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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Ungrateful Government, Greedy Oligarchs

There are several ways to access this blog. Readers may type replace the dot com with any Experiment and you will get to my blog easily. tq

There has been a spate of overtly racist slants in the utterances of UMNO leaders. They did so because they lost the elections. The fact was: more people, 5.6 million voted against UMNO and BN. 5.2 million supported UMNO/BN.
The lunacy started with Dr Mahathir branding the Chinese as ungrateful and the Malays as greedy. Why did Mahathir say Malays are greedy?
Because he was aware of the facts. More Malays did not vote for UMNO despite the billions dished out by Najib and tons of promises made. Despite the fact that UMNO and Najib used every dirty trick unimaginable, putting fears into the hearts and minds of Malays. Out of the 11.22 million votes, UMNO/BN got 5.24 million. PR got 5.62 million. PR got more votes than UMNO/BN.
Let’s get to the linchpin of UMNO support- the Malays. How many Malay votes did UMNO get? UMNO candidates got 3.2 million votes. Now- from that, how many were Malay votes?
While UMNO candidate were all Malays/Bumiputeras, its voters are not 100% Malays. Indians and Chinese still voted for UMNO candidates in multi-ethnic constituencies. Assume that 90% of the 3.2 million voters were Malays, this will mean that UMNO candidates got 2.88 million votes.
This time around, what was the number of Malay voters? Of the 11.22 million, 75% were Malays voters. Malays made up 8.42 million voters. How many did UMNO get? UMNO got 2.88 million Malay votes. How many Malays rejected UMNO? 5.54million.
Mahathir called these Malays greedy. What will Najib call them? What will UMNO refer them as? Turncoat Malays? Only because they did not want UMNO?
Then Najib came out with his Chinese Tsunami to explain the dismal performance of BN in the 13th GE. Lesser ranking sycophants followed suit; we had one tenured professor of a learning institution calling for the abolition of vernacular schools blaming their existence for destroying national unity. According to the good professor cum plantation owner, national unity means, one side predominates, and the others are subjugated. One side is the master, the other is the slave.
Then we had a former judge coming out with the facts as it were, saying in effect, the Chinese are to blame for all the evils befalling the Malays. The vanquished UMNO candidate for Shah Alam of course blamed the Chinese generally and Kit Siang in particular for causing the May 13 racial riots.
The Chinese don’t know how to appreciate the extended hands of friendship. Wrong- the Chinese refused the extended hands of the UMNO Malays. They don’t refuse the hands of friendship of non UMNO Malays.
The UMNO-type Malays are a special specie- believing themselves as being the true Malays while Malays of other political denominations, being not quite Malay. As a result, the mental asylum Malays look down on the non-institutionalised Malays. That is why, we have been saying- we are NOT power crazy, but we want to take power from crazy people- the Asylum Malays.
The UMNO government is an ungrateful government, spiteful and black-hearted. Because that’s what it really is- a vindictive and not a government that has the interest of the people at heart. It scorns its own people if they are bold enough to exercise their freedom of choice. What do you call such a government? An elected dictatorship?
Its interests are the only interests that matters. It has but one overriding interest- that it must continue to hold power as government in order that it can pursue its agenda. The agenda is frightfully simple- the whole world is a piggy bank waiting to be legally raided and plundered.
All other interests are subordinate and have relevance in so far as the others conform to theirs. So what is the UMNO government really pursuing? It pursues absolute conformity and uniformity. What kind of government has such features? A Dictatorship.
UMNO’s version of freedom of choice is Henry Ford’s you can have any colour you want as long as its black. Which translates into total submission and obedience.
 It is the one who is ungrateful. It treats people as mere digits and objects- that could be manipulated at will. Once the mere digits and objects rise and exercise their given right to choose, because that is the essence of democracy, the UMNO government sees them as ungrateful. For as long as citizens of this country, stay obedient and pliant, they are grateful and responsible people.
But why should the people, so long pliant and obedient chose to reject the UMNO government? If it has a good track record, it should not fear the judgment of the people. It must now recognize that it lost the popular votes and that only gerrymandering and outright cheating saved them. Najib’s victory was a hollow one no matter how his minders and spin-doctors want to paint it as.


