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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 13 May 2013

What More do the Malays want? They want nothing more of Najib and UMNO

I am asking the former judge who came out with a Hitler-like final solution to his problem to study the above table. Does he have Himmler, Hess and Goebbels and Joseph Mengele around with him? While he is at it, he might as well invite the Zul Nordins and Ibrahim Alis of this country.
The problem faced by UMNO is not a Malay problem. It is a problem for specific UMNO leaders- chiefly Najib for having failed to get more Malay support. Additional UMNO seats did not translate into more Malay votes.He is trying to hide his problem by blaming the Chinese. Why did he spend billions on 1Malaysia then? Was that agenda an excuse to pilfer the till?
What of the former judge? How did this person become a judge in the first place? There must be a flaw in the system of selecting judges. He must have been a beneficiary of the bad side of the NEP, that portion that promotes the mediocre and the riffraff over genuine and really talented and wanting Malays. He should be hauled up for sedition. Coincidentally, the bad portion of the NEP was the creation of UMNO.
Just look at the above figures. In Peninsula Malaysia, BN got 4.347million votes compared to 5.624million votes garnered by PR. That’s 45% compared to 53%. It is obvious PR won the popular votes. In simpler words to UMNO people, more people voted PR than UMNO/BN.
9.4 million Malaysian citizens voted in Peninsula on that day. From that figure, let us assume that 70% were Malays. The number of Malay voters in Peninsula was 6.58 million on that Sunday. BN got 4.347 million votes. Assuming out of that, 70% were Malay voters, UMNO candidates secured 3.0 million votes, an increase of 1 million from 2008. That is logical given the amount of money Najib bribed to get their votes. If UMNO got 3.0 million Malay votes, the number of Malays who didn’t vote UMNO was bigger- at 3.58 million!
What more do the Malays want? They want nothing more of Najib and his band of thieving politicians.
Take Perak for example. The state should receive condolences. PR clearly took in more votes than BN, yet BN is still the government. It has no moral basis to stay on as the state government and Zamri can’t crow about having support from the people. BN got 31 state seats to PR’s 28. Only 3 seats separate the legal victor from the moral winner.
But moral-less UMNO doesn’t care two hoots about what citizens want. They care more about what they can get from having power. They care more about what Najib and Mahathir can give them.
The UMNO people are working overtime to validate Najib’s performance. He has failed. Sure, he added a number of seats to UMNO, by way of fraud and gerrymandering. But, he hasn’t increased Malay support for UMNO.
Since, more Malays rejected UMNO again this time, Utusan Malaysia should be asking, what more do the Malays want? Well, they want to kick out UMNO from Putrajaya with its damning policies. An economy driven by corruption, powered by patronage meant for cronies.
You think Malaysians are elated Najib announced another trillion Ringgit package?  Because they already know how the game is played- 30% is for commissions for UMNO-proxied companies. In the meantime the pliant rural mass is kept fearful of a Chinese takeover of Malaysia.
Who is UMNO kidding? The civil service is 90% Malays, all the heads of departments are Malays, the Police is predominantly Malay, the military again Malays, the kings- I don’t see any with non-Malay names. So how do the Chinese take over Malaysia without creating a bloodbath?
Another thing- why does UMNO confer on itself the monopoly to speak on behalf of the Malays? It only commands less than 50% of the total number of Malay votes. UMNO is a shameless party.  So for whom does UMNO speak, I ask once again?
For the Malay anarchists, the pseudo- feudal establishment who desire the good life by enslaving other people to work, the oligarchs, and the Malay type created by Mahathir with his scorched earth politics and his politics of vengeance.
What does Mukhriz have other than a famous surname? The Malays are once again duped into believing that talent and smartness are inherited. The hallmark of a backward society is that it operates along the lines of ascriptive norms like McCLelland says in The Achieving society. A person is promoted on account of his ascribed and inherited status- hence MUkhriz is deemed the best MB prospect because he is the son of Mahathir, Najib the best person to lead Malaysia because he is the son of Tun Razak.
Unfortunately, the only endorsement on Najib being the best person to lead comes from Pak Lah- himself a mediocre talent. He could be saying that just to seek revenge on Muhyidin for orchestrating his departure from office in 2009.
The question is what more do the Malays want? They want nothing of Najib and UMNO. UMNO led government is a minority government. That is a fact.  


Sam,  13 May 2013 at 17:48  

Salam YB,
Couldn't access to your blog through the usual link, but managed to access through: ur, as informed by a commentor in Zorro's blog.
Hope you will fix the problem soon.
By the way, congrats for being the new Raub MP. Being a Malay MP from DAP has its challenges, but I'm sure you will overcome them all. You are part of the team that carries the aspirations of more than 50% of total voters who voted for Pakatan Rakyat. In particular, the long road to real racial integration for a united Bangsa Malaysia.

Pok Li,  13 May 2013 at 18:00  

Let say we put aside all the polls manipulations and take the results as it is, which means BN won more seats and PR won more votes. This would mean BN forms the government and implement PR's manifesto, as it was obvious that the majority voted for PR's manifesto.

Possible ka?

bruno,  13 May 2013 at 19:41  

Dato,this unlearned judge was one of the pack of appointed cronies presiding in a kangkaroo court for kangkaroo appointees.Before his appointment as a kangkaroo judge,he was the bag carrying boy of well learned judges.

OneMalaysian,  13 May 2013 at 22:00  

Dear Sakmongkol

“The question is what more do the Malays want? They want nothing of Najib and UMNO.”

From the results of GE13, this is not true. More Malays actually voted for UMNO, and it won more seats, increasing from 78 to 88. They voted for more of UMNO, or to be more precise what UMNO/Najib gives them by way of election bribes, and out of the irrational fear of the Chinese instilled by UMNO/Perkasa.

