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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 30 September 2011

Corporate Welfarism and the Munafikation of Malays

I found Walla’s comments on my recent article too rapier-sharp by nature, to leave them mothballing as mere comments. In citing Walla, I find sweet revenge too. Walla’s comments can’t be touched by any of those mercenary bloggers on a secret UMNO payroll. 

Any time I write critically of Mahathir, there’s this buffoon who says I am paid by KJ. I wished I were so then I can drive around in Porsche Cayenne  or a Maserati . Maybe I can also own a Bentley as do many UMNO ministers.

You are wrong fool; why not say I am on the current PM’s payroll? I can name a few operatives in the PM’s office who operate the slush funds to pay pro UMNO bloggers.  So come on say it- the current PM sucks because he arranges to pay me to hit at Dr Mahathir.

Did KJ pay Nazri Aziz for being a consistent pain-in the ass- to Mahathir with his vitriol thrown at Mahathir? How moronic and super stupid can you be- Mahathir’s opinions can’t be contested without accusing those who disagree with him being paid lackeys? Your grey matter must be polluted either with rancid curry or is lard layered.

The subject matter is too complicated for run of the mill pro UMNO bloggers to debate. So we will leave them to wallow in their stupidity.

The most piercing observation lies in his opinion that “In short, the hidden personal interests embedded in UMNO's corporate welfarism sold as defending Umno to defend our Malay race has instead brought about the MUNAFIQATION of our Malays”.

Mahathir’s economic prescriptions have exactly turned Malays into that- munafiks who continue to live a life of lies and deceit believing they can’t overcome their deficiencies WITHOUT having to depend on a paternalistic government. That’s how Mahathir’s UMNO survived all these years making Malays live a life of self-disbeliefs. This is the perpetual munafiqation of the Malays and that’s how UMNO stays in power forever.

UMNO can stay in power by (1) keeping Malays continuously stupid (2) allowing them to live a life of self-deceit and self-censoring and (3) accept the big lie that any questioning and challenges to the opaque economic agendas by UMNO are a direct assault and threat to the Malay race. Why don’t we for once shake off that yoke of mental servitude and see whether without UMNO, Malays can survive or not.

The corporate welfarism of PETRONAS may not take the form of our national oil company descending into a morass of incompetence like what happened in MAS. But it can take the form of deliberately shielding what goes on in PETRONAS and making them as opaque and transparent as possible.  That is where Walla’s comparison to what happened in Pertamina, an object lesson for us.

Over in Indonesia, one of the reasons some of their energy people gave for why Pertamina had tanked so fast, apart from its lax nego-skills with the foreign oil companies, was the fudging of exploration finds.   Oil was found but reported as not found whereupon siphoned. One reckons this couldn't have been on a large scale - you can't hide a major oil rig - but on many smaller scales the leakage could have amounted to some sizable revenue lost to the maritime black market.   So, audit was amiss. And in the case of black holes like our PETRONAS which reports only to the PM's department, we're not even sure what's the bottom-line on reserves and revenues care of direct-offer procurements and far-fetched offshore investments.

The end game of the corporate welfarism is one thing. At the end of the day, the companies formed on the back of claims and declarations that they wore formed to serve as the bulwark of Malay economic agenda, will be sold one by one to corporate friends.

One must note this is the same dept which had fouled the rakyat big-time on the toll and IPP contracts. Its govt has admitted as much recently. Both toll and IPP players are notable Umno cronies.     Just a look at the traffic volume of the Shah Alam, Sg Besi, Puchong and Penchala toll gates alone would tear your guts out on the money made out of the poor rakyat long past multiple recoveries of capital invested.     What we are seeing across all the Umno-run projects including the defense contracts is the metamorphosis of Umno's rationale for its corporate welfarism.

How did the munafiqation of the Malays start?

