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Monday 21 October 2013

The UMNO Elections: Winners and Losers

I sent a message to a friend; that was before the results for the UMNO VP race were announced fully- I said if Mukhriz loses, tomorrow Dr Mahathir will come out with guns blazing. Now that Mukhriz has lost, Dr Mahathir will be on attack mode. He is going to launch a series of attacks until Najib is evicted from office. He has already laid down the issues- Najibs failure at transformation, incompetence at managing the economy and out of control spending. He even took aim at Najib’s BR1M programs. Plus on the issues that only he and God knows.
 A few weeks ago, Tengku Razaleigh dismissed the idea that Dr Mahathir can influence delegates to vote in Mukhriz. . Yesterday on October 19, what Tengku Razaleigh said was proven right. Mukhriz failed to get a spot as UMNO’s VP. A few years ago, when Mukhriz contested the Ketua Pemuda post, he failed. This means Dr Mahathir has lost twice and his influence, just like UMNO is waning.
When I used the term waning, I am reminded of a conversation I had with another former UMNO leader about 3 years ago. Musa Hitam said, UMNO’s influence is waning. A few days ago interviewed by Bernama TV, Tun Musa Hitam lamented the dearth of real issues carried by the UMNO combatants’ in this 2013 UMNO elections. Candidates sold only one issue- reflective of their own besieged mentality that Malays are under attack. From who?
Its comeuppance for UMNO actually. What you reaped, is what you have sown. The government’s profligate spending now comes to haunt it. Corruption now comes to haunt it because the government allows it to become a culture. Race- relations are testing the government because it has sown the seeds of dissension. Its leadership is weakened because it has a system more able to produce mediocre but moneyed leaders.
Musa asked where are the substantive issues that are plaguing the country that should be the battle cry of UMNO leaders to show they are serious about the country. Where are the issues about corruption? About economic injustice? About homeland security? About forging unity among Malaysian races? None of these issues are talked about. Instead it’s the old story of how Malays are being attacked, their rights being questioned, special position of Malays threatened and so forth. I can only sympathise with Tun Musa Hitam.
 Back to Dr Mahathir, the man who can walk on water. It seems that Dr Mahathir is no longer relevant. It’s now time for Dr Mahathir to support the real forces which are trying to build a better Malaysia. Start by throwing out the band of half past six leaders and the party that is composed of stupid people. They can’t run this country. Dr Mahathir can redeem himself from all the wrong doings and mistakes he did during his 22 year rule by saving Malaysia from stupid, conniving and plundering leaders. I have no doubt Dr Mahathir can do this. He comes from enduring genetic stock- members of his family live are blessed with longevity. So he has many years to get rid of incompetent Najib. Start now.
At the first round when Mukhriz lost, Mahathir got his revenge by successfully engineering the exit of Abdullah Badawi. He was able to persuade UMNO leaders to revolt against Pak Lah because each of the leaders, just like the passengers in Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Murder on the Orient Express had their own interest to stab the American businessman. Najib and his gang on the UMNO choo- choo train, each their own reason to jettison Pak Lah.
The difference between Pak Lah and Najib, is that the former dozes off frequently. Because he falls asleep very often either because he likes to sleep or because he suffers from an ailment which he mentioned, Pak Lah was eventually ousted. Najib, on the other hand, while equally dumb and painfully indecisive, does not fall asleep while on the job.
Najib wants to checkmate Mahathir so he calls up the UMNO liaison chiefs and operatives at state levels saying he wants to retain status quo. When delivering the welcoming speech at the Pekan UMNO meet, he hinted for Hishamudin to be retained. This is how Najib works- I know because I was once his information chief. Avoiding direct frontal attacks, Najib will often use subterfuge and works insidiously. The man is a master at palace intrigue while maintaining a poker face. He makes personal calls and will offer a host of incentives.
If Dr Mahathir calls, what can he offer but a fading memory of who he once was? Out of power, means out of sight means Dr Mahathir is ignorable. The Dr is no longer someone who presides over life or death.  Soon, he can’t walk on water either.  
On 19th October, Pak Lah announces he will retire from politics. The difference between Pak lah and Dr Mahathir is that the former is believable. With his retirement, where is Dr Mahathir’s own existence? Dr Mahathir's own existence is defined if he has enemies to feed his adrenalin rush- with Pak Lah gone, who does he have? He hasn’t got anyone else to serve as bogeyman. He has no punching back. Anwar Ibrahim? Dr Mahathir knows Anwar Ibrahim will go on sabbatical for an extended time as the Government’s house guest, soon. Pak Lah can go to sleep soundly at night and he is actually a brave man for he sleeps with a Jinn Jeanne.
Dr Mahathir now will spend his waking hours with insatiable rage. So from now on here, Dr Mahathir will train his canons towards Najib.and boy, does he have many.
It’s time for the Sabah UMNO people to stand up and prove they love Dr Mahathir as one delegate from there said we Sabahans haven’t forgotten how Mahathir was humiliated- we will stand by him! So prove to Malaysia that Sabahans’ TATAP love for DR Mahathir is stronger that their liking of the envelops being passed around. Mana itu enbelop ba…
Let’s talk about the money now.
Look at the simple arithmetic. If each of the 146,000 delegates to the 191 divisional meets took RM500 from the candidates for MKT, conservatively, they raked in RM73 million. For each candidate vying for the VP post, the going rate for buying delegates’ vote was RM1000. That’s another 146,000 x RM1000= RM146 million. Total? More than Rm200 million and that is a conservative estimate.
What about the expenses of the storm toppers spreading across the country feting the 191 divisions? Each VP candidate has at least 10 operatives for each division. If 10 people work on 191 divisions, you have 1910 operatives. If each were paid RM20, 000 for two week’s work, that’s another RM38 million. That’s more than RM250 million already.
I am not surprised if the amount of money circulating during the UMNO elections, was more than RM400 million.


