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Friday, 15 August 2014

How to Straighten a Wet Thread Using Convoluted Logic

I have said it in an earlier article. We are all waiting for PAS now. But PAS cannot blame anyone for being angry at the party and making negative inferences about it. We can’t, using the much used term- say shut the F**k-up to some people who want to express their views. In this important issue of Khalid’s recalcitrant holding on to the MB’s post, there are bound to be strong differing views. That also include expressions on PAS political inertia even after accepting its rationalisation that it’s not like replacing a ketua kampong.
In the last few hours I have seen many attempts at bullshitting. It’s all just attempts to straighten a wet thread. One PAS exco member says, they are staying behind to safeguard the RM3.2 billion cash reserves from falling into the hands of UMNO. Pray tell how. That is only possible if UMNO takes over the Selangor state government. With 12 people how is that possible? With Khalid, they will have 13 people strong. With 13 pas members, a government made up of 26 people, some made excos and other back- benchers, UMNO still cannot form a government.
My guess is Khalid will wait for a right time to recommend dissolution of the Selangor state assembly. It won’t even go to the stage of ascertaining a vote of confidence.
So to the stragglers, we can only say, you stay because you want to or are ordered to do so. Let us not insult the intelligence of others. It’s irrelevant even if the statement is issued by an ustaz. It’s not a word of God.
There is also an attempt at verbal semantics- by applying the philosopher‘s art of disputing everything. It goes something like this; How are we sure the people in the minority are wrong and the people in the majority right? That kind of approach would require an extraordinary skill in dissecting a human brain to discover what is inside their minds. You have signals from the majority and you want to belabour the obvious.
The practical and conventional method is a better way to discern higher legitimacy. What is the method? Accept the practical and the conventional. Surely the majority counts for something. The people in the majority must by definition have a better legitimacy to affirm a proposition. If the majority proposes that Khalid is no longer fit to become MB, do we reject that affirmation by saying- no, the majority is wrong, the minority is right?
If we do the unconventional because we are motivated by vengeful thoughts, then we celebrate the tyranny of the minority because we have applied a dubious logic. Even in a judgement where there is a dissenting view, while it is respected,the views of the majority is upheld in the judgement.
The sentiment is the same in politics. The voice of the majority is taken as a more valid affirmation of a proposition. If I say a person has more support because he has the bigger number of votes than a person with less number, that proposition ought to be accepted.  We are certainly trying to straighten a wet thread if we question whether the voice of the majority does represent a more legitimate proposition. If we reject the proposition that the majority represents a more legitimate preference, then we are living in a philosophical world and not the world of the reasonable man. In the world of the philosopher as well as the lost man, nothing is how it seems to be.
That would amount to saying that the 52% who voted for the PR or rejected the BN in GE13 cannot be accepted a representing a more legitimate voice than the 48%. If we keep insisting the 48% is a truer representation of people’s sentiments, there must something wrong with us.
We apply a convoluted logic then, when we tell people the 30 ADUNs who supported Wan Azizah do not present a truer picture of support but propose that the 26 people who support Khalid in potentia, represents the truer voice. I use the term in potentia- because as long as the purported support exists potentially, Khalid may not even have 26 supporters. 12 of them are certainly opposed to us in Pakatan. If Khalid counts the 12 as his supporters then he is clearly aligned to UMNO and if PAS comes in to support Khalid, that makes then accomplice to UMNO in insisting that Khalid is still MB.
What did Khalid claim actually when he met up with HRH the Sultan of Selangor?  This is not a question of forming a legitimate exco. Perhaps it’s true that in order to form a legitimate exco- you only need 4 other persons. But you still do not command a majority of the exco. Didn’t Khalid sack more than 4 excos, which means he does not have a majority even within the exco?
The issue is not a legal one. This should be obvious to everyone. The issue here is of political legitimacy. Khalid hasn’t got political legitimacy because he was sacked from PKR and he does not command the majority of the ADUNs in the Dewan. If he has not got the political legitimacy, then on what basis and authority can he sack members of the exco?
He holds the office of MB on a purely legalistic arrangement. That is until November when the Dewan sits and deliberates on the dewan business. The first order of business will surely be the tabling of a vote of no confidence.
Khalid is holding everyone at ransom now. Khalid is punishing not only the other legitimately elected reps and ADUNs, but he is holding the whole state of Selangor at ransom. In law, he may hold on to the MB post, but in substance he is rejected by the people.
I am not ready to concede that the people of Selangor want Khalid to stay on. From where do we get this information? The information is spread around by the chattering crowd who whisper along the corridors and maintain that all the accusations against Khalid are not true. It is the Goebbelsian logic of repeating lies sufficiently frequent so they assume the status of truths. Certainly to those who employ convoluted logic to straighten a wet thread, lies are true, and truths become lies.


