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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 25 October 2013

The DAP Malay and Islam.

I said these things:
I agree to Islamic laws as long as they do not contradict our present constitution. 2) I agree to the bigger agenda of Islamic law of establishing a state founded on the principle of the rule of law. 3. I will not object if the laws do not tyrannize others not of Muslim faith.
How are these objectionable? These are the things I said in response to questions asked by a reporter.
To Muslim conservatives, if these views cannot be pigeonholed into specific categories, it is because of my own shortcomings. To secular politicians if they appear alarmingly Islamist, the fright is unnecessary.
Let me offer a more sophisticated explanation.
There seem to be misplaced furore and confusion over statements attributed to me on the implementation of Islamic laws. As I see statements going around especially from people remote from what actually transpired and the absurd and the manic responses arising thereafter, I am now convinced that in general, there is a morbid and irrational fear about anything said in relation to Islam and Islamic laws. Perhaps this morbidity and irrationality and regrettably manic disposition stem from years of self-induced personal bigotry. But perhaps also because Muslims have themselves to blame for so much negativity about them. But that is another subject matter.
Nasararudin Tantawi the MP for Termerloh, as I understood it, said in Parliament that the government should try Islamic laws in relation to punishment given to hard-core prisoners. He was saying because the current laws of the country are inadequate in dealing with criminals because criminals don’t repent, then Islamic laws should be given a chance to be applied.
I can’t remember anyone rising in that parliamentary session in response to what he said and I took the silence to mean, everyone accepted what Tantawi said to be a matter of his own opinion.  Whether they agree with what he said, how do I know what is in their hearts? We msut understand that Tantawi will take every opportunity available to advance his cause.
A reporter asked my thoughts about Islamic laws in general not necessarily confined to what Tantawi said. I do not read Chinese newspapers but was told that some MCA apparatchiks went berserk and attacked statements that were attributed to me. No problem-that is what attack dogs are trained in.
I am not a DEP CEC member and was also told that a member of the CEC went out criticising me and asking for disciplinary action to be taken against me. I was alerted by a colleague to response to what was written in a news portal because it has been construed as adopting a position different from DAP. I replied I need not because to do so would dignify what was misunderstood. I can’t apologize for the level comprehension of others can I?
I told my colleague that when I answered the questions from the reporter, the response I gave was circumspect and guarded. Meaning to say, to my DAP colleagues, I am aware of the DAP stand on Islamic laws. So there is no need for my colleagues who were far too remote and didn’t know what were said, other than reading what were written by others to blow their heads off. Let me remind whoever with that kind of kneejerk response that I am not at all fearful at such morbidity.
What was said then? As a Muslim in whatever party, it’s natural for me to say I support Islamic laws. How can I a Muslim say otherwise? In relation to what Tantawi said, I responded by saying that as long as Islamic laws here in Malaysia don’t subvert our constitution I am all for it. I wasn’t referring to a specific aspect of Islamic law. Secondly, I support Islamic laws because they lead to an agenda shareable by other temporal views which are- that our overall objective is to establish a government founded on the principle of the rule of law. DAP does not oppose this objective do they? And I did say in the actual implementation of Islamic laws here in Malaysia, as long as they don’t tyrannize others, I support them.
Now, because of all that has transpired, let me extend further my own thoughts on Islamic laws here in Malaysia. Personally I think Islamic laws in Malaysia are not implementable because we don’t have an Islamic constitution. End of story.
 Unless we live in a country with an Islamic constitution then we can implement Islamic laws to our hearts content. I will certainly not stop PAS politicians to speak of Islamic laws or display resolute zeal to implement them, because I know fully well that in order to apply the Islamic laws, we first need an overriding Islamic constitution.  Whether the PAS people agree or not to my opinion, is another matter.
I don’t see that happening in Malaysia because even UMNO will not dare adopt an Islamic constitution. Everyone even Dr Mahathir can say Malaysia is an Islamic state but to me as long as you don’t have an Islamic constitution, you can claim whatever you want. Our constitution is secular and the laws universally applicable in our country are the civil laws. So why quarrel till you are blue in the face with our friends who wholly hold on to a beliefs system which is  an article of faith for them but which we are fully aware cannot be implemented?
As a Muslim here in Malaysia, Islamic laws function as personal moral injunctions only. Now that may be a cruel observation, but it’s the reality.
Just study at what has happened- the punishments that were meted out to people who drink intoxicating drinks but later pardoned and excused by the custodians of Islam, on those who participate in beauty pageants and numerous other infringements of Islamic laws- these punishments are meted out as long as they are allowed to by our overriding secular constitution. On bigger wrongs, do we see Islamic laws being implemented? Do we see hands being chopped off and heads severed?
So as a Muslim, even before joining DAP, I wasn’t at all disturbed with Karpal Singh’s stand on Islamic law when he said they can’t be implemented. I agree with the stand simply because we don’t have an Islamic constitution. How do you implement laws that are not in the constitution? That’s something for Islamists to ponder on too.


