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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 12 May 2013

What about the Malay Tsunami?

Before Najib shoots his mouth, perhaps he should check his facts first. BN got 5.2 million votes. Out of that number, how many voters were Malays? 70%? In 2008, Najib’s UMNO got less than 50% of the Malay votes. 35% to be exact. So, we are now being charitable by assuming he got more. At 70% of the votes BN got, 3.64 million were Malays.
How many were Malay voters out of the 11.22 who went out on the 5th of May. Again let’s use 70% which makes the number of Malay voters at 7.84 million. There were 7.84 million Malay voters on that Sunday, 5th of May. If UMNO secured 3.64 million, that was 46% of the total number of Malay voters. There was a 50% split of Malay voters. It was therefore a Malay tsunami as it was a Chinese one.
You see, Najib hasn’t got the smarts like Mahathir. The old man recognized the number. That was why he called the 51% Malays who did not vote UMNO as being greedy Malays.
Najib Razak is at it again. Stupid does what stipid does. Blaming DAP and the Chinese for his own shortcoming. Contrary to what he said, UMNO lost. BN is a minority government. Pakatan is the majority winner in terms of popular votes. UMNO added more seats because of gerrymandering.
It didn’t add more seats because it won more votes. Najib has no shame in covering up his loss by attributing it to DAP’s chauvinism and Chinese rejection.  
Najib plays to race card to avoid explaining to his UMNO people, his own weakness. UMNO must kick him out as its president if it wants to adopt radical transformation. Muhyidin is saying that now as an early signal what to expect at the next UMNO’s GA.
UMNO’s main problem is its fetish with Najib. No doubt, Muhyidin’s boys will be busy debunking that.
Chinese tsunami or not, BN has lost morally! Najib is a sore winner. His reaction on getting 133 federal seats was expected of a politician more accustomed to securing votes by handing out money. He thinks he solves problems by buying his way though. Loyalty bought is ephemeral and fluid. Loyalty secured by conviction stays permanent. Najib will never understand the essence of loyalty. It can’t be bought. His understanding is founded on the principle of lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu. His politics is structured on a quid pro quo arrangement. He gives you something on condition you give him something before that. He is an untrustworthy politician.
He failed to get Selangor despite taking over as Ketua Perhubungan. His deputy also lost. Selangor the pot of gold is now firmly in PR’s hands. He failed to get a two thirds mandate. He performed worse than Pak Lah. That despite him being fully wake, bill-boarding across the nation and spending billions of Ringgit.
That shouldn’t distract us from the main issue. How to pressure Najib to relinquish government. BN won because it cheated openly. It imported foreigners to come in and vote and that is tantamount to treason. Najib and UMNO have committed treason and treachery. Law enforcement agencies were used to transport ballot boxes containing illegal votes to voting centres. Police were brought in to prevent open defiance by the people and prevent people from taking citizen’s civic action.
The EC wasn’t an unbiased umpire in the battle between contestants. While the majority of the frontline workers, those who manned the voting centres were by and large decent and conscientious workers, I can’t say the same for those in black suits on stage or at the back rooms. Our sternest condemnation is reserved for the top two officers of the EC who kept on coming out with overt political statements that revealed their political affiliations.
But let us now look at the results of our recent elections. The following tables are used as illustrations.

Peninsular Malaysia
Total Votes
Pakatan Rakyat
Barisan Nasional

Total Votes
Pakatan Rakyat
Barisan Nasional

In peninsular Malaysia, PR parties got 5.035 million votes. BN got 4.322 million votes. That’s 53.29% PR to 45.74% BN. BN got beaten. Yet they still formed the government. BN rules without moral legitimacy. In Perak, the Zamri government is a minority government. BN lost on popular votes there.
But then, Najib is thick skinned. He doesn’t know shame. He was beaten. He managed to get only 133 federal seats, a worse performance that Pak Lah. Pak Lah was made to resign. Let’s see whether Mahathir will agitate for Najib’s exit this time. If he does not, that means, his attacks on Pak Lah were personally motivated.
When you take in the total for Malaysia, taking into account the votes in Sabah and Sarawak, PR got 5.6239 million votes to BN’s 5.2376 million votes. PR got 50.87% to BN’s 47.38% votes. BN was clearly beaten. Any self-respecting politician would resign. Najib is not only not self-respecting, the word respect and honour are not in his lexicon.
We want to ask the EC a simple question. How many voters were actually there on May 5th? On the evening of 5th May, the EC placed the total national voter turnout at around the 80% mark. The EC subsequently announced on May 6 that it was at 84.84%, a significant increase. Why the change? Could it be that after tallying the voters, the number that actually turned out, was bigger than the one announced?  That in order to rationalise and explain the actual number, a bigger percentage was finally announced. Was this additional %age, the proportion of phantom voters?


