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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Ungrateful Chinese, Greedy Malays

Someone asked the rhetorical question, maybe there will be traitors within UMNO asking for the resignation of Najib as UMNO president. Why not? Najib betrayed Pak Lah by orchestrating moves to ask Pak Lah to quit. He didn’t do anything to prevent Mahathir and gang from evicting squatter Pak Lah.
Nonfeasance produces the same effect as malfeasance. He stood idly by looking at Pak Lah drowning. He was duty bound to help out drowning Pak lah, because of his proximate relationship to the PM’s post.
Why should the UMNO members be so charitable to Najib? He wasn’t any better than Pak Lah. He got only 133 federal seats. But he spent and advertised more. Voted Najib is far less than a bill-boarded Najib. The substance is much less than the form. Long masked by emperor clothing, the real Najib is now seen as naked reality.
Najib will face his comeuppance. Of course there will be some people asking Najib to resign. Finally they see Najib as he truly is- a weakling UMNO president long in form, but short in substance. A visionless man who thinks the solution to every problem is to pay and buy his way through. What is so special about Najib other than carrying a famous surname? That will not be an excuse for UMNO not to do the necessary and right thing. Which is to replace Najib as UMNO president.
UMNO hasn’t learnt its lesson. It is talking as though it’s the only legitimate voice for the Malays. How many Malay votes did UMNO get in this election? BN got 5.24 million votes. If 70% of those were Malays- that meant UMNO got 3.67 million Malay votes. The total number of voters in the 13th GE was 11.26 million. If 70% of those were Malays, then there were 7.88 million Malay voters. The math says, 4.21 million Malay voters did not vote for UMNO. More Malays rejected UMNO than supported it.
So for whom does UMNO speak for?
It still speaks for the ruling and rich elite who have succeeded to dupe pliant rural Malay mass. The greedy Malays are in the UMNO group, not in the group that see UMNO as it truly is- an UMNO.20 that has deviated from its original objectives.
UMNO hasn’t got a monopoly as voice for the Malays. The Malay in PKR, in PAS and even in DAP isn’t less a Malay than the UMNO Malay. The socially aware Malay is more Malay than his socially ignorant country cousin. The latter is the Malay type UMNO wants to keep-pliant as a result of being ignorant, poor and fearful.
So UMNO feeds off the fear, ignorance and poverty of a pliant Malay mass who are made to believe, their plight is caused by the ungrateful Chinese and greedy urban cousins. Their plight in fact is caused by the policies of UMNO since 1988 which ushered in an economy driven by corruption, meant for cronies.
The agitators- the spokesman for the UMNO and BN Oligarchs, are now asking, Malays to show their Malayness by unleashing a bloodbath? Don’t- we are walking right into a trap set by an insecure elite. Malays don’t prove anything about their Malayness by expressing murderous intentions.
Najib is speaking like the liar he is- pleading for national reconciliation one day, and blaming other races the next day. Or does he actually mean reconciliation of Malay race as in unifying different thinking Malays in this country under his leadership?  
PAS has expressed a desire to unite a while back with the condition that Najib resigns and let another more acceptable and conciliatory Malay take his place. Will Najib make this sacrifice if he is indeed talking about reconciliation.
Success has many fathers. Failure is an orphan. The knives are already out. Najib failed to get 2/3 of the parliamentary seats and he performed worse than Pak Lah. Najib looked dejected when making statement about BN’s pyrrhic victory. It was achieved at a monumental cost. Najib spent billions and promised the sky to the people. Yet he managed to get 133 federal seats.
