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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 18 October 2013

Dont Secede, Just Leave BN!

We do not have to wait for GE14 to oust PM Najib and BN. nor have we reached a stage where conscientious lawmakers forget about being partisan and agree on a vote of no confidence against the PM. BN presently has the numbers and has the support of an equally partisan speaker. Any motion of no confidence will be defeated.
Jeffrey Kitingan’s talk about secession is super brave. It can be seditious or can be treated so. If the government wants to, it can treat Kitingan’s proposal as seditious. UMNO and BN foot soldiers will likely do what they normally do- make police reports against Jefrey and others dong the same brave talk. If you look at point #7, it says there is no right of secession.
What do Sabahans and Sarawakians want? Since secession is not possible, the next best thing is to kick out the federal government which is the source of much of the East Malaysians’ discontent. Work with people who can make that possible.
What is to be done?
All we need do is persuade the 8 non-Muslim MPs in Sabah and the 11 non-Muslim MPs in Sarawak to leave BN. BN will be reduced by that number and will only have 114 left in parliament on their side.
Out of that 114, the 14 comes from PBB- Taib Mahmud’s party. Taib hasn’t forgotten Najib’s humiliation of him- Najib went to Sarawak and in front of thousands announced that Taib Mahmud is leaving. Either Najib must have been seized by a temporary bout of political insanity or he was plain excited- did he forget that PBB isn’t UMNO at all. Taib Mahmud certainly wasn’t an UMNO serf always forced to pay obeisance to the lord. Taib Mahmud is like the PM of Sarawak.
There is no UMNO in Sarawak and after the Allah ruling and seeing the belligerence of UMNO leaders, Taib Mahmud will now make sure UMNO will never set foot in Sarawak. Its good business to cultivate Taib Mahmud.
Maybe the UMNO people overestimate their importance. They are in power because 56 parliamentary seats from East Malaysia gave them majority. All Taib Mahumud needs to do, just to give Najib a lesson in realpolitik, is to stay neutral. Just by staying neutral is as good as withdrawing support from BN. with PBB’s 14 and the 19 from East Malaysia, BN can lose effectively 33 seats. That leaves BN with 100 seats in Parliament.
What happens then? The 33 can talk terms with likeminded politicians in West Malaysia. PR has 89 seats. Even if they don’t want to talk directly to PR because maybe some people object to Anwar, they can organize themselves around a political personality respected by many such as Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Rally around Tengku Razaleigh to get credibility and legitimacy. Without factoring in Malay leadership, whatever agenda the 33 have, will not work. Work with Razaleigh then because he is the only honourable Malay leader around.  
Is this possible? Yes indeed. As soon as BN loses its majority it will have to resign. UMNO can’t do it alone because nobody wants to work with UMNO. If MCA has got any quotient of self-worth left, they would leave BN too.
It’s unimaginable to see MCA in the same stable as PR where DAP is present. DAP is the Chinese Big Brother. But MCA can work with the 33 from East Malaysia and can accommodate Tengku Razaleigh. Tengku Razaleigh can be invited to head the 33 plus MCA. And Tengku Razaleigh isn’t coming in alone- he will bring along some progressive UMNO MPs. For starters, 5 UMNO MPs would be enough.  If Tengku Razaleigh becomes the de facto leader of the 33 plus MCA plus UMNO MPs- Tengku Razaleigh represents a solid bloc that can negotiate with PR. Together with PR, Tengku Razaleigh can form a new government. Once the new government comes into being, before you an even finish your teh tarik, dozens of UMNO MPs will hop on the bandwagon for the sake of self-preservation.
While we may argue as some do that the Allah Ruling by the Appeal Court applies to its usage in the publication Herald, the extremists in our midst are already pushing for its general application. If this were merely an instance of case law, then it will be used as precedents subject to variations at judges’ rulings. Now that will in itself become a source of legal instabilities and therefore confusion.
If it were that specific, then Christian practitioners in Peninsula can publish other papers using the term because the term is Herald-specific. The problem here is the ruling is and will be subjected to endless permutations. Certainly the ruling will be extended into a general rule that bans the term Allah because as the ruling says- Allah is not an integral part of Christian teaching. How do we ordinary Muslims know? We have never studied Christian Bibles before.How do we know Christians do not use the term in reference to One true God?