Anonymous,  12 May 2013 at 10:29  

Salam Dato,

Pandan has a 113% voter turn out. Go figure.


nick 12 May 2013 at 11:02  

Najib, Johan Jaafar and UMNO still doesn't get it! Malaysia is a democracy and people are free to vote whomever they want and politician and political party have no legal nor moral authority to accuse any single Malaysian as traitor for not voting for them. UMNO are shouting "ungrateful" and "greedy" to Malays who did not vote for them. In fact, that accusation should be directed back at UMNO because they are the real ungrateful lot and they are the greedy bunch who are rejected by the Malays.

Was it wrong for Malays to reject corrupt and incompetent leaders? I don't think so and even Islam judged those who did nothing to prevent or stopping wrongdoing as equally guilty by association. So, in truth, Najib and UMNO should really look at themselves and scrutiny themselves closely and tell us honestly that it was they themselves who brought the wrath of the people onto themselves and it was not wrong for the malays wanting to punish UMNO for all the wrongdoing committed the past decades.

And please stop trying to bullshit us by claiming that Najib and UMNO are not corrupt and it's all are opposition lies and propaganda. We Malaysian are not stupid. We might be a tad slow in getting angry but we know who are telling us the truth and who have been lying to us all this time. Malaysian was unable to kick you out of office this time, so take it as a warning to change. Refusal to comply is unacceptable and the people will exercise their right to put another in your place and it will not be treason but an act of loyalty by Malaysian, for Malaysia!

Voting is an act of loyalty to King and country so who is UMNO and Najib, trying to insinuate that it is treasonous of Malaysian not wanting them to continue as the government? UMNO does not equal as Malaysia and UMNO is not even equal as Malay. UMNO is just a political party and Malaysian are free to reject UMNO if he wishes so and in doing so, he is not committing treason, much less sinning. By voting ABU, Malaysian are simply doing his duty as a citizen of Malaysia, nothing more and nothing less! (we can't say the same about Najib and UMNO, though!)


Anonymous,  12 May 2013 at 11:54  

Now my biggest fear is, can we get pass the Judiciary which biased towards BN. We saw the idiotic judgments made during the Perak Saga.

Najib's govt is a minority govt and that too obtainbd by cheating. Will this govt last?

kee 12 May 2013 at 13:26  

Anonymous (Passerby) @ 12 May 2013 10:29,

Results for Pandan are:-

No of registered voters- 83,857
BN - 21,454
PR - 48,183
Ind - 2,415
Spoilt votes - 1,173

Total - 73,228 (87.3%)

How did you figure out that "Pandan has a 113% voter turn out"?

ramlan 12 May 2013 at 13:45  

Passerby, mind sharing where u picked up those figs?
SPR n Mkini shows 48,183(PR), 21,454 (BN), 2,415(BEBAS), 1,022(Spoilt), 83,857(reg voters)for turnout of 87%.

Anonymous,  12 May 2013 at 15:06  

So what is going to happen during next UMNO elections? Who is going to be jockeying for who or more likely - backstab? The only thing I can tell is that it's going to be raining money and some people are going to see their bank accounts kena banjir.

OneMalaysian,  12 May 2013 at 15:39  

Dear Sakmongkol

Finally, Najib has proved that he is in reality a 1UMNO prime minister, not a 1Malaysia PM. A 1Malaysia PM would not talk about a Chinese tsunami, unless he is stupid and doesn’t understand basic math. We shouldn’t be surprised by this possibility, though.

Let’s take your statistics for Peninsular Malaysia. We know that the Chinese make up approximately 25% of the population, and about 80% voted for PR, so that means that approx. 1,871,000 Chinese voted PR. The Indians and others make up approx. 10%, and assuming 50% voted PR, that number was 467,000. Since 5,035,000 voted PR, by deduction, approx. 2,696,000 Malays voted for PR, or 44.3%.

The more interesting figures are the urban versus rural numbers. Since the vast majority of Chinese (I assume 85%) live in urban and sub-urban areas, the number of such Chinese who voted for the opposition was 1,610,000. Assuming the Malays in urban and sub-urban areas are 50% of the Malay population, and assuming 75% in rural areas voted for UMNO, then by deduction approx. 1,936,000 urban/sub-urban Malays voted for PR. This represents approx. 63.6% of urban Malay voters.

