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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 27 May 2013

Najib's violation of any agreement is expected.

The revelation by Yusuf Kalla one time deputy president of Indonesia, has produced not a few rushed judgements. For those who have in-built prejudices against Anwar will recall that Anwar is such and such a fellow. Most of these perceptions were formed a long time ago and some formed after one or two encounters.
I have met Anwar only once in person and that was last year when he was already entrenched in the role as opposition leader. I wasn’t interested to form a personalised perception of Anwar preferring to judge and assess him on his thinking, ideas and articulation. His darker side if it exists is none of my concern. I am never a fan of Anwar but am no Anwar hater either, but as I have said if more people believed in him that those who don’t, there is nothing anyone can do about it. As it is, more people like Anwar than Najib and that is why PR got 51% of the popular votes. That translates into nearly 500,000 human beings rejecting Najib.
 As I have also said before, in the context of sexual dalliances, the person he is compared with is just as heroic as he is. That, if we believe all those insinuations about Anwar are true. If they were, then they were equally true about poster boy Najib.
Did such an agreement exist? If it does, then it’s incumbent upon Yusuf Kalla to produce the agreement that he has brokered. And reveal to us, what is it that Anwar reneged on. Was Anwar’s agreement insured against Najib’s promise not to cheat in the GE?
That is a more serious matter we should be looking into. We haven’t gone before that courts and tribunals or what  and those who have no inkling about the mechanics on voting on the ground other than dragging one’s own fat carcass to the voting station and marking x on your preferred spot, pontificating to us. stop lecturing us and demanding where’s the proof. It’s not too for Khairy the thoroughbred asked to pull the milk cart,  to say there isn’t any shred of evidence to proof fraud and cheating in the elections. We bring it before the courts and let the impartial courts decide on it. Do a smudge and a slightly blotted paper render the vote spoilt when during the first round it was accepted? The recount if it was done- was it done by collating the figures off the Form 14s? Was the recount done by opening up all the boxes at the counting stations? I didn’t hear of counting done at any of the pusat pengistiharan undi.
So what was the basis of Anwar’s failure to honour the so called agreement between him and Najib?
Why is it that it’s easy for us to rush judgment on Anwar on the basis of our personalised perceptions of him. Why not wait until details of such agreement are revealed.
What about Najib? I can easily come up with a laundry list on why we can’t even trust this hypocrite. I am as qualified to give a personalised perception of Najib just like those who have had fleeting associations with Anwar can.
So let’s see details of the agreement. Let’s not hear what Yusuf Kalla has to say. Let’s hear what both Najib and Anwar have to say about their so called agreement. Did Najib promise Anwar than BN will not cheat? Such a promise, if it comes out from Najib is like believing a camel and go through a needle hole.


Anonymous,  27 May 2013 at 09:44  


mulakan misi selamatkan Aspan alias daripada ditaik hantu UMNO....tolong beri perhatian dengan AA ... dah mula membantai Anwar pulak nie...

bagi la chance dier tuh sket, bawah la dier bersama ko apabila pi mesyuarat dengan majlis tertinggi DAP. Ko dah berjaya, tapi rakan perjuang mestila dibawa bersama, tanpa bantuan dier dulu, susah nak tembus kwn umno dalam PRU13..

bruno,  27 May 2013 at 10:09  

Dato,first of all what if all this Yusuf Kalla said is true.As far as Anwar is concern we haven't heard him deny it yet.But if it is true then Anwar must be a very stupid politician.In fact a real moron.

What can this Yusuf Kalla as a mediator gurantee if Najib do not stick to the agrement,if ever there was any agreement.That is Umno/BN lost the GE and Najib still insists that Umno/GE won,and decided to stay put and not step down.

Is this Kalla guy who has no authority do to Najib if he refuses to step down.Send in the Indonesian Armed Forces to chase Najib and Umno/BN out of Putrajaya.This stupid guy is speaking through his nose or Anwar must be the circus clown in town to have such high regards for an outsider with no power.

Anonymous,  27 May 2013 at 10:20  

As far as I am concerned Najib is a compulsive liar. Just two examples will do for now. He cheated the Christians on the Allah issue. He cheated the people of the Sedition Laws.He is forked tongue biawak.

Anonymous,  27 May 2013 at 10:52  

I have been following najib's statements all this while. My conclusion is that he is the undisputed king of double talk and a lousy liar. When his lies got him in trouble, he keeps real quiet.

