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Monday, 21 October 2013

East Malaysians! Beware the Malayan Disease.

The Allah issue between Muslims and Christians in Peninsular Malaysia does not affect Sarawakians because they are a tolerant people, said Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud. Here is an interesting statement coming from Taib Mahmud. Are peninsula Malaysians intolerant?
In other words, he is saying to Najib, keep out from Sarawak. Since you can’t handle an issue regarding Allah, don’t burden Sarawak with your indecisiveness and morbid intolerance. Najib and his brand of politics has no place in Sarawak. Even though Taib invited Najib to officiate and be present at the PBB congress, Taib didn’t waste any time in giving Najib a few lessons in mature politics.
Taib has the mental disposition to disassociate himself and PBB from UMNO’s machinations.
In regarding the issue as being simple and localised, Taib Mahmud adds salt to injury by instructing Najib on living a life of tolerance. Taib went on to say- “To us (people in Sarawak) there is no issue. We have lived with people of different races and different religions for many decades, even before Malaysia,”
See, the issue wasn’t even heard of before Malaysia was formed. Once Malaysia was formed, the aggressors in peninsula wanted to invade the east Malaysian states and wanted to superimpose their stupidity in East Malaysia. They brought in the Malayan disease- intolerance and racism.
When Sarawak and Sabah joined Malaysia, they entered into agreement as sovereign states with the Federation of Malaya as a single entity. That put both Sabah and Sarawak on the same level as Malaya as a whole, not placed Sabah and Sarawak as component states in the federation. The inclusion of Sabah and Sarawak isn’t like the inclusion of Hawaii as an additional state into USA. The chief Ministers of Sabah and Sarawak should be styled Prime Ministers of Sabah and Sarawak respectively.
So 'PM' Taib Mahmud declared the ruling was not binding on Sabah and Sarawak. PM Najib, the PM of Malaya must take note of the hidden messages in Taib’s comments “We cannot alter the status quo in Sarawak”.
He then went on to instruct Najib on how to live a life of tolerance; the use of the word was not a problem in the state as the “spirit of tolerance” among Sarawakians is high, one of the features of multi-racial Sarawak which made it a bedrock of stability and harmony. “When I travel to the longhouses, I'd just look for a Muslim cook from the city and they (the longhouse folks) would buy the food and even buy praying mats for me to pray in one of their rooms. “This is quite natural with us in dealing with people of different religions.
In other words, the way peninsula Malaysians deal with the problem is unnatural. Taib said it did not bother him when other people made the sign of the cross because it’s their religion, expressing their respect for the Almighty. I can understand it.”
Najib and the UMNO right wingers don’t understand it. Taib said he would bow and offer his own prayers the Muslim way when his Christian friends made the sign of the cross in their prayers. “The Chinese would probably do it their way. The intention is the same. “It's all praying to the superior being which we believe is the Creator of this world.”
“It's this kind of spirit we have in Sarawak,” Taib said, stressing again that it is not the thorny issue that is in the peninsula. “The Ibans, the Malays, the Chinese have shown their respect for other religions and cultures even before Malaysia. “When we came to Malaysia, we carried this with us and it has become one of the features of Sarawak.”
 In 2010, Taib had also spoken out against an attempt to prevent Bahasa Malaysia bibles from being freely brought into the state. He described the order to stamp the Bahasa Malaysia bibles with serial numbers by the Home Ministry as a “stupid idea” that should not be applied to Sarawak. He had also called the strictures on the Al-Kitab nonsense.
Taib uses the PBB Congress to turn the tables on PM Najib- instead of East Malaysians being looked down, Taib is saying, the west Malaysians are the stupid ones.
The AG and then the Home Minister both said, the banning of the word applies only to the publication of Herald. What happens if the Christians now decide to publish another paper using the term? Will the ruling on Herald which everyone said was specific thereafter be extended as a general rule applicable in almost every means of dissemination?


