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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 6 September 2011

Nazri beheads MCA and Gerakan.

Now contrast this. A senior UMNO minister has declared that he would fight tooth and nail to ensure Chinese representation in a Barisan Nasional (BN) government even if the MCA or Gerakan fails to secure a single parliamentary seat in the coming polls. 

On the other side, MCA leaders adamant about wanting to stay out of cabinet if they cant make the grade at the polls.  That a threat or an outpouring of hopelessness or a declaration of honor infused selfless act?

Let’s have some fun with this statement. 

(1) It seems UMNO already knows MCA and Gerakan can’t win any seats in the next GE. Wow- that means among other things:- Liow will lose out in Bentong. Chua Soi Lek stands no chance in any of the parliamentary seats in Johor. My friend  YB Pang Tsu Ming in Semambu, Indera Mahkota will have to become an accountant once again. The other MCA rep in Teruntum, YB Chang, will make his exit.

(2) You have been in bed since the Perikatan days, you have not understood the Chinese psyche. They don’t like handouts, brother. Looking after Chinese voters is a cinch compared to looking after non-Chinese. This accounts for the massive losses incurred by MCA. You don’t allow MCA to be their Chinese self.

(3) Even at this juncture- you can’t help but cringe and grimace over his self-conceit- you mean only Gerakan and MCA represent the Chinese voters? But then, Nazri has never been known for his cerebral statements. He’s more of the swashbuckling type- make things up as you go along type. So, we can’t take him seriously on this.

(4) Nazri has inadvertently acknowledged that the Chinese have another party of choice. That will be the DAP. By saying that, you direct Chinese attention and also that of non-Chinese to examine the DAP personality.

(5). Nazri has given a free pass to DAP. Karpal Singh, the DAP chairman will have occasion to say thank you to Nazri instead of the usual barbs and punches he’s fond of giving Nazri.

Those who assailed DAP as being a carbon copy of PAP ignores the fact, that these two parties have lived worlds and time apart. PAP has evolved into an imperial party while the DAP, to its credit retains the image of a no frills carry on ploughing political party.

I have never got myself acquainted on the inner dynamics of how the DAP functions. I was fortunate to be invited to a social gathering during the recent fasting month which the DAP organized. A few personal account observations:-

The first thing that strikes you is the minimalist approach which I think is almost a doctrine in DAP. It’s all business. Here you come to do only political business. No artificial gimmicks. You come dressed simply to work. You have a simple makan, engage in minimal small talks and then adjourned to do what is demanded on the agenda of the day.No singing, no show time by invited artists, no handing out hampers. 

You are quickly made conscious, that this is a party of the serious minded, do work- get results people. What does that tell you? It tells you, this party can sapu all the Chinese votes and if it pragmatically leavens its ethnic image can even entice support from non-Chinese.

My point then is this- Hello brother- the Chinese will have their representatives- the majority in DAP and the rest in PKR.

(6) Also Nazri is assuming, it is the BN which retains power. What if we have a new government? The Chinese can forget MCA because they are going to be vigorously represented by DAP and PKR.

Nazri said that BN would not “punish” the Chinese voters by simply yanking their representatives from Cabinet posts if they refused to vote for the two Chinese-centric component parties.

How do you rate this kind of statement?  It comes from an ingrained and dyed in the wool feudal chief who elevates himself as dispenser of the spoils of war. In other words he is actually saying, - MCA lu tak perlu bikin apa apa, we will fight for you.

Can MCA live without shame and indignity with this kind of partnership? No wonder the Chinese are abandoning MCA because MCA has forgotten how to be a real Chinese. The real Chinese doesn’t go around with bowl in hand asking and begging for political succor. The Chinese earned their keep and it’s a matter of pride – you get something by earning it. 

Obviously Nazri doesn’t understand the Chinese mind.
The best thing the BN leadership can do is to allow MCA to do a political seppuku. It can’t deny MCA to at least own self honor. To live and die honorably must have been in the mind of MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek several months ago when he  said he would pull his party from the government if it performs worse than it did in Election 2008.

Dr Chua first mooted the idea when he urged the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) not to join the Sarawak Cabinet after it only won six of the 19 seats it contested in the April 16 state polls. He later said the MCA would do the same, using the 2008 results as its benchmark. Should MCA fail to win at least 15 parliamentary and 31 state seats, pledged Dr Chua, the party will not accept any Cabinet posts in the next government.

Nazri likened this to a threat to the Chinese community, lamenting that many of his ethnic Chinese friends had approached him with complaints. This is a problem with our ministers. Having been too long in power, they get intoxicated by it and it de-sensitizes them. They don’t understand honor and self-respect. Its honor, not a threat, dear minister.  

It is to the credit then of the MCA leadership which says it will remain firm on its stand to stay out of the Cabinet should the party fare worse than it did in Election 2008. They insist that this was out of respect for the Chinese community and not to “punish” them. 

