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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 9 August 2014

Khalid Ibrahim is Sacked.

Khalid Ibrahim has been sacked. I count myself among the earliest who advocated this action. It is the right decision. Now, its time to brace ourselves for the possibilites. 
Ironically Khalid is also the person who can stabilize Selangor politics. After accepting the sacking, he goes before HRH the Sultan of Selangor and proposes the name of the person whom PR has endorsed. The person is most likely to come from PKR. If he does this, things go back to normalcy.
But Khalid can also be Khalid the Destroyer. He has been shamed. He wants revenge. Let the bones turn white, never the eyes says the Malay saying.
I have written a number of articles on the Khalid Ibrahim issue. I wrote my first article on the issue on the 31st of July. I gave a few possibilities. (1) if Khalid has moral values, he ought to tender his resignation. He did not and thus I am able to conclude that Khalid has no moral scruples. You may disagree with this. But this is my political opinion.
(2) The house can convene and moves a motion of no confidence. By doing that he holds PKR at ransom- because Khalid shows he does not have the interests of the party in his heart. Tan Sri Mat Taib or Mat Tyson said it most appropriately- Khalid thinks the MB post is an heirloom belonging to him.
(3) The party could sack him. Indeed I mentioned this several times in the articles I wrote.
The lawyers will look at the issue from a purely legalistic angle. They will say, Khalid is technically still the MB as he can only be removed by a vote of no confidence. This means all the parties in the House will convene and decide how it will be. I shall steer away from discussing the legalistic issues. 
Let us look as the political possibilities.
Khalid is an independent now. This means PKR has 13 seats. DAP has 15 seats and PA has 15 seats. UMNO has 12. Unless PAS has no sense of propriety, it will accept Khalid Ibrahim as member and may want to suggest that he remains as MB. If PAS does this, it has no sense of camaraderie and loyalty among brother parties. I hope PAS has a sense of fealty. I really hope so because nowadays it’s difficult to reason with people who claim to have divine authority. PKR and DAP especially are secular heathens!
To do that PAS has to secure the support of DAP and PKR. I think it will not be possible to get support from PKR since it is PKR who sacked him in the first place.
I don’t think Khalid can get support from DAP since Khalid has gone on record to say that all this while DAP has been against his agenda to apply Islamic whatever. This is a new twist from Khalid and is the unkindest cut. It’s also the deepest cut since DAP has been supportive of him and through its support, Khalid went on to become MB.Khalid has dishonoured himself.
So where he will go? He can go to UMNO and that swells UMNO’s number to 13. What will UMNO do?
UMNO will advise Khalid not to go and see the Sultan first. No hurry Tan Sri- make Anwar squirm. Now, my colleagues in the DAP, Segambut and PJ Utara have different definitions of squirm. I shall not elaborate.
Don’t rush Tan Sri- Not until UMNO can negotiate with some PAS and even PR assemblymen. Pay them to abandon their respective parties. Buy 10 from PAS and another 10 from PKR, UMNO with Khalid will be 33 seats strong. DAP remains at 15, PKR less 10 will have 3 and PAS less 10 will have 5. UMNO/BN has 33 while the 3 partners of PR have 23.
Is UMMO willing to buy 10 each from PAS and PKR? Pay the 20 prospects RM10 million each, UMNO spends only RM200 million. Didn’t Khalid accumulate more than RM3 billion? Heck pay each of them RM25 million, UMNO will spend only RM500 million. All can be reimbursed from the cash reserves our dear Khalid Ibrahim has accumulated!
If they are wiling because they are after Selangor and perhaps have the additional motivation to present Selangor to Najib since its Najib who lost Selangor, getting Selangor at all cost is the overriding objective.
This is possible because Khalid Ibrahim made it so. So Khalid in his last throes can be both a saviour and destroyer. 
if he is just vengeful and does not want to go to bed with UMNO, we are going to the hustings. 


Anonymous,  9 August 2014 at 22:44  

Dato, it was the right decision and should have been made earlier. No more labour pains.

bruno 9 August 2014 at 23:32  

Dato,now that Khalid has been sacked from PKR,it is time for him to take a break from politics and tend to his grand children.After all family is more important than politics to Khalid.Maybe to Anwar politics and self glorification are more important.