Anonymous,  21 October 2013 at 21:02  

We have to admit that the corruption in sarawak is very rampant under Taib administration. I dare to say that Taib has much hand on the cookie jar.
However few things that he has done right. First he prevented UMNO & UMNO style politics into Sarawak. Second is that PBB is not really a melayu/muslim party. It made up of 3 component parties.
Of course, Taib like Madhater has tried his best effort to hide the fact that he's a melanau. One thing I have to give to Taib......He never pretend to be a melayu unlike Madhater

Anonymous,  22 October 2013 at 01:14  

Salam dato,

That was exactly what I thought too. If I may cheekily add, great mind thinks alike.

There was another pointer which many of the PERKASA and UMNO foot soldiers have been justifying the Herald ban.

They were saying that since Herald can be made available online, it ought to be banned unlike Al-Kitab.

However, it seems these village idiots did not even bother to be hardworking in their propaganda.

A quick check on Google on Al-Kitab yields the online version of the Malay Bible with even words count built in to tell you how many times Allah appeared in that version.

If I may surmise, since Al-Kitab is available online just like the Herald, it ought to be banned too for want of confusion or ignorance of these heroic Islamic crusaders whom are putting Malaysia to shame in the Muslim and Arab world.

This is an indirect attempt by Malaysia to copyright Allah and thus disallowing other faiths from referring to the one and only Al-Mighty.

Lastly, these crusaders are saying that the same freedom of worship by these Christians is not to be allowed in Peninsular.

If I may add, traditional worships in Peninsular services are usually in English, Tamil or Chinese. But for the economic migration by bumiputera Christians such as the SIB from east to west Malaysia, there would not be a call to allow Christianity worship in Malay by eastern Malaysians.

By and large, prolethesization of Muslims are illegal so whom dares to insult Islam but for the stupidity of these self declared Islamic crusaders.

Best part of the crusade is brought upon by the rejects in the GE 13 such as 101% absolute confidence and Himler-the-frog.


Anonymous,  22 October 2013 at 05:03  

According to Sarawakian friends, Taib, a Melanau is a minority, likwise keralaian Mahathir, how did
they manipulate to become leaders over the majority for decades ? And in the process, grooming heirs to continue their respective " agendas aka legacy " and for personal pride and prejudice that others are bodoh, inferior and lazy. That is how Taib described the bumiputeras living in poverty-
bodoh - do not know how to use their mental faculty, blind to opportunities unlike his children with good education and "work" experiences.

Both's children and cucu are the third and forth generations born with silver spoons, elite education and leading an aristocratic lifestlyle, massive wealth stock - piled, and connections at their disposal infinitely. In such social economic background, they have the infinite advantages to stay ahead by miles in life. Whereas even with brains, good education, extensive work experiences, more so if ones are not the kaki ampu type, you just have to work so much harder just like everyone else.

We have become less aware or blind that all massive wealth earned legally or otherwise are derived from the blood and sweat of our forefathers and the present senior generation of all races in the nation. They laid the foundation of sacrifices, facilities, infracture of the first gravel roads, the offering of prayers and donations to Bapa Malaysia, the pioneers of every field of intelligentsia with exemplary integrity and excellence, the social empowerment to the less deprived, all these started from the beginning of time of our nation.

The issue is the young generation of us - z and y will need to pause the onslaught of too much information, the " disturbing selfies shots for some " and our busy - ness and the accessive " chilling outs and " backpack vacation travel ". Maybe too much of it has become a form of detachment or escapism. It is necessary to reflect more , to learn to listen to ageless wisdom and good experiences, to share in order to be able innovate and do things better by engaging more with the senior citizens and family members, there will be an emergence of fresh ideas and wisdom.

Moving away from that, despite mahathir and taib's children "glossy" resumes, their socialeconomic status and their parents refusal to retire and fade away from the social media, how can they mature and be effective - servitude leaders with humility, integrity and relevance to the working class people ? Do not be fooled easily, be wiser.

