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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Saving our Country

UMNO’s affairs are no longer my business. It becomes my business if UMNO unashamedly continue to behave as though it’s the only choice Malays have. Malays now have a choice. The Malays in Raub do not have problems with me being a DAP MP- what they see is just an MP with whom they can relate to, speak and seek service from. This is a welcome change- people can actually judge you in terms of what you can do instead of judging you on the basis of who inherited a particular status.
UMNO with its ingrained behaviour of living off past accomplishments and latching on to its origins will have no relevance as people adopt achievement norms instead of acscriptive or pre-assigned norms. I hope the people of Kedah will soon discover the uselessness of succumbing to the imputed abilities of the son of Mahathir.
Accordingly I don’t agree when Tun Daim says that Najib should be given a second chance. Why? Because he is willing to play ball to Dr Mahathir? He managed to get only 133 parliamentary seats despite spending billions, setting aside only a small portion of the RM20billion savings in withdrawn subsidies in the form of BR1Ms and other income transfers. Where is the balance 14 billion or so?  To pay off jump-able MPs?
Najib got 133 seats despite bill boarding across the country’s highways where people vomit at the sight of the condescending billboards. Despite also declaring so many economic initiatives. People are not buying Najib’s craps anymore. Otherwise, he would have gotten 5 million Malay votes.
Pak Lah got 140 seats. The UMNO warlords were not willing to be forgiving and wanted him to go. Najib of course committed political non-feasance by standing idly by, encouraging others to kick out Pak Lah. He was of course the direct beneficiary if Pak Lah was ousted. UMNO can continue choosing him but I will encourage Malays to reject him.
After 55 years, the Malays still live in hovels. The PM brags about building 1 million affordable homes. Let’s see he does it. In Raub, the UMNO leaders divide business interests among themselves. They are bloody thieves! Some go after timber concessions. Some went after federal land, developing the land with the so called ‘despicable Chinese’ and building shop lots and houses costing a few hundred thousand Ringgit. The average Malay can’t even build a RM35,000 Ringgit house.
After 2 days of being elected, I was summoned to investigate a collapsed bridge or a near collapsing bridge in Kg Jelu in Ulu Dong. The village headman refused to entertain the affected persons telling them to go to your new elected MP. Normally that’s the job of the local ADUN but since his ignoramus ketua kampong doesn’t know his role as ketua kampong, I was happy to oblige. This is the kind of ketua kampong I quarrelled with when I was UMNO ADUN. Dato Najib came to Raub on the 4th of May and asked the Raub people not to vote for me because he said when I was ADUN I quarrelled with Ketua Kampungs, Penghulu and Ketua Cawangan UMNO.
Now i can say why i was dropped. Najib listened to the bitching Ketua Kampungs and Ketua Cawangans. Yes, I quarrelled with a particular kind that Najib keeps. The kind who thinks he is headman for UMNO members only not the whole village. The kind who allocates felcra shares among brothers, sisters, family members, grandfathers, grandmothers. The kind that charges the makcik some money for running some errands at the Pejabat Daerah. This kind of bad hats and corrupt people, Najib keeps close around him.
That was why even when I was ADUN I proposed the idea of replacing ketua kampungs with government employees serving as say pegawai pembangunan kampong reporting to a pegawai pembangunan mukim replacing the penghulu. The village headman should have minimum qualifications such as diploma instead of being drafted from the ranks of the riff-raffs and layabouts in the Kampung. How do you manage and develop a kampong where the Malays live if your ketua kampungs are mentally challenged and have learning disabilities? By the way, the Ketua Kampungs are all UMNO surrogates.
I also went to investigate some houses that were affected by the heavy torrential downpour that occurred in Raub. It had rained heavily for a few days. I will upload the pictures when I am able to,  to show to readers that after 55 years, Malays live in hovels.
I had to attend to some complainants saying they can’t afford hospital operations. After 55 years, Malays are the first to suffer whenever there are calamities.
The Malays have been short-changed all these years but constantly being fed with a diet of bigotry and prejudices, fears and suspicions.
So I am surprised to read that a leader of Perkasa saying the government should be thankful for the Malays for keeping them in power. Where does he get his figures from? Isn’t he aware that more Malays did not vote UMNO than voting for the party?


Anonymous,  28 May 2013 at 11:19  

Why are there so many foolish people to support just a very minority oligarchs allowing to enrich themselves by the RM billions and millions whilst they live on or off crumbs???

bumi-non-malay 28 May 2013 at 12:12  

Pembangunan UMNO racist kepada melayu adalah macam drip tolong gua, gua tolong you. Melayu ingat drip feed ini selalu ada...selalu standby..Bila ada malapetaka.....$$$$$ kat drip feed bekurangan. Bukan sahaja kepada melayu bahkan kepada semua warga Malaysia. Bila dlam Krisis macam sekarang....kata Orang cina curi, ong Bangla curi, orang India curi...orang pakatan curi.... Kalaulah Melayu faham apa dia GDP Singapura lebih BESAR dari Malaysia.....maka UMNO akan tumbang dan dikuburkan esok!!

Sebuah negara sebesar Langkawi Jumlah pengeluaran lebih BESAR dari SELURUH Malaysia bermakna...duit rakyat diguna untuk TERUS Berkuasa-Korrupsi sampai Akhirat sampai guna Warga asing untuk HINA Rakyat Malaysia.

Selagi Sultan/Agong buat tak tahu, maka Tamadun mereka akan macam Raja Nepal.....ini satu sumpahan!!...sekuat macam mashuri!!

Masa rakyat bangkit untuk pelihara hidup sendiri dah sampai. INI ABAD 21......tipu pilihanraya, Turun dan UBAH !!