It had started as some struggle for our Malay tribe fed on a diet of hijacked history.  Then greed and ambition took over to next carve out an Umno club of the well-heeled and super-connected. Today that has become some pally syndicate ethnocentric around specific networks of proxies and adjutants. This tribe-to-club-to-syndicate octopus is the source of the biggest, longest standing, mega billion rip-off in Malaysia.   Meanwhile there's been no shortage of vacuous-minded supporters to fan that man's brand of racism and the Malay-first mentality of his rightist gang.  In short, the hidden personal interests embedded in Umno's corporate welfarism sold as defending Umno to defend our Malay race has instead brought about the munafiqation of our Malays.


Antara Dua Gampang 30 September 2011 at 10:32  

SAK, you have got the point there. The corporate Malays are long gone. They are the one who always said "When I was a Malay" and live a life as if they will live forever. Time will come when they realized, and till then, its too late for them to realized. Look at Qarun, look at Firaun; all are the example given by Allah SWT.I have my choice and will always seek for guidance from Allah SWT to show me the straight path.

Anonymous,  30 September 2011 at 11:14  

Dato, When will the Malays wake up from the drug given by the Half-Malay.

Red Alfa 30 September 2011 at 11:20  

Salam Dato'

It is established that Corporate Welfarism and the Munafiqation of the Malays have been the essence and bedrock philosophy of UMNO Baru from its first transforming from the original UMNO and it has since metamophorsed as the Patron and Godfather to the parasitic and corrupting culture being blatantly practiced today with increasing panache.

As self-enriching cronyism is the raison d'etre of today's UMNO and this Government surely the reaction of the Malay/UMNO supporter is of utter revulsion of our formed self and that all Malays should be united in rejecting UMNO/BN and this Govrnment at the next election.

Only by way of this act of self-rejection shall the Malays achieve a true mental re-birth from the ingrained mental servitude brought about by at least 22 years of brain washing.

Shall we then start with removing the priviledges and special rights that have been abused in our name?

Anonymous,  30 September 2011 at 11:45  

Gamuda hv got more direct nego jobs than all Malays combined since 1998.Why marah sangat Melayu quota?

Quiet Despair,  30 September 2011 at 11:51  

I was taken aback when it was said you were on KJ's payroll. I just can't believe it.
Can Sak be bought? And can KJ afford him if he is willing? Sak is too expensive ma, too principled and very contrary.
I want to believe you bro or else you won't be living in Kota Damansara right?
Najib don't have to buy people. People are buying him.
And the way Sak is going on and on putting UMNO down, Najib will want to dump him in Tioman waters.
Our beloved PM is the perennial Santa Claus who is bearing gifts all the year round!
Don't have to appoint Sak as the biblical three kings of orient, bearing gifts to travel afar.
On the same vein, Sak you should not be sneering at mercenary bloggers on secret UMNO payroll.
Why is it only UMNO bloggers and pro-UMNO commentators suffer the brunt of being called stupid mercenary, ass-lickers and munafiks?
Mind you most Malays who support UMNO have never seen hide nor hair of small-time UMNO men let alone Najib and his ilks.
Going by your yard-stick, then we have 2/3 of stupid Malaysians who continue putting BN into power ever since Merdeka.
At least UMNO leaders and benefactors are not hyporcrites. They do not pretend to be better Muslim leaders.
If they flaunt their Bentleys, Maseratis or Porsche Cayennes, so what? If you have it, flaunt it.
If we have it too, we will also be showing off.
What about Saint Anu-war, the self-proclaimed Muslim leader of the East, who owns a ramblig mansion, paid bloggers and US media to prop him into power.
What about Nik Aziz? Isn't he a munafik when he's now side-stepping the huduud law after a pow-wow with his kafir partners.
He conveniently pushed the blame to UMNO for not amending the constitution to suit the hudud law. Neat.

Anonymous,  30 September 2011 at 12:07  

Aiyaa latok, easy said aaa come join pakatan lorrr...

bruno,  30 September 2011 at 12:29  

Dato,Walla write good sensible comments,anytime better than those Umno paid bloggers.I have always said that those pro Umno bloggers always blog with their heels instead of using their heads.But you have to ask Walla to write shorter comments,as it will take ages to finish reading all his many pages.