Just like Mahathir regards us Melayu cepat lupa to his origin, etc, Taib also knows Sarawakian bumpituras are tolerant to his corruptions, can be subjugated to threats, impressive " promises of the sky, his impending retirement hahahaha " and doing sudden appearances, endless snapshots, impressive plans, power speeches and arousing romantic sentiments, tears, pages of farewell blah blah prior to any elections.

The savvy y and z generations know better through learning and experiencing matters first - hand from their parents and a variety of good reliable resources. Still wanna to stay in UMNO - BN ? or let them slide into becoming relevant NGOs or bankers in providing seed money to kickstart viable innovations for the betterment of rakyat Malaysia ?

pak yeh 22 October 2013 at 07:00  

You think Taib care about Islam.???
He will be tolarant for anything just so he can be Cm of Sarawak.
So does most politicians.

pak yeh 22 October 2013 at 07:25  

Salam Sak,
As a Muslim I suggest you maintain a neutral stand. Just say "I agree with proper usage of Allah but I do not agree with mistranslation of the noun "god" to the Pronoun "Allah", thus making the blasphemy of Allah a trinity with a son and a ghost who is also Allah".

Anonymous,  22 October 2013 at 08:19  

Dato, You have worked with Najib before. I'm sure he is a stupid fella who cannot think and a coward too. This Allah issue is a clear cut case.Don't he know that the Court decision will also apply to East Malaysians which is his so-called fixed deposits?

Anonymous,  22 October 2013 at 08:39  


According to Sarawakian friends, Taib a Melanau is a minority so is Keralaian Mahathir, so how did they conspire to become decade - old leaders and in the process grooming their heirs to pass on their agendas aka legacy? Taib remarked the bumiputera of Sarawak as stupid, incapable of using the mental faculty to look for opportunities unlike his children who were given good education, they are capable of thinking and they have work experience. He also knows the high risk of good education, the manipulation of tolerance. When one has no integrity and accountability as his way of life and agama, the attitude of tolerance can be hijacked to his advantage - tolerance to the practice of massive corruptions, subjucation and threats.

Both have no iota of the true teaching of agama, if not how the massive corruption and subjugation of the people, etc happen ? Taib has some knowledge of the Bible. And so do some people in one stage or another in life. Both decade – old leaders can both pick and apply what works for them to stay in power, what touches the sentiments of the believers of both faiths and then divide - to -rule the rest of the people.

The Melayu cepat lupa - us - of his origin and his endless mammoth blueprints, he will not fade way from the social media, in the process of, he flexes his muscles on every conceivable issue. In actual fact, it is a common knowledge that he sets the pace, rhythm, timing, proxies and socioeconomic - political stage for his sons. Taib’s children have accumulated far far too sufficient.

Fast – forward, some urbanite drifters and rural people for some reasons : the escapism, the reality of hardship, the inequality, the barricades stacked up against them in life; the educated amongst in the z and y generations – savvy, need to pause the massive flow of information on a daily basis. Too much information may lead indecisiveness and being overwhelmed. Cluesslessness or too little information definitely makes ones potential victims of any matter.

So being caught up with things : disturbing trend of selfies on Instagram. Take this clip from William Citrin of Accents in the Star Mon, Oct 21 – Not long ago he was at a café. He witnessed something disturbing – a young lady snapping her selfies in every possible pose : with the choc muffin on the plate in front of her; with muffin and kiss lips; with muffin and duck lips; bitting into the muffin but not pouncturing its flesh; fork poised over the muffin; looking longingly over her shoulder; flashing peace sign with muffin; with tip of tongue licking the top of muffin, etc. It is the fact. He is real funny and sharp to end his article that we take that selfie to say : “ I AM here, I saw the Mona Lisa , I conquered that muffin.”