How did he explain it? He took on a racist slant in his explanation- blaming the Chinese who were deserting BN. what has MCA done all these years? Fattening themselves and leeching on wealth generating resources and opportunities?  The funny thing- UMNO finds nothing wrong cavorting with MCA but faults PAS for having a working relationship with DAP.That makes MCA an UMNO-nised MCA.
So Najib asks what do the Chinese want? They want nothing of UMNO and BN. they want another government is the answer. The rural Malays are a bit slower catching up to the game changing political shifts but as they grow more sophisticated in their thinking, loyalty to UMNO or to any political party will be conditional too. It will come.
Pak lah got 140 while he was sleeping. While sleeping, Najib plotted behind the scenes to get rid of pak lah. He stayed silent while Mahathir went on and on to demolish Pak Lah. You see, Najib is only a team player when the whole team supports only him. Once you are out, you are entirely forgotten.
That was what happened to Mat Taib , the former Selangor MB. He was a popular MB of Selangor, was UMNO’s information chief, and was a former UMNO VP- he was treated like an ostracised man. Najib treated him such. Once he announced he’s leaving UMNO for PAS, that move ended Najib’s dream of recapturing Selangor.
Najib is getting his punishment.  He will suffer his extreme suffering when he will be ousted as UMNO president come next UMNO GA.
Najib got 133 seats while fully awake and spent so many billions. Najib has led UMNO to its worse defeat and I hope UMNO whose motto is agama, bangsa dan tanah air, will know how to do a clinical bloodletting.
It’s a matter of time, before the rural Malays become aware they have been had. Najib is feigning innocence for making incendiary racist statements. UMNO people has been responsible for instilling the climate of fear among rural Malays. They have taught the 65% Malay population to fear the 24% Chinese population. UMNO leaders were responsible for teaching 65% Muslims to fear a 19% Christian population.
Its time rural Malays become aware that democracy is about the exercising of choice. Limited choice means limited democracy.
UMNO is responsible for its own loss because it limits everything for the Malay. Access to wealth generating means is restricted to the elite rich and powerful. The mental horizon is limited by satisfying and managing low level expectation of the Malays. UMNO knows this and capitalised on this.
Take for example the Felda business model. When Tun Razak started the business model, it was to place wealth generating means- land directly into the hands of settlers. The settlers toiled the land, paying whatever debt they incurred along the way. The land they now got, they get through blood sweat and tears. Not UMNO charity. And never free.
The land wasn’t given to them by UMNO. They earned every inch of them. Tun Razak didn’t create Felda in order to create million of enslaved Malays. He wanted to give them choice exercising democracy through ownership of wealth generating means. The son is now taking that away from them.
For federal seats, BN polled 5,237,699 votes to the Pakatan Rakyat parties’ combined 5,623,984 ballots. The three-party pact of PKR, PAS and DAP also surpassed BN in state seats, pulling in 4,879,699 to the 13-member coalition’s 4,513,997 ballots. Official turnout for Election 2013 was 84.84 per cent or 11,257,147 voters.
On what basis does Najib claim victory? UMNO and BN are ruling on a stolen victory that must be returned back to the people. Don’t go blaming a “Chinese tsunami” as reason behind BN ceding more ground to the opposition for an electoral showing worse than the previous low of 2008.
Listen to this puke-inducing statement- “I think they were taken in by some of the undertakings given by the opposition... and that’s why there was that swing.... and a lot of sentiments there, some of them racial in nature, that were being played up in this election, which is not very healthy for this country,”
And then unconsciously receded into a defense mode by saying
“I expected it but I did not expect it to this extent. None of us expected it to this extent. But despite the extent of the swing against us, BN did not fall,” he added.