This is the key comparison: 1,936,000 of urban Malays voted PR versus 1,610,000 Chinese. So more informed Malays who live in the same environment as the Chinese voted for PR than the Chinese. The frightening fact for UMNO is that this Malay demographic will grow with time as more Malays migrate to cities and towns, and more and more become internet savvy and are exposed to the same economic and social pressures as the urban Chinese.

One may call this inexorable demographic development a wave or a tsunami; it doesn’t matter. But it is real is that it is not Chinese. It will impact future elections much more than in GE13. This is a frightening reality for Najib. He had better do some number-crunching quick. It will show a Malaysian tsunami rolling towards GE14.

Ex-Mahmudian Raub,  12 May 2013 at 16:59  

"Chinese Tsunami"? "Malaysian Tsunami"? Rural-Urban Divide? Class ans Caste Divide? Horizontal (French Revolution 1700) and Vertical (English Civil War 1600) Divide?

Pengundi Malaysia akan menjadi lebih matang pada masa hadapan.

Anonymous,  12 May 2013 at 17:51  

The biggest culprit that helped BN to win this GE13 is the NRD.

The NRD creates tons of 'Maggie mee' citizens with instant ICs. These instant citizens were then distributed throughout the constituents & registered as legal voters with these ICs.

This explained why the high increment of voters registration in some rural locations, where the local demographics do not justify this high increment. This fact had been pointed out as one of the many electorate discrepancies by Prof Bridget Welsh.

One of the way to check this further is to break down the population growth over the last 5 years through a detail actuarial analysis. A clear pattern should emerged!

Dato, now that u r part of the DAP team tasked to probe the GE13 election fraud, yr team should seriously looking into this source.

The perpatrators have sold our AlifBaTa spirit just to win an election.

They r the traitors to the country, people & religions. They should be punished with full force of laws.

The top dogs of the EC r just willing partners, who r willing to sell their souls just to Java their nasik periuEC is just the willing partner.

Anonymous,  12 May 2013 at 18:29  

Najib has clearly failed! Failed to get back Selangor! Failed to win 2/3rd! Failed to win popular votes!

PR has over 700,000 majority support from West Malaysia than BN! Clearly BN is a loser in West Malaysia!

Without vote buying, BN would have lost big times!

the mean machine,  12 May 2013 at 21:08  

I have been trying out how Najib and his Umno cronies came to the final figures and called it a Chinese tsunami.

Umno kindergarden arithhmatics work like this.

Chinese votes(x) + Malay votes(y)=Chinese votes (x)

In simple kindergarden lingo 1+1=1

Anonymous,  12 May 2013 at 21:21  

If UMNO wants to pressure Najib to resign BUT cannot do so...suddenly out of the blue, little nuggets of information about the alleged murder involvement about a certain Mongolian individual will surface.

Just wait and see.

Anonymous,  12 May 2013 at 21:24  

UMNO is at is weakest. The folks in Sarawak certainly had the last laugh.

See if Najib is forced to have 2 DPM' coming from Sarawak.
Taib Mahmud is the king of politics.

Please share the juicy stories inside UMNO now that there is a lot of horse-trading going on for cabinet appointments.

ordinary malaysian 13 May 2013 at 01:27  

Datuk, I have just been able to access you blog again because of someone's comment in Malaysia Chronicle pointing out how to do so.

See how desperate the losers are. If they can't win or don't agree with you, they resort to sabotaging people's blog.

Nobody is sabotaging Umno friendly blogs or those of their cybertroppers!

This culture of I am right, you are wrong, ergo, you have no right to a say, is perhaps one of the saddest things we have inherited from 56 years of UMNO BS!

BeEnd and UMNO have lost the moral legitimacy to rule on a minority vote.

In a democracy, the voice of the majority should be king, not a poor bridesmaid.

The honourable thing for Najib to do in the circumstance where BeEnd have won on a minority vote and there are doubts as to how fair GE13 had been, is to call for re-elections.

If not, at least for the 30 or so Parliamentary seats that the opposition are claiming have been stolen from them.

bruno,  13 May 2013 at 06:41  

Looking at the post GE results.Everything is there for all to see.To wrest Putrajaya from Umno/BN,the PR coalition parties have to contest under one banner,with only one general in charge.And only one voice.

If and when Anwar decides to call it a day,he should take his blue eyed boy Azmin with him.PKR badly needed new and able young leadership.This time the PKR flopped very badly,because of their greed of wanting to contest most of the seats in Sabah,and not wanting to give an inch of ground to local opposition parties which are PR friendly.

