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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Might-is Right Cliques and their Politics

Why did the majority reject them? The majority of non-Malays voted PR. more Malays voted for PR. So when Zahid Hamidi says the majority of the people in Malaysia reject the politics of spontaneous gathering, for which majority does he speak for? PR represents the moral majority having won more popular votes that BN. BN was the legal winner, but PR was the moral winner.
What Zahid does, is speak as representative of the might-is-right cliques from UMNO and BN and their hangers-on chorus singing support groups. that was why he got knee jerk support from parasitic youth organizations and from the rent-seeker cliques represented by people like Tajudin Rahman.
These are the people who will readily subscribe to the idea that winning the legal victory confers an absolute license to do anything as they please. Down to the village level this means that benefits of development allocation are meant only for UMNO supporters. At the national level this means funding is only for BN lawmakers. Can we trust these people who don’t even understand the basic building blocks of nation building?
That nation building means nonpartisan management of the country. Once elections are over, the victors manage the country for the interest of both the victors and defeated. But the power crazy UMNO people do not understand this concept. The ignorant loyal ketua kampong thinks winning means he can suppress the people who didn’t vote UMNO. UMNO people think that this is a winner takes all game. They think winning confers them an absolute license to raid the piggy bank.
Opposition law makers are denied funding allocations whereas the money comes from the people. That is only acceptable IF the money comes from BN people, if taxes are collected only from BN people. Money comes from the people but the might-is-right cliques say, money is meant for them to do as they please.
Why did the majority reject UMNO and BN? The majority were the thinking crowd, the urban dwellers, more educated and more socially conscious. These are the people who really matters. These are the people with more earning power with whom engagement and appeasement are crucial for nation building and reconciliation.
That is the question that must be answered first rather than lending credence to the bigoted remarks of the Zul Nordins and the retired court of appeal judge who, as it turned out, himself the subject of hushed whispers pointing him out as being a sex fiend.
We have this former judge, Noor Mohd Abdullah warning the Chinese of a Malay backlash. Why? Because they didn’t vote UMNO candidates? What if they have voted other Malay candidates from PAS, PKR and DAP? The UMNO Malays are not the only Malays in this country.
Will they get a backlash with the judge playing the role of a hanging judge to a frenzied lynching mob? He thinks the Malays have got nothing better to do than do his command?
In so many places during GE13 the Chinese voted for Malay candidates of the Opposition together with their Malay brother Malaysians. See? Malaysian Chinese are supporting Malay candidates. So what to do with them? Drown these Chinese in the sea? Or does the judge regard the true Malay is the UMNO Malay and that all other Malays not in UMNO, not Malay enough? What a stupid jerk.
If the judge is a Malay-firster, then he would accord compliments to the Chinese who supported Malay candidates not matter what party the Malays represent. As long as he is Malay, that should be all right. And he must be ready to shower accolades on the Malaysian Chinese who rejected Chinese candidates from MCA and Gerakan mustn’t he? After all the Chinese in that instance have proven to be instrumental in furthering his final solution to race relations in Malaysia. If the judge’s overriding agenda is to see to the decimation of Chinese politics in Malaysia, he should cultivate goodwill with these Chinese. These are the facts, my dear judge.
The fact of the matter is, there was a Malay Tsunami. In peninsula Malaysia, out of the 9.45 million voters, Malay voters numbered around 6.62million. UMNO/BN obtained 4.35 million and Malay voters supporting UMNO candidates account for 3.05 million. The number of Malays who voted out UMNO was 3.6 million. What does that say? It says more Malays rejected UMNO. So what will Najib classify them as? Greedy Malays? Haramjadah?
Greedy for what? Malays still live in hovels. Malays need monetary help to send their parents and children for operation at hospitals. Malays need help from Jabatan Kebajikan masyarakat. When natural disasters strike Malays are always the first to beg help from government departments. Malays have their electricity cut off because they couldn’t pay the tariffs and don’t have money to pay reconnection charges. These Malays are greedy?
These Malays reject UMNO because they know UMNO is a farce- looking out for the interests of the select few, the pseudo feudal cliques, and the political elite. They have had enough of the hypocrisy of the UMNO leadership beginning with the greatest hypocrite of them all- Najib Tun Razak.
What have the Malays done?
To quote Walla:-
In GE13, Malays fought for the right way to do the right thing; they voted for righteousness and conscience; they voted against hypocrisy.
That hypocrisy is represented by Najib the rhetorical shouter of 1Malaysia who turns out to be a closet bigot. Najib now turns around and says the Chinese were the cause  of BN’s loss of acceptance. He is lying; the Rakyat of Malaysia have moved on, looking at him only with pity for what someone has become just to save his own skin, the interests of his cronies, and a party that is the today the biggest international laughing stock of the democracies. He has only succeeded in self-syioking himself in his own state of denial. Continuing to be beholden to the biggest racist in the history of this nation, he doesn't have his own backbone, let alone the smallest brain and guts of a real leader. And on this, the rakyat are to place their innocent trust for another five years? How?
Must the greedy Malays feel ashamed for abandoning UMNO? They need not to because they are rejecting a corrupt party that serves the interests of the select few. They reject a party whose operatives infiltrate every level of the country’s management from the giving out of the lowliest of contracts to the monumental costing projects. They reject a party where its members who are contractors construct shoddy bus stops that cost the taxpayers RM40,000 each and built stadiums which keep on crumbling. They reject a party where its operatives in the form of village headmen steal land and allocate shares among family members and cronies firsts. They reject a party which has a present leader harbouring thieves and conmen as party members and making them out as representatives of the true Malay.
We the majority who rejected UMNO must feel revolted at being lectured into accepting the UMNO type of leaders. We, the majority Malays feel sickened at the thought of living alongside this bigoted former judge and other reactionary Malays materialising as apparitions in the likes of the Zul Nordins, the UITM Don and the Ibrahim Alis.
Where in UMNO's trillion ringgit administration is Islam and its principles practiced with honesty and sincerity?  How does its upholding the faith sync with its racist stance against our Chinese brothers and sisters who seem to be still treated up till now half a century after Merdeka as pendatang-pendatang fit only to quaver and pay rent under the feet of Ketuanan Melayu exemplified by the new brown rajah's of post-colonial Malaysia?