We have never been confused precisely because commitment and devotion to our OWN beliefs make the conduct of people of different beliefs irrelevant to us. As long as our beliefs are not persecuted or we are not prevented from practising our own beliefs, we were never confused. The judges forgot that the term was already used by Christians in Arab countries even before Islam came to the Arabian Peninsula. If that isn’t proof of the term being an integral part of Christian teaching, we don’t know what.
How is the Allah ruling part of this argument about secession talks? Because this Allah ruling casts dark tyrannical shadows on the fragile and often condescending treatment of East Malaysia by the BN government. The right wing agitators in Peninsula may want to recognise that point #1 in the 20 point agreement with North Borneo( now Sabah) states:-
While there was no objection to Islam being the national religion of Malaysia there should be no State religion in North Borneo, and the provisions relating to Islam in the present Constitution of Malaya should not apply to North Borneo
Precisely because its case law and not present in the present constitution of Malaya makes it fluid and flowable into East Malaysia. It will open the flood gates. Case law means it can apply anywhere and at any time depending on judicial activism. It will eventually be a cause of great concern and anxiety on East Malaysians.
The East Malaysians had an opportunity to carve out a new beginning in the last GE. That opportunity was lost when more East Malaysians chose to hang on with BN despite years of ill treatment and condescension. Now, Sabahans and Sarawakians are bullied by UMNO and BN. what happens to Sabahans will certainly be an object lesson to Sarawakians who will do their best to prevent UMNO entering Sarawak.
I don’t think that the issue about the usage of  Allah prompted Jefrey and others talking about possible secession; no doubt it is an important issue that becomes the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. It’s the culmination of a long series of ill-treatment, condescension and years of being talked down that has reached the boiling point and Jefrey sees the issue as enhancing his own personal agenda.  Jefrey’s vitriol wasn’t directed at the court but at Najib.
The issue is therefore with Najib’s leadership. That’s the real issue. It isn’t about disgust at the court ruling because the general perception here, if anyone cares to think about it, the courts are always seen to validate the demands of the government.
Over here, we have issues with the judiciary. If the East Malaysians work with the opposition we can carry out judicial reforms. All we need do, once we are the government is to pension off the top 15-20 judges and we have reform of the judiciary and the judicial system overnight. We can catch out the corrupt judges and magistrates. Yes, our judges and magistrates are not monkish abstainers.
So Jefrey doesn’t have to implore our east Malaysian brothers to secede. The sweetness of redemption is in kicking out Najib and his government. The east Malaysians must pressure the federal government to honour the 20 and 18 point memorandum and if the Najib government pussyfoots on the demands, kick them out. The 19 non-Muslim MPs can do this by aligning with PR. Let’s forge a new political alliance.
If the East Malaysian MPs have any sense of self respect, they must leave BN. why do you want to stay on with a political party that treats you despicably? Pakatan Rakyat has no problems with allowing Christians to use the term Allah in Christian teaching as it has been an integral part of Christian teaching in East Malaysia as it is in Middle Eastern countries. It pains me to say this- but the court ruling presently serves to confirm the Malaynisation of Islam instead of the Islamisation of the Malay.
What Jefrey has said could not but find resonance and support among the non-Muslim MPs in Sabah and Sarawak. The whole Klu Kluxing of religion and race relations in our country is made possible by the continued inelegant silence from the PM who has shirked his responsibility as leader of Malaysians. Those who oppose UMNO and BN need not emigrate- those who need to leave us are the purveyors of envy-driven and hate politics. Let UMNO leave us and let them form a separate country where like-minded bigots can stay together.
The whole sad episode about the Allah issue and renege on an  agreement made in 1963, serves to confirm that Najib is a hypocritical leader and a fraudulent salesman pushing around a faulty dream in the form of 1Malaysia that has now been replaced with a nebulous product by the name of endless possibilities. Is that a new brand of perfume?
The solution I say, need not be the extreme solution as Jefrey thought out aloud; Jefrey or anyone else just need to convince the 19 non-Muslim MPs now with BN to leave BN. this will topple the government and its perfectly legal. Reaffirm and execute the 20-point memorandum with a new partner. Find a new leader that commands respect and confidence. Najib is not that leader.