They contested more seats than their partners in the peninsular.If they had concentrated their limited leadership and manpower resources and contested less seats,they would have ended up winning more seats.And who knows,Umno/BN would have been sent to the doghouse.

Now that the game is over wailing like crybabies will not help.Crying wolf?Dr Mahathir even defended his project IC.So it is an open secret that Umno/BN has been cheating since the time of Mahathir.So now what?

Paradigmshift,  13 May 2013 at 10:10  

Dear SAK,
As I had posted quite some time ago,It would be almost impossible for PR to wrest the government from BN if PR did not have effective strategies to win over rural Malay and Bumiputera voters who are less educated , bombasted everyday by mainstream media propaganda, and who( rural Malays) regard UMNO is Malay and Malay is UMNO, among others. PR did not have to spend too much of their election campaign in the urban areas because urban voters had made up their minds long time ago.PR should now crack their heads on how to deal with these rural voters who are more concerned with their bread and butter issues and not the high-sounding (to them) macro issues of governance , mismanagement, corruption , transperancy and so on.I would suggest PR pull in experienced sociologists and social psychologists to analyse the thought patterns of the rural voters and come up with proposals on strategies and tactics to tackle their mindsets.

walla 13 May 2013 at 10:33  

Barisan has disintegrated.

Where it matters, it is today only left with a battered Umno scrambling to justify before its own tenuous members how it can still pretend to have a mandate when it is already long obvious to one and all:

(a) it cheated in GE13 by subverting fair delineation and equal media access, corrupting the NRD database, and switching tally sheets;

(b) it perverted all the federal institutions which are supposed to protect the rights of the rakyat;

(c) it continues to use the old scare tactic of race, overturning its own pre-election spin of 1Malaysia;

(d) it continues to brazenly protect its corrupts and racists, proving to the rakyat that they were completely right to fight them; and

(e) it blatantly puts all blame for its losses on other communities, particularly our citizens of Chinese descent, showing its cowardly racist core lying nature and confirming to the rakyat that Umno cannot ever be trusted for it has always taken the rakyat to be fools to be taken for a ride while using the mahathir tactic of criminal putting blame on victim in this crime-infested country.

It is therefore no wonder Barisan's component partners in the MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP and SUPP have all been decimated, for in the years they were with Umno, they had done nothing to reform Umno which remains the biggest political hypocrite left in this country.

Today, Pakatan has the majority popular vote of the rakyat. Yet Umno with only the minority vote sits in Putrajaya without the CIT of commitment, integrity and transparency that the rakyat have demanded.

And it has just announced a trillion ringgit more to spend after burning billions to try and pull wool over the rakyats' eyes. It might have succeeded in pockets of the rural belts where rakyat are kept tied as lowly serfs to its patronage and pomp but in all the urban zones it has been been roundly exposed and rejected.

These urban zones of cities, towns and suburbs are where most Malaysians live and work, think and create, achieve and excel, develop and grow. These places are where the notion and ideals of Malaysia are shaped and propelled. These places form the neural network and heart of the conscience that cleanses, purifies and nourishes Tanah Air. These places are the last lines of defense against the puerile filth of political larceny perpetrated again and again by the power-crazed and half-past-six politicians of Umno, and their cronies and hangers-on.

Today these places are in the hands of the Rakyat Of Malaysia who have delivered a stinging message to Umno that its days are numbered despite every dirty thing it has done leading up to GE13 to steal a fake mandate.

Today, Najib has no mandate. The only thing he has is to call upon people like UiTM pro-chancellor Abdul Rahman Arshad to raise the usual racist ante to abolish vernacular schools.

This Arshad was the same bigot who as just a DG of Education tried to unilaterally change the entire rubric of national education in Malaysia.

Knowing vernacular education is provided for in the federal constitution, he ignored the provision and changed the system by just changing one word, replacing 'main' for 'sole', for the medium of instruction so that the national language became the sole medium of instruction in national schools. That has resulted in the collapse of standards - right till today - as Pagoh's finest medium-rare, brand name Muhyiddin, will indubitably attest if grilled on a truth machine even when he and his gang of Umno bigwigs send all their own children overseas or to international schools locally.

Or see how many of our Malay families wisely send their children to Chinese vernacular schools for the good of their own future.

walla 13 May 2013 at 10:33  

Therefore, how can those thousands of UiTM graduates, alumni, staff and students not fee shame by what their racist pro-chancellor has just said when all know the institution and its subsidies are paid for from taxes paid by the non-Malays who work their guts out for an ungrateful government, even at expense of the natural development of their own vernacular schools as provided for by the federation constitution of this country?

