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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Yes, let us demystify the majority popular votes

Here are some interesting figures.
Political parties, votes, vote distribution
No of seats
Source: SPR

We have been told that UMNO has 3.2 million members. So how come it got only 3.2 million votes? Assuming all its members voted for their glorious party, then UMNO’s votes came from its own members. It can’t speak on behalf of the Malaysian people. It can’t even speak on behalf of the 7.8 million Malays who voted on the 5th May 2013 election.
So where did the Perkasa guy get his figures when he declared that the UMNO government should be thankful to the Malays for voting in UMNO and keeping it in power. 4.6 million Malays chose not to vote for UMNO. Unless 4.6million is smaller than 3.2million.
We don't want to erase UMNO. UMNO can remain as it is- irrelevant and attracting the crass, crude and myopic leaders and adherents. The rest of the Malay race want to move forward. They only want to do so without UMNO.  

BN vs PR and vote distribution
Source SPR

BN has more than 7 million members. It got only 5.24 million votes. 2 million BN members did not vote for BN. BN can’t even speak for the Malaysian people.
It is clear PR got more popular votes but that success is negated by gerrymandering and the uneven distribution of voters per seat. PR has to contest in bigger populated areas which could accommodate more parliamentary and state seats. UMNO and BN represent seats which have less voice than the seats represented by PR. 1 seat contested by PR is equivalent to 2 seats won by BN.
But let us take on the Perkasa man on his declaration of Malay support to UMNO. UMNO got 3.2 million votes. While its candidates were all Malays, its voters were not. How many non-Malay voters voted for UMNO candidates on that 5th of May? Let’s assume only 15%. That means 85% of the 3.2 million or 2.75 million voters who crossed X on the ballot papers were Malays. So, the non-Malays who voted for UMNO candidates amounted to nothing and instead were branded ingrates. So next time, don't vote for UMNO.
How many Malay voters came out to vote? 7.8million. what does this mean? It means 5 million Malays did not vote UMNO on the 5th of May.
How much did Najib spend on BR1Ms? He spent RM2 billion on BR1M 2012. For 2013, he spent another RM3.5billion. He spent a total of RM5. 5billion on 11 million recipients. Out of the 11 million, 4 million were previous recipients.
In the first year he gave RM500 each to 4 million people. In the 2nd year, he gave RM500 each to 3 million new recipients. The number of people who received BR1M over a period of 2 years was 7 million.
Despite paying off 7million people, BN secured 3.2 million votes. How many of those who got RM500 each voted for BN?
Assuming 90% of the recipients were Malays, then there were 6.3 million Malay BR1M recipients. How many Malay votes did UMNO get? 3.2 million votes. 3 million Malay BR1M recipients did not vote UMNO who gave them RM500 each.
Why? Because they know the government got the money from the withdrawn subsidies totalling RM20billion. If the government gave out RM5.5billion, where is the rest of the RM14.5billion?
Is UMNO planning to use this RM14.5 billion to give loans to its cronies and surrogate businesses?


Anonymous,  29 May 2013 at 07:59  

Now, bee ends gov is a minority government representing mostly kampong folks

Majority urban population are supporters of PR

Well, I suggest, bee ends gov shud move their offices to rural areas. I guess they will listen to bee ends craps more diligently, though they may not understand.

Emer,  29 May 2013 at 08:48  

Well done Dato. Another brilliant counter. Good write up must be shared. Reader/follower please translate & post it in your social sites. Thank you

Anonymous,  29 May 2013 at 08:50  

The key to breaking Umno stranglehold on gerrymandering is for Pakatan to covert the rural population. It's for PR to find out what is the best approach to overcome the barrier. In states like Selangor and Penang, PR can come out with concrete plans to showcase how it can be done and done well. PR has to be one step ahead of Umno. Selangor in particular with its healthy kitty will be able to lead the other states. Appoint a committee which must also be represented by community leaders from the villages to plan what is best for them.

Unknown 29 May 2013 at 10:00  


i think you are missing out on the malay votes for mic, mca, ppp and gerakan....majority of votes that these parties got is from the malays... your figures will be distorted a bit if you do not include this...

Anonymous,  29 May 2013 at 11:20  

Move on la mangkok.

BN is the government now whether you and your DAPsters like it or not. Popular votes or what not, you have to wait five more years.