Anonymous,  18 October 2013 at 10:21  

You have given the best antidote for the BN poison. There is no other better solution than this.
Now the ball is in the Borneo MPs. Come on, man of conscience act now. Amen.

Anonymous,  18 October 2013 at 11:02  

The 19 non muslim MPs will now be further greased .You can bet on it.Ahh you have given bn the antidote.
BTW please dont forget to wish the hindus of RAUB a happy deepavali.
Notwithstanding what mic says, they have put their shoulders to your fight.

bumi-non-malay 18 October 2013 at 11:21  

Point # 7 : There should be no right to secede from the Federation...

But No one is Stopping Sabah/Sarawak to SACKING Malaya like Malaya did with Singapore under Sultan UMNO.....(we learn over time how law can be Reintepreted to suit our needs and its payback for what UMNO did to Singapore)

SACK first then Talk later....

The argument is no different why Allah Can in Sabah/Sarawak and Cannot in Malaya....What sort of Rubbish Laws is this..... Since UMNO-BN will not want to stop their Raping of $$$$$$$ from entire Malaysia, dumbing down of Malaysian, corruption, Barang Naik(BN), murder, terrorism, ...more so in Sabah/Sarawak....

After that Form Alliance with Singapore.....SSS.....Wow this is the ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!!.. Ini Kali Lah..

Tak boleh Keluar tapi Boleh PECAT Malaya macam Malaya buat terhapdap Singapura....Apa bezanya?? Bezanya adalah hanya perbuatan Agenda Racis UMNO semuanya perlu diBongkarkan dan Agenda Racis UMNO perbodohkan, rompak, zalimi dan Hina Rakyat malaysa Hapuskan dan Tamat riwayat UMNO!!...tak ada pilihan lagi!! sehari lagi dibawah pentabiran Sultan UMNO-BN adalah terlambat....Lebih baik Pahatkan Agenda 2020....Pecat Malaya!!

Anonymous,  18 October 2013 at 11:37  

Orang Sabah sudah 4 kali tukar kerajaan. USNO BERJAYA PBS BN. Kali ini boleh tukar ke PR.

Anonymous,  18 October 2013 at 12:04  

Secede? I never believed it for even 2 seconds. 95% of the East Malaysian politicians have sacrificed their people's future and their own soul at the altar of filthy money fed by the UMNO led federal government.

Secession? Its all political posturing, sabre rattling.

Leave BN? C'mon, are we dreaming or what? Those buggers are already seduced by UMNO trickery and thoroughly poisoned by the trappings of an easy life fed to them by BN.

Ok, so your call for them to leave BN is to embarrass them? And would the Sabah Sarawak folks know it? Doubt it.

Anonymous,  18 October 2013 at 12:55  

I like your perspective and such a likely scenario would change the national landscape totally, not just Sabah and Sarawak. Umno has become not only utterly corrupt but downright dangerous. They fear no one, not even Allah. They will continue to plunder and cheat their way to govern. But calling non-Umno members to leave BN is far-fetch I'm afraid. They have it too good even when its only picking the crumbs from the table. Our Christian ministers are all for themselves not God, and certainly not the people. But indeed if they decided to leave BN, their names and heroic act will be etched in the memory of Sarawakians and Sabahans for generations to come.

As for Taib, the reason why he can still manage to stay on is all thanks to his objection to Umno coming to the state. On that alone, many Sarawakians are of the opinion that he should stay as long as possible even though they know how corrupt he is. Taib could hang on to power until he kick the bucket if indeed he dares to leave BN. Sarawakians will probably make him their new rajah. I'm not too sure about Ku Li. Deep down he's still very much an Umno man even his influence has waned considerably.


