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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 4 September 2011

Use and Abuse of History.

UMNO’s godsend issue now is the communism of Mat Sabu. And it does not matter how imbecilic and mundane the issue is. As long as it can be used as fodder to UMNO’s aging canons. And as long as the issue can be turned into something racial. UMNO thrives and lives on such issues.

Mat Sabu, deputy President of PMIP, the Islamic party is a commie! Mat Sabu extolls communism. Mat Sabu is a commie lover. Mat Sabu loves Chin Peng, idolizes Uncle Ho because they share similar denture profile.

There can never be a more oxymoronic proposition than effectively describing Mat Sabu as the Islamic-communist. See whether UMNO’s implied consent to paint the PAS number two as an Islamic communist will go down well with the Malay ground.

Utusan’s suggested description will add a new twist to UMNO’s political lexicon- one can be godless and Muslim as the same time. Only Utusan and UMNO are capable of doing that. I am only ringing the bell- if UMNO continues on the trajectory of morbid intolerance and fails to accommodate plurality of ideas and interpretation of history, it will find itself increasingly defending a rigidified line of thinking in a forward moving liberalized world. It will become quite simply, irrelevant.

But for the moment, these concerns are not important. What is more important is for UMNO to do the bull in the china shop routine. Do as much damage as possible. The bull will go on rampaging until it is immobilized.

The issue was spearheaded by Utusan Malaysia. The political capital arose out of Mat Sabu’s speech regarding the events surrounding the attack on the police barrack and station at Bukit Kepong. Mat Sabu was assailing the wrongful treatment of one Mat Indera- a Malay urban legend of sorts, being lumped wickedly as just an ordinary terrorist.

Those who defended the police station and fortress at that time included also Malay policemen under the command of British officers. When Mat Indera attacked the station, didn’t it cross his mind, the ethnic origins of many of the defenders of the police post? In my opinion, given the ideological leanings of Mat Indera at that time, in his mind, the defenders then were just armed gendarmes of British imperialism working for the continued enslavement of a people wanting independence. To Mat Indera then, they were casualties of war.

Sometime earlier in 1915, a similar folk hero known as Tok Janggut whose real name is Haji Mat Hassan bin Panglima Munas, rose in rebellion against the unjust policies of British imperialists. After the Treaty of Bangkok 1909, the British took over the administration of Kelantan from Siam. They immediately begun massive changes in the state including those related to the collection of taxes and revenue.

The introduction of taxes was especially burdensome to the people of Kelantan. They included a per capita tax of RM1.00 per head per year, a 3 sen tax on fruit trees, a 3 sen tax on a bunch of coconuts and a 3 sen tax on beetle nut leaves.

In April 1915, the administration of Jeram, Pasir Puteh, was taken over by a Malay named Encik Latiff, who was an officer of the British administration. Encik Latif took over the authority of the local Raja and begun executing the collection of taxes with gusto. Disputes quickly arose over the imposition of taxes that led to the refusal of one Haji Mat Hassan (Tuk Janggut) to pay taxes.
Encik Latiff directed a police team led by one Malay named Sarjan Sulaiman (Che Wan) who proceeded with haste to Kampung Tok Akib to apprehend Tuk Janggut sometime in  April 1915. In the ensuing melee, Tuk Janggut stabbed Sarjan Sulaiman resulting in the latter’s death. Tuk Janggut quickly assembled his men and proceeded towards Pasir Puteh. On hearing the fearful news, Encik Latiff escaped to Kota Bharu. Retaliatory and a punitive force were quickly dispatched from Singapore to Pasir Puteh. In May 1915, the two forces clashed in Kampong Merbuk and  Kampung Pupuh.

To legitimize the punitive action, what did the British administration do? It did what became its modus operandi to isolate trouble makers- make out the trouble makers as criminals or in later years, as terrorists. The British adviser forced the Sultan of Kelantan to declare Tuk Jangut as a rebel and his actions treasonable. In the skirmishes at Kampung Pupuh, Tuk Janggut was struck by a bullet and died.