Do try and answer that question honestly.

And Najib, Rustam, Ghani and the rest of those bigots have the nerve to say the non-Malays are ungrateful. If a government doesn't even know who have been grateful and who are the culprits pushing that expired snake-oil gutter line of reverse tarring, it has no right to govern. No?

So now we next have a former judge called Noor Mohd Abdullah warning the Chinese of a Malay backlash. A court of appeal judge, to boot. In so many places during GE13 the Chinese had voted for Malay candidates of the Opposition together with voters of Malay descent. Is he therefore saying the Malay voters there should now backlash against the Chinese voters who had helped their Malay candidates win? Nuts! And if the Chinese voters had voted out MCA and Gerakan Chinese candidates, wouldn't racists like him be happier there is no backlash from his Malay groups since it was only Chinese candidates who were voted out? In addition to sedition, he should be charged for sabotaging the so-called Barisan coalition. No, again?

And that is why we had a Malay Tsunami in GE13. And that is why all the rakyat of this country today can see the true despicable nature of Umno - what it has done to twist and spin the Malay mindset down until nothing it says can be defended whether by fact, logic, rationale or religion, presumably devices one uses both in secular courts of appeal, and in syariah courts. No, again?

In GE13, our true Malays fought for the right way to do the right thing; they voted for righteousness and conscience; they voted against hypocrisy.

That hypocrisy Najib now turns around and says they were the cause. He has lied but only to himself alone; the Rakyat of Malaysia have moved on, looking at him only with pity for what someone has become just to save his own skin, the interests of his cronies, and a party that is the today the biggest international laughing stock of the democracies. He has only succeeded in self-syioking himself in his own state of denial. Continuing to be beholden to the biggest racist in the history of this nation, he doesn't have his own backbone, let alone the smallest brain and guts of a real leader. And on this, the rakyat are to place their innocent trust for another five years? How?

Anonymous,  13 May 2013 at 10:38  

Here's my take on what's gonna happen come end of the year.

TDM has two options:

1)Force the pm to go quietly by telling him that the scorpene case (najib's biggest problem) will be NFAed tru and tru. Then Moo and Mukris ascend the heirachy.

2)Let the pm continue for only one term becos of the possibility of a fractious fight within the ranks. A fight which TDM can ill afford. This way he can also placate Moo to wait his turn in the next GE. Of course Muk will also be waiting in the wings to be the future pm.

Suffering sargeants! Having said the above, I think Malusia is on it's way into the Dark Ages.

walla 13 May 2013 at 10:59  

Today's true Malays are thought leaders like Dato' Ariff Sabri and Aspan Alias.

Today's true Malays are our ex-Generals who have awakened their conscience and braved censure to do the right thing, knowing they will be tarred by their ex-masters as being ungrateful when they have only walked in the light of Allah(swt)'s Given Conscience to be Grateful to His Calling Above all.

Today's true Malay is not that naval chief who blocked a good Naval ex-chief but can admit with an unbelievable excuse into his camp the biggest political serpent of this land whose very name alone can short-cut Petronas contracts to his charges even as he coyly denied he had intervened.

Today's true Malay is not that ex-naval bigwig who can cavalierly suggest another four submarines are needed when the memories of our fallen of Lahad Datu haven't even yet been properly enshrined.

Today's true Malay is not Zambry. Is he a Malay? Neither is he Rustam who out of spite said the Chinese were ungrateful when more of our Malays in his constituency had voted him out, perhaps for knowing forty percent commission was the standard minimum demand.

Yes, today's true Malays are not in Umno. At least the Umno one remembers. No, Daim, Razaleigh, Hitam?

Those who disagree, please cover your mouths otherwise that bau susu may toxify one and all.

Where in Umno's trillion ringgit administration is Islam and its principles practiced with honesty and sincerity?

How does its upholding the faith sync with its racist stance against our Chinese brothers and sisters who seem to be still treated up till now half a century after Merdeka as pendatang-pendatang fit only to quaver and pay rent under the feet of Ketuanan Melayu exemplified by the new brown rajah's of post-colonial Malaysia?

Please attempt to answer those questions as well.

walla 13 May 2013 at 11:29  

GE13 was the biggest political seismic shift and tipping point in the history of this country. For the first time, the Rakyat Of Malaysia were galvanized and came together with the single objective to change the federal government, break the chains that Umno has forged on minds and muscle, and lift this nation up for once.

The Umno machinery cheated them. But you already knew that in the way the calls for electoral reforms were thwarted day after day. The two monkeys in the EC must be receiving more than peanuts today.