Anonymous,  25 October 2013 at 10:05  


Well said!!!

From now on, u would probably have to sleep with many veiled threats over this comment from the Islamic blur-sotongs.

But then, sleep well.

Who cares about those threats, coming from

1st those cave-dwellers, who r unyielding about their religious morbidity and irrationality and regrettably manic disposition stem from years of self-induced personal bigotry?

2nd, the politikus of both political divides, trying to gain political mileage.

Soldier on with yr conviction!

pak yeh 25 October 2013 at 10:08  

Yeah man. I agree.
Yo ! PAS, where is your constitution.???

But I believe, that what is more important in an Islamic State is an Islamic "no usury" economics.
Politics is about economics ans Islamic politics is about Islamic "non usury" economics.

Does PAS know anything about Islamic economics.??? When dont they attack the Islamic Bank for making halal usury in the form of paper money creation. They tried gold money without banning paper money, And that is a stupid thing to do. because paper money will buy up the gold money leaving the government treasury empty.

Islamic state is 90% economics and 10% laws.!!!
So, brader Sak, an economist, please talk 90% on Islamic economics.!!!

And "there is no compulsion in the deen of Islam"..refer Quran 2:252.
You cannot punish someone for drnking 97% grape juice and 3% alcohol.

Anonymous,  25 October 2013 at 10:22  

Good answer. I expect all believing Muslims will want the same as you. And you made it clear it should be considered if within the Federal Constitution. Well done. That is very much congruent with the struggle of PR and DAP. Please don't be discouraged. Those who don't understand needs some explanation maybe. Those who don't want to understand needs rebutting. That's all.

Anonymous,  25 October 2013 at 10:59  

salam dato,

there is nothing abhorable about the fairness and value of a truly Islamic jurisprudence not like the one where we see now all over the place.

there is only islamic label on the form but not substance.

personally; if there is a fear of the realm of god and in death to be accountable and answerable to god, there would not be so many despotics actions and deeds of the mankind that is so frighteningly scary that you can no longer tell what is the difference between a man and a beast.

instead of espousing islamic labels; we should be espousing good virtues of fairness, justice and compassion and implore and innate into citizens good moral values which is part and parcel of what islamic substantively should be.

as opposed to listen to what politicians is playing to the gallery, we should have a referendum and ask what does the citizen want on a truly equitable islamic state is. the choice should always rest with the people. period.

i am personally have nothing against islamic values which should be about fairness and justice but too bad the agenda of islam is always being hijacked by politicians and so-called NGOs.


Anonymous,  25 October 2013 at 11:37  

I agree with your stand but I would suggest the best would be to stay clear of religious issues when questioned by journalists.
You have your blog so why need the media. Just tell them to read your blog for your thoughts. Safer, politically, and wiser too.

maae 25 October 2013 at 12:27  

Salam Dato,

1. Saya hormat Dato kerana seorang Islam dan berprinsip. Jika Islam itu di kirai dan di momokkan seperti yang di lakukan beberapa pihak kawarij dan bukan Islam, di mana sebenar nya perjuangan kita ?

2. Selain berpolitik, apa lagi amanah yang di pikul ? Sesungguh nya apa yang rakan Dato maksudkan atas tindakan disiplin, ada kah mereka jujur dengan anutan dan status orang lain yang tidak sehaluan anutan agama ? Bukan kah ini rekaan manusia di atas prinsip hidup yang sia-sia dan kabur ? Ada yang sanggup menuatakan kalimah Allah milik semua, tetapi mereka gagal menyatakan bahawa di Malaysia ini di pergunakan semata-mata kehendak politik demi memurtadkan!

3. Kudos. Sekurang-kurang nya syiar Islam itu masih hidup dalam diri Dato. They have no right against Islam, that has existed thousand years ago in Nusantara.

Anonymous,  25 October 2013 at 14:27  

Why when Mamak M declared Malaysia was an Islamic state, nobody told him off and clearly defended it was illegal ? Was MCA.Gerakan or even PAS afraid of ISA used by Mamak M to send you to Kamunting,Taiping ?