Anonymous,  29 May 2013 at 11:46  

welcome to the real world. your wish to be minister will have to wait another 5 years. as an opposition MP lets see what you can do. critiicising on blog is easy. doing real work as opposition MP is the real deal.

Ex NUJ Member,  29 May 2013 at 12:18  

PERKOSA clowns can only count up to ten. Anything above that they will have brain freeze.

Anonymous,  29 May 2013 at 12:29  

In short, Najib is a kampung PM.

bumi-non-malay 29 May 2013 at 12:29  

The key to breaking Umno stranglehold on gerrymandering IS TURUN JALAN RAYA kerana TIPU Pilihanraya.

I have Said many times those STUPID Leaders of Pakatan LKS, Anwar, Hadi....DID NOT AGREE TO DISSOLVE THE state Parliament FIRST TO TEST The Extend of the EC/SPR Cheating Mechanism.

You Cannot Match UMNO-BN fire power in Election when it is SO Well Organised. Right now EC/SPR is planning for the next few SHAM that will Pretend to appease Rakyat but its all in the bag for GE 14, 15 , 16.......

I am Not a Romantics to Cheat, Sham and EVILS of UMNO-BN + EC/SPR + PDRM + NRD + Judiciary + TOL + High Cost of Living.

I voted for Price Reduce....Petrol reduce, Abolish Tol....Free education....YOU MEAN I HAVE to tolerate another 5 years of misery???....

Only STUPID EC Chief calls those Pakatan Won state to give up running the state.... It proves DESPITE the CHEATING we Manage to beat UMNO-BN and their perkakas in some Area......

Time is running out for Sultan + Agong to be relevant!! Sack and imprison the EC Chief for an EPIC fail in the Indelible ink KPI.... Strip those scums of their Titles!! Tan $hitty!!!

Anonymous,  29 May 2013 at 16:16  

Dear Datuk Sak

Anonymous 7:59 said

"Now, bee ends gov is a minority government representing mostly kampong folks"

I am inclined to think it is the
OLDER kampung folks and not the younger ones. Older folks because of long term political loyalty and nostalgia for the old UMNO of pre-Mahathir days. My guess is that many younger kampung folks voted for PR.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  29 May 2013 at 17:51  

The majority of people do not vote for BN.....their anger will turn into shame of those in power by gross dishonesty and manipulation.

Anonymous,  29 May 2013 at 18:16  

Anon 29 May 2013 11:20 and 11:46 must be the same person.

Do remember that never has UMNO retained its grip on power through such blatant abuse of the electoral system. Five years is not a long time to wait but enough to allow this country to slide down further if UMNO continues with its corrupt, oligarchic style of governance.

'Popular vote' may mean nothing to UMNO in general but it was 'popular vote and what not' in Pekan that installed Najib again, big time!

UMNO never ceases to confound or to cheat. It is a congenital condition and one will individual will sooner rather than later succumb to this condition as rivals with stronger defective DNA play out their game - word is going around, the game has started.

We don't need to wait five years, my friends.

SamYap,  29 May 2013 at 23:31  

Dear Dato Sak,

I am not sure where I read this, but someone recently wrote that pro PR blogs, news portals etc are like preaching to the converted. No doubt the blogs, news portals, facebooks ultimately plays a part of delivering opinions and a place to exchange views.

However, this PRU13 also showed what is seriously lacking is winning more "converts" to the cause of a new and progressive Malaysia, and not one where BN-UMNO rules with the aim to enrich the BN politicians. Many citizens, both Malays and non-Malays are still voting BN. The 47% is a high figure. If we had been able to reduce the percentage to a low of 40%, the chances of kicking out BN UMNO despite cheating, would have been better.

I hope, and I am sure many readers -supporters will agree, that PR must now begin the hardwork of winning over more citizens to PR. Kicking out BN-UMNO must be seen as a noble cause to save the country from further rape and ruin. And not simply an opposition agenda.

bruno,  30 May 2013 at 04:57  

Now that the GE is over and the winner is Umno/BN abeit some cheating of course.Every pro-PR supporter from Anwar down to the family dogs and cats have been screaming massive fraud years before the GE 13th.And they let the Umno/BN do the Houdini on them.