Anonymous,  15 August 2014 at 19:12  

An excellent presentation but Dato why would an independent MB be granted an audience by the Sultan and not Wan Azizah?
Would Khalid be able to remain as MB and then sack his Excos without the sultans approval?
In fact the sultan could have put every thing right on the very day Khalid was sacked by his party. Why didn't he? Something is not right here.

Anonymous,  15 August 2014 at 20:25  

You can't blame Khalid totally in this crisis. Khalid is behaving like a monkey who has gotten a ring. The bigger blame should be shouldered by the Sultan.

The Sultan knew for a fact that PR has 44 Aduns compared to Umno's 12; and Khalid was sacked by PKR. He should have ordered the Speaker to convene a special Assy to determine whether Khalid has confidence of the majority. That would have solved the problem forthwith.

The sultan's consenting to Khalid's request to continue as MB is the cause of the present crisis.

The Sultan has a constitutional duty and responsibility to grant Wan Azizah and audience. He is either to appoint Wan Azizah as MB or consent to the Speaker holding a special Assy.

Very sad indeed....Selangor with the mad Khalid as an illegitimate MB, is burning and the Sultan who has a constitutional role to see the matter settled is away holidaying overseas.

Anonymous,  15 August 2014 at 21:21  


PAS is waiting for the answer from the heavens whether to support Khalid Ibrahim and therefore UMNO or to support the decision of PKR and DAP. In reality PAS is trying to be the "Kingmaker" thinking it can hold PKR and DAP to ransom. In a way, there's no difference between PAS and Khalid Ibrahim as they are both recalcitrants.

Noradz 15 August 2014 at 21:53  

This MB Selangor issue is getting more and more interesting day by day. Lets see who will come out on top in the end. But it is sad to see an alternative option to BN.aka. Pakatan Rakyat cannot even manage their own people. I guess Pakatan Rakyat still has a lot to terms of governing. I just hope for the best in Selangor.

bruno 15 August 2014 at 22:37  

Dato,in politics it is public perception that counts.The public perception is with Khalid,be it because of sympathy or because of the good work he has done.

All along we have heard of the good work he has done and the three billion reserves stashed in Fort Knox.

Then we heard rumblings that he wasn't a team player and will not use the state's reserves to further his party's political purposes.Then we have Rafizi come out attacking Khalid,and soon after we have that bodek kaki creep resigning as Kajang adun.The attacks at Khalid never stop after that with more PKR and DAP politicians joining the party.

The way that Khalid was hounded and gutter politics being at its worst, makes the public more angry at the PKR and it's allies then at Khalid hanging on as MB,even after being sacked from PKR.Can anybody remember when was the last time that Umno gutter politics was at this level,if it ever got this low.To the public the attack at Khalid is not what politicians do but looks rather personal.

PKR's dossier against Khalid are all sheer allegations.Where are the facts like the ones about cow's condo.Khalid can come out with his own dossier and alleged wrong doings about Anwar,Rafizi and their family dogs and cats.But this will also be just sheer allegations.

Whatever the outcome of this MB saga,even if and most probably PR will retain the state gomen had set PKR politics backwards for at least five years if not more.If a snap election is being called,Umno/BN will be a very happy family.You guys better believe it.Never take the rakyat's support for granted or you PR aduns might be sitting on the opposition bench next.

bruno 15 August 2014 at 23:50  

Being a staunch PR supporter,I am very dissapointed and disgusted at how this MB wayang has been playing out.This is a major setback for the coalition pact.If anyone thinks that this will not hurt their support or performance in the future,this fellow must be a fool.And all UMNO/BN has to do is sit confy on the front rows and clap and cheer them on.