Jane Duncan 27 May 2013 at 10:55  

Why should I listen to a person who just met AI once and quicly liked him up!? You see why don't you ask Chandra, Sidik Baba, and all those learned people who have now run away from Anwar? Doesn't that say something about this person whom just just met once! What a shame ! Where are you heading Sakmongkol!?

Anonymous,  27 May 2013 at 11:00  

You're right again Dato'.

The lie and the spin has got to be stopped.

telur2,  27 May 2013 at 11:52  

An agreement made with a liar and crook, if ever there was one, is no agreement at all. It is null and void.

OneMalaysian,  27 May 2013 at 13:56  

Dear Sakmongkol

You are right to insist that no one should rush to judgment as to who had renege on the election agreement until we have actually seem the agreement itself. What did it say that both parties must do and should do?

From press reports we only hear of two conditions: no name calling or personal attacks (you don’t call me a gay and I won’t call you a womanizer and murder accomplice); and that each party would honour the election result (in this case BN hand over Putrajaya peacefully if they had lost).

As to the first condition of refraining from name-calling it was a non-issue. It was not an important condition. As to the second about honouring the election result indeed Anwar and Pakatan are not accepting it. Does this mean they broke the agreement? Whether it was written in the “agreement/contract” or not, the election must first be clean and fair before it can be accepted and its result honoured. The 51% of Malaysians who voted for PR are not convinced that we had a free and fair election. UMNO/BN cheated by bribing voters with BR1M, for example, and they had absolute control of the mainstream media; they allowed them to attack the opposition. And they had the Election Commission as the bias referee that condoned cheating at the polls. Dozens of results are now legally challenged.

So if any agreement was dishonoured it was because Najib and UMNO had not kept to the spirit and the law of conducting a free and fair election. It was curious that Anwar and Najib had chosen a politician from Indonesia to broker and witness the agreement. Indonesia is not exactly known to be a clean political player in this sort of thing; they should have chosen instead a person from a free, open, and advanced democracy.

bumi-non-malay 27 May 2013 at 14:21  

Malaysia UMNO-BN is a trail by media hero.....Macam President Assad...hero dikaca TV.....Seluruh Negara Benci Assad macam UMNO-BN.....itulah hakikat Kerajaan kita sekarang.

Buat Cintakan rakyat kat Kaca TV, Tapi diBenci Rakyat secara Realiti kat Jalan Raya.

Lagi benci ialah permainan HINA Allah oleh Melayu UMNO!....

Teruskan Perjuangan Mat Kilau sampai UMNO dihapuskan!!

Anonymous,  27 May 2013 at 17:04  

I trust Yusuf Kalla more than Anwar, period.Tq

Anonymous,  27 May 2013 at 17:16  

Salam Datuk,

I agreed with your point. Let see what kind of agreement this yusuf kalla can produce to prove that there was in fact an agreement in the first place.

Please if you could Datuk, give a piece of good advise to your good friend, Aspan Alias because he is now together with you in DAP, component of PR but he lately acted like duri dlm daging and was the early bird to condemn DSAI on the "agreement" violation.

Let me tell you Datuk, AA is a good writer like you but he is politically immature and very much novice. You need to get rid of the umno DNA still strong in him before its too late.

Aman Shah

Anonymous,  27 May 2013 at 20:38  

Not only Aspan Alias but Din Merican has called Anwar 'arrogant and over confident' in his latest post
Despite his shortcoming Anwar has done well to unite Pakatan and pose a strong challenge to BN. BRIM to poor folks and all the money,food and booze thrown around everywhere by Chinese towkays would not have happened otherwise.We should all be thankful.

Anonymous,  27 May 2013 at 22:10  

To all you idolaters out there,

Idealize the message; idolize not, the messenger.

Whatever are your personal judgement on the image of Anwar in your respective heads changes ONLY YOUR ATTITUDE towards him; it changes him not. Nor does it change the fact that we are all royally screwed for the past 50+ years (and likely beyond) by the blatant lies designed & propagated by UMNO.

It is not the postman, but the message that matters.

~ Kipas Hikmat

Anonymous,  27 May 2013 at 23:33  

siapa si yusuf kalla ni? dan kalau dah ada penipuan, apa jadi dgn gentlemen's agreement? terbatal lah namanya.

& jane duncan, chandra muzaffar is hardly a credible example - once a staunch critic of bn, he now thinks it's a model of bersih cekap amanah. despite the mounting abuses and corruption, he can see no wrong. the man sold out, shamelessly.