Let’s not belittle these unscrupulous, underhand tactics of UMNO. They worked rural heartland though much less so in urban areas.

To capture Putrajaya, Pakatan Rakyat must find a way to turn about 25% of such rural voters into PR voters, assuming no further swing from urban voters. This will allow PR to capture Perlis, Kedah, Trengganu Perak NS, Malacca and Johore in addition to Selangor, Penang and Kelantan. Only Pahang, Sarawak and Sabah will continue to elude PR, but even in these states many more seats will fall to PR. Currently about 25% of rural voters support PR. This 25% swing means PR will get 50% of rural votes (25 + 25=50). In persons terms this means that out of the 75 UMNO voters in kampongs, one third will have to turn against UMNO in favour of PR. By the way, a 25% swing in rural Malay votes translates to 8.1% (25% swing x 65% Malays x 50% Malays in rural areas= 8.1%) of the national vote.

That’s a massive challenge and merely condemning UMNO and Najib cannot do it. In GE13, PR did just that but to no avail. Let’s get real. Sit down and do some planning and then carry a realistic plan that will look better than UMNO/Najib’s to these folks.

Anonymous,  13 May 2013 at 23:08  

U defect from UMNO in 2012, obviously u were sideline somehow somewhere, and continue ur fight on the bandwagon full of haters. All ur blogging are full of hate. Disgrace

Anonymous,  13 May 2013 at 23:18  

YB Dato,
I'm a Malaysian Chinese but I have no qualms about being ruled by the honest, righteous and God fearing Malaysian Malays(true blooded Malays, not Mamak Tongkang pretending to be more malay than the original Malays).
If people like TGNA or Hadi or Anwar or Nurul or even Dato become PM, I think the majority of Malaysian Chinese have no issue. The Umno Malays are a different breed altogether. They worship money, hang on to power with dubious means, conning the poor rural Rakyat to perpetuate their evil agenda.
The Malaysian Chinese only want to live peacefully under a fair government and never covet the power of the dominant Malays. They only want to work hard to earn money legally. They are not a violent race.

Sumpitan Emas,  14 May 2013 at 08:52  

Anon 23:08

Not hate but deep distaste for the politics of hatred spread by UMNO Baru and playing out-of-season Santa Claus while leaving tax-payers to foot the bill. This and closed-door privately negotiated multi-million and sometimes multi-billion ringgit deals such as Scorpene submarine purchase, PKFZ and NFC are not matters that can be approached, even less resolved, from a racial perspective, i.e. the problems have nothing to do with race and must be addressed head-on by law-makers.

The very people in the thick of all juicy deals are using the race card to whip out nationalistic fervour simply to hide the truth from the public. The one thing that troubles and angers them the most is when one of their kind, like Dato Ariff, speaks out against them. Anyone following what PAS has articulated over and over again cannot miss the same message put across by Dato Ariff - there must be more responsible, fair and honest behaviour by BN politicians.

All the anti-Chinese sentiments expressed by UMNO Baru politicians at convenient moments cannot hide the fact that UMNO has made some rich Chinese and Indian cronies richer even while they fan the fire of racism in the media.

UMNO-BN, like all governments in the world, has no choice but to accept that cyber space is knocking down the walls of confidentiality and conspiracy. That's why PR has made in-roads into the psyche and thoughts of millions of Malaysians. And as more and more young people gain access to instant information, all governments beware.

Anonymous,  14 May 2013 at 14:07  

Very well said. You put much better and stronger than I can.

Sam,  14 May 2013 at 21:52  

I think surveillance against dirty tricks in the urban areas was effective, but unfortunately, due to shortage of volunteers and logistic constraints we could not cover most of the rural areas.
Bersih can hold 10 more rallies in KL or any city, but will only be preaching to the converted and won't change BN which is deaf to our demands. As the 13th GE results show, the difference between victory and defeat lies in the rural areas.
In my opinion, as long as the Election Commision is under the executive we will still get more of the same results in the next GEs. Pakatan as the stronger opposition now should push for the EC to be under the jurisdiction of parliament. It is not easy, but not impossible. Be it by referendum, petition, through the judicial court or a memo to His Majesty, Pakatan must focus their effort on this.
Otherwise, taking over Putrajaya to offer the rakyat a better Malaysia will remain just a dream.

Anonymous,  15 May 2013 at 10:01  

Greetings dato',

Well said and I agreed with you...but there are still plenty of people out there who support umno-be end....

May god bless you and we need a leader like you to transform malaysia....

Anonymous,  16 May 2013 at 18:21  

Rural Malays are intentionally made weak and poor by UMNO. Being poor, the rural Malays need not pay taxes. On the other hand, the rural Malays receive monetary support from UMNO. With these monetary support, the rural Malays felt obligated to UMNO. Come election time, their votes go to UMNO.

Pakatan has to break the rural Malays mentality of obligation to UMNO.

Hopefully, the younger generation from the rural areas can change the situation in future general elections. Getting internet access to rural areas may help.

Anonymous,  16 May 2013 at 18:55  

Im Msia Malay. I like ur comment. I love u bcoz this should be all Msian. After all what ve ll b left behind once v die

Anonymous,  17 May 2013 at 06:24  

What 1Malaysia? Semua bohong!!
With Utusan/UMNO/Mamakthir/Perkasa around... dream on.

Henry Anak Joseph 25 May 2013 at 02:59  

When you mentioned that former judge, my answer is that, the best brains have been abandoned by UMNO-led Government or they have left for fear of embarrassment of being associated with a Judiciary that is subsevient to the Executive. The reason why I can confidently say this because I am one of those who left the bench despite the promising career.

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