For whom does Zahid Hamidi speak? He must be hallucinating from consumption of ketum leaves when he says the majority of Malaysians do not agree to post election rallies. Must we remind Herr Zahid that we are the majority? That is why Malaysia wears black all over the world. The Kelana Jaya gathering was a spontaneous response from voters that they knew Umno had defrauded them of true democracy. The gatherings across the nation and over the seas in other cities around the world will keep the torch burning. After all five years is not such a long time for a fake government to be booted out.


bruno,  25 May 2013 at 09:04  

Dato,first of all this home minister Zahid Hamidi flunk just on his first day on the job.He was just like the village idiot,who ask his fellow villagers to leave for another village because they couldn't agree with him.This is a stupid idiot who thrives on ridding on coat-tails.

He is the only one in the cabinet who has the most political masters.He used to bodek and suck up to Anwar.But he ran back to Mahathir and beg for forgiveness when Anwar couldn't afford to be his sugar daddy anymore.Then he has Badawi and Jibby.This Zahid is a creep and will bend with whichever direction the wind will blow.

Umno/BN is on extended life support,just because some PR leaders screwed up.Or else they will be sitting on the opposition bench.For this they should thank and go kiss Anwar and Azmin's asses.

Now the Umno is going on a witch hunt.Give them any excuse and they round up the dissenters and beat them blue,black and purple in the lock up.And this Zahid guy will do the bidding of his political masters.He has to earn his keep and by showing Najib that he can do the dirty work of silencing the voices of protestors.

If he got real balls he should round up Zulkifli Noordin,Abrahim Ali,Ridzuan Tee and the likes.And shutter down the Utusan office too.If the stooges under him can only arrest opposition supporters,that can only mean one thing.He has been neutered and therefore has no more balls.

Five more years for these Umnoputras to rob the people's coffers dry.With the additional taxes coming up,the people who supported them deserves the Umnoputras to screw their behind.Now they can replemish their depleted warchest by taxing the rakyat and squeezing every penny out of them.

Very soon the Umnoputras,lapdogs and cronies will be the only ones left dancing on the streets.The rakyat?They will be slogging their butts off trying to put three meals on the table for their families.

