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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 28 September 2011

The doktor supports corporate welfarism

Screw the professor who said this country was never colonized. Screw too the elder statesman who said, technically this country was never colonized, yet in fact it was. This was the same statesman who pontificate us for many years during the UMNO GA, that we have been colonized for over 400 years. Altogether now people- tiuuu kau!

Well now, I can have some fun too at the verbal gymnastics game. Technically UMNO was the running dog of British imperialism, but in fact it wasn’t. In fact it was a nationalist party. Technically, all the other leftist political parties then were freedom fighting organizations, but in fact they were terrorists. Bahaman, Mat Kilau, Tok Gajah, Tok Janggut,Tokku Paloh were technically true nationalists  but in fact they were common rogues.

That, my friends are UMNO arguments especially when you catch them in a bind and when they are caught with their pants down cupping their balls. Technically we can have many versions of history, but in fact, the only history is how the victors defined it to be.

When Dr Mahathir came out with his memoirs, I wrote a number of critical essays. I was widely criticized for those articles with one blogger saying the articles were unfortunate writings written by one blogger whom he respects. That respect is much valued- but we are recipient for such homage for as long as the giver is pleased with us. It’s no skin of my nose, if that respect is rescinded.  You take back what you can give. No big deal.

I didn’t answer his critical assessment of my article believing that perhaps he may have some valid points. We can’t change our basic beliefs. He holds on to his, I to mine. Many people believe Doctor Mahathir was our messiah- after all I said he can walk on water. But there are also many people (maybe not as many as the first group) who think technically Dr Mahathir is a farce. I happen to think he is. So we live by our basic beliefs.

Furthermore I think, time is on my side as the Rolling Stones song say- I have only written on the basis of Dr Mahathir’s first 3 chapters. Since he has written 62 chapters, I can respond with 59 other essays each corresponding to his remaining chapters. Time is on my side brother. They will be written up till the next GE.  I have this belief that Dr Mahathir was never pro Malay businessmen and businesses. I will develop that theme in the coming months.

At one time Dr Mahathir was regarded to have socialist tendencies. So many years ago, when comrade Kassim Ahmad then the leader of scientific PSRM expressed his satisfaction about socialistic tendencies in UMNO, Dr Mahathir challenged Kassim to show where. Kassim responded by asking Dr Mahathir to look for them, himself. Mahathir then was DPM.

Dr Mahathir was right and kassim was sadly wrong. Dr Mahathir has never been a socialist. That was why he was livid with comrade kassim. He has always been the petty trader and the merchant mentality sticks onto him every second of the day. That’s when the trouble begins for our market economy.

Since then, the country and Dr Mahathir have moved farther to the right of free market economics. The threat to our market economy doesn’t come from socialistic tendencies; Dr Mahathir made sure of that. Joseph Stiglitz in his preface of Schumpeter’s Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy cited the very threat- from the right wingers such as Dr Mahathir, who is the unashamed champion of a certain species of welfarism. It started since Dr Mahathir’s time- the economics of statism evolving into corporate welfarism. Under this version of welfare, the power of the state is used to protect the rich and powerful rather than the poor and the society in general. Dr Mahathir is now the spokesman of welfarism. But its welfarism of a different kind- its corporate welfarism.

So I am not surprised when Dr Mahathir came out in support of Air Asia gobbling up MAS. He detests MAS alluding to its stinking management. But there is an endgame to Mahathir’s shifting of the goal psost. Next month, he will say he’s fed-up of stodgy and limbering PETRONAS. So he will say he supports Kencana-Sapura the new evil axis that will eat up PETRONAS. How? All new fields will be declared marginal fields and Mahathir will no doubt support a bill and law to give a monopoly over marginal fields to Sapura and Kencana.

Come on, if its management being the problem, one doesn’t invite your competitor to sit on board and manage your business. On what basis do you confine your selection as manager, the owner of a rival but different modeled business entity? Sudahlah Doktor M.  why don’t we bring in the man or persons running EMIRATES who operate on a similar business model like MAS?

The real Mahathir is emerging. Dr Mahathir looks out for the welfare of the corporate world- the big businesses, the crony capitalists. He wants to ensure subsidies go to IPPs, juiciest of deals go to highway toll operators, big business continue to get bigger businesses. He will support the Gamuda-isation of Malaysia. Yes sirree folks- Mahathir is the champion of corporate welfarism.