Anonymous,  25 October 2013 at 14:52  

YBerkhidmat Sak,

As a Malay representative in DAP, there will be straying of allegations from outside – UMNO and those trained by their Big brother to create the turbulence for you and DAP. And also a few closed minded ones within. For known reasons, insane irrationality or for a handful - bigots fear losing their pay checks, freebies and hero branding if they cease causing fracas amongst all the communities.

These same few people will challenge the status quo within any political party. The fear can be addressed alongside your many good colleagues thru on - going engagement and consistent credible leadership - stringent checking, balancing and directing the economy transformation to impact ordinary Malays and all Malaysians. The deserving poor of all races receive skills training first, then tools and seed money to sustain their livelihood. Something you can and will add to the small number of us Malays in DAP working alongside. You can add to the number of good and outstanding minded Malays being just and righteous to all poor Malays and Malaysians and poor all communities.

Might want to consider recording your public statements? It will take extraordinarily efforts of the editor to redirect the particular news reporter to apply investigative reporting skills, recheck data and make things right – as said by you. Tak kanlah dia nak dianggap as a stenographer – filing premeditated questions and publish reports as told to flare ? Apa nama paper tu ? Cakap pun misconstrued; banyak fikir, senyap, diplomatik – dikata sombong pulak, worse dianggap lembik; asal jangan difactualised as mafia worldwide.

Best to be guarded !

Anonymous,  25 October 2013 at 15:17  

Why is the government now demanding this that from the hakwers, the standalone vans / kiosks of the Chinese and Indians in the cities ? But fail to scrutinize the mega projects ? ! These slog to provide good services to eke out a living alongside our Malay traders in different locations. They do not want hand-out, they just want to be given opportunities to earn a decent living. They have been contributing to the economy thru purchasing goods and services, paying tax and doing massive charities. Baguslah saya boleh simpan duit sikit.

Creating hardship for them is bertentangan dengan just redistributive righteousness in Islamic economics. So long they sell their foods and drinks in hygienic condition and provide very courteous service, it is fine. Leave them alone to earn a living alongside Malays and Indians. They provide an alternative source of meals for the average and low income earners. Read the text : Islamic Economics must deliver Redistributive Justice by Dr A Farouk Musa (10-21-13)

It highly stresses many of us , the mindful ones, good thing not so kaya raya to enslave us to materials and entitlements, to witness all this injustice lah ! Ours is more of capitalist economics by the elites for the elites and cronies in UMNO.
In the US, civic - minded communities in certain areas will even raise funds for the needy ones with entrepreneur spirit to earn a decent living. What is there when Melayu jutawan, many kaya mewah can cruise around in ferraris, luxurious MPS, heavily tinted vehicles, why can’t they allow to trade ? The jutawan2 Cina Indonesia is a handful, that is Indonesia and their elites are Indonesians, the top ten percent ( ? ). So are the elites in India; the juntas, the Korean Chebols – all shares the ethnicity of the majority. Except for Taib and Mahathir Co, etc.

Anonymous,  25 October 2013 at 16:32  

Dear MP Raub,

My dua sen worth is to steer clear of any reporters' questions about race and religion, especially if the reporters are from the usual rabble mainstream media.

Secondly, I disagree with your statement that some of us non-muslims sre suffering from self-induced fear of Islam. Frankly, the two greatest (in terms of numbers of followers) monotheistic religions of Islam and Christianity are stained with controversy and their history are bloodied with wars and massacres. This has not stopped even for one year since time immemorial. So,it is to be expected that very non-muslim and non-Christian will treat these two religions with some circumspect.

I grew up in the 1960s, and the truth is we were never bothered by the fact that all of us were from different race and religion. It was after 1969 when everything and anything with race and religion came into sharp focus. We had a chance to correct those views but our dear honourable PM Hussein Onn failed to take positive action. Sadly, when the mad Dr. took over, the polarisation of race and religion shot through the roof.

Ever since then PAS and UMNO have been trying to out-Islamize each other and in the end this is what we have today - forbidding the use of the word Allah - but its okay to abuse the company funds in NFC and its okay for the PDRM to "lose their guns in the sea", and no one is responsible for the PKFZ scandal.

So, YB Raub, we have arrived at a junction where the country will ahve to decide whether we move forward or regress. Looks like we are choosing the latter, going by the way Mukhriz is blackmailing the Chinese.

May his soul rot in Hell for eternity.