Anonymous,  22 May 2013 at 08:04  

Very well said, Datuk Sak !

May I bring to the attention of all blog readers the Bahasa Indonesia version of Gene Sharp's book
"From Dictatorship to Democracy" :

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  22 May 2013 at 08:51  

Now, the access to your blog is ok for last 2 day.

Very bad last 2 weeks

Emer,  22 May 2013 at 09:08  

salam Yg Berhormat Datuk Mohd Ariff

I finally can view & comment on your blog after so long being halted the right to access.

Congratulation Datuk. Finally you're MP not just to the people of Raub but to all Msian. Your hard work paid off. It's a result of perfect combination of your good self & alliance you're in.

You have always inputted your blog follower (fan) with smart sharp facts. Your sharing (& prediction) as good as international columnist. We need simple & straight forward feed as you always did. Quite numbers of time I shared your writing with friends in social media, I took initiative to translate into simple bahasa just to make sure your good sharing go across. Thank you, despite many resistances & shorthanded during campaign you managed to reached many minds & hearts. Keep on sharing Datuk. My doa & best wishes with all of you - pure heart Leaders

ordinary malaysian 22 May 2013 at 09:11  

Readers can also reach your blog by typing .jp instead of .com

Umno is all that you said, and more.

It cannot see beyond its own nose and will soon go the way of its junior siblings MCA, MIC and Gerakan.

That is the day true democracy begins and "the best democracy in the world" of Najib the "reformist" ends.

Anonymous,  22 May 2013 at 09:21  

YB dato arief sabri,
If you are in KL, i believe it will be a moral booster to ADAM ADLI to have you at the VIGIL .So must all other PR MPs and DUNs.
He did his part now its our turn.
We could also expect a sudden raid on all PRs reps to shut them up.
Interesting times are around the corner.
"PM" is silent maybe sun tzus student !

Anonymous,  22 May 2013 at 10:51  

There is no place for fascism in the 21st century. fascism is permanently buried with the death of Hitler.
Mahathir would have secretly read mien Kemt during his student days and voila, wrote an equivalent Malay Dilemma to hoodwink the real Malays to fast-track his rise to power and richness.
All the non-Bumis know that the PMs and King/Sultans will be true Malays in perpetuity. It is a fact of life in Malaysia and we don't have any problems with that.
We only want them to be fair rulers, love us like their own sons or daughters and we will repaid their loves many times over. The Chinese and Indians love all the good Malays(majority of them) , but radical fire-breathing Pseudo Malay Mamaks and the mental asylum Malays are a No No.
Battering us into submission by threats and gangsterism will not work as it is better to die with dignity then to live in shame.
There are still a lot of poor Chinese out there and many more poorer Indians not to mention the many poor urban Malays who suffer quietly.
We want the government to address the problems of these poor Malays and non-Malays urgently to help them as the No 1priority.
Filling up own's pockets and to become rich via corruption and illegal means should take a backseat. The politicians can be paid high salaries like their Singaporean counterparts provided they are non-corrupt and work hard for the people's welfare.
Political rhetorics and Machiavellian politics will drive the nation into the pits.
The Rakyat of all races should work hand-in hand for a progressive and prosperous Malaysia. Utilize all talents available without regards to race, religion and political affiliations.

bumi-non-malay 22 May 2013 at 11:12  

the Chinese & Indians & bumi non malays refused the extended hands of the UMNO Malays....

which is something UMNO trying to hide with foreigners giving them the Rule of First past the post Sham Democracy.