One thing I am pretty sure is that Khalid will not go over to Umno.He has more dignity than to fall this low,and will go off quitely and ride into the sunset.Politics is definitely over for him.His recent stuborness is to spite those causing all these betrayals and humilation to him.

The most despised man after this MB saga will be Anwar.This man has stoop so low to achieve his political goals.From an aspiring PM to MB to a political clown.He forgot whom his real friends were when he was on taxpayers subsidies in Sungei Buloh.Khalid was one of the few prominent visitors he had.Others shunned him like the plaque.Anwar should do the rakyat a favor and spend his retirement in where he is dutifully bound on rakyat subsidise accomodations in the coming months.

Anonymous,  9 August 2014 at 23:46  

Askm tok
Tski dah x gagap....
Kalau dia gagap lagi dia xkn Lwn anwar

bruno 10 August 2014 at 00:26  

Now that the Selangor MB crisis is soon to be over,who ends up the winners and benefit the most.

Umno,with step brothers Mca,Mic and Gerakan benefits the most,without lifting a finger to see Pkr on a self destructing path,not shooting themselves on the foot but in the asses.The BN is of course helping out by donating containers of jelly to the Pkr and PR to rub on their sore asses.

To test their strength and the rakyat's patience,the Pkr should have real balls to call for a snap election.It is fair for the rakyat to decide if they would still want the PR to govern Selangor.The PR will still retain Selangor but with the three parties in the coalition giving back some seats each to Umno/BN.This is the reality of what will happen if a snap election is called unless all the Dyana Sofas are fielded as candidates to save the PR pact.

Anonymous,  10 August 2014 at 00:31  

kami penyokong anwar dlm pas dan pkr menyokong ketum pkr.kami bodoh je,kami taat pada anwar mebabi buta

Mordecai Kucai 10 August 2014 at 02:22  

Alasan2 bodoh dan kebudak budakan oleh PKR.

Apa yg di langgar oleh Khalid dlm perlembagaan parti yg sebabkan dia dibuang.

Alasan2 yg diberi adalah di liar borang kuasa perlembagaan PKR.

Kalau Khalid menuntut keadilan Dari Pendaftar Pertubuhan dan mohon dibicara berlandaskan perlembagaan PKR. Sesuatu yang buruk akan berlaku pads PKR.

Kalau perkara ini di heret ke mahkamah lagi jahanam.

Kalau majlis Presiden PKR berakal, malam ni mereka tak lena tidur.

the gaffe guy who know's,  10 August 2014 at 05:40  

The saga of MB Khalid is over or rather almost over.What is the cost of all these shameless acts of trying to bring down Khalid.Well,the cost is heavy and it has brought disgrace and gutter politics to a lowest level for Anwar,Rafizi and PKR.

Anwar,Rafizi and PKR are now wounded animals.In politics it is called lame ducks.It is for all eyes to see what a man Anwar is.He is power crazy and will do wharever he can to get what he wants.All these shame for a MB position for his wife and to get hid hands at the three billion reserves in the state coffers.And no one jantan in his camp got the nuts to tell him off or give him the middle fingers? What the heck is happening?Another Umno clone?

Noradz 10 August 2014 at 08:09  

Now Tan Sri Khalid can do whatever he wants. He does not need to answer to PKR anymore which is good. He can now focus in doing his MB job as transparent and professionally without the hanky panky. PKR is a corrupt party...period!

Anonymous,  10 August 2014 at 09:02  

No more painting this person or that person black or white, good or bad. Let's all move on, get the change process done and over with.

Anonymous,  10 August 2014 at 10:41  

You are a clown and very open to corruption. You can accept Khalid 's rm3 b corruption but prepared to curse DSAI who has suffered the Anwar family for 15 years with trumped out charges compromised police , AG, Judiciary and the whole lot . DSAI is the only former umno leader who stood up to mahavillan mahatir n his crony supporters , while TRH Musa Hitam live a world of luxury in the face of Malaysia being ruled by murderers and thieves afraid that that will end if they stand up against umno n it's deceitful rule. This whole selangor mb issue is najib game unsung Khalid n umno loving pas ulama ( since 2008)

Anonymous,  10 August 2014 at 10:54  

Hiyahhh...use your common sense lahhh. Khalid was MB for a good 5yrs and was re-nominated as Mb for the 2nd term. That shows how much PKR valued him. As an observer then, I was also rooting for Khalid and hoped he was appointed back then in favor of Aznmin. His conduct now in refusing to resign when asked by his party left me speechless and dumbfounded.