Anonymous,  28 May 2013 at 15:42  

Dato, well written. I concur with your outlook and ideas as it will be viable to help the people in the rural areas develop, especially in terms of the educational aspect. Education and knowledge empowers, something that the ruling party is denying a majority of the people so they can continue to stay in power. Just giving them 30% stake in everything just doesn't work in the long run. I am sure any Chinese will be more than willing to help their Malay counterpart in business know-how. Like they say, it is better to teach one to fish than give them the fish...

SamYap,  28 May 2013 at 17:54  

Agree with your essay but the trouble is, we are being held to ransom by a bunch of politicians who are behaving like gangsters. And to compound the problem, we have senior civil servants such as the EC and the PDRM who appear to be aiding them.

Like it or not, the whole country including the rakyat who voted for BN, are now held at gun point, figuratively speaking, by a bunch of unscrupulous thieving politicians.

Anonymous,  28 May 2013 at 18:36  

As long as one is of high principle, integrity and moral, one will be universally accepted and supported.

Decent and reasonable people are sick and disgusted of grossly dishonest, manipulative and immoral leaders/politicians.

Anonymous,  28 May 2013 at 22:21  

Only the truth liberates, everything else is bondage.

'The fault lies not with the fox but with the brainwashed chickens that choose to elect it to guard their coop.'

The battle is not with UMNO, but with the corrupted mindset of its devotees. Enlighten their mindset, and the overbearing shadow of falsehood that is UMNO, engulfing it, will spontaneously perish.

~ Kipas Hikmat

2020,  29 May 2013 at 00:26  


i am pleased that people like your good self managed to be elected in spite of the odds. may there be more in the ranks. i am appalled with the current status of the GOM which unfortunately is BN. appalled in a sense that BN is losing the plot - they re fully concentrated in "bitching" about everything and anything except themselves to the extent that the GOM is effectively on auto cruise. you would think that the ones should be doing the bitching would be PR...

so, where are all these grand master plans, the vision, the executions.. all these 'dasar' be it new, old or revitalized, where are they now... these are things that are supposed to be managed by the GOM (read BN) and to be shared to the public... dont be bitching about some rallies, or protest (PR is not GOM, so they can do a sing along for all i care and its vice-versa if BN was not GOM) - whats that got to do with proposing and implementing 'dasar',dont tell me it is a hindrance to produce, explain and execute a 'dasar'???

like i always say....
at least, pak lah got an excuse "sorry, i was asleep".. whats yours najib???

bruno 29 May 2013 at 02:12  

Dato,Umno has been screwing the people including their fellow Malays,while screaming ketuahnan Melayu.It is time the Malays woke up from the trance Umno placed them in.Ketuahan Melayu is only a distraction for the people to fight among themselves,while those robber barons in power,their families,cronies and stooges screwed the dumb founded rakyat in the behind.

The amount spent in especially Umno divisional and party elections are enormous.Candidates are throwing their ill gotten haram money like they owned the printing presses.Getting elected in divisional and party posts make them into powerful warlords.And powerful warlords are in demand by the leadership,making them command a great financial windfall.

Once elected these people bodex and kissed the asses and do the bidding of their political masters forgetting their own members and kampong people.But when come election time their people will vote them in again because of their handouts of a few hundred ringgit and a few kenduris here and there.

The ruling regime since the time of Mahathir has converted politicics into big time money making business.Now people connected to the ruling regime expects to be making big money to afford mansions,high end cars,expensive wears and young mistresses in tow.Their first piority is to make money and not to worry or service their own people.

We do not have to look very far.Just look at the losing politicians of the ruling regime who closed down their service centres the next day after the elections.

Anonymous,  29 May 2013 at 10:48  

Dato' about the surrogate riff-raffs and layabouts, there is another variation of the theme from among those wearing white kupiahs; though small in number they tend to thrive in small towns.

Many often get invited to say thanksgiving doas during minor family celebrations, and these holy men almost always pocket the small gift packet without betting an eyelid. One exorcist was invited to drive away naughty spirits causing room doors to vibrate every time the main windows and doors were shut to start the air- conditioner, and he was richer that day by Rm30 - some prayers, some effect. Even physics is kind to holy men in our midst — for half a day. The real exorcist, however, turned out to be the air-con technician!

As you prepare yourself for a challenging five years, rest assured of our continued moral support. The final rewards are incalculable for all citizens when 'the corrupted mindset of its (UMNO)devotees' - courtesy of Kipas Hikmat - are banished for good. This will require lots of soul-searching by successful professionals about what they should do to contribute to healthy political discourse rather than leaving the burden completely to politicians. For a start, city folks would do well to set aside some time to experience life in a rural setting.

"Enlighten(ing) the mindset" to remove "the overbearing shadow of falsehood that is UMNO" must begin with professionals returning to the kampung to spread a simple message that, there is life after UMNO-BN, or PR, if it too fails to deliver.

Life must oscillate continually to remove the warts, the blemishes, the failures, the despots, the thieves and the satans on Earth.

I wish you and all your colleagues in Parliament all the best to bring out the best from every one of us irrespective of race and religion. I pray you will receive help, inspiration and advice from our istanas which must now, in light of the blatant abuse of the political process, seek to re-align the parameters of the constitutional paradigm (a Western construct, no less), just so to remove the despotic powers which UMNO has unilaterally commandeered from what is manifestly an equitable arrangement despite, or if one likes, because of, it's colonial lineage.

The rot cannot be stopped overnight, not even in five years, by the combined efforts of some well-meaning UMNO-BN politicians with PR politicians. Systemic organ failures require at least medium-term medication to embed itself within the system to zap the cancerous tissues if terminal failure is to be avoided.

Dato' first things first, get Parliament to remove the dead-wood in the civil service in the next 365 days.

Good luck and may the Almighty always be by your side.

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