Anonymous,  25 May 2013 at 09:14  


Cina wants - Justice, Transparency, Equality, Integrity & Honesty - the very foundation of Islam, that UMNO/BN blatantly rejects and its devotees blindly supports.

~ Kipas Hikmat

bumi-non-malay 25 May 2013 at 09:39  

Of the UMNO-BN 133 MP is there NONE in there that will Put the Nation and people first??

Do they all want to see the Hunger, Anger and the Power of the 60% rakyat malaysia live in misery while tolerating Tyranny?

60 People have voted with Mandate to end the SHAM of UMNO+project SPR/IC/EC. Looks like there is only one last PEOPLE PROCESS to end the SHAM.

60% voted for Price Reduction...Reduce petrol cost, Abolish Tol and Free education.

Time is running out for those 21 in the 133 to jump the boat and swim to Pakatan for a better and stronger Malaysia. By the time Rakyat demand the change like Egypt, Nepal, Kyrgstan, Libya...French would be too late to jump and cross. There is a TOO LATE time frame to the 133 MP who thinks they can continue their EVIL and uphold UMNO-BN with their racist evil and Despotic agenda.

Bangkit...Bantah....setiap hari sampai UMNO -BN tumbang...terukan Boikot Petrol Petronas dan semua Barangan UMNO-BN. Fikir ... sebelum beli apa2??....adakah barang ini akan menolong UMNO-BN!!

Tipu Pilihnraya, Turun Jalanraya

patrick,  25 May 2013 at 09:44  

Yes, five years may not be such a long time to wait and to finally get rid of this 1Malaise scourge unless they run out of ketum leaves first!

Anonymous,  25 May 2013 at 09:46  

Maaf Dato' .. what i know bout the judge is that he was the LA for Kedah during Osman Aroff time ( Tun was PM) , son is successful businessman supplying contents for AStro n Media Prima ..

Anonymous,  25 May 2013 at 09:55  

It's true that there are greedy Malays. And who could be more greedy than those now walking the corridor of power. And the greediest of them all is none others than the one who coined the term "greedy Malay" and whom himself is not a Malay. This is the 1Bolehland that Najib is so proud of.

Anonymous,  25 May 2013 at 10:20  

YB Tariff,
You are absolutely right, um no members think and know they can get away with anything.
An umno wanita head somewhere in Pahang once rented my house. She not only didn't pay the rent for more than a year, but left unpaid electricity bills amounting to 4800rm! I was mad with ten aga for allowing that. Tenaga'excuse- the tenant gave post dated cheques which bounced.
As if that wasn't enough, there were countless lawyers' letters asking for loan repayments. These letters finally stopped after I called and told them that the person was an umno chief in a small town.
How can I respect umno with people like that?

Suci Dalam Debu 25 May 2013 at 10:41  


We must be resolute and stay the course to UBAH. Malaysia can only be a better place when we have a real two-party system in place.

We have to be more creative to win the hearts of the rural Malays. The obstacles are huge but not insurmountable. We need to get 60% of the popular votes before the inherent bias towards BN can be overcome.

Let us have more internet penetration for the orang kampung. Slowly but surely, the tide will change.

mucking fuddled,  25 May 2013 at 11:30  

the problem with this administration is it does not have an OFFICIAL spokesperson to issue THE official stance of the government on all the controversies that is plaguing our country, as the representative of the rakyat he is obligated to keep us informed of the official stance to avoid disatisfactions or misunderstandings that could lead to confrontations,
with such a mammoth prime minister's department why can't this be done?

Anonymous,  25 May 2013 at 11:48  


you've been proven right, 10 times over, for if there's one thing we have learnt from the recent GE, it is that only the umno malays are true malays - at least in their rabid, power-crazed mind.
the scales have fallen of the eyes of many and their path is winding narrowing to a dead end.

Anonymous,  25 May 2013 at 12:00  

Never feel bored with your articles.just continue posting.really enlights me with your statistics

Anonymous,  25 May 2013 at 12:26  

If i may ask, Was that a upper hook or was it a knee kick at the scrotum of the home minister and the womans minister?
Najib appears to have lost his spring walk full of 'confidance' but walks dragging himself to the slaughter chamber comes Umno annual meeting.
The 'mark antonys of umno' are waiting.
bye bye little boy.