Sekarang ramai lagi orang Malaysia Sedar apa Projek IC dah buat kepada orang Sabah...20 Tahun dulu samapai sekanrang. UMNO-BN Mengunakan Taktik terKOTOR untuk terus berkuasa. kita tak nak jadi macam orang Sabah...tiada perubahan...malang lagi miskin selepas Projek IC/EC..... UBAH..Bangkit Bantah Sekarang!!

Anonymous,  22 May 2013 at 11:29  


You say
"The UMNO-type Malays are a special specie- believing themselves as being the true Malays while Malays of other political denominations, being not quite Malay"

I would like to make an amendment as I see it to be:
"The UMNO-type Malays are a special specie- believing themselves as being the true Malays while Malays of other political denominations, being not Malays at all"

Mahathir also said those Malays who did not vote UMNO/BN are greedy and Intelluctual Malays, meaning that to keep Malays as their supporters, the latter's mind must be stifled and cocooned.

OneMalaysian,  22 May 2013 at 11:32  

Dear Sakmongkol

“ …. this will mean that UMNO candidates got 2.88 million votes.”

Yes, that’s probably the correct number. Tindak, an election watchdog, calculated that the smallest 112 parliamentary constituencies had a combined 2.08 million voters. UMNO and its allies won all these. And almost all of these voters were rural Malays.

The question is: how can 2.08 million people be allowed to decide the future of Malaysia?

We can now easily see why UMNO puts so much effort into stupefying rural Malays. They are ingenious at this. They know how to steal an election. If the Elections Commission does nothing in the next redelineation exercise, the increasing majority of Malaysians (through urban migration) will be ruled by a minority of ill-informed and yoked Malaysians left behind in kampongs and Felda estates. But we cannot expect the EC to be fair, to ensure that the free expression of the majority of Malaysians at the polls will result in a democratic and representative government. Don’t count on having a government of the people and by the people any time soon.

Anonymous,  22 May 2013 at 14:44  

Finally managed to access your blog. The last weeks are just the BEGINNING of things to come. Be vigilant, if the attacks on your blog is any indication, UMNO is obviously very uncomfortable with you as the new MP of Raub.