As for that buffon who always mentioned that KJ must have paid you,he must be one of Big Doggies new borned puppies.These bloggers from Umno's kennels have the inferior siege mentality.Because they are paid to comment on bloggers who critizied their masters,they can only think that others are being paid to blog too.These people are called the Umno dependables.

Quiet Despair,  30 September 2011 at 12:32  

QD 2....... (aping Walla)

I respect Walla's opinion. He has livd longer on this earth and Malaysia, in particular. Longer in the tooth, so to speak.
But I have got issues with him on inferring that corporate welfarerism apply only to Malays.
To him it is okay for Ananda, A. K. Nathan, Eswaran, Tony Fernandes etc to be filthy rich. They earned it(sic). They are not corporate welfare getters. They are not corrupt.
More better, yeah buddy, for the likes of YTL, Robert Kuok, Vincent Tan, Lim Goh Tong and multitude others.
Only Malays are haram to be rich. Or munafiq even to be ostentiatious in their wealth or in their leadership style.
You may be living in a rented squatter hut to be sounding so bitter and envious.
For me, it's okay to have at least some millionaire Malays if we cannot be on par with the millionaire nons.
Obviously you are a non who does not understand the Malay psyche.
Supporting UMNO is not being stupid buffons. It's just being grateful for their good deeds to all Malaysians. And wanting more benefits to come to us.
Being a Muslim is submitting your will to Allah. And Munafiq is an Arabic word akin to being a hypocrite.
Munafiq is the descripton best suited to the persons you idolized - so-called leaders who say and act differently.
The people who preaches a certain belief or way of life, but not holding these same virtues themselves. We know them alright.
Hail Herr good Doktor M. Achtung.
Thank you for making some Malays wealthy.
Orang mudah lupa. Tak reti mengenang budi.
For 22 years you were on a pedestal and now you are being regarded a pariah.
Luckily you do not have a statue like Saddam Hussein or Ghadaffi that some here will like to pull down.

Anonymous,  30 September 2011 at 14:47  

Surely you are not that naive to exhibit your opulence or drive your Porsche Cayenne or Maserati or Bentley if indeed KJ is your paymaster. Perhaps that's the difference between you and those UMNO warlords.

Anonymous,  30 September 2011 at 15:01  

Can the good people in UMNO do anything about this situation,the answer is obviously no,besides complaining there is nothing much that can be done.It is time for UMNO to go the way of the dinosaur.The only question is when.

Ariff Sabri 30 September 2011 at 15:03  

anon 14:47

you see how this stuoid donkey wants to extricate himself from the lies he started? after stating that i am on KJ's parole and i stating what i wanted to do with the pay, now he turns around saying that wouldn't want to be showing off>.....i told you what i wanted to do if i were paid didn't if i were, i wouldn't care whether its showing off or not. i am not a diploma qualified journalist you know.....hehe

Anonymous,  30 September 2011 at 15:09  

allo sak,

if you can afford a bentley etc, surely you would have married four already including some young starlet!! but alas you cant afford to, right? should ask for KJ to increase your allowance mahhhh!!!! he he

OneMalaysian,  30 September 2011 at 15:22  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Why don’t we for once shake off that yoke of mental servitude and see whether without UMNO, Malays can survive or not?”

That is the question. Unfortunately, asking it is much easier than doing something about it. When we speak about the Malays, we should remember that the Malays are not a homogenous race – ethnically, education-wise, mental outlook, and their attitude to other races here – and this affects how they perceive their problems and how they see UMNO.

We can already see that the more able amongst the Malays are able to compete on equal terms with the non-Malays. These people – I know many personally – are confident and able. The unfortunate part is that they are mostly apolitical, much like their non-Malay counter-parts, who concentrate on getting on in life, rather than getting involved in “dirty” politics. There is this belief that if you can’t make it on your own merit then you join UMNO to get ahead.

But after 54 years, many Malays (who are not PAS members) find it hard to shake off this yoke of mental servitude that you talked about. When you keep people poor and with insufficient education of the right sort, and put them on subsidy, then feed them misinformation through government and party propaganda, you only get a servile population that will bend at your will. Things must get worse before they revolt against UMNO. And that, too, only if honest and capable Malay leaders emerge to show the way forward.