MCA vice-president Datuk Chor Chee Heung tells that the decision, reached recently by the party’s central committee, showed the humility of the MCA’s leaders and their willingness to accept defeat with grace.  “We are showing respect to the wishes of the voters.
Perhaps, Minister Chor can recommend Nazri read some of the Chinese Classics about self-respect and honor?


Anonymous,  6 September 2011 at 20:22  

Nazri is assuming BN will form the next government and as always, dish out Cabinet posts to losers via the senate.
But what makes him think that BN is going to form the next government.
Instead, Nazri should plan his future when (or if) he becomes an Opposition MP.
Worry about yourself Nazri, not the MCA.

Anonymous,  6 September 2011 at 21:51  

As a Chinese Malaysian, I can assure you that MCA is saying this not out of respect at all but a threat.

The party has no moral, nor courage to stand up for itself. It is only interested in enriching itself at the expense of the people they claim to represent.

I know because I am a Chinese Malaysian.

Anonymous,  6 September 2011 at 22:18  

Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka. Best joke of the year. Honor and self respect in MCA and Gerakan.

The President of MCA knows half the Chinese which are women will never vote for a porno king actor. That's honor and self respect for them. Of the other half, those who are not businessmen will also not vote for MCA. That's because MCA depends on business associations and clans associations for support now and most of it gone since the economic benefits only reach some rich tycoons.

Gerakan is as good as called no balls chinese president party. They should be renamed as Eunuch party. They even look like eunuchs of the Imperial courts many thousand years ago.

So, put any non-chinese from DAP, PKR or PAS in a chinese majority area against any MCA or Gerakan and it's a sure bet, the opposition will still win.

Nazri should instead suggest the idea to MIC since it rings a bell with them and they would be more than happy to accept it since their President is also a back door Minister and sure no problem one with them.

Apasal tak nak cadang pada parti MIC? Rasis ke?

bruno,  6 September 2011 at 23:21  

Dato,it is not only Nazri or Umno that knows that this coming GE, Mca and Gerakan will be brutally punished for being the corrupted running dogs of Umno.Ask any of the leaders of Mca and Gerakan whether they know that they are going to lose big time this coming GE.The answer will definitely be yes.

Just take for example who took the biggest cut of the PKFZ pie.Of course it is Umno.Mca is just a puppet doing the bidding of its master.Or else why do Umno need these good for nothing batang sucking morons.Umno need these morons to be the scrapegoats,for their license to plunder.Then the Umnoputras look like Mother Teresa,while the Mca ministers look like pariah running dogs.

The Chinese don't need 50 ringgit handouts only when an election is coming.They need long term strategies and good planning by their representatives.Fair treatment of religious and educational facilities,the economic pie and employment,and not yesmen or batang sucking morons.

CSL can say that his party will not accept any positions if his candidates get crushed.But after this coming elections,if Mca get decimated,the first thing CSL will do is getting on all fours before Jibby and begging for a position for his son.That is if Umno still maintains the GOM.First CSL is a shameless whore chaser.Secondly,he got his son a position in the cabinet as a reward for ousting OTK as a PKFZ screaming Mca president and TM.

CSL will be better if he just step down as president of Mca and get his son to follow him back to Johore and tend to his aging lovies in his chicken farm.At least there is no shame doing an honest job that he enjoys,which is around two legged ayams.

BlameNobody 6 September 2011 at 23:55  

The underlying truth of the problem is the MCA predicament is caused by none other than UMNO. The latter has pushed & squeezed the Chinese towards a stiff wall since 1957. Of course such action was/is condoned by MCA herself. So she blames nobody.

Quiet Despair,  6 September 2011 at 23:56  

Oh my, here comes Nazri with his wise-cracks again. This fella is a real enigma. Sometimes he's a true-blue Malay. Other times, oh-so democratic, so conciliatory towards the nons.
He may not be serious, just testing the waters. But I want to take him seriously.
This is a public admission that MCA and Gerakan will lose in the coming GE. That UMNO is hoisting the white flag for them. Surrendering before going to war.
I look at it as pre-empting CSL's vow to pull out from the BN if the party fare badly.
Vel will think what about the MIC. No free seat for me like Nazri promised Gerakan and MCA.
Is this an admission that there is no winnable candidates from both the parties that even if they lose they will be in the Cabinet?
What's the point of having winnable candidates who won but not given any cabinet post.
If they win, they deserve to win a Cabinet post.
It does not matter if the ministers are not representative of Gerakan or MCA.
A Cabinet portfolio is to serve all Malaysians and not serving any particular race.
Why reward the losers? You mean we will see many, many more Senators to accomodate the Gerakan and MCA losers.
It is an insult to the members of both parties by implying that it's okay guys, you all contest and man-man lai, you get to be a minister even if you lose.
If I am a Chinese voter who thinks of voting for Gerakan or MCA this time around, I will not vote for them.
I will vote for DAP. I have Chinese as cabinet ministers and Chinese as MP and Adun. Cool.
From tomorrow, there will be a huge uproar over this. And Najib and UMNO will have to do damage control.
What a bad-bad way to pacify the Chinese voters or rather Gerakan and MCA leaders.
Yes, Chinese don't like hand-outs. But they do love to give and expect much more in return. Ten-fold than what they give. Something like the Jews.