Paradigmshift,  22 May 2013 at 15:15  

YB Dato SAK,
Saya rasa sekiranya Najib dan Hizbinya tidak berbuat sesuatu yang drastik terhadap Utusan Malaysia, Cuepacs, bekas hakim Mohd Nor, Mufti usang Harussani, Zulkiflee Nordin ,NGO yang suruh boikot barangan buatan rakyat Malaysia keturunan China dan ahli-ahli geng ini, saya rasa 'this country is going to the dogs' kata Orang Puteh. Dengan membiarkan kumpulan-kumpulan dan individu ini bercakap sesuka hati dan mengambil tindakan balas apabila ada rakyat Malaysia yang bangun mengkritik pandangan perkauman dan sempit mereka, maka kita boleh membuat kesimpulan bahawa Najib dan Hizbinya adalah sebenarnya sebahagian dari kumpulan ini. Maka tidak mengherankan apabila di tangan kirinya Najib melaungkan 'reconciliation' tetapi di tangan kanannya dia menjerit 'Chinese tsunami' tanpa melihat statistiks terperinci keputusan PRU13 yang lalu.Walaupun di tunjukkan dengan jelas bahawa pengundi-pengundi bandar dan suburban tanpa mengira kaum menolak UMNO/BN, Najib dan Hizbinya masih dalam zon 'sel-denial'. Bukan UMNO/BN yang salah, pengundi-pengundi China yang salah. 'Mereka mengkhianati Orang Melayu' jerit bekas hakim Mohd Nor. Yang dia mengkhianati bininya dengan bernikah wanita muda senyap-senyap, kenapa tak cerita?. 'Oh! tsunami China disokong oleh orang-orang Melayu yang tamak' jerit pula Mahathir nyanyuk. Pada hal yang tamak ialah orang-orang UMNO dan penyokong-penyokong mereka. Apa hal Syed Mukhtar Bukhari bolot semua projek besar kerajaan?. Ada yang kata Mahathir 'is the real person behind Syed Mukhtar'. Saya seorang Melayu bekas pegawai tinggi kerajaan yang datang dari keluarga yang satu ketika dahulu adalah UMNO totok merasa amat getik ( benci dan fed up) dengan perangai individu-individu dan kumpulan-kumpulan yang saya sebutkan tadi. Saya datang dari luar bandar dan kemudian berhijrah ke bandar dan dapat mempetiakan (meneliti dengan terperinci) perbezaan yang amat jauh di antara UMNO di zaman Tunku dan Tun Razak dengan UMNO di zaman Mahathir dan Najib. Pak Lah cuba membuat 'some real transformations' , tapi habis dilanyak oleh Mahathir dan konco-konconya. Najib juga cuba menjual transformasi dan 1 Malaysianya, tetapi yang ada hanyalah slogan kosong dan 'product brand'. Tak ada isi.Malah kabinetnya yang majoriti diisi oleh orang orang lama pun diwar-warkan sebagai kabinet transformasi. Transformasi 'my foot or bullshit' kata Orang Putih. Kenyataan Ahmad Zahid Hamidi dan Ahmad (Air Liur Meleleh' Shabery Chik tak menggambarkan pun minda transformasi! Masih otak lama dan auta lama!.Saya rasa sedih juga kerana umur saya dah 65 tahun. Saya benar-benar berharap ada perubahan kerajaan baru-baru ini tetapi nampaknya tidak kesampaian. Tak tahu samaada masih hidup lagi semasa PRU PRU yang akandatang. Sudah meluat dan hendak termuntah dengan pekikan-pekikan 'artificial' Najib dan slogan-slogan kosongnya.Terasa kadang-kadang tak mahu bayar cukai kerana mereka yang di amanahkan mengurus hasil kutipan cukai menyalahgunakannya.Najib dan Hizbinya patut ingat kami yang tinggal di bandar dan di pinggir bandar terutamanya dari golongan middle class lah yang paling banyak menyumbang kepada hasil negara denga pelbagai cukai dan pada quantum yang banyak. Mahathir sendiri pernah mengaku kaum China lah yang paling banyak membayar cukai 'simply because they are the ones who make the most money'. Yet Utusan and individuals and groups of similar colour have got the cheek to ask 'apa lagi China mahu'. The right answer could possibly be ' kami tak mahu bayar cukai'. Apa staf RTM nak makan kalau duit kerajaan tak cukup nak bayar gaji.Fikirlah dengan kepala yang waras bukan dengan emosi. Allah berfirman yang lebih kurang bermaksud 'janganlah kebencian engkau kepada sesuatu golongan itu menjadikan engkau tidak adil kepada mereka'. Wallahu Waalam.

Anonymous,  22 May 2013 at 15:55  

Democracy is only in procedures and form, there is no substance.

The small % of people should not live at the great expense of the majority.

Anonymous,  22 May 2013 at 16:32  

5.2 million UMNO/BN Voters
discount with 3% CIMB (Cambodia,India, Myanmar and Bagladeshi), 2% pengundi hantu. Most of their voters along saluran 1 & 2 warga emas umur 58 tahun above also the less educated rural folks which has no access to social media. Others are gangsters and Rempits. The rest are racist bunch and cronies.

alan foo 22 May 2013 at 16:36  

Dear Sakmongkol,

I am your regular reader even before you joined DAP.

Well the first words I noticed from your page just now is telling how your readers can reach this site.

Well , just to let you know, I have been accessing adn reading your contents using just "AK47" using our just finished patent pending browser ...

Yes, we have indexed your page for you , so that I can easily go to your page.

In fact you can type lim kit siang, nurul izzah , anwar ibrahim, dap hq .... and you can see how easy it is to reach those pages without the cryptic .com. blog spot etc. No one remembers.

Have a look and trying downloading our latest multi language version...the first in the world to be releassed globally soon.