Dr Mahathir continues to be the embodiment of contradictions. He moves from one extreme to another without being burdened with the feelings of guilt. He is generally seen as the man responsible for breeding the culture of corruption, yet he can also be the spokesman for a clean government. Ex ministers who listened to his solemn intonation that the government is corrupt from the top to bottom, could have puked all over the place in one of those gatherings of ex ministers.

He quits UMNO when he thinks UMNO is rotten to the core. Each level of the UMNO leadership is corrupt he says. That would include PM Najib. He said this at one of those social gatherings of ex ministers. When UMNO was led by Pak Lah, he left UMNO.  Dr Mahathir wants to have his cake and eats it- all the time. Therefore the world is how he defines it.

MAS was good once and it will always be a national asset. Ownership over MAS must always be with the government because of its strategic and other symbolic reasons. For a number of years, MAS was the benchmark for golden services. But that soon changed, when Mahathir implemented his next step towards corporate welfarism.

He was instrumental in handing MAS over to Tajuddin Ramli. But beyond just handing out a good business to a private businessman, what is the principle involved here? The public piece  or portion of business is injected with an important element of a private business model leading inevitably to clash of interest. That was why, MAS kargo which was supposed to be part of the public business of MAS, was converted by Tajuddin into a private business because of the enormous profit potential.

Now, we are temporarily blinded by the wunderkind Tony Fernandez who ran a music business originally. Everyone including Mahathir, the merchant believe that one asset of skills suitable for a different business model; can be applied with any loss in efficacy on a public business.

Just as in the UMNO lead government, Dr Mahathir thinks every level of MAS is infested with vested interest and various schemes to milk the cow. Everyone is quick to attribute whole and complete blame to Tajudin. Tajudin couldn’t steer MAS out of losses. What was Tajudin’s biggest mistake? It was to make the private business interests bigger that public portion of the business. Mas kargo for example could have become an important revenue earner for MAS but for Tajudin’s rapacious business appetite, it was made his private business portion. That happens when ownership is mixed up with the management of the business.

The same potentially destructive principle is allowed to operate in MAS with the AA-MAS deal.  Of course Dr Mahathir is fed up with MAS. Its fits into his overall plan. Next he says he is fed-up with PETRONAS. That will pave the way for Kencana and the Sapura group to invade the hunting ground of PETRONAS. All fields will be marginal oil fields where only the Kencana-Sapura axis can exploit.


Anonymous,  28 September 2011 at 22:03  

Salam Dato',
Well argued case... difficult to counter your arguments la... BUT, as they say, arm-chair anything, marketing (which is my field) & economics (yours?) included, is just that... theoretical, conceptual... academics... far removed from the world of reality, i.e. that of practitioners & leaders. So, unfortunately while your argument is "conceptually" sound, it is only one zillionth of the REAL thing... as we say, cakap/critique tu senang (talk is indeed cheap!), nak buat tu tak tentu senang lagi kan? Also, don't be so cocky that you have time on your side to argue things with TDM... well he might be 85(?) and you are 50+(?), BUT life & death are not linear kan? One will never know when one's time will come kan? So... relax la Dato', keep cool, masing2 kena jawab di padang mashar nanti. That said, please keep your great work coming... at least baca your postings keep the grey matter excited lah...


GEORGE CHOO,  28 September 2011 at 22:47  

Dear Sak, do you know what is the Orang Tua biggest regret?
Old Man biggest regret is THAT he RESIGNED as the PM of Malaysia.

Honestly,I believed you are over critical of Tony having a stake in "Mesti ada salah" MAS.