The lifeless body of Tuk Janggut was brought to Kota Bharu in an ox cart and the journey took a day. The body was later hung upside down and left for public viewing on the Padang. The body was later fired upon by Riflemen until it was cut into two. Whatever was left were then bundled up and sent by sampan to Pasir Pekan for burial.

When Tok Janggut took his rebellion to arms, many of the casualties were Malays who served as gendarmes for the British colonial administration. Do Malays condemn Tok Janggut for killing the Malay constables? They do not because they elevated the stature of Tok Janggut to a freedom fighter and the constables doing the biddings of the British are regarded as agents and running dogs of British administration.

So, why should those who defended the police station at Bukit Kepong be treated differently when Mat Indera attacked the station?

Any fatalities arising out of the attack are bound to evoke emotional responses. It’s unfair to suggest that by saying what he said Mat Sabu and those who have come out in his defense do not share in the anguish of the families of those who died gallantly defending albeit an edifice of an imperialist order. It’s also grossly unfair to suggest that Mat Sabu and his defenders make light of the bitter memories of descendants of those slain.

As usual, UMNO people will insist only they have the monopoly on empathy.

There are two sides of the coin. If we are asked to show empathy to those slain in the attack, then we must be magnanimous enough to show the same empathy to the families of Mat Indera and to the people of his village who were placed under siege and ransom by the British forces. Mustn’t we also show the same angst and disgust at the British forces for putting the villagers of Kampong Gombak Peserai literally at gun point and forcing a number of Mat Indera’s friend to collaborate in the capture and eventual execution of Mat Indera?


Zaidi,  4 September 2011 at 11:50  

Dato Sak,
There is no "truth" in history. What we have are records. Perceptions depend on which side we are..if we benefited from the aggression and using Cartesian logic, we will be able to justify the aggression, just look at the neo-Cons justifying US invasion of Iraq. To the Iraqis, the US invasion is an act of cruelty, crime against humanity. Can we bring the US to the ICJ today? No. Maybe later when the US is no longer a superpower. UMNO is not used to being challenged. What is funny is that they have lost the cyberwar and the generals are not fighting back. It reminds me of the Russian Navy losing to the Japanese Imperial Navy when they send the Black Sea fleet all the way around the globe to meet the Japanese off the East China Sea.

Akaz 4 September 2011 at 12:48  

Ada bezanya....Tuk Janggut tidak memilih jalan komunis, manakala Mat Indera bersengkokol dengan pihak komunis.

Anonymous,  4 September 2011 at 14:32  

Warga Aman says the views of Mat Sabu as quoted below is "substantively correct" which I agree. The fact remains that UMNO is not the only group that fought for independence.

There are many other groups and individuals that contributed in the fight for independence including MCP, PKMM, MPAJA etc. The methods may differ but the fact remains that they fought to free the nation from the Japanese and subsequently the British.

The UMNO/BN govt must show magnanimity and recognise their contribution as well and not distort history by saying that only UMNO fought for independent. We can then have a more meaningful Merdeka Day.

To those readers who have access to UMNO Youth, pls advise KJ to stop the plan Pentas Patriot roadshow. It will backfire. And it will backfire big time.

This is a mundane issue. UMNO will never learn because many of its top leaders are "stupid" and many of their followers issue statements supporting their "stupid" leaders because of personal agenda/benefits or for "carma".

“The Bukit Kepong incident is the best example of Malaysians being ‘blind to history’ or to the spin of the Umno-led government.”

The incident took place seven years before independence.

“The 17 policemen and family members who died in the attack had served the British government and not the interest of the people in Malaya,” he added.

He also said that during the Japanese occupation, the British colony supplied weapons to the Malaya Communist Party (MCP) in the fight against the Japanese.

“But, later the communists withdrew their support from the British after the government refused to talk to them,” he said, adding that Mat Indera were among the few Malay heroes who fought both the Japanese and British rulers.