Go to to download the browser ... it is free just like firefox.

Very useful to get PR to be easily reached. My other partner was formerly Lim Kit Siang's secretary !!

Try copy and paste this
الترجمة العربية and you can get an arabic site my email is

Anonymous,  22 May 2013 at 17:39  

Datuk, I would say the time until GE14, be used to show good governance. In your case, you're going against the grain and will be met with opposition from the Federal Govt.
Let's face reality. You need money to be of service to Raub constituency.
Is your bank account valid?
I would not mind contributing a few hundred ringgit monthly.
Run a campaign for your followers, Raub residents or not. Say, 10,000 people x RM200 a month. That's your capital to serve Raub.
I would recommend you let us know your plans (in general), give us feedback, to show what our contribitions are doing.
From a registered voter outside Raub

Anonymous,  22 May 2013 at 18:56  


finally; accessible via .com ... what has censorship gotten into the ISPs?

on the note of being greedy; you should tell Tun in no uncertain terms whom is being greedy?

His sons virtually own Petron / Sapura Kencana and his other son is also the Menteri Besar of Kedah since GE13. whom can be greedier eh?

Which PM is having such luxury of premiership for 22 years? greedy is up to interpretation but definitely a case of intoxication and self-glorification of power.


Anonymous,  22 May 2013 at 19:13  

Yes, Dato' tak boleh masuk website sejak 2 minggu lepas. Hari ni boleh plak...

In my opinion, all the outrageous rhetoric and race baiting: 'Chinese Tsunami', 'Apa lagi Cina mahu?', 'Kalau tak suka sistem (penipuan) PRU di Malaysia, boleh berhijrah' etc. etc, is calculated to detract or deflect from the fact that UBN was toppled from power on 5 May 2013.

I don't know how long an illegitimate govt propped up by deception and corruption can last. But things are being set in motion to expose the massive fraud that took place in PRU13.

Dakwat kekal SPR perps will fall first. Then like a house of cards, the rest will tumble. The crooks have it coming.

Anonymous,  22 May 2013 at 19:43  

Did you hear another brainless BN deputy one Noh Omar is telling folks to go back to the jungle if they don't like the law.......can we the 5.6 million "monkeys" raise our fists in disgust and/or armpit-salute these bozos?

Anonymous,  22 May 2013 at 22:27  

Gd evening dato, your article hits the nail on the head.Dato, perhaps you are wearing a special specs to be able to see things so clearly and be able to tell white from black whereas those in UMNO are unable to see so clearly but always see things and events with tainted eyes.
unfortunately, like what you say, even being a professor does not guarantee that person can talk and think logically and unbiasely.
wonder what kind values does he impart to his students?
Just my two cents worth of comments.
From a well wisher from a neighbouring country.

SamYap,  23 May 2013 at 00:46  

Dear Datuk Sak,

Excellent! Sock it to them!
I wish you could aim a well placed kick at their gonads too!

Krishna 23 May 2013 at 12:18  

YB, you write so much better than those who have very successful blogs. You have to attract more readers. Maybe you should get an expert to help you out. I will email you later on this.

Anonymous,  23 May 2013 at 12:49  

Belated congrats Dato on your win.

This is a good article. I wish more Malays would think and act like you. Together we can build a truly MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA.
L. Chee

Anonymous,  23 May 2013 at 20:53  

recommending that there is a collaboration of expertise, sharing of resources and tenaga, new formation of muhibbah spirit interlinking the communities, especially the students and youths in Dato's kawasan and N7 Tras, Choong Siew Onn. All the best !

Anonymous,  23 May 2013 at 22:14  

Dato Sak and Raub Voters,

Aside from fulfilling your promise to close down the RAGM, other sources of income need to be created for the people in Raub and Tras. First off is eco -friendly tourism which will create micro- economies opportunities such as serving delectable authentic
local cuisines in the best benchmark by inviting youth chefs to provide training, followed - up with friendly competitions( promoting muhibbah spirit ) to the local hawkers and communities. Rental of stalls, without frills is kept reasonable albeit the hygiene and services are at their level best. This will be a pull factor for urbanites to make weekend trips there.