K T,  8 May 2013 at 07:35  

belasah mereka kau kau nanti dalam parlimen

Anonymous,  8 May 2013 at 08:42  

Dear Datuk Sak

1. CONGRATULATIONS on your victory in Raub!

2. Now that UMNO Baru-BN has "won"
at both the federal level and state
level (Pahang state govt), here's my suggestion on how you can help the Raub victims of the Bukit Koman gold mine: Since UMNO Baru-BN will just continue to ignore their plight, may I suggest that you pressure the regime to pay for relocation expenses for the entire 1,000 + population.
At least they can move away from the immediate surroundings and thus reduce their chances of exposure to the cyanide being used by the mine. Otherwise, their health will just get worse and worse, with bad consequences.

3. Here is information on cyanide poisoning from the New York state Dept of Health:

Phua Kai Lit

les bleu 8 May 2013 at 09:07  

Taniah YB let them lock in the outdated mindset. Next is how are we going to win the hearts and minds of rural folks and their magic BRIM!!!

Edwin Choo,  8 May 2013 at 09:30  

Congratulations on your win in Raub. You fully deserve it. Great article btw. BN UMNO still can't differentiate between asleep and awaken.

Anonymous,  8 May 2013 at 09:50  

Najib reaps what he sows.

I am sure he is going on a rampage to loot and plunder the nation's coffer before he exits as UMNO president. He knows his time is up.

He won the election thru fraud and cheating... Look at Perak..the non-BN incumbent was treating so badly coz they want to cheat during vote counting

Anonymous,  8 May 2013 at 10:15  

The Malay UMNO only know the Chinese MCA and Gerakan.....mostly are in business.

The Chinese community is very diversed with different preferences for languages and religions, wider exposure globally and etc. majority are ordinary people making a decent living through personal hard work and familiy sacrifices.

Since the 70s or 80s, politics of race and religion had done enormous damage to social cohesion...thus the gross lack of understand between the races.

After more than 50 years of independence, this is really sad and damaging to the future of ordinary people.

Anonymous,  8 May 2013 at 10:44  


Firstly, congratulations on your win as Raub MP. The Raub constituents have made a wise choice and you will serve them well.

Your article is an excellent piece of objective analysis on the dismal performance of Najib and his BN cohorts. Najib is playing the Chinese blame game to the hilt which is probably his strategy to shore up support from the hardline extremists in UMNO to survive the coming onslaught of kerises, daggers and parangs to be unleashed by Mahathir and Muhyiddin to get rid of him.

There's an old Chinese saying that if one cannot "shit", he will blame the ground as being too hard. This is exactly what Najib is doing. However there is another saying which is about to come true for Najib which is "What goes around, comes around". Najib will suffer the same fate as Badawi by the time the UMNO GA gets going.

Tun Tan Sree

Anonymous,  8 May 2013 at 11:39  

We cannot afford to have a divided nation. Go back to the spirit of the founding fathers, social contract, Rukun Negara and DEB. Extract the best,integrate and cement it with integrity and sincerity.

Anonymous,  8 May 2013 at 11:55  

Well said Dato..

sot 8 May 2013 at 11:57  

Thank you sir for this constructive posting. PR won after all. In the heart of the people. PR is people's choice. Let be matured enough moving towards two party system with fair ground for choice and healthy competition. Never give up guys to push for change.

Roti Sunshine 8 May 2013 at 13:27  

Dear Sak,
Pakatan won the tournament but BN with the help of the referee and many rowdy fans stole the trophy!

There were so many cases of near misses; Bentong, Cameron Highlands and Labis on the way to Putrajaya.

We will continue to batter BN's gate. 308 was strike number one and 505 was second. The door that kept PR out of Putrajaya has become rickety due to the constant battering. One more strike, the hinges will fly off and PR will seize Putrajaya with the help of the patriotic citizens of the soil.

Bn is now surrounded in the cities. The countryside will soon abandon BN. Meanwhile, the war continues against the wrongful occupant of Putrajaya.

You fought a good fight in 505. Congratulations but rest not as PR and DAP in particular needs you to soldier on till the enemy is completely overran!

Lawan tetap lawan. Lawan hinggs PR dan rakyat menang!

Anonymous,  8 May 2013 at 17:40  

Dato' Sak, a belated congratulations to you ... you emerged victorious even with all odds stacked against you.

The onus is now on you to prove that the "Chinese tsunami" was not the (sole)factor that cost BN dearly in GE13. After 56 years, many Malaysians regardless of race have come to realise that instead of progressing economically, the number of their poverty-stricken brethren is on the rise.

The act of purportedly sowing the seeds of racial hatred for self-gain (as orchestrated by our topmost BN leaders to cover up their misdeeds) is bound to tear our beloved country apart.

Urban and middle-class Malays may reject such gameplan but rural folks can easily be provoked with unfounded fears such as "a vote for DAP is a vote for Chinese rule, which will result in Malays becoming slaves in their motherland".

You (together with Zairil and Tengku Zulpuri) will do our country and your party a grand favour by going down to the grassroot to exorcise demonising accusations made on racial grounds.

I wish you and your two Malay DAP comrades all the luck in serving your constituents on a colour blind basis.

Anonymous,  8 May 2013 at 21:28  

The people of Bangi (95% malay) supported DAP and mind you they are Professors, PhDs, Masters scholars.... Clearly this has been Tsunami Melayu too! Umno dies but not Malays for sure.

timor 8 May 2013 at 21:38  

As salam YB Dato,

Its so sad.