Wharthamoorthy did the Indian waltz across the crossway.And he hoodwinked,conned and caught the PR leaders sleeping.They called it the 'ke'eaana teh' (Penang lingo for Indian pretense/trick)bullshitting them with his 72 virgins and hunger strike.And all the time from more than 1 1/2 years ago he has been screwing around with the Umno.

Did Warthamoorthy sleeping and screwing around with the Umno help Palaniviel,Liow Tiong Lai,Subramaniam,Chuah Jr. and a few others who won by a few hundred votes.If not then why did Najib made this traitor and creepy worm a deputy minister.

The PR leaders from PKR fighting over seat allocations and PAS screaming hudud cost the PR some seats.With Warthamoorthy helping Najib win some seats who know what the outcome will be?

Fraud or no fraud Umno/BN was beatable this past elections.The PR leaders have to accept the results since they are the ones who screwed up.It is time for the Umno mentality greedy and power hungry leaders in the PR to ride into the sunset and let younger leaders take over.Take some fourty winks,open your eyes and it will be time for GE 14th.Times fly very fast,so it is important for the younger leaders to settle down into their new positions.

Anonymous,  30 May 2013 at 07:56  

All PR machinery shud start to plan ahead for future election on two main election issues

1. gerrymandering of areas favouring bee ends

2. preventing frauds before and during votes counting at all stations. thinks of all fraud possibilities and prevention and please photograph/video tape the evidences. Lots of support and help is required in this areas.

I believe the ADUNs and MPs and prospective ones shud prepare and lead such operations and fully supported by party

Plse plan ahead

Anonymous,  30 May 2013 at 08:27  

~ The truth needs no convincing, just unveiling. ~

For the kampung folks, all PR machinery needs to do is show them photographic & video evidence of the decadent lifestyle of UMNO/BN politicians and their family members. Expose their local and overseas mansions & penthouses, their exotic & premium cars, their clubbing habits & kept women - all beyond their regular means, which in this day and age, is so easy to disseminate. Make sure it is not 'fitnah' but facts.

Forget economic & equality issues, which are distant to them, the above are all issues frowned upon by, and dear to the heart, of the village folks. Capitalise, if not on their religious convictions, their inherent 'iri hati' & 'hasad dengki' nature.

~ Batu Hikmat

Anonymous,  30 May 2013 at 10:03  


Orang kampung masih tak faham pasal theory / figure itu. kena la cakap pakai mulut... hanyer la orang bansar jer boleh faham,

mungkin ko boleh propose to DAP atasan ko terajui kawawan kampung... senang sikit.

2020,  30 May 2013 at 11:27  


demystify this;

Fin Qtr -Rev(RM,000)-Net Profit(RM,000)
31/03/2013 2,682,208 136,716
31/12/2012 3,858,810 179,640
30/09/2012 3,771,305 245,602
30/06/2012 3,536,387 188,368

FGV (5222)

Anonymous,  30 May 2013 at 18:51  

2020, demystified for UMNO geniuses:

1. Qrtr ending 30 June 2012 Revenue Rm3.54 billion: Net Profit Rm184.4 million

2. Qrtr ending 30 Sep 2012 Revenue Rm3.77 billion: Net Profit Rm246 million

3. Qrtr ending 31 Dec 2012 Revenue Rm3.86 billion: Net Profit Rm1.80 million

4. Qrtr ending 31 Mar 2013 Revenue Rm2.68 billion: Net Profit Rm1.37 million

~Sinar Suria

Anonymous,  30 May 2013 at 20:39  

Correction, sorry!

1. Qrtr ending 30 June 2012 Revenue Rm3.54 billion: Net Profit Rm188.4 million

2. Qrtr ending 30 Sep 2012 Revenue Rm3.77 billion: Net Profit Rm245.6 million

3. Qrtr ending 31 Dec 2012 Revenue Rm3.86 billion: Net Profit Rm179.6 million

4. Qrtr ending 31 Mar 2013 Revenue Rm2.68 billion: Net Profit Rm136.7 million

~Sinar Suria

Anonymous,  31 May 2013 at 10:28  

cukup la dengan idea figure/ fakta... budak kampung don;t give a damn man..

org kampung dah biasa kena jajah, first orang british yg jajah, lepas tuh orang jepun yg jajah, semua pun ber kuasa+sentaja kampung pun tak turut, janji beri air, makanan. sokong...! sampai mati.. pun sokong..

sekarang.. dijajah UMNO. pun rase betul/logic jugak.... dah 50 tahun hidup dalam suasana jajah.. tak boleh terima hidup dalam kampung... biasa dah tunggu beras satu malaysia, nanti pangkah BN menunjukkan hormat pada penjajah BN.....