Next, besides well - maintained homestays and washrooms, more forms of transportation such as new trishaws, registered kereta sapu and bikes for rent can be promoted to attract well – travelled foreign tourists who are keener to enjoy nature holiday experience in Malaysia. This, howver, needs better collaboration with new or S&M travel agencies with integrity to promote value for money services. Mega projects are out of the wild dreams and vision. In providing public safety, RELA members with integrity can be engaged.

Accordingly, the Orangasli alongside local traders should be given opportunities to sell their organic products at a fairer price directly to the public as being promoted at the award - winning traditional authentic Eveleigh Farmers Markets in Sydney.

However, training animals to perform tricks will not go down well with discerning tourists, hence keep things natural, comfortable, clean, efficient, family fun with fine lines is akin to beauty at its best.

sakmongkol 48,  24 May 2013 at 00:04  

Salam Datuk YB, mohon dibahasamelayukan dan dibukukan tulisan Datuk.

Saya yg pertama akan membelinya.

ia bahan yg penting bagi meledakkan minda generasi muda menghadapi PRU14.

Mereka diperlukan menggempur semua penduduk luar bandar agar celik dan kebal pada propaganda UMNO.Minda mereka akan didewasakan oleh tulisan-tulisan Datuk

Set example utk Parlimen Dato. Do your best and Be the best Dato. Saya mendoakan.

Anonymous,  24 May 2013 at 08:17  


Dato Sak,

This to a gift to all bloggers here and fellow Malaysians.

Dato, remember I wrote about engaging the women folks in the kampung, alas, maybe it was thought my comments were stupid or malicious, but look at the results of the 13th GE . Notwithstanding with the disregard, I will still share ideas here if I am not elsewhere on work assignments, provided they are not deleted.

Our educational activities need to be upgraded, do move away from having coloring contests for the communities, they are only effective to babies up to certain age, beyond the age of eight, I personally have witnessed my young nieces and a teenage nephew in the States, drawing and painting free style based on given themes, say Faces of Happiness. On other times, the use paper mache ( made at home using old paper to reduce, recycle stuff to reduce wastage ) milk cartoons, empty boxes is applied to create futurist toys, products, gifts, to showcase one’s individual as well as team’s creativity and excellent
interpretation on things.

Every kid is involved, schools combined, with youth volunteers such boy and girl scouts, etc. There are a variety of interlinking fun educational activities within age group, across the elementary schools, the middle schools and the high schools, where the former will create original slide shows, stories of different genre as course work and as after school activities, within a time frame. The end products are then personally shared with the elementary school kids even those in kindergarten level.

The objectives are : to encourage respect, caring, responsibility and extensive leadership with servitude from a young age, more so in high schools through active volunteerism of students’ interests ( with guardians in attendance to promote respectful behaviors and eliminate issues ).

On their sports day, it is totally different from our local context, children get to participate at least ten fun activities akin to telly - matches within an hour, all grades level are mixed, to nurture caring spirit and excellent team work, each team has 6 minutes to play at each station.

In middle school,students get to play fun crazy sports like using brand new toilet brushes / inflated skinless chickens to play catching with, of course, the boys will chase their favorite gals, and the latter will run in disgust. You know at that age, but it is another story till they reach high school prom hahaha, again with the faculty members dressed up as dates ( hahaaa )

The telly - matches are meant to inculcate healthy fun and resourcefulness to use whatever at hand to make things work for the better. Will this not create future leaders with a highbench of resourcefulness and intergrity ?

I recommend Majalah Kuntum, Kartun Bola Msia ( can't remember their phenomenal name, watch on YouTube them abroad, by chance.. sigh ) there are several outstanding young brilliant VideoClips makers on Youtube, do get sponsors for them to do phenomenal educational things in Raub and PR States ! I have thought through with practicality and out of the box, it requires great talents and sincerity, definitely not beratus -juta $$ !