There must have been good reasons why PKR ask him to relinguish the MB's post this time around. Except for the ulamaks in Pas, all the component parties and the stakeholders are also asking for Khalid's removal.

Defying party's order or instruction is the gravest sin or crime that one can commit and the punishment is no other than sacking. What more when you attack the party who nominated your MBship. And having someone who thinks he is more important than the party is nightmarish.

I thought Saifuddin had already explained in detail the reasons behind Khalid's removal in his the Star interview. Khalid would do good if he rebuts all of Saifuddin's allegation.

Anonymous,  10 August 2014 at 11:00  

1. Apa yang khalid cakap hari ni sama dengan apa yang annuar cakap masa kena tendang dari umno. " conspiracy "
2. Annuar boleh lewatkan keputusan mahkamah sehingga 60 kali. Tapi khalid tak boleh lewat walaupun seminggu.
3.Kesalahan khalid adalah kerana azizah nak jadi mb. Kesalahan annuar adalah moralnya sendiri
4 kesalahan khalid adalah terlalu mementingkan rakyat. Annuar pula mementingkan pribadi.

La ni adakah pkr mahu menuntut pilihanraya baru seperti dituntut diperak atau pun hanya pertukaran mb.
jika hanya pertukaran mb , terbukti pkr adalah HIPOKRIT OF THE HIGHEST ORDER Kerana diperak pkr bising mahukan pilihanraya.

Anonymous,  10 August 2014 at 11:04  

Kesian Khalid Ibrahim.... Dia telah diberi nasihat2 yang tidak berguna olih punahsihat2nya ...Faekah, Raja Idris/Petra, Din Ayam...dan lain2 orang berkepentingan.

Kesian2...legacy Khalid hancor lebor..dileburkan olih punahsihat2nya. Khalid sepatutnya berundur atas nasihat/arahan parti dan beliau pasti akan disanjung tinggi olih orang ramai sebagai...'the best MB Sgor has ever had....rightly or wrongly, it doesn't matter.'

Anonymous,  10 August 2014 at 12:00  

In all honesty I believe the sultan should just ask him to resign to put an end to all this mess.
PR can then present its candidate and he/she can go to the assembly for a confidence vote.
The sultan should not entertain Khalid's demands.

Anonymous,  10 August 2014 at 13:03  

Has this once respected mb cross over to the devil?
Bank islam settlement the connecting dot?
Pkns fought tooth and nail over pj sentral
Suddenly pkns shake hand and gave away their irights in return for a development rights for an office building!!!
Hello the lands belong to the sttae in the first place
What a come down?

hamzah,  10 August 2014 at 16:50  

Khalid Ibrahim ini memang muka tembok! Khalid mesti sedar kerana PKR dia telah mendapat kedudukan sekarang! Tanpa PKR khalid is nobody !Khalid is a desperado ..UMNO Selangor tidak senang dg tingkah laku Khalid.Oleh itu dia tidak mendapat tempat di Kuala Selangor sendiri!Rakyat Selangor tidak beli dg paluan rebana Khalid ahli korporat.Khalid ini egoist!sebab itu dia gagap nak bercakap kerana dalam kepala nya untuk kepentingan Khalid.

Saya menyokong dg kata-kata jawatan MB itu bukan Bapak Khalid! Parti dah tidak mau tunggu apa lagi ??Khalid ini ibarat duri dalam daging.

Anonymous,  10 August 2014 at 16:56  

Masalah nya skrang ni ialah sultan mungkin di pengaruhi besar oleh celaka puak UMNO tu.

Anonymous,  10 August 2014 at 18:20  

Khalid should not and must not involve the ruler in his plans. This is most unheard of. He has been sacked from PKR, and at the outset of this sorry saga, Hadi already declared PAS will not accept Khalid into PAS. Now you have this MB Kelantan turning the tables on Hadi. So where is Hadi now?