PR, dah cukup la dengan dunia internet, bandar nie semua ada hotak yg pikir. sampai masa utk Pr masuk ke kanpung.. bagi la bantuan kedalam kampung.. lagi pun low cost jugak permintaaan kampung.. tak perlu stadiium ker kilang.. janji ada bantuan buat jambatan ka.. jalan rata.. tuh jer..

Anonymous,  31 May 2013 at 11:39  

Your job in Raub won't be too difficult.

Just make right all the wrong things or things MCA did not do. Give yourself a reasonable but urgent timeframe.

YOu will see the results. The Chinese will really respect leaders who are capable. Irrespective of race or religion.

Good luck!

mohamad adel 31 May 2013 at 12:12  

cheat or no cheat, BN won
Lain kalilah. jangan jadi bodoh, manjang kena tipu.

Anonymous,  31 May 2013 at 16:52  

"Despite paying off 7million people, BN secured 3.2 million votes. How many of those who got RM500 each voted for BN?"

According to the SPR source BN garnered 5.2 million vote as per table.

From the SPR source and table, UMNO garnered 3.2 million votes.

So I dunno where your statement is referring to?

Dun spinning brother!

Anonymous,  31 May 2013 at 18:21  


I hope u publish this comment which was censored by MT.

In a comment to falconwarrior, RPK wrote the following;

‘EDITOR: But 23 million Malaysians did not vote for them. So how can you say 'majority of people'? And how many times must it be repeated that it must be majority seats and not majority votes? Are you really stupid or just pretending to be stupid? Janganlah cakap bodoh.’

The 23Mil absentee voters is a myth. The correct figure should be closed to 19Mil.

Here r the calculations, with numbers plug frm 2012 official census & SPR site;

Population 29Mil - 11Mil (<21 age) = 18Mil qualified to vote

18Mil (qualified) - 13Mil (registered) = 5Mil don’t bothered

13Mil (registered) – 10Mil (turned up to vote) = 3Mil stayed home

So M’sians didn’t vote = 11 + 5 + 3 = 19Mil

The 19Mil M’sians that didn’t accounted for in the recent GE13 r been contributed by

1)Absentees of legal age but chose not to vote by either not registered or not turned up to vote (8Mil)

2)Those under the 21 legal age. They accounted for about 48%* of the 23 Mil – ie 11 Mil!

*29.4% of 0-14 + half of the 17.2% of 15-24 =38% of 29Mil gives 11Mil, 2012 July census. So this 11 Mil constitutes about 57.9% of the 19Mil.

3)Therefore, there is actually ONLY 19-11 = 8Mil M’sians consciously chose to give up their right to vote. By their choice, thus they have NOT right to claim any representation in this GE13.

4)In the GE13, there were all together 10.8Mil voters casted their vote out of the 13Mil registered, so PR’s 51% is IN DEED a majority of people as claimed!!!!

As far as the issue of which majority, seats vis-à-vis votes, that’s a moral issue.

If one claims to be a govt by the people then this moral issue MUST be truthfully analysed & settled. Or else the ‘democracy’, so claimed, is ONLY superficial.

It's just like arguing faith based on logic, would set one onto a wrong footing for an illogical diversion on rationality.


Jahamy 2 June 2013 at 04:04  

Dear Dato,

You write well. Have been following your blog for sometime.

I have put your blog on my bloglist.


Nicole 2 June 2013 at 17:15  

Nice post friend :D

Anonymous,  3 June 2013 at 14:53  


dah menjadi ahli parlimen cara blogging kena la upgrade standard MP... national level punya issue, information.

macma tuh baru la suatu hari nanti boleh menjadi orang penting dalam DAP, dan membantu dalam issue negara. ini Zairil Khir... terlampau mentah utk mewakili orang ramai... sebagi CEC pun agak melucukan... aku rase Dato Arif kena la berusaha utk masuk CEC

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