That is why Malaysia wears black all over the world. The Kelana Jaya gathering was a spontaneous response from voters that they knew Umno had defrauded them of true democracy. The gatherings across the nation and over the seas in other cities around the world will keep the torch burning. After all five years is not such a long time for a fake government to be booted out.

Especially when today it doesn't have anything to leverage. Umno has to start paying for the eleven billion ringgit it has blown with nothing to show except a bamboo forest chopped down, obscene and gross billboards of Najib's face asking the rakyat to undilah BN and him, and all those spinning slogans of 1Malaysia and motorbike helmets and taxi car tyres and what not gone down the drain.

How is the Umno government going to pay? Where will it find the money to settle its promissory notes and IOU's to suppliers and contractors, let alone the Umno warlords in its midst now asking for their cut for giving way to 'winnable' candidates like Nong Chik?

Will some diamonds and handbags be auctioned? Will submersibles have to be sold for scrap? Will another timber forest in East Malaysia be chopped for logs and sold for a song? Will the crooked bridge be straightened? Will all those smartphones and cash vouchers be asked back to avert the colossal rakyat rebellion when their EPF funds be used again for political purposes? Or will the old Petronas kitty be emptied for one last fling of the great Umno swing? Macam mana, tuan-puan?

You know if a court of law upholds an appeal for compensation of commission promised for the abandoned crooked bridge project, it means two things: (a) there was no real open tender, (b) undertable influence was made, and (c) the court ignored (a) and (b) in delivering judgement. This country has succeeded in legalizing corruption. No?

So if justice was not truly meted for an infrastructure project, how could it ever be meted for the execution of a young Mongolian mother? And if that is still not resolved, how can there be electoral reforms to prevent the perversion of federal institutions of rules of law when the new round trillion ringgit projects are given out?

Enough-lah, rakyat.

walla 13 May 2013 at 11:41  

Understandably, saluran satu had only short queues at most. Yet for all their arthritis and weak constitutions, they had turned up in sun and rain.

It was the next saluran, dua, which was telling. These were all those who had been born during the time of Merdeka. They turned up in full force. For the first time in their lives, the will and desire to make changes in the ultimate ubahfication of Malaysia was shown. Their queue was from door round corridor through gate round block.

Lest the blockheads of Umno are still dreaming, wake up to the smell of total rejection and rebellion. Saluran dua spelt Malaysia personified rejecting Barisan. You don't have to ask what was in their hearts and minds. You could see it in their pained but determined eyes. It was Malaysia voting for her life.

The other saluran-saluran were no lesser long and energetic. Best was the queue of the young. They had come out in full force too and they knew what they were doing and their minds were made up.

GE13 awakened, congealed and shape-charged their political awareness and national consciousness, not just on this land but across the entire planet wherever they were.

In the next four years they will be the new political force of Malaysia. They have too decided enough is enough. It is their country, their future, their society and their economy we are talking about.

If those who are older don't help them from now on, what will they have left for their own future generations?

Understand, or not?

walla 13 May 2013 at 12:27  

Which returns to Pakatan. In its present state, it's the best as things are of what the rakyat have as the vehicle to convey their will and their wish.

Its leaders should also remind themselves of that constantly. Don't ever equate getting the vote to be the right for personal ambition. Personal ambition has NOTHING to do with what is happening.

The voters didn't vote for anyone on the basis of his or her looks or gifts or words spoken. They voted for what the Opposition stand for in the entire national movement they shape as their demands for total change. So if the politician doesn't carry himself according to proper requirements associated with those demands, then be ready to see support withdrawn any moment the politician misses the woods for the trees. Who wins in that case? The baboons of bolihland, no? Don't make it a first win, final loss situation. We are not talking about Mahathir's zero-sum game here.

For those still blur, he was interviewed blurting the ultimate political insight into his mind:

"I keep on telling people that in this country no one should feel extremely happy because if they feel happy, if one race feels happy, it means you are doing the wrong thing. You are helping that race too much."

Except under him, the really very happy all the time ones were his family, the Umno supreme council members, the cronies of this cracko land, and a sprinkling of ketua's, industry captains, ministers, KSUs, GLC bigshots, VCs and third-class academicians.

The rest of our hoi-polloi Malays languished, the Chinese left, de-rooting themselves from the land they loved while those left behind were given the full menu of malignant neglect, and the Indians had to break their backbones to be more superciliously fawning of the new tuan's while still grating in memory of how their forefathers had broken their backbones doing real work. There is no record of what happened to the indigenous natives; perhaps they were given fresh crates of beer and some pocket money to dull their senses from seeing the stealing of their heritage land.