In the 1995,I was a shareholder of MAS and at one of its AGM that I attended,I have an argument with the board of directors especially the MD Aziz Rahman over why MAS always sell and lease back the SAME aircraft in order to cover the operating loss by the gain in sale of aircraft.
Subsequently,I found out that this exercise is to siphon money out of MAS by Umno THROUGH THE BOARD.
That is why every year we got to BAIL OUT MAS.
Currently,the govt is BANKRUPT and they is not much money to be sucked by Umno.The only place for UMNO to suck is our cherry tree Petronas.The JV between Kencana and Sapura is for this purpose.
This is what exactly is happening in the deal betwwen Sime and E&O.
Remember you were very critical of the deal between UEM and Sunrise which is another money siphoning project to shore up the war chest of UMNO.
As long as Umno is in power,PETRONAS will be the next PERTAMINA.
Talent Corp CEO Merican is right to say that Malaysia have the natural resources,the human talent and intelligent together with the stability and harmony in the country. This alone should make MALAYSIA A TOP 5 COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.
We are NOT A TOP 5 COUNTRY because we have a CANCER IN MALAYSIA.
That CANCER is your party UMNO.
In order for Malaysia to progress for the good of the next generation of all races,WE MUST REMOVE THIS CANCER CALLED UMNO and I sincerely hope that your party will "BUNGKUS" IN THE NEXT ELECTION.

Anonymous,  28 September 2011 at 23:27  

Bagus tuan tulis ni, tun m, tum dol n ds najib sama saja, cutting up the cake among themselves and thier cronies at the expense of strategic national assets be it in petronas, tnb, pnbs, mas banyak lagi aset milik rakyat dah dilenyapkan tukar ke private interests or foreign interests. habis hak bumiputra dihakisnya...

Quiet Despair,  28 September 2011 at 23:46  

Aik, dah anti-Mahathir pulak, my dear Sak. What happen bro?
Like me, I thought he is your idol.
Suddenly you are calling him a farce, a bundle of contradictions and haha tiunama.
I do agree on some of your grouses against him especially on the corporate welfarism.
You are spot on with regard to his supporting Sapura - Kencana over Petronas. Of course he is for the former since it's owned by his son Mokhzani and his blue-eyed boy Sharil Shamsuddin who is also his neighbor.
Tajuddin Ramli was his blue-eyed boy but out of favor after the MAS fiasco. So he is now with wunderkind TF who he sees as MAS savior.
It's not contradiction, Its not senility by a long stretch. He sengaja buat lupa.
He's not a farce. Mahathir is being true to himself. He loves people who are above the rest, brave, innovative and ahead of the pack.In short, he loves a winner.
Was once regarded as a socialist which explains his fondness for Samad Ismail and Abdullah Majid etc.
But now as it is the fashion for corporate elitism, he gyrates to that field.
Mahathir is a man for all seasons. Someone who is never out of date. Always in tune with the times.
Whatever you said about him, Mahathir is like America. When he sneezes everyone catches a cold.
And Najib is well-aware of it. The old man gives him the jitters.
He never fails to honor Mahathir and invited him to grace most functions.
And Najib got the kindness he expected from him. He wasn't critical of him as he did towards Abdullah.
And only he can leave and come back to UMNO. He can do anything at his whim and fancy and who dares to shut him up.
Never a flip-flop, wish-washy, ambivalent and Mr trying to please. He will never think of abolishing the ISA or to remove the DEB as what Najib is doing now.
The recent quarrel on Hudud law between the PKR leaders are because of his challenge to Nik Aziz to implement the Hudud Law in Kelantan.
As long as he lives, we will be lectured to and Najib and UMNO will kow-tow to him.
Please accept that Sak.No point trying to silence him.
You said time is on your side. Do you mean you will live longer than him? Going by mortality rate, of course you may.
But if it's your political longevity and survival in UMNO, you won't. (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). But he will.

Anonymous,  28 September 2011 at 23:47  

Someone has raised the possibility of TF being the front for AK. This theory is given credence by two further developments: first, the appointment of the CEO of Astro as MAS Director and second, the apointment of Wan Azmi as MAS Director. The link to AK is obvious in the case of the Astro CEO while in the case of the latter, the link was established some time ago via the acquisition of Bumi Armada by AK from Wan Azmi. So now AK has four nominees on the MA Board which is significant enough to exercise control of the MAS Board. Considering the relationship of AK to Mahathir, this theory is not far fetched now that Mahathir has given his endorsement of the MAS-AA deal.

bruno,  29 September 2011 at 00:04  

Dato,who put Tajuddin Ramli in charge of MAS in the first place.Everybody knows that it was Dr Mahathir.When Tajuddin ran MAS to the ground,the excuse Dr Mahathir gave to get rid of Tajuddin was to buy back all his shares.And at an inflated price too,making Tajuddin an instant billionaire overnight.