Red Alfa 25 October 2013 at 17:39  

Salam Dato'

I would never believe your joining DAP would have you ever having to compromise your Islam. AlhamduliLah.
May you always will have His guidance and blessing. May your thoughts and actions as YB shall always with His taufiq and Hidayah. You have been keenly guarded in statements as you have pointed in this blog entry and you should always be, please. Had you stayed in UMNO, I believe you would become just like them who are just careless and carefree! One cannot but just having ton cringe to what they say on Islamic laws - Be sure that Allah SWT always exposes the hypocrisy.
May Allah SWT be with you, Dato'

Anonymous,  25 October 2013 at 20:33  

Dear MP Raub,

I wish to add: I hope to see DAP to be led by a true Malay who has a spine to stand up for the rights of all Malaysians regardless of race or creed and give our future generations A New Hope for A Better Future.

May be that Malay could be you?

All the best!

JinChrist 26 October 2013 at 02:25  

Don't fear when you are speaking the truth. Non Muslims are not against Islamic laws but are worry of Munafiks exploiting the Law should it be implemented. As a non-muslims I am all for HUDUD if it can weed-out those MUNAFIKs. Btw, not all non muslims are against Islamic Laws but the way many Malay Muslims conduct themselves especially those in Power ready do scare the hell out of the non muslims. Hence, Islamphobia sets in..when you get such phobia anything related to Islam looks scary. Munafiks is the main road-blocks for having Islamic law - hudud misunderstood rather then the fault of Non-muslim opposing to it.

Grand Marquis,  26 October 2013 at 05:44  

Yeah yeah... lesson one as elected politician, learn to speak with fork tongue. Keep on listening and stop me when you hear what you want me to say. To the islamist, yes I support Islamic laws. To the secularist, I support Islamic laws as long as they do not contradict our present constitution.

Let me ask you a simple question. If our present constitution says liquor and gambling is halal, does it contradicts Islamic law? So does it mean that you will disagree with Islamic law and accept that liquor and gambling is halal? Well isn't that the sole reason where PAS kafirkan UMNO?

And lesson 2, prepare to see this post not to be approved.

Anonymous,  26 October 2013 at 08:46  

Grand Marquis,

1)Our present constitution is silent on Islamic prohibitions. So nothing about the halal-ness of liquor and gambling.

Did u known that tuak, a Kelantan native 'alcoholic' drink is deemed halal by Jakim?

2)'..isn't that the sole reason where PAS kafirkan UMNO'

What have u been smoking? (BTW, smoking is Haram). PAS kafirkan UMNO MAINLY bcoz of its corruptions.

Anonymous,  26 October 2013 at 11:49  

GTS Budget 2014

Soft loans to traders must be released swiftly to Pakatan Gov. States, Raub, etc and nationwide
And up to RM 50 K ( ? ) as soft loan for Pasar Malam traders ?

(L)et’s work on a rough and transparent estimation : At all times, the service is take – away. Long wooden tables, a few plastic chairs : RM 1,000 max. Aluminum ( ? ) cooking pots, frying pans, plus small gadgets : RM 1,500 max. Or are they planning to purchase stainless steel cooking appliances from Japan ? Credit upfront for goods : RM 5, 000 ( ? ) Stoves / cookers and gas, etc. ( RM 500 ) Good quality tent : RM 1,000 max. Licensing fees and vaccinations : RM 200

With empathy and integrity, ok after revisiting the traders’ actual site and seeing the actual condition of their van / car; and the extended years of owning a junk, then be convinced to provide them a soft loan as down payment for a new vehicle : RM 10,000 max and a 3 - month installment free.

Total investment cost: RM 18, 700.

Traders must be made to realize their hard work is recognized, and work harder from there. Those with years of hard work and experience, especially Chinese, Malay and Indian pasar malam traders working alongside, they deservingly the soft loans to earn a decent living. Recognize them and their commitment towards their humble but equally respectful occupation. Minus the under table money : beribu - ribu ringgit and the middlemen commissions.

Recommendation: RM 2, 000 - RM 20, 000 max with the exception RM 25,000max for 1st expansion of business.

Duration of approval: 2 months max

Reasons for the ceiling soft loans :

1. Other needy traders can obtain the soft loans. More people, quantitative and qualitative, better services, new types of business, new scrummy foods, etc.

2. No abuses of public funds : makan angin, kahwin, etc SOME of our Malays' norm casualties aka excuses when ones have fallen money.

Too many nasi lemak stalls, burger stalls, etc. same customers – unstainable business.

Recommendation of soft loan for nasi lemak sellers : RM 2,000

Najib must work doubly hard to prove us skeptics wrong that he applies tipulogi and menganak- tirikan rakyat by releasing the deserving funds nationwide irrespective of political alliance as a PM - prihatin dan dahulukan Rakyat. And do it fast and with seriousness, cracking the whip at his elite - hidup mewah critics within.