Anonymous,  16 August 2014 at 00:23  

Are there further convoluted moves to frustrate the will of the Selangor rakyat? Something is not right here.

Anonymous,  16 August 2014 at 00:40  

there is a vacuum in the Selangor govt? There is now no legitimate MB. Is the ruler still satisfied that Khalid has majority support? Based on what premise? What information did Khalid provide him? Khalid cannot pass the buck to the ruler this time, asking all and sundry to write to the ruler for an explanation. Highly disrespectful !! Something smells here.

bruno 16 August 2014 at 00:40  

Well,the two PAS aduns only came out to openly support Wan Azizah less than 48 hrs ago.So how can Khalid bluff the Sultan when he last saw him more than 48 hrs ago?In fact it was more than 96 hrs ago.Com'on,you guys,give some room to poor Khalid to breathe.Also do not bring the sultan into taking sides with Khalid.The sultan also read the news to,you know and he will not be happy.And you guys will need the sultan later so better not to pissed the sultan off.It is not good to shoot your sore asses so often.

Anonymous,  16 August 2014 at 01:21  

Bruno, 00:40
Something is off tangent, was there a later communication to the ruler again. Read the tenor of Khalid's statement tonight:

"Tuanku Sultan has stated that he is satisfied that I have the majority support of the assemblymen when I briefed him on August 11, 2014," Khalid said in a statement issued in state capital Shah Alam tonight.

"Furthermore, Tuanku Sultan has stated that I don't make a decision or announce anything about the menteri besar post until he returns on August 27 for me to have an audience with him," he added.

He said the ruler's directive came after he had communicated with the ruler on the latest developments, including the sentiments among the Selangor assemblymen.

"I advise those relevant parties who claim I have misled Tuanku Sultan to write to His Highness to get an explanation," Khalid said.
- See more at:

ordinary malaysian 16 August 2014 at 05:32  

Now it is not even a question of whether Khalid's 4 men exco is a legitimate administration.

Following the FC decision on the Perak MB fiasco, Khalid is already an illegitimate MB. In fact, it seems that Selangor is without a government to talk about.

Any decision Khalid's admin makes and contracts signed may be said to have no legal basis and may be unenforceable in law.

That is the untenable situation the state is being put to by the obstinacy of one man and perhaps the greed of others.

Any other arguments or justifications put forward to assert that Khalid is right belabours the point.

Convoluted logic is resorted to because there is no way out of the obvious and only mumbo jumbo might just convince the cerebrally challenged - which is basically all those who won't listen anyway, except to their or their master's voice.

To the rest of us, a wet thread can't be untangled just by resorting to laboured treachery of the mind.

Only honest labour and clear thinking might help.

And a sense of decency to boot.

Anonymous,  16 August 2014 at 10:04  

It's quite obvious that UMNO is hiding behind the whole drama and pulling the strings. Who doesn't know UMNO's capabilities. It has been running the country for almost 60 donkey years and in every Institution and department there are UMNO goons living and surviving on their kick-backs. Some are happy with little crumbs thrown at them, some are happy they got huge crumbs and some are happy they not only get huge crumbs but their names are connected to the ...corridors or power. Some are pariah dogs,some are of their higher breeds. It depends on one's ranking.
Selangor's dilemma obviously is political and not much of legality involved. Like you mentioned in your coloumn Dato, I agree with you. Khalid has no political legitimacy to hang on and where legal legitamcy he has none too since he lost the political legitimacy. Now he stubbornly stays there in the MB's chair either by choice or by the choice of the puppet masters who have all the time till Nov.2014 to plan their last move. Conveniently the sultan has gone on long leave and does this coincide with anything the puppet master is planning and to launch the final countdown. I think Khalid on his own would have been looking at the barren hill after the 2 PAS DUNs gave their allegiance to Wan Azizah as MB and might have decided to call off the whole drama but he can't as yet as someone else could be calling the shots.
As a rakyat, I hope this drama ends soon and let the political legitimacy rule over everything. Otherwise, there is no meaning of running elections every five years. It's high time for the state government to amend the state constitution to give a clearer mandate so that clear guidelines be formed to tackle issues like the one's the rakyat is facing today. It shoulkd be a straight forward rule to call for the emergency sitting of the dewan and pass a motion of no confidence against the MB and the new MB takes over to go over to the Istana to take an oath of allegiance on the MB's position and handover the position to the Dewan if faced by any crisis and not wait for sultan. The sultan shouldn't be burdened in a political crisis.