Another 5 years of corruptions to endure.
Sad to think that there are still Malays who refuse Free toll, Free education, Reduced Petrol price, Reduced Car price and many more.

And they chose Corruptions under BN.

Congratulations Dato on your winning.


abdul latif bin bakar 8 May 2013 at 22:30  

tahniah Dato,atas kemenangan ini dapatlah Dato,membela kami rakyat Raub terutamanya yg tinggal di Felda Tersang,Felda Klau dan Felda Krau.

ordinary malaysian 9 May 2013 at 00:03  

Yang Berhormat, I was unable to access your blog since polling day until today. I was wondering if your site was DDOS attacked.

So, please accept my belated congratulations! You deserved to win.

The next step is to ensure that our votes were not stolen. It might be a long battle, but unless we don't give up the fight to ensure clean, free and fair elections, there never will be a true opportunity for change and Barisan might as well legislate away the need for a GE and be done away with the facade and farce of a democracy every five years.

I have always thought that in a democracy, the voice of the majority is king, not a poor bridesmaid.

How was it possible that Pakatan won the popular vote at 53% vs Braisan's 46% and yet the latter wins?

This first past the post system where one rural vote carries more weightage than the urban counterpart must be seen to be unrepresentative and done away with, if democracy is to have any meaning at all where it is the voice of the majority that must be heard

Anonymous,  9 May 2013 at 00:22  

Dato, congratulations to you. I'm your avid reader but I never comment.
I want think your blog is block by ISP. Maybe you like to hentam them "kau kau". I only manage to read your blog using tunneling software - Ultrasurf. Please alert your reader to get this free software here.


umar,  9 May 2013 at 03:22  

Tahniah Tuan,

You made it.Both you and Aspan joined DAP just last year. So both of you got to work hard to gain the confidence.Tunku Aziz betrayed after not being extended his senatorship.

THis tsunami was strong.Johor and Malacca MBs fell. PAS made some blunders in Kota Damansara and Semenyeh.In Kedah, Ustaz Azizan was a wrong choice for MB from the start. They should have appointed a young and dynamic personality instead of ustaz. Contrast with Mukriz and Azizan is a world apart.

PAS got to produce more dynamic leaders like Husam , Nizar ...etc

Najib building UITM campus in Raub.
Met you there and wished you expired ! You made it. Thank Allah. Have a small kenduri syukur. Invite you family too.

Me, too having problem accessing your site for 2 days....

walla 9 May 2013 at 09:27  

Tahniah, Dato!

Can't get direct to your blog; have to google cache the access.

This with some amendments by Milosevic@malaysiakini:

"It is a challenge to understand why UMNO’s initial reaction to the election results is ethno-fascism.

If there is anything more to this hollowed-out organization, one would have thought the obvious response is to move towards the center to create a new multi-racialism that underpins clear democratic reforms. That would be the logical way to salvage the party.

Instead it embarks on a Milosevian-Serbian response, mobilizing the media, and using heightened racist rhetoric to build up a crisis frame of group suspicion and paranoia with the aim of undermining an emerging optimistic quest for multi-racial interaction, transparency, self-respect, and democratic efficacy.

This does not make sense. Malaysia is no Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe, or Sri Lanka, and it would require inspired madness to make it so. It does not face the dissolution of the state with no alternative power bloc in place (there is Pakatan) as happened in the cases of post-socialist Yugoslavia and post-apartheid Rhodesia.

These uncertain conditions enable the authoritarian neo-fascists and oligarchs to use fear, uncertainty and violence to gain power. As a relatively developed economy, any game of further ethnicizing the economy for political gain (as in Sri Lanka in the 1970s and 1980s and Malaysia in the 1960s) quickly reaches the point of diminishing returns. Malay mobility (outside of the UMNO oligarchs) at this point simply cannot be based on a strong program of ethnically partitioning the economy.

The key requirements for overall Malay mobility must now be good regulations, efficient use of resources, strong entrepreneurship, well-coordinated synergies between institutions, and highly skilled, thinking individuals.

Ethno-fascism only works in very special conditions, and in fact we can say the troubles in the last so many years have been caused by the gradual breakdown of Malaysia’s version of ethno-fascism. In other words, ethno-fascism will keep bringing fewer benefits to Malays.