Mat Sabu’s view on Mat Indera is therefore correct, he said.

Anonymous,  4 September 2011 at 15:10  

i have no idea where your logic of chronological order of history you based on.
1915 - there was no UMNO. The death of Tok Janggut was not the caused of UMNO.
Malaysia still recognize tok janggut as pejuang menentang penjajahan british.

1950 - The malay federation has been established. replacing Malayan Union from 1st Feb 1948.
datuk onn has promised johor people to use The malay federation to be the base fighting for independence.
since everybody is using internet, here is the link

i know everybody who hates umno would go all the way to discredit any news or facts, but at least showed people some facts when discussing this historic matters.

if other parties wants to use rumors and gossips, well , hishamuddin rais who post it in his tukar tiub blog about mat indera, is actually from Lanchang, Pahang.
His family run away to Negeri Sembilan when people got to know that his fathers is a staunch supporter of PKM.
due to his hatred of lanchang people and the fact that his family is being chased away by kampong people, he try to put another brand of history and voila!! Mat sabu bought it.

whilst some people liked it if we achieved independent by means of blood and tears but we (or UMNO as some people hates it) have achieved it through diplomacy.
although PKMM/PUTERA/API/ AWAS wanted to melayu raya and blood and tears for independent, we should look back and see of what we work before and the results we attained now. i would say, we are truly an independent nation.

i guess, we cannot satisfied people all the time.

ahli UMNO temerloh

Ghab 4 September 2011 at 15:44  

Mat Sabu , an eminent and celebrated figure of Pas is in assailing by the vigorous Umno . The vocabulary of Utusan Melayu overwhelmingly painting him from based green to pink and eventually red . This is partisan politics and perception is the sordid game for all consuming . Kerana Mulut Badan Binasa .

The argument here is about The Mat Sabu's interpretation of the historical event of Bukit Kepong which was perceived insignificance to the historian . It also clashes with the network of individuals interpretation of the event . More so , it matters to the integrity of political institution of Pas unnecessarily in defense for Mat Sabu , if not taken to dismay .

In an open circuit of Johorean , the interpretation : Mat Indera was representing Hang Jebat to the Malays in Johore . There were more than 15,000 Malays' presence at Muar district court under British Administration when he was on trial then . It was a congregation of honorably bound and determined abutment from the Malays to the Malays who were sandwiched against the Communist insurgence and the British Administration environment .

Mat Sabu should be wisely conscious of Malays' feeling and sentiment of todays' before contemplating his historical anecdote . After all , politic is not everything , in a developing society .

Anonymous,  4 September 2011 at 16:03  

Dato Ari,

BN memerintah, PR tidak memerintah. Pada hal kedua-dua duduk dalam dewan yang mulia yang sama, parlimen. Bersama membuat undang-undang dan memerah otak untuk pembangunan negara bagi kesejahteraan rakyat Malaysia, yang berhak di bawah pelembagaan untuk memilih siapa saja menjadi wakil mereka ke parlimen. Rakyat yang bekerja dan membayar cukai dan sayang kan negara kenapa hak di nafikan. Yang berbeza dalah fahaman dan nombor saja. Tapi yang belum memerintah di panggil pembangkang. Ini salah nya penggunaan perkataan. Begitu juga dengan British yang celaka, sudah memerintah, kekayaan negara di angkut ke England. Siapa menentang di label pengkhianat dan penganas. Kita perlu berfikir di luar kotak jangan minda kita tetap dijajah, badan saja merdeka.

Akhir nya masyarat keliru dan pening, apakah buku di tulis oleh warisan johor tiada fakta sejarah dan salah tulis?. Entah lah tak faham, dimana kebenaran nya.Apakah kita berada di takat " intelectual dumb but politically smart", mana letak nya como sense kita?.

Melayu Keliru.

justicenequality 4 September 2011 at 16:38  

History is always written by the Victors.

One man meat is another man poison.

So who is Right and who is Wrong?