Today, the serpent of Kedah who had started his career selling banana fritters can bask in his own personal satisfaction in knowing how the Chinese are the only race left to have to pick discounted spoilt stuff from Tesco's racks.

Utusan and Kosmo should feature this marvellous achievement in an interview of the new menteri besar of that state, incidentally pre-announced before even the election was finished.

Now, why didn't Ibrahim Ali and that Noordin mention that?

Krishna 13 May 2013 at 13:37  

Since PR has a good support from the Malays, here is a tactic to adopt. PR must win one third of the seats in the rural area. Move voters from two surrounding constituencies into one. DAP, PKR and PAS must have several branches in each division. Let PR friendly voters register their addresses at these places. Then go and change the address at EC. You can also register at addresses where BN has hundreds of voters. Kill them at their own game. This is very workable plan when fine tuned.

walla 13 May 2013 at 14:02  

Again, back to Pakatan.

It now has a few more parliamentary seats but even more state seats. It has made some definite inroads into Johor, Sabah and Sarawak. But it has also lost Kedah, saw Perak stolen a second time (ask Saravanan of MIC), inexcusably lost some federal and state seats it had won before, and somehow underperformed in N9.

First, some of the losses must be attributed to uncoordinated three-way infighting. Stop the bloody nonsense from happening again. When your resources are already strained, it is ludicrous to make a competitor out of your own team members even before the first shot is fired. Stupid do, finish get.

Second, the peninsular west coast Malays and Chinese were collectively spooked by PAS' last minute three-guy affirmation of hudud. One can understand why they did it. They were not making headway with the Malay heartland on the western coast. But pundits were already asking whether they have got their priorities right first. You don't spook those you want to win over, especially in those areas where results were marginal before. Win first, then talk. Now, lost, so walk?

Third, the priority must now be to re-delineate the constituencies to break the gerrymandering lock-jam. As lines stand, Umno can take GE14 because Pakatan's hands are already tied. Kapar should be having 17 MPs for Putrajaya's one, which incidentally has a fake tengku with a four-storey burglarized mansion to boot.

Fourth, you need to get to the Malay heartland comprehensively. It's not enough to depend on PAS' house-to-house on the wings of broken arrows Umno Wanita and Youth.

Pick any one. Tell them this and that financial scandal. The reply? "is that so?" Tell them they won't read it in the mainstream papers. The response? "i don't want to know further." That's from saluran satu dan dua in the heartlands, even in some of the cities.

There must be focused and united effort to start and distribute a national Opposition-based daily and telecast that will counteract the mind-snuffing effects of Umno's Utusan and RTM/TV3. What is needed may have to be global. But the channels into the Malay heartland must be connected before GE14. Be encouraged that those of the younger saluran's will gravitate to the new hard media inasmuch the soft ones of today such as Malaysiakini which has been splendid, to say the least.

Besides, urbanization makes it easier for them to interact with the other races in the cities where their relatives and friends work.

Which also explains why Umno is hellbent on driving a racist wedge between the races today as you read this. No? Fight it with all your heart and soul if you want to avoid another GE13 in five years time.

Fifth, recruit our youths and empower them to contribute their time and internet access for their own future. Those in universities and colleges can help do voluntary socio-economic research to expose Umno. In doing so, they can redeem the racist bents of their VCs and some of their half-baked academicians. Return the tertiary institutions as oases of truths and national conscience inasmuch incubators of future leaders, clean and smart, not Umno-dirtied and probably stupid.

walla 13 May 2013 at 14:03  

Sixth, reconfigure the three parties in Pakatan. PAS MUST have a new value proposition. You leave to people like Azizan and he loses a state in no time, knowing full well the predatory nature of the M-Dynasty backed by the Al-B funders.

Always remember this: Umno are schemers, PAS are dreamers. In this real world, schemers always win out because they have no heart except to win; here, using your money. Not so? How come Umno could give out so much money, vouchers, tyres, helmets and even baskets of oranges in Baganlatuk when at all Pakatan ceramah's, a hat has to be passed around to collect funds?

Yes, PAS must modernize and stop spooking Malaysians. Practice Islamic principles but not at the price of chasing form over substance.

Expand the mind, find new ways of achieving old truths and make it easier for the young of the next generations to accept the good behind the faith without sacrificing their ability to reconcile the demands of a new and better world with what is good inside the faith.

Don't make them feel disenfranchised by an old one constructed in the individual minds of a few of limited and narrower perspectives just because they speak out more or choose not to harness enough humanity to brave new approaches.