Anonymous,  30 September 2011 at 15:53  

a diploma qualified journalist?

can give some description about his hair?

no need lah! saja tanya...

Red Alfa 30 September 2011 at 16:30  

Salam Dato'

We see some veiled and some open critiscms of your person; especially lamenting that you are a sour grape, etc.

You have picked to respond here and there and it is your call as to who shall be getting it between the eyes.

To he who said being rich is haram; the UMNO Malays who are flaunting their ill-gotten wealth their being rich is haram and the damnation is shown by its utter obscenity. Also such wealth would be just fleeting (going and gone after GE 13?)with no eternal benefit.

The Malays made rich as by Allah's will (i.e. Malays who work and become rich by ways faithfully in keeping and within the Halal limits as set by Allah) are truly blessed in this and in the afterlife. He is doing excellently by any and all means and measure, thank you.

His wealth is blessed to eternity not damned and godforsaken as that has been acquired by Haram means (i.e. not by His will).

Zaidi,  30 September 2011 at 18:00  

Dato Sak,
I can feel the heat from the fire raging in your writing. But being UMNO snipers, they have to fire at least a shot at you to justify their commission. Anyway, when discussing the Malay fate there is no need to look at Brother Tony and Mamak Ananda. We would like to see the Malay successful under a fair system. Takkanlah semua orang kaya itu orang UMNO, orang PAS tak ada?

Quiet Despair,  30 September 2011 at 19:09  

Dear bro Sak

Firstly sorry for being intrusive or being personal here. What car do you drive?
Is it the same car when you were ADUN? Do you own only 1 car?
Do you subscribe to the belief that elected reps must not show opulence, like some of your commentators suggest?
That they cover their luxury cars in expensive wrap and visit their constituency in a battered jalopy.
Or better still ride on the Penghulu's car to show like you are at one with them.
I am asking you this because someone here did remarked why are UMNO leaders driving Mercs and Beemers during the by-election (Hulu Selangor, if I remember well).
Do UMNO people have to be like a certain someone who may go for ceramah in a modest car or one borrowed from his supporters.
But when he goes for his court-case, he's riding an SUV. And ecorted by at least two 4-WDs.
Another someone left his car at home, took a bike, rammed a police car and claimed that the police knocked him down.
To me, that's a complete munafiq.
You don't have to be an apologist for driving a Maserati for example.
It befits you title and your station in life. You are highly qualified, a somebody and you earned it. You have come a long way, baby. You have arrived.
Cars are no longer a vehicle to get from point A to point B. It is a status symbol.
If UMNO mandarins drive luxury cars, that's good. It gives hope to us hoi pollois that we can drive similar cars one day. It denotes progress.
Even minister's driver now owns a Proton.
That's also a DEB success. Surely you don't want our leaders to use Opel Rekord, Impala or Fury like the pre-Merdeka days.
That's regressive, not progressive.
So my friends, be truthful to yourselves in your spin to portray UMNO people as corrupt.

Anonymous,  30 September 2011 at 19:10  

Salam Dato'

In those days back in 70' to early 80', Bumiputera agenda is the backbone of DEB. During Mahathir era, it slowly transform into Umnoputera and the real Bumiputera left to pick-up the crumbs left by the so-called Umnoputera. And now, the last I learned, it transforms again into Meputera as in me putera...get it

Anonymous,  30 September 2011 at 20:13  

"UMNO can stay in power by (1) keeping Malays continuously stupid (2) allowing them to live a life of self-deceit and self-censoring and (3) accept the big lie that any questioning and challenges to the opaque economic agendas by UMNO are a direct assault and threat to the Malay race." Sak

I would say the majority are in the first group and they are proud about it. That's why they want privileges even to buy a house at 15% discount which is paid for by the pendatangs.

Anonymous,  30 September 2011 at 20:50  

Dato' SAK47.