Anonymous,  4 September 2011 at 16:39  

Dato Sak
there seems no end to the halfbaked statements from u-turnsan, and trigger happy politicians.
How about this truth, and can they deal with the truth - Hang Tuah and Jebat were Chinese pirates, and that Tuah was eventually caught, brought back to China and beheaded by Admiral Cheng Ho.
Will u-turnsan follow this up and deperpetuate the myth in our history books of these two supposedly "Malay" warriors. Even our history books have led us astray by romanticising these 2 pirates.
What is Mat Sabu's crime? To bring another perspective to the Bukit Kepong incident. Nothing wrong with that.

[O] X 4 September 2011 at 18:47  

Terimakasih kerana mezahirkan apa yang secara jasmaniahnya amat nyata.
Barlah saya berupaya melihat isu yang Dato paparkan dengan penglihatan yang amat jelas.

bruno,  4 September 2011 at 21:26  

Dato,Umno is a party which is slowly drowning and sinking faster than anybody would have thought.It has brought kindergarden stuff and non issues,to try and made it look like Mount Everest is soon to be an erupting volcano.But what it doesn't know is that has Mount Everest ever spout larva in the first place.

Umno is bankrupt of ideals and principles,and in the process of capitalising on non issues,has been shooting themselves in the foot.It has shown that it is in a desperation stage and hanging by a thread.Instead of harping on non issues they should have concentrated on what they have achieved this last 54 years.

They cannot talk and boast about what they have done this last 54 years,is because this last 30 years,they have been robbing the people's bank leaving it almost empty.Just look at the nation's debt versus the almost depleted natural resources.In the process of looting the nation's coffers,Umno has caused the stagnation of the nation's progress from developing nation to developed nation status by 25 years.

Umno and it's thieving partners in crime,Mca,Mic and Gerakan have let the country and Malaysians down big time because of their greed.
Not only that,Umno as the big 'taiko' has also left the majority of the poorer Malays struggling along the way,because they also looted the funds set aside for them in the NEP.

Anonymous,  4 September 2011 at 22:04  

does it matter who is right or wrong in history when today, UMNO is pilfering and plundering Malaysia to enrich its leaders and cronies. But of course, it doesn't matter that the rakyat is being stripped naked and forced into the streets. What matters is anyone which any little link to komunis is evil and should be punished!

Such Melayu mentality, no wonder we are still in the backwaters and people are laughing at us.

Anonymous,  4 September 2011 at 22:27  

ahli umno temerloh,

your Berita Harian painted Mat Indera as a heroic freedom fighter some time in 2010. So, Mat Sabu is wrong and will have to be crucified for suggesting that UMNO is not the monopolistic party in the struggle for independence while its perfectly alrite if some UMNO mouthpiece can write whatever as it pleases its master?

Anonymous,  4 September 2011 at 22:47  

Yayasan Warisan Johor iktiraf Mat Indera

Saya tidak perlu membuat rujukan daripada pelbagai sumber untuk membuat pendirian bahawa Mat Indera ialah seorang pejuang kemerdekaan, seperti yang disebutkan oleh Mat Sabu. Saya hanya merujuk kepada buku biografi Pengukir Nama Johor yang diterbitkan oleh Yayasan Warisan Johor pada tahun 2004. Di dalam buku ini terdapat 22 biografi ringkas tokoh-tokoh ternama Johor dan salah seorang daripadanya ialah Mat Indera sendiri. Jangan tak percaya, Yayasan Warisan Johor meletakkan nama Mat Indera sebaris dengan Almarhum Sultan Ismail dan Tun Sulaiman Ninam Shah, bekas pengerusi tetap UMNO. Malah foto Mat Indera juga menjadi sebahagian daripada kulit hadapan buku ini. Buku ini adalah hasil karya pelbagai penulis, tetapi biografi Mat Indera ditulis oleh Ismail Adnan, bekas guru kanan yang pernah menjadi Timbalan Pengarah, Institut Kepimpinan dan Latihan Semangat Dato' Onn. Buku ini juga telah disunting oleh Profesor Datuk Abu Bakar A. Hamid, bekas Profesor di Jabatan Pengajian Media, Universiti Malaya dan Md Ismail Zamzam, Tokoh Guru Berjasa Johor 2002. Prakata buku ini pula ialah daripada Menteri Besar Johor sendiri, Dato' Abdul Ghani Othman. Pendek kata, penerbitan buku ini mendapat restu kerajaan Johor. Nah, saya tak pasti adakah selepas ini nama-nama ini pula akan dilabelkan sebagai pengkhianat tetapi merekalah yang bertanggungjawab mengangkat ketokohan Mat Indera sebagai pejuang kemerdekaan.