I have witnessed another tangent of selfies – wanita umno supporters – dressed up - glossy snapping selfies of themselves at Starbuck, nooo not kissing, but blowing kisses to whoever pencalon UMNO hahha and they certainly have got elected !! Tak lah aku cuma geleng kepala.

With all these distractions, the z and y gens, might not be aware that obsene wealth is made by the elites by using the facilities, the resources, the sheer human energy of sweat and blood of our forefathers of all multiracial Malaysians and the present senior generation of Malaysians’ contributions.

Opportunities create more opportunities. Our forefathers of all Malaysians had sacrificied the first massive financial donation Bapa Malaysia in gaining a peaceful independence for our nation. Equally important is the foundation of servitude leadership with distinction in every intellgentsia in creating those developments in Malaysia to create more opportunities. Then comes along the enhancement of all these facilities to create wealth and fresh business opportunities made possible from the tax contribution of the working class Malaysians.

Anonymous,  22 October 2013 at 09:05  


The question is how those in connections with ruling leaders and together, they can create seamless wealth for themselves by controlling the banks, etc and denying the much needed loans, seeds, opportunities of collaboration to engage and work together with all Malaysians.

There is limited resources in the private sector for those with capablities, brains, expertise, know – hows regardless of race in the private sector to jumpstart innovations, to improvise, to adapt, to enhance our products inclusive of brains and services across the board to be competitive and our goods be imported as the preferred choices.

I have witnessed how a former expat colleague withheld the very best techniques of doing things at international benchmarks when he was engaged as a consultant with an obsene five - figure monthly salary. Alternatively engage the best of two Malaysians paid with the same remunerations doing the the foreign consultants’ jobs. But with the exception.

In attracting professional Malaysians with extensive works abroad to return, Malaysian companies and business tycoons need to be more flexible and do away with the ampu - ing culture, we can be politely outspoken in giving ideas, we also listen steel hard, but not talking down to us all the time, the insane fear of taking over their jobs when it is more of sharing, showing, expecting the best techniques; and assisting colleagues in their work. There is seen and unseen power struggles and office / organisation politicking at play, with many a time involving their respective madams with towering hairdos – the early generation ( it symbolises power, true, check it out with their inner circle ) and their elite children on the board.

And for our weathly Melayu acting up as royalty / VIP / VVVIP Melayu, their entitlements and honorary titles blah blah are a hindrance to you in doing outstanding jobs, so you send in the resignation as soon as you start thinking what the heck is all these about and take the next flight out !

It is sure a stupid impulsive decision if your salary scale is in the high end, and worst, if a Chinese tycoon had engaged you based on meritocracy. What to do, some of us like to think we are the most efficient and the brainy ones, in the same rhythm of speed of the latest e- gadgets, so is our patience limited and waffer thin when strectched by office crabs. honest.

To be more effective : the retainment of returning brains is important and extended apologies accepted by a magnanimous boss, and if you are a Malay, by your hugely nice Chinese tycoon boss in giving you that opportunity.

Drifting out abroad speedily again is unwise and ones need more patience and some form of fresh mentoring at patience and adaptation. BOTH bosses and employees need the thinking out of the box adjustments and definitely : time needed in settling down in a culture rather familiar, conflicting with international benchmarks of work ( if you want your companies to grow, which is which ) and the innate frustration and communication breakdown cos we have adapted to quiet displeasure abroad, so witnessing the public scolding toward subordinate staff by our board members / colleagues and endless gossips over endless matters is demeaning, draining and embarrassing.

Change for better and the best productivity and human relationship in your organisation / office.

Anonymous,  22 October 2013 at 09:08  

pak yeh,

Much to the fact that I like yr level headedness in yr other writings, sorry, NOT this one.

Using yr argument, let me 'inform ' u that Allah is ONLY a word of Middle East origin.

It's NOT a name for the Supreme Being as mentioned in Quoran.

Yr insistent of quoting Allah as HIS name is a true blasphemy in itself! Yes?