P.S. Sak, so when is the announcement that you are joining the DAP? Caught you there, bro.
A sure ticket as Pahang MB if PKR wins.
You will be welcomed like a king especially by the DAP who wants Malay canddates to change ther image of a Chingkie party.
Even foul-mouth, Bazaari style kekampungan or folksy Mat Sabun is wooed by LGE to contest in Bayan Lepas. What more the intelectual Sak, right?

Anonymous,  7 September 2011 at 00:03  

Aiya Boss! Why la you revealed the truth? Now these monkeys will be all over us! Haiya! It's just irritating to receive these monkeys at your door step during election! Just keep quiet la! You just opened a can of worms la! All the worms are coming to us! Yikes!

Malaysian Chinese,  7 September 2011 at 00:10  

No, Datuk Nazri, you will do Malaysian Chinese a great favour instead, if you yanked those MCA and Gerakan representatives from Cabinet posts!!! Do it NOW, please! Don't wait for the next GE.

Those MCA and Gerakan ministers that got their post by the back-door, do not know what is self-respect and honor. They put me to shame!

Datuk Nazri, I will gladly vote for PAS against MCA/Gerakan candidate. I trust the current set of PAS leaders than those eunuch in MCA/Gerakan.

Anonymous,  7 September 2011 at 00:31  

No matter what you said, MCA is a totally hopeless party in the minds of the majority Chinese. Its leaders have no backbone and behave like worms!

Chinaman,  7 September 2011 at 00:49  


You have an uncanny insight into the chinaman psyche. Apek ini respect sama you!! Free punya kita tak mau, talak nampak peluh sama darah mana boleh bangga.

MCA juga apek ma, we support DAP because they stayed the cause the fought for their ideals and through the worst of times stayed their cause. You take away the racial blinkers how can one go wrong with a Malaysia for Malaysians?????.

I am apek, i love my country, its my only home, i love my malay friends and bosses as much as my apek tani kakis and my beef rendang as much as my babi.

And for asking tht elected representatives be held accountable and transparent in their approach to managing the tax payers monies, we are branded racist??

If we feel the heat now, our next generation baik ali, ah chong or ramasamy will be burning.

Ps Apeks todsy will vote PAS over MCA, we hv transcended the racial blinkers, i respect sama u tapi u join parti salah bro.

Baik kita TUKAR!!!!!

Anonymous,  7 September 2011 at 02:40  

For once Nazri is right. What Chua Soil Lick said was a THREAT! He was arrogant & patronising as usual in his manner when he tried to 'talk' to the Chinese. We don like people talking down to us or give us handouts, we prefer those who r polite & sincere, like Nik Aziz. We want equal opportunity, not jobs given at their mercy. That's why MCA is finished, no doubt hastened by the Porno king who was caught with his pants down, & penis exposed!! It's not that we don't want Chinese representation in the govt, but we want honest hard-working MPs representing us. That, u cannot find in MCA... (ah, don even want to talk about gerak...apa-nama??)

Anonymous,  7 September 2011 at 04:41  

I'm Chinese but please don't praise the Chinese too highly about honour, self respect and bla.bla.bla.... Just so that you know, there are many different types of Chinese please do not associate honour and respect with those BN Chinese. Do you remember what Kho Tsu Khoon said when he lost his seat in the last election.....that he would not accept any position through the back door! And Soi Lek, he is a low grade pornstar! That's how respectable some Chinese are!

OneMalaysian,  7 September 2011 at 06:00  

Dear Sakmongkol

I am away from our beloved country and it is very late at night. But I must put in a short note before I go to bed.

You have made an intelligent anaysis of the Chinese situation. More Chinese will vote the opposition. They don't care any more about being in government if it is an Umno-led one. The MCA response to more losses by leaving government is indeed the only honorable way out. They must chill out and regroup and rethink. Umno's thinking of the Chinese political position shows it is out of touch with how the Chinese think.

Anonymous,  7 September 2011 at 07:02  

dearest Dato,you might not know me,but I certaianly know Nazri,that idiot on certain occasion that we met n socialise(his version didn't last long)I know of practicaly most of his antic,his No1 fav is what's in between those sexy legs of variuos female legs,n he just can't get along with me for I am more handsome then him,that's what my wife says,notice his retinue of urglies honchos,yes man,his brains is in that same mode as his current Boss,fucking whenever possible or not possible,laywer or not,the small head dictates,what awaste of his father's money,don't ever trust him ever,Political Prostitute to the Najib

Anonymous,  7 September 2011 at 07:45  

I think if Dato joins DAP it will be for the better. Would transform DAP's image and maybe usher in a new age of politics .