All urban Malays already sense this. The pay-offs to them economically have diminished and they are fed up of being told how to be Muslim or how to be Malay. This is part of their democratic desires.

walla 9 May 2013 at 09:27  


All this is apparent, so why is UMNO rehashing an exhausted, defunct approach which can only go against Malay interests and eventually UMNO’s interest as an organization?

Only the oligarchs may benefit for a while, but the hatred of them will only grow. The answer - UMNO is indeed a hollow organization with no ability to enact even a limited program of national, collective purpose. It can throw money there and here and wantonly risk budgetary problems in the future but there is no coherent national policy package. Najib does not seem to have even a minimal sense of what needs to be done, dancing to different tunes.

Mahathir only knows one script. It is Malaysia’s curse that a narcissistic octogenarian, so full of hang-ups, can cause havoc by trying to freeze Malaysia in his image. He might even be incentivized to see governmental failure to make his disastrous rule look good, or see leaders thrown out one after another until his son can take over. Unfortunately for him, this self-indulgent political choice is doomed to failure in the long-term for this political vision cannot produce either the hard power (economic and organization strength) or the soft power (attractive, optimistic cultural values) to sustain Mahathirism and ethno-fascism in Malaysia.

If Najib thinks he should play by Mahathir’s script to keep power for a while, he is sadly mistaken. The more he satisfies Mahathir (he will never know how long this will last), the more he undermines himself with the general public.

A brave, daring, thinking leader would seize the moment for a new effort, and take some risks as a final chance to save his party and himself. Alas Najib is simply incapable of this, and shows that he is a inferior leader compared to Badawi, who at least sensed the direction Malaysia had to take.

We are however at an optimistic time in Malaysia. Presently the old order is crumbling, but not yet quite dead, and the new order is emerging to solidify unity and achieve coherence.

While this interim period can be chaotic and scary at times, one can however be confident the country is beginning a new chapter. Try as some reactionaries may to see a Serbian or Sri Lankan outcome in Malaysia that relies on perverted ideas of ethnic intimidation, that option is only an illusion.

Only the UMNO oligarchs are in crisis mode now; they should prepare for their own exit. Many more capable people can rule Malaysia for the better, and the Malays sense it. This is the palpable outcome of 2008 and 2013."

Anonymous,  9 May 2013 at 11:02  

Tsunami Cina? SALAH .... SALAH .... SALAH.

1. The Chinese voted DAP (a multi-racial party) instead of MCA (a Chinese based party);

2. The Chinese prefer to vote PAS (a God fearing Islamic party) instead of BN UMNO (a corrupt coalition);

3. The Chinese love humble TG Nik Aziz much much much more than cunning and liar Mamak Mahathir;

4. The Chinese want Anwar Ibrahim (a Malay)to be Prime Minister instead of Najib (also a Malay).

I say the above because I am a Malaysian Chinese.

So who says the Malaysian Chinese are racist?

Anonymous,  9 May 2013 at 14:40  

Congrat Dato

But what happen to your analysis and prediction that PR will win?

Will see more often of you on tv and in newspapers, hoping you will
do a fantastic job and make everyone proud

Hawking Eye,  9 May 2013 at 17:17  

An excellent dissection on the anatomy of the Malay votes body block pointing to a clear deficit of Malay support for UMNO – simple arithmetic but a searing one!

Anonymous,  9 May 2013 at 17:34  

It is going to be a difficult 5 years for BN. They cant go into debt of additional 250 billion. Only way to maintain feel good factor is to maintain the same level of expenditure. This means expand government revenues either by means of lowering subsidies and broaden tax base i.e.s gst.

walla 9 May 2013 at 23:15  

This post, reproduced here for Sak:

Hope your site gets back to normal soon..look at the original site, lower left corner it tries to open; they're blocking through your other links.

NeverGiveUp,  11 May 2013 at 21:49  

YB Dato' Sak, by attacking your website they're openly admitting that you're a potential hazard to them and need to be silenced. I suppose a proper response to that would be to show them we are not sissies who would take it lying down.

We should take the battle to them and show them what we are made of. As inspiration I relive here Churchill's famous words in the face of a setback, "We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender."

That should be our rallying cry for the next part of the battle to Putrajaya!

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