Satu posting yang cukup menyegarkan. Saya tidak begitu pandai seperti yang lain-lain untuk memberikan ulasan di dalam bahasa inggeris. Ini kerana saya bukan anak Razak Hussin, Ghafar Baba, Khir Johari,Mahathir,Abdullah Badawi atau anak orang-orang kelas bangsawan melayu yang menyuruh menyekolahkan anak-anak mereka ke sekolah aliran kebangsaan sedangkan mereka hantar anak-anak ke england sewaktu usia kanak-kanak lagi. Hasilnya seperti yang saudara tuliskan di atas, UMNO sememangnya membodohkan orang melayu selama-lama nya supaya munafikation of malays to be keep going on continiusly( no end up). Hairan bin ajaib mengapa melayu tidak berani seperti MAT INDERA. I do pray and strongly believe a newly MAT INDERA would be reborn.

Road Runner,  30 September 2011 at 21:04  

So you are saying that the Malays are stupid? And you are excluded, right? Wrong? Whatever.

Anonymous,  30 September 2011 at 21:05  


I have followed your blog and I found out that you are a right thinking Malaysian and has high possibility to become a good leader. If you stand to become no.1, one vote from me...possible more.

Anonymous,  30 September 2011 at 21:09  

QD 12.32
Walla speaks for all.
QD speaks with forked tongue, throwing punches wildly, hoping they will land, and by George, when they do, roll n the ground in satisfaction.
Sorry QD, that's how you are perceived.

dua sen,  30 September 2011 at 21:45  

Hello Quiet Despair,

"Going by your yard-stick, then we have 2/3 of stupid Malaysians who continue putting BN into power ever since Merdeka."

Excuse me, please take a look the popularity votes. BN only won 49% of popularity votes ! How did they win ? It is called gerry-mandering lah ! Of course, you know but you live in denial.

Anonymous,  30 September 2011 at 22:47  

If you own those cars then you should not be eligible for sweet government contracts and 5% discount when you buy a house.

Anonymous,  1 October 2011 at 04:29  


dato, this walla pussy thing has make u dizzy and now u cant think straight.

dont get mad when something u wish to be is not in your control. u know people got brains and even u dont want to admit it, malays also got brains.

so this walla pussy thing has got something over u, i dont know. you are an old grand and please dont get carried away with love thing via the internet.

malays can decide whatever govt they wanted to, be it umno, pas, dap or whatever. so just fuck off you jackass.
if u got frustrated on something just get over that damn thing.

Anonymous,  1 October 2011 at 10:15  


It would appear you are fighting a lonely battle.

Come what may, face it head on because I do believe there also many parasites, hypocrites and cowards in the guise of counterfeited bravery on the other side of the battle ground.


Anonymous,  1 October 2011 at 11:37  

...and the culprit is Mahathir !
The Mamak started the rot in Malaysia and his corrupted practices , abuse of power and mismanagement which continues until now will in the not so distant future degrade Malaysia into Zimbabwe of South East Asia.

By then Malaysians will be working as maids and laborers in neighboring countries .
Too farfetched ?
This is what happens to Philippines where even graduates work as maids in foreign Malaysia.
Philippines had Marcos and Malaysia had Mahathir .

Anonymous,  1 October 2011 at 12:05  

Biarkan Si Luncai dgn Labu mereka. Kamu sayangkan umno oleh itu kamu tangan2kan walapun mcm2 serangan yg dihadapi.
Biasalah kebanyakan pencacai umno yg tahu jilat telor pemimpin tetapi tak buat apapun utk jaga maruah parti.
Ramai ahli umno yg ikhlas berjuang tetapi dinyahkan oleh pencacai yg pentingkan diri dan tembolok mereka sahaja.
Najib dan MT yakin dan seronok diatas tetapi dibawah ini kucar kacir, tikam menikam, cantas mencantas, sumpah menyumpah untuk menjatuhkan pemimpin.
Ramai dalam umno kata najib tidak punya ramai kawan, penyokong serta penasihat yg boleh dipercayai maka mereka yg diamanahkan pun ambil kesempatan utk kayakan diri dan keluarga mereka.
Malang bagi Najib media umno dan BN juga langsung tidak membantu sehingga ramai tidak membaca surat khabar ataupun menonton tv.
Sebaliknya blog menjadi hidangan harian rakyat untuk mengetahui kepincangan, penipuan dan rompakan keatas negara kita.
Sekalung tahniah buat Dato Sak, Dato Kadir Jasin, Aspan Alias dll yg berani menyatakan kebenaran demi masa depan anak bangsa kita.
Umno juga tidak perlu kepada pencacai media yg syok sendiri tetapi tidak mengutarakan rencana penulisan untuk membantu umno dan bn dalam menyakinkan rakyat untuk menyokong kerajaan.