Iskandar,  7 September 2011 at 08:24  

Seriously though Dato', the reality is that the Chinese (ie MCA & Gerakan) have not "really" been in Malaysian politics for many years now. They have just been heavily painted concubines of the Big Brother in BN ( even the boys in UMNO openly refer to them as the old wives ). They sold their pride (along with the rights of their people) a long time ago for a few bucks and titles reducing themselves to glorified "yes men" and "political pimps" to the towkays who sought UMNO patronage all these years.

Anonymous,  7 September 2011 at 08:30  

MCA impending demise in the next GE is all due to the party itself. The are willing to be a eunuch just for their govt positions and for the "one for you and one for me" deals. They have forgotten that they are supposed to represent and fight for the Chinese community. Until now (on the eleventh hour of their political execution)they still do not have the will and courage to take their "bola" out from their fridge and put them back in their proper place. Yes, MCA knows their present predicament is all due to UMNO's actions in antagonizing the Chinese community and also their own fault in keeping quite on major issues affecting their community. Perhaps, the MCA leaders have too many skeletons in their cupboards and too scared to make any squeaking sound with MACC circling over them. They just "hope" that UMNO would stop their racial and religious rhetorics. that In the meantime,they are counting the hour to their oblivion or with some good luck, continue to be a eunuch party and beg for the "soiled" crumbs from UMNO if BN wins the next GE. As a Chinese, I look at them as a "balless (new word?) and spineless party willing to continue hook winking the Chinese and destroy their future - all because of the want to maintain their leaders' govt positions. As the saying goes: "If you know you are impotent (& balless too), why persuade a lady to marry you and destroy her happiness". MCA is exactly like this! As a Chinese, I do not want such a the political sense.

Ramli Mohd Yunus 7 September 2011 at 08:38  

That`s the problem with the UMNO warlords like Nazri..they sing with the rostrum and they talk with minus one!

MCA`s Chua Soi Lek is playing hide and seek game with Chinese voters..and Nazri is trying to bring the cane back..

To the Malays, DAP has been painted black with racial DULUX and the Chinese, PAS has been branded as Talibans and Al that was long before Tuan Guru Nik Aziz visited the Buddhist temples and eat with chopsticks..Lim Guan Eng mentioned the name of Caliph Omar Abdul Aziz and breakfasted with the Muslim..

then the repainting exercise began..and it is nonetheless a tough one because the paints has faded tremendously..and no more paints in store!!!

Anonymous,  7 September 2011 at 08:50  

In old China, they called such people eunuchs. They served the emperors. But first they cut out their testicles and whatever remained of their manhood. Fast tracked to modern days, we have the current bunch of so-called leaders who still think they are eunuchs serving their new emperor called Umno.

Anonymous,  7 September 2011 at 09:06  

“We are showing respect to the wishes of the voters."

We don't need your respect after being a political whore for a pushing pimp. Even your past president said MCA can't admit we are being marginalized. The other Chinese eunuch accepted a back-door post and forgetting what self-respect and honour meant.

Both MCA/Gerakan are an embarrassment and should stop saying they represent the Chinese community.

Anonymous,  7 September 2011 at 10:21  

To me what that pornstar said is a threat and trying to hold the Chinese to ransom. Please tells us, PAS, DAP, PKR, their combined individual talent beat all those from Umno/BN man for man or woman for woman.
Respect and honor for MCA? Makes my toe laugh. Even an Umno cawangan head can screw those MCA ministers upside down, and those ministers would with heads bow either retract their statements or apologised. Give me PAS , DAP and PKR anyday.

Anonymous,  7 September 2011 at 10:26  

MCA dare not say a word or comment
on Nazri???

no balls!!

how to represent chinese

Joanna Edmund,  7 September 2011 at 10:47  

Very well said my brother...the problem is people like nazri who is damn arrogant do not listen to the constructive views of others. It is sad where Malaysia is heading with people like nazri...

Anonymous,  7 September 2011 at 10:55  


You have a good understanding of the Chinese psyche. Its only the despicable ones such as those in MCA and Gerakan that have no shame, honour or pride who would beg for ministerial positions or contracts from their UMNO master.

However you are mistaken that Chua Soi Lek's call to pull MCA out of the BN is an "honourable" gesture by MCA. How can a man who cheats on his wife has any honour? How can a party that elects a cheating husband as its leader has any honour? No siree, Chua Soi Lek's call is a open threat to the Chinese community that they better vote for MCA and Nazri is 100% correct on this point. Chua Soi Lek and his MCA gang knows no such thing as "to live and die honourably". Instead he and his gang is more of the "you die first better than me" philosophy.

Nazri is trying to show that he is championing for Chinese. Who is he trying to fool? Does he thinks the Chinese are ignorant of what's happening? What did Nazri do when his UMNO kakis call the Chinese pendatangs or demand the Chinese to go back to China for speaking up against the discriminatory policies? What did Nazri do when his UMNO kakis threaten the Chinese? He did nothing except to hide his tail between his two legs (and balls) and hide under Najib's legs.