Anonymous,  16 August 2014 at 11:19  

The wishes of the rakyat rules supreme. That is what democracy is all about. Period.

Any manoeuvring by any person or party to subvert this will be considered going backwards to feudalism and unconstitutional. Merdeka would then be meaningless to us, the rakyat.

Wan Azizah has proven she holds the majority support and is the nominated candidate for MB. Let her begin her work. Not to be able to do so will be a gross travesty. If the rakyat later feels she does not live up to expectations, use the next GE to show this. I can cite other MBs who do not even possess a shadow of her talent and integrity. She cannot be passed over because of her gender, or because she is the wife of Anwar, or because one 'feels' she does not have the experience, and a host of other excuses that are being trumped up. She was elected in, she has the support, and she is the rightful MB. Let no one deny her.
Khalid was appointed the MB with plenty of high-fives, look the circus show going on now, an independent holding the rakyat to ransom. Wan Azizah as the MB will bring reconciliation, clarity, team spirit, capability to helm the Selangor govt. She is not a one-woman show, her excos are there to carry out their responsibilities.
Any talk of appointing a minority govt will be illegitimate and abuse of the constitution and underestimating the rakyat. Here, the rule of law and public perception are aligned.

Suci Dalam Debu 16 August 2014 at 11:47  

PAS thinks that it can walk on water now having deliberately ignoring and discounting the support from PR.

clearwater,  16 August 2014 at 13:46  

I was never comfortable with Khalid for I could'nt fathom why a former corporate don would consent to be a mere low paid politician. He surely was'nt going to do national service out of the goodness of his heart. These business types are pragmatists and so it proved to be.

Anonymous,  16 August 2014 at 14:19  

Do you know why this is dragging on and silence from UMNO. I can bet my bottom RM that UMNO is trying to buy buy buy buy buy......Believe you me.

Anonymous,  16 August 2014 at 15:07  

If the MB loving Khalid gets his wish to dissolve the Assembly, PAS will be the BIGGEST loser. No one will vote for them.

Whatever the outcome from their Sunday meeting, they are already finished as a political party.

I suspect their top leadership is controlled by SCUMNO (just like the Hamas leadership is controlled by Israel). This is the way for UMNO to kill off PAS and Pakatan by making sure PAS commits hara-kiri.

Anonymous,  16 August 2014 at 15:17  

It's almost similar to the PM's position when the court rule that Umno is an illegal party.

Mazlan,  17 August 2014 at 01:42  

don't blame PAS or Khalid for this mess.
And don't think Sultan is ignorant. He does not simply take the word of Khalid without referring to lwayers and the constitution.
PAS wants to be treated as a equal partner - indeed they hold more seats than PKR.
They have wanted a good reason for removing Khalid and a good reason for Wan Azizah as MB. Til now all we have is conjecture and NO evidence. The same standards set for Anwar Ibrahim by Pakatan should be set for TS Khalid - a person is innocent UNTIL proven guilty. SELCAT headed by DAP speaker Hannah Yeoh exists to monitor these things.
The Sultan and Khalid have always wanted a legitimite assembly vote to decide the matter.
As for Wan Azizah - it is convention that the MB of a royal state should be someone from that state - an anak jati Selangor.
Can you blame Khalid and PAS for taking umbrage at a kangaroo court system.
Remember the Sultan has final say on this matter and insulting him won't help your cause.
As a long term PR supporter - if I feel this way how do you think the mahority of voters who sit in the middle view this?

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