AG Mustakim 22 October 2013 at 11:25  

I am from Sabah, our differences is obvious yet many just want to gloss over it. I think the message about Sabah and Sarawak is now spreading in Malaya. This is a good thing, because with understanding of these differences can we work together. Otherwise, terburai Malaysia.

Anonymous,  22 October 2013 at 12:39  

sorry Sak, for reposting, thought the earlier post was deleted as the wrong button was clicked. The latter ones were retyped. Terima Kasih.

Red Alfa 22 October 2013 at 17:22  

Anon 09:08

The Quran/Allah has given The God 99 names all in Arabic including Allah.

The God if referred in names other than the 99 names is NOT my Allah.

I cannot be confused or caused to be misled in my aqidah (articles of faith) should people say and call in their prayers giving other names or associations to The God. To me it is THEIR faith and THEIR religion to whom they call The God.

I say My Islam is MY faith and MY religion. Allah accepts or rejects My Islam ONLY on what is MY faith and MY religion.


Anonymous,  22 October 2013 at 19:34  

Red Alfa,

The Quran has given 100 titles to The Supreme one. Allah is just one of the title.

It's blasphemy to give name to the Almighty in Islam. (Ref: There is no god, but God - Reza Azlan)

Perhaps, the Malay version of Islam does has name. But it's not the Islam I know.

Anonymous,  22 October 2013 at 19:51  

isu kahlimah allah tiada juga beza dengan isu bangsa lain2 tetapi mengaku dirinya bangsa melayu.berapa banyak rumpun bangsa, rumpun filipina,indonesia, india pakistan.bukankah itu membawa kemusnahan kepada melayu dan mengelirukan...

سومڤيتن امس,  22 October 2013 at 23:40  

… (Taib went on to say- “To us (people in Sarawak) there is no issue. We have lived with people of different races and different religions for many decades, even before Malaysia,”)…

This is one occasion no one can pick a quarrel with Taib, nor with any of the other politicians in Sarawak from both sides of the divide. This is where he and the others are making their stand, once and for all, and to make it abundantly clear to those fractious warlords and their rag-tag fighters across the sea not to bring their internecine warfare over to Sarawak; that, they can concede no more, and that the ‘Malayan’ disease, however it mutates will not be allowed to incubate here, let alone thrive.

Prof Dr Abdul Aziz Bari, constitutional law expert, previously from the International Islamic University (IIUM) provides some background information of a constitutional crisis Sarawak faced in 1966, from his book, ‘The Monarchy and the Constitution in Malaysia’ (2013 – 390pg). That crisis reveals, with the benefit of hindsight, that it was merely the start of a pattern of overlordship from Kuala Lumpur ever since, and how, Sarawak and Sabah simply truckled to the overwhelming force and power of Kuala Lumpur because of the disunity in the two states, real and perceived. The newly acquired ‘kingmaker’ status of Sabah and Sarawak is both ironical as well as timely - it has taken the Opposition to force Kuala Lumpur to give greater weight to the demands of these two states now, or never at all and lose everything including the crown jewel in Putrajaya.

The general mood is not ugly, at least not yet, but credit must be accorded to Taib for putting it plainly and politely to Najib that the Rubicon must not be crossed.


سومڤيتن امس,  22 October 2013 at 23:41  

Let’s hear what Dr Abdul Aziz Bari has to say: (pg 223-230)

“…First, although the Federal Constitution does provide certain mechanisms which, by implication, appear to have ruled out the power of dismissal these mechanisms can be used only to solve specific problems. Furthermore, it does not provide contingency measures in the event that they fail to produce results. The possibility of the measure being less effective is always there. One must also bear in mind that even the constitutional use of powers could, in certain circumstances, lead to a constitutional dilemma. This leads to the second argument: no one can preclude the possibility of the Constitution being besieged by problems. Various possibilities, including attempts by the government to subvert the democratic process as prominent constitutional lawyers have readily admitted, warrant the vesting of power of dismissal in the head of state. Thirdly, the head of state is the ultimate guardian of the Constitution and acting on the doctrine of necessity. Here, one must not imagine that it entails the absurd. It is not meant to allow a democratically-elected government to be dismissed at will. Instead, it is justified on the grounds of ensuring its survival.”