Anonymous,  27 May 2013 at 23:46  

Sebab utamanya saya rasa adalah untuk memastikan peralihan kuasa yang aman jika BN kalah. Benda ni Najib cakap masa pembubaran parlimen dan diulang2 oleh Anwar masa kempen supaya rakyat tak takut buat perubahan. Sejarahnya ada cthnya pada 1999 org cina ditakut2kan utk mengundi Barisan Alternatif. Ini semua strategi politik. Najib bangang kat sini lah sbb tu dia marah sgt kat org cina.

Quiet Despair,  28 May 2013 at 07:58  

Phew. Finally I got you. After weeks of trying, I gave up. Thought you blocked me. Then I read Aspan's blog who said you were blocked.
Anyways, Unc YB, Congratulations are in order, albeit so belatedly.
I share your joy. Didn't I say I want you to win.But I was wrong to say that you will not make it.
But many of my relatives and their friends in Raub voted for you. Their reasoning was they wanted a Malay to represent Raub, no matter he is from DAP.
Jani you Melayu. Raub had not had a Malay MP after Allahyarham Dato' Abdullah Majid. So they feel enough of Chinese to be their MP.
I look forward to see your debut in Parliament. Your maiden speech.
And an intellectual discourse far different from Bung Bocor or Aziz merapu, the no longer MP.
As for Bapak Jusuf, I don't understand why is he poking his nose into our affairs.
He jolly well knows Anu-War will never honor any promise, if he claimed they are fast pals.
Yes, there is such an agreement because I still remember si- Nuar saying a week before the polls that he is happy Najib will respect the outcome of the polls and will not create chaos.
I said what. He speaks then as though he was winning. And I think then all the Pakatan bloggers and would be candidates were all so confident victory will be yours.
It's not meant to be. And of course Anwar will not be at peace and drag you people to the streets.
Pak Yusof, thanks but no thanks for meddling in our politics.
Ya, bisa jaga Pak Bambang? Ada beres?
Mau ditanya, Bapak Nu-War cari Bapak untuk bantu dia atau Bapak sendiri yang ribu-ribut bikin bicara di KL.

Anonymous,  28 May 2013 at 09:26  

Did the people who associated with AI in the early days dream of a potential pot of gold dropping on their lap if AI had gone on to grab the grand prize one day? It was so obvious that drooling sycophants went to extremes to be close to AI to the extent that the old man was beginning to feel threatened. That aside, any concessions at that point by AI to this crowd would have kept us anchored to the same corrupt old ways if AI had succeeded.

AI had no choice but to cut off the rotting heads whether they come with a PhD or a Datukship. To put it bluntly, an academic with a PhD could be just as grasping as the great majority of BN Datuks. To ask the people to believe otherwise is to ask them to believe that only saints associate with UMNO.

It's not all about trust, on the contrary, it is all about money, plenty of it, how and from whom. Forget about high morals and ethics - Mahathir changed all that a long time ago.

Anonymous,  28 May 2013 at 09:33  

Kipas Hikmat 27 May 2013 22:10:

Beautifully said!

Anonymous,  28 May 2013 at 10:12  

I don't trust Najib and his band. I prefer DSAI to be the PM, because if at all, he goes a stray, I am sure with PAS and DAP on right and left side, will never allow him to so and will put him back on track. More so, I believe DSAI has gone through hell and now back, I believe he has change for the batter and for the sake of his family will not want to go through it again. His dark side (if he has any), is of No concern to me and as long as he doesn't steal from the people of this county, it's fine with me. I am an ex-serviceman served back in the early 60s - 70s for 13 years, it hurts when the Defence Minister said the chinese were not loyal to the country and I am very angry and will never forgive him. When TAR our then PM call for the defence of our county, we answered, and did our job. I have seen our country which I defended during trouble time, going from bad..and worse.
Congratulation, Dato'. I am now in the early 70s, I have done my duty for the county and now the baton is now passed to you to do what is good for the county. A word of advice, DON'T LET THE PEOPLE DOWN.

Anonymous,  28 May 2013 at 10:21  

Referring to what Quiet Despair said I agree it is good to have A Malay MP for Raub It is even better if that MP is from DAP because good Malays are sorely needed in DAP so it can move away from being regarded as a Chinese party.Many people out there admire DAP for its strong pricipals. I hope DAP wil have a drive to recruit young professional Malays into the party.

Anonymous,  28 May 2013 at 11:17  

jane duncan,though i'm no fan of anwar either as i remember him from the days of mahajahat's era, i do feel he has paid his dues and has done a lot for the unity of the country. we should not gauge a person's character solely on how many people left him, it should be also who and why the people left. is chandra a good character. err, nope. zahid 'the take it or get lost'? please! just to name a few ya...if the agreement between najib and anwar were to agree that the election would be done in fairness and results accepted, i don't see why not, so long as it is not to have a fixed match...