And most of all, be sensitive FIRST to the other communities and their faiths. You want to be 'official' and yet dictate terms? Adding them together equals what that you can find in the Holy Book? No?

DAP must also be careful. Aspan Alias has made important observations. Don't be too hurry-burry to drive your way through. Remember, in fact never forget, this is a polyglot society. Embrace everyone so that all can contribute with equal strength, according to what they have and can do, for what is needed and must be achieved. Learn from past mistakes, don't just lip-service on the wings of community energy.

PKR must grow in strength. It has been organizationally inadequate. It must provide balance and stability, help catalyze internal strengthening and harmonize with people-centred rhythm.

Start with something simple. A properly equipped and professionally manned full-time office. Build the best national network of people, processes, technologies and ideas. The best resource today is not oil or infrastructure. It is ideas. The Rakyat Of Malaysia is the best local fount of ideas. They can help leverage to build more funds, expand more spheres of influence, convey stronger marketing communication messages and create the Pakatan Brand. What are you dunggu's waiting for? An invitation?

Second, and quick, settle all intra-coalition issues once and for all. GE14 must be on united front with no cowboys clowning around. Stop mickeying around with stupid things. Too many times, it has only been the rakyats' mass efforts which had painted and completed each canvas of events. Behind? one is not so sure things were settled smoothly or even stupid personal ego's ironed out.

walla 13 May 2013 at 14:04  

Third, and even more quickly, lock in the wins. Don't let any frog jump over the fence. Their names are not Ibrahim Ali or that abominable Hee woman, yes?

Fourth, get out your own ambassadors and ambassadoresses (;P). Please leave out that crouching tigress. Brand Pakatan with one vision, one mission and one national identity.

Fifth, be kind to those who have lost just as you must make sure all your MPs who have won are fully supported administratively so that they have the time and energy and open space of mind to think, strategize and push for real progress.

Husam and others have more good contributions to make. In fact, he is courage personified, anytime better than that spineless hand-kissing potato. So too people like Saifuddin of Umno and those who have our country and society in best interest of all. Don't leave them to languish; you only need a few good men to make a better world just as bad things are done when good people look the other way. As what Umno has been trying its damnest to make the rakyat do.

Next, start a campaign to fight for redelineation and media access. Start another to remind about corruption and cronyism. Push for a cleaner and safer environment. It is nearer you than you think. Imagine, if it had not been silver nitrate but ammonium nitrate in the "(in)delible" ink, and you were to light up while trying to decide which box to fill-ah, kabooom!
Help Sak in cyanided Raub and the peoples representatives in radioactive Kuantan and deafforested Sarawak, for that matter foreignized Sabah. They deserve better.

Lastly, love the Rakyat of Malaysia with all your heart and mind and might. Up against the machinations of a serpent like Umno which is most dangerous in its last throes, you need their constant support and attention. Reinvent Pakatan to be their final and last thrust to change for a better world for your young of this country.

Your job is going to get easier because Umno is going to steal more of the rakyats money in the coming months and with the courtesy of M's SB files. You cannot possibly miss the targets. Check your EPF statement from time to time.

I am thinking of winding down here. I have been in this blog with all of you almost every day since december 2008. In cyberspace time, that's too long for someone in twilight.

It's not "so near and yet so far". Pakatan actually won GE12 and GE13. Except for the same modus operandi.

Treasonous theft on a national scale.


Anonymous,  13 May 2013 at 21:59  

Wow! Walla, what an insightful marathon session. Fantastic writing. Everything makes good sense, great input. PR should include you in their think-thank or strategy planning team.PR are you listening? Start strategising soon.

Anonymous,  16 May 2013 at 10:00  

Dear Sak,

I hope the opposition would focus on Project IC as I think BN will use it to the max the next 5 years to make the voices of non-Malays irrelevant in the light of lack of support. In 2010 there are 800,000 foreigners residing in Sabah alone. THe Sabah PRU13 results indicates that most seats won by the opposition were either in Chinese majority or non-Muslim Bumi majority seats. The main reason Project IC started is also because of this post-1985.

No doubt Project IC has been a success if we look at the results of east Sabah seats where Umno is virtually unbeatable.

The govt can easily naturalise those 800,000 non-citizens if nobody pay attention since there is the RCI and election to divert ppl's attention.

Im sure peninsular is also facing similar problems.

Salam damai.

Suci Dalam Debu 16 May 2013 at 15:00  

All the parties that took part in GE13 are legal, so voting for anyone of them is LEGAL. Najib doesn't seem to understand this.

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