Anonymous,  24 May 2013 at 08:29  


In high school, it is compulsory for students participate a variety of sports, one in each semester.

Here, we need to engage retired sportsmen / women to do the job better as after school activities. This will keep our students interested in school activities; skills ingrained, their raging hormones channeled into healthy lifestyle where discipline and time management is focused on. Allowance should be paid to the skillful volunteers, perhaps sponsored by local and national companies which sell sports equipment as meaningful CSRs.

I reckon the facilities are limited, certainly under - used in Raub and Tras. Hence, I am transferring this knowledge to you and your team. Sports field, sports courts and community halls should be multifunctional, actively used daily by different members of the society for example gazetted time - slot for retirees, students and youth. Read an uncle/ aunty from Seremban who wrote in to the Star with a complaint that she couldn’t do her taichi. To similar uncle / aunty, you are most welcome to do your taichi, it’s your right to enjoy your life after giving the best part of your life in service, but we will share with you patiently that it is necessary to use the limited facility for multifunctional purposes.

Accordingly, the right staff with the right attitude, committed, not necessary with academic qualification, beyond form five, can be engaged, and trained properly… as finance is limited, alternatively, outstanding college / university students can be invited to gain intern experience and things one can not learn from books and lectures.
Next in line, IT classes, Grade A video- making can also be envisioned for the high schoolers in Raub and Tras to equip them with employable skills.

Creating new sustainable economies is attractive enough to bring in new honest business people to develop Raub, to create meaningful jobs and to de- stress the migration to the cities. This vision will interlink a carelink for the aging population, and passing on the baton at the right time.

A few thousand miles away, on homeground, we must upgrade the activities for our “kambing” students in sek keb and vernacular schools with extensive nurturing activities. Educate them to respect and care for each other and the environment from young , regardless of race and religion. In addressing any forseen issues, provide a simple list of food items which can be purchased from shops ), and set up “open house” in vernacular schools to invite Malay students and vice- versa during festivals and school

Activities such as these recommendations are widely encouraged in the schools my nieces and nephew are attending… orphans, students from less privilege background, at times, famous local authors, composers , parents ( fireman, investigator, cartoonist, etc ) whom students can relate to in fun educational ways ( never heard about teen actors / singers were invited ) are invited to their respective classroom to share their experiences, to show what it takes to be successful.

All is done with the focus on the excellence of education, critical thinking, about every book they read, to detect problems, to think in the characters’ voice, then to write the thoughts to undo past mistakes and then provide their solutions, better / the best. Every work is recognized and celebrated by their teachers and parents during exhibitions, for world history lessons, on their celebration of The Night of Notables ( distinguished world leaders ), the students share with their own parents and others about what they have learned and how the leaders have impacted their thinking .

Anonymous,  24 May 2013 at 08:38  


Last summer, I saw what they did on VCDs, for their Sports Concert. It was a kaleidoscope of students, of all grades dressed up in clowns, performing their skills walking on stilts, roller blading on glowing rollers Oh my… with lights turn off, it was awesome, doing gymnastics, glowing hoops, giant yoyos – gosh I wish I was in their shoes again…; doing housework as mopping, it is a form of healthy exercise, isn’t it ( then pretending to throw the dirty water at the students , parents and the faculty members in the audience ) gosh, it turned out to be confetti, streamers ), skits of eating healthy diet, students role played parents biking, fishing, doing carpentry, serving in soup kitchen… all involving lots of psychical movements; each scene lasted about 7 mins, all done within a 90 minute spectacular sports performance to the beats of Choco Latte, Sugar- Sugar… a great collaboration of many talents of all ages as one community albeit each is still proud of their own cultures.

Malaysians truly need to move forward fas t… with the peaceful rallies, simultaneously. I will be paid with exorbitant paychecks by interested parties elsewhere, but, no, this is for our beloved nation, my friends here, hopefully you and others in DAP, PR will take note.