Anonymous,  1 October 2011 at 12:21  

Those apolitical Malays share a subconscious cultured meme trace of self-defeatism by that clownish QD’s rant;

‘Only Malays are haram to be rich. Or munafiq even to be ostentiatious in their wealth or in their leadership style.’

Nobody really care whether the rich, bumi or non-bumi, gets their wealth, as long as it’s not done in a zero-sum manner. Everything in live is perceptional!

Everyone desires to be rich. But it's OK if one only reaches 'comfortable' mid-income, through one's hardworks. Then again ‘comfortable’ is also comparative – to the left or right portion of the assumed distributive bell-curve!

So compare now the wealth distribution among the Malays vis-à-vis the Chinese, ignoring the RHS of the curve for both as a blurring factor. Now how’s that Gini coeff comes about? The number of middle-income Chinese M’sians out-paces the corresponding Malay M’sians. What gives? Private sector race-based employment vis-à-vis public sector? R those middle-income Chinkies cronies of selected few umno elites? Why after 50+ yrs of NEP, the Malay M’sians in general have converted the tongkat into wheelchair, rather than walk with their own feet as in berdikari?

So, is this the Malay psyche - supporting UMNO is not being stupid buffons. It's just being grateful for their good deeds to all Malays. And wanting more benefits to come to us. So the Malay populace is happy with crumbs, even though they know that 90% of the meat is been sliced to favoured the elite cartel that uses the name of AlifBaTa to enrich themselves, through cronies of any colours! Meanwhile, the back-bones have turned into jelly.

In who’s name were/are these situations been created? & who twisted them to benefit these non-bumi cronies in the front while getting their shares of wealth behind the scene? & why r the general Malay populace ALLOWS these acts to happened, time & again? Remember, those army/navy/airforce purchases with pre-paid commissions? Remember Sapura’s negotiated TAM project, supplied with archaic Motorola equipment that was going to be mothballed?

Many of the non-bumi millionaires were/are exploiting the situation presented to them, in order to get their wealth. This is no difference than those foreign entity (companies/persons) exploiting the same situation to make money. BUT these people r not the majority of the Nons.

One more question, perspective wise, HOW many Malays do make it to the top rich list purely done on their own efforts? Then compare this group with the many non-bumi who have had zilch connections & yet make it BIG. See the dots?

Iff the zero-sum game is still been manipulated to skew towards the Malays, then the thinking of ‘it's okay to have at least some millionaire Malays if we cannot be on par with the millionaire nons.’ will continuously drag M’sia down the economic drain. Simply bcoz someone (that water-walking mamak, for one) wanted to syok-sendiri to proclaim to the world that the Malays have arrived (????) just by creating ‘pop-up’ millionaires at the expense of the whole M’sians.

How many of these Malays can honestly look inward to find out WHY there were/are issues dealing with their kind of ostentious living style, more so their so called kindred millionaires?

So any more qestion about Corporate Welfarism and the Munafikation of Malays?

Ranen Bhattacharyya,  1 October 2011 at 12:44  

Where's all those great You Tubes attachments and those great tunes of yesteryear on your blog site ?

Anonymous,  1 October 2011 at 17:53  

Sdr Sakmongkol I like what you write.I like your criticism on the government, Khazanah, AA MH deal story etc. Keep it up.But I think your criticism on Dr M is not necessary. Dr M has proven himself in building the nation. Not many in the world can do the same. I am just worried that your criticism on Dr M could be misplaced and lets allow some provision for that, just in case. thank you

bruno,  1 October 2011 at 22:17  

Dato,Umno have been playing on the mentality of the masses,especially the Malays living in the rural areas.Making them think in a way that Umno is the only party that can look after them.Also they have been using their henchmen into bullying and intimidating these helpless people,into accepting bribes of 50-100 ringgits to vote for their candidates.