Then when everybody was screaming for Tajuddin's hide,Dr Mahathir was as usual acting as the holy man.When the GLC's were crying for their money back,all Tajuddin did was pretend to be deaf.When the GLC's wanted to take him to court,he said that he was representing somebody else.In other words Tajuddin was saying that he was a front for some very powerful politician.

nick 29 September 2011 at 07:57  


If I read you correctly, you are plainly telling us that the problem with Malaysia is not the culture, not the people and especially not the Malays BUT it's Mahathir and his creation "The Genie named UMNO Baru whose sole task is to provide the greedy cronies and big (political family and friend owned) with anything and everything they wish for including selling this country!

Finally, you have awaken, Dato'! The real problem is not The MAS-AA deal or Sapure-Kencana Joint vulturing (JV) or even the Sime-EO "untung atas angin" right hand shakes the left deal! The problem was and is Mahathir and his band of privateers who are in league with those in the corridor of power. Mahathir is not a believer of corporate welfarism however! I beg to differ! Mahathir is a believer of his and his crony's welfarism, period. And that is why he walked out of UMNO B during AAB time and that's why he created the bully orgy "PERKASA" during Najib's time. His aim and that aim never waver and that's of protecting his crony and his alone. NOT those corporate figures close to AAB and not those close to Najib. Mahathir however are increasing having difficulties in protecting his cronies now that he is out of power. Mahathir problem of protecting his cronies stemmed from the fact that other UMNO leaders have their cronies too and everyone are trying their best in protecting their golden goose thus now, we have everyone of those powerful but corrupt politician competing with each other in looting, robbing and outmaneuver each other.

That's what happening to us right now and that's why we are having all these ridiculous and insane corporate maneuver and back door deals. Malaysia is doom until and unless UMNO and Mahathir's legacy is wiped out. That is the fact and the absolute truth and no amount of spinning by UMNO paid bloggers could longer hides the facts and truth!


Anonymous,  29 September 2011 at 08:06  

anom 22;03 is a hand kutok another hand puji pak sak , be real and objective laa, acesse what pak sak says and verify , dont just give a generalise judgement, say what you think about pak sak comments on tun mahathir....for god sake....

Anonymous,  29 September 2011 at 08:07  

tun mahathir represents all ithe ills in malaysia....why no body realise this and allows him to do all this for so long ....bodoh sangat kah orang malaysia nii...

Anonymous,  29 September 2011 at 08:09  

please dont let petronas becomes like mas , sime darby , felda, and the rest of glc's .....habis masa depan negara.....

Antara Dua Gampang 29 September 2011 at 08:42  

Tony has it all. Ananda has it all. Gnanalingam has it all. Something wrong with our system.

Melayu Baru,  29 September 2011 at 10:15  

Assalamualaikum Dato' Sak,

"All new fields will be declared marginal fields and Mahathir will no doubt support a bill and law to give a monopoly over marginal fields to Sapura and Kencana"

I cant tell you the whole deal as I am close to some of the players that is vying for marginal field - but suffice to say that it will not be Petrofac/Kencana/Sapura - but other corporate entities.

All the same, though - they are all proxies. Deals were agreed beforehand, and all the discussions that is going on in Petronas with regard to marginal field now is just to give an illusion that due process is followed.

It has all been decided, folks!

Again - bend over, grease up. Enjoy the screwing!

Melayu Baru

OneMalaysian,  29 September 2011 at 10:43  

Dear Sakmongkol

“The real Mahathir is emerging”.

Well, many of Mahathir’s erstwhile admirers are beginning to see the man for what he truly is. For those who were never enamoured of him, they are not surprised one bit by his current antics. Take this “corporate welfarism” a.k.a cronyism that you are talking about. Mahathir started all this. We know all the names – it is always the same names that get all the big opportunities without tenders. Now Najib has conveniently copied the same model starting with the mother of all projects the RM45 billion MRT project, with the same carry over cronies – Gamuda and MMC. And there is this Sapura-Kencana “little Petronas” to come. It won’t surprise many especially when we discover that Dr M’s son is a co-owner of this outfit.