Anonymous,  26 October 2013 at 14:00  

Grand Marquis:

You must be joking about the Constitution (or may be that's why you spell with it with a lower case 'c') hypothetically stamping liquor and gambling as halal . Were such a vital and preeminent document to include this minutiae it would perhaps have gone a step further by adding that, 'Whosoever is not a PAS supporter, hence a kafir, is free to choose to wash his ass with his left or right hand, or, to use toilet paper at the end of the morning ritual.’

Anon 08:46 has responded to your comments very well.

Anonymous,  26 October 2013 at 15:10  

Dato', just continue to say and write about things you feel is right. You do not have to be bothered about criticism within or outside DAP. You cannot please everyone. A true leader stands by his principles in life, rain or shine. Not like those lallang (Khairy is one of them) in UMNO. Remember this: "Life is not a beauty contest". Life is about making changes for the better of the country. If you follow idiots, you will be like them... an idiot.

سومڤيتن امس,  26 October 2013 at 22:51  

Dato’, you are on course to do what you set out to do in DAP. Stay strong, and it would be good for you to remind the DAP leadership that its CEC would do justice to the DAP as a whole if its members do not resort to making scandalous charges against other party members without first making the necessary enquiries. If the DAP leadership still feels that the dynasty in the making will not broach any dissent whatsoever then tell them to look no further than the results of the last party election. They can luxuriate in the warmth given by sycophants who are ever ready to displace new comers or rivals, at their own peril. No one, from Pakatan, wishes to see the BN culture and mind-set to be emulated lock, stock and barrel by DAP muscle-men.

As anon 15:10 puts it plainly, you can’t please everyone. The DAP leadership will need to sort out its problems with some of its friends. Though generally known for honesty and sincerity, some of the friends can get carried away by their own deep faith to do good by making highly awkward charges against those who don’t belong to the same party, and in so doing diminishes all that the party stands for in terms of tolerance and acceptance of the reality of a multi-cultural and multi-religious world. Grand Marquis is half-right when he accuses PAS of being to quick to ‘kafir’ UMNO but anon 08:46’s viewpoint is that the label is justified because of corruption within UMNO.

Who is right? That we shall know when BN and Pakatan sit down together to start the healing process. Will they? I don’t know but Dato’ you can push for it – we will stand by you all the way. If the worst comes to the worst, just remember that there is still political life outside DAP.


bruno 26 October 2013 at 23:45  

The consevatives and rightwingers keep screaming about Islam this and Islam that.I remember that when I was growing up,me and my friends,that is including Malays who are very real Muslims joining our Christian friends going to midnight mass during Christmas eves.

Then our parents and their parents do not object to their non Christian children going to churches.The church do not object that non Christians cannot step foot in churches.But because of dividing politics,race and religions are brought into the forefront.

If these people are so concerned about Islam this and Islam that,then why not have the hudud law in place.Then have these corrupted politicians and their cronies tried before the hudud council.Do we have to explain to these crybabies what the hudud laws do to corrupted people and statutory rapers.Go figure.

Anonymous,  26 October 2013 at 23:46  

Anonymnous @
26 October 2013 15:10

Said it very well.

Please carry on, MB Raub. You will always have the right thinking Malaysians as your supporters. And given enough time, the rest will follow through.

Grand Marquis,  27 October 2013 at 00:32  

To those detractors, PAS never kafirkan UMNO because of corruption. No muslim will kafirkan another muslim because of commitment of sins. But the kafir mengkafir will come when one put the secular law above the law of Allah. For instance (this is the common argument of pas members), Allah says that liquor is haram, but (pas says) the constitution of Malaysia says its halal as long as you have license from government to distribute it. So does gambling like toto. Well, liquor or gambling will not be halal no matter who gave you the license. But our constitution never says that with license you can take corruption. So get the fact right.

Anonymous,  27 October 2013 at 03:46  


I would like to seek yr understandming to digress from a different but similar discussion on my write ups at warong pak yeh, about the kalimah Allah issue.

Yr neutral standing should allow my takes to see the light. As it stands, many of my counter arguments had been censored in this so called debate!

TQ & here it goes.

Why r u using ad homimnen argument on Reza Aslan?

The key question about the usage of Allah is - is Allah, the name of the Islamic God or is it one of his 99 titles?

If it's His name, then r u committing a blasphemy & syirik against the TRUE teaching of Quran. Yes?

That makes u a deviationist, as yr version of Islam allows u to give name to yr god.

If u accept Allah as one of the 99 titles of the Almight, then why play around the semantic translation of a title?

It should be a non event, same as been accepted by most of the ummat Islam outside M'sia.