Anonymous,  18 October 2013 at 12:57  

I hope Sabah and Sarawak MPs read your piece. Not that we think they will act accordingly. Most are selfish and think of only making themselves rich.

Anonymous,  18 October 2013 at 15:13  

Dear Dato Sak,
Sabah and Sarawak cannot secede or else Malaya will go kaput and the rascist Malay agenda will evaporate without the Oil Money generated from the profitable oilfields in Miri, Bintulu and Sabah waters. The amounts generated are stupendous-no wonder the account of Petronas is kept secret. If it is made known, the Sabahans and Sarawakians would immediately demand secession-the monies are enough to make Sabah and Sarawak more prosperous than Brunei. Of course without the Oil Money, Umno will collapse first as they have to ikat perut and all the doped warlords would demand their regular supplies of Moolahs by hook or crook. No way, Umno will allow secession and they will fight to the last person standing as it is better to die than to give up all the luxuries that monies can buy. Malaysia becoming another Beirut-no problem. Being poor and no easy money is the problem.
The tactic employed by Bijan is to become Mr Invisible or the three monkeys that don't see, hear or talk. Barely heard a sound from him on critical issues, only bluffing UN or the international community how saintly he is when overseas. Think the rakyat have to sack him for pontenging and not doing the job he is paid for. He is like the emperor without clothes walking around naked and all his ball -carriers praising him remarking how nice his suits are even though the bushy greying member are so obvious to the naked eye. Big Mama is too busy counting money nowadays and got no time for the permata thingy entrusted to her. Hmnn...that giant colored diamond in NY looks too inviting to say no.
Malaysia is plunging into the abyss of a pseudo islamofascist country by dumb right wingers and mad clery and a stupid zombie rural populace brainwashed by BTN false propaganda a la Hitler and is going to be impossible to stay for the NONs.
One country two system enunciated by Abdul Rahman Dahlan seem to be a good idea to me. Leave the penis-shaped Malaya to the islamic bigot, the Ku-Klux-Kahn Malays, the zombies in the Kampong, the aristocrats umnoputras, the balllcarriers like Tan Keng Liang/PCM Semut Huan, MICs spineless creatures, the Mamaks and the Ridzuan Tees. The dissatisfied Chinese, Indians, the progressive non-umno Malays can emigrate to Sabah and Sarawak and both states will be Eden on Earth. With the infusion of Good Malayans to Borneo and restricted residence to the baddies in Malaya, Malaysia will be at peace again-one Taliban Beirut Malaya and two Progressive Sabah/Sarawak,

Anonymous,  18 October 2013 at 15:25  

Ibrahim Ali will now go to Sabah and Sarawak to order the ban of of the Malay Bible.
Where is your pride and dignity you Christians?
You have betrayed your religion.

Pok Li,  18 October 2013 at 16:08  

I doubt the 19 non-Muslims MPs would leave BN. They are from the same species as UMNO who would sell their religion for positions and wealth.

Anonymous,  18 October 2013 at 16:56  

I really feel sorry for the non-Malays and non-muslims who took PAS's word that PAS will defend the non-muslims and non-Malays. Now, the latest is: Haron Din Deputy of the Syura Council in PAS has instead joined in to defend the court's decision on Allah, knowing well that Allah is a word which predates Nabi, Jesus and every other holy messenger.

We have been betrayed by PAS. It matters not, that I am a non Christian, but it does matter that PAS, a supposedly God fearing party has now gone back on its word. PAS had better quickly backpedal or else Pakatan will simply unravel.

Haron, in many of his words and action has shown his hand ... that he is in favour of working with UMNO. This man is truly the musuh in the selimut.

Pok Li,  18 October 2013 at 18:16  

You should be able to differentiate between PAS official stand and the stand of a minority in PAS. Don't complicate the issue by passing judgement on PAS based on Haron Din's personal statement.

Anonymous,  18 October 2013 at 18:30  


You think too highly of the BN-affiliated Christian MPs in East Malaysia. These MPs are boneless people. They don't have the guts to do anything.