This corporate welfarism is an ill-disguised form of corruption at a very high level with large sums involved. There is a quid pro quo involved. These cronies are big party supporters of UMNO (some say nominees), but you won’t see it in UMNO’s official accounts. Large sums are stacked away to ensure the BN stays in power. Of course such culture affects the whole of UMNO. So there is no surprise that Mahathir says UMNO is totally corrupt. But he did nothing when he was PM and UMNO president. He started this culture, closed an eye to it, and now criticizes it. That’s Mahathir.

Both Mahathir and LKY refused to go away when they left office. In LKY’s case it is because he is trying to help his successors do a better job (that’s what he says). In Mahathir’s case, he cannot stop commenting because he thinks his successors are doing all the wrong things. To him, only he can do the right things. Politicians should learn to shut up when they retire from office.

Anonymous,  29 September 2011 at 11:58  

So, Dato, is it because you didn't get any piece of the cheese from Dr. M that you are so pissed off with him now?

After all, you are UMNO and even stood for election in the past.

Anonymous,  29 September 2011 at 12:17  

Antara Dua Gampang,
TF, AK, Tan Sri G have it all is bcos they are smart people. Dont be jealous of what they have. But lets find out how they've actually amassed it. If being close to Tun or the PM is one of the way to have it, then do it.

Tok Janggut.

Red Alfa 29 September 2011 at 12:31  

Salam Dato'

Yes, the doktor supports corporate welfarism his way.

Mid term of his 22 year rule I think he was asked and the answer was true to the trademark logic of his: help a select few Malay become millionaires and every Malay will be proud and happy for the Bangsa Melayu.

It has been too late but now finally we can disagree.

Donplaypuks® 29 September 2011 at 14:39  

"Dato,who put Tajuddin Ramli in charge of MAS in the first place. Everybody knows that it was Dr Mahathir."

Don't forget that TR was Daim's business partner in Raleigh Cycle Bhd (refer pg.186 'Daim - The Man Behind the Enigma' by MS Cheong and Adibah Amin).

So, don't discount the fact that Daim must have exerted considerable pressure on Maha Firaun to alow TR to do an Ali Baba on MAS.

That would also explain why Daim forced through the re-nationalisation of MAS at RM8 per share when the KLSE quoted price was below RM4 - to bail out a CRONY and UMNO!!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  29 September 2011 at 14:47  


Nothing more needs to be written about Mahathir as you have correctly, specifically and adequately identified him as a FARCE (I would have preferred if you identified him as a FAKE). This FARCE (or FAKE) embodies the diseases permeating in the government and the country. And the sad truth is he is not only allowed to get away with it, he is given the green light to make things even worse. This FARCE/FAKE is not immortal and he will have to answer for all his sins and crimes committed when he meets his Maker. We hope that he will not have a smooth passage to meet his Maker.

Anonymous,  29 September 2011 at 18:44  


you saying this sak guy was mahathir's admirer?? please check your fact. he has been lambasting mahathir ever since KJ paid him to do so!!!

Anonymous,  29 September 2011 at 20:14  

I think everyone is waiting for the final scene, the old man to draw his last breath.
Dont want to be cruel, but that's what is happening. Time is no longer on his side, because as the saying goes, man may propose, God disposes.
His fatal flaw or fallacy, because almost everyone kowtows to him, is that he thinks he is God. When he is no longer here with us, then each will look at the other and say, what a great con the old man was playing! What did we do to deserve this? Well, people, you are your own victim by choosing to open your house to the destroyer.

Anonymous,  29 September 2011 at 21:16  


Your analysis can be summarised into the fact that Mahathir is an evil person. He is the light version of Adolf Hitler.

Donplaypuks® 29 September 2011 at 21:35  

You are too kind and diplomatic where Maha Firaun is concerned.

It's not Corporate Welfarism. In plain language, it's economic looting and crime against the Rakyat and nation.

As for Petronas2, Sapura, Kencana and the manipulating hands of one Omar Ong, I have already commented in your last blog about this dubious definition of "Marginal Oilfield."

This is a sure sign that the economic looting of Petronas is firmly in progress; it's happening right under our noses even as we live and breathe!

And it's the usual suspects who are lining their pockets at the Rakyat's and nation's expense - Maha Firaun Dynasty, Rosemajib and Bumno!!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  29 September 2011 at 22:52  

the mamak gave air asia from hicom to tony for najib and brother giving mas to tony also on a discount...its called the pasar malam economics...

walla 30 September 2011 at 01:27  

DPP may have a point there.