Choco Latte / Sugar- Sugar, anyone, in your morning coffee laced with ginseng ? Terima Kasih, Salam. Cheers !

not everything in the States / in the developed nations is liberal-liberal in the bad sense or arrogance, we are bestowed with brains to think and select the jernih, buang the keruh. In terms of caring and sharing during catastrophies, no nations can beat their citizens, maybe the Malaysian philantrophist Chinese who are good friends of non Umno Malays, haha, but true.

TeeAssKay,  24 May 2013 at 19:01  

1st and foremost, my belated congrats to your successful election as an MP for Raub. What you will need to do now as an MP will be many times more than what you did to become one!

Also my congrats to the people of Raub for making the right choice after years of living a mistake!

It is indeed refreshing to hear from one who once was intimate and privy to how and what makes UMNO ticks. Apparently the how and what makes UMNO ticks has not changed an iota post GE 12 and 13.

Many parts of your Raub constituency remains the heartland of UMNO and its ideology. But it's a political party with an ideology that should be past its expiry date. You have said as much.

Serving and bringing development to your constituency is only one part of the job to be done over the next 5 years. But the more critical job would be to re-align the thinking and mentality of what is presently UMNO's heartland to one that is more in tune with the direction that Malaysia must take, to save itself. That would be an achievement that will have much longer term benefits to the people than some short term physical development.

Anonymous,  24 May 2013 at 22:10  

YB Dato',
Forgive me but I beg to differ,
I agree to what the professor said which is by having children regardless of race go to the same type of national school can help foster better understanding from the early age and help achieve national unity

Anonymous,  25 May 2013 at 12:46  

pagar peeps to U

Prolonged dispute over the polls results between Anwar and Najib’s camp would only harden existing divisions among factions in Muslim groups and the Chinese and possibly lead to violence. ..

Start serving !!! Stop talking !!!

Anonymous,  26 May 2013 at 09:32  

Pakatan Rakyat Government could have put Dr. Azly and Prof Jomo
on the earlier flight back home
to Malaysia...

How many Sek Keb can build true Malaysian Unity and quality of education ?

Boarding schools for children of already affluent ?

Are keb schools in affluent neigborhood nurturing content of character or the students and the parents themselves with the EXCEPTIONS, more into competitiveness for special treatement, in leadership ? How will it not influence the environment for learning academically and socially
to treat other lesser persons with the same respect as they demand ? Inculcating mature emphathy and understanding for the private sector :
poor Malays who can't pay their rent in Pantai Dalam, for poor Chinese and Indian slogging in pasar malam, unemployed and resorting to selling
whatnots and despise them ? Or how much lattes can ones consume at the balcony of BSC.. taking about the same topics day in day out, and consider others irrelevant ?

And the normal sek keb, the substandard of teaching English and Math, BM.. even Malay students need to take tuition, and the environment of idleness, the lack of positiveness to learning and engaging with non Malay students and the latter are apprehensive as a result of racial hatred in the social media.

As such, are Keb Schools capable of instilling unity and truly Malaysian spirit ?

As a young Malay urbanite, when the time comes, I will decide to enrol our kid (s) in a private mission school which inculcates content of character, excellence of education, muhibbah spirit and humility as my alma mater, St. John's Institution. And take up additional languages and agama study with humble character and progressiveness. Hopefully when my kids are successful adults, they will not be too busy with overindulgence and consider us irrelevant but remember us fondly and serve the communities with dediaction. Amin.

Parents and students should have a democratic rights to choose and decide the crucial matters. When it comes to quality eduaction, every segment of the students should be given equal and fair platform, to break the cycle
and to create a better future for themselves and the Nation. And not to indoctrinate the students in premier boarding schools and abroad with UMNO Mamak Kerala, Bangla, Ibrahim Alis " kesetiaan " plots and schemes.

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