Anonymous,  18 October 2013 at 20:03  

Jeffrey sb angry with his east malaysian compatriots for voting in the BN time and again. They have to determine their future and not BN. As of now, east malaysians love to be 3rd class citizens. They deserved to be so. They should not and have no right to complain as they wanted it this way.

Anonymous,  18 October 2013 at 20:35  

Please Dato or any other readers here .Make this message of yours be sure delivered to every non muslims pliticians in sabah and sarawak.

The Marketing Scribe 19 October 2013 at 04:43  

Is there such a no-secession clause in the agreement with Singapore as well? If there was, then wouldn't Tunku had committed treason by asking Singapore to leave the federation? I believe such clause must apply both ways. The federal govt cannot ask any member state to leave and neither can any member state express a desire to leave. Singapore was told to leave because their constant call for equal treatment for all races was anti-thesis to UMNO's policies. Likewise, with the constant harping on the Allah issue which goes against the grain of UMNO Baru's religious belief, wouldn't it be better then for UMNO Baru to tell the two eastern states to leave the federation? Just my dua sen thought?

Anonymous,  19 October 2013 at 14:01  

Why do you say don't secede? are you afraid ??
We sarawakians and sabahan have every right to secede as it is our own country..
so what if we leave bn..we shake hand with about other points?? will pakatan agree to tax and finance point??
point #11 : Tariffs and Finance
Borneo should retain control of its own finance, development and tariff, and should have the right to work up its own taxation and to raise loans on its own credit.

how about education point, will pakatan agree ??? The existing educational system of North Borneo should be maintained and for this reason it should be under state control.

how about borneosation??? it will mean we get rid of all malayans from all the industries in sabah and sarawak..private or gov..police..anywhere..


Anonymous,  19 October 2013 at 14:05  

To some anonymous who doesnt believe in secession...
You better believe it now as the number of people who think like the Papuas, Scots, Timor Leste are growing. Doesnt matter when, i personally hope its within 10 - 15 years time. The new generations are getting bolder as they knew Secession is their rights...AND IT CAN BE DONE..ALL YOU NEED IS SOME LIGUISTIC SKILLS TO UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF "SHOULD NOT"

Anonymous,  19 October 2013 at 16:33  

Who's to stop us from seceding? After all you can break your agreement so can we. We didn't join Malaysia to be enslaved and robbed by Umno. Taib may be corrupt but we still prefer him to the robbers, religious nuts and bullies from Umno.

Anonymous,  19 October 2013 at 17:20  

To the three previous postings on secession:
How to secede when the Royal Malay Regiments comprising of mostly Malay soldiers from Semenanjung are camped in various towns of Sabah and Sarawak?
Furthermore most of the policemen are also from Malaya including the FRU and Pasukan Gerak Am.
Umno-the Taiko will never allow secession 100%. Zahid will shoot criminal first in a firefight. I shudder to think what he will do to potential secessionists.
Secession in reality is well nigh impossible.-no need to waste time thinking about it.
Best solution is to follow YB Dato Sak's advice and work with pakatan and TR.

Anonymous,  20 October 2013 at 02:16  

Do you know what does the BN logo of a dacing or balance symbolises? Rosmah one side while the other side Najib and both winking at each other with a grin and crooked smile.

Anonymous,  20 October 2013 at 03:05  

@ 19 October 2013 16:33

Who's to stop us from seceding? After all you can break your agreement so can we. We didn't join Malaysia to be enslaved and robbed by Umno. Taib may be corrupt but we still prefer him to the robbers, religious nuts and bullies from Umno.

So to speak you prefer Taib - a lobbyist of UMNO - BN leadership and continued getting robbed by him clothed in another camouflage " but ingrained with the same DNA : filth, greed, inequalities, entitlements for his him and his extended clan as he is both elected through his lobbyists ? Also meaning that you will take it hands down when his ill - gotten wealth is safely stacked and invested in Canada and beyond, being enslaved etc " And also being robbed of your democratic rights to kowtow to him ( slave mentality also will rear as master mentality when one attains power and excessive wealth - a proven cycle ) and make him and his clan indispensable ?