But you are right that Nazri has done the Chinese a great service. He has truly declared that MCA and Gerakan is dead and will be buried dishonourably in the coming elections.

Patrick 7 September 2011 at 11:28  

I think TS Robert Phang's comments on Nazri's statement best encapsulates the comedy of the moment. You are certainly correct in your enlightened view of DAP as well. Historically, if you look at any ethnic diaspora around the world, only 3 races really thrive in any environment; the Jews, the Chinese and the mamaks. They each have their various strengths, but politics was never one of them. Its always commerce. Survival.

Nazri is just being his clownish self, all arogant and patronising from, as you well said, being in intoxicating power too long. And I dont understand the why the media always uses that idiotic picture of him in that homo pose? But that arrogant statement of his has further alienated the chinese from BN. Nazri knows that even he himself will need chinese friends to be friends and also to take care of the back-end businesses for all his govt secured contracts. This goes for all the other ministers as well.

UMNO need chinese, whether in official govt capacity for the votes or in private, personal capacity for business. The chinese really dont give a damn if there is no rep in politics anyway, unless the country is dominant chinese. Nazri fails to see that the chinese adapts like a chameleon to survive. Just look at Indonesia, where only about 3% of 300M population are chinese. In as long as there are chinese, there will be liquor, gambling and chinese movies; 2 of which contributes heavily to our govt coffers. Its their culture.

DAP will be the growing dominant force in Malaysian politics as they are simply dedicated to a cause. Because they are merit based, they also recognise our multi racial makeup and are always tinkering their model to be 'merit-sympathetic' based in the long run. DAP will evolve to a softer version of the PAP that will suit the needs of our nation. As DAP evolves, many able malays (the educated ones) will join the party to strengthen and contribute to its growth and the Malaysian political arena. Its an evolution or work-in-progress, and if Penang is further retained by DAP, LGE will be instrumental in leading the change in Malaysian politics with a modernised PAS contributing the other balancing factor.

Badut Nasional,  7 September 2011 at 11:52  

These pathetic rich scums are EUNUCHS in the 21st century!

Anonymous,  7 September 2011 at 12:01  

if mca is a party of honor n self respect;then what n why the hell the CD king is 'there' at where he is now??for what??out of 1.5 million membership,don't tell me mca is so 'dried-up' to such a dire state that he is such an indispensible??or they were in such a hurry to put a curtain over the PKFZ saga??

Rofans 7 September 2011 at 14:07  

I just want to say that it will not help much Malaysian democratic progress with communal feelings.

Choose a leader who can bring up unity concept. Najib's 1 Malaysia is an excellent example.

Choose your MP or ADUN based on his day to day effort to bring unity. Don't get distracted by political game in national level.

In joint political entity like BN/PR, reminding other partners are normally happening. You might not agree with the way they bring up issues, yet it's a control mechanism for them.

Anyway, I believe that MCA needs more time to prepare the next GE. Gerakan needs to show that they are not only able to be in Penang. They might be able to at least retain their current seats.

Free and Fair Elections,  7 September 2011 at 16:15  


Has it crossed the minds of the BN leadership that perhaps the majority of chinese don't want MCA and Gerakan to represent them because ada/ tak ada perwakilan di kabinet, no difference in reality. When PM says jump, they ask how high? and the more supine ones will say, from which floor of the MACC building?

The majority wants a change in government, period.

But if BN was to remain in power, I would suggest to the non-malay communities that the best party to represent their interest is UMNO itself. Think about it, when you have minority reps, UMNO outsource minority issues to the MCA/ Gerakan/ MIC. And to show that they are jaguh kampungs, they bash up MCA/ Gerakan/ MIC. But if there is no MCA/ Gerakan/ MIC, then UMNO will have to court and win that 30% vote bank. So in each and every mix seat, UMNO must at take at least 10% of this vote otherwise it will have to win more than 80% of malay votes to win the seat. Boleh ke when it's clear that UMNO vs PAS is generally 60/40. Besides, it's not just about racial issues, the issues that the minorities are concerned about - corruption, spiralling prices, law and order, education, job opportunities are the same issues that a significant section of the malay community care about. UMNO stands to lose more than just minority votes but now cannot outsource the problem to MCA/ Gerakan/ MIC.

I've never felt so insulted than when MCA says that if Chinese vote PAS, then we cannot gamble, eat pork or drink liquor anymore. Please - I belief in liberty so people should be free to do all of these as long as they don't do harm to others but these are hardly the priorities of the chinese community. And the choice is false anyway because PAS has shown itself to be pragmatic - whether for real or pretend pretend I don't know but it is nik aziz that defended the rights of christian minority to have bible in malay, and it is the UMNO led government with minority representation that banned it.

Anonymous,  7 September 2011 at 16:27  

Dr Hsu Dar Ren says MCA also means
"Make Chinese Angry"

Witty, to say the least.