“…The only decision on the power to dismiss thus far is the ruling in Ningkan…Ningkan was the result of a crisis in Sarawak politics in 1966 in which the federal government wanted the state to toe the line…The Ningkan case centred around the legality of the dismissal of the Sarawak Chief Minister by the Governor in 1966. The litigation came about as a result of a letter written by a group of state legislators who informed the Governor that they no longer had confidence in Dato’ Stephen Kalong Ningkan, the then Chief Minister. The group comprised 21 of 48 members of the Sarawak Council. There were indications that the Governor himself was not convinced that the petition letter provided good grounds for the dismissal of Chief Minister. The Chief Minister replied that the proper recourse was to arrange for the Council to meet in order to resolve the allegation of no-confidence. However, to his shock, the Government dismissed him and appointed a new Chief Minister. It must be noted that as in the Federal Constitution, the Sarawak Constitution does not have an express provision conferring such power on the Governor.”

“…It must be emphasised that the head of state should not be allowed to subvert the essence of constitutional democracy…the decision to allow the issue of confidence to be tested outside the floor of the house was not in the best interest of representative democracy. Not only would it lead to ambiguity, misjudgement and confusion, it might even give rise to abuse by the head of state or unscrupulous forces influencing him. Above all, it is consistent with the role of a head of state…Sarawak crisis is yet another example an appointed head of state failed by the political process. Had the central government allowed the state to follow its own priorities, the crisis would not have happened…Despite suggestions to the contrary, there has never been any dismissal of Mentri Besars by the Rulers. Indeed the dismissal of Dato’ Ningkan in 1966 still stands as the only incident of its kind so far. In the Malay states problems between the Rulers and their Mentri Besar invariably ended in the resignation of the latter. These incidents merit close scrutiny as they illustrate the value of, or perhaps the problems posed by, the monarchy in Malaysia…It is apparent that the Rulers operate differently from the Yang di-Pertua Negeri and we could cite the case involving the Sarawak Governor in 1966. The Rulers did not always operate within the constitutional ideals.” (Note: words in bold are my emphasis)


Anonymous,  23 October 2013 at 08:57  

Red Alfa & anon 19:34:

Reza Azlan on Malaysia's court ruling in an interview conducted by a Malaysian FM station

Red Alfa 23 October 2013 at 19:05  

Anon 08:57
You may note that my stating it as I did, I as with some many Malays do not agree with all the other many Malays that Christians, Sikhs, Sabah and Sarawak Natives shall comply with the Government ban on them to call their God Allah based on the arguments as expounded by the Judge then by the Home Minister, Law Minister, etc and as with that Mufti has stated those Muslims who do not agree and also do not demand that the non-Muslims should unfailingly abide to the judgement shall consider ourselves may now have become non-Muslims if not non-Malays.

Anonymous,  23 October 2013 at 23:42  

I believed that when Singapore was part of Malaysia, the Chief Minister of Singapore was referred to as the Prime Minister of Singapore which upset UMNO to no end.

Anonymous,  26 October 2013 at 09:17  

itu sebabnya selagi taib hidup tidak akan membenarkan umno bertapak disarawak.Taib sedar bangsanya melanau peribumi dayak minoriti disarawak sama seperti peribumi dayak majoriti tapi minoriti dalam malaysia, tak perlu mengaku bangsanya melayu sebab hak istimewa sebagai peribumi terjamin seperti perkara 12 (perjanjian pembentukan malaysia).taib tidak perlukan sentimen bangsa dan agama untuk menjarah ekonomi seperti yang umno budayakan dimalaya.

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