. And that MH370 Hishamuddin is quick to appear on TV 3suku, and UMNOs RTM Channel 1,2 to boast that Najib accomplish something that even Obama and Putin cannot do. How low can one get. They can hoodwink fool the village peasants but not the Malaysians with sober minds..

Anonymous,  20 August 2014 at 15:51  

Anon 11.42 what you said about that Aspan is correct. He must be angry that DAP did not appoint him as a Senator to replace Tunku Aziz. That is what is eating him up.

Anonymous,  20 August 2014 at 17:14  

Great article
Pirates of Putrajaya

Anonymous,  21 August 2014 at 18:44  

Ada faktor Anwar akan menjadi PM yang kurang baik tetapi TDM bukanlah seorang PM yang baik. Salah satu kelemahan Anwar ialah "insular mind and thought".

Anonymous,  22 August 2014 at 06:57  


Tulisan Datok adalah sebagai seorang kekasih. Teramat dirindui, selalu mahu bertandang melihat dan membaca. Datang tanpa dijemput,2 tiga kali sehari. Ah betul lah Blok ini adalah bak kekasih. Selamat menulis...dan selamat hari raya.


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