Perhaps it can also mean
"Make (the) Concerned Angry"?

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  7 September 2011 at 18:03  

Hohoho, wooohohoho!

Dato, you are sooooo funny. I laughed until tears rolled out of my eyes.


That is sooooooo funneeeee!!!

walla 7 September 2011 at 20:06  

It is hard not to have issue with what Nazri said.

First, the protocol is wrong. Najib as Barisan chairman should be the one saying it, not one of his party's ministers best remembered only for intemperate bravura and nothing else in terms of national contribution.

But Najib has shown even in front of students that he is scared of his deputy.

Doesn’t it therefore mean when Nazri said he would fight tooth and nail for Chinese representation, he was actually hinting there is a deputized gang in Najib's coterie which would be fighting him because they want Umno's chinese partners to be ejected from Barisan?

If so, doesn't that then lend even more weight to what the MCA's OTK had said that the Chinese have been marginalized in a government primarily made of just Umno power-mongers who can only see their entire world as only Umno Malays versus the Chinese Malaysian pendatang's?

Second, and quoting no less an authority than one former Umno president, the Chinese are the major individual tax contributors.

That's revenue to run government services. Services which they have not been receiving much. Which would explain why to fund their vernacular schools they now need to receive a firstlady-ordained deal earning for certain people RM200 million in commissions just to channel pools money for the education of the young.

Isn't that more money again from the same chinese pockets when they have already paid taxes for educational support they will not be receiving from a government run by a party which is supposed to have been an equal partner for the last 54 years?

So what is it that the Umno-run government under Najib has done for the chinese community that is in proportion to their contributions and needs?

Because, looking at the size of some of the Umnoputras' wealth, either directly or by proxy holdings, it is a myth to say the Chinese are relatively rich enough to fend for themselves in a country which is supposed to enshrine a constitution protecting the worth of everyone.

Furthermore, remembering how Najib was youtubed trying to bribe the Sibu folks with their own money needed for flood containment, and then not delivering the funds just because Sibu had gone to the opposition after that speech, can the Chinese in this country be faulted for therefore thinking that Umno and its little napoleons are just a bunch of wax-tongued but hypocritical and cheating bullies working in the background against the non-Malays at every opportunity, and only relenting for show when caught in the cross-lights of public calumny?

walla 7 September 2011 at 20:06  


With such credentials, how can anyone, not just the Chinese, want to tolerate another five years of Umno's sandiwara?

Why should they continue to pay taxes so that Najib and his entourage can continue their overseas kerja sambil rekreasi month after month?

Where's the report card on what has been achieved? Add the report card on what has been achieved by Muhyiddin and his entourage to London during his first winter as MOE. Add his take on what to do next with the PPTSM now that a simple majority of the surveyed rural folks want choice of english for science and maths. Add his list of the Peace Corp teachers from Kentucky; where are they today? Add the results of Rosmah's special minda project (but minus the VAT). Add.....add.... Is Umno a virtuous or a vicious cycle?

However, don't worry if the report cards show dismal grades. Ungku Aziz will lend a hand to press down the passing grades. Maybe that would finally explain a historical first in local academic history why a lecturer when asked to do so for his papers actually stomped on the answer scripts to show his disgust at the order.

If they want to upgrade their competitiveness, South Korea and New Zealand can certainly take a leaf from us.

Thirdly, CSL has offered to withdraw MCA representation in the cabinet if his party under-performs again in the next GE.

That result is a given; what selling points does any party of Barisan, Umno inclusive, have today which can be sold to an anguished populace which now complete distrusts anything the present government is trying to sell?

Now, if the result is a given, then Nazri rolling up his spandex sleeves to say he will be fighting tooth and nail for the MCA will imply that Umno couldn't care a hoot about how the Chinese in this country vote to pick their political leaders. Coming from a law-trained minister, that's too big an insult to be a snafu.

Which comes to the fourth point - it can only mean there will be massive cheating in the next general elections.

Recall how the Umno government had lost no time to try and clamp down on Bersih 2.0. The EC was as complicit in trying to throw cold water on some of the suggestions which showed it had been turning a blind eye in all the past general elections which means the past election results could have been different, even allowing for the loaded injustice of gerrymandering.

Now the gear seems to be reversing. If the suggestions can now be studied beyond their scope, why weren't they before?

Yet it is said the implementation, if any, will be aborted should snap elections be held.

Isn't that just spinning to maintain form in order to deflect the substance of the reform movement for clean, fair and transparent elections for true and accurate results?

Is this what Mahathir meant by bersih cekap dan amanah as embodied in his innate belief that the system is defensible?

walla 7 September 2011 at 20:07  


How can ANY general election be held if the electoral roll, gazetted or otherwise, is found full of glitches which neither the EC nor the NRD has explained to the satisfaction of even the most indifferent voter?

Is there a tutorial prepared for everyone on the election process so that the rakyat can take cognizance of where governance can be subverted? Is there monitoring on the day itself of the EC staff and the movement of the ballot papers in the polling stations?