What's yr aim of making M'sia a laughingstock of whole world?

BTW, why r u showing such hostility to the Christians that insist on exercising their Constitutional Right of freedom in religious practices?

During Prophet Mohd's wars in propagating the teaching of Islam, He had shown great understanding & tolerance to the followers of other faiths. That's the real teaching of Islam. Yr hostility & arrogance truly show yr shallowness in understand the teaching of Islam!

Yr verbal diarrhea on the issue of Trinity is, again, shallow & misguided. Perhaps u have either 1) never read & understand a Bibble before, or 2) never understand how religious faith works.

Or perhaps u r subconsciouly following the hadi of never using yr mind to read ANY holy books, just like how faith works? No?

PS Yong,  27 October 2013 at 06:55  

As a non Muslim and also an islamicphobia person, so enlighten me as an ignorant non Muslim, since Malays regard Islam as paramount, why do they practice race & Bumiputera policies in which it is known fact that the system has been abused as the target group, the needy Malays and others were overlooked. Yet, it seems ok to the other Malay/Muslim as the abusers are the Malay/Muslim themselves and the system continues to ba abused as if it is their birth right.

Islam treats everyone equal as I was given the understanding but look around, we have 9 untouchables whom the Malays regard as their guardian and I am not going into that discussion. This is a contradiction again.

So before even proposing hudud like laws, try show the non Muslim like me, the ignorant ones some fairness in which Islam propagates regarding helping others regardless of race profiling. We accept justice, equality, affirmative action on need based and Islam as the country's official religion. What we dislike is hypocrisy by using the religion and race to lord over the minorities.

Or is that too much to ask?

walla 27 October 2013 at 08:57  


A: Why so glum?
B: She hasn't called.
A: Miss Kedah 1958?
B: (sighs)
A: You need a new merdeka.
B: Can never be the same. My soul and spirit have left me.
A: He will bring them back. May i surmise your emptiness He designed to give you a pocket of time on your own for you to reflect on your life, what's left of it anyway.
B: What is there to reflect? Wasted.
A: How you know? Even if wasted all the way, the last second of instant realization may retrieve something that is good. That dramatic force out of nowhere delivered so subtly is what is strange but so palpably comforting for the message it delivers.
B: And what is that?
A: That you, me and everyone else are here not without some reason beyond the superficiality of our lives.
B: Sounds nice but how to prove it?
A: Just live in accordance with some belief that you already inherently know is good.
B: What is good?
A: Harmonious faith.
B: That is circular argument.
A: Just do wait excuse me for a minute...

(goes out, calls her....oi, how come you never call him again? he misses you so much he has lost all taste for life and walks around like a zombie...she answers - he said he is giving me a chance to find someone better so i thought i better let him be; A replies: he said that-ke? See, he cares for you to the exclusion and at the expense of himself; what devotion, no?! she replies: i don't know; A replies: what's the matter with both of you? she replies: i don't know..)

walla 27 October 2013 at 09:11  


A: Now where were we?
B: Nowhere.
A: I'm so sad seeing you so despondent. You shouldn't be like this. After all, a miracle is about to happen.
B: How you know?
A: Because just now i called Him.
B: Ah, you have His mobile. What He said?
A: It's one of those midlife crises. A bug in My operating system. But wait a while and I will uncork a Solution. I revel in Clever Solutions.
B: He said that? You're weird.
A: i'm not. i would have you also to believe i'm also an expert on women. They're, shall we say, rather strange creatures. But He works in mysterious Ways.
B: I'll believe it when she calls.

(phone rings)

(bila you nak bayar bil ini?)

walla 27 October 2013 at 09:40  


A: Don't worry about it. That was a miss-call.
B: Your optimism is so the misplaced.
A: You got to erase that tension inside you. As you know, i'm also pakar in the scientific method of removing tension.
B: Berapa harga termasuk GST?
A: GST-exempt, according to my reliable sources.
B: There will be riots otherwise.
A: Yes, tensions will rise. But i am here to ask you a simple question.
B: Your questions are never simple.
A: In any case, here it comes: why is there so much tension when people talk about their faiths?
B: Because any faith is based on one irreconciliable fact.
A: What is that?
B: That humans who have failings are trying to live up to something that they themselves have deemed absolutely perfect. They realize they can't hold themselves up to their own ideal so they over-provide through their energetic defense to compensate for the deficit they subliminally know they have.
A: But isn't a faith based on a belief that the ideal actually exists?
B: That basis is also based on a faith that it is not based on faiths.
A: So are we saying something special can be created out of nothing?
B: A singularity at the beginning of time.
A: So within our human limit, how can we live and conduct ourselves with harmonious faith?
B: As nobly as we can in our own way.
A: Isn't that what faith promoters want as well?
B: Many will need to go through a crash-course in wisdom communication first. Some will need to engage brain before opening mouth. Most will need to remember they are asking people with limits to practice the illimitable based on scripts recorded long ago in a different place at a different time in a different milieu at a different circumstance, all of course rounded up to universal timelessness.
A: At the grassroot level, how to execute harmonious faith then?
B: By looking for the essence in the messages, exhortations and revelations.
A: Substance over form? Most can't.
B: Education first. And by education, secular education. If religious education, the problem can't deliver the solution. You need critical but compassionate thinking first to pick out the essence of something that is integrated into itself until it mirrors something that is absolute onto itself.
A: i need a drink now. You want one too?
B: i only wonder what she is doing now...
A: i better put some halia into that teh of yours then.