Anonymous,  25 May 2013 at 12:47  

Dato' Sak,

It is a hard hitting article which depicts with absolute accuracy the state of a rotting carcase infested with squirming worms.

Anonymous,  25 May 2013 at 13:42  

Salam Dato' Ariff,

Zahid Hamidi is only keeping up with the company he keeps. Hishamuddin Hussein didn't have to sweat as KDN minister, but Zahid Hamidi does.

Sycophants like him will feign indignation at the audacity of Chinese voters, when in fact they know they have been voted out by the majority of the people of all races. It is to detract the people from the fact that BN lost GE13, and to stoke racial resentment among their base supporters however small the numbers.

The real task now is documenting, presenting and exposing the massive fraud perpetrated on the nation on 5 May. First, SPR have to resign for their criminal complicity.

The govt cannot go on pretending it is legitimate or has the support and respect of the people. The farce will rot all public institutions and destroy the country itself eventually. It has to be stopped.

You have eloquently talked about the looting oligarchs and been always right on the money. Their looting philosophy is so diametrically opposed to common people's thinking. Expose them for what they truly are.

Anonymous,  25 May 2013 at 13:43  

The stupidest minister in the country. Trying his utmost to suck up to his master. He will not last long. He hsd hitched himself to the wrong horse.

Jack,  25 May 2013 at 14:16  

Sakmongkol, your words are indeed like the double-edged sword that cleaves between the flesh and bone, sifting between truth and falsehood.

Only one who walks in wisdom and conscience can discern hypocrisy from its seemingly innocuous pretences.

Anonymous,  25 May 2013 at 16:10  

who say everyone loves winners ? not, us, here and patriotic Malaysians abroad who had voted for PR, so close yet denied the victory for the People, committed by fraudster UMNO - BN winners !

everyone still loves winners ? It depends on the play, the endurance, the standard international rules, the quality and integrity of the umpires, coaches, players and sponsors !!

Anonymous,  25 May 2013 at 16:22  

UMNO wanita ligat temberang macam gasing ke hulu, ke hilir untuk menipu wanita kampung undi BN lagi !!! Biar mereka merana ditinggalkan ... untuk mencari semangkuk nasi dengan ikan kecil, bersaing dengan projek IC bangla / terus dipinang perempuan indon, pinoy, aceh berlambak - lambak di bandar, tak balik lagi dah !!!! Kampung tergadai ! Wanita umno senang hati goyang kaki.

Anonymous,  25 May 2013 at 18:58  

UMNO/BN do not care about good government to move the country forward in a globalised and competitive whatever you like as long as you don't threaten their power, security and self interest.

At the same time, it does not want to be governed and made accountable and responsible for the mess they created.

With election fraud and decades of gross mismanagement, another year is too long - let alone 5 years.

When majority of ordinary people lose trust on the 'leaders' and institutions, the country will continue to suffer until trust is restored....this is very difficult.

Unknown 25 May 2013 at 22:18  

Dear SAK, Najib and his bunch of MPs are proffessional conmen.They have collaborated with the police EC and army to cheat with impunity. Judges similar to those EX seditious judges will be appointed to hear PKR court cases.There will be little hope probably 5 or 10 seats will be allowed re election What do u do then? The only option as I see it.......TURUN JALAN

Unknown 25 May 2013 at 23:12  

Dear SAK.... BN collaborated with certain army and police officials inc.SPR to cheat with impunity.They are so called professional vote buyers mastered during thier Umno assemblies annually.Whats worrying .. Judges similar to those idiotic EX judges will be appointed to fight PKR court cases. I seriously doubt BN will not cheat again. What do u do if they says only 5 or 10 seats needs reelection??????? The only option is to TURUN JALAN when dealing with TYRANTS

Anonymous,  25 May 2013 at 23:47  

Sir, I commend you for your well spoken article. These umno goons are an immoral lot. They are manipulative, greedy, have no religion. History speaks volumes about guys like these, and we all know how they ended.
One thing is certain, you cannot pull a string for too, one good day it WILL snap, Sir!

Suci Dalam Debu 26 May 2013 at 05:24  


I think the rallies have proven a point and it is time to call a stop before the Law of Diminishing Returns takes over to the loss of Pakatan Rakyat.

Fight the battle through the courts even thought odds are against PR.

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