All the things that happen from today onwards will be just side-shows to the one thing which converges to a climax - the general election. That is why it must be done right. Otherwise there will be hell to pay after. Because right now people don't trust the EC, the NRD and the entire Umno-backed government machinery.

If they can change history, what's so difficult about changing election results?

If Chirac is going to be charged for using government funds to pay his election people, why should Malaysians countenance anything that sniffs of impropriety in their final choice of which government to run this country?

They already suffer enough under the yolk of a government whose ministers still think they must only function by some race-trading game, a notion repudiated as irrelevant today. Furthermore, they have to the last protoplasm delivered zero quality output in a world where everyone else is beating paths to real development.

Isn't it therefore execrable to hold back development until it is time for a general election and then release the funds out of the taxpayer's pool and say it is not slush funds to powder the distributor's nose but actually for the development of the people?

This phase of our nation is a singular moment in the march of our history. We have seen how history can be told exclusively from the viewpoint and to the sole advantage of the victor. Emeritus or vomitus notwithstanding.

The issue of Mat Indera came hard and fast after the issue of religion. Which may also explain why JAIS has to take one month to juice up its report.

It's not right to kill collaterals just to champion one's cause. That's why the Bali bombers were hung.

But it's also not right to spear someone taking his bath. And it's not right to stay silent when an entire village of chinese farmers were massacred to the last person in Batang Kali by the scottish regiment whose reputation in france after d-day was equally atrocious. And it's not right to stay silent on the DNA of Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat. Nor on the origin of that archaeological find in Johor.

Just tell the facts as they stand. If people want fiction, they can go to the bookstores. Or turn on the tv.

Now that Mat Sabu is vindicated, who will apologize for the vilification? There's no moral victory. Pickings must be paltry these days to try and make the Opposition look bad when Barisan has not closed loop on so many things.

Like that MACC report on Taib.

bruno,  7 September 2011 at 23:43  

Dato,Nazri has always been a loose cannon.He is like most of the Umno paid bloggers who shot first and think later.But Nazri is many notches above the paid pro-Umno bloggers.At least Nazri has some common sense whereas the pro-Umno bloggers only think with their heels.

Nazri is just parroting a fact that has been widely accepted by the Chinese community and Malaysians as a whole.Mca,Mic and Gerakan has no voice in the major decisions that are being made by the cabinet.They are there as an automatic rubber stamps,and showcases trophies only.In other words they are just some very highly overpaid and well perked common office peons and janitors.

The present Mca,Mic and Gerakan are not the well respected political parties as before Dr Mahathir's time.During Dr M's tenure as PM,he saw to it that these party leaders toe the line like paid employees in a private company,to be fired at the sole discretion of the company CEO.

And it has been widely accepted after that,that Umno is the 'taiko' who is not to be taken lightly.It is a disgrace for these leaders and their political parties to be still in BN,as they are being treated worse than dogs,even by the lower echelons of Umno.

At least Mca under OTK got some respect,although not that much from the Chinese community.But when CSL won the Mca presidency,that was the beginning of the end for the Chinese based party.It was an insult and an embarassment to the community that such a low class pariah can be elected as the president of a major political patry.

Out of hundreds of thousands of members and Mca can only come up with such a despicable leader speaks for it's self.If CSL was an alleged adulterer or whore chaser is one thing.But he was caught on tape with his pants off and in action.And he still wanted to be the president.If that is the best Mca had than they should do the Chinese community a favor and close shop.

Donplaypuks® 8 September 2011 at 00:55  

"Nazri said that BN would not “punish” the Chinese voters by simply yanking their representatives from Cabinet posts if they refused to vote for the two Chinese-centric component parties."

Oh yes, we've seen how this policy works. We have the worst but most highly remunerated bunch of rubber stamping Senators whom the Rakyat have already declared as no hopers! This policy has also been extended to the MIC where some has beens are paid $25,000 per month salary on top of pension to be advisors and ambassadors of Jalan Sentul and Jalan Ipoh

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

The Red Hawk,  8 September 2011 at 11:41  

1. To sum it all up, this coming GE will be a battle of the races. UMNO will be by itself, fighting the Chinese and the Indians plus the "lovers" of the two.

2. Everyone will think racial, believe you me ! Granted PAS is a Malay-based party. BUT its Malay psyche is definitely different from UMNO's. PAS simply wants to survive even it means befriending the devil. Political hypocrites deserve one another.

3. They say politicians are ingraines actors ; and yes, we see many of them around. When anger and revenge takes the better part of you, then who cares if the whole country burns to ashes after the next GE. After all we don't love this country as much as our motherland ; though we try to paint selfless devotion and patriotism as part of our act !!! The country can go to blazes ; after all self-interest or the interest of our "clan" takes precedent above all else !