It is just a matter of time before these people,who have been taken for a ride suddenly woke up.Especially the Malays involved in the Felda estates.What the settlers received from their crops,after deductions are less that what the private sector are paying to their suppliers.

Then their Hari Raya bonus.It is just pittance compared to the billions lost by Felda Global.Comparing the billions supposedly lost by FG,going into the off-shore bank accounts of a few robber barons,what the settlers got was pocket change.And on top of that what they received for their bonus came from their hard earned money.Money which was supposed to be theirs in the first place.

When are the people going to realised that the only way to get rid of this cancer is to kick BN out.The people know that they have been shortchanged.But when they enter the voting booth they are always undecided.Their undecivness make them turn chicken at the last second.Scared and unsure at what a change in regime might bring to them and the country.

It is this group of people that is helping to keep BN in power.The scared,and the bullied and intimidated group.Like the saying 'no risk no gain'.As long as these groups are satisfied and happy that they want to belong to the suppressed group,BN will forever be in power.

Every T,D and H knows that the Umno GOM has two sets of laws.One set favoring the ruling elites and their cronies.The other for the ordinary guys.And the reason that they are doing it is because the people allowed them to.Or else how come they are still in power.

Anonymous,  2 October 2011 at 10:17  


Keep on writing without fear or favor. Orang yang buta hati saja tak nampak kepincangan UMNO baru.

Yang dipersoalkan bukan kereta apa ADUN atau MP tu miliki. Tapi bagaimana harta yg mereka nikmati dan tayang serata dunia itu diperolehi.

Itu pun cerdik pandai UMNO tak paham-paham selepas berpuluh tahun memerintah.


Anonymous,  2 October 2011 at 10:23  

Its buffons like Quiet Despair who still thinks he owes his pitiful existence to UMNO Baru as what he wrote "Supporting UMNO is not being stupid buffons. It's just being grateful for their good deeds to all Malaysians. And wanting more benefits to come to us".

Its idiots like Quiet Despair who still thinks that "At least UMNO leaders and benefactors are not hyporcrites. They do not pretend to be better Muslim leaders". Its idiots like Quiet Despair who are still living in caves or tempurungs and come up for air once in a while to thank UMNO Baru for giving them foul air they breathe in.

Its imbeciles like Quiet Despair who aspires to be as corrupt as UMNO leaders since "If UMNO mandarins drive luxury cars, that's good. It gives hope to us hoi pollois that we can drive similar cars one day. It denotes progres". Its imbeciles like Quiet Despair who cannot differentiate between ill gotten wealth and real progress through honest hard work.

Its munafiqs like Quiet Despair who will go through life blaming others for their own failures, laziness and most important of all, allowing themselves to be invalids and mental retards by relying on their UMNO Baru crutches and fed crumbs by their UMNO Baru masters.

Anonymous,  2 October 2011 at 15:54  

Dato', without Mahathir as PM can Kencana Petrolium grow as today?

So, what makes malaysian proud with Mahathir?

Anonymous,  2 October 2011 at 16:30  

Remember sometimes back when Idris Jala was the CEO, he denied TF the special privilege on a MAS flight as a result of which there was a heated exchange of words between both of them?

Do you think TF can easily forget that ? Now he is in the MAS Board owning substantial amount of shares. Do you think he'll not take any reprisal action because of the embarrassment he might have suffered, and that his image might have been tarnished or his ego and reputation might have been seriously injured being an aviation tycoon ?

Anonymous,  2 October 2011 at 20:14  

"...So, audit was amiss. And in the case of black holes like our PETRONAS which reports only to the PM's department, we're not even sure what's the bottom-line on reserves and revenues care of direct-offer procurements and far-fetched offshore investments. ...