Anonymous,  10 August 2014 at 19:28  

Anyone who thinks Khalid will just fade away now is naive. Khalid has gone this far to wreck Selangor so that UMNO can go back in and rape the state. He still has more work to do because Pakatan is not really broken yet and he has to finish the job so that he is not bankrupted by Bank Islam.

Dignity, moral and self respect is not in Khalid's dictionary. That man has none of these at all.

We still have a lot more to see in the coming weeks. Order your popcorn and soft drink and sit back and watch the drama unfolds.

Anonymous,  10 August 2014 at 21:32  

Lt(B) Kamaruzzaman,

Tidak ada siapa cakap Khalid tidak berjasa kepada PKR atau Selangor.

Masalahnya, PKR mahu dia melepaskan jawatan sebab isu integrity iaitu masalah hutang RM70juta dengan bank Islam yang diselesaikan olih Umno..iaitu Khalid tak payah bayar.

Umno tak bagi free,,tahu. Dia hendak Khalid porak perandakan PR. Khalid tak mahu lepas jawatan Mb kerana dia diarahkan olih Umno berbuat demikian. Stay as Mb and create a lot of damage to PR. That is the price Khalid had to pay for the write off of his RM70million loan,

Anonymous,  10 August 2014 at 22:13  

PKR kerap tutuh Melayu sendiri.. too bad. Even on their own brothers.

Cahaya Qalbu,  10 August 2014 at 23:31  

Something maybe wrong, after 2008 and 2013 GE, but so many other good things were right too.

Should we compare BN of over 50 years rule with Pakatan in less than two terms in two states like Penang and Selangor??? Pakatan has done tremendously well incomparable with any past BN ruled or leaders.

Therefore the so called hiccups within PAKATAN is 100% not an issue...instead we must be grateful and broaden our minds for an open democratic debate within PAKATAN to do the right in openness rather than Umno/BN dictatorship style of hiding everything under the carpet... .

Selangor, the richest and most developed state in the country, with such a healthy majority and with so many voters supporting the Pakatan coalition,TSKI may single-handedly doing what Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan have not been able to do; to bring down Pakatan in the state and even nationally.

Is TSKI, after the Bank Islam out of court settlement, the Trojan horse implanted to destroy the unity and solidarity of PAS, and indirectly that of Pakatan ???

TSKI should go through each
allegation and explain it to the public. Not because he has to (legally, he doesn’t) but because.. keeping his name clean and integrity intact is a moral obligation to the Selangor’s voters….

PKR is the glue that holds Pakatan together, which UMNO/BN knows very well. Those who try to weaken PKR are falling into UMNO’s deadly trap, whether consciously or not....

The series of disturbing questions posed by TSKI to which he has persistently failed to answer in the past are self-evident of serious improprieties if not criminal breach of trust, corruption and abuse of power..

Hence, unless Khalid Ibrahim can come up with satisfactory answers, any member who supports him to stay as MB in the coming PAS Central Committee meeting on Aug 17 may be looked upon as abetting Khalid’s misconduct/criminal acts.

It is also pertinent to note that PAS Shura Council’s decision to back Khalid Ibrahim is a conditional support. And the condition is that Khalid is free of any breach of public trust. With that condition being unfulfilled as it appears to be the case now, the Council’s earlier decision to back TSKI should become void.

PAS Central Committee meeting on Aug 17 should therefore deliberate objectively on the Khalid Ibrahim case based on the facts as available to them there and then, unencumbered by PAS Shura Council’s earlier decision....

It is not an exaggeration to say that PAS's image as a moderate Muslim party and its appeal to voters across racial and religious lines was largely because of leaders such as Mohammad Nizar Jamaludin, Hanipa Maidin, Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, Khalid Samad and few other broad-minded individuals in the party.

Without them, PAS is susceptible as a force in elections as it is regarded by many non-Malay, younger semi-urban and urban voters as a conservative party..



Anonymous,  11 August 2014 at 01:13  

Anon 10.54, you may as well carry three heads on your without eyes, one without mouth and the other one without ears.

the gaffe guy who know's,  11 August 2014 at 02:29  

Khalid is going an eye for an eye.Anwar,Rafizi and their blind followers totally under estimated Khalid's resolve.Being ignorant as Rafidi,all their followers thought that Khalid will have his tail between his legs when push comes to shove.