Siapa Mat Indera

Mat Indera, atau Ahmad bin Indera lahir di Kampung Gombak, Peserai, Batu Pahat, Johor pada tahun 1920. Beliau pernah bertugas sebagai guru agama di Parit Setongkat, Muar pada tahun 1937. Diceritakan juga Mat Indera pernah berguru dengan Haji Yassin, ayah kepada Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yang menggesa Mat Sabu supaya bertaqwa baru-baru ini. Di dalam peperiksaan Darjah Khas untuk guru-guru agama, Mat Indera pernah menerima anugerah butang perak daripada kerajaan Johor di atas kecemerlangannya di dalam peperiksaan tersebut. Selepas lulus peperiksaan Darjah Khas, beliau bertugas di Sekolah Agama Bandar Pontian sebagai guru agama.


Anonymous,  4 September 2011 at 23:07  

I believe, students and 'educated' Malays, will start looking into their history books. They will do their research and ultimately find the truth.
The truth will damn UMNO and set Mat Sabu free.

Meanwhile, we will allow Utusan and UMNO to pluck history from the air.

faDz Lee 5 September 2011 at 02:57  

Un-united Malays National Organization (UMNO);
Definitions : a group of racists & opportunists politicians that will does,says & creates almost anything unthinkable & unacceptable to the logical minds of rakyat Malaysia,in order to maintaining the power that were given to them by the rakyat (AFTER MANIPULATION) via so called `fair election',so they can greedily continue robbing from the rakyat which GOV denied their equal rights,greeted with teargas & water cannon,told only the UMNO version of history,the same rakyat who elected them (AFTER MANIPULATION) at the 1st place.Irony huh?..

Anonymous,  5 September 2011 at 08:01  

Kisah melayu bunuh melayu dah banyak kali berlaku dalam sejarah. Sape jadi hero dan sape jadi samseng bergantung kepada siapa yg memerintah

Orang Seremban 5 September 2011 at 09:37  

Dato Sak,

Utusan Malaysia telah berjaya membuat rakyat Malaysia bangun mencari fakta sebenar Sejarah Mencari Kemerdekaan Malaysia,sebelum ni mereka di sogok dengan sejarah yang dinukilkan dari kacamata pemerintah saja.Kesian apa yang diharapkan jadi lain,tahniah kepada Mat Sabu yang telah membaca sejarah dari perspektif orang yang tak berkepentingan.

meorusa,  5 September 2011 at 13:52  

"So, why should those who defended the police station at Bukit Kepong be treated differently when Mat Indera attacked the station?"

you blew it this time....

it is just like saying why we should treat the muslim that got blown to pieces in 9-11 different then muslim that carried it out.
One group will not stop at anything.
If you want to call them lunatics patriots ...i agreed.

RK,  12 September 2011 at 00:33  

Why big fuss about Sabu. PAS and Pakatan always like debate. So, organised a debate between Historians and Sabu and konco. Allow all media to attend and do it live.

Iskandar,  15 September 2011 at 08:11  


"The British adviser forced the Sultan of Kelantan to declare Tuk Jangut as a rebel and his actions treasonable. ..."...100 years little things have changed..just replace the word "British" with UMNO and you have a story which could have happened this year..or maybe will happen next week.

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