Over in Indonesia, one of the reasons some of their energy people gave for why Pertamina had tanked so fast, apart from its lax nego-skills with the foreign oil companies, was the fudging of exploration finds.

Oil was found but reported as not found whereupon siphoned. One reckons this couldn't have been on a large scale - you can't hide a major oil rig - but on many smaller scales the leakage could have amounted to some sizable revenue lost to the maritime black market.

So, audit was amiss. And in the case of black holes like our Petronas which reports only to the PM's department, we're not even sure what's the bottom-line on reserves and revenues care of direct-offer procurements and far-fetched offshore investments.

One must note this is the same dept which had fouled the rakyat big-time on the toll and IPP contracts. Its govt has admitted as much recently. Both toll and IPP players are notable Umno cronies.

Just a look at the traffic volume of the Shah Alam, Sg Besi, Puchong and Penchala toll gates alone would tear your guts out on the money made out of the poor rakyat long past multiple recoveries of capital invested.

What we are seeing across all the Umno-run projects including the defense contracts is the metamorphosis of Umno's rationale for its corporate welfarism.

It had started as some struggle for our Malay tribe fed on a diet of hijacked history.

Then greed and ambition took over to next carve out an Umno club of the well-heeled and super-connected.

Today that has become some pally syndicate ethnocentric around specific networks of proxies and adjutants.

This tribe-to-club-to-syndicate octopus is the source of the biggest, longest standing, megabillion ripoff in Malaysia.

And bank negara spends money to sms you to be careful of scams. Pales by comparison, don't you think so?

Meanwhile there's been no shortage of vacuous-minded supporters to fan that man's brand of racism and the malay-first mentality of his rightist gang.

In short, the hidden personal interests embedded in Umno's corporate welfarism sold as defending Umno to defend our Malay race has instead brought about the munafiqation of our Malays.

It has also planted a thorn deep in the neck of our nation, driving a wedge between our peoples and preventing all checks-and-balances from coming together which would have provided the natural audit of projects and processes which would in turn have made our national development faster, more flawless and, while at it, more richly frugal.

Instead, and in reality, sloth, delusion and waste by the present government pepper your reading between the headlines everyday....

walla 30 September 2011 at 01:27  


It remains to say the same herr doktor has come out to kiss the AA>MAS deal, embellishing it with a dry and mordant dismissal of MAS.

One wonders if he was still the PM and TR was still the CEO of MAS, would he be so fast on the draw to censure the MAS management?

You can search the encyclopedia britannica for one word of criticism, one finger of action against MAS when he was PM. He did say it has never done well. Doesn't that mean it was already not doing well during his time?

So that all can ask now that he has censured MAS for its performance, would he be ready to next censure Proton of which he has been the driving force and advisor, especially when its Tg Malim plant is only on 52 percent capacity, the Lotus investment is returning negative cashflow, and our national carmaker seems to be having only one saving grace left - to become a Mitsubishi satellite disguised as cooperating hybrid?

How will this good panel doktor answer if all the millions of car-owners were to ask him why should they and the national treasury subsidize directly and indirectly a particular foreign brand of car product over and above all the others?

While at it, ask him why was he mums about Naza when he was PM?

Because all this is happening, one can therefore say it is ridiculous to use state and rakyat money to pay foreign concerns so that they can earn profits just for employing locals. And then next come out to say more incentives should be given to locals as enough has already been given to foreigners.

What a morass of mess.

Next, if a government can admit it doesn't know best, it must thus be ready to reveal its mistakes.

If the ISA is really(?) going to be limited, so too the circumscription of the OSA. If the ISA is to be restricted to terrorists, so too the OSA needs only be restricted to specific items in the manner of some of the scandinavian countries.

It is spearing the rakyat to be embargoed from knowing why they are being charged high costs by politically connected privateers profiting from/with a government that was supposed to serve the rakyat fully and wholeheartedly.