Now Khalid is digging in stubornly and their plans have all backfired.When the fire has been put out all these so call blind followers with have their asses colored with blue,black and purple bruises.

bruno 11 August 2014 at 04:21  

I only came to hear and know a little bit about Khalid during his PNB days and the lightning takeover of Guthries in London.That was a very long time ago,maybe thirty years or more.

Khalid is not so greedy or power crazy as people seems to read because of his refusal to step down as MB.The man feels betrayed and hurt by the people he trusts stabbing and planning his downfall behind his back because he refuses to play ball.

If he is greedy and power crazy he would have played the politician and consolidate his power.He had all the time five years or more, and as MB he had the power to use the resources of the state.But he never did that.

If he is corrupt all the side deals he did would have been revealed by that smart ass Rafizi.The reason Rafizi has nothing concrete to offer means he has nothing on Khalid.All allegations by Rafizi and his puppet followers.Now why has Khalid to refute any or all allegations thrown at him by his sworn enemies.If he do then who is going to do the MB's job.Anwar?

Anonymous,  11 August 2014 at 06:54  

Bro klu nak kira jasa... sebelum dsai buat refomasi atau pr berapa kerusi pas... brapa kerudi bn?
Adakah dsai tiada jasa?
Bila nak balas jasa...

Jgn ungkit jasa... adakah kami dibawsh ne x de jasa?

Anonymous,  11 August 2014 at 07:19  

Harap Khalid be like Anwar..Lawan tetap Lawan. A man of principle shall hold dearly to his principle no matter at what costs. We cant allow a country to be controlled by a corrupt and convicted leader that try to replace Khalid with his wife. Kalau bukan kroni of the highest order, apa ni??

Khalid will be always be remembered in history as someone clean and did not succumbed to political pressure.

ihsan,  11 August 2014 at 09:23  

khalid ni patut terima je arahan dh tikam ko, patutnya terima, nk kira jasa ko sorg je..rakyat pon banyak berjasa,DSAI lg byk jasa, antaranya lu pikir la sendiri..igt prinsip kita nk naikkan DSAI, Wan Azizah tu kn berpengalaman luas dan sangat bijak..kenapa TSKI xnampak lagi..lepas DSAI dh expired kita bg kt DAP pulak, pastu melayu mula bangkit, dapat kt UMNO blk..jap..PAS dkt mana?bila nk bertindak?

Mazlan,  11 August 2014 at 10:03  

I have dealt with TS Khalid on a number of occasions in organising inward investment into Selangor. The man was always attentive to detail, straight forward and made sure things were done in a proper manner.
One of the reasons I voted PR was because of him. A man who has not resorted to name calling or slander.
Despite all the mud thrown at hime - there is not one shred of evidence that had been produced to show him corrupt or compromised.
He has always said that if the PR wish to replace him it must be done in a proper manner. And the replacement must be someone who has Selangor's interests at heart. I have no trust in Azmin Ali and Kak Wan is a nice lady - but has clearly shown herself to be someone who will be managed by her husband and her advisers.
People forget that it was TS Khalid who helped out DSAI's family whilst he was in prison.
I was hoping PR show itself better and more honorable than BN. So far it ahs failed to show that.

Krishna 11 August 2014 at 11:45  

Asking Khalid to be loyal to PKR now is absurd. He is no longer a member of PKR since they have sacked him. He will certainly have no good word for PKR since PKR publicly humiliated him and continue to humiliate him much to chagrin of even PKR members.

Yes I think the scenario that Khalid will do nothing for the moment is the most likely one. Not just for UMNO to buy over the likely turncoats but to arrange for Anwar's incarceration.

I thought DAP was a much better party than it has now turned out to be.

Anonymous,  11 August 2014 at 17:18  

Who is right, wrong, legal, illegal, with or without support is all besides the real issue.
Discipline is what it's all about, and if this is lost, then the whole country will be lost.
Imagine if the MB joins PAS or UMNO and one fine day tells his benefactor, I do not need you, get lost. OR, imagine if Hadi tells PAS that he wants to remain the President of his party even though his committee tells him they have lost confidence in him. Does PAS or UMNO need this kind of scenario ? Expand this into the larger realm of civil service and national security where obedience and discipline are vitally crucial.

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