Anonymous,  28 May 2013 at 11:56  

Trust is dangerously close to becoming extinct from our public space. We may regale ourselves by half political games being played by our favored side little realizing that we are now collectively in a quicksand. It no longer matters who steps on whom, we are all set to sink if we cannot have decent values of trust, governance and accountability in our daily lives.
Trust within our public discourse will have to be the dominant political theme, the defining trait in the quest to discover the next Tunku Abdu Rahman Al Haj.
The PM must capture the sentiment of the moment of the nation to have a united nation and not frivolously bandied out the tsunami gauge metre. We are yet to see leadership emerge that can overcome this murderous rage of distrust amongst the people after the elections.
Post GE13,, far more than the arithmetic of feel-good acceptability in coalition politics, the dire need will be for Leadership that can inspire Trust across the many political fault-lines that have fragmented this nation. That we must demand together with the reform of the political systems of elections, governance and civility.
Today there is an abject lack of faith in both the ability of the system to be fair and in the integrity of our institutions to deliver. The lack of trust extends to political parties and their leadership. All discourse has become conspiratorial. All proposals and decisions have become suspect.
The stark reality is that today there is no credible leadership in Putrajaya or anywhere else that can honestly deliver this truth to the people while simultaneously inspiring trust and patience in a long drawn roadmap that can rid us of this malaise. That truth is also unpopular.
To get us out of this hole, calls for a rediscovery of trust. We need a leadership in Putrajaya that inspires trust and exudes trust. Leadership whose actions we can trust without always ascribing motives.
Overall we must again move towards a culture where the Executive is focused on Law enforcement and the Legislature on law making while both keep the Judiciary out of either responsibility thus reverting the original intent of the Constitution.
No solution is perfect. But status quo is unacceptable. We cannot afford legislative instability and frequent politicking at the expense of taxpayers money and time, setting us back to a ‘continuous politicking’ governance.

In national Interest both the ruling and opposition should make common cause to push for reforms for it is in their interest more than anything to insulate the Government from fragmented politicking.


kaypohchee,  28 May 2013 at 19:14  

Dato' Ariff:

I am very glad that you asked about recount procedures. I am very sad that political parties failed to ask.

What I found to my horror is that at any polling station there are many streams or saluran. Counting is done at each stream. Requests for recount, when the difference is small, is made at the stream! This means that even if at the EC the sum of all streams shows a very small difference, there is no procedure to request a recounts at all streams. This is dumbfounding. Recounts are allowed at streams obviously because a recount can bring about a small difference under tighter scrutiny.

But when there is only a small difference at the EC, there appears no belief that recounts at all streams can result in small changes which when totaled, can make a difference in the overall result for the Parliamentary or State seats involved. However even if there is a large margin at the EC, counting agents could be laboriously doing recounts at streams as if it could ever make a difference for the constituency!

Who set up this rule? Can they explain why the rule is as such? Can the political parties who all accepted this rule please explain to us why they acceded to this rule?

Anonymous,  29 May 2013 at 00:28  

atuk muda pulau batam ,

Salam hormat dan sejahtera selalu utk YB Sakmangkol.

It looks like your colleague pa Aspan have an axe to be ground against somebody. Bak pepatah melayu berkata" Sekilas ikan di-ayer , kita tahu jantan betina nya"

Back to the topic of secret talk between DSAI and me its not an issue here because the GElection were conducted with CHEAT as the main agenda by the SPR/EC.

You know , and Aspan oso knows it pretty well coz all the malays in UMNO and UMNO baru oso know that to win the elcetion they will ALWAYS have plan B , that is to have extra box of SPR ballot tainted box STANDBY few kilometers aways from the polling station and the only difference recently is that it is not kept by the RELA/POLICE personnel but by unmark vehicle or taxis.....this is a CHEATING agenda at play. Other than the magical blackout.....!!! Just wondering why Pa Aspan do not try to mention about it instead he IGNORE these issue totally....damn....typical mentality....of a malay....!!! So no point of talking or reading such a person writing.....makes good article for utusan or the new shit times....!!!

If there are no honesty , no sincerity but inteads hatred and grudges still in the heart please lah....go back kampong and tanam the KACHENG....!!! Do not try to show your writning skill and demoralised others who are fighting for the PEOPLES RIGHT.

Sorry if my words or comments hurt some body feeling...sincerely I ask for your forgiveness.
Thank You.

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