Anonymous,  21 October 2013 at 10:47  

salam dato,

a glass which is half-full is also half-empty depending on how we look at it.

i will not say that Dr. M's influence is waning.

The only reason is that the systems in UMNO is such that it is not easy to go against the entrenched incumbents.

Mukhriz like Muhyddin said did very well first time with 91 vs Hishamuddin's 100 (100s is the simple majority for VP post)

But if this were to be looked at subtely, if Mukhriz scored 92; it will be 99 for Hishamuddin, M's 93 vs 98 for H, M's 94 vs 97 for H and 95 vs 96, and 96 versus 95.

In essence, Mukhriz is only 6 votes away to defeat Hishamuddin.

It's therefore a simple equation of $$$$ and incumbency which has saved Hishamuddin this time. If there is a clear majority, Hishamuddin's numbers shall be as high as what Zahid Hamidi + Shafie Apdal's numbers range.

What is now in stored for UMNO is how this dynaties of ex-PM's offspring shall battle. son of Razak, son of Hussein Onn, son in law of Badawi, vs son of MM.

as long as Dr. M's around, his valuable Perkasa and etc minions will work the ground to de-stabilize the trinity of Najib, Hishamuddin and Badawi from within and outside as well.

with power + money of course; oil and gas and MBship of some remote northern state.


Anonymous,  21 October 2013 at 16:10  

BIG daddy implies UMNO must have new blood for his own heir !? There are people who wished Mukhriz had won as he is young and smart. YUP being the mouthpiece of his daddy, his mega pemboros and super mega ego DNA, outdatedness, the not so young and smart Mukhriz will stay on for another 30 years once in the tyrant seat.

Not surprising to read that Mukhriz whines " I'm suddenly out of THE picture. It's my hope that party president DS Najib will consider appointing me into the Supreme Concil so that I could contribute towards doing better in the 14th general election " The Star, Mon 21/10

Jadi buat apa nak buat undian kalaulah boleh masuk ikut back door ? The delegates' choices not being recognised ? Tak kan tak boleh berkhidmat tanpa jawatan dlm supreme concil !? Eloklah lagi ramai gen z urbanites tak kan mengundi BN dlm pilihanraya ke 14 nanti, lagilah cepat UMNO edges to the brink of collapse !

Anonymous,  21 October 2013 at 17:07  

It is very easy to neutralize Mahathir if Najib is smart.

After 22 years in power, Mahathir has left behind many transgressions or loopholes for Najib to exploit. If Ah Jib Gor is smart, he can dig into the files and and list down a long list of offenses committed by Mahathir and be prepared to retaliate if Mahathir goes on the offensive.

Change the AG to somebody subservient and send off Gani Patail as ambassador to said Timbuktu and keep a Tiga -Lima dossier on him to keep him quiet after retirement and thrown in a few additional incentives- to neutralise him. Do the same for Ib Ali and Zul Nordin and enact laws to make racist NGOs like Perkasa/ Perkida/Dong Jiao Zhong/ Hindraf illegal.

Put Hishamuddin back as HM, Zahid back to defence( can threaten Najib in future because of his popularity); give other important cabinet posts to loyalists like Abd Rahman Dahlan, KJ, Shafie Apdal, Tok Pa, Ismail Sabri, Sabery Chik. Still can use Nasri as the attack poodle.

Not difficult to keep Mahathir at bay really.

Wonder why Pak Lah with all the power in his hands can surrender so meekly-unless he is sleepwalking.

Najib can really be the emperor with glitzy clothes and diamond- studded crown if he wants to. Just get off Madam's ketiak and with gun blazing, who is there to stop you, Ah Jib Gor?

Anonymous,  21 October 2013 at 18:41  

M has lost a few neurons through the decades. Jibby will be able to outwit M.

Pok Li,  21 October 2013 at 19:40  

How could Najib do it when his skeletons are in Mahathir's and AG's pockets? Mahathir is not stupid when come to play dirty. It's UMNO way, you scratch my back and I scratch yours.

As for Madam, do you think Najib has the balls?

Anonymous,  21 October 2013 at 19:43  

UMNO are ruled by a group of morons & idiots who will only enrich themselves & stealing the rakyat's money. This party must be kicked out ASAP.

Anonymous,  21 October 2013 at 20:34  

UMNO is actually a house of cards. It can collapse just by a soft breeze from Borneo.
Alternatively, someone from within the party viz Mahathir will keep rocking the table till the house falls.
Now with just 47% popular votes, can this government survive, more so, with an economic bubble standing alongside the house of cards?

Anonymous,  21 October 2013 at 23:10  

21 October 2013 20:34

What did you mean by "UMNO ... .. It can collapse just by a soft breeze from Borneo."

If that is so, then let me say this, those Borneans can't even squeeze a fart. If they could, they would have already blown UMNO away and we would have a chance to start true nation building.

SiangMalam 23 October 2013 at 03:12  

Voters in Sabah and Sarawak could help change the government and rid us of UMNO and BN but they have been brainwashed and bribed and hoodwinked for so long that they are like the proverbial elephant...

An elephant, tied to a stake since young, finds that it cannot get away. Thus when it grows big, despite being strong, it mentally feels it cannot move away from a small stake. Mental imprisonment.

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