walla 27 October 2013 at 10:42  


B: Thanks for the tea. It's nice.
A: But i see your mind is elsewhere. Have faith. He works in Mysterious Ways.
B: Why?
A: Because He wants us to truly and fully understand What He Is Trying To Teach Us so that we can practice everything and live our lives in the right Way.
B: Then let me try a tiny secular thinking to see if it will lead us back to what you've just said.
A: Some more teh?
B: No, thanks. Let's say i don't know any faith. So i am born and i live and learn just secular things. In the course of my growing up, i learn good habits and i understand why i should do some things and why i must not do some things. Reasons are offered, explanations given and reminders made. All without reference to anything else.
A: Ok, i follow you so far.
B: After many years at that, i would have formed a set of personal convictions that sit squarely and comfortably in a personal view of how the world and people operate.
A: Ok, i follow that too.
B: Now my question is how far am i from someone who from birth grew up schooled in a faith? Would such a person operate differently from me if we both face a certain situation?
A: And your answer is?
B: Oi, i am waiting for you to answer that...
A: Ok, i'll answer it for you. I think both would show some common response. Namely they would do the same thing but for different motive reasons.
B: Ah, aren't we finally getting somewhere here? So me, B, will react by deciding and doing a course of action based on my secular understanding and learning. Meanwhile, the other person, C, will similarly do the same thing but based on his or her religious belief.
A: Are you hinting that both will converge at the same destination although coming from different paths?
B: Not yet. I am saying there is a collection of virtues operating before either of us embarks on our respective journeys of discovery, whether on our own or prompted by others.
A: And those virtues are?
B: Care, love, compassion and a yearning for truth, order and understanding that will help discipline personal behavior and conduct consistent with the need to sustain those same virtues which prompt our stands in the first place - even at personal cost.
A: So you're saying both paths require personal discipline and good habits alloyed to care for others and yearning for Something more meaningful than what comes our way everyday?
B: Something like that.
A: So the results from both are the same?
B: No. They're still different. One is based almost on physical and natural laws like a plug-and-play computer menu, the other on something that is above even the authors of physical and natural laws yet coinciding with them in many cases and on many occasions.
A: You're saying faith is secular education plus x?
B: That we are conscious of higher orders reflects we can learn what the x factor means.

walla 27 October 2013 at 10:46  


A: But how does all this relate to what is being tabled here today?
B: Horse or cart first? That is the question. One school of thought says we can develop a set of social virtues first and that will be enough to lead us to do all the right things. Another school of thought says we must envelope ourselves first in a faith whose set of virtues will then trigger us to do all the same right things as well.
A: But it's not completely the same. The second school adds its x factor into the equation.
B: But a good equation will have a constant term to balance both sides.
A: You're suggesting the constant term in addition to the x factor is what we should be looking out for?
B: Now i come to it. I am suggesting the constant term is also the x factor in keeping with the principle of final simplicity.
A: But that's only a belief and thus a faith in itself, no?
B: A belief that is as strong as believing in rules of law to sustain good values and virtues so that society can conduct itself towards higher order things.
A: So you're saying the rules of law must be maintained because it is the constant term which for some like you equates to the x factor?
B: Here goes again - i would like to add most of the major faiths in the world, if you would care to notice, have the same constant term although they may differ in the way their x factor has been formulated.
A: So you're saying if they are portrayed one different from another, their x's are not the same as the constant term so that the latter must supersede the former?
B: A matter of faith, an article of belief. But since so, why fight?
A: But in this debate, it has been said rules of law can only be applied again in our present situation if and when we return to a particular faith, particular to the extent it is what is practiced by the majority, a majority it seems by the way some of whose members are the ones causing all the problems.
B: What about getting the others of other faiths to participate as well? Since the terms are constant, since the x factors may be secondary? since...?
A: And that can only happen when all are treated equally and given latitude to go on their own paths to the same destination not blighted under some officialdom that has been usurped by the very peoples who have caused the rifts and problems of the day in the first place. No?
B: Yes.
A: Oh, did i just hear the phone ring?
B: You must be hearing things. Too much faith, is it? How can the ponsel bunyi when it dah cacat for months?
A: I tell you, you're weird, B.
B: I hope she doesn't think that of me.
A: Have faith. It can work miracles.