4. Let the UMNO Malays suffer after this. We'll take care of those in PAS later. Grab the helm first and deal with dissidents later. We'll know how to do it ! Our brother and sifu down there has shown us how to achieve it without the victims ever feeling any pains or even regret !!!!! Only fools, meaning political fools, can and definitely have been taken for a ride OR shall I say, are indeed being taken for a ride ! These ingrates cant't tell the difference coz all they see is the fun in the hunt, for power that is !

5. There will be that element of regret plus a complete sense of helplessness when things start to go bad OR when things don't work out as planned or as agreed upon ; OR when you start to 'grobble' amongst yourself for that tiny piece of cake, served of course in a dirty bowl. The bigger slice had been consumed almost gluttonly by your now bigger compatriots ! Forget about even playing field ; you'll not even be considered for one !

6. Kudos for Mat Sabu. He and his goons know how to play the game. Sacrifice your honour, your legacy, your origins, your history, your own race, even your religion in your quest to attain power, temporary though it may be . And your hatred for UMNO (real or conjured up) blinds you from everthing else. You don't mind being labelled a traitor to your race and religion. You don't even care if your own kind is in the 'massacre list'. Just kill UMNO and you'll be duly rewarded; you'll feel that sudden surge of self-satisfaction. Indeed, you'll feel great, elated BUT believe you me, you'll regret. I'm no soothsayer nor am I a prophet of doom. BUT I can foresee the forces of evil gathering in the darkened sky above, ready to strike at the opportune time which is not to far away ; coiled to destroy at the single lash of the whip !

7. Where can we go ? We don't have a homeland to retreat to or to seek refuge in ! So we stay and hubly eke out a living as best as we can while regretting that we had inflicted our own disaster by working with the devil. As most religions teach us, the devil comes in many forms ; their persuasions reaches out to our gullibilty like a knife through butter. You don't feel a thing !!!

8. Someone from the other divide once said we don't know how to play politics. Now I know what he means. It's this sheer stupidity and couldn't care-less attitude that has put us in this quagmire, into this sink-hole with no end in sight. It's too late to regret. Too many forces are at hand to deliver that final blow on behalf of the devils themselves ; insensitive bloggers included !

Anonymous,  8 September 2011 at 12:57  

What if Nazri lost but Soi Lek won in the next GE or worse both lost?

Red Alfa 8 September 2011 at 13:40  

Salam Dato'

Yet another hint that you have increasing cause with DAP.

QD has gone so far as you have announced your move!

My best wishes and support, always

Quiet Despair,  8 September 2011 at 21:23  

Yes Red Alfa, I have posted a rather long post in Aspan's blog asking him to collaborate with bro Sak to declare their joining DAP.
I still support them but not the party they are joining.
As long as there is Anu-War, Azmin and Mat Sabun, I will not vote PKR.
For me anyone but Anu-war.

Anonymous,  10 September 2011 at 07:16  

Tok Sak
Satu lagi project Barisan Nasional. Sejarah pun boleh spin, mari kita lihat siapa yang kena.
He3..Tipah tertipu lagi la
-sender Rakyat Jenny lo (Jeniang la tu)

Anonymous,  10 September 2011 at 16:55  

Quiet Despair....

Hey over here millions do not care two who you like.

Your dislike is our like.

Reasons? Anwar brought awareness and a hope for all those who are exploited by guys and friends of yours.

Try dispute me after following most of your posts.

you used such words like "pandering to the Chinese" etc. It pukes Chinese like us. "pandering????"
What the cows... you are surviving mostly from Chinese sweat and tears while you ...most probably an employee kind taking salaries.

..and you think Chinese cares about who you like?

Sak is fair in his comments with good logic. Yours ? Utter rubbish until today not a single one logical.

Suci Dalam Debu 10 September 2011 at 18:24  


I have absolutely no doubt that for Malaysia to re-generate BN MUST die!

This Gomen has Stage 4+ cancer, beyond salvation.

RK,  12 September 2011 at 00:31  

I really don't understand why he/she must interfere with something that is not related to him/her. Politics becoming cheap and everyone is fighting for themselves. Thats's the reason why we can see some of them trying to become hero and get attention. Reasons: politics, to get support to be a candidate and to get post.

YAB PM should make that kind of statement and not subordinates. That's why rakyat are questioning who are actually calling the shots in the government. Like telcos raising 6% tax and some Ministers passing the buck to the telcos where in reality the telcos are bieng governed by the Government and Ministry of Information and Communications specifically.

I think the Minister "lupa" as he is very busy with his pantun. That's why only now he wants to bring it up to the cabinet meeting.

Syarikat telcos naikkan cukai,
Menteri pula cepat membangkang,
Siapa bagi telcos kuasa naik cukai,
Kalau bukan Menteri dan Kementerian yang membangkang.

hew,  21 September 2011 at 01:56  

you have given mca too much credit. they are running dogs feeding on leftovers from unmo. they are dead men walking but they are too stupid or too well fed to know it. they shd have NO representation in govt..n in truth they have NO representation in govt.

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