Even the best of Shell people are human. But Idris Jalla would not fail his memory, would he? And forgot a few well? Nah! Not likely, ah!

bruno,  3 October 2011 at 04:15  

Dato,even Dr Mahathir in his latest press conference has concluded,that Umno will lost dearly,if early elections are called.He has said that factionalism and internal sabotage is hurting the party's chances of doing good in the elections.

The problems Umno is having is what Selangor PKR is facing too.Just as Najib's enemies are undermining his leadership,MB Khalid is facing the same problem from Azmin's faction.That is why Selangor might fall back to BN.Internal sabotaging is worse then being attacked on all fronts by your enemies.If Selangor falls PR can say goodbye to their dreams of capturing Putrajaya.

Anonymous,  3 October 2011 at 07:14  

Market Crash esp property very2 likely.Wise to dump your property related stocks now.
For some tycoons fortunate there's the GLCs ready to buy.

Anonymous,  3 October 2011 at 07:17  

TF shld thank idrisjala for creating that big hole thru his oil hedging misadventure.The weakened MAS ez fodder for AA.
And with the swap,TF cuts it both ways.If AA fails he got big bro Khaz to help him.
tq idris jala

Fairplay76,  3 October 2011 at 10:15  

QD: ...."We know them alright.
Hail Herr good Doktor M. Achtung.
Thank you for making some Malays wealthy.
Orang mudah lupa. Tak reti mengenang budi....

Sak never said " is okay for Ananda, A. K. Nathan, Eswaran, Tony Fernandes etc to be filthy rich”, nor did he allude to it. His earlier postings have consistently shown his disgust with the mannner some have become filthy rich because of opportunistic, almost criminal political sponsorship.

Herr Doktor's weltenschauung clearly differed from PM Najib's father's. The latter disavowed patronage and cronyism and saw Malaysia's hope for ultimate success in wealth sharing. Over and over again the whole drift of his development programmes was his belief that all Malaysians were capable of delivering the best. As one of his Press Secretaries has put it,"He was not a believer in 'elitism.' It was better to have a million or more of Malays and other communities who could earn thousands of dollars rather than a few elite and favoured persons earning millions."

Herr doktor still can't accept that someone else has a job to do with minimum interference from the past. It seems so obvious that dynastic pretentions is an affliction so difficult to shake off among leaders and ex-leaders of failed and failing States. The game plan no matter how well crafted to help him realise his succession dream can’t hide the hideous truth that a select few benefited enormously under his watch. The lesser crowd with frivolous loyalty can change from one day to the next some for daily survival, hence their readiness to join any protest for a fee or a free meal, some by force of circumstance, either because funds have depleted due to lifestyle habits and hence re-alignment of allegiance for continued sustenance becomes imperative.

Munafikicationism is a function of the cultural ethos of a particular political setting. Politics defines the way society looks at itself and the rewards accruing to those who play it right with the masters create new values, and given enough time these values and attendant rewards gel into a new cultural outlook which then matures to a new weltenschauung, for better or for worse. A new cycle then begins as this new ethos comes with a built-in ‘self-destruct’ mechanism because it sets off a race for everyone, rich and poor alike, for inclusion with hands outstretched and bended knees below the fabled horn of plenty – the rich to become richer, the poor to become rich. And this is the stage we have arrived – everyone wants more and more while exerting less and less. The goodies from the cornocupia have stopped flowing, and it is PM Najib’s bad luck to be where he is at this point in our history, and the less fatherly or grandfatherly advice he gets from people who are now very very wealthy the less he has to look askance to proceed with cleaning the augean stable.

Is there still time to remove all the munafiks in ALL the political parties? I don't know. But I do know that "Takkan bangkai gajah boleh ditudung dengan nyiru" (One can't cover up an elephant using a small straw mat), simply, one can't sin with impunity.

Fairplay76,  3 October 2011 at 17:23  


...either because funds have depleted due to lifestyle habits and hence re-alignment of allegiance for continued sustenance becomes imperative, or, because you know the beseiged party can’t fight much longer – he, Najib after all is fair game now, even to his Deputy

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