(the phone rings)

Anonymous,  29 October 2013 at 14:01  

oopsy should have typed as bedside manners ..

Anonymous,  29 October 2013 at 18:56  


Hopefully this new post is not deleted. Thanks Sak.

Mildly Extro: Maybe is because you’ ve selective listening ears, pekak or in silent mode.

Intro: Nooo, like most introverts, we are virtually thinking all the time, we are fully aware of others’ feelings and thoughts, it’s an innate gift,i think. i’m floored learning incredible wisdom which never fails to amaze in stunning elegance and graceful intelligence.By the way,introverts
only talk when there is a reason to do so. We relish reading and analyzing piles of good writings, data, papers and even simple statements.We introverts feel drained, overwhelmed by long speeches and yakking.

Mildly extro: I read somewhere that extroverts are energized when they talk, so they talk non stop to the extent of being insanely patronizing i.e. lousy politicians without substance and character to boot.

Intro: Rightly so wrong to the extent of suppressing others in the Big family in practising how to relate to their Faith which is older than the formation of Malaysia.

Mildly extro: What about extroverts?

Intro: Extroverts maistake us introverts for being aloof or worse, anti - social. In actual fact, we enjoy good / great chats with a good reason. One thing for sure, we are good listeners. And many of us are deep thinkers. Hence we do ponder deeply about Faith, ultimately. i truly agree that Faith falls back on the fundamental: love, sharing, compassion, humility, peacefulness,forgiveness, truthfulness,servitude, holiness anything that displays His attributes and greatness towards our neighbors, colleagues and beyond. And ones need the absolute stillness, quietness to be able to be awed as you seek and read.

Regardless age, really. And then show Peace, etc consistently.

Anonymous,  29 October 2013 at 19:06  


Mildly extro: You need me to turn up the chill?

Intro: No, not at the break of day, but thanks…

Mildly extro: So how do introverts feel most at ease ?

Intro: At social functions, we tend to jive to another quiet guest to engage in conversation. Introverts will share their thoughts with close, loyal friends and family members when the environment is peaceful and relaxed. We must have a club for introverts and you will find them talking quietly or happy, contented, productive silence – thinking and dreaming right, hopefully:)

When introverts with character are around, ones need not fear, but reassured that their privacy is never intruded, or to be dished out for the world’s entertainment to earn some form of celebrity as misguided by reality tv shows. Back to the loud speakers, it certainly reveals how much or how little they truly know and practice what is required as in the agama.

Many in the neighborhood have decisively slow down to lend a hand, or learn to take a few quicker steps in enabling others regardless of race and religion to enjoy doing fun meaningful things alongside. Also showing more mature empathy to our respected seniors. Let’s start thinking beyond time, it can be the best years of their honorable lives in giving so much to the nation and their respective famlies. It is US whom HE can use to make it happen or anything that is honorable to happen in the office, in our home and beyond in the midst of all these neverending contentions and wasting His good years for our lives to berbakti in reciprocation of Mercy,Compassion we so underserve. No?

Mildly extro: But it is easier said than done…

Intro : True, but we need to break the redundant cliché and cease making rationalisations. It heals and delights our soul and mind first when we recognize the dignity of others in the Big Family. In reciprocation.

Jangan tamak berterusan. Some of us are doing fine, but all could do better. But others, including myself will have to decisively subject the heart and its vulnerability to be unjust and cruel. Yes? And align the hearts and minds to His true attributes and do things Right. Mostly likely individually and in a small dedicated group. Also in my case, i need rechecking my folly - thinking – i’m young, soo smart haHah is aligned rightly,too.

Mildly extro: It sure looks like fresh wisdom always comes with wanting to know Him, maybe at a personal cause i.e. a truly truly humble heart.

Intro : Yes, like today, the regular tall glass of fresh chilled lemonade is served in a teacup instead, not weird, right? Think about personification…. oh no… i’m running late for work.. chat…later. Btw, thanks for the toast and lemonade:)

Mildly extro: Now I see a clearer perspective… Curb self...enlarge the heart and the mind.

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