It's not just a farce. It has become a mockery of democracy and good governance. Some will add - an intransigence against Higher Orders.

bruno,  30 September 2011 at 05:02  

Dato,after twenty two years as PM,Dr Mahathir just doesn't know how to enjoy his retirement.He should know since he is a doctor by profession,not to dig up old wounds,especially MAS.MAS is now a crippled wounded animal,worth the price of damaged goods,all caused by Dr Mahathir's meddling.

Dr Mahathir should spend his retirement around his family and grand children,and keep his mouth quite,and out of the public's sight.Instead he wanted to let it be known that he is still around.He wanted to remind Malaysians that he is still the man,especially Najib,Muhyidin and Hishamuddin.

He knows that he is still one of the most richest and powerful man in Malaysia.At times he made noises just as a reminder to Najib,Muhyiddin and Hishamuddin that he is still the boss.He wants to let them know that when he snaps his fingers,he expect them to come running.And when he screams he expect them to tremble and wet their pants.

Anonymous,  30 September 2011 at 09:19  

Oh, yes Sak, were or are you paid by KJ as inferred to by Anon 18:44 ? You don't have to answer if you don't want to.


Fairplay76,  30 September 2011 at 09:46  

"Oil was found but reported as not found whereupon siphoned. One reckons this couldn't have been on a large scale - you can't hide a major oil rig...." Walla -30 September 2011 01:27

Remember the scandal years ago about ESSO allegedly under-declaring the number of barrels siphoned out - was it during Friday prayer time? I was unable to follow through the subsequent story. So as Walla said leakages through smaller production rigs and sold on the black market could amount to a great deal of money. May be this is precisely why a Kencana-Sapura deal is being 'strategised', i.e. there's just too much money to be made and let's make it through legal means to ensure that everything looks and sound above board after all for a relatively small fee all the legal and accounting work could be put in place. The timing is right: the PM is preoccupied with clearing all the skeletons in the cupboard accumulated over the last 30 years, and as if that wasn't enough an over helpful wife is keeping him busy fending off criticisms from all and sundry, some legit, so not. But, this is not to say he has not brought upon himself a whole load of unnecessary baggage for reasons he knows best or, not at all, because true friends come in all guises today.

On the first point that oil found but was not reported at all, Petronas should go to Brunei to learn how they implement 'best practices' regarding exploration and production, and in the process, understand why civil servants and petroleum workers there are a happy, contented and incorrupt lot.

But all said and done, I suspect there exists a sub-group of homo sapiens in our midst who are the greatest practitioners of the art of "Thick Face and Black Heart" - essentially, the ends justifies the means, and this means one shuts out all critiques and condemnation, bury oneself in the sand smiling, and bide one's time.

Soon, when the grand plan of getting the 100 or so bumiputra firms listed in the Exchange, it would be a matter of time before some smart helpful and well-placed bumiputras take some of them private. This has been happening with such ease for a long time: put up a trial balloon using other people's money, give them some cheap thrill for a few years, and when the going is good but crucially when the market takes a temporary dip, pull down the trial balloon, and gobble up everything privately. Just how many big players will remain in the market after a sustained attack by privateers is anyone's guess. Sime-Darby-E&0, MAS-Air Asia, Sapura-Kencana aren't the end of our nightmares.

We are in crisis because most of our so-called leaders from both sides of the political divide,past and present, have led us astray. As a nation we have been regularly and deliberately diminished and humiliated by the deluge of scandals.

Don't wait for the Epilogue. It won't happen anytime soon.

Suci Dalam Debu 30 September 2011 at 14:59  


The Mamak said Melayu mudah lupa. Absolutely correct.

But the internet is beyond race and never lupa, so Malaysians are waking up in greater numbers by the day.

To turn around this country, it is imperative that UMNO loses in the next GE and we have an alternative government. The faster this happens, the better, before they carve out Petronas & our oil fields to distribute amongst themselves. FELDA done, EPF, done, MAS long done, apa lagi?????

Fairplay76,  1 October 2011 at 09:16  


...fending off criticisms from all and sundry, some legit, so not.

Read ....... some legit, some not.

Many thanks

Anonymous,  1 October 2011 at 17:00  

ha2 keralanomics.

Anonymous,  2 October 2011 at 12:46  

DATO, I like what you have written in this article. I have this question to ask. Why was this so called " corporate welfarism " keep repeating itself? To perpetuate for the interest of whom? Sad isn't it?

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