There are a few implications with your preference of subjecting to Taib's regime. SO when things turn into ashes, when the oil and gas runs dry, the poverty level escalates, the people's developments are neglected to the stratosphere, who are most likely to be blamed again ? us your good brothers and sisters outside UMNO -BN, Allah, fate or all in but never blame self and take the consequences of making better choices to dispense with Taib or any corrupted leaders even amongst your very own people ? Akin to corrupted UMNO leaders and Melayu outside UMNO - the change for better.

It is the content of character ( integrity ) and the extensive works done that carry weight that icludes by being just and responsible towards other races beyond the religion and race. The cloak and mask of race and religion is overtoned & jagged - need to do things better differently, inclusively but can be fire - tested for purity in allignment to His attributes - holiness, NO bullying the weak, no inequalities, no stealing, robbing in His benchmark. So do you still think being bullied by Taib or any proxies of his is still legitimate ?

Anonymous,  20 October 2013 at 22:59  


I hope your thoughts are conveyed upwards and that the PR leadership is working hard on it.

Certainly the comments about the "well-fed" Sabah/Sarawak ministers are true. But then PR needs to reach out and talk to the people. Form as many alliances on ground as you can. The people of Sabah/Sarawak are frustrated and want a change.

They too want corruption and racism to end.

Don't lose time and don't lose momentum.

Kutu cyber,  21 October 2013 at 00:09  

[Blogger bumi-non-malay]

Realities of life are different, tho. There are no more Sarawak Rangers in the Army which other implications mean you talk to a gun! :-))

Singapore is interesting. My view is that Spore was never sacked. This has lots to do with the late opening of Singapore's Casino.

Before that the bloody rich used Spore to hive off lots of dough out to free tax heavens and they still do so from Spore. We shouldnt be surprised. This has been going on for centuries as the wealthy in China curi-curi as everyone everywhere did and the dough finally end up in Swiss banks.

Life's terrible but governance can help soften the rough edges and keep us sane. And of course sensible belief and good values.

The Malay UMNO voters dont hv to understand this. All they have to do is obey Allah and the big politco boys will save you. Allah wont. Why? Well, he gave you more than $, he gave you intellect and brains.

The trillions that went off to Swiss Banks over the years, via Singapore are unimaginable.

Education in Spore is interesting. You see, those wealthy bastards who cheat make sure the State has employees they can co-erce to get the sums right! In Msia no problem lah. Let majority Malays become stupider so they wont question. In fact, due also to faulty state religious education and soft suppression ...Malays generally dont know what they dont know ! Its changing now as we strive to break the iron manacles of suppression.

Its fantastic and it is empowering the subdued and subservient Malays via religious and secular suppression - change is here!

From a personal view point this life - free your person, enrich your intellect and brain and encultrate more values into practical life, soften the harsh realities and savor attainable sanity the human animal is meant for!

We just have to work at it. There'll be lots of work, fun, disappointment, tears, pleasure and hopefully ----enlightenment!

Anonymous,  21 October 2013 at 11:40  

Something must be very wrong when citizens are talking about seceding. It reflect badly on the type of government that we are having. No one would want to secede no matter how bad a situation if its citizens are treated equally. The way Umno is destroying the very fabric of our country, no one should be surprised when such situation arise.

Anonymous,  21 October 2013 at 13:23  

Well! Most of the MP come with corruption record.

Anyone trying to leave Bn will go to jail.

Do you think they dare to cross over?

Anonymous,  21 October 2013 at 18:29  

Yes, leave BN and together with Pakatan form the new federal government. Pakatan through Anwar Ibrahim has already said that Christians can use the word ALLAH.

Just like if you don't try the "nasi lemak" at the other restaurant, you won't know how tasty it is and what you will be missing.

Non-UMNO Baru MPs from Sabah and Sarawak ........ join